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The nation has finished celebrating the dawn of a new era in the history of the United States of America. On January 20, 2009 Barack Obama was bestowed with the title of Mr. President. As millions of people watched this historical event there was something taking place unseen to the natural eye – the shift. With a few words recited by President Obama his entire life changed. Of course his life had already taken a shift in some areas; however, this day symbolized a shift in power!

5) Guard your dream. Do not allow anyone to speak against your dream. Protect it at all cost. It is your dream! 6) Don’t expect everyone to embrace your dream. Some people will think you are talking crazy when you share the dream you have been given. You are the nurturer of your dream.

There is always a natural example to explain or demonstrate a spiritual truth and this scenario demonstrates that the power of life is in the tongue. Once President Obama finished reciting the oath of office people across this nation erupted in cheers, cried tears of joy and pride. The dream of one translated into the reality of many. The reality of what the world witnessed were words spoken over forty-five years ago by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on August 28, 1963 in Washington, DC – another dreamer! If these dreamers can speak their dreams and they become reality, why can’t we as believers speak into existence our very own dreams? Why can’t we speak life to our dreams in order to make them a reality? Here are some steps to help birth your dream:


7) Have a couple of mentors. People you can go to for guidance, counsel and wisdom. These are people who have charted the territory before you and can help you to avoid rough waters along the journey. But remember to not only have them in your life, but listen to them. If you chose them that should mean you also trust them. 8) Build covenant relationships. The covenant connections you make are potentially the covenant relationships you build. These relationships are most often the ones who help you move from one place to the next during your journey. Covenant relationships are the people who connect you through your transition points.

Be sure that your dream is God’s will for your life. Your dream should be embedded in God’s purpose for your life. This is a conversation between you and God. Spend time with God so that He can reveal to you the plans He has for your life. (Jeremiah 29:11)

9) Stay faithful. Things don’t happen overnight. It may take you years to see the realization of your dream, but stay the course.

2) Speak the Word of life to your dreams so that they may live.

10) When your dream becomes a reality ALWAYS remember to thank the people who supported you through this journey. Never ever forget them!

3) Write the vision for your dream and prepare yourself in the area of your dream (school, business classes, networking, etc).

Cheryl A. Pullins

4) Surround yourself with “dream cheerleaders”. These are the people who support and encourage you along the way.

Cheryl A. Pullins Founder/Editor-in-Chief




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Job Interview 2.0

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12 Couples of Impact



oday's economy is tough for both job-seekers and employers alike. Mistakes are costly and time-consuming for both parties. Employers have tighter budgets for finding and interviewing candidates, and candidates need every tool available to compete for top positions. Technology is streamlining the hiring process. Managers use it to eliminate useless -- and costly -- interviews and prescreen candidates before bringing them in for in-person interviews. And job hunters can use technology to distinguish themselves from the pack. By using a Web-based video interviewing system, hiring managers can view video clips of job candidates, any time, any place, and share them with other decision makers. Employers can even compare the responses of candidates to the same question, further leveling the playing field. The candidate benefits as well because on camera, personality, enthusiasm and passion come through, making the case more convincingly than words on the page of a standard resume. Candidates need to become savvy about projecting themselves on camera. The Web is filled with advice on how to perform well in a video interview. Step one is to dress the same as you would for an in-person interview. Another tip is to look straight at the camera. Virtual resumes now resemble social networking profiles with photographs, active URL links and videos. Online portfolios consisting of images, video, text and audio come to life, showing what a candidate can offer the employer. "One of the most common requests we're getting these days from employers is for students to have their resumes and portfolios available online," says Debra Pierce, director of career services at Miami International University of Art & Design. "Web 2.0 has changed the way employers and job seekers locate, research, and interview each other," says Marc Scoleri, director of career services at The Art Institute of New York City. "The Internet has enabled job seekers to promote themselves through web-based social networking sites like MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn. Social networking profiles are comparable to paper resumes in the sense that they can list the job seeker's employment information, but a social networking profile can show an image, video, with live clickable links so it can be e-mailed to anyone in a split second."

Job Interview 2.0: How Technology is Transforming the Job Hunt

Employers are also using a quick Google search to see if there is any positive or negative content online about an applicant. For job seekers, outrageous or unprofessional pictures or videos on a social networking site can be a deal-breaker for a prospective employer. Therefore, job seekers need to understand the nature of these social networking sites and the repercussions they may have on their job search if not used appropriately. In this new environment, both sides of the job-hunting process benefit. In fact, the days of mailing a paper resume to an employer (which never yielded great results) may be over. Then again, a very creative resume kit that includes the high-tech elements (including a CD with a video and links to an online portfolio) delivered via snail mail may be one way to stand apart from the rest of the pack. 6

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any Americans would like to write a book, but think they don't have a prayer of getting published. Admit it, you've got a great story to tell or some expertise to share. Whether it's a dramatic tale from your military service, great stories about your career training golden retrievers, or step-by-step instructions to bake the best homemade bread ever, you know something that other people would pay to learn.

downloadable product -- have successfully used the Web-based platform to connect their products to affiliates, and through them, to buyers. ClickBank authors retain total control of their work, without relying on agents and publishers. Timely topics can be published right away -- without the 12- to 24-month wait of traditional publishing. Want to update your facts or add another chapter? Just do it. An e-book can be revised anytime.

The good news: Sharing your work with the world is not only possible, it's easy and inexpensive. By harnessing the reach and power of the Internet, millions of people with a passion to communicate their ideas have achieved the dream of becoming a published author.

You don't have to be a business whiz to publish your book and make money. According to Mike Geary, ClickBank manages all of the purchases and financial transactions he needs to run his online business. The company accepts payment by credit cards or PayPal, automatically pays weekly or bi-weekly, and provides guaranteed tracking of sales, customer service and state-of-the-art fraud protection.

Take Mike Geary, for example. He earned a science degree at a small college in Pennsylvania and got a good job in environmental consulting. But his passion was fitness, and in his spare time, he became a certified personal trainer and nutritionist. He wrote answers to client questions about weight loss and exercise, then did a little research on the Internet and discovered how many people were searching for answers to the question, "How do I flatten my stomach and lose fat?"

It's the biggest company that connects authors to both an affiliate marketing system and total payment processing services. While ClickBank and its 110,000 marketing affiliates handle promotion and sales, you can focus on writing your next book!

