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The Official Publication of Orange County Pickups Limited JULY - AUGUST 2013

31 Annual F-100 Western Nationals... st

The top 20 as chosen by the participants

by Chris Travers

So you think this is just another show do you... How about TWO long haulers from Canada, a 4x4 conversion owned by a 16 year old, a turbo diesel ‘56 F-250 conversion, several way out customs, a custom Hybrid panel, and a Hemi Powered ‘54. Ok, I guess that’s normal for the F-100 Western Nationals but outside of Pigeon Forge, you will not find a gathering like this anyplace on earth. Follow along and see what you may have missed... there is always next year!

continued on pages 6-7 and 28

BEST OF SHOW Dwayne Richardson HEMI Powered ‘54 Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

BEST OF SHOW Dwayne Richardson San Marcos, CA TOP 20 AWARDS Andy Schuck Lakewood, CA Ed May San Clemente, CA Jim Gandy Anaheim, CA Martin Abrahamson Long Beach, CA Mel Vaughan Norco, CA Ed Ortega La Habra, CA Chuck Waltman Temecula, CA Bob & Brenda Reinfried N. Tustin, CA Dixie & Lynn Christy Valley Center, CA Wayne Tweedt Riverside, CA Ken Anderson Cypress, CA Dave Van Grouw Redlands, CA Wally Linge Boulder City, NV Cindy Van Grouw Redlands, CA Keith McVay Alta Loma, CA Jerry Wiencek Huntington Beach, CA Toung Lai Oxnard, CA Steve Lopez Los Angeles, CA LONG DISTANCE Sid Krawczyk Olds, Alberta CANADA HARD LUCK BOBCO Lake Elsinore, CA 1

President’s Page...

A Special Thanks to All... by Steve Stillwell Ed Oe’s column is one of the finest recaps of all the F-100 Western Nationals ever penned. He did however, leave me the opportunity to thank the hard workers of this year’s show, and amazingly, a lot of them are the same individuals who have stepped up to the task of making a killer show come together for the past few years. I’m proud to call Ed not only my Vice President, but also a best friend. He has stepped up to the pressures of chairing the F-100 Nationals in ways most of you will never know. He performs this task seamlessly; it seems simple to produce a show like the Nats, but nothing could be further from the truth. How many of you know that Featherly Park was in ruins just months ago as the state decided the Spring months was a great time to destroy the roads and dig massive canals through the park while installing a whole new freeway drainage system? He personally monitored the progress hoping and praying the show committee wouldn’t have to search for a new show venue. Our normal T-shirt vendor has a life threatening disease and was in the hospital just weeks before the show. Chris Travers was the go-to guy who helped Ed get this job done, or there wouldn’t have been event shirts this year! Three of our major vendors all had family problems or conflicting business obligations that kept them from attending the show this year with two of the three being last minute notices. We recognize that family comes first. Our best to them as we will welcome them back for the 2014 show. The vendor gaps were filled and again, the show went on seamlessly. With a heavy heart, Dan and Cathy Cangro’s son, Dane, filled in for Dan as he was bedside with Cathy as she continues to battle for her life. All of our best to Dan and Cathy as well as to Dane for giving us the music of Vintage Vinyl for the day, but in true fashion, the Cangros would not let PUL of OC down. My man Chris Travers. Marketing, Public Relations and the Friday Cruise are just the highlights of his contributions. No one has ever created a Pickups Limited Newsletter like the quality product Chris produces, as well as Jeff’s Fun Run and to top it off, the Friday Cruise. Jeff Hornsby launched the Friday Beach Cruise as a way to give the out-of-towners a taste of California lifestyle. After his untimely death, Chris grabbed this event by the reins and has continued to keep it fresh with new, entertaining stops. And, Chris literally saved our bacon when it came to getting the event T-shirts produced in time to have them at the show. Speaking of Friday, Rich Miller makes set-up a well orchestrated function. Serving as Event Co-Chairman, Rich leads the volunteers in prepping the park, marking all spaces for vendors and participant parking as well as being instrumental in directing the positioning of the big circus tents we now rent. Tudy, Ed along with new-comers Sally and Steve Nagamatsu gave up the chance to go on the Friday Cruise to ensure everything had its place and its place had everything. No doubt after this weekend’s performance, Steve and Sally will be welcomed into the club with open arms! After all the hard work that Dusty Peetoom performed as Co-Chairman on Friday and working the gate all day on Saturday, we all owe him a big thanks and bigger apology. He was taking entrance money, making change, handing out blank forms, providing judging forms as well as gate control. Along with Rudy and Ron Smith, they worked for the club’s well being, so give them a big well earned thanks. Larry Lopez has become a fixture of operations when it comes to the Raffle and 50/50. He oversees all of the functions in the above area which generates a large portion of the event’s revenue along with club good will, greatly aided by Rhonda. A big thanks goes out to The Spray Can and his lady. Diane and Mas Hamano are totally trusted with all of the club’s funds, since she not only oversees the Registration but serves the club tirelessly as our Treasurer. Diane had a full report of the show first thing Sunday morning as I was still licking my wounds. Dale Beverly is our Webmaster/Historian and is on duty at the big tent. As for Gloria, I have watched her greet show attendees during Registration on a first-name basis. How she stays so focused and funny all day is beyond me. Her side-kick, Andrea Crisel is quick to add, “Oh don’t worry, that shirt will shrink to fit.” No one argues as they laugh and walk away taking a peek into their registration bag. Bill is also there to keep the materials and T-shirt boxes positioned. The Parking Crew was lead by Carlos and Tudy. All went well as we didn’t have any bent fenders this year and were quick to extinguish a bar-b-cue before it even got going. I was amazed by how many of the Parking Crew worked while sitting in lawn chairs. You don’t know where you are going unless you know where you came from and Gary Ewing, who started the Nationals once again worked the History tent while Mike Hay, our club’s Historian and producer of Club Archives, provided a video production of past events, newsletters and archived photos of present and past events. Nice job fellows. Ed Oe saved the club a ton of money by purchasing unassembled trophies with Scott Delaney volunteering to perform the tedious task of assembling all the pieces. Good job Scott. Glenn Kerr with help from Robert Flores again took charge of tabulating the People’s Choice ballots. Best part as Emcee is the ease of which the awards were handed out this year to well deserving truck fabricators due to a fantastic, well prepared winner’s list! Our winners are determined by popular vote by the people registered for the event. I am amazed at how honest our attendees have become in selecting the Western Nationals top 20 and Best of Show. Great job Glenn. A special thanks to all of my truck club buddies, both guys and gals (and anyone I may have not mentioned). I look forward to you all volunteering for another show in 2014! Well thought out gesture waving goodbye and handing out cold water as our truck friends departed. Well done! Steve Stillwell President Pickups Limited, Orange County Chapter 2

