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High-definition television or HD TV, is a new standard of TV with better quality picture and sound than normal TV. HD offers more colours and a higher resolution picture (twice as many horizontal lines). This can make HD TV images clearer, sharper, more detailed and very lifelike.

High-definition Blu-ray DVD players boast pictures that, providing you are watching a high-definition disc, are far superior to standard DVDs. More Blu-ray movies are hitting the shelves all the time – Amazon features about 2,500 titles and HMV has around 1,000.

The beauty of LCD and plasma TVs is that they're much slimmer than conventional televisions (about 20cm to 30cm deep compared with 50cm to 60cm deep for a 32-inch conventional TV set with a cathode ray tube). They take up less space, have bigger screens, can be mounted on walls and look incredibly stylish.

All Blu-ray players can be connected to external surround-sound decoders (such as Dolby Digital 5.1), amplifiers and speakers so you can experience ‘cinema-like’ surround sound.









As we witness the slow death of our beloved CRT TVs, we see a new debate approaching: LCD vs LED vs Plasma. These are the three main technologies available in flat screen TVs today. And most TV makers today have models in all the three technologies. Quite rarely do we see three types of technologies in one product line, all of which are produced and sold by the big players in the industry. And all the TVs have their own advantages and disadvantages. So how do you take a pick in the LCD vs LED vs Plasma TV debate? Chalenge TV is in the best position to advise you as we deal with all three of these technologies day in and day out. We are unique in that we can offer unbiased opinions for your specific needs. Challenge TV have long been a television specialist and we are very proud of our extensive knowledge. From flat LCD and Plasma tellies through to the latest technology LED and HD TVs, you can bank on our TV experience being the best around. Our comprehensive installation and sales history of plasma TVs, LED TVs, HD TVs and LCD TVs will give you the absolute best visual quality, in screen sizes reaching over 60 inches!