PRO 8 Official E-Newsletter "KASUGBONG" No. 2 Vol. 10

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amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte – The Police Regional Office 8 headed by PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director declared a “Peaceful and Orderly” Filing of Certificates of Candidacy (COC) in Eastern Visayas for the 2022 National and Local Elections.

According to RD CABAGNOT, there were no reported significant incidents related to COC filing in all the designated filing venues which officially opened from 12:00 midnight of September 30, 2021 until 5:00 PM of October 8, 2021. “We have prepared for this since the beginning of September, of course,

in close coordination with the AFP, other LEAS and LGUs in our AOR. Our joint efforts made the filing of COCs turned out smoothly as planned,” RD CABAGNOT stated. He also noted that strict observance of the health and safety protocols were carried out within the said venues in the entire duration.


amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte Authorities of Police Regional Office 8 under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, arrested 104 Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) and 1,490 other law violators all throughout Eastern SEE EV





October 1 - 31, 2021

DELIVERY RIDER BUSTED Enforcement Unit led by PLT MAJA C BERINGUEL and 4th Platoon, 1st Southern Leyte Provincial Mobile Force Company in support of Maasin City Police Station led by PLT TOMEO V LABATA, Deputy Chief of Police and in coordination with the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency 8 carried out the said operation. Inventory of confiscated items were conducted in the presence of witnesses, Ms. Rudith L. Leonor, DOJ Representative, Hon. Josefina R. Binongo and Hon. Dennis A. Sulla, both elected Brgy. Officials of the said place.


amp Ruperto Kangleon Campetik, Palo, Leyte Authorities of Police Regional Office 8 under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, arrested one J&T Rider during a buy- bust operation at Brgy. Ibarra, Maasin City, Southern Leyte on Oct. 21, 2021. Suspect was identified as Rex Paulo Loayon Dizon, 25 years old, single, tagged as Street-Level Individual Drug Watch List and a resident of Brgy. Combado, Maasin City, Southern Leyte.

Arrested suspect together with the confiscated drugs and non-drug items were brought to Maasin CPS for documentation and proper disposition. “I want Eastern Visayas to be totally drug-free, thus, expect an intensive and comprehensive antiillegal drug operations in every municipality of this region. Our police force is serious with their duties and responsibilities especially in the campaign against illegal drugs,” RD CABAGNOT said.

Operatives were able to purchase seven (7) heatsealed transparent plastic sachets of suspected shabu (subject of sale) in consideration of Php 7, 000.00. Likewise, confiscated from his possession and control suspected dried marijuana leaves, one (1) unit cellphone (HUAWEI) color gold, one (1) piece helmet color black, one (1) unit single motorcycle (MIOi 125) and cash amounting to Php 15, 940.00. Personnel from Southern Leyte Provinvcial Drug

DRUG PERSONALITIES SURRENDER TO EV COPS Office 8 under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, during the region wide conduct of Oplan Tokhang for the whole month of October 2021. The surrenderees vowed support in providing vital information on the conduct of illegal drug activities in their respective areas so as to suppress the proliferation of such. Necessary measures were also undertaken in relation to their surrender.


amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte – A total of 17 drug personalities voluntarily surrendered to authorities of Police Regional

“I am happy for their voluntary surrender. They give us hope that winning the anti-illegal drug campaign is not only through buy-bust or arresting them, more so, by submitting themselves before the authorities. This connotes that they are willing to mend their ways,” RD CABAGNOT said.

October 1 - 31, 2021



amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte – Personnel from the Biliran Provincial Jail caught in act in flagrante inmates or Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) while using illegal drugs on October 14, 2021. The PDL were identified as: Joel Dela Peña y Lozada, 30 years old, male, with live-in partner, and a resident of Brgy. Bulalacao, Naval, Biliran and Antonio Villena Jr. y Balatero, 49 years old, widowed, male and a resident of Brgy Bato, Biliran. Confiscated from their possession were: one (1) piece open sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be shabu, one (1) unit cellular phone (Realme), two (2) pieces empty plastic sachets and three (3) pcs. Aluminum foils. Personnel of Naval Municipal Police Station led by PMAJ MICHAEL JOHN M ASTORGA carried out the operation after receiving information of the said incident from Biliran Provincial Jail. Investigators on the case conducted the markings in the presence of

the witnesses and the suspects and physical inventory was conducted thereat. Suspects (PDL) were brought to Naval MPS for proper disposition. Appropriate cases are now being prepared for filing at the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office, Naval, Biliran.

