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Torture of mankind... We always consider our self superior than animals. Although human beings are also animals but we humans have came far away from animal category. We have made such remarkable achievements that no animal of this world can imagine and no other species exist to compete with us. In fact we rule the world and we rule the nature and animal kingdom. We transform and use everything according to our need and want no matter what will be the consequences. It is a known fact that humans have done uncountable tortures on nature from deforestation to animal trafficking to disturbing ecological balance to pollution and no matter how much we read about this, we know that we cannot change it in anyway. Although many people have came forward to do something against the damage like in case of deforestation we can do opposite of that and that is A-forestation as a return compensation of nature. But what happens when we do something really unique and brutal for our personal monetary gains. Well humans are doing it since years and there is no realisation about it. Yes I am talking about torture of mankind. This torture is not showered only on nature but surprisingly we humans shower this torture on animals as well as on us. There are uncountable cases of torture on animals from killing them for their skins and teeth and nails and bones to chopping them for meat and brutal adjustments in their body language for transportation use. We may treat these living creatures as non living and modify them according to our need but we forget one most important thing that they are alive, they too feel pain, and the amount of torture humans do is unbelievable. Well animals are helpless they don’t have power to change this phenomena or take revenge or give same torture to humans but humans are stupid. They forget one thing that nature is the mother of all and it has its own ways to punish humans for their sins. From

tsunami to hurricane to any kind of natural calamity or disaster, everything is an act of nature. Although nature cannot choose humans one by one to punish them but yes nature shower their torture occasionally to make humans realise that what they are doing is wrong , the direction in which they are moving is wrong and the activities they are doing needs to be changed. But humans are humans why they will stop? Why they will notice the natures alert? Humans live in a pride illusion that they are the most powerful creatures of this world but they are not, at least not above nature. The torture of mankind has been extended to such an extent that humans torture their own species, their own people for their different selfish motives. Uncountable murder cases, rape cases, robbery, exploitation, corruption, assault, terrorist attacks, and other disasters. All these activities take millions of lives. Humans may feel sad and alert for a short duration but sooner or later they again start their journey of torturing nature, animals and themselves. This cycle will never end until and unless humans realise the importance of nature, animals and other humans.

Torture of mankind