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issue 8 -July 2012

New ABB Weight xP Actuators at Zellcheming

New solution for accurate consistency control

Tensile testing from tissue to the strongest board

photo c/o ABB

Welcome to China Paper The premier event for the Asian pulp and paper industry Features the excellent one-day Technical Conference ”Advanced Guidelines for the Chinese Paper Industry”

Meet leading suppliers from all over the world, increase your knowledge of new technology, see the latest products and services and cultivate your professional relationships at China Paper 2012. The excellent Technical Conference with the theme Advanced Guidelines for the Chinese Paper Industry is co-organized by PI and CTAPI and will take place concurrently with the exhibition. There will also be a number of more product oriented business seminars making sure you stay on top of the latest industry developments. For exhibitor list and full program, visit


China Pavilion organised by:

Conference co-organised by:

September 10–12, 2012 INTEX Shanghai, Shanghai, China

Can ABB’s pulp and paper portfolio help you? Absolutely.

When you look at ABB, you see the market leader with the broadest scope of solutions and services available for pulp and paper making. Experience plays an important role when customers choose ABB for their products, systems and services. Over 100 years of experience and collaboration with the pulp and paper industry enables ABB to convert know-how and application understanding into products and solutions that benefit papermakers. And because we’re a global organization, we deliver winning solutions regardless of your application or location.

What do you get when you mix paper, metals and chemicals?

Most likely a fantastic career. The Alcan International Network is now part of the CellMark Group. Our goal is to make your business run even better. Heck – we want you to personally become a hero by helping improve your profitability. How? Well, you’ll find us in 30 countries with 65 offices. Our sourcing activity extends to over 80 countries with sales in more than 125 markets. We’re strong. We’re here for you. Please visit for more career-stimulating information.

featured product New TankJet® 55 Fluid Driven Tank Cleaner for Tanks TankJet 55 tank cleaner is now available from Spraying Systems Co. The powerful TankJet 55 operates at low flows and fast cycle times enable cleaning of multiple tanks, barrels and drums in minutes. It is easy to use and can be repaired in the field.

article by: Jon Barber - Spraying Systems co.

TankJet 55 is compact and fits in openings as small as 1-3/4” (44.5 mm). The durable tank cleaner is constructed of 316L stainless steel with carbon-filled PTFE seals. Two models are available: standard models for faster rotation and shorter cycle times and slow, rotational models which allow excellent dwell time for cleaning tougher residues. The fluid-driven, turbine-driven TankJet 55 cleans using narrow angle full cone sprays rotating in multiple axes for 360° coverage. TankJet 55 is suitable for many applications including cleaning 59 gallon (223 l) barrels, 55 gallon (208 l) drums and small tanks, containers and totes. Spraying Systems Co. is the global leader in spray technology. It has the broadest product range in the industry, several manufacturing facilities and sales offices in more than 85 countries. Spray nozzles, turnkey spray systems, custom fabrication and research/testing services comprise the 75-year-old company’s offering.

New TankJet® 55 Fluid Driven Tank Cleaner for Tanks

More information is available at or by contacting the company directly at 1-630-665-5000.

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July - August 2012 Issue 8

featured article

Mondi’s ColorLok® campaign succeeds in Europe In a successful promotional campaign, with two million ream stickers and half a million scratch-and-win lottery tickets, Mondi drew customer attention to the benefits of Mondi office papers with ColorLok® Technology. The campaign came to a close with prizes distributed throughout Europe, including trips to Barcelona, Morocco, and Norway.

After expanding its range of ColorLok® papers, global paper and packaging producer Mondi launched a campaign in January 2012 to bring the benefits of ColorLok® Technology to life. ColorLok® Technology is based on a class of paper additives that visibly enhance the print quality of inkjet documents. A specific chemical interaction between additives and the pigment holds the pigment on the paper surface while the rest of the ink penetrates deep into the paper, resulting in the crisp, vivid print quality. “In smaller office and home environments, where most inkjet printing takes place, our papers treated with ColorLok® Technology deliver richer, more vibrant image reproduction, sharp text and reduced ink smears because of the faster drying time. Customers are convinced when they see the difference between inkjet printing on papers with and without ColorLok® Technology,” said Johannes Klumpp.

