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amp Ruperto K Kangleon, Palo, Leyte – The Police Regional Office 8 (PRO8) joined in the historic commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of the country’s first recorded Mass in Limasawa, Southern Leyte on Wednesday, March 31, 2021. PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, PRO8, led the security coverage in the said

celebration wherein PNP personnel were deployed to provide security assistance and related public safety services in the areas of engagement. Accordingly, five (5) units of High Speed Tactical Water Craft of the PNP Maritime Unit were utilized in the transportation of the church dignitaries and other pilgrims going to the island. The celebration began on March

22, 2021 with the conduct of Novena Masses in Limasawa, Southern Leyte, and in the parishes of the Diocese of Maasin. Meanwhile, to highlight the quintecentennial culmination, a fluvial parade of the Basilica Del Santo Niño De Cebu was held on Wednesday morning going to Brgy. Magallanes of Limasawa where the Holy Mass took place. SEE FIRST EASTER MASS P. 7


he Police Regional Office 8, personally checked the condition of Patrolman Villamor Dumaguing who was rushed to Calbayog District Hospital for immediate treatment after sustaining a gunshot wound on his SEE





March 1 - 31, 2021

CONSULTATIVE MEETING WITH PLTGEN CARLOS The Director for Integrated Police Operations (TDIPOVisayas) during a Consultative Meeting on March 17, 2021 at the PRO 8 Conference Room. Other administrative concerns were discussed with the Command Group, Regional Staff, Provincial and City Directors and Chiefs of National Support Unit (NSU). The said consultative meeting was in conjunction with the memorandum from DPL regarding the proposed renaming of five (5) DIPOS and its upgrading as “Special Support Units” to be called as Area Police Commands (APCs) and creation of “APR-NCR” prior to the formulation of its implementing directive/memorandum.


his PRO under the headship of PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, warmly welcomed the presence of PLTGEN DIONARDO B CARLOS,

Also in attendance were PCOL EDWIN BUENAVENTURA C WAGAN, Deputy Regional Director for Operations (DRDO); PCOL JONATHAN A CABAL, Chief of Regional Staff (CRS).



amp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte- In response to the guidance of PGEN DEBOLD MENORIAS SINAS,Chief, Philippine National Police, the Police Regional Office 8 under the leadership of PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, thru the Regional Health Service (RHS) 8 commenced the inoculation of AztraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222) at PRO 8 Annex Building, Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetic, Palo, Leyte on Wednesday morning, March 17. In the said ceremonial vaccination, 61 RHS personnel, under the supervision of PCOL PERFECTO V YU, Chief, RHS 8 were among those who received the first dose of the vaccine, with a 63.09 % efficacy. The recipients were among the top priority of the vaccination program being among the highly exposed to COVID-19. Accordingly, the second dose will be given after eight (8) weeks. Prior the inoculation, procedures such as registration, counseling and screening were observed. A one-hour monitoring after administration was also part of the protocol. In case an adverse effect occurs, subject person will be brought to Leyte Provincial Hospital (LPH) and/or the Allied Care Experts (ACE) Medical Center Tacloban as referral hospitals for medical assistance and treatment. Further, necessary measures are now being undertaken to ensure the next vaccination to all PRO 8 personnel. “The program aims to save lives and put an end to this pandemic. The vaccine is our best protection against COVID-19. I look forward that all EV cops be inoculated and virus-free.” RD DE JESUS said.

March 1 - 31, 2021




s the Philippine National Police (PNP) seriously eradicates insurgency and terrorism in the country, the Police Regional 8 (PNP) has been doubling its efforts in community engagements to educate and convince those who are in the armed struggle to return back to the fold of the government. With this, a total of twenty-four (24) members of Communist-Terrorist Group voluntarily surrendered to the authorities of PRO 8 from February 16 to March 16 this year.

