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If you forgot your anniversary, bombed Christmas or gave your significant other a rotten gift for her birthday you've got a chance to redeem yourself coming up quickly. Valentine's Day is possibly the most important holiday in a relationship-it's not about family or kids or religion. It's about couples and their expression of feeling for one another. Make this Valentine's Day a romantic reprieve from the every-day drudgery of normal life. Here are some tips and ideas about what women really appreciate on this holiday. Lingerie: If you are in a long-term relationship (or comfortable enough in a short-term one) buy lingerie. Lingerie makes women feel attractive, feminine and flattered. What higher compliment is there than showing her how much you want to be together? The importance of physical closeness and a night of passion can't be underestimated. Lingerie companies bring out the hottest styles, colors, and designs just for Valentine's Day so take advantage of their specials Jewelry: This can be a scary step depending on where you are in a relationship. Jewelry can be expensive-especially if you are looking at engagement rings-but it is also very effective in scoring you big points for thoughtfulness. Valentine's Day is a popular day for proposing. If you are thinking in this direction put some thought and creativity into your choices. Pay attention to styles your significant other fancies. A Weekend Away: Plan an escape-this is a great option if you have children. A kid-free evening or weekend will do wonders for her disposition. Not only will you get a break to you will have gained some gratitude, affection and appreciation. The simple fact that you took the initiative and actually PLANNED an outing that didn't require anything more from her but throwing some clothes in a bag will astound her. Flowers: Flowers may sound cliché but this relatively inexpensive option should not be overlooked. Most women love flowers and will appreciate the little bit of beauty you bring into their lives. You don't have to spend a fortune at a florist-spend $15 at a local supermarket and pick up a romantic or spicy card. The most important thing to remember is to remember-get the actual day right. If you are running out the door at 5pm on Valentine's Day she'll know and your gift won't mean nearly as much. It shows a lack of appreciation and has a haphazard "had-to-do-it" feel to it.

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3 Things to Consider When Buying Her Valentine's Day Gift  

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