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Estonian Timber Building Sector

Estonia's economy does not bear comparison to that of USA, Germany or China, and yet there are elds in which we have become leaders both in Europe and worldwide. Having already achieved international recognition in IT and cybersecurity, among others, we can now add the production of timber buildings to the list.

We believe that wood is the construction material of tomorrow. Only through the widespread use of this versatile and sustainable natural material can we hope to preserve the environment we enjoy so much today for future generations. We choose to make an impact on this future through the development of sustainable o -site production processes, through the use of our renewable natural resources especially wood and through our focus on energy e ciency. The timber building industry is actively engaged in meeting these challenges, because each challenge provides an opportunity to take a step closer to this better future.

The courage of Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster in implementing joint development projects and encouraging the sharing of knowledge and experience within the sector has led Estonia to become the biggest exporter of timber buildings in Europe by production volume. Last year, timber building exports from Estonia were valued at 321 million euros and Estonia contributed 24% of all timber buildings exported from the European Union. Nonetheless, it is clear that Estonia's timber building industry still has enormous potential and is destined for greater heights.