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

VP Report... Its a Wrap! by Ed Oe

I wanted to thank everyone of my fellow Chapter members for making the 31st F-100 Western Nationals a nice day for all who attended. The weather was great and park was in excellent conditions. Over the years I have seen a change of truck years (increase of late models) and styles enter the show. People nowcome from different parts of country and the world to see and enter this show! Steve and I sat to eat lunch with a Ford enthusiast that was on holiday from Germany a long with a local friend who entered his ‘59 flat black panel. So that’s how the day rolled. Making new friends and seeing old ones. At the show this year there were full blown customs from all years to the original fat fender ‘53-’56 and the slick 60’s original to down low and 4x4!. The longest distance award went to a Canadian who DROVE from Alberta! Might I add there where TWO trucks from Canada at the show!! The show also saw its first Hybrid F-100. Of course it was made of many different ALL FORD pieces but that was a first to see and not hear. We all share the same enthusiasm for these Fords and there is a story behind each one of them. Last year the show turned a milestone of 30 years old. I told one of the founders Gary Ewing that I believe the show will be changing its look over the next few years and its going to be important to always remember way this show started and has continued over the years with the love and family we all feel when we get together to do this show. Once you have attended a Western Nationals show, you become one of the family. No matter if you are meeting someone the day of the show or during the Friday cruise, you will want to come back and see what’s new or just touch bases with friends you have made in the past. I never thought that by my Father giving me my first vehicle a ‘54 Ford truck that it would lead to a life of cool trucks, good friends and wonder memories. Thanks Dad. See you next year Your Friend Ed VP Pickups Limited ph 714 552 1919

Orange County Pickups Limited - a chapter of Pickups Limited of So. California

PRESIDENT- Steve Stillwell - VICE PRESIDENT- Ed Oe - TREASURER- Dianne Hamano - SECRETARY- Gloria Beverley - SGT. AT ARMS - Ron Jacobs - SAFETY COORDINATOR - Rudy Weber - WEBMASTER- Dale Beverley - NEWS LETTER & ACTIVITIES - Chris

For a FULL COLOR edition of Hauln’ Freight, check out our website at: Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013 3


Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

Chopit Kustoms Open House... by Chris Travers

It’s one thing to go to a car show, and another thing if it’s free, but if it something really good... well that just doesn’t happen too often. This was the case that Chopit Kustom’s First Annual Open House and Street Show. As is normal for this tight knit family, everybody was present and smiling... Gary, Cindy, Nick, Fabian, and Tiffany were on hand greeting everybody by first name which is part of what makes them special. Speaking of special, how often will you see legends George Barris and Blackie Gejeian at the same event just for the fun of it! That’s the way it is when you know the Chopit’s; Everybody is their friend. George Barris the MASTER Every day is a good for Blackie

Can you say Rat Rod Truck?

One of two F-100’s in the shop...

How low can you go?

The customs kept coming while the PUL gang setup camp in best spot of all - the middle of the street!

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

Several “work in process” vehicles were on hand for the viewing and your Orange County gang were the “official parking attendants”.

The Kugels drove in with their famous #265, a 225mph Bonneville roadster

Every shop needs a Shop Dog... Chopit has Lurch! 5

31st Annual F-100 Western Nationals... from page 1

BOBCO wasn’t feeling well but came anyway

Friday dinner at El Torito


Final touches for the top award Dusty the GATE KEEPER

It’s all about FAMILY!

Lynn Christy on WALT’s CHERRIES

Our Supervisors on the job

Best of Show winner from 2012 Bob Mantranga

Despite some serious family issues, Mid Fifty managed to send two of their crew just to deliver parts for you guys!

O.C. Chapter parking A great example of some of our newer participants 6

Totally cool and powered by a MOPAR Slant SIX Turbo

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

All the way from Alberta Canada, these two long haulers were the hit of the show. They were on hand for the Friday Cruise too. The big blue rig is basically a late model F-250 Turbo Desiel and is setup to tow a 5th wheel trailer!

Powered by Pinto! Enough is enough

Frank our Water Boy


4-Wheel drive and a 16 year old owner!

Patina & rust on the outside... new on the inside

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

SAVE THE DATE - JUNE 21, 2014 7

San Diego Ford’s & Friends... by Chris Travers

A total of twelve trucks joined in for the annual trek to Escondido for our San Diego Chapter’s Ford’s and Friends show. It seems that we have fallen into a pattern for this day each year... 1) Meet at Tom’s Place in Anaheim Bob Baxter directs us 2) Run to Temecula and have breakfast at Penfold’s to our reserved spots 3) Take the short tun to Escondido where San Diego treats us like kings 4) Relax and enjoy the show and provided BBQ lunch 5) Enjoy the run home by whatever route we feel like taking

The venue for the show is similar to our own Canyon RV which has been the home to our F-100 Western Nationals in that there is plenty of Oak trees for shade and plenty of relaxation which some of us took full advantage of.

I think that it is always great to go to a different region to see what other guys are up to that this show will never disappoint you.

The San Diego Chapter picks the most wonderful venues for their events. Plenty of shade and plenty of parking

Larry shows us what a balanced diet is all about

Tom’s Place in Anaheim was our starting point All flavors of FORD’s

Way too much of a good thing! Breakfast at Penfold’s in Temecula

O.C. Chapter grabs the Club Participation Award


Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

Super Tour 11 The Journey Continues to San Diego California I know, I know but some of you just won’t or are unable to quit. So here we go again. This year the Tour will be headed up by Bob & Barb Baxter, Brad & Jackie Romaine. Arrive Sept. 20, 2013 Head home Sept. 29, 2013 La Quinta Inn San Diego Scripps Poway 10185 Paseo Montril, San Diego, CA 92129 (858) 484-8800 * Pets are allowed * We have a special rate of $59 per night plus tax The highlights of the trip will be - San Diego Zoo, Ride Train & tour Pacific Southwest Railway, Historic town of Julian with a BBQ dinner at Brad & Jackie's home, Barona Casino, Old Town Trolley Tour, USS Midway, Harbor Tour and Craftsman Museum. Some of the tours require payment ahead to get discount tickets. So for those of you that want to go on these tours you will be receiving another form to fill out with the prices on it for the tours after we get your registration. Just check off the ones you want to go on and send in the ticket money as Barbara will get group tickets for all of us. Don’t forget to fill out that form and mail it directly to Barb with your payment. We will need both registration and Ticket forms fill out and returned no later than August 15, 2013

Just tell them you’re with the Super Tour Group for hotel rate. Packet includes Golf-shirt, Dash Plaque, Goodies, chance at some unique awards! Lots of fun & BS! Super Tour Trivia Questions Prizes

Who will win the Donkey Hump Award?

All shirts will be

I Did A Stupid? Which Way they Go?

Golf Shirts/Pocket

Who Said That? Can Still Slam Um Down?

Packet $25.00

Name______________________________________Club_______________________ Address______________________________City_______________________________ State________________ Zip______ Phone(cell)_____________________ Vehicle__________________________Email__________________________________ Golf shirt order 1 with packet extra’s are $12.00


In consideration of inclusion as a participant in the Super Tour 11, the participant agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Super Tour 11, Bill & Bonnie Lee, Bob & Barb Baxter, all Hotels, any other state or local government that is involved with said show, plus all show associated sponsors, affiliates, committees, agents, employees, volunteers, from and against all liability of loss that the participant and or the participant’s guest, including family and relatives, may sustain or incur as a result of claims, demands, costs or judgments arising from participant’s involvement in the Super Tour 10.