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To emphasize these benefits - faster drying times, vivid colours, and bolder blacks – and the added value it brings to customers who use inkjet printers, Mondi gave away three trips. The winners from Germany, Croatia and Hungary will explore the arid deserts of Morocco (Africa), the vivid colours of Barcelona (Spain), and the polar lights of Tromsø (Norway). In addition, Mondi gave away a total of 200 iTunes and Amazon vouchers. Mondi’s portfolio of office papers with ColorLok® Technology include IQ premium, IQ selection smooth, IQ appeal, MAESTRO® extra, MAESTRO® supreme, MAESTRO® bulky, DNS® premium, 100% recycled NAUTILUS® SuperWhite, NAUTILUS® ReFresh TRIOTEC, and BIO TOP 3® extra. Information about Mondi’s ColorLok® office papers is available at www.

July - August 2012 Issue 8

Europe & International

Uncoated Fine Paper


Bags & Coatings

Discover the key to fastdrying documents with vivid colours and bolder blacks.

t n inkje efits o n e b inks: ok ented m ColorL ig p s with touts printer for prin s r u lo o c ults • Vivid hing res c t a c e e with ey for mor blacks r e t ld n o e •B um s ive doc s s e r p im ave helps s g in y r d r • Faste e the offic in e tim IQ premium has a high whiteness factor that shows excellent contrast for text ®

and graphic printouts. Due to ColorLok® Technology, office inkjet printers with pigmented ink can also create impressive full colour brochures, presentations or other printed materials that demand high-impact colour saturation.







For and about people at Pigments for Paper


 Asia Pacific Tel: +65 67 99 60 60

 N. America Tel: +1 770 594 0660

 S. America Tel: +55 11 2133 0055


featured News PMT Italia to launch its new ranges of products To strengthen its corporate identity on the market through its products, PMT Italia has reorganized them into three new ranges of product. First, the Line refers to all the section line products, continuously combining a function and versions by means of suffixes and codes. The second one is the tissue machine line which has been called as a whole the with three variations according to the capacity and size of the machine. The last one is the component line which is now the Line. This last one has been renamed from the only registered trademark of PMT Italia the For example, there is the DRY S which stands for the former Single Tier Dryer Group or the edge valves whose new name is

The new range for the sections line The new name of the tissue machines The new name of the component line

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StoraEnso Langerbrugge, PM 3 Press Rebuild Start up Stora Enso Langerbrugge Mill, located in Gent, Belgium started up their PM #3 with new Press Section. PMT Italia S.p.A supplied, installed and started up the new Press Section. The PM3, a 6,5 m wide machine producing SC paper, has been rebuilt by partly replacing the existing Press Section steel framework with a completely new stainless steel one, giving PM3 a longer life time and providing the necessary flexibility for future implementations as well as pressing technology upgrades. This new project, developed by PMT, represents the confirmation of the market perception of PMT Italia as a reliable supplier amongst the leading paper machinery producers.

PMT to sustain Seyfert in restarting their PM1 at Descartes (F). Following the accident occurred at the PM1 of the Descartes Mill (F) in April 2012, the company Seyfert had commissioned PMT Italia to deliver new frame parts and roll supports as well as to coordinate other procurements, installation works and start-up assistance. Seyfert appreciated the provisions and the coordination services given by PMT with welltimed expertise from the design phase to the execution of the works, which enabled the machine start-up in the last week of June 2012 according to the emergency schedule. The mill’s management has considered to personally express its gratitude to PMT’s management and people who directly sustained the mill. July - August 2012 Issue 8

featured News Walki gains stronger foothold in Russia Walki Group, the leading producer of technical laminates and protective packaging material, has taken an important step in realizing its strategic growth plan for the emerging markets as the new plant in Svetogorsk in Russia celebrated its opening. The next step is already in the pipeline: establishing Walki’s own sales office in Moscow. Establishing dedicated production facilities in Russia is a logical consequence of Walki’s close co-operation with many of its customers as well as a first step towards entering new business areas in the Russian market as a domestic supplier. The new Walki plant is located at the ZAO “International Paper” pulp and paper mill, cementing further our long-standing and successful partnership. For years Walki has been supplying ream wrapping for International Paper Russia’s well-known office paper brands Svetocopy and Ballet. “We have plenty of experience in the Russian market when it comes to, for example, products for the paper industry, flexible laminates and packaging material for steel products. Our new establishment in Svetogorsk will enable us to provide faster and more flexible service to our existing customers,” says Timo Finnström, Vice President Paper Packaging and Sourcing, Walki. Walki’s high quality products, solutions-focused attitude and service are the company’s competitive edge in the Russian market, and the local presence

Ream wrappers for International Paper’s office papers Svetocopy and Ballet are an excellent example of Walki’s close cooperation with the paper industry.

offers an excellent platform for entering the market with new products. In this, the Svetogorsk plant constitutes an important part of Walki’s long-term commitment in Russia. “We have a range of products that in due time could be very interesting for the Russian market. A good example is flexible packaging applications and another is our range of high-class insulation facing materials and membranes,” Timo Finnström says Advantages of being local In Svetogorsk Andrzej Kluczek, Managing Director, is happy to see the extrusion and printing capacity installed and running. “Establishing a local base is a decisive step for us in building an even closer partnership with our key customers in the paper industry. An ability to act fast and with great flexibility is crucial in many cases. Ream wrappers are a good example of this; here designs are frequently switched and orders have to be met immediately,” Kluczek says. The town of Svetogorsk is situated in western

Russia, close to the Finnish border. Thanks to its location Walki Svetogorsk provides an excellent bridgehead into the huge Russian market; the nearby St Petersburg area has a population of 5 million. Franz Marx, President of International Paper Russia, commented: «Our long-standing partnership with Walki has now reached a new level: this project of Walki packaging production plant at Svetogorsk site will advance International Paper’s commitment to the operational excellence and therefore to our customers by improving the flexibility and security of supplies of our key product – multifunctional office papers. We also believe that this opening will have a positive impact for the region, creating new jobs, attracting investments and economic prosperity to the city of Svetogorsk”. The next step for Walki will now be the opening of its own sales office in Moscow.

Peter the Great declared Walki Svetogorsk plant opened with assistance of Luis Claudio Pereira Executive Director, International Paper Russia and Leif Frilund President of Walki Group.

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July - August 2012 Issue 8

There for you! BTG is present throughout the Pulp & Paper process and committed to helping you achieve significant, sustainable gains in business performance.

Contact us today to learn how we can help improve your bottom line!






A RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCE! ? Using green energy during manufacturing of a product can significantly reduce its environmental footprint. But what is green energy really?

For Cascades, biogas is a prime example. Unlike energy sourced from nonrenewable resources such as coal, which generates a significant amount of greenhouse gas and contributes to natural resource depletion, biogas instead uses waste to create energy! Methane is captured through landfill waste decomposition and is then channeled underground to Cascades’ Rolland mill, where

it is used to power 93% of the plant’s energy needs. Biogas used at the mill allows savings of 70,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year, or the equivalent of 15,000 fewer cars on our roads. This locally sourced and renewable energy has enormous potential and allows for the reuse of resources that would otherwise be wasted.


In 2011, Cascades used 3.1 million tons of recycled fiber in the making of its products, thereby saving

42 million trees!

Cascades resourcefulness results in paper products with a smaller footprint, thereby helping you to print more responsibly. Recycled paper manufactured through the use of biogas is a wise choice!

Natural is trendy again! Add a unique touch to your document by printing on natural paper. For a sample of this newsletter printed on Rolland Opaque50 natural, please contact us at

WE TWEET #onGREEN. DO YOU? Social networks have revolutionized the way information circulates today. Now, it is easy to be up-to-date on the latest news in real time, whether at the office or at home! While Facebook lets people stay in contact with their friends and acquaintances, Twitter is the perfect place to discuss specific interests.

Since February 2012, Cascades has been expanding its presence on social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and our Green by Nature blog where you are invited to share your opinions on likeminded subjects. If you are as passionate about sustainable development and innovation as we are and would like to be in-the-know on the latest trends in fine paper, follow us and join the conversation with our paper experts on Twitter #onGREEN!


@CascadesSD #onGREEN

A check made from recycled fiber, is that even possible? In North America, the annual losses due to check fraud are in the billions of dollars. Security paper was created to defend against this criminal issue. From manufacturing to printing, these documents require the incorporation of security measures capable of protecting against even the most advanced methods of falsification. But, did you know that sustainable solutions for this type of paper are practically nonexistent in today’s marketplace? Due to the security attributes required for this type of paper, leveraging recycled fiber is extremely difficult, which is why the majority of security papers on the market are made with virgin fiber. A pioneer in recycling and producer of its own deinked pulp, Cascades has tackled this challenge head on, resulting in the recent launch of its revolutionary product, CheckSecur Platinum Enviro, a FSC and Processed Chlorine Free certified security paper made from 100% recycled fiber and resulting from the use of biogas.

TESTIMONIAL Phoenix Press Inc. is one of the very few printers in North America who decided to reduce its environmental footprint rather than buy credits. For two years now, the printer has had an impressive 100- kilowatt wind turbine installed onsite at their printing facility in New Haven, Connecticut, which generates nearly one-third of their energy requirements. Phoenix Press Inc. began using Rolland Opaque50 and Rolland Enviro100 due to their wide availability and environmental properties that perfectly align with Phoenix Press’ objective to become one of the “greenest” printers. The printer also created its own brand “Wind to Print” to promote its unique environmentally friendly activities. Over 1,500 school kids and their teachers have visited the wind turbine and printing facility to see the practical applications of how wind power can effectively work in the real world. In 2010, Phoenix Press Inc. was one of two organizations at the national level to receive the Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Leadership Award for onsite generation of renewable power.


featured article

news from lopentzen & Wettre Tensile testing from tissue to the strongest board Lorentzen & Wettre, a member of the ABB Group, announces the L&W Tensile Tester – its fourth generation horizontal tensile tester. It measures according to all established paper testing standards. Basic tensile properties such as tensile strength, stretch at break, TEA and tensile stiffness are measured. In addition, eight other industry standard properties can be calculated and reported. It is sensitive, with precision to measure on tissue, and strong enough to measure on packaging board. The L&W Tensile Tester is designed with attention to ergonomics and efficiency. A large table area makes it easy to manage test-pieces, the start button is placed near the test-piece input, and the easyto-use color touch-screen has intuitive and easy accessible menus and buttons. The instrument has a well-proven clamp design – recommended by the ISO and

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TAPPI standards – with a cylindrical clamp holding the test-piece in place, and guides on each clamp that ensure the alignment of the test-piece. The clamps are also totally backlash-free, for precision measurements. This new tensile tester is the perfect choice for automatic dry and wet tensile testing of tissue paper. With the fracture toughness setup, the L&W Tensile Tester can predict fracture strength and fracture strain for a two meter long and one meter wide paper web with a 10 millimeter edge cut, only by measuring on small standard test-pieces. This large paper geometry can be used for predicting and ranking of the fracture properties of paper materials. “With L&W Tensile Tester we have made traditional quality testing very easy, but still with high precision and trust in result”, says Mr. Thomas Fürst, Product Manager, Lorentzen & Wettre.

Lorentzen & Wettre, founded 1895, provides the world’s paper industry with advanced equipment for quality control and process optimization from a position as the market and quality leader. Lorentzen & Wettre operates all over the world. The headquarters, including R&D and manufacturing, is located in Stockholm, Sweden. Sales and service offices are located in Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Japan, China, Singapore, Brazil, USA and Canada. Lorentzen & Wettre is also represented on 35 other markets by agents and distributors. Lorentzen & Wettre is a part of the ABB Process Automation division.

July - August 2012 Issue 8

featured article New solution for accurate consistency control

KPM, a member of the ABB Group, announces its KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter – a transmitter that measures total consistency of mixed pulps, different quality pulps, and pulps with fillers. With the reliable and well tested microwave true-phase measurement technology, it offers excellent measurement accuracy. Additionally the transmitter’s straightforward design, with no moving parts, guarantees high uptime without maintenance. The transmitter is unaffected by variations in pulp grade (fiber length, freeness, kappa, brightness, color and shives) unlike other transmitters

July - August 2012 Issue 8

based on optical and shear force technologies. It is applicable close to the paper machine, after the mixing chest and machine chest, and it is especially recommended at paper machines for mixed furnishes and fillers. In pulp production it is applicable before first bleaching stage, after bleaching before drying machine, at mixed pulps and fillers, broke and recycled pulps. Further, the KC/7 Microwave Consistency Transmitter is resistant to changes in process conditions such as flow rate, pressure, temperature, and turbulence. “We have the knowledge, products and experience to help customers

achieve measurement objectives, and this new microwave consistency transmitter is a further support to our customer”, says Urpo Heikkinen, Managing Director KPM. KPM products comprise applications for consistency control, sampling and sheet break detection – and represent the most progressive solutions of the field. All products are supported by KPM and Lorentzen & Wettre global network of sales and support and of course expert consultancy services. KPM is a part of the ABB Process Automation division.