The result was his first book, "The Truth About Six-Pack Abs." Now, Geary's e-books and Web site on exercise and fitness gross $6 million a year.

How do you turn your ideas into a book? Here are some tips to get started.

"I never thought I would be an author," Geary says. "I wrote scientific and technical papers at my old job. In 2004, I got the idea and since then it has taken off."

* Focus on something you know well. It should be a subject you're passionate and knowledgeable about.

How did he do it?

* Make time for writing every day. Set a goal -- a number of words or a page count -- and stick to it.

Even 10 years ago, Geary's book might never have seen the light of day, let alone made him a millionaire. Self-publishing through a vanity press or print-on-demand service requires up-front payment and relies on authors to promote and sell their work. But now, publishing an e-book like Geary's can be accomplished at a fraction of the cost.

* Worried about your writing skills? You can hire a freelance editor to clean up your syntax. Find one on or's Freelance Marketplace. * Research the competitive market for your book. Check bookstores, search the Web and visit the library to use publishing industry resources such as and Publisher's Weekly.

To reach book buyers, Geary tapped into an "affiliate marketing" system to promote his book online. Affiliate marketers operate a Web site, blog or other online outlet devoted to a specific topic -similar to a brick-and-mortar boutique. The commissions they receive on every sale encourage them to seek out the right customers for your book, and give them effective incentives to buy.

* Google offers cool tools for trend-spotting at trends/hottrends. Google's search engine updates the 100 top search terms every hour, with links to news and blog posts. If you've always dreamed of sharing your ideas and knowledge with others, there's never been a better time than now. Visit today to get started.

One of the largest affiliate marketing networks,, provides e-book authors with access to more than 110,000 active online affiliates who reach millions of readers. Authors, software developers, video producers and musicians -- anyone with a

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The Closed Door by Shelby M. Hill, CEC



have a girlfriend (not that kind of girlfriend) whom I’ve known for years. She’s a wonderful spirit and for the most part does all the right things in life to be good to herself and others. We were at lunch talking the other day and simply sharing “What’s new?”, “What’s old?”, and “What’s the same?.” Good old fashion chit-chat is what we call it. As we approached our cars after lunch, her eyes began to fill with tears. I said to her “What’s wrong?” She began to sob and mumbled “I just can’t let go of the past and it’s ruining my relationships with every guy that tries to have something serious with me!” “I just don't know how to let the past and what he did go!”

Her energy abruptly shifted from victim to victory as she confidently and with pure conviction softly said “I’m still giving him the power over me and Shelby, I am Not going to allow him to have the power anymore.” I truly believed her. It is important to understand that healing from a hurtful relationship is a process. It is paramount to heal in order to move forward in your life. Jasmine began to recognize that even though she had developed trust barriers and insecurities due to her ex- boyfriend’s indiscretions and abuse, she realized more from the experience. She expressed to me that she is not going to dwell on all of the bad stuff and use it as an excuse to continue being the way she has been with men. Instead, she made the decision on her own to file it away in her mind and label it “Lessons Learned.” She will refer to the cabinet that hosts this file as her “Tool Box” that she will refer to from time to time to assist her while dating, experiencing relationships, and life. She says to me (with a very sincere smile) "I know it sounds cliché' but, I not I can't change the past, however, I can control my present. And yes I Know I won't get over it over night. I know this healing process will take time and I am worth all of the time it takes for me to heal.

I have to admit I was a bit taken aback by her sudden change in emotion. However, I’m very familiar with the man from her past that she was speaking of. They were together for six long grueling years. I quickly recalled how he mistreated her and broke her trust with lies, infidelity and verbal abuse. It was a tough time for my dear friend. Since then, she has had several relationships attempts (about three) and none have lasted more than 7 or 8 months. She expressed that she really hasn’t healed from her horrible experience with her EX, and is truly over the man but, she can’t advance past the pain, disparity, and the unfortunate memories. She humbly said to me “He broke my spirit Shelby. I just can’t put all of my trust in a man anymore but, I know there are good men out there.” At this point, I looked her square in her face and said “You’re right Jasmine. There is a good man out there and you both deserve each other.” It seemed like my words offered comfort and maybe even confidence to her. She further admits “Since about three and a half years ago I really have met and liked some good guys but, I can’t close the door on the past! I keep letting my old wounds and feelings sabotage me and I’m pushing men away.”

After roughly two and a half hours later and sitting on the curb in the parking garage, my friend felt much better. I provided Jasmine no answers. I just helped her understand she has the formula to heal herself, the power to love herself and the Right to love healthy. I always say, use ALL experiences to empower yourself and grow. To the women that can relate to Jasmine’s experience; you also can heal from your past relationships. To begin, you must close the door.

I’m convinced Jasmine is not much different than many women who have had a similar experience from a past relationship. She is a good person, a mother, a daughter, sister and friend who has opened her heart and soul to a man and has had it shattered into thousands of pieces, while left she’s left alone to put it back together. She’s not scorned. Through all of the anger and pain she still wants to love. It is her right to love. It is your right to love too. Every woman deserves love and a healthy relationship with the best person for her.

Be encouraged. Be empowered.

Shelby Hill is a Relationship Empowerment Coach committed to helping women, men and professionals develop strong long term healthy connections within their personal lives and careers. Shelby M. Hill is married and lives in Florida with his wife British Hill. They are loving parents to their young adult son, Julian, who attends college in Chicago.

Jasmine and I sat on the curb in the parking garage of the building where we had lunch that afternoon and discussed several matters regarding her feelings and her mindset about why she believes she can not let go of the past. I asked her dozens of heartfelt and empowering questions. She replied with insightful responses. There were times when the ‘light bulb’ in her head lit up, and she began to see the sun out-shine the dark cloud that had been hovering over her mind and heart. She expressed to me, “It’s the past Shelby and I Must let it go! She exclaims. “I have the power to move forward and overcome these mental and emotional blocks that I have. I can not and will not continue to think, believe or feel that every man will be the same as he was. I know that is not true.”




he Obamas are the first African American family to move into the White House.. On Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Barack and Michelle Obama historically changed the face of a nation. But as significant as this event is in the life of the United States, President Barack and First Lady Michelle were impacting the lives of others all along the way. Even though they began their lives with separate journeys, ultimately they they came together with a common purpose. Their purpose is to help change the lives of American citizens to provide a better tomorrow for generations to come.