Surrendered CTG members were alias Caloy; alias Titum; alias Angie; alias Dave; alias Jason; alias Jack; alias Flower; alias Yan; alias Kutsoy; alias Awe; alias Ruel; alias Jack; alias Jinggoy; alias Alas; alias Sam; alias Ka Atoy; alias Ka Tony; alias Ingko; alias Ningning; alias Kanor; alias Ka Doy; alias Gino; alias Junjun; and alias Mayo. Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) and in consonance to the program Along with their surrender, they turned-in thirteen (13) thrust of PGEN DEBOLD M SINAS, CPNP to intensify various firearms, seventy-three (73) live ammunition, six its Internal Security Operations (ISO) thru the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP). “This continuing (6) magazines, and eight (8) explosives. surrender of the members of CTG is an indication that we PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, are successful in our operational efforts against the antiPRO 8 confirmed that said surrenderees were facilitated government individuals. We will not stop until their chaotic by the implementation of Executive Order No.70 through struggle is not eradicated. We are all aiming for national the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed peace and progress,” he said.


reverence for their invaluable and unwavering commitment in strengthening the Christian faith of the men and women of the PNP. The recipients were as follows: Rev. Fr. Ervy Davy B. Lajara, Parish Priest, St. Joseph Parish, Tacloban; Reverend Gamaliel S. Aliposa, Pastor, New Life Baptist Church of Palo and Pastor Carlie C Balasanos, Faith Way Baptist Church. In his message, Rev. Fr. Mativo highlighted the role of the church in strengthening one’s faith, discipline and integrity which develops the PNP core values of MakaDiyos, Makabayan, Makatao at Makakalikasan.


amp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte- As the Catholic Community holds the month-long celebration of the 500th Year of Christianity, Police Regional Office 8, under the flagship of PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, also joins the commemoration with the presence of Rev. Fr. Eligio A Mativo, Retired Police Colonel (PNP), Former Director, Chaplain Service/ Priest, Archdiocese of Palo. Rev. Fr. Mativo, Guest of Honor and Speaker (GOHS), during the Monday Flag Raising Ceremony, March 15, 2021, led the distribution of awards to selected PNP personnel. Accordingly, PLTCOL HILARIO R MONTERON JR, PLTCOL TEDDY C DAVID and PEMS Gerardo F Batula were given PNP Efficiency Medal for their eminently laudable performance of duty as Life Coaches. Moreover, Plaques of Recognition were given to selected priest and pastors of different religious sectors in

“This is not only a simple celebration but a significant commemoration of our Christianity and as people of this nation. Building a stronger moral and spiritual foundation is needed in the performance of our duty as law enforcers,” PBGEN DE JESUS said.


March 1 - 31, 2021



asic life survival need a economic feasibility, and sustainable development are linked to the purpose of water use. However, in some areas of a low-income province like Eastern Samar, accessing water supply has been a constant dilemma for the lives of many, despite the continued resounding boom of modernization.

The struggle of Estehanons has been a growing concern of Eastern Samar Police Provincial Office (ESPPO), thus intensifying its community engagement activities to be able to reach more communities and its people. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, a clean source if water is an essential need for all. On August 18, 2020, a community project dubbed as “Poso Mo, Sagot Ko” PNP Patubig Project was initiated by ESPPO. Under the lead of PCOL CARLITO D ABRIZ, Provincial Director, said program has been adapted by its lower units as a good deed. With careful and thorough identification/selection process of deserving program beneficiaries, in coordination with local barangay officials, the ESPPO was able to distribute water pumps, locally known as “poso” to selected recipients. Through the collective efforts of PNP ESPPO, Local Government Units and other stakeholders 15 projects of the target barangays have soon completed in 2020; Six (6) were turned-over to the recipient barangays; while another is still being subjected for funding and installation. In totality, 21 projects were completed and it is expected that more of this program will be realized.

Indeed, when public service is being redered with genuine intentions, significant results are being accomplished.

