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Sept - Oct 2011 Inside This Issue: FOR YOUR INFORMATION ►Dare To Be You Camp ........................................2 ►Bells of Christmas ...............................................2 ►Helping New Members ........................................2 ►Thank You Waterbooth Volunteers .....................2 ►Thank You Washignton Focus ............................2 ►Congratulations to State Fair participants ...........2 ►Fairgrounds Closed Monday ...............................2 ►New 4-H Leader Training ....................................3 ►2011-2012 Enrollement .......................................3 ►Community Service Opportunity .........................3 ►National 4-H Week ..............................................4 ►Project Scholarships Available ............................4 ►Fair Board Meetings ............................................4 ►Scholarship Winners ...........................................4 ►Completions, Bylaws and Financials Due ...........4 ►Thanks To Day Camp Volunteers .......................4 ►Ford Truck Raffle WInners ..................................5 OPPORTUNITIES ►4-H Volunteers Needed .......................................6 ►Colorado Leadership Camp ................................6 ►Fair Board Applications Being Accepted .............6 ►Exhange and CWF Trip Information ....................6 ►WRLF Information ...............................................6

SHOOTING SPORTS ►Shooting Sports Council Meeting ........................7 ►Shootign Sports Instructor Reports Due .............7 ►Leader Training Remidner ..................................7

LIVESTOCK ►LIvestockCouncil Meeting ...................................7 ►Showcase Sale Meeting ......................................7 ►e-Record Graders Needed ..................................7 ►Dog, Livestock, Horse e-Record Policy ...............7

HORSE ►Horse Council ......................................................8 ►Record Book Juding ............................................8 ►Horse Judging Teams .........................................8 ►New Rule Books ..................................................8 ►Levels Testing .....................................................8 ►Horse Committee ................................................8 ►Introduction to Dressage .....................................8

DOG ►Clubs Offering the Dog Project ...........................9 ►e-Record Policy ...................................................9 ►New Dog Project Manuat ....................................9


You are invited…. Pueblo County Achievement Night When: October 21, 2011. Doors open at 6:00 p.m. Banquet begins at 6:30 p.m. Awards Show begins at 7:30 p.m. Where: Sangre De Cristo Arts Center Tickets: $9.50 for adults; $5.00 for youth 10 years and younger. Menu: Turkey, Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Green Chili, Relish Tray, Salad, Rolls & Butter, Drinks, Dessert Paid reservations are due by Friday, October 14, 2011. Dinner tickets must be purchased in advance. Each club is to designate two junior members to act as ushers. The ushers must be at the Arts Center by 6:00 p.m. Clubs are encouraged to make a table decoration depicting your 4-H club and the projects offered relating to the them. A cash prize will be awarded for the best table decoration. As an honor and thank you to our currently enrolled 4-H leaders, your meal will be paid for, but please have your reservation in by Friday, October 14th by 5:00 p.m. This is a small way to thank you for all you do for the youth development program in Pueblo County. The Washington Focus Group will conduct a silent auction and a 50/50 auction during Achievement Night.

4-H Parent/Leader Group When: October 5, 2011; 6:30 p.m. Where: CSU Extension Office, 701 Court, Suite C Meeting Agenda: Plans for the new year Nominate Meritorious Service Awards Election of Officers Officer Training — Information on what is expected of officers in clubs and officers in the Parent/Leader Group. Please plan on attending – these meetings are informative and your 4-H questions can be answered.

4-H Youth Council When: October 5, 6:30 p.m. Where: CSUE Meeting Room – 2nd floor – Suite C Agenda: Plans for Achievement Night and the 2010-2011 year, Officer discussion If you need any special accommodation(s) to participate in the events listed in this newsletter, please contact Colorado State University Cooperative Extension at 719-583-6566. Your request must be submitted at least five business days in advance of the event. Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pueblo County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all without discrimination.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Dare To Be You 4-H Camp Coming To Pueblo November 18-20! Dare To Be You Camp, a leadership camp hosted by the South Central 4-H District for 11-13 year olds and chaperones - will be in Pueblo November 18-20. We will get more information soon and will pass it on. Dare to Be You Camp, is a great opportunity to meet new friends while participating in leadership building workshops. The 4-H Foundation has $250 budgeted for scholarships. The money will be divided equally among the youth who participate.

THANK YOU WATERBOOTH VOLUNTEERS! Many of you volunteered to help sell pop/water at the Colorado State Fair. THANK YOU! The Pueblo County 4-H Foundation and Citizenship-Washington Focus group made $5000. We have been asked to run the booths again next year, and are considering it. We will let you know what we decide after evaluating the project.

Congratulations to the 2011 Colorado State Fair participants Congratulations to everyone who represented Pueblo County 4-H at the Colorado State Fair. Our members participated in Consumer Science and General exhibits, livestock, horse and dog shows, and a large variety of contests. For a list of Colorado State Fair results, see the Colorado 4-H website at: results/2011/2011-results.php

Fairgrounds Closing Mondays Beginning October 1 For your information, the Colorado State Fairgrounds will again be closed on Mondays through the fall and winter months, due to reduced staffing and budget cuts. If you use the Fairgrounds, please note Monday’s are not available. To use a facility on the Fairgrounds for a 4-H event, please contact Marnie at the CSUE office.


Thank You to our Parade banner carriers

Thank you to the Washington Focus delegation for providing concessions at the Pueblo County Fair, including Shooting Sports. We really appreciated your great food, reasonable prices and commitment to being at the entire county fair. Thank you!

We would like to thank Lauren, Nicole and Kristi Bartolo, Savannah Wertsbaugh and Trent Hockman for carrying the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners’ Banner in the State Fair Parade and the Fiesta Day Parade.

Bells of Christmas Craft Sale

Helping New Members is IMPORTANT

Tables are $40 for the first, and $15 each thereafter. Tables are assigned on a first come, first served basis. For more information call the Extension office at (719) 583-6566 or Mary Smith at 566-0637

It’s that awesome time of year again – where 4-H welcomes into its family many new members in our program! Please remember to make them feel welcome. Remember, the program can be quite overwhelming for newcomers who’ve never been associated with 4-H. Even if your club is winding down for the year – please include new families in meetings, community service, etc. It may also help new parents feel welcome by asking them to help with some small things in the club – like get acquainted games, helping organizing a community service project, or helping plan a year end party.

The Washington Focus group will be helping with the concession stand, but we need your help, too! If any leaders, youth or parents would like to donate some time at the stand, please call the Extension office.

Also tell new families to watch for an invitation and information on the 4-H 101 New Family and Volunteer Welcome Night!. It was a huge success last year and many people have found it helped them better understand the program.

The 2011 Bells of Christmas Craft Sale will be held on December 3 and 4 in the Creative Arts Building at the Colorado State Fairgrounds.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION Don’t Miss the Latest 4-H Information and Important Reminders! The Extension Office is using our web site and our Pueblo County 4-H Facebook Page to share the latest news and information. We are also putting many deadlines and other reminders on Facebook. If you haven’t signed up for our Facebook page, GO FOR IT!. Check our website regularly for late breaking information too!

New 4-H Leader Training If you are interested in being involved in 4-H or know someone who would be a good 4-H Leader, please have them call us for more information and an application! As we recruit new 4-H members, it’s also important that we train new, qualified leaders. Our program can only grow if the number of great volunteers grows! New leader training is hosted once a month. To attend training, we must have received your application and have completed the screening process. Remember – there are different types of leaders – we can work with you to find a position that fits the time you have to volunteer! If you have any questions, please call Vanessa

2011-2012 4-H Enrollment The 2011-2012 4-H year begins October 1st. Enrollment forms will be mailed to club leaders soon.

Community Service Hello from the 4-H Million Trees Project Progress to date: 38,276 4-H youth have planted 277,037 trees 4HMT aims to plant 1,000,000 trees, so we need your help! 4HMT invites all 4-H clubs and units to join together to plant trees to beautify their communities and help slow global climate change. This is a super fun service-learning project, that also gives youth excellent opportunities to advance life skills. For example, all across the continent: * 4-Hers are giving speeches and presentations to teach their peers about the importance of trees, and gaining valuable public speaking experience. * 4-Hers gain confidence as they contact people to organizing their tree planting events. * 4-H youth leaders meet the movement's youth development goals as they give other kids opportunities to plant trees in local and global community service. Your 4-H club or unit is invited to join 4HMT * Visit, read through the youthdeveloped site, and plan your tree planting events for the 2011-2012 4-H year. * Click on the Join Us tab and fill out the secure registration form * "Like" us on our Facebook Fan Page—http:// Please feel free to contact us via the website form, on Facebook, or at 4hmilliontrees at gmail dot com. "Every day is a good day to plant a tree."