President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama

Of course the Obamas journey to the White House was not only historic in nature, but it created an energy of hope and an atmosphere of change. As a couple they are impacting the lives of people who at one time thought they couldn’t achieve their dreams, reach their destinies or live their purpose. President Barack and First Lady Michelle are certainly continuing to be a beacon of hope in the lives of those who can see and feel their sincerity. They are not only examples for African American families in this nation, they are also examples to people of every creed, color, nationality or religious belief. We are all here for a purpose and they symbolize purposeful living. Every step they made was significant to the culmination of Inauguration Day Tuesday, January 19, 2009. Couple of impact? Most definitely. Their lives have touched the hearts of people across the United States. Their example of love, integrity and purposeful living is heard in every word spoken to the world at large.



arried in 1994, Joseph and Justine Simmons have allowed us to come into their home, including the intimate details of the death of their daughter, Victoria Anne. Rev. Run and Justine have shared their home with viewing audiences in situations mostly of parenting their children. However, one of the greatest impacts of this couple is their unwavering love for God and His sovereignty. In the midst of an extremely difficult and trying time in their persona lives they shared their hearts and their faith that everything that God’s will was being done in their lives. Their message of hope belief that God would fulfill the desires of their heart was fulfilled. In 2007 Miley Justine came into the Simmons family creating much joy and plenty of buzz. Watching this couple and their children go through this difficult time in their lives with such strength and faith had a tremendous impact. Their tenacity and sharing spirit speaks volumes to the lives of couples who have experienced difficulty in their marriage.

Joseph (Rev. Run) & Justine Simmons

Pastor Steven grew up in Moncks Corner, South Carolina, where at age 16 he realized God's plan for him to start a life-changing church in a metropolitan city. Elevation Church was founded on the faith of eight families who risked everything -- sold houses, quit jobs and moved to Charlotte believing God would turn their city upside down for His glory through the local church. That risk has resulted in a remarkable return. At their two-year mark, Elevation grew to more than 3,500 in weekly attendance between its two portable campuses. In 2007, Elevation Church was named one of the 10 Fastest Growing Churches in America. And they are just getting started.

sion we make and guides every discussion we have. With time it has developed into an even great commitment to see that happen each and every Sunday. We are not afraid to try a strategy to see if it works and move on to something else if it was ineffective. With our end goal in mind we will embrace a strategy we believe will advance the vision. Strategies come and go, but the vision will never change. Programs and facilities are expendable and will constantly change, the vision will remain the same. That's our commitment to God and the city of Charlotte.

Pastor Steven's challenging message and passionate desire to see those far from God filled with life in Christ has ignited a fire in Charlotte and beyond. As a leader under 30 years old, Pastor Steven is in the unique position to connect multiple generations to a powerful vision and life-changing faith. Elevation is committed to a vision, that vision is to see people far from God filled with life in Christ. That is the thing that drives every deci-




FURTICK Elevation Church Charlotte, NC 13

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an internal practice for women!

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Bishop I. V. &


by Tamela M. Huntley


t only 9 years old, he didn’t fully understand what the angel meant when he told him “Go and save and they shall save others and after this is done you would have done your duty.” Ira Van Hilliard had accepted Jesus Christ as Lord in a room at a neighbor’s house (a lady affectionately known as Mrs. Rachel) at the tender age of 5, so he wasn’t really afraid when the angel of the Lord visited him, and even though he didn’t understand it all, he still said yes.

outreach that is close to their hearts. Several years ago, God gave Bishop Hilliard wisdom, insight and an anointing to minister to those trapped in the nightmare of crack cocaine addiction. “Incredibly, 1 out of 4 Americans between the age of 26 and 34 have used cocaine in their lifetime and adults 18 to 25 years of age currently have the highest percentage of cocaine use than any other age group. Thousands have come to our church locked in the prison of crack addiction and have found deliverance and freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit,” says Hilliard.

Although his angelic encounter occurred some 47 years ago, the faith that was ignited in him at only 9 years old has become a blazing torch sparking the faith of countless others. At the age of 10 he preached his first sermon and began an amazing journey of faith that has yet to reach its pinnacle. Now, Bishop I.V. Hilliard, is the founding pastor and CEO of one of the nation’s most successful mega churches.

During the course of this unique ministry at LCI, sincere believers who want to get free of their addictions and need the short-term assistance of a rehabilitation facility are constantly encountered. Usually by the time the deception of drug addiction has run its course, the addict has frustrated and disappointed family members and has exhausted most of their resources and insurance benefits.

His wife and partner in ministry, Lady Bridget Hilliard, has also lived a life dedicated to God from a young age. As a little girl, she often sat on her mother’s front porch with her sister Berna building her future in her mind. She knew exactly how she wanted her life to go; she and Berna had even planned which church they’d be members of. Somehow she knew that Bishop Hilliard, of course back then he was simply Ira Van, appropriately dubbed the “wonderboy preacher,” was going to be a great preacher. She didn’t know when or how it would happen; she just had a quiet assurance that someday it would.

“We began to release our faith to provide a place of excellence that would be dedicated to ministry for believers trapped in crack addiction and would be funded by the Christians,” says Lady. Bridget. The church neither receives nor seeks any governmental support in this endeavor. The men and women who are in the program are not put to work in industry during the daytime in order to generate the money for the center. They simply concentrate on getting free from addiction and developing the life skills necessary to manage their lives.

At the age of 19, her adolescent years just distant memories, Lady Bridget actually married that aspiring young man and the day after her wedding became a Pastor’s wife. Over the years, Lady Bridget has become a most gracious first lady, prolific author and fiery minister of the Gospel in her own right. So much so, she is known as “the Gunslinger of the Gospel” and has proven that the Word of God is powerful enough to win any showdown!

Life Change Institute began with only a men’s facility. Then, on July 25, 2004 a women’s facility was opened. Residents of both facilities are housed for a period of 90 days. During this time, the facilities become 24 hour learning centers providing a spiritual and therapeutic environment that teaches the residents how to live free from addiction. The programs teach that freedom comes from a change in attitude, associates, and activities and from living by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The assignment that God has given the Hilliards is massive. New Light Christian Center Church currently has three Houston locations and two extension locations in Austin and Beaumont, Texas. The ministry has a nationwide television ministry, its own satellite network, an Aviation Division, Early Childhood Development Center, and employs almost 300 employees.