Signature_____________________________________________________Date________________________ Contact Info—Bill Lee (email) 435-201-7868 (cell) Make check payable to-----Bill Lee PO Box 336 Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

Annabella, Utah

84711 9

Threshold Aviation Show at the Chino Airport...

by Chris Travers

Before we get started, we owe this memorable event to Jerry Alford. Without his “connections” we would not even had a chance to get into this event. You see Jerry & Jackie’s daughter Heather works for the Threshold Aviation Group in Chino who hosts this “by invitation only” event. Each year Threshold opens up their 100,000 square foot hangar where 150+ cars shared the shade with an MD80 Airliner! Now that’s cool.

Cruising through Carbon Canyon

You see the owners Mark and Lisa DiLullo are also car nuts and host this event free of charge for “a few friends” in conjunction with the annual Planes of Fame Air Show. Besides being treated to a nice BBQ lunch and parking inside all day (sorry Russ for what the pigeons did to your Mustang), but we could come and go as we pleased for a ring side seat to the air show. Cars, Food, Vintage Airplanes, Tools, Music, Speed... it was almost a perfect day, buw there was more... Add to all of that the fact that we created a progress cruise to the event and it was like a two-for one. We began in Cerritos with twelve vehicles, picked up a few more entering Carbon Canyon on our way to a meeting spot in Chino Hills. After a brief Starbuck’s stop, our brigade of 30+ vehicles rolled away toward our grand entrance to the airport where we were welcome with open arms... but wait!

The Chino Hills meeting spot

For me the day was extra special as it was the debut of our family ‘58 Corvette project named “Roberta”. It’s not too often that three guys can get together with different talents, work together as friends and family and produce such a fine car. It was truly a family affair as the grand kids even got involved from time to time... not that makes things perfect for me.

Ron & Linda Fairfield from Long Beach joined us for the day along with some of the Cruisin 50’s group from Downey & Beyond at our Cerritos meeting point 10

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

Boys and their TOYS

Shades of Big John Mazmanian

There was a little bit of everything at this show

Norm Roberts and his 400+cdi Olds powered VW with matching trailer was part of our group for this event... always a show stopper

There was a great batch of Low Riders Fabian & Tiffany Fioto brought out one of the “Chopit” cars

Late Model Corvettes

Fat Fendered Fords dominated the event

Next door was another 100,000 sq/ft hangar!

It looks like they do more than work on airplanes here

This was one of the nicest Track Roadsters I have ever seen Plenty of room for 150 cars AND a MD-80!

This ‘58 Corvette was a family project... Chris, Nate, and Bob all had their duties to bring “Roberta” to her first show Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013 11

What’s Going On... Official chapter events in bold print

JULY 11 13 19 27

Monthly Meeting - 7:00pm Ken Grody Ford 6211 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park San Pedro - Tour of the WWII Battleship USS Iowa, The Battleship of Presidents • DRIVE YOUR TRUCK SO WE CAN STAGE A GROUP PHOTO IN FRONT OF THE SHIP • Pacific Battleship Center, 250 S. Harbor Blvd., San Pedro, CA 90731 • Meet in the lot at 8:45 and we will board ship at 9:00am as the ship opens to the public. The tour takes about 2 hours • General Admission Tickets are $18, $15 for Seniors 62+, and $10 for youth ages 6-17. If you buy online at you can save an additional $2. REMEMBER THAT THIS SHIP WAS COMMISSIONED FEBRUARY 22 1943 AND WAS BUILT FOR BATTLE, NOT COMFORT... THE SHIP HAS MANY FLIGHTS OF VERY STEEP STAIRS AND LOW CEILINGS • Pack your folding chairs and tables along as we will have a picnic after the tour at Point Vicente Park in Rancho Palos Verdes. You can pack your lunch or join me for a San Pedro tradition by getting your sandwich to-go at Busy Bee Market (2413 S Walker Ave). 14 Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet - - (800) 762-9785 Long Beach - Summer Cruise Night - Performance Plus Tire & Automotive - 3910 Cherry Ave • INFO: (562) 988-0211 Los Angeles - Annual Braille Rallye - Braille Institute Youth Center • INFO: Contact Pat West at or Chris Travers at

AUGUST 4 8 11 15-17 24 25

Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet - - (800) 762-9785 Monthly Meeting - 7:00pm Ken Grody Ford 6211 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park Long Beach - 6th Annual Wounded Warrior Car Show - Wyo Tech Campus - LIMITED TO THE FIRST 225 INFO: or call (310) 343-9634 Morro Bay - 43rd Annual North South Run - SEE PAGE 16 FOR DETAILS Chino - 11th Annual Corn Feed Run - INFO: Walt Pocock (909) 591-4162 or Huntington Beach - 5th Annual Surf City garage Car Show • FREE TOUR OF SURF CITY GARAGE INFO: (714) 750-8570 or



Ray Bartnick-President (805) 498-8497 The National Council is the governing body for all Chapters of Pickups Limited. All inquiries for new Chapters must be directed to the National Council


George Pepper-President (760) 366-1859 Covering Eastern Riverside and Southern San Bernardino Counties along the I-10 corridor MEETING NIGHT- 1st Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm • Roadhouse Cafe, 57173 Sunnyslope Drive, Yucca Valley, CA 92284


Gary Ewing-President (951) 681-4605 Covering Western Riverside and San Bernardino Counties along the I-15 corridor MEETING NIGHT- 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm • Carrows Resturant, 8800 Limonite Avenue, Riverside, CA 92509


Steve Stillwell-President (714) 336-5435 Covering Orange County and south east Los Angeles County MEETING NIGHT- 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm • Ken Grody Ford, 6211 Beach Blvd., Buena Park CA 90621


Greg Foster-President (909) 225-6363 Covering the Pomona Valley and Chino and Ontario areas MEETING NIGHT- 1st Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm • Cafe Cabo, 2313 D St., La Verne,Ca 91750


Chuck Ledwin-President (619) 562-5289 Covering all San Diego County MEETING NIGHT- 2nd and 4th Monday of each month at 7:30pm • Jimmy’s Restaurant, 9635 Mission Gorge Road, Santee, CA 92071


Leonard Ramos-President (323) 697-1200 Covering the San Gabriel Valley and the City of Los Angeles MEETING NIGHT- 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm • La Vita Mexican Food, 101 South 1st Ave., Arcadia, CA 91006


Dave Bryan-President (805) 498-1878 Covering all Ventura County and points north as well as the Western San Fernando Valley MEETING NIGHT- 1st Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm • Mimi’s Restaurant at 400 N. Moorpark Rd., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360