POLICE OFFICER FACES CRIMINAL CHARGES verify the said report but upon sensing the presence of police authorities, the suspect became unruly with his firearm tucked on his back prompting responding personnel to confiscate the said firearm. As of press time, the Eastern Samar Police Provincial Office has already filed a case against PCpl Salazar thru Inquest Proceedings before the Office of the Assistant Provincial Prosecutor, Balangiga Sub-Provincial Office, Balangiga, Eastern Samar for Grave Threats docketed under NPS No. VIII-13D-INQ-215-00024 dated October 25, 2021.


amp Ruperto Kangleon Campetik, Palo, Leyte PCpl Alexander Salazar faces criminal charges after he was arrested for Grave Threats and Discharge of Firearms at Balangiga, Eastern Samar on October 24, 2021. PCpl Salazar is 43 years old, married, a PNP member presently assigned at Hernani Municipal Police Station and a resident of Brgy. 01, Balangiga E. Samar. Personnel of Balangiga MPS received a report that a certain Abby Abrogar y Samson was threatened by PCpl Salazar by pointing his issued short firearm. He also illegally discharged his firearm into the air. Accordingly, responding teams went to the area to

Further, PCpl Salazar has undergone a Gun Powder Residue Examination and is now detained in the custody of Balangiga MPS while his issued firearm was turned-over to Regional Crime Laboratory Office 8 for ballistic examination. “We do not tolerate such misconduct of our personnel. If proven guilty, rest assured that he will be dealt with accordingly. To all uniformed personnel, I am reminding you to be more professional in all your dealings especially when you are exercising your mandate,” PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director said.



October 1 - 31, 2021



amp Ruperto Kangleon Campetik, Palo, Leyte -The Police Regional Office 8 under the lead of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, with the Command Group, rendered a Retirement Honors to PBGEN RONALDO R MENDOZA, Deputy Regional Director for Administration (DRDA) of this PRO on October 1.

PBGEN MENDOZA, a member of PNPA “TAGAPAMAYAPA” Class of 1990, started serving the PNP in the year 1987. He rendered his final salute after 34 years, 5 months and 25 days of noble service to the PNP and the country. He said that he is grateful to the entire police force especially to the men and women of PRO 8 for the opportunity and the trust he has been given in serving the public and for making it to his retirement in great shape.

The honoree was given a PNP Special Service Medal-Position Award, PNP Long Service Medal, Salamat Kapatid Plaque and Tokens for his invaluable service in the PNP witnessed by his family, friends and colleagues. Present in the said ceremony were his comrades namely PBGEN FRANCO P SIMBORIO, Deputy Director, Directorate for Operations; PBGEN HARRIS R FAMA, Deputy Director, Directorate for Police Community Relations; PBGEN ROEL B ACIDRE, Deputy Regional Director for Administration, PRO 13; PBGEN FERDINAND A SIFUENTES, Director, Police Security and Protection Group; and PCOL ROMULO CLEVE TABOSO, Chief PMD, Area Police Command-Eastern Mindanao. “Your Team PRO 8 wishes you luck as you embark SEE RETIREMENT




amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte – Police Regional Office 8, under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, through PCOL ALEX F BRAGAT, Chief, Regional Medical and Dental Unit 8, announces that 99.31% of this PRO’s total strength got vaccinated against Coronavirus disease as of October 31, 2021. In response to the Covid-19 vaccination program of the Philippine National Police, this PRO and the Regional Support Units recorded 10,018 or 85.38% personnel who are fully vaccinated out of 11, 733 of its total strength while 1,635 or 13.93% are on their first dose awaiting to complete the inoculation. However, there are still 80 or 0.68% remaining unvaccinated personnel due to medical conditions and other reasonable circumstances. Accordingly, on October 26 - 31, 2021, no new cases were recorded while two (2) remain as active cases. Since the onslaught of this pandemic, this PRO recorded a total of 1,069 confirmed cases with two (2)

deaths. “I hope that before my stint ends, this PRO will be 100% compliant of this program as this not only benefits the personnel receiving the vaccine alone but more so, his or her family and the community will not be infected by the virus,” RD CABAGNOT said.