“In Houston we have America’s answer to drug addiction. Our record of success proves it. Give us just 90 days and we’ll return a son back to his mother, a father back to his children, or a wife back to her husband. They’ll be free from drugs. Their faith will have been ignited and they will be making a lasting impact in their generation and generations to come,” Bishop Hilliard eloquently states.

Going outside of the four walls of the church is nothing new to the Hilliards. Their Life Change Institute program (LCI) is an area of

In Houston we have America’s answer to drug addiction. Our record of success proves it. 17

The Hilliard Family (Daughters, Sons-in-law, Grandchildren)


he magnitude of this ministry is phenomenal when you understand that in 1984, their church membership plummeted from 300 members to only 23 in just one day. Two hundred seventy-seven members walked off as the Hilliards decided to cast off denominational constraints and teach the Word of God uncompromisingly, with power and conviction. Bishop Hilliard’s real, unapologetic, in your face teaching style has earned him the self-proclaimed title of “Ghetto Prophet”; which is funny because his parents worked so hard to provide for him and his family that as a kid he never even realized he lived in a ghetto.

of people. Some ask what would happen when leaders like them are no longer on the scene! Who will continue to carry on the legacy of their lives, vision and ministry? In many cases, it is their family that is charged with carrying the torch. In our culture, the sons that are born into a family are responsible for carrying on the family name and continuing the legacy began by their fathers. When you look at the Hilliards, there is no question that there is something special and unique about their First Family. Although no sons have been born into this family, their mega-ministry still thrives and expands. The Hilliards don't plan on going anywhere anytime soon; however there is a question that still begs to be answered? Where do we go from here? When “The Bishop” and Lady Bridget are no longer around, what becomes of the legacy began with the igniting of one man's woman's couple's desire to live for God and change the world?

Even still, Bishop Hilliard handles his ministry assignment with ease. Never looking stressed, his “cool” is always in tact. Always careful to give God credit for the man that he has become, he says that it is not the product of his own ability that has caused him to be so prosperous in life and ministry, but living life by faith. He acknowledges that his life has been touched by many mentors including Dr. N. T. Burks, Dr. C.L. Jackson, Dr. O.C. Johnson, and Dr. A. Louis Patterson, with the finishing touches being made by his present mentor and spiritual father, Dr. Frederick K. C. Price.

Enter Tina, Irishea, and Preashea...the daughters of destiny. Gifted in their own right, each of them has a unique place in the ministry birthed by their extraordinary parents. Tina HilliardEgans, the eldest of the clan works in full-time ministry with her husband Terry Egans. The Hilliards’ second daughter, Pastor Irishea Hilliard-Lewis, ministers the Gospel with a stunning mixture of her father's clear-cut teaching style and her mother's powerful intensity. Like her older sibling, Pastor Lewis also works in full-time ministry, as New Light’s C.O.O., as does her husband Jeffrey Lewis. Last but certainly not least is the baby of the bunch, Pastor Preashea Hilliard. As you can probably

All of this is not to say that the Hilliards don’t have challenges and have not had them over the years. From church fights to marital troubles years ago, they have used their faith to overcome it all.

In every generation God raises up leaders like the Hilliards to make an impact so significant it drastically changes an entire generation 18

Continued from previous page guess, Pastor Preashea works in full-time in the ministry too and like her middle name declares, she is a Jewell (spelled differently, but has the same meaning) in the Body of Christ. Barely into her twenties, Pastor Preashea is a force to be reckoned with.

being born a “preacher’s kid.” More information about New Light’s Pastor & Spouse Conference can be found at The future of New Light Church is bright. The impending year marks the church’s 25th anniversary which will be celebrated in grand style. If the past 24 years are any indication, the ministry’s future is definitely one worth celebrating. After overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds at the onset of their 24 year tenure in ministry, including naysayers saying they wouldn’t last 90 days, Bishop and Lady Bridget Hilliard know a lot about hope for a better future and the new possibilities that change brings. As they honor their past and celebrate their future, it is with great anticipation that we look forward to what is in store for this dynamic ministry that began with a seed planted in the heart of a little boy almost 50 years ago.

Just as the names we've come to know as representations of righteousness, integrity and honor, like Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are forever cemented in our minds and Biblical history, so it is with the Hilliards. They are making an impact in the world that will last for generations to come as they work together to fulfill the call to ministry that God has given their family. Every year, in February, the entire Hilliard First Family invite hundreds of pastors to New Light as they pour out all of the wisdom they have as a family working together in ministry. They teach Pastors, their spouses and children the secrets to successful family partnership in ministry, how to avoid the pitfalls of ministry and marriage, how to strengthen their family relationships, how to get the entire family to commit wholeheartedly to the ministry vision and how to successfully walk in the calling that comes with




Meet the White House Decorator M

ichael Smith, 44, is considered one of the design industry's most respected talents with an international profile of residential and commercial clients. Over the course of his career, Smith has consistently developed a style that has been characterized as a delicate blend of “European tradition and American modernism.” Most recently, his work was celebrated in two best-selling books from Rizzoli Publishing; Elements of Style (2007) and Houses (2008). "Michael shares my vision for creating a family-friendly feel to our new home and incorporating some new perspectives from some of America's greatest artists and designers," Michelle Obama said in a statement previously released by the transition team. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards, including Architectural Digest’s “The AD 100” in 2002 and 2004 and the Los Angeles Pacific Design Center's West Week "Stars of Design" in 2004. He was also named 2003 Designer of the Year by Elle Decor. In addition, his projects have been featured in such noted publications as Elle Decor Magazine, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Town and Country, Domino, Metropolitan Home, Interior Design, and W. A native of California, Smith studied interior design at the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles. In l984, he continued his studies at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Returning to the U.S. a year later, he worked briefly under the tutelage of legendary antiques dealer Gep Durenberger before subsequently moving to New York to Michael Smith (Sheila Metzner) work with the well-known designer John Saladino. Three years later, he returned to California and opened a home furnishings store. His design firm was launched in l990. He has continued to build his business through the introduction of his signature furniture and fabric lines, Jasper, which are sold exclusively in multi-line showrooms across the U.S. and the U.K. Smith is also partnered with several manufacturers in a select number of licensing agreements, including Cowtan and Tout, for whom he developed a fabric and leather collection in l997. In 1999, he began a continuing relationship with Kohler, for whom he has designed three successful lines for the Kallista brand, as well as a collection for Kohler-owned Ann Sacks Tile. His other licensing agreements include Visual Comfort Lighting, Mansour Modern Rugs, Patterson, Flynn and Martin Carpeting, Samuel and Sons Passementrie and Agaria Home Fragrances. Michael Smith also serves on the Board of Trustees for the Otis College of Art and Design and is a co-chair of the American Friends of the Olympia International Fine Art and Antique Fair. Smith divides his time between Los Angeles and New York City. 21


UNITY by Zachary Pullins, Sr.