SEPTEMBER 7 Azusa - San Gabriel Chapter’s Show & Shine • 11am-3pm • Azusa Greens Golf Club, 919 W. Sierra Madre BBQ, Dash magnet, comedian performer • To benefit San Gabriel Valley Chapter’s Charities INFO: 7-8 Corona - Rod Run & Custom Extravaganza • To Benefit Veterans & Children • The Shops at Dos Lagos 2780 Cabot Drive, Corona • Limited to the first 800 Pre-1975 vehicles • $65 Entry Fee includes Ledgends T-Shirt, Dash Plaque, 30 tickets for drawings with a first prize of $5,000! • Guests include George Barris, Sam Foose, Bo Huff, Gene Winfield, Gary Chopit, Bill Hines, Penny Pichette and others • INFO: (951) 201-6339 8 Long Beach High Performance Swap Meet - - (800) 762-9785 8 Long Beach - 24th Annual Belmont Shore Car Show INFO: (714) 323-8898 or and 12 Monthly Meeting - 7:00pm Ken Grody Ford 6211 Beach Blvd. in Buena Park 20-29 San Diego - Super Tour 2013 “The Journey Will Continue” • INFO: Bob & Barb Baxter - 28 Costa Mesa - 14th Annual Cruisin for a Cure • LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED Pickups Limited Orange County has special reserved parking SEE PAGE 7 FOR APPLICATION AND EVENT DETAILS OCTOBER 6 Loma Linda - 23rd Annual Veterans Memorial Car Show - Jerry L. Pettis Memorial VA Medical Center 11201 Benton Loma Linda, Calif • REGISTRATION ENDS SEPT 23rd OR WHEN SOLD OUT • INFO: contact Butch call 909-350-9816 extension 2 or 16-20 Lake Havasu City, AZ - 36th Annual Run to the Sun • INFO: - (928) 855-0933 27 Los Alamitos - 12th Annual Wings, Wheels, Rotors Expo • Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base • INFO: or call (562) 598-6659 NOVEMBER 24 Long Beach - Summer Cruise Night - Performance Plus Tire & Automotive - 3910 Cherry Ave • INFO: (562) 988-0211 30 Riverside - Bo Huff Rockabilly Extravaganza - 9am till dark - Riverside Airport, 6951 Flight Road INFO: 909-208-0706 or


1st & Last Sunday - TUSTIN - Million Dollar Breakfast Cruise - 7-11am - Enderle Center @55Fwy & 17th St. - Info: (949) 300-8329 - Last Sunday - LOS ANGELES - Petersen Museum Breakfast Club Cruise In - 9-NOON - 2 for 1 Admission to the museum when you bring your special interest vehicle - Peterson Museum • 6060 Wilshire Blvd. - Los Angeles - (323) 930-CARS Sunday - Newport Beach - OCTANE - Newport Dunes Resort - Automotive Show & Shine - FREE Parking 8:AM - 10:30AM Monday - PARAMOUNT - Deli Relics Cruise Night - Gus’s Deli BBQ & Grill - 8320 Alondra Blvd. - 4:30-8:00pm - Wednesday - DOWNEY - Bob’s Big Boy Broiler - 7447 Firestone Blvd - 5 to 9pm - INFO: (951) 371-5833 or e-mail Wednesday - CERRITOS - Cruise Night at Peris Restaurant -- Friday - BUENA PARK - Cruise Night at the Elks CLub - 7212 Melrose St. Buena Park - INFO: or (714) 299-1776 Friday - WHITTIER - Ruby’s Diner at the Whittwood Town Center -- Friday - BURBANK - Bob’s Big Boy - 4211 Riverside Drive - (818) 842-5464 - ARRIVE EARLY TO PARK INSIDE BOB’S Saturday - HUNTINGTON BEACH - Donut Derelicts, Magnolia & Adams @ Adams Avenue Donuts 6:00am - 8:30am (949) 859-8549 - Copyright ©2013 Pickups Limited Orange County Saturday - IRVINE - Cars & Coffee - Ford-Mazda Campus - 7905 Gateway Blvd Irvine, CA 92618 Chapter. All Rights Reserved. 5 Freeway north of the “El Toro Y” - 7:00am - 9:30am - Nothing whole or in part may be used, republished or copied without Saturday - LA CANADA - Early Rodders Cruise In - at United Artist Theater 1919 Verdugo Blvd... beneath the junction of the written consent of Pickups the 210 & 2 freeways - 6:30am - 9:00am Limited Orange County Chapter. Deadline for this newsletter is the 3rd Saturday - LOS ANGELES - Trompers of Eagle Rock Evening Cruise-In COCO’S Restarurant • 6040 York Blvd. L.A. 10th of the month before publication. For a comprehensive listing of events in Southern California and elsewhere, log on to these great web sites: All submissions become property of Pickups Limited ○ ○ ○ ○


Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013 13

I NEVER THOUGHT OF THAT... or What if it WAS a Man’s World? You can flip a toaster on its side and grill cheese in it.

Cereal canisters make the perfect rubbish bin for your car!

Use a post-it note to catch drilling debris.

Place a rubber band around an open paint can to wipe your brush on, and keep paint off the side of the can!

Use a comb to keep a nail steady for hammering

How to keep the straw from rising out of your fizzy drink can

You won’t believe this one... Use a (clean) dustpan to fill a container that doesn’t fit in the sink 14

If you place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, it won't boil over!

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013


Thanks to Scott Delaney for this one

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013 15


August 16-18, 2013

presented by ford f-100 elite of northern california & pickups limited of southern california This marks the 43rd consecutive year this fantastic event has been presented for the appreciation and recognition of the fabulous Ford commercial vehicles. The event is open to all years, up through 1976, but the emphasis is, as always, focused on the 1953 through 1956 model years. As you’ve come to expect, the weekend will be filled with enough activities and opportunities to satisfy even the most hard core car show critic. There will be the Friday morning Mystery Cruise; the Friday evening Cruise and Ice Cream Social; a new location for the Saturday Show-N-Shine; and a new location for the Saturday evening banquet and awards ceremony. The area surrounding Morro Bay, as well as Morro Bay itself has a multitude of fun and interesting diversions for those of you that would like to see a little more than just a fabulous collection of the worlds greatest trucks.

Packet includes: Show entry, 1 Tshirt, dash plaque, goody bag, entry in the Mystery Cruise, and the Friday Night Cruise/Ice Cream Social,, and the Saturday night banquet/ awards ceremony. No refunds after August 1, 2013. We cannot guarantee you a free T-shirt if your entry is received after August 1, 2013. There will be additional T-shirts and sweatshirts available for purchase at the event.



NORTH: Earl Pecka, (209)835-7629 SOUTH: Rosie Blanco (562)692-8663

HOST HOTEL: La Serena Inn (805)772-5665 El Morro Masterpiece Motel (805)772-5633 San Mateo Best Western Motel (805)772-2248 Entry Form:

Name:___________________________ __________ Address:___________________________________ City:__________________State:____Zip_________ Area Code:_______Phone____________________ E-Mail ____________________________________ (ENTRY CONFIRMATION WILL BE SENT BY E-MAIL)

VEHICLE INFORMATION Make__________Model____________Year______ Club Affiliation_______________________________ MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: North-South Run MAIL CHECKS TO: North South Run 14552 Horseshoe Dr. Saratoga, CA 95070

ENTRY & ORDER FORM: DOUBLE PACKET (one shirt included) $90___ SINGLE PACKET (one shirt included) $55___ Additional meals _____@$35___ check your choice(s) & designate how many for banquet


Your FULL PACKET entry fee includes: ONE FREE T-shirt ONLY if postmarked berore August 1, 2013. Select your free T-shirt size below: (S__) (M__) (L__) (XL__) (XXL__) (XXXL__) Additional T-shirts ______@$15 each____ SATURDAY SHOW-N-SHINE ONLY..................$20____ (SHIRT NOT INCLUDED)

TOTAL $______

Publication & Liability Release: I hereby consent to the use and publication of any photos which may appear intentionally, or unintentionally, in any publication or web site, as a rusult of my participation in this event. I understand that all photographs are the sole property of Ford F-100 Elite of Northern California and/ or Pickups Limited of Southern California and /or their authorized agents. By my signature, I state that I am fully capable to authorize the above statement, legally or otherwise. Entrants and participants, by execution of this entry form, release and discharge City of Morro Bay, The La Serena Inn, Ford F-100 Elite of Northern California, Pickups Limited of Southern California, their officers, employees, agents, representatives, servants, and anyone else connected with the presentation of the North-South F-100 Run from any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements and/or claims from any causes whatsoever that may be suffered by any entrants or participants to their person of property I HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS FORM AND WILL ABIDE BY ALL RULES AND STATED RESTRICTIONS:

SIGNATURE:_________________________________________________________________DATE_____________________________ Presented by ford F-100 Elite of Northern california & pickups limited of southern california


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Bigfoot Speaks... by Rudy Weber

The Western Nationals Friday Cruise... what a cruise. A one day road trip we all did it our way, mostly the way Chris laided it out. Through the hills & dales past the famous Biker Bar (Cooks Corner) no time to stop at Jack and Jill’s hang out. We saw a lot of beautiful hills, homes, valleys, and some freeways, but very little wild life. Where are all the Birds? I saw only one Redtail Hawk. The hills where always full wild life, how just homes and very little open spaces. Our first stop was at Everyone had a great time checking out everything to do with detailing (Edith found the only stool there to sit on). PS. Scott’s office is just next door. Next stop was for lunch at Knowlwood (World’s Best Hamburgers) for great food with lots of Friends (Edith found a lot of chairs). The Marconi Museum was stop #3. What a outstanding histry of performance street and race cars. Mr. Dick Marconi himself gave us tour of this fabulous collection, (Edith found two chairs one for herself and and one for Me). The Astor Classic Museum & Event Center was the last stop with a great history of radios, TV’s, performance street cars and race cars. Every car is a driver and all of the beautifuly restored antique telephones, radios, model trains, gas pumps, slot machine, and pedal cars function perfectly. Edith & I skipped this one, two years ago we attended a great party at Astor classics amoung the cars. Edith & I went back to the Ayers Suites (Edith found a bed to rest on). To finish off a great day we all had dinner at El Torito next door. Thanks Chris. P.S. I Saved our Western Nationals from Burning down. One our Guest started up a large Fire in a BBQ. I pointed it out to Ed, Ed called out on our phones and Chris heard the call and put the Fire out. Thanks again Chris. PPS. Again safety checks for all our new and some old members are due, call me to set up a meeting. Big Foot , Rudy Weber.

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Give Me A Brake... by Glenn Kerr

It’s Cruising Time ... Let’s Roll Cruising in our classic trucks is one of the joys of having them. Another is going fun places with friends and doing fun things. In Southern California we can cruise year round. It is always a challenge to stay together as a group when cruising in town with traffic. Paying attention and being aware will help to make this a more pleasurable experience. I recently cruised with a Chevy Nova group. The Leader held a drivers meeting before we left and explained the route, how to cruise and what to expect. Here are ten suggestions on “How to Cruise”.

1. Your Primary Responsibility

Your job is keeping track of the vehicle BEHIND YOU. Only keep pace with the vehicle in front of you if the vehicle behind you is in sight. If everyone follows this rule, two things result: the group stays together and the pace is determined by the slowest vehicle. So don’t be a “Lager”, keep up with the guy in front of you.

2. Headlights On

This is how the rest of the world knows what is going on. It’s also protocol and law in some states. Your lights on enable you to see your brethren and know who is with you. Best of all it really looks cool.

3. Did You Just Blink?

Use your blinker: This should go without saying, but still signal your lane changes. This shouldn’t be done just by the leader, but by everyone in the party. Its not that hard, but it really helps make sure everyone knows where they’re going. If the last truck in the line sees the front truck signaling a lane change, it allows him/her to change first, and ensure a large enough space in front to let everyone else in. When done correctly, its like synchronized driving- a ballet of Ford Trucks.

4. Staying Together

On a long run with a large group, staying together is the most difficult thing. Traffic, stop lights, and stragglers will do all they can to break the chain. That being said, there are a few things you can do to keep the group together. First of all, remember that aside from the first and last truck, the order

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U.S. Senate Passes Resolution Designating ‘Collector Car Appreciation Day’ 7/12/13 Posted by Patricia Kaowthumrong From: Tech & Tools - June 25, 2013

The U.S. Senate has passed Senate Resolution 176 (S. Res. 176), which designates July 12, 2013 as “Collector Car Appreciation Day,” an annual event to celebrate and raise awareness of the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. The resolution was requested by SEMA and its Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO) and Hot Rod Industry Alliance (HRIA) Councils. The date marks the fourth commemoration of the event, according to SEMA. “We again thank the U.S. Senate for the continuing recognition of the collector car hobby as a strong American tradition and pastime,” said Steve McDonald, SEMA vice president of government affairs. “With Australia and Canada joining the mix, Collector Car Appreciation Day has now become an international recognition of the collector car industry and the millions of hobbyists it supports. The collector car industry helps preserve our unique American automotive heritage while contributing to the economy by providing high-skilled, well-paying jobs.” As with the previous three resolutions, S. Res. 176 was sponsored by Sen. Jon Tester and Sen. Richard Burr, co-chairs of the Congressional Automotive Performance and Motorsports Caucus, a nonpartisan member organization that pays tribute to America’s love for the car and motorsports market. This year, many states and local governments have adopted similar commemorations to celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day. “Collector Car Appreciation Day is the opportunity show off their cars and celebrate new traditions,” “Businesses and car clubs across the country will being held to commemorate this special day each Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

for everyone involved in this great American hobby to said Alex Tainsh, chairman of SEMA’s ARMO Council. be hosting car shows and cruises. More events are year.” 19

doesn’t really matter. Were going to a BBQ, not qualifying for the starting grid at the Indy 500, so if you have to drop back a couple positions to let everyone in before an exit, do it. On the freeway where there are no lights, its best to stay in a long line. You’ll minimize your impact on surrounding traffic by leaving other lanes open, and its really easy to play follow the leader. If the group does get cut, use discretion to either maintain a slow speed to allow the tail to catch up, Editor’s Note: If there are two turn lanes, USE BOTH OF THEM or safely find a place to pull aside and wait. If you are personally going to make an unscheduled stop, take your own detour or leave the group, notify the event leader or another in the group. By doing this we know where you are, if you need help or are just going off on your own and not lost.