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featured article

Endress+Hauser honors its inventors New record in patent applic Innovators of the Endress+Hauser Group met this year at Maulburg for their 12th inventors’ meeting, celebrating a record 225 patent applications. Seven product and process innovations were honored with awards. Curiosity, thirst for knowledge and inventive spirit have made the Endress+Hauser Group a world leader in measurement engineering and automation solutions. Now almost sixty years after the foundation of the company, the innovative drive shows no signs of abating: the record 219 patent applications in 2010 were topped last year with 225 patents. “This excellent figure shows that we are on the right track,” says Michael Ziesemer, COO of the Endress+Hauser Group. “Our unbroken powers of innovation give us confidence that we will continue to offer our customers the best possible solutions in the years to come.”

Solutions (improvement in the ordering process) and from the Waldheim production site of Endress+Hauser Maulburg (optimization of the innovation processes for safety products).

Peter Zinth of Endress+Hauser Wetzer in Nesselwang together with Wolfgang Steidle and Tobias Stückl have made an environmental sampler suitable for use in explosion hazard zones.

The four winners of the “Patent Rights Incentive Awards”

This is a portable unit designed for use in narrow sewer system shafts where a spark could ignite fermentation gases. The safety precautions were not taken at the expense of handling – one person will still be able to operate the sampler on their own. “Instead of sticking the whole unit into an explosion-proof jacket, we’ve adapted the technical components such as the drive, pump unit and control system so that each complies with the necessary directives and specifications for ignition protection,” explains Peter Zinth. Apart from the color, there have been no external changes – operation and weight of the unit are virtually the same as in the standard unit.


A clean affair: Thomas Sulzer (left) and Johannes Ruchel have developed a polyurethane lining with drinking water approval

Pr ad (left) d

Thomas Sulzer and Johannes Ruchel of Endress+Hauser Flowtec in Reinach, Switzerland have advanced an interior polyurethane liner for magneto-inductive flowmeters that allows them to be used for drinking water. The challenge was to find a coating material that complies with the (often very diverging) directives and specifications in as many countries as possible. To keep the tried and tested method in the production of the lining, the researchers used a catalyst which speeds up the production process and also allows the approval for drinking water.

Patents with a sustained and positive effect on Endress+Hauser’s business success are honored every year at the Endress+Hauser Innovators’ Meeting, held in 2012 in Maulburg, Germany. Over 300 inventors met on 30 March in a friendly atmosphere to celebrate the intellectual achievements and to present the winning projects. The four “Patent Rights Incentive Awards”, each with a prize money of 15,000 euros, went to teams of inventors at the production sites Endress+Hauser Conducta, Endress+Hauser Flowtec, Endress+Hauser Wetzer and Endress+Hauser Maulburg (for details see below). Outstanding improvements in existing business processes were also honored this year for the second time in the history of the awards. The 10,000 euro “Process Innovation Awards” went to teams from Endress+Hauser Flowtec (optimization in logistics through ocean freight), Endress+Hauser Process

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July - August 2012 Issue 8

cations – seven awards given Peter Zinth of Endress+Hauser Wetzer in Nesselwang together with Wolfgang Steidle and Tobias Stückl have made an environmental sampler suitable for use in explosion hazard zones. This is a portable unit designed for use in narrow sewer system shafts where a spark could ignite fermentation gases. The safety precautions were not taken at the expense of handling – one person will still be able to operate the sampler on their own. “Instead of sticking the whole unit into an explosionproof jacket, we’ve adapted the technical components such as the drive, pump unit and control system so that each complies with the necessary directives and specifications for ignition protection,” explains Peter Zinth. Apart from the color, there have been no external changes – operation and weight of the unit are virtually the same as in the standard unit.

Another award goes to Katrin Scholz, Stefan Auras, Sven Härtig and Jens Voigtländer from Endress+Hauser Conducta in Waldheim,Germany who have made a decisive improvement in theproduction method for single rod electrodes– glass sensors for pH measurement. In this method the inner tube of a dual glass shaft is equipped with a thinwalled glass ball, the actual sensor. Due to the evolving tolerances, this sensor previously had to be made and fused (blown on) to the dual glass shaft. The machine attachment of an auxiliary glass tube now allows the opening of the sensor to be shaped at the same time as the diaphragm is fused, with such precision that the blowing-in of the glass ball can be made by machine at the same time. “Beside savings in working time, this also resulted in a quality leap which could never have been achieved manually,” explains Jens Voigtländer.

mum ignition protection: Peter Zinth with his explosion-proof sampler.

recision with interference signal: the dvance development by Ralf Reimelt and Herbert Schroth delivers a higher degree of measurement accuracy. July - August 2012 Issue 8

Matching connection: Jens Voigtländer, Stefan Auras and Katrin Scholz (from left) have optimized the production of glass sensors.

