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Valentine's Day is coming up soon, so wouldn't it be nice to prepare a personal Spa Gift for your loved ones? Although gifts bought at stores is the most convenient, it can come across as you not having thought about the other person and maybe even losing the personal touch. This year, why not consider giving your loved one something unique and loving at the same time? Nothing beats pampering your loved one with a Spa Gift. Believe me, spa gifts show that you really care for the person and want him or her to enjoy Valentine's Day. Imagine this.....for Her: After dinner (it could be at a restaurant or a home made meal), bring her home to a dimly-lit room with lighted scented candles and rose petals scattered on the bed and bath? How about preparing some scented bath salts with her favourite aromatherapy? You can customize these, rather than force yourself to buy off the shelf. Or perhaps you could start off with a relaxing neck and shoulder massage using essential oils that will relax both of you and really bring out the mood? Then proceed to a full body massage? There are books to show you how to touch your partner in the most relaxing and delicious way. Make sure you create the mood with spa music! For Him: Normally, girls are more creative and enjoy DIY projects, especially if you can make something useful and save money in these economic times at the same time. So, in order to set the mood, you could mix together some shower gels, bath salts and hair masks for your significant other? I'm sure he'll get the hint and this could lead to a romantic evening? If he is not the romantic type, then why not give him a handheld massager? Or even a jacuzzi mat? Thinking long term, you could even consider giving him a portable sauna which the 2 of you enjoy all year round? For your parents: Mum would love a Spa Gift basket which you can make on your's so economical and easy to make bath salts, bottle them and put them in a basket with some flowers or towels, slippers etc. If you want you can even consider giving her a portable steam sauna which she can use every day to detox? For dad, why not get him a massage chair which he can relax in every day after work? For friends:

For all you gals who are not yet attached, no point wallowing in self pity on Feb 14....why not throw a Spa Party and invite all your gal pals and indulge in self pampering? You can find many great Spa Party ideas here and simple tips on how to give each other a DIY manucure, pedicure, make your own face masks and even how to prepare great party snacks using the fruits and vegetables that you use to make your spa products? Recreate a professional spa environment with little money all in the privacy of your own home! Now wouldn't that make for a fun and unique experience?

The author is a home spa expert, with lots of experience in creating home spa treatments using fruits and vegetables. To recreate a professional spa ambience, you could turn on spa music, light some scented candles and use dim lighting...get more tips from

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Erotic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Guys  

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