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PULL FOCUS EDGE THE HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE Our accelerated Documentary Film Diploma Program combines lectures and daily project-based film exercises.

PORTFOLIO FILMS Students graduate with three films for their portfolio: / a biographical film / a community-based client film / a final graduation film.

AWARD-WINNING INSTRUCTORS This program is taught by award-winning Canadian filmmakers whose works are regularly featured on broadcast networks and international film festivals.

FILMMAKING FOR SOCIAL CHANGE Excited about being part of positive social change? So are we. That’s why the second film project matches students with charitable organizations in need of film content, providing client-based experiences.

NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES As emerging filmmakers it is often difficult to build production teams. Students foster lasting creative partnerships that can lead to ongoing professional projects.


EXPERIENCE Photo by Geoff Browne


Film is the new literacy; it impacts


our understanding of current

Project Biographical Film

events, heightens our awareness of social issues, and above all else, it serves to engage and entertain us. The Documentary Film Diploma Program prepares students for a career in one of Canada’s fastest growing industries. Students learn the fundamentals of producing, directing, cinematography, sound recording, editing. Pull Focus Film School’s hands-on accelerated learning model incorporates multiple projects and tight deadlines to best prepare students for a career in the industry. Students are mentored by award-winning industry professionals and are challenged to take artistic risks.

The first month of the program explores the fundamentals of documentary filmmaking. Lectures topics include camera movement, screen grammar, story structure, sound, lighting and editing using Final Cut Pro, the industry standard editing program. Students apply the lecture material and new technical skills through daily production exercises that culminate in a biographical film.

CLIENT EXPERIENCE Project Community-Based Client Film The second month introduces narrative structure, research, writing, story development, and execution. Students develop organizational skills to execute a professional shoot, from shot lists to location scouting. The community-based project partners students with deserving charities in need of film content, providing an authentic client experience.

Instructors inspire students to create original


film content that is compelling, provocative

Project Final Graduation Film.

and artistically courageous.

Your vision. Your film. We help students realize their passion projects by

Students graduate with three portfolio films:

creating a 7–15 minute documentary film. Through extensive mentorship,

a biographical film, a community-based client

students explore advanced shooting styles, lighting, and sound.

film, and a final graduation film.

Students learn to write story proposals, develop financial budgets, and create successful marketing and distribution strategies.

START YOUR CAREER In a world hungry for media, the opportunities for documentary filmmakers are limitless. Many businesses are using innovative marketing strategies to brand their vision and engage customers through film. Hiring decisions often depend on the quality of the applicant’s film portfolio. The two final projects will serve as a graduate portfolio.

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES / Documentary Filmmaker / Film Festivals / Editor / Producer / Multimedia/Online Producer / Film Researcher / Television Industry / Online Development / Videography / Special Event Videos / Presentation Videos

COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE Excited about being part of positive social change? So are we. That is why students are partnered with charities in need of film content. Not only do students gain real world experience by working with clients one-on-one, they finish the program with two broadcast quality films for their portfolio.

The students at Pull Focus Film School investigate all types of socially relevant issues from sustainable fishing to green burials. The Pull Focus mandate is to empower students to develop bold story ideas for compelling and thought-provoking documentary films.

WHY DOCUMENTARY FILM? There has never been a more exciting time to study documentary film. In the age of YouTube, film language is a form of literacy that ranks as important as reading, writing and arithmetic. Documentaries now play a vital role in the new media landscape, utilizing multiple platforms including broadcast and reality TV, international film festivals, and online portal.

Pull Focus Film School 306 Abbott Street Vancouver BC 604-767-4306

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Our accelerated Documentar Film Diploma Program combines lectures and daily project-based film exercises. Read all about it!

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