5. Don’t Follow Too Close

When in a group, keeping good distances is a must for safety as well as an act of kindness to the truck you are following. A good rule is that two 18-wheel tractor trailers should be able to fit between each pair when out on the open road. About 120 feet. Sometimes on busy freeways and streets this is almost impossible. Good judgement and discretion on following distance should be used.

6. Allow Other Traffic to Intermingle

Instinctively, people in a convoy don’t want to allow other vehicles to merge into the line. You must allow other drivers to move in and out of your convoy. Other drivers usually are intimidated or in awe of the spectacle and need to be given extra consideration. Be patient in letting them find their place and pass them if necessary if they settle in a bad spot. You can actually be ticketed in some states for not allowing the free flow of traffic through your group. You want other drivers to say, “Wow that was neat”. Be a friendly convoy.

7. Lead Truck Should Keep Speed Reasonable.

This is hard. It is all too easy to let the speed creep up. When you have a diverse group of trucks or participants, there will be people who think it’s too slow and others who say you are going too fast. Try to stay with the flow of other traffic. This reduces the need for constant lane changes and passing, making the drive safer for the group. Also be sure to allow for flexibility if a few people want to stop.

8. Communications

When ever possible, everybody should have the group leader’s and follow up vehicles cell phone numbers on speed dial or memory on their phones, with hands free 20

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devises of course. The trip leader should be notified of any emergencies, break downs or when the group get’s hopelessly separated. Hand held radios are also valuable when traveling. At the minimum, the lead truck and tail truck should have them if they are used. Sometimes cell phone reception can be poor or non-excitant.

9. No Horseplay

Drive like an adult. Goofing off or speeding to show off is bad for the whole group. These are cruises, not speed races. Burn outs, exhibition of speed and other attention getters give the club and the rest of us a bad name.

10. Take it Easy

Sometimes not everything goes as planned. Participants in a group usually have pretty high expectations and are loaded with anticipation of the day’s events. It is important to stay focused on the trip at hand and be able to relax when things get hectic, people get lost, or traffic snarls and throws you off schedule. All traffic laws should be obeyed, all of them. This includes drinking and driving. There’s no place for intoxicated driving at a club driving event. As hard as it sometimes is, restrain yourself.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your car or classic truck maintained will not only make it last longer but also will make it much more pleasant to drive which will make you want to take better care of it. If you have a vehicle that looks good and you enjoy getting in it and driving, you’re much more prone to take care of it. And since it won’t last forever, taking care of your car will also increase the resale value. In real estate they say it’s all about location, location, location, but with car values it’s all about condition, condition, condition. As always, if you have any questions, please free to call me. And as always, if I don’t know the answer or can’t find one, I’ll make one up that sounds plausible.

Glenn Kerr 949 631-2888 Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013 21

F-100 Super Nationals 2013... Through the eyes and pen of Will Willis & Lynette Fisher

The beginning of the F-100 Super Tour was in 2003, the 50th anniversary of the F-100, thanks to the overwhelming efforts of Bill and Bonnie Lee. Once, while inviting someone to join us, I was asked, what do you do on the F-100 Super Tour. My immediate response was that we drove a few hundred miles, stopped for the day, kicked back, had a few, and lied. By lying I mean we may have enhanced the truth. And was it ever fun, the friendships we developed are priceless. Departing alone for the 2013 F-100 Super Nationals was with mixed feelings, however a lot of Love’s went into the trip.

LF and I struck out to her little piece of Heaven on the lake in Heber Springs, AR.

I have long known the value of friends, now I more appreciate the value of friends with whom one can shoot the breeze. The plus side, when you pass someone on the interstate in an old F-100 which looks like a used Campbell Soup can, you may be followed to your next stop. In short you get a lot more individual attention. I was absolutely amazed at the number of folks who recognized the GT40 EFI system and was gratified that so many folks appreciated a Ford in a Ford. Thanks to catching the weather just right, the remainder of our trip to Arkansas was unremarkable except that I had more one on one quality time with LF. We spent some down time in Heber Springs and I did my regular visit to Spanky’s Hot Rods and Customs. Mike Cooper is a real great guy who turns out some nice work.

The trip from Heber Springs to Memphis was a quiet time for me to reflect. My old, and I mean old, college buddy, Floyd Groves, without whom my son would A shout out not have had a middle name, joined me for the trek to Pigeon Forge. Now, the to Spanky’s word enhancement took on a much broader meaning when we started story Hot Rods & telling. We were joined by another friend, Dennis Miller and his wonderful wife Customs Sara, once we arrived at Pigeon Burg. The stories got thicker thanks to the fact that Dennis is an attorney and retired FBI agent. Nuf of that. What great fun, making new friends, reuniting with old friends, here again, some are real old. Wish I had taken more, a lot more, pictures. I think I was having too much fun. One of my new friends from the land down under is looking for a ’56, small window will do. Must APPEAR to be finished for import reasons, must run and priced according to condition. Should you have such, please contact me.

Except for the fact that Floyd’s wife thought I was going to take him back to Arizona with me, the ferocious rains in Oklahoma following the tornados, and my not knowing how few service stations that still existed, the return trip was not at all eventful. Well, Lf and I did have considerably more together time.

One of our own in the Mid-Fifties booth, Dianne

Can you spell Ohio (Steve) and Texas? Our Corn Husker representative Terry

A personal aside, received check from Floyd, made to Mr. B. N. Willis and my bank wanted to throw me out, they did not know a MR. B. N. Willis. I sincerely hope that we all remember that friends are the most important aspect of our sport.

Vince from FR100 times 22

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You likely know by now that it is mostly about the people, however back to the trucks. Something NEW and NEAT, real wood the same as the bed wood or contrast! Yep, 79 Dodge pickup hood hinges. Worked like a charm.

Guess owner 1st, free beer, yes, he would not come up with enough money for me to take home so he sold the yard art.

Now THAT’s unusual, woody panel What a stake

Occasionally one just stands there and says, “that is my kind of truck.” Horse pressure in a 570 cid package, and I was thinking of having “521” decals on mine.

Take a close look at this ’56 big window from Canada. NOW, go back and look again. Maybe one more time. What did he do, How did he do it, WHY did he do it? Details, Details

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Member’s Pages Jerry Herrera, president of our San Gabriel Chapter brings us up to date on their happenings at our May meeting

After spending several years as Don Storey’s sidekick, we welcome Bill Pihl to the Chapter and it wasn’t easy but we are happy to have Frank Reyes back in the Chapter after several years tending to life in general... at our June meeting

Rich Miller just can’t stop. Ford Truck #4 is in the works and keeps getting to be a larger and larger project. That’s a new Ford Crate Motor and you can look for that drop solid axle to show up on Nick “CHOPIT” Fioto’s ‘53 soon. Can you say Recycled?

Filling in for Steve Stillwell at our May meeting, Ed Oe presents longevity plaques to Dale Beverly (35 years), Dusty Peetoom (15 years), and Bill Lee, via USPS (30 years).


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The latest from Norm Marshall is this cool flip bed floor which is also his extra storage

HOW COOL IS THIS... 30+ attend the June meeting at Ken Grody Ford... WITH OUR TRUCKS!