$35.00** per member for up to two projects One additional project can be added for $5.00* Enrollment for Cloverbuds is $20.00** Returning 4-H members enrollments are due by February 15. New member enrollments and add/drops are due by March 15 *REMINDER: 4-H youth may enroll in no more than three projects. Each 4-H member is expected to complete ALL of the projects in which they are enrolled; that means completing a record book for each of those projects and exhibiting their project (preferably at the Pueblo County Fair except under special circumstances). We understand that each 4-H member and their family has time constraints, and by taking a reasonable amount of projects that can be completed, the member will feel successful, enjoy their 4-H experience, and increase their knowledge. If a family feels their 4-H member has the time and resources to take and complete more than three projects, they may request permission in writing, by sending the request in writing to Vanessa. Enrollment scholarships based on financial need are available. Please call the Extension Office for an application.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION 4-H Scholarship Winners 2011 Pueblo County 4-H Foundation Scholarships: Nicole Bartolo: KELO Scholarship Nicole Bartolo: Violet Hyberger Memoiral Devon Bottini: Anthony Ingo Memorial Hillary Brown: Optimists Danielle Hartman: Friends of the Fair Kiwanis Scholarship: Devon Bottini Farmers’ Marketeers’ Scholarships: High School: Jami Craig, Angela Gonzales, Danielle Hartman College: Ethan Beeman, Hillary Brown, Jessica Hartman, Jennifer Johnston

National 4-H Week – October 2-8 Join The Revolution Of Responsibility National 4-H Week is October 2-8. If your 4-H Club or group would like to promote 4-H during that week, materials are available. The 2011 National 4-H Week promotional kit’s theme is ―Join the Revolution of Responsibility‖. We are proud to celebrate that 4-H remains an amazing youth program—for over 100 years in Colorado! The kit is designed to include all the great marketing and media relations materials necessary to help you successfully promote National 4-H Week events and activities in your school or community. If you are conducting a promotion – please call Marnie and let her know what you might like. We can print posters and flyers and bookmarks. Materials are also available at

4-H Project Scholarships Available Up to twenty, $75 project scholarships are available to youth. Scholarships will be on a first come first served basis and will be considered on completeness of application. Please submit a short application with the following information: Name Age e-mail address for you/parent 4-H Club Projects you plan to take How the scholarship would benefit your project work (including a very simple budget)

September & October Fair Board Meetings When:

Wednesday -- September 21, 2011 -- 6:30 p.m. Wednesday - October 19, 2011 -- 6:30 p.m. Where: CSU Extension Office, 701 Court Street, Suite C Anyone is welcome to attend the meeting, but please call the Extension office at (719) 583-6566 if you wish to be added to the agenda.

Thank You Day Camp Volunteers Pueblo County 4-H successfully planned and hosted our SEVENTH 4-H Adventure Day Camp! Camp was awesome – thank you to all the TERRIFIC Pueblo County 4-H volunteer leaders and youth! We provided a special 4-H opportunity for about 100 low income youth in Pueblo that wouldn’t have had the chance to learn and have fun without YOU! We are very proud! A very special thank you to Rotary #43 Foundation and Crossroads Turningpoint for their generous grants to make ADC possible. We couldn’t do it without them.

Club Completion Reports, Club And Council Financial Reports And Organizational Plans Club completion reports will be mailed in September. Organizational Club Leaders are requested to return them no later than September 26. This report is required! It helps us in printing member certificates for Achievement Night and to report youth participation numbers to the State 4-H Office. Completion Reports due September 26 or earlier 4-H Organizational Club Leaders/Council Presidents and Treasurers will receive financial reporting forms in the mail. It is required that you return the completed financial report, an inventory of all club or group-owned property and an updated copy of the club or group bylaws. This is a requirement of the IRS and of National 4-H Council, in order to maintain our tax exempt status. If your club doesn’t have a checking account, please note that on the form. You must return the form to continue having a checking account. Due October 3 to CSUE or earlier Clubs are also required to complete and turn in a Club Organizational Plan each year. It helps the club members and families know what will happen throughout the year and it is a way for clubs to plan for the year. Due December 30 or earlier


FOR YOUR INFORMATION 2011 COLORADO 4-H FORD TRUCK RAFFLE/GIVEAWAY The Rocky Mountain Ford Stores donated a 2011 Ford XLT F150 4X4 pickup truck to help raise funds for 4-H. Tickets were sold through September by Foundation Board members, Extension staff, 4-H members and leaders. The drawing was held September 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm at the Colorado State Fair. Winners were: 2011 Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Heide Gudelman, Austin, TX