It’s February and Valentine’s Day is dominating the hearts and minds of the western culture. While Valentine’s Day is mostly a western tradition it does lend itself to genuine God directed Christian principles. Psalms 133:1 – 3 states: Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity. It is like the precious ointment upon the head that ran down upon the beard even Aaron’s beard: that went down to his garments; as the dew of Hermon, and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion: for there the Lord commanded the blessing, even life evermore. God clearly commands his blessing in unity in accordance with his divine purpose. We know that marriage is an institution ordained by God in the Garden of Eden where we saw Adam and Eve as one flesh. Genesis 2: 26 states: Therefore shall a man leave his father and mother; and shall cleave unto his wife; and they shall become one flesh. Unity of purpose is a unique and very powerful spiritual principle. In Genesis 11 the whole world was one language and they were in the process of building a tower to the heavens to exalt themselves as one unified name above The Godhead. In verse six it says: And God said, Behold, the people is one, and they have one language; and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them, which they have imagined to do. Verse seven: The Godhead itself came down to confound their language and further to scatter them abroad. The power of unity is a significant weapon in the arsenal of the believer.

to flight and two can put ten thousand to flight. The Bible constantly points out the power of two intertwined with God who adds the super to our natural. The real power behind the spiritual principle is the most dfficult portion for the human mind and nature to comprehend. The supernatural power of submission to God’s commands, statutes and judgments is the critical key to successfully attaining this principle. The Godhead exists in perfect order without chaos, confusion or rebellion because as Jesus so aptly states throughout the New Testament; He and His father are one and you will never see Jesus doing anything that His father isn’t doing. Jesus stayed constantly connected to God the Father and His power flowed through The Holy Spirit. They stayed intertwined and interconnected; therefore there was no schism or division in the Godhead. We being human and especially we like-minded western indoctrinated intelligent folk have an extremely severe problem with submission to authority, as well as, surrendering to God’s way of thinking and living. We would rather forget God in good times and only call on Him in times of trouble and loss. The magic of Valentine’s Day for me is that it reminds me of God’s unity and purpose. I’m further reminded of the spiritual God given advantage of marriage. The Word reminds me that two can’t walk together unless they agree. Matthew 18:19; Jesus states: Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they ask, it shall be done for them by my Father which is in Heaven. Celebrate your oneness with Jesus, Jehovah and The Holy Spirit this month and every month, as well as, touch and agree with God for your success as a couple and a family. Celebrate the love the Lord has shed abroad in your hearts for one another and to continue to grow together and stay in line with the principles of God’s authority. Remember submit yourselves to God, resist the devil and he will flee. The devil does not flee from Christians not submitted to God. I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day from my heart to yours with thanksgiving. Until next month dear hearts, friends and loved ones; keep it real and keep it Christ.

In the New Testament one particular scripture stands out in my mind as I often used it and heard it throughout my childhood. Jesus states in Matthew 18:20; for where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them. Marriage is always a two becoming one as well as a threefold cord which is not easily broken. Marriage should always include The Lord Jesus, the husband and the wife. Of additional importance two Christians brought together with the same purpose and or destiny in the faith. Remember that all things work together for the good for those called according to His purpose, not our purpose. We tend to get the two mixed up and expect The Godhead to bless our mess because we call it His purpose, but that’s an article for another issue. The disciples were sent out by Jesus the Christ in two’s for a reason - there’s power in unity. One can put a thousand 22

LIVING HEALTHIER IN THE MIDST OF IT ALL! At a time when the world is reeling from the worst financial collapse since the Great Depression, most people are experiencing an economic recession that will undoubtedly have an impact on their lives in 2009. Each day we hear about companies failing, industries needing government assistance, retailers struggling, increased joblessness, housing foreclosures, and more. Even more overwhelming and frustrating are our daily thoughts, feelings and activities that revolve around a busy schedule, a stressful job, an unfulfilled relationship, a pending divorce, an argument with a friend, the memories of an unresolved past, a medical condition, a mountain of bills and so much more. All of which have the potential to stifle our desires and intentions to implement and/or sustain healthier lifestyle habits.

feelings, thoughts, interests, and activities vying your attention, the idea of exercising or eating healthier will inevitably and continuously be placed on the back burner. There is never enough time in the day to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal, get a sufficient amount of sleep, drink the appropriate levels of water, or get that much needed annual physical examination,” Coach Collins stated. “Coach, I’m definitely one of those people,” the president of the women’s ministry admitted. “Between work, my family and ministry I often feel overwhelmed. I really don’t have time to exercise or prepare a home cooked meal. Plus, I haven’t had a comprehensive physical examination in over four years. I know I need to get one, but I just can’t fit it in.”

Coach Collins, a renowned fitness consultant, offers her observations and insights into the plight to implement and sustain healthier lifestyle habits. An excerpt of a dialogue between Coach Collins and two of her clients, Natalie and Maya who are sisters, will help you relate to and understand those common struggles shared to live healthier in the midst of it all.

“Helen, now is the time for you and everyone else here tonight to focus on how you’re going to achieve the following three important tasks related to living healthier: (1) conduct a self-examination of those things that challenge you everyday, (2) develop a plan for how you’re going to align living healthier with your pursuits and challenges, and (3) implement your plan that will help to alleviate a continuum of poor lifestyle choices,” Coach Collins stated. She paused to place sheets of paper on the tables. “Before we leave this evening, I want everyone to take a sheet of paper to write down the things you know are preventing you from making healthier lifestyle choices. You can’t continue to duck and hide. It’s time to face things head on. Write down the reason why you don’t exercise. Write down the reason why you don’t eat breakfast. Write down the reason why you don’t limit your daily intake of soft drinks. Write down the reason why you don’t get at least seven hours of sleep. Write down the reason why you won’t take the time to schedule a physical examination.”