Scptt Delaney Update... I made some progress this past weekend. I have my truck back on the ground! It appears that I will need to find some stock height Mustang II spindles and ditch the 2” lower ones that I have. The cross member sits 4½” off the ground and that is just too low for me. If anyone knows of someone that is looking for lowered spindles or someone that has stock height ones that they don’t need, let me know. Thanks, Scott

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Editor’s Ramblings... by Chris Travers Callin’ out around the world, are you ready for a brand new beat? Summer’s here and the time is right for dancin’ in the street. That was what Martha & The Vandellas was singing back in 1964 when most of us had hair and still looked good in a bathing suit. Well some of us still have hair and we manage to look good in clothes so what the heck, if we can’t be dancin’ in the street, at least we can go cruisin on the streets can’t we? The season is here and things are getting so busy with events and other things that even my normally on time Newsletter is a few days late (Happy 4th by the way). One way or the other. I plan to be out there with you guys having the time of my life while I drive whatever runs.

JULY 12th - NATIONAL COLLECTOR APPRECIATION DAY - No matter if you go to one of the Ruby’s events, Bob’s in Burbank (my favorite on a summer Friday) or just out for a burger, take your truck and show it some love. Let everybody know that you mean business and these old vehicles are here to stay AN EVENT OPEN TO ALL FORD COMMERCIAL VEHICLES THR

43rd ANNUAL NORTH-SOUTH F August 16-18, 2013

JULY 13th - CLUB TOUR OF THE USS IOWA AND PICNIC - Bring a truckload presented f-100history. elite of northern pickups limited of of friends and family to this living piece by of ford WW-2 I promisecalifornia a great &day This marks the 43rd consecutive year Packet in and relaxing picnic with oceanthisviews right the tour. fantastic eventafter has been presented shirt, das for the appreciation and recognition of the fabulous Ford commercial vehicles. The event is open to all years, up through 1976, but the emphasis is, as always, focused on the 1953 through 1956 model years. As you’ve come to expect, the weekend will be filled with enough activities and opportunities to satisfy even the most hard core car show critic. There will be the Friday morning Mystery Cruise; the Friday evening Cruise and Ice Cream Social; a new location for the Saturday Show-N-Shine; and a new location for the Saturday evening banquet and awards ceremony. The area surrounding Morro Bay, as well as Morro Bay itself has a multitude of fun and interesting diversions for those of you that would like to see a little more than just a fabulous collection of the worlds greatest trucks.

AUGUST 15-17 - ANNUAL NORTH SOUTH RUN - It’s the 43rd year and not too late to make your plans for this wonderful event in beautiful Morrow Bay. AUGUST 24th - CHINO KIWANIS CORN FEED RUN - Besides the fact that there are about 500 cars mostly from an area that we are not normally around, you can’t beat the breakfast. Join the gang and you will see for yourself.

in the My day Night and the S awards c No refun We cann T-shirt if after Aug additiona available




SEPTEMBER 28th - CRUISIN FOR A CURE This Orange County tradition is now SOUTH: R in it’s 14th year and is the largest one day fund raising car show around. HOST HOTEL: La Serena Inn (805)772-5665 Even if your truck is not on the road, you will want to visit with the countEl Morro Masterpiece Motel (805)772-5633 San Mateo Best Western Mote less vendors, take a free cruise on the moving “Beach Patio”, and join the Chapter for some of Glenn’s burger flipping. Remember, we have a reserved parking spot which is one of the very few at the event. Entry Form: ENTRY & ORDER FO

Name:___________________________ __________ DOUBLE PACKET (one sh Address:___________________________________ SINGLE PACKET (one sh FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 6th - CRUISIN GRAND IN ESCONDIDO City:__________________State:____Zip_________ Additional meals Three bands, lots of food, a ton of cars and people. The event officially Area Code:_______Phone____________________ check your choice(s) & designat begins at 4:00pm but you will want to arrive earlier. Watch your e-mail E-Mail ____________________________________ Beef_____Chicken____

Your FULL PACKET entry fee in for more information on when we willWILL leaving Orange (ENTRY CONFIRMATION BE SENT BY E-MAIL) County. T-shirt ONLY if postmarked ber VEHICLE INFORMATION Select your free T-shirt size bel

Make__________Model____________Year______ Club Affiliation_______________________________ So like the song says, let’s form a big long like of F-100’s MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO: North-South Run some seat time and have a TO: blast. North South Run MAIL CHECKS 14552 Horseshoe Dr. Saratoga, CA 95070 They’re dancin’, dancin’ in the street


(S__) (M__) (L__) (XL__) (XX Additional and get T-shirts in SATURDAY SHOW-N-SHINE O



Way down in L.A., every day they’re dancin’ in the street Publication & Liability Release: I hereby consent to the use and publication of any photos which may appear intention publication or web site, as a rusult of my participation event. I understand that all photographs are the sole property of Ford F-1 Lets form a big strong line, and get inin this time, Pickups Limited of Southern California and /or their authorized agents. By my signature, I state that I am fully capable to authorize We’re dancin’ orotherwise. in the street. Entrants and participants, by execution of this entry form, release and discharge City of Morro Bay, The La Serena Inn, For

Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST Pickups Limited of Southern California, their officers, employees, agents, representatives, servants, and anyone2013 else connected with F-100 Run from any and all known and unknown damages, injuries, losses, judgements and/or claims from any causes whatsoever th participants to their person of property


Wrenchin’ @ Random

What Size Electrical Wire Should I Run? by Marlan Davis HOT ROD MAGAZINE - JUNE 2013

Whether scratch-building a complete wiring harness or lengthening kit-supplied wires, you need to determine the correct electrical wire size needed to support each electrical device. The wire must carry the required current without overheating and burning, and without excessive voltage drop. On a 14.2-volt automotive electrical system, there should be no more than a 2 percent voltage drop from the alternator/battery to the main distribution node or fuse box, and no more than a 0.5-volt drop from the node or fuse box to the device. In practice, this works out to about 13.5 volts at the electrical device. Each wire-gauge size has a rated current-carrying capacity, but the longer the wire runs, the higher the resistance, which means more voltage drop. Proximity to other wires also increases resistance because the wire tends to run hotter. You can use Ohm's Law to figure out the correct wire size: E (Volts) = I (Amps) × R (Ohms) Here, “amps” is the amount of current consumed by the device, as published by the manufacturer or determined with a multimeter, and “ohms” is the resistance value of the entire wire run. For electrical devices such as bulbs and lamps that list the current requirement in Watts instead of amps, use: P (Watts) ÷ E (Volts) = I (Amps)