$750 Cash

Jason Baker, Loveland, CO

$750 Cash

Ester Worker, Broomfield, CO

$500 Cash

Preston & Janey Wood, Spriner, NM

Gas Grill

Chris Stellmach, Colorado Springs, CO

The Colorado 4-H Foundation also wishes to thank everyone that bought tickets in support of our raffle. Watch for details of next year's raffle coming in January 2012

Thank You For Selling 4-H Truck Raffle Tickets The Colorado 4-H Foundation thanks you for selling raffle tickets for the 4-H truck. The truck was given away to a lucky winner during the Colorado State Fair. 40% of each ticket sold will be returned to the club responsible for the sale. Thank you to Colorado Ford dealers for donating the truck! It is a terrific fundraiser for Colorado 4-H.


OPPORTUNITIES 4-H Volunteers Needed We will begin the 4-H After School program soon and need dedicated youth leaders and adults to teach youth 1-5 graders. Please call Pam at 583-6566 for additional information.

Colorado Leadership Camp (CLC) Date: Where: Grades: Cost:

Nov. 11-13 Glenwood Springs, CO 6–9th $110 which includes lodging, meals, and workshops.

Fair Board Applications Being Accepted Now Applications are currently available for the Pueblo County Fair Board. If you know someone who would be great – ask them to apply. There will be one vacancy beginning January 2012. The Fair Board works with the fair superintendents, Showcase Sale Committee, CSU Extension Staff, 4-H Foundation and others to help plan, organize and host the County Fair. Applications are due to Pueblo County by October 28 . Applications are online at Click on ―Pueblo County Boards and Commissions‖.

How do Exchange and Washington Focus Trips Happen? In Pueblo County, we have been fortunate to have enough participation and support to maintain out of state exchange trips and the Citizenship Washington Focus (CWF) trip for older youth. Basically, the trips are on a 3-year rotating basis. You must have completed the ninth grade or be 15 as of June 1st of the travel year 4-H Exchange Trip – Pueblo County hosted an 4-H exchange group from Pennsylvania in the summer of 2010. Our Pueblo delegation traveled to Pennsylvania in the summer of 2011. The exchange delegation raises money to host and to travel to the exchange state, but it is generally a lot less money than is required for Citizenship Washington Focus, because you stay in peoples homes for the Exchange. CWF – Youth applied in October 2010 for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip in order to fundraise enough to travel in summer of 2012. If enough youth are interested and apply – the rotation will be as follows: 2012 – Apply for Exchange in the Fall. 2013 – travel on Exchange Trip in the summer 2013 – apply for Citizenship-Washington Focus in the Fall 2014 – host Exchange Trip in the summer 2015 – travel on Citizenship-Washington Focus in the summer

Western Regional 4-H Leaders Forum – January 12-15 in Cheyenne, Wyoming REGISTRATION NOW OPEN! Online registration is now available at d/9cq7s5/1Q. Early bird registration is available for $225 until November 1. Registration will close on December 15, 2011. It is not necessary to pre-register for workshops; they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis at the event. Photos of apparel and souvenirs can be found online at HOTEL INFORMATION The host hotel for WRLF is The Historic Plains Hotel in Cheyenne. A special rate of $99 per night is available to conference participants. Reservations can be made now by contacting them at 307-638-3311 and mentioning you are attending the event. This rate will not be available after December 12, 2011 so be sure to reserve yours early! Pueblo County is planning to take a van to Cheyenne. Let Vanessa know if you are interested in going on the ROAD TRIP! The CSU Extension Office in Pueblo County is offering up to six $200 scholarships to volunteers who attend the event. The Parent Leader Group will also offer $1,000.000 toward registration to be divided between participants. Cost should be minimal to participants. 6

SHOOTING SPORTS Shooting Sports Instructor Reports Due October 3

Shooting Sports Council Meeting November 3, 7:00 p.m. CSU Extension Meeting Room Club representatives please plan to attend! All shooters and parents are welcome to attend. Thanks to all 4-H Shooting sports leaders, parents, and youth for another GREAT 4-H Shooting Sports year!!

Reminder: all shooting sports volunteer leaders must complete the instructor report yearly. It is due to CSUE by October 3. The local level reports need to be filled out by each instructor and turned in to the county office so the data can be compiled for the county summary report. Reports were emailed to people, but can also be obtained through the Extension Office. Reports may be sent electronically or hard copies submitted to Vanessa.

