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GOOTH | JULY 27 2012 - GETOUTMAG.COM | #68 | PHOTO BY Ninon Nguyen - The Guide to LGBT NYC


geO Louis Stands Up BY GET OUT! MAGAZINE


inger/songwriter geO Louis’ latest release “STAND UP” is a mid-tempo ballad, and unlike his recent up-tempo singles it is more about spreading a positive message and less about trying to get people to dance. He tells us in his own words how the song came about: “I wrote this song about three years ago. Writing it was like therapy, helping me accept myself and my sexuality. I went through so many challenging times in the music industry constantly battling people who made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. “I believe it’s everyone’s duty to ‘Stand Up’ and support those around them, whether they are black, white, gay, straight or transgender. We need to create an environment in which people feel they can be themselves and still achieve their goals. When you limit a person’s rights, it affects how they are viewed and accepted by society in all aspects of their life. “I always feared that if I came out I would not be able to continue pursuing my dreams. Although I still feel there are limitations, I think we are moving in the right direction. Change is happening. Which is why I felt it was an appropriate time to release this song. ‘Stand Up’ is my message to everybody out there. I’ll stand up for you like you stand up for me, and if we all stick together we can do anything.”

“Stand Up”

is available now on iTunes

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012


HOROSCOPES by Dawn Daniels (845) 548-8570 |

Aries - This week everything seems

out of place, but once the retrograde lifts there is light with finances, relationships and health. Just stay positive. 2, 7, 11, 17, 21, 44

Taurus - The moon aligns with your

finances, bringing your luck at an alltime high. The moon also shines its light on a friendship that ended poorly, allowing peace to be found. 3, 9, 12, 34, 45, 50

Gemini - The twins are in full swing, bringing you a week full of fun and adventure. Let it happen. The money will flow if you stop worrying, and a friend will help. Let them. 2, 5, 19, 22, 37, 49

Cancer - This is the time to play the

lottery or a game of chance and collect all the rewards. A person from your past is going to contact you and reveal a long-held secret. 2, 7, 11, 21, 44, 50

Leo -

The lion will roar this time of year. You become very frisky with your feelings. Be careful: You could get into trouble. A VIP from your job will take notice. 3, 14, 23, 44, 49, 50

Virgo- The

moon is in your direct zone with love. If you are in a relationship, it will become magical; if you are single, you will find a new love. An unexpected check comes in the mail. 2, 13, 21, 33, 44, 50

Libra - The scale of justice will be tipped in your favor when it comes to relationships. It is a time of magic. Be aware of your surroundings - it could bring money. 3, 9, 19, 21, 41, 51 Scorpio - Be careful of your temper. If you are put in a bad position you could come out on top if you keep your cool. A friend will offer you a trip. Go for it. 3, 9, 17, 21, 33, 40 Sagittarius - The sun is in a direct

line with your home zone, so it is time to make changes at home. A new job offer will be presented to you. Buy a lottery ticket. 2, 9, 11, 21, 33, 44

Capricorn - You have been wor-

ried about finances. You will be given a chance to make a little extra cash, so go for it. A party will appear out of the blue. Go! 3, 6, 17, 21, 35, 44

Aquarius - A trip is going to surface, and a close friend will pay. Accept it; you need down time. A special person will offer you a gift. Do not say no. 2, 7, 21, 37, 46, 51 Pisces - The fish is going to have all the time in the world to enjoy a vacation near the water. Let go and enjoy your time there. A relationship will develop into a long friendship. 2, 5, 16, 23, 31, 48 // GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012


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Philip Marie


XL Nightclub


The Ritz

Uncle Charlie’s (2nd Floor)


The Web


Evolve Bar and Lounge



Posh Bar & Lounge


301 W. 39th St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave. 512 W. 42nd St. btw. 10th & 11th Ave.

569 Hudson St.


275 W. 22nd St. @ 8th Ave.

G Lounge

225 W. 19th St. btw. 7th & 8th Ave.


37 W. 20th St. btw. 5th & 6th Ave.


50 W. 17th St. btw. 5th & 6th Ave.

Secret’s Lounge

369 W. 46th St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave.

139 E. 45th St. btw. 3rd & Lexington Ave.

348 W. 52nd St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave.

40 E. 58th St.

656 Ninth Ave. @ 46th St.

221 E. 58th St. btw. 2nd & 3rd Ave.

401 W. 47th St. btw. 9th & 10th Ave.

236 E. 58th St. btw. 2nd & 3rd Ave.

405 W. 51st St. btw. 9th & 10th Ave.

1742 2nd Ave. btw. 90th & 91st St.

355 W. 52nd St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave.

Uptown (A, C or 1 Trains)

76-19 Roosevelt Ave. @ 77th St.

Le Boy

Friend’s Tavern


No Parking




Music Box

Time Out Lounge

Candle Bar

Lucho’s Place

Bamboo 52 SUSHI bar

El Morocco (Sunday)

Club Divine


TGIM @ Mamajuana Cafe (Monday)

Industry Bar Vlada

331 W. 51st St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave.

Flaming Saddle’s

525 W. 29th St. btw. 10th & 11th Ave.

XES Lounge

157 W. 24th St. @ 7th Ave

QUEENS (E, F, M, R or 7 Trains) Club Evolution

Hombres Lounge

85-28 37th Ave. @ 86th St.

793 Ninth Ave @ 53rd St.

104 Dyckman St. A or 1 train

78-11 Roosevelt Ave. @ 79th St.

500 W. 48th St. btw. 10th & 11th Ave.

4168 Broadway @ 177 St. A train

79-15 Roosevelt Ave. @ 80th St.