Example: Wire up a 200-Watt driving light, maintaining at least 13.5 volts at the light with a 10-foot

supply-wire when bundled into a multiwire harness operating underhood 1. Convert Watts to amps: P (200 Watts) ÷ E (13.5 Volts) = I (14.815 Amps) 2. Select an AWG wire size that supports at least 15 amps bundled in a harness. The table shows that a 14-AWG wire is rated at 17 amps in a bundled harness. 3. Find the resistance of 10 feet of 14-AWG wire: 0.00299 Ohms/Ft (from table) × 10 Ft = 0.0644 Ohms 4. The table's resistance values are at the industry-standard 20 degrees C. But our light sees 40 degrees. Copper-wire resistance increases 0.00393 Ohms/degree C (0.007074 ohms/degree F). Using the result from (3): [0.0644 Ohms × 0.00393 Ohms/degrees C ×(40° − 20°)] + 0.0644 Ohms = 0.06946 Ohms 5. Find the voltage drop: I (14.815 Amps) × R (0.06946 Ohms) = 1.02905 (Voltage Drop) 6. With a 1.03-volt drop, the light sees only 13.17 volts (14.2 −1.03 = 13.17); a 14-AWG wire won't cut it. Go to the next larger wire size in turn and repeat the steps until you get at least 13.5 volts. In this case, a 12-AWG wire—the next larger size—yields a satisfactory 0.3volt drop (13.9 system volts). Hauln’ Freight • JULY - AUGUST 2013

at 40 degrees C:

Wire Capacity & Resistance

Wire Size (AWG)

20 18 16 14 12 10 8 6 4 2 1 0 00 000 0000



11 16 22 32 41 55 73 101 135 181 211 245 283 328 380


Resistance (Ohms/FT) @ 20° C / 68° F

7.5 10 13 17 23 33 46 60 80 100 125 150 175 200 225

0.01025 0.00644 0.00476 0.00299 0.00188 0.0011 0.0007 0.000436 0.000274 0.000179 0.000146 0.000114 0.00009 0.000072 0.000057 27

31 Annual F-100 Western Nationals Friday Cruise... by Chris Travers st

The first stop of the day was at where we received some great tips on finish maintenance as well as some valuable free goodies! Dick Marconi was kind enough to clear his busy schedule to conduct a private tour of his Collection and Museum. He even told me that he wore that orange shirt just so that he could look good next to my truck. Mr. Marconi told some detailed stories about every car in the collection. One of those stories revolved around his favorite Ferrari. Here you can see two of our “Big Boys” trying to test the suspension... can you say stiff! We could have stayed an other two hours it was so fascinating. The Marconi Museum is open to the public and can be reserved for special events. At one time Art Astor was the largest Independent radio broadcaster in the USA. Art has operated stations throughout the west in his long carrier. At 88 years old, he is still quite active in his business as well as in his collection which he proudly showed us. Art has one of the finest collection of vintage radios, phonographs, and telephones besides his cars. The key thing here is that EVERYTHING WORKS! We received demonstrations of items that dated pre 1920 and everything worked great and looked beautifully. Like the Marconi, the Astor Events Center is available for special events. 28

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2014 Ford F-150 Tremor EcoBoost-powered sport truck revealed Published June 27, 2013 High Gear Media By Viknesh Vijayenthiran

Ford’s universally popular F-150 SVT Raptor now has a little brother in the form of the all-new 2014 F-150 Tremor. The newcomer is the Ford Motor Company’s first EcoBoostpowered F-150 with the short-wheelbase, regularcab design, and is aimed at buyers looking for a potent sport truck with decent fuel economy. Under the hood is the familiar 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6, which combines direct injection, variable cam timing and turbocharging technologies to help deliver 365 horsepower and 420 poundfeet of torque. Our favorite attribute is the torque band: 90 percent of peak torque is available from 1,700 to 5,000 rpm. Fuel economy is said to be 16/22 mpg city/highway, for the rear-wheel-drive model. Opting for all-wheel drive will diminish those figures slightly. The engine is paired with a six-speed automatic and a launch-optimized 4.10 rear axle--the shortest final drive ratio offered in an EcoBoosted F-150. An electronic rear differential is also fitted as standard. To give the vehicle that sporty look, designers have added the F-150’s FX Appearance Package, which comes with matte black accents, 20-inch black wheels and body graphics. Inside, there’s leather and Alcantara trim, brushed-metal accents and the MyFord Touch with SYNC connectivity system. Sales of the 2014 Ford F-150 Tremor commence this fall. Look for pricing and EPA-rated fuel economy figures closer to launch.

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1948 - 1956 FORD F-1 & F-100 TRUCK ABOUT US

Pickups Limited began in April, 1968 as the result of an ad placed in the Penny Saver. Our Orange County Chapter is the oldest and currently the largest of 7 Chapters found throughout Southern California, with membership limited to 1948-56 F-1 and F-100 pickups and panels. We are an active non-profit organization. Each June we host the largest all Ford truck show in the Western United States, the F-100 Western Nationals while every January we produce Jeff’s Fun Run, a poker run throughout the car culture of LA and Orange Counties. Our business meetings are on the second Thursday of each month at Ken Grody Ford in Buena Park (info below) and we usually plan one group outing each month. Check the flip side of this flyer for a sample of Pickups Limited’s Orange County Chapter events. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

• Where can I buy an F-100? You would be surprised where they show up. Trucks can be found on E-bay, Auto and Truck Trader and in Drive magazine as well as various F-1 & F-100 on-line sites including and at many of the local cruise events. You might even find one in your own neighborhood! If you feel adventurous, you can even build a brand new 1956 F-100 from parts that many vendors provide! • Where can I get parts and repairs? Check the flip side for a listing of great vendors that support Pickups Limited. • Can I do repairs myself? Many of us do most of the mechanical tasks ourselves. That’s half the fun. There also are many books available from mechanical to paint and body to interior total restoration. • Do I have to own a truck to join? Yes but it can be a work in progress. The love for the truck is what comes first. If you are looking for a truck, maybe we can help. • Do I have to be a member to participate in Club events? Not at all! Non members are always welcome. But if you do a "Run" in something other than a F-1 or F-100, we might ask you to follow the pack. • How can I get a ride in a F-100? Show up at a meeting or event and ask! • How can I join Pickups Limited? Come to a meeting or one of our events for the first step. There is a basic probationary period required. • Do I need special insurance for such an old vehicle? Not really, it depends on the value of the truck. Many companies will offer premium coverage although there are speciality insurance carriers that can insure your baby for the full stated value.


Name: ____________________________ Address: ________________________ Date: ________________________ City: ____________________________ State: _____ Zip: __________________ Area Code: ______ Phone: ______________ e-mail: ______________________ Year: _____ Model: ______________

Year: ______ Model: _______________

Pickups Limited - Orange County Chapter Membership Dues: Dues are $5 per month or $55 per year if paid annually by February 1. New members joining after January may prorate membership fees at a rate of $5 per month. There is a one-time initiation fee of $40 for all new members. Initiation fee includes membership decal, T-shirt, and the traditional club vehicle plaque after your truck passes its safety inspection. TO JOIN, PLEASE BRING THIS COMPLETED APPLICATION TO ONE OF OUR MEETINGS.


For directions to our current meeting place and meeting times, check the Pickups Limited web site at 30

5F ree way

Commonwealth Orangethorpe 91 Freeway

We often meet at another time of each month for cruising. (657) 464-3115 Questions? Call Ed Oe at

Beach Bl

We have our business meeting on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 7:00pm. Our meeting place is: Ken Grody Ford 6211 Beach Blvd. Buena Park, CA 90621

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July - August 2013 Newsletter  


July - August 2013 Newsletter