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Pukka Creates Special Green Tea Pack To Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight (organic herbal expert Pukka Herbs has introduced a special online pack containing its three incredible mint tea blends for just £5. The three varieties of fine, whole leaf green tea used in Pukka’s range are sourced from Fairtrade growers in China, India and Vietnam. Rich in protective antioxidants, they are known to have a positive effect on the immune system, help regulate weight and maintain good health. Sencha green whole leaf tea is a traditional ginger tea that comes from a pioneering project in China - the country’s first EU supported organic and Fairtrade project. It encompasses 15,000 smallholders, each owning a third of a hectare of land. Oothu green whole leaf tea comes from an estate in India from which some of the original pioneers of organic farming in India originated. They use bio dynamic farming methods and, because of their effective growing techniques, are Demeter certified. The Fairtrade estate has a high social responsibility and has established schools, a hospital, crèches and special shops with discounted food. Suoi Gang green whole leaf tea comes from Van Chan in Vietnam. It is sustainably collected by H’mong and Zhao tribes from wild tea trees that grow in certified organic rainforests. The trees are grown to full height and therefore have a higher antioxidant level. No cultivation is involved as the trees are part of the local ecosystem. Using these fairtrade green tea varieties, Pukka Herbs has produced three flavoursome organic green teas blends to appeal to all tastes. Pure Green Tea is a premium blend of the three whole leaf green tea varieties – Sencha, Oothu and Suoi Gang - for an incredibly smooth and superior taste. Mint Green Tea contains the freshest, sweetest tasting spearmint from Egypt for a fantastically refreshing flavour and Lemon Green Tea is a light blend of smooth whole leaf green tea with a subtle twist of Sicilian lemon and fragrant lemon verbena.

Normally priced at £1.99 for each box of 20 sachets, the current online offer includes a box of each variety for just £5, available at Pukka Herbs now sells 20 teas alongside its wide range of Ayurvedic remedies and oils. The new range of Pukka Green Teas is available at independent healthfood shops, Fresh & Wild or online at All three varieties are priced at £1.99 for 20 sachets. Journalists requiring more information or samples please call: Kate Habberley, Tala PR, 07709 976564 (

Pukka Herbs is part of a new business movement that puts environmental and social wellbeing at its heart and is not only about profit. It has pioneered a much fairer way of doing

business with its growers in India and Sri Lanka and customers are reassured that the proceeds of what they buy flow back to the farmers.

Pukka Creates Special Green Tea Pack To Celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight