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Valentine's Day is for many considered to be one of the most romantic date nights of the year. Whether you are single and dating or married and part of a couple - you'll want to have a special date night on Valentine's Day. You don't have to settle for going to an expensive restaurant. There are many choices to choose from when it comes to romantic date ideas. Try recreating your first date or even one of your favorite dates. Sometimes this isn't even a very expensive date - but more of one that brings back a lot of happy memories for the two of you. That's the whole point! Imagine going to your favorite inexpensive Italian restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs or for a night of bowling with rented shoes. That night got your relationship started to where it is now. Best of all, choosing a different type of activity is likely to be less crowded and the costs will be much cheaper than going to an expensive restaurant. An excellent choice for many couples is trying a physical activity they've always wanted to try. Doing something new together can be very bonding and bring you closer together. Try beginner ballroom dance lessons or a massage class. Or even a couples yoga class. There are so many choices to select from - you'll easily find something that tickles your fancy. A physical activity often involves touching each other or simply becoming more conscious of your body. That can help your romantic life in many ways, especially for long term couples looking for a little extra sizzle. A new cuisine is also a fun choice on Valentine's Day. The key to this experience is that it is something the two of you both want to try - not simply something one of you wants to do and the other is putting up with. When you try a new experience, this newness reminds you of how you were as a new couple and can take you out of a rut. Trying a new experience like a different cuisine is most often a "safe" choice because it is a small decision but it can lead to making bigger choices you desire in your relationship.

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