PRO 8 LEADS IN TREE PLANTING Leyte held at Sitio Batog Poblacion District 1, Burauen, Leyte on March 3. The military-police vicar was also the Guest of Honor and a total of One-Hundred (100) participants actively joined in the tree-planting of Five-Hundred (500) Mahogany seedlings. RD DE JESUS wanted to instill in the minds of the men and women of this PRO, the value of planting trees and its impact in the environment and the generations to come.


olice Regional Office 8 under the stewardship of PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, led the Tree Planting Activity dubbed as “Bulig Kalikasan” in partnership with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR 8) and in coordination with the Local Government Unit of Burauen,

“It is important to value the presence of trees in the surroundings to prevent flooding and soil erosion and lessen air pollution. There are various other benefits and positive effects we can gain from these plants, so we must continue encouraging others to keep on planting.” Hon. Juanito E. Renomeron, Municipal Mayor, Burauen, Leyte together with Hon. Christine R Corañes, Brgy. Chairwoman of said barangay graced the said activity. Also in attendance were PCOL EDWIN BUENAVENTURA SEE TREE PLANTING P. 7

March 1 - 31, 2021




olice Regional Office 8 held another photo gallery contest dubbed as “PRECIOUS Moments” with PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, PRO 8 Regional Director, who chaired the judging of the contest, focusing one of RD DE JESUS’ program thrusts ‘Precision’, joined in by different City/Police Provincial Offices including Regional Mobile Force Battalion held at PRO 8 Conference Room, Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte, March 26.

A total of nine (9) contenders participated and submitted their photo entry, nevertheless, only three (3) Police Offices/Units were able to make it to the Top 3. Leyte Police Provincial Office (LPPO) was hailed as the winner during the contest exemplifying aforesaid thrust of being marksmen while Southern Leyte PPO (SLPPO) and 1st winner received Plaque of Recognition with Php Tacloban City Police Office (TCPO) respectively landed 8,000.00 cash prize while 2nd and 3rd winners were given the 2nd and 3rd spots. Certificate of Recognition plus cash prizes. Other members of the PRECIOUS Moments Board of Judges were also in attendance including PBGEN RONALDO R MENDOZA, Deputy Regional Director for Administration (DRDA), PCOL JONATHAN A CABAL, Chief Regional Staff from the Command Group together with the Regional Staff. Other participating units were as follows, to wit: Biliran Police Provincial Office; Eastern Samar Police Provincial Office; Samar Police Provincial Office; Northern Samar Police Provincial Office; Regional Mobile Force Batallion.



he Philippine National Police, time and again has faced countless criticisms, good and bad, yet it stands still ready to serve the people and the country despite the fault-finding eyes of others. Though its credibility and worth had been disparaged a million times, its men and women continue to stand beyond those critiques with dignity and compassion, serving the public with a happy heart and soul! Being in the uniformed service is not an easy peasy task as it may seem, thus, having a healthy heart coupled with a healthy lifestyle must be one of the topmost priority to be able to cope up with the demanding and rigorous duty of performing the tasks of police officers. On top of performing the sworn commitment of PNP personnel, staying fit must be regarded as obligatory and must be part of the routine of each and everyone in the organization so as to maximize ourselves in protecting and serving the public. As part of the continuing efforts of this PRO, all personnel are encouraged to do physical fitness activities especially those who have health issues.

It is somehow necessary to feel good and look good at all times and be able to spread goodness to all mankind. Moreover, your heart leads you to things you look forward to and dream about. Whatever your heart desires,

you can attain it with pure determination combined with love and passion towards the goal you’re trying to attain. SEE HAPPY TO SERVE P. 7


March 1 - 31, 2021



attributes associated of being weaker and feebler, but truth be told, we are equally capable to deliver and perform, just like men. Women are known to be good followers and could also be effective leaders. Some of the various nominal knowhow of women are being critical and logical thinkers and exceptional in organizing details and resolving issues. We are born to complement and live harmoniously with each other, giving high regard and appreciation in each and every individual’s capabilities and skills for better and healthy co-existence. Recognizing women’s significant role in the society and empowering them are two of the remarkable developments that must be given weight since this does not only boost the morale of the women’s sector, it also means that gender equality is being exercised and observed. PNP women, specifically, have been squarely prioritizing and organizing things to keep up with the PNP Mandate: To serve and protect. This thrust is not only being performed by uniformed men in the PNP, but all PNP personnel, including women! We are all given fair and equal privileges same as that of men in the organization. There is fair opportunity in terms of job promotion and positions deserving for everyone.