Concerned about the lifestyles habits of members in their church congregation, Natalie and Maya asked Coach Collins to come and speak to their women’s ministry. While discussing the many obstacles standing in the way of healthier lifestyle habits, Coach Collins introduced an exercise designed to help the attendees examine their personal circumstances. “As you began to sift through those thoughts and feelings about how your life has been and will be impacted by the state of the world and your personal circumstances, and those actions you intend to modify in 2009, don’t put off examining those related to healthier lifestyle habits. It’s no secret that when you have so many 23

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Excited about her lifestyle changes, Maya talked about the reason why she’d been able to transition her lifestyle habits from unhealthy to healthy. “So many people want to do the right thing, but life’s obligations, pursuits, challenges, and distraction s always seem to take priority. They take priority over us living a life pleasing to God and they take priority over us living healthier. If you are serious about making healthier lifestyle choices in 2009, then a good start is to set some goals. That’s what I did. Realizing that I didn’t eat a sufficient amount of wholesome vegetables, I set an immediate goal to start eating two green vegetables on at least two days of the week and not eat any junk food. Then, I expanded my goal to include adding two servings of fresh fruit.” “She’s right. Goals are the underlying building blocks of achievement, not just on our jobs, in our spiritual life, in our relationships, or in our personal finances, but in every area of our lives to include our health and fitness.” “It’s no different than any other personal or professional goal,” Natalie interrupted. “In order to be successful with achieving your career and financial goals, many experts say they should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timed. Well, it’s no different when you consider your health and fitness goals.” “Absolutely,” Coach Collins agreed. “Just like the other areas of your life, it helps if your health and fitness goals begin with an end in mind. For example: ‘I want to exercise at least 30 minutes on most days of the week and lose 30 pounds.’ Next, develop more immediate and easily attainable goals. ‘I will start by walking for 30 minutes three times a week and on these days I will not drink caffeinated beverages.’ Once you are on your way toward achieving your immediate goals, slowly begin to work toward your long-term ones. ‘This week I will add another day of walking and include not eating junk food.’ Remember, small steps are more tolerable than large ones.” “One of the first things Coach shared with me and my sister has made the difference in our lives. Coach stated that the key was to choose an activity that was compatible with our goals, enjoyable, in line with our skill and fitness level, safe, easily accessible on a regular basis, coincide with our daily schedule and did not place any undue stress on our budget,” Maya confirmed. “Just last month I invested my money in a yoga class to help me improve my flexibility. My sister is saving to take swimming lessons in the spring at the recreation center in her neighborhood; an activity she’s always wanted to do. Although we both started out as walkers, the idea is to choose an activity, or series of activities, that helps you to achieve your immediate goal.” “As we wrap up our discussion, just remember that both a self examination of the obstacles preventing you from living healthier, and the implementation of goals that provide you with a roadmap for reaching your purpose, destination, and desires will be essential. Without the two we’re like wanderers hoping we’ll eventually get to where we’re trying to get to. So, start writing down your obstacles. Then you can move forward with setting your goals for removing them. Above all, everyone should make it a priority to get a physical examination.” 24

This health and fitness dialogue is provided for your consideration only. It is not intended to replace the medical advice of your doctor or health care provider. Please consult your health care provider for advice about your specific health and fitness needs. Fitness coach Bridgette Collins is the author of Imagine Living Healthier and Destined to Live Healthier, two entertaining and inspiring books that uses fictional stories to illuminate familiar patterns and truths about common lifestyle habits. For more information about Bridgette L. Collins (Coach Collins) and her books, go to



Great Books to Read to Make 2009

Simply Divine by Pamela Perry

1. 32 Ways to Be a Champion in Business by Earvin "Magic" Johnson

4. Reposition Yourself: Living Life Without Limits by T.D. Jakes

Earvin made the transition from great athlete to greater entrepreneur through hard work and by avidly pursuing opportunities. He recognized that densely populated urban communities were ripe for commercial and residential development. He partnered with major brands like Starbucks, 24 Hour Fitness, and T.G.I. Friday's to lead a major economic push in these communities. The success of his businesses proved that ethnically diverse urban residents would welcome and support major brands if given the opportunity. Earvin continues to be a leader of urban economic development that provides jobs, goods, and a new spirit of community.

Jakes takes the biblical definition of faith--the substance of things not yet realized--and adds that without some effort, faith becomes nothing more than a belief in magic. Although he admonishes the trend toward prosperity preaching that equates economic well-being with blessedness, Jakes reinforces the connection between faith, good works, and responsibility. And citing biblical verses and observations by successful people-Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and athlete Deion Sanders, among others--Jakes offers sound advice on how to put faith into action. 5. Synergy Energy: How to Use the Power of Partnerships to Market Your Book, Grow Your Business and Brand Your Ministry by Pam Perry, Crystal & Anthony Obey

2. Release Your Brilliance: The 4 Steps to Transforming Your Life and Revealing Your Genius to the World by Simon T. Bailey Each of us is born brilliant. Then we spend the rest of our lives having our brilliance buried by people, circumstances, and experiences. Eventually, we forget that we ever had genius and special talents, and our brilliance is locked away in a vault deep within. So we settle for who we are, instead of striving for who we were meant to be. Release Your Brilliance provides the combination to the vault where your brilliance is kept.

With a foreword by George Fraser (the nation's leading networking expert), this book is absolutely crammed full of little known marketing and partnership strategies that have transformed startup businesses into six and seven figure money-making machines in short order. Within these pages you will discover some of the hottest publicity strategies and techniques that have shot authors up the best-sellers lists’ and recording artists to the top of the Gospel charts. You will also get an introduction into one of the best-kept secrets of some of the world’s top business gurus – the power of Joint Ventures, and how you can use Joint Ventures to quickly reach any goal.