October 1 - 31, 2021


CTG MEMBERS SURRENDER TO EV AUTHORITIES Along with their surrender, they turned-in three (3) units caliber 38 revolver; two (2) units caliber 357; two (2) units caliber 22 revolver; one (1) unit M1 Carbine; one (1) unit homemade shotgun; one (1) anti-personnel mine; two (2) magazines; 46 live ammunition; one (1) CPP-NPA Flag and one (1) international map. They are now under the custody of the stations where they have surrendered. Police authorities are facilitating their application for the availment of appropriate Enhance Comprehensive Livelihood Integration Program (ECLIP) benefits accorded to former rebels.


amp Ruperto Kangleon, Campetik, Palo, Leyte - Fourteen (14) active members of the Communist-Terrorist Group (CTG) voluntarily surrendered to authorities of Police Regional Office 8 for the whole month of October 2021. The surrenderees are identified as Aye; Rex; Aira; Salba; Budo; Obet/Beto; Ka Ador; Ka Jaika; Pascual; Rex; Mitch/Abdul/Jr; Ikma/Bogoy; Dome/Liza; and Ka Dahon/Kasamang Wala.


PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director hopes for more surrenderees before the year ends. He also encourages the public to be of help in convincing our brothers and sisters who are still blinded by the wrong ideologies of the anti-government. “Their return to the fold of the government is the outcome of out relentless campaigns in addressing social issues that lured them in joining the armed struggle, so we must persist and continue what we have started,“ RD CABAGNOT said.


our (4) newly-promoted Police Colonels took their oath during a Ceremony conducted on October 25, 2021 at PRO 8 Grandstand, Camp Kangleon, Palo, Leyte. Accordingly, PCOL HECTOR F ENAGE, Chief of the Regional Personnel and Records Management Division (RPRMD); PCOL RAYMUNDO P GRAVELES, Chief Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division (RLRDD); PCOL MICHAEL P PALERMO, Chief of the Office of the Regional Operations Division (ROD); and PCOL FELIX G GERVACIO JR., Chief of the Regional

Intelligence Unit (RIU 8) formally assumed a step ahead in their career ladder. PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, spearheaded the said activity. “The opportunity for career development afforded to you today speaks of a challenge to contribute more in Public Service, excellence professionalism, and good governance,” RD CABAGNOT said.


October 1 - 31, 2021



despite the never-ending issues faced during the pandemic. The men and women of this PRO have been unswervingly rendering their sworn duty, even before the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the outset of the virus, police officers have been regularly manning the checkpoint areas to make sure that community restrictions are properly and strictly imposed. Uniformed personnel are on full alert status giving their best foot forward accommodating issues and concerns of the residents and the community with regard to COVID-19 Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) implementation of guidelines and protocols. Police force shows intense commitment to their duties in the midst of chaos and uncertainties. They remain firm in performing mandates to help contain the spread of the virus, to assist the public in coping panic and distress, and to stay calm despite the adversities. The continuous spread of this calamity has globally impacted the general public and the economic growth of almost all countries experiencing this kind of circumstances firsthand. But, these COVID-19 front liners have been all-out performing their tasks as directed to help curb the spread of COVID-19.


he pandemic has caused turmoil in the society and in the lives of many. Though resilience and adaptability have been widely highlighted, this unprecedented turn of event has vastly affected not only the people, but also our economic and national health security in general, so to speak. Human lives including our lifestyles have changed throughout the course of COVID-19 pandemic. Nevertheless, there are still people and other entities who remain and never fail to show their care and compassion

Different mitigations have been imposed, though some have been taken for granted due to being uncooperative of some, yet front liners of this PRO have remained steady and still, despite personal issues being dealt with that could add up to their anxiety while in the performance of duty. They continue to be more focused and dedicated towards their profession so that everyone could have bigger chance to be facilitated with utmost commitment to preserve and respect the lives of the people. These struggles being faced by COVID-19 front liners in pursuit of a goal to protect the lives of the people against the threat of the virus shouldn’t be put in vain but rather, should be given credit for their genuine service to the Filipino people! They are the unsung heroes of the pandemic that every man should look up to with dignified admiration and respect!