n the PNP uniformed service, a minimum of 10% cutoff is alloted for women applicants during recruitment process in every Police Regional Office. Over the course of time, it paved the way for recognition of women’s rights. In fact, PRO8 already recorded its highest women recruitment to 15% from the customary 10% alloted for PNP Women. In the light of the notion of women’s natural submissiveness and vulnerability, gender stereotyping has affected the women sector in the PNP. Certainly, submissiveness has been viewed as the natural tendency of women to always abide with the rules instructed and inculcated upon them without much ifs and buts. A sense of conformity or obedience has been instilled to women, to which qualities they have usually reffered to. Likewise, being vulnerable is viewed with the physical

In addition to our sworn duty, PNP women are likewise known having firm and tough personality as public servants with strong fighting spirit readily and willingly accepting various obligations, even outside their job description of being police officers, so long as it is for the welfare of the community. Sometimes we are being judged and disparaged of how we can deliver same quality of performance and service to the public with that of uniformed men can execute, but that won’t stop us to continue the burning fire and intense desire within our inner selves to deliver and ensure public safety and security in the community. Despite the never-ending roles we are facing every single day- being moms, sometimes single moms, wives, siblings, daughters, friends, colleagues to name a fewwe stand proud and will continuously be honored to be at your service as the need arises whenever and wherever, going the extra mile!

March 1 - 31, 2021


WOMENS MONTH . . . from Page 1 FIRST EASTER MASS . . . from Page 1 PRO 8 Joins Commemoration of 500th Anniversary of First Easter Mass PRO 8 Kicks-off Women’s Month Celebration Most Rev. Precioso D. Cantillas SDB, DD, Bishop of the Diocese of Maasin, presided the Holy Mass, in lieu of Archbishop Charles John Brown, Apostolic Nuncio, who was not able to attend due to travel restrictions. Concelebrating with him were Archbishop John Du of Palo, Bishop Oscar Florencio of the Military Ordinariate, other bishops and members of the clergy. Around 500 pilgrims were estimated to have attended the said mass, including Mrs. Essel De Jesus and children, the family of PBGEN DE JESUS.

Relatively, the celebration included the unveiling of the Historical Marker of Limasawa, officiated by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines, in the presence of Usec. Anthony Gerard Gonzales- Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas, Congressman Roger G. Mercado, Governor Damian G. Mercado, Limasawa Officials headed by Mayor Melchor P Petracorta, and other heads of agencies. Meanwhile, also present during the said celebration were PBGEN JASON D ORTIZO, Director, PNP Chaplain Service; PRO8 Command Group, some members of the Regional Staff; Provincial Director, Southern Leyte Police Provincial Office; PLTCOL Rev. Fr. Teddy C David, Regional Pastoral Officer, PRO8; Rev. Fr. Ronnie Arong; and MGEN PIO Q DIÑOSO, Commanding Officer, 8ID, PA. “We mark this historic celebration with thanksgiving to God for the gift of faith. Despite our differences in background and denomination, let us become a united community that remains faithful to the teachings of Christianity”, says RD DE JESUS. With the strict observance of minimum health protocols and all security measures in place, the celebration culminated with no reported untoward incident. It can be recalled that the earliest recorded mass in the Philippines was held in Limasawa on an Easter Sunday, March 31, 1521, officiated by Fr. Pedro de Valderama, chaplain of the Magellan-Elcano expedition.