3. What's Really Holding You Back?: Closing the Gap Between Where You Are and Where You Want to Be by Valorie Burton "Everybody can use a little help getting out of a rut, and this book by Valorie Burton is just the boost you need. Whether you're having trouble reaching a major goal in life or you just want to stay on top of your game, Valorie has some inspiring words that will take you to the next level." -Tom Joyner, syndicated radio personality


LIVE FastLane in the

BMW X6 Sport Activity Vehicle

The BMW X6 is a mid-size luxury crossover SUV. The X6 combines the attributes of an SUV (high ground clearance, all wheel drive and all-weather ability, large wheels and tires) with the stance of a coupĂŠ (bold styling, dramatic sloping roof). The BMW X6 xDrive50i uses a new 4.4 liter V8 direct injection twin turbocharged all-aluminium engine putting out 408 horsepower between 5,500rpm and 6,400rpm, and 600Nm of torque over a wide range of between 1,800rpm and 4,500rpm. It is the first turbocharged V engine in the world to feature its turbocharger between the V section in the middle of the two banks of cylinders. The engine uses water-to-air intercoolers which provide a shorter air path, and omits the use of Valvetronic throttle-less intake, a choice BMW made with the N54B30 twin turbocharged inline-6, and the BMW Prince engine used in the MINI Cooper S. The other petrol model is the BMW X6 xDrive35i, using the award winning 3.0 liter twin turbo inline6, also powering the 135i and 335i, making 300 horsepower between 5,800rpm and 6250rpm, and a peak torque of 400Nm between 1,400rpm and 5.000rpm. The oil burner model is the BMW X6 xDrive35d, powered by the potent 3.0 liter sequential twin turbodiesel of course. Base price: $55,900 MSRP




by La’Naye Jones February is a month that is said to symbolize love. When we think of this month we think about Valentines Day. With this idea of love at hand, the idea of couples comes up also. So what’s love without a couple to share in it? When we envision a couple we shouldn’t just picture any couple but instead we should focus on power couples. A couple is simply defined as two members of an interpersonal relationship while a power couple is more of a dynamic duo. It is also defined as a couple both of who have high-powered careers or are politically influential. A power couple consists of two people who not only love each other but also are working well together and are building on them having a successful and prosperous life. When you think about a power couple how do you envision them, what do they wear?

WOMEN Nice dress/skirt • The fit is key • Having a little black dress is a staple, along with the other dresses and skirts you own • Get dresses that compliment your figure Examples: a-lines, empire waists, baby doll, sheath, wrap dress, trapeze, shift, etc. Nice blazers with jeans and a nice skirt • Blazers that button at the narrowest part of you are most flattering

Aside from the accomplishments and success that you and your significant other have together appearance is important as well. You have to dress in a manner to portray your integrity, dignity and intelligence. Thinking in this manner will have you dressing in a way that others wont have a choice but to stop and stare to see a couple so well put together.

• Jeans should not be tight but rather they should fit properly • You want jeans that look nice with heels also (length is key) • Shirts should not be too tight but rather the fit is important Examples: floral patterns (not too much), stripes (be careful, some can make you appear larger), plain (always add the basics to your wardrobe), button downs (if it puckers at the button go up to the next size)

A power couple always is well dressed. To show the power of the relationship that you share you should dress in a manner that will speak without you having to say anything at all. Basically you can walk in a room and let the clothes speak for themselves. Looking presentable is always a major issue, especially in today’s world. Since this is the case, as a couple you should remember these few things:

Nice pumps/flats/boots/wedges •Women, you all know that shoes are essential. They are an integral part of our wardrobes. Aside from the many shoes that you have, be sure to have a nice pair of black pumps.

-Always look well put together - Never look sloppy

Hair always compliments the outfit

- Never over power the other: compliment each other

•Always keep it in tact (doesn’t matter how it is styled as long as it fits you: short, long, straight or curly)


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Men Suit (jacket and pants or a 3 piece suit) • Never to big, always a good fit Dress shirt and dress pants with tie • Always wear colors that compliment the skin tone • Cuff links on shirts are a nice touch • Ties are always tied nicely • A bow tie is a nice fashion statement (not many people wear them but they are a good way to make a bold statement – Its okay to step outside of the box Khakis and a nice shirt • Shirt can be tucked or un-tucked (always crisp and Ironed) • Khakis never wrinkled and worn with a nice belt Dress shoes or casual shoes • Shoes are definitely of extreme importance (should Be sleek, sharp and have a great fit) - comfort is key Jeans w/ casual shirt • Jeans should fit well, always worn with a belt • Jeans should be worn according to fit (Remember: they should fit not fall) · Blazers • These are awesome features to add to your wardrobe • They can be worn open or closed • They work well with a nice pair of jeans and a nice Shirt (dress, knit or a polo) Hair • A haircut always compliments the outfit


Vancouver, British Columbia 2010 Winter Olympics With just over one year until the 2010 Winter Games, the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) reflects on a momentous 2008 and gears up for 2009.

Successful Sport Events The best way to get into the Games is by getting to know the sports and the Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls vying to fulfill their dreams. To see them live, catch Olympic and Paralympic fever at the Sport Events coming to the venues of the 2010 Winter Games. Sport Events are international competitions, such as World Cups or World Championships, that will take place at the 2010 venues in Vancouver and Whistler in early 2009. Sport Events provide VANOC with the opportunity to test Games-time operations, train potential Games-time volunteers and allow the Canadian public a chance to experience the 15 sport disciplines that will be showcased in 2010.

Preparations for the 2010 Winter Games have been underway since 2003, and as February 12, 2010 approaches, VANOC continues on its steady path to delivering extraordinary Games. “It’s been a very exciting year for us and now we look forward to 2009 and the last year of this great adventure,” said VANOC Chief Executive Officer John Furlong. “In a few weeks it’ll be the one-year countdown and then we’ll have many international Sport Events to stage and then we’ll be going full, flat-out to the Games themselves in 2010.”

Olympic Torch Relay Venues On November 21, VANOC unveiled the Olympic Torch Relay route. The 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, proudly presented by Coca-Cola and RBC, will connect Canadians in every province and territory, throughout a 45,000-kilometre journey, over approximately 100 days, and involving 12,000 torchbearers. The journey of the flame will culminate at BC Place on February 12, 2010 with the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, signalling the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games. Look for the torch relay to begin October 30, 2009 in Victoria, British Columbia.

Inside the Richmond Olympic Oval. (VANOC photo) The 2010 Winter Games venues are complete and getting their final touches. Most recently, in July 2008, the UBC Thunderbird Arena — the venue for ice hockey and ice sledge hockey — was completed. And just a few weeks ago, the magnificent Richmond Olympic Oval opened its doors while Whistler Olympic Park celebrated the completion of its Nordic sport buildings. In fall 2009, VANOC anticipates the opening of the Olympic and Paralympic Villages in Vancouver and Whistler to welcome athletes for a comfortable and homey stay.

Ticket Sales Aboriginal Participation On November 7, the final day of the ticketing Request Period of Phase 1, an estimated 120 of 170 ticketed sessions were oversubscribed due to demand exceeding the available tickets. In terms of dollars, Canadians requested approximately four and a half times the value of tickets in Phase 1 for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games ($345 million over five weeks), compared to the first phase of ticketing ($75 million over nine weeks) for the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the most recent Olympic Games held in North America.

This year VANOC, in partnership with the Four Host First Nations, launched the Vancouver 2010 Venues’ Aboriginal Art Program to deliver art to all 15 Olympic and Paralympic Games venues. The program provides a platform for Aboriginal artists in Canada (First Nations, Inuit and Métis) to participate in the 2010 Winter Games and is an element of VANOC’s commitment to unprecedented Aboriginal participation in the Games. Vancouver 2010 Aboriginal graphic pin. In addition, new, authentic Aboriginal merchandise became available through the Vancouver 2010 product line. In 2009, Canadians can look forward to the ribbon cutting on a new Aboriginal cultural pavilion in downtown Vancouver.

“Canadians are clearly not only excited to welcome the world, but are also excited to be here in person to witness the thrill of competition in 2010,” said Caley Denton, vice president, ticketing and consumer marketing for VANOC.


Whistler Black Comb


histler Blackcomb is a premier ski resort located in Canada's Coast Mountain Range. A two hour drive from Vancouver, British Columbia, the resort is a major year-round tourism destination.

With a mile of vertical and an incredible backcountry, Whistler Blackcomb has been consistently ranked the No. 1 ski resort by ski industry and travel magazines. The mountains receive an average annual snowfall of 10.22 m (33.5 feet). Meanwhile, outside of the Himalayas, the Coast Mountain Range is one of the most heavily glaciated mountain ranges in the world. On Whistler Blackcomb alone, there are three glaciers to choose from: Blackcomb Glacier, Horstman Glacier, and Whistler Glacier. The twin mountains offer 8,171 acres (3,307 hectares) of skiable terrain, ranging from beginner to expert slopes. Whistler and Blackcomb mountains also boast world-class terrain parks, a Superpipe and Family Zones. The regular ski and snowboard season lasts from mid-November to early June, with glacier skiing running until the end of July. While winters at Whistler Blackcomb are undeniably amazing, the mountains offer exciting activities year-round. From mid-May to early-October, the groundbreaking Whistler Mountain Bike Park kicks into full gear. The world's best lift-accessed downhill bike park features 200 kilometres of trails for all ability levels. Meanwhile, sightseers can beat the summer heat as they hike in the high alpine, passing colourful wildflowers, glacier-fed lakes, wildlife and mountain peaks as far as the eye can see. Whether winter or summer, visitors young and old will catch a bit of that magical Whistler Blackcomb energy. The old mountain adage, "If you don't like the weather, wait five minutes" is certainly applicable at Whistler Blackcomb, but another apt saying would be, "If you don't like the weather in the valley, head up the mountain." Whistler Blackcomb is located in the Coast Mountains about 50 kilometres (30 miles), as the crow flies, away from the Pacific Ocean. This proximity to the ocean greatly influences the weather, sometimes giving rainy weather in the valley which turns to plentiful powder in the alpine. A low cloud ceiling will often trick skiers and riders into thinking they're in for a grey day, until they pop through the clouds into bluebird skies in the alpine.


Summer in Whistler is beautiful – temperatures are warm and the resort receives little precipitation. Temperatures can reach above 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) making a ride into the alpine a welcome respite from the heat. Average temperatures in Whistler Valley can range through the summer months from 9 Celsius (48 Fahrenheit) to 27 Celsius (81 Fahrenheit). Average temperatures in the alpine during the summer months can range from minus 1 Celsius (30 Fahrenheit) to 16 Celsius (61 Fahrenheit). Whistler Blackcomb Snow Report Five times a day during the winter season, the Whistler Blackcomb communications team collects the latest in weather reports from Environment Canada and the Weather Office in the Whistler Alpine. The information is then used to update the Snow Report website and the Snow Phone powered by TELUS (604-932-4211). All of the necessary info is included, such as snow fall, temperatures, freezing level, wind speed/direction and grooming, as well as daily events happening on the mountain. Whistler Blackcomb keeps their guests informed wherever they are, so each day, along with local updates, websites around the world are simultaneously updated with the same information.


dornment is an art form which started in the Ancient World around 3000 BCE. In the Ancient World gold was the preferred metal for making jewelry it didn't tarnish or mildew. What was most popular for the first civilization who adorned their bodies was bracelets, pendants, necklaces, rings, armlets (an ornamental band for the upper arm) earrings diadems (an ornamental band of cloth formerly worn as a crown) head ornaments, pectal ornaments and collars of gold, which were all produced in Egypt. Men wore more body adornments than women. Men wore the larger earrings before women were allowed. This adornment meant wealth and prosperity for head of the household. In ancient Greece, beads were made by joining two flat pieces of gold and filling them with sand. They also used colored stones, glass and enamel to make beautiful pieces of art work which today we call, jewelry. Beautiful and delicate necklaces and earrings were found in burial sites in Northern Greece. By 300 BC. the Greeks were making multi-colored jewelry and used emeralds, garnets, amethysts and pearls for their creations for body adornments. The Italian Etruscans in Tuscany produced granulated textured gold work. They made large fibular ( slender threadlike root of a plant that can be spun into rope or woven into a course cloth) or clasp, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. They also made pendants that were hollow and could be filled with perfume. During the 1200-700 BCE period The British Isles were reached around 400 BCE. Most of what has survived of their culture is what we know today as Ireland, Wales and Scotland. The Celtic culture was full of body art which they wore with honor. You can see an example of body adornment in the movie Braveheart, which portrays pure Celtic Culture. Here are a few other places where body adornment was viewed as a work of art. North America, The Middle East, The Vikings, England and France. When you look at yourself in the mirror putting on earrings, a necklace, a ring on your finger, comb or brush your hair or when you look down and you have sandals on your feet, you have adorned your body with a work of art from the Ancient world. Here we are today still adorning our bodies "For Arts Sake". Until next time keep adorning your body, it's beautiful. by Lea M. Lucas






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