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Chimney Repair Services When coal, oil, natural gas, wood or any other fuel is combusted in a stove, oven, fireplace, hot water boiler or industrial furnace, the hot combustion product gases that are formed are called flue gases. Those gases are generally exhausted to the ambient outside air through chimneys or industrial flue gas stacks. Chimney is a composition for escape of smoke or hot flue gases from stove, fireplace, furnace or boiler to the exterior atmosphere. Chimneys are usually vertical, or nearly possible to vertical, to ensure that the gases flow smoothly, drawing air into the combustion which is known as the stack, or chimney effect. The space inside a chimney is called flue.

Chimneys are found in steam locomotives, ships and buildings. Due to brick's limited ability to handle transverse loads, chimneys in houses were often built in a 'stack', with a fireplace on each floor of the house sharing a single chimney, often with such a stack at the front and back of the house. A chimney damper is made of a metal spring door positioned at the peak of the chimney with a long metal chain that lets to open and close the chimney from the fireplace. The chimney can be rebuilt from time to time. Cleaning a chimney pipe is extremely important whether you do it yourself or get a professional to do it for you. This is because dirty chimney pipes can be a fire hazard.

Chimney is actually a solid fuel venting system, which sounds scary and complicated. What that really means is that your chimney is responsible for removing smoke and toxic gasses from your fireplace—the byproducts of that cozy fire you’re snuggling near. Given the chimney’s importance then, it only makes sense to keep it in good repair. Your chimney has two enemies: fire and water. If it seems odd that your chimney would be vulnerable to fire, but consider that a chimney fire can reach temperatures of around 2000 degrees. Water, in the form of rain, can also damage a chimney and the house around it.

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Chimney Repair Services