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Over 200 sold!

4.0 Field-Proven Results Bleached board mill saves $700,000 orders more SMART Rolls

Linerboard mill saves $275,000 orders more SMART Rolls

Available on soft nips to highintensity calendar stacks. Supports multi-nip positions for simultaneous analysis.

Printing & Writing mill saves $130,000 orders more SMART Rolls

Exports data to mill DCS and PI systems. Watch the video!


stickies control , deinking , and production enhancement technology for papermills worldwide

SELLING IN THE WORLD MARKETS ENESSCO INTERNATIONAL has been selling commercially in the paper industry worldwide for over 18 years. During this time the company has accumulated a substantial body of evidence to support its many and varied claims on the performance of its products. Our technology is now in use in many of the worlds leading Tissue and Board mills and any mill using recycled fiber or dinked pulp.

Products on offer ENESSCO D 2000 - Advanced Deinking Technology ENESSCO S 1000 - Production Enhancement Technology ENESSCO INT. ENHANCED - Contaminte Control Technology NOW RUNNING IN BROWN, TISSUE & DEINKED MILLS AROUND THE WORLD! ELIMINATE THE HIGH COST OF WAX, STICKIES AND CONTAMINATES PROBLEMS OR IF YOU ARE A TISSUE MILL THEN - NO MORE SOLVENTS, A SOFTER SHEET AND UP TO A 3 POINT INCREASE IN BRIGHTNESS !!!!! 750 Exeter Road, Hampton, NH 03842 USA | (603) 926 4830 | Fax (603) 926 0445


ABB. The one company that knows automation and power for pulp, paper and tissue.

As the industry leader in power, automation and service, ABB has the products, systems and people that can deliver solid results to improve your bottom line. Its a fact, more than 95% of the world’s pulp, paper and tissue mills have ABB products. From simple instrumentation to complex systems, the industry trusts ABB. For your next project call ABB to explore what we can do for you.

featured article New ABB Weight xP Actuators at Zellcheming ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, recently launched new Weight xP extended profiling actuators with high-speed positioning that guarantee optimal reliability. The actuators provide faster grade changes and faster recovery from process upsets, keeping mill productivity levels high. The state-of-the-art Weight xP technology eliminates dependence on a physical position sensor, so the actuators can shift into new positions in one swift, continuous movement. This reduces control action time and increases precision. The patented and patentpending technology also helps mills meet even the most exacting product specifications. “Papermakers can achieve the lowest possible Cross Direction variability, improve product quality and reduce their costs with the new Weight xP actuators,” says Steven St. Jarre, Head of Sales & Marketing for ABB

Quality Control Systems. A patented power management scheme allows the actuators to move simultaneously at all times, including flush cycles, global setpoint changes or the failure of one power supply, ensuring reliability even in extreme conditions. The new Weight xP actuators are the latest generation of ABB’s popular xP profilers. The Weight xP family includes the Slice xP, Dilution xP and Coat Weight xP systems, which are designed drawing on ABB’s experience in applying actuators on the headboxes and coaters of more than 25 different manufacturers. Slice xP, Coat Weight xP and Dilution xP each offer advanced diagnostics for easy troubleshooting and increased system availability, as well as built-in monitoring of over 60 different parameters, to predict an impending actuator failure long before it occurs.

Leading-edge technology reduces variability, minimizes sheet breaks and improves product quality

July - August 2012 Issue 8

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Feltest Equipment BV Feltest Equipment develop measuring instruments and tools to help you improve the performance of Paper Machine Clothing, like forming fabrics, press felts and dryer screens. Feltest products are used world-wide by all major Paper Machine Clothing companies




The new microwave instrument to analyse the drainage of forming fabrics. No more formalities, travelling is now as easy as A, B, C! 2007236 Feltest advertenties.ind1 1 Proceskleur CyaanProceskleur MagentaProceskleur GeelProceskleur Zwart

10-08-2007 11:01:03

PresScan™ The newest microwave technology to measure the water content in press felts accurately and reliably. The instrument with the best value for money in the industry! 2007236 Feltest advertenties.ind2 2 Proceskleur CyaanProceskleur MagentaProceskleur GeelProceskleur Zwart

10-08-2007 11:01:12

Professional Tools and Equipment for Paper Machine Clothing

visit now T : +31 313 652 215 - F: +31 313 654 068 - E:

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Pulp-paperworld Magazine Issue 8  

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