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SETH WORUBA  AND  DIANA  GUBAG  WEDDING  COMMITTEE   MINUTES  OF  1ST  MEETING   VENUE:  Ela  Beach  Hotel   DATE:  25-­‐04-­‐2011   TIME:  13:25  PM     Committee  Members  Present:     Phone   1. Elder  Richard  Maru:  Chairman     324  7511   2. Pr.  Kadasa  Damaro     76485784   3. Assoc.  Pr.Fred  Malawae     71122612/3411668   4. Bathsheba  Maru       72612590   5. Theresa  Wainas       72404144   6. Michelle  Sambua     72064841   7. Mere  Maniha       71717629   8. Miriam  Lagani       76148887/72818159   9. Owen  Murray       76238000   10. Russell  Woruba       76391297/3413211   11. Diana  Gubag  (Bride)     72225336   12. Seth  Woruba  (Groom)     A. Welcome  to  Committee  members  by  the  Chairman   B. Opening  Prayer  by  Senior  Pastor  Kadasa  Damaro   C. Opening  remarks  and  Updates  by  Chairman   i. The  sanctity  of  marriage  from  Creation  and  the  Church’s  stance  on  conducting  marriages  in  present   days.   Even   though   the   parties   concerned   not   at   ideal,   provision   should   be   made   to   glorify  God  and  be   a   joyous   occasion   for   the   immediate   family,   church   family   and   seek   God’s   blessings   for   the   new   couple.   ii. This  meeting  gives  the  Committee  the  comfort  to  proceed  with  the  agenda  to  present  to  Church  Board   and  Business  in  the  pursuing  days  so  the  blessings  from  Church  is  with  the  whole  preparation.   iii. Chairman   and   Groom   have   meet   with   the   wedding   celebrant,   Pr.Aaron   Lopa   who   has   confirmed   his   participation   in   the   ceremony.   He   has   long   standing   relationship   with   the   Groom’s   family   and   Korobosea  church.   iv. Pr.Lopa  will  conduct  marriage  counseling  at  PAU  on  the  week  leading  up  to  the  Wedding.   Wedding  Date:  26th  June,  2011.     Action  Items:   1.     Seth  and  Diana  to  give  their  Birth  Certificates  to  the  Chairman  at  earliest  so  he  can  pass  onto  the  celebrant.     D. Wedding  Venue:  Korobosea  Church  Hall   i. Past  wedding  experience  has  shown  that  wedding  location  and  reception  proximity  has  caused  a  lot  of   strain,  frustration  and  anti-­‐climax  on  the  whole  ceremony.  Hours  need  to  be  cut  down,  especially  in   logistics.   ii. Bride   and   Groom   are   expecting   80   invited   guests   each,   approximating   around   200,   let   alone   the   church  family,  which  may  blow  up  the  turnout.     iii. Decorations,  sitting  arrangements  and  food  arrangements  can  be  determined  and  managed  to  suit  the   venue  selected.   iv. Due  the  kitchen  being  adjacent  to  the  church  hall,  it  is  very  convenient  and  less  costly  as  guests  and   families  can  leave  food  as  they  enter  the  wedding  hall.   v. Concern  for  space  is  an  issue  that  needs  to  be  managed,  as  long  as  groom  and  bride  are  comfortable   that  those  close  of  them  are  there  to  witness.   vi. Senior  Pastor  highlighted  the  Church’s  full  support  to  provide  the  venue  and  other  needed  assistance   on  the  occasion.   vii. The   venue   is   crucial   –   at   least   still   near   the   church.   By   not   taking   it   away   from   the   church   and   the   significance  of  God’s  blessing  and  making  God  the  center  of  the  new  home.   viii. Family   representatives   were   happy   with   the   church   building   venue,   as   it   was   a   bonus   and   the   emphasis   on   God   being   the   center   of   the   marriage.   Matters   relating   to   traditional   exchange  like   pig,   would  not  to  be  allowed  in  church  building,  let  alone  the  ceremony.   ix. Concern  for  weather  –  can  create  something  in  place,  like  tents  over  the  lawn.     Decision:   Venue  agreed  to  be  the  Korobosea  Church  Hall.   Action:     Senior  Pastor  to  bring  to  Board  to  allow  use  of  Church  Hall  for  wedding  and  other  church  support.     E. Sub-­‐Committees  and  Chairpersons  

i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi. vii.


Pastoral Committee  –  Senior  Pastor,  Assoc.Pastor  and  Celebrant   Spiritual  aspects  for  the  wedding,  Rehearsal  arrangements,  Counseling   Reception  –  Mere  Maniha   Decoration  –  Miriam  Lagani   Logistics  –  Owen  Murray   Photography/AV  –  Felix  Koddy   Invitation  Cards  –  Felix  Koddy   Clothing  and  Tailoring   Ladies:  Theresa  Wainas  to  assist  Bride  and  bridal  party   Men:  Owen  Murray  to  assist  Groom  and  party.   Individuals  are  to  take  ownership  of  the  arrangements  and  update  Committee.     Men  tailoring  have  been  arranged.  Since  groom  will  be  in  Melbourne,  arrangement  for  clothing  to  be   in  place  before  he  leaves.    

Budget i. Each  sub-­‐committee  is  given  1  week  to  plan  and  return  with  a  special  working  plan  and  budget.   ii. Submit  budget  in  next  meeting.   ii.                Committee  needs  to  know  if  there  is  any  special  part  that  families  may  request  to  take  charge  of.  The       Committee  does  not  want  to  seen  as  letting  the  church  take  precedence  from  the  family.   iii.              All   parties   have   to   be   honest   and   have   cards   on   table   and   comfortable   with   our   dealings.   This   is   to   avoid  last  minute  issues.   iii.           Family  representative  assures  Committee  that  families  are  really  loving  and  supportive.  Will  meet   this  week  to  come  up  with  plans  and  report  back.       G. Event  Considerations   i. Master  of  Ceremony  –  Elder  Rore  Rikis   A  stand-­‐by  has  been  considered  as  well.   ii. Special   Music   is   a   very   vital   part   in   building   up   the   atmosphere   so   consultation   with   the   Pastoral   committee.  Grooms  requests  for  music  to  be  controlled.     H. Closing  Remarks   Committee  to  realize  the  importance  of  honoring  God  and  for  the  couple  to  treasure  the  wedding,  making  it  a   memorable  and  joyous  occasion.   Pray  for  the  planning  and  sub-­‐committees,  weather  and  ceremony.     Next  Meeting:  Thursday  5th  May,  2011.       Closing  Prayer:  Associate  Pastor  Fred  Malawae.    

Seth & Diana's Wdding Meeting 1 Minutes  

Minutes from first meeting of Seth and Diana's wedding plans

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