Reminder!! As a reminder, if you have any youth in your club interested in enrolling in the Shooting Sports Projects, the club the youth is a member of must have a certified shooting sports instructor in every discipline in which any youth are enrolled. If your club doesn’t meet this requirement, there still are ways to make it happen (get leaders certified or join another club for shooting. Contact the extension office or Ron Brown ( for information.

LIVESTOCK Dog, Livestock And Horse E-Records Dog, livestock and horse e-records must score a minimum of 70% (red ribbon) to be able to show that species at the 2012 Fair. Books not meeting the minimum score will be returned to the member, and will have one week to be updated to an adequate score.

Livestock Council Meeting – November 10 November 10 at 6:30 p.m. Extension Office. Remember – any recommendations in County Fair scheduling or procedures must be discussed and voted on by Livestock Council, before being recommended to the Fair Board. Each club with livestock has 2 votes at the meetings, but everyone is encouraged to attend, including Superintendents.

E-Record Graders Needed! Volunteer parents and leaders are still needed to help grade livestock e-records on September 22 and 29 from 6-10 p.m. at the Extension Office. We ask that each club with livestock projects provide at least 3 people to help in the round robin process of grading record books. Please call Vanessa to volunteer. There will be an orientation and discussion to set standards when we begin. For consistency, volunteers should plan to attend all grading sessions, unless we have enough volunteers that each volunteer would only have to judge one age division. The parents and leaders who have helped in the past said they are much better equipped to help the youth in their clubs complete e-records correctly. PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

ATTENTION! ATTENTION! Showcase Sale Meeting October 12 6:30 p.m. CSU Extension Office Meeting Room 2011-2012 officers and species representatives must attend! We will discuss new duties and executive adult committee responsibilities. The following were elected at the May 2011 Mandatory Meeting: Poultry-Emily Smith, Taylor Senger Sheep-Colton DiSanti, Joe Vigil Beef-Jacob Barker, Colton Mosco Swine-Ashlee Hanratty, Aaron Mauro Goat-Jessica Barker, Maverick Wells Rabbit-Johanna Klein, Kristi Bartolo President-Laney Sheppard Vice President-Britani DiSanti Secretary-Kodie Sheppard 3yr Advisor Jason Baker 2yr Leona VerSteegh 1yr Advisor Tom Sheppard


HORSE Horse Council The Horse Council Meetings for the fall season will be held in the auditorium at the Colorado State Fairgrounds at 6:30 pm. Meetings: October 4 and November 8. NOTE CHANGE OF OCTOBER MEETING We will start discussions about the 2012 County Fair and any rule changes that might need to be made. All changes must to be to the Fair Board by January, 2012. Election of Officers Sign up for various committees We will be forming a horse committee to look at changes that need to be made for the 2012 Pueblo County Fair. These rule changes will also effect the Spring and Summer Shows. We would like to have at least one person from each club on this committee. Be proactive and sign up to review the rules for YOUR horse shows. Call or email Carol in the Extension Office at 719-583-6576 or

Record Book Judging – Horses More people are still needed to help judge horse record books. Record books were due in the Extension Office on September 7. This is a great opportunity to help members of your family or your club to learn the correct way to do their records. We will meet September 22 and 29 to grade record books at 6:00 p.m. Call Carol as soon as possible.

Horse Judging Teams We are very fortunate to have Randi and Stephanie Jameson as coaches of our junior and senior horse judging teams. They competed in several contests throughout the summer and did very well. Congratulations and thanks goes to the coaches, parents, and participants who make it all possible to have such great teams! Keep up the good work!! Once again the Senior Team and now the Junior team placed first at the American Paint Horse Association Youth World Competition. Congratulations to Aubrey Jameson, Rebecca Lane, Taylor Hadden, Britani DiSanti, Rebecca & Kaitlyn Lane and two junior members from El Paso County. You girls are AWESOME!

Horse Clean Up A special thank you to all who volunteered their time to help clean up after the Little Britches Rodeo at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in August. A total of 463 stalls were cleaned and $4630.00 was deposited in our Horse Council Account. It was a great moneymaker for 4-H Horse Council. Thanks also goes to the 4-H leaders and parents who helped plan and carry out this huge task. You are AWESOME!!!! Our appreciation goes to Mr. Robert Lay, Little Britches Board Member and Kimber Solberg for this opportunity.

NOTICE — There will be a new Horse Rule Book this year. Cost for the new book will be announced soon.

Ten Commandments of Sportsmanship 1.

―GOLDEN RULE‖ – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. 2. Enjoy yourself and promote enjoyment for everyone. 3. Be responsible for your actions. 4