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Valentine's Day - it is the perfect day to show someone how much you care. It has been a tradition for centuries to give special presents to that one individual who holds a special spot in your life. There are the usual gifts. You can give him or her roses, candy, chocolates, a stuffed animal and various "cutie" items. This year, why not come up with something different. This year, why not consider heart-shaped jewelry as one of your Feb 14th gifts? Heart Jewelry - Great Valentine's Day Gift Ideas It is true that rings are often given on Valentine's Day. This has been a common practice, a means of showing your love for someone. Yet, rings, as Valentine's Day gifts may signify more than either you or that significant other are quite ready for. What if you are either starting off in a relationship or want to try something different? You have to be careful in your selection. Gift ideas can lead to some pretty disastrous results. Slippers and practical items are not uncommon among people who do not stop and thing. This year, consider one of the best Valentine's Day gifts - heart-shaped jewelry. These are both elegant and concrete statements of how you feel about her. How to Select Heart-Shaped Jewelry Valentine's Day gift ideas are to be selected with care. The heart you choose must reflect both how you feel and her particular taste. Consider your options. Metals: Sterling silver or silver is always an excellent choice. The metal is associated with the moon. It is a reminder of love and perfection. As such, it indicates that you adore her. Gems: There are several gems from which to choose. If you are thinking diamonds, this is a great choice. It may indicate you are thinking of a ring in the future. Diamonds are also a stone of love and a force of magic. Mary Queen of Scots wore a diamond talisman. A diamond heart-shaped necklace will show her you care and want to protect her. Imperial jade is a wonderful gift. Green is associated with love that is growing. Jade is a traditional gift between lovers in China. Pearl is another gem associated with love. Pick a pink pearl and you are indicating how much you adore her. Colors: The most common color associated with love, and hence such things as Valentine's Day gifts is pink. Pink is also love imbued with friendship. If pink is too tame, consider red. Red is a

color of passionate love. It is the life's blood. It shows your significant other how deep your love goes and how love flows for you like the blood of life itself. Yet, when it comes to Valentine's Day gift ideas, simple may be best. A simple sterling silver necklace with a small silver heart is ideal. It is simple in its perfection. It indicates your sentiments without being either overwhelming or pretentious. If you are starting off your relationship, this may prove to be one of the best and most memorable of all your Valentine's Day gift ideas.

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The 6 Best Valentine's Day Gifts Ever  

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