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Tauranga Vision Probus Club

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The President’s Message

A huge thank you to Gerald for his efforts as President over the past year. He leaves big shoes (or maybe gumboots!!) to fill! Also many thanks to last year’s hardworking committee – they have been a great team. I have been a member of the club for around 11 years and am proud to be President of such a friendly and active club. I look forward to working with the new committee and hope to take part in as many activities as possible.


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Tauranga Vision Probus Newsletter April 2013

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President’s Message Dates for your Diary

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Editorial, This Month Watch your Wallet Subs Due

Marita Phillips – President

Dates for your Diary 26 April 10 May 16 May 21 May

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Hobbiton Report, Rail Trip Last Meeting, Membership

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Probus is a wonderful way to make new friendships and to enjoy the interesting speakers and various activities associated with the club. I hope everyone (and particularly new members) will take advantage of the many group activities available, which are noted on the front of the membership list under the heading of “Group Convenors”. I also highly recommend members’ participation in the numerous trips and social activities arranged by our innovative Social Convenor.

25 June 15 August

Bureta Dinner Operatunity Concert Rotorua Rail Trip Continuing Education Spkr at Historic Village Mid-winter Lunch Polytech dinner

Tauranga Vision Probus Newsletter April 2013



In the last year or two several Probus Clubs have closed in Tauranga, while Vision Probus goes from strength to strength. Why is this? Possibly because we have a committee whose thirteen members all pull their weight. We also have an assortment of groups, which are well attended, and it is great to see the support Phyllis gets for all the outings & trips that she organizes. If you have any comments, why not write a note to the editor (you can also do this on our website now). Neil Everett, Editor

Subs are now Due

If you pay your sub. ($15 per person) in cash, please put it in an envelope with your name on the outside. If you pay by cheque, an envelope is not necessary. Receipts available next meeting. Margaret Iaccarino, Treasurer

This Month Ice Breaker: Mavis Meyer Speaker: Colin Allison on making violins & playing them. Closing Thought: Bev Phipps Page 2

Our Hobbiton Trip

Railcruising @ Rotorua

At our last meeting Don Parkes gave a most interesting talk on fraud. He has kindly made available further information that I will try & include from time to time, depending on available space.

Thurs, 16th May

Your Wallet

Your wallet holds a lot of information about you. This information can be misused. Do you need the information in your wallet on a daily basis, or do you only need it occasionally? Identity documents such as your passport and driver’s licence are especially attractive for identity thieves. This is because an identity thief can either try to use these as identification, or as a source to find out more information about you. ▪ Always make sure you know where your identity documents are stored. You might want to invest in a safe or place them in a locked cabinet. Documents you rarely use can be placed in a safety deposit box. ▪ Regularly remove cards and other documents that you don't need from your wallet. ▪ If an identity document is stolen or lost, notify the police and other appropriate authorities. ▪ Keep contact numbers for your bank and other agencies where you can find them, in case you need to cancel a debit or credit card.

Tauranga Vision Probus Newsletter April 2013

Mary Davies standing before Bag End (?), home of Bilbo Baggins & Frodo.

The bus left Bureta car park at 9am and wound its way over the Kaimais to Hobbiton, which is on the other side of Matamata. We were met by Henry Horne, Hobbiton’s Marketing Manager, who looked after us for the rest of the visit. The tour starts with a drive through the picturesque 1,250 acre sheep farm with spectacular views across to the Kaimai Ranges. The Hobbit holes, Mill, and other structures created for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were viewed and we saw how this beautiful piece of Waikato farmland was transformed into The Shire from Middleearth. The tour ended with a free drink followed by a delicious lunch at the Green Dragon Inn. We returned to Tauranga at 4pm via Tirau, much to the shoppers’ delight. Page 3

We meet at Bureta at 8.45am Cost $85 (includes lunch & mystery morning tour) This Railway offers gentle curves and steep climbs with beautiful lake views and natural bush scenery. RailCruisers are designed for all weather use, with drop down sides and on-board heating. The trip is 19km return, and takes 1.5 hours. You will need warm clothing, windbreaker & camera.

Last Meeting Icebreaker Talk: None. Speaker: Don Parkes gave us a very interesting and thought provoking talk on how to keep our identity and credit cards safe. Closing Thought: Geoff Roper – “The great advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said”.

Membership Membership: 141 with 86 members present and 2 visitors

Tauranga Vision Probus Newsletter April 2013

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