642 10th Ave. @ 45th St.

992 Amsterdam Ave. @ 109 St. C train

340 W. 50th St. btw. 8th & 9th Ave.

309 Amsterdam Ave. @ 75 St. C train

344 W. 52nd St.

3534 Broadway @ 145 St. 1, A, B, C, D trains

40-08 74th St. @ Roosevelt Ave./B’way 38-19 69th St. @ Roosevelt Ave. 10201 44th Ave. @ 102nd St. Corona, NY

Bum Bum Bar (Ladies) 63-14 Roosevelt Ave.

Studio Square (Gay Friendly) 35-33 36th St. LIC/Astoria

Boots & Saddle

570 Amsterdam Ave. @ 88th St. 1, B, C trains

The Monster

east village

40-15 Queens Blvd. @ 41 St. Sunnyside

76 Christopher St.

80 Grove St. Ty’s BaR 114 Christopher St.


185 Christopher St.


8 Christopher St.

Marie’s Crisis 59 Grove St.

Stonewall Inn 53 Christopher St.

The Hangar

115 Christopher St.

The Duplex

The Boiler Room

Arriba Arriba Mexican CUISINE

86 E. 4th St @ 2nd Ave.


33 2nd Ave.

Metropolitan Bar

The Urge

Eastern Bloc

505 E. 6th St. btw. 1st Ave. & Ave. A


447 E 13th St.

Nowhere Bar

322 E. 14th St. btw. 1st & 2nd Ave.

The Cock 29 2nd Ave.

559 Lorimar St. @ Metropolitan Ave.

Sugarland 221 N. 9th St.

Ginger’s Bar 363 Fifth Ave.

Excelsior 390 Fifth Ave.

Club Langston’s 1073 Atlantic Ave.

Julius Bar


Desire Bar (Thurs. & Sun.)

The Eagle


Cubby Hole



Henrietta Hudson (Ladies)

Gym Bar

61 Christopher St. 159 W. 10th St 45 W. 8th St.

554 W. 28th St. btw. 10th & 11th Ave.

281 W. 12th St @ W. 4th St.

212 8th Ave @ 21st St.

47-2 Boundary Ave. Farmingdale, NY

438 Hudson St.

167 8th Ave. btw. 18th & 19th St.

94 N. Clinton Ave., Bay Shore, NY

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

Long Island Eagle






exico City was the first district in Latin America to legalize same-sex marriage, and now that the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is legalizing it too, it is throwing a fiesta to celebrate! The Caribbean Heat party will take place this Labor Day in Riviera Maya, a spot renowned throughout the world for its turquoise water, beautiful, white sandy beaches, rugged cliffs and ancient Mayan

ruins. “Caribbean Heat draws inspiration from the spectacular festivals of Europe,” says event founder Oliver Stevanovic. “In addition to partying the days and nights away, gay men can relax, soak in the sun and tour ancient archeological sites, including the nearby Chichen Itza, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.” The celebration will feature more than 13 dance parties including the Ying and Yang Pool Parties, a Speedo event and a Manhunt// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

sponsored extravaganza. All parties will take place at the luxurious, all-inclusive Adonis Gay Beach Resort. Daily allinclusive VIP passes (including all meals, snacks and beverages) are available now for $120. Fivenight/six-day (valid from August 31 to September 5) and sevennight/eight-day packages, as well as group housing options starting at $670 (all inclusive + VIP pass) are also available.

Out& About

by ANDREW WERNER Photos from The 5th Annual METROPOLITAN MUSEUM LGBT Post-Pride Party

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012



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Photos from PRO BAR Atlantic City @ Resorts Casino

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William TN Hall

Are You Working on Something New? BY CHRISTOPHER GOHLKE


re You Working on Something New?, presented by composer and musical director Mark T Evans and composer/ actor/musician William TN Hall, has its third edition Sunday, August 5 and Monday, August 6 at 7 p.m. at Don’t Tell Mama NYC. The performance, benefiting Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, showcases new musical theatre songwriters from such prestigious programs as the BMI Lehman Engel Musical Theatre Workshop and the NYU Musical Theatre Graduate Writing Program. The first Are You Working...? raised $1,000 for BC/EFA in February

last year, and was such a success that Evans and Hall decided to turn it into a series. The second, in December last year, brought in an additional $1,000. “Are You Working...? is great because it’s a win/win situation,” Hall says. “The writers get showcased, the actors get to work on new material and vice versa, and everything is for a wonderful charity.” The third Are You Working...? will feature a cast of six presenting material from 23 up-and-coming musical theatre writers. U.K.born New York resident Hall is the Monday pianist at Don’t Tell Mama NYC and the Saturday pianist at Uncle Charlie’s, and // GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

has played for the Joan Rivers Live! show and events around New York. “We hope to do many editions and will endeavor to keep offering a great cross-section of the musical theatre writers’ new work presented by some of the greatest musical theatre talent around,” he says of the upcoming event.

Where: Don’t Tell Mama NYC 343 West 46th Street New York, NY 10036 When: Sunday, August 5 and Monday, August 6 at 7 p.m. Cost: $15 cover, cash only. Two-drink minimum.


Photos from The Sea Tea Boat Ride |

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

Out& About by GET OUT!

Photos from LE BOY (left) & Bronx Pride (right)

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

Out& About by WILSONMODELS Photos from RockIt at XL Nightclub with Natalia Kills

// GETOUTMAG.COM / JULY 27, 2012

Get Out! Magazine Issue: 68 - GEO LOUIS (JULY 27, 2012)