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ACADEMIC LIFE We will build your fall schedule on your behalf based on your responses to the Advising Placement Questionnaire, as well as your high school coursework (including Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes), academic interests, and postbaccalaureate plans. You will be able to view your fall schedule on myPugetSound in mid-July. For future semesters, you will self-register for classes after consultant with an advisor.

To ensure that you get an advising class and seminar that appeals to you, rank your top choices. After meeting with your academic adviser, you will have time during Orientation to finalize your fall schedule and make changes. You’ll have time and space in the curriculum to investigate potential majors, minors, and other academic interests. Your academic journey is just beginning!

For students interested in studying business, economics, engineering, exercise science, math, any of the natural sciences, or psychology, or students who have an interest in health professions (medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy. etc.), we ask that you complete the Math Placement Test on myPugetSound before completing the Advising Placement Questionnaire so you can select an appropriate math course in your first year. This diagnostic tool gauges your math skills in relation to our curricular offerings. That means there is no need to study for the test, nor do you need a calculator or to seek assistance to complete it. The results are only used to help you select an appropriate math course, with the placement recommendations emailed to your Puget Sound account.


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