October 1 - 31, 2021




amp Ruperto Kangleon Campetik, Palo, Leyte Police Regional Office 8, under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT through PCOL CARLITO D ABRIZ, Chief, Regional Investigation and Detective Management Division reported a decrease of 1.95 percent in the crime volume for the period of May 7- October 25, 2021 compared to the same period of last year. Based on the Crime Information Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) of this PRO, the total crime volume dropped by 86 incidents or from 4,408 to 4,322. Said crime volume consists of Index crime, to include Murder, Homicide, Rape, Physical Injury, Robbery, and Theft; and Non-index crimes or violations of local ordinances and vehicular accidents. The drop is the result of the relentless campaign against criminalities and other forms of illegal activities. It can also be attributed to the quarantinerelated protocols being continually observed by the community. “The reduction of crimes is the result of the intensified police operations by our men and women in the field amid pandemic. Along with the sustained implementation of the Intensified Cleanliness Policy of the Chief PNP, we are able to keep the public safe and secured,” RD CABAGNOT said.

EXTORNIONIST . . . from Page 1 Extortionist of Police Applicants, Entrapped


amp Ruperto Kangleon Campetik, Palo, Leyte The Police Regional Office 8, under the leadership of PBGEN ROMMEL BERNARDO A CABAGNOT, Regional Director, through joint operatives of the Regional Intelligence Division and Palo Municipal Police Station caught in flagrante a certain Cherie Q. Pulga accepting bogus money from the complainant on October 29, 2021. Suspect is 36, single, medical representative and a resident of Brgy. Campetik, Palo, Leyte. Said entrapment was carried out through an Inteldriven operation by this PRO where it was determined that the suspect has assured her victims of entrance slots in the PNP in consideration of Php 20,000.00. Right after the transaction has been consummated, the suspect was apprehended by the operatives. Suspect was then brought to Palo MPS for documentation and proper disposition. As of October

30, 2021, a case for the crime of Robbery Extortion was filed against her before the Office of the Provincial Prosecutor in Tacloban City. The PNP in general does not in any way tolerate this kind of illegal practices following C, PNP’s ongoing massive implementation on the Intensified Cleanliness Policy (ICP) to include the “nameless and faceless recruitment. Said policy aims to get rid of unfair and possible corrupt practices in the recruitment process so that only the most qualified can enter in the service. “Ang insidenting ito ay patunay lamang na sa kabila ng ating kinakaharap na krisis, ang iyong kapulisan ay hindi tumitigil sa pagsupil sa lahat ng uri ng kriminalidad kung kaya’t hinihikayat po namin ang lahat ng may gustong pumasok sa aming hanay na maging mapagmatiyag at h’wag magpapaniwala sa kahit na sinong mangangako sa kanila lalo na’t may kapalit na pera,” RD CABAGNOT said. RD CABAGNOT further encourage the public to not hesitate in reporting similar kinds of illegal activities.

EV COPS . . . from Page 1 EV Cops Net 104 MWPs, 1, 490 Other Violators Visayas from October 1-31, 2021. In relation to the sustained anti-criminality efforts of this PRO, police authorities apprehended 81 Most Wanted Persons (MWPs) and 597 Other Wanted Persons from the Regional, Provincial, City, and Municipal Station level. Likewise, during the whole month of intensified implementation of special laws, this PRO yielded an arrest of 501 personalities involved in illegal fishing; 47 in illegal logging; 274 in illegal gambling; 59 drug suspects; and 12 personalities during the conduct of LOI Kontra Boga operations. As a result of the month-long simultaneous police operations, PRO 8 authorities seized Methamphetamine Hydrochloride (Shabu) with a total estimated street value of Php 275, 657.00 from anti-illegal drug operations. In anti-illegal gambling, bet money amounting to Php 46, 015.00 were confiscated. In anti-illegal logging operations, 21, 796.95 volume of lumbers were confiscated with an estimated total worth of Php 1,115,260.86. A total of Php 23,234,749.00 worth

of fish and fishing paraphernalia were confiscated from anti-illegal fishing operations while 239 different firearms were confiscated and surrendered from kontra boga operations. Part of these accomplishments were the results from the region wide conduct of Simultaneous Ant-Criminality Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO) on October 25-31, 2021. “These figures in our accomplishments indicate that our men and women in the ground are doing their best efforts. Our implementation of Manhunt Charlie is a success, as manifested by the arrest of Most Wanted Persons belonging to Top 10 in Regional, Provincial, City and Municipal Level,” RD CABAGNOT said.

RETIREMENT HONORS . . . from Page 4 PRO 8 Renders Retirement Honors of PBGEN MENDOZA on a new journey of your life. Thank you for your honorable service,” RD CABAGNOT said. Minimum health protocol was observed during the entire ceremony.