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SAF Trooper Recognized for Bravery

knee in an armed encounter with suspected members of the New People’s Army (NPA). Pat Dumaguing of the 12th Special Action Battalion, Special Action Force (SAF) was part of the combat operating team that bravely engaged members of the NPA in Brgy. Cuenco, Las Navas, Northern Samar on February 19, 2021. The Regional Director who extended financial assistance, was accompanied by PCOL ARNEL J APUD, Provincial Director NSPPO, PCOL GLENN OLIVER CINCO, PD SPPO, PLTCOL RECAREDO S MARASIGAN , 12th SAB, SAF Batcom and PLTCOL NEIL MONTAÑO, Chief of Police, Calbayog CPS, during his visit at the hospital to demonstrate his support for PNP personnel who continue to fight courageously against lawless elements such as the NPA. For his part, PD APUD lauded the brave SAF Trooper who risked his life when he fought the rebels. He confidently said that like Pat Dumaguing, personnel of Northern Samar PPO, will do the same act of bravery when faced with a similar situation. RD DE JESUS recognized Pat Dumaguing’s action as commendable and worthy of emulation by all personnel of PRO 8. He believes that the police are not only well-trained but also prepared to defend the country from CTGs like the NPA. “Our SAF, being our elite unit, is not only well designed for combat operations against communists and other terrorist groups, but its utmost duty is also to instill peace in our community. The troopers’ commitment to duty is indeed commendable,” RD DE JESUS said.

Camp Ruperto Kangleon, Palo, Leyte- To recognize the contribution of women in nation-building and in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the Police Regional Office (PRO) 8, under the leadership of PBGEN RONALDO F DE JESUS, Regional Director, kicked off on Monday, March 1, 2021, this year’s National Women’s Month celebration. In line with the theme, “We Make Change Work for Women”, supplemented with the tagline “Juana Laban sa Pandemya: Kaya!”, the Kick-off Ceremony recognized deserving female PNP personnel for their meritorious achievement in the field of police community relations thru the “Kapwa Ko, Sagot Ko” PNP Adopt-AFamily Program, after being included in the Top PNP Good Deeds of the National Headquarters. Accordingly, Hon. Maritess C. Marcos, Municipal Mayor of Pastrana, Leyte, Guest of Honor and Speaker, spearheaded the distribution of awards to PLT MAE ANN F ERIVERA, Pat Teresa G Subalisid and Pat Clarissa A Valencia.In her message, Hon. Marcos emphasized on the great role played by women in the society. “Let us all work together to build a society where we all have a chance to aspire, to create our own future without unfair limits and are treated fairly regardless of appearance, size, color, age and gender,” she added. Meanwhile, to showcase the operational expertise of women, selected female PNP personnel under the Regional Special Training Unit 8, presented and performed the assembling and disassembling of several types of firearms, different handcuffing techniques and rifle exercises. “The role of women in the PNP is indispensable, hence the need to uphold and advance their rights. Their contributions in our peace-keeping efforts have complemented the performance of all our tasks and duties, making them our reliable partners in law-enforcement and public service”, RD DE JESUS noted. Also coinciding with the said activity was the Oath-taking Ceremony of newly-promoted Police Commissioned Officers; wherein ten (10) were promoted to the rank of Police Major and nine (9) for Police Lieutenant.



PRO 8 Leads in Tree Planting

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C WAGAN, Deputy Regional Director for Operations; PCOL JONATHAN A CABAL, Chief Regional Staff; Chiefs of Regional Staff and National Support Units; Personnel from Leyte PPO headed by PCOL RODELIO C SAMSON, Provincial Director, LPPO; and other stakeholders.



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PNP with a Healthy Heart: Happy to Serve

Likewise, it feels satisfying in performing what needs to be done with a happy and healthy heart, holding no grudges and ill feelings at all. Afterall, it is always best to serve the public with dedication and high regard by putting one’s heart in every engagement and action you make for public interest. Though no matter how challenging and crucial the situation we are into, oftentimes being bashed in the limelight, PNP with a healthy heart will always be counted in enforcing and upholding the law, always happy and ready to serve!

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Kasugbong E-Newsletter Vol. 2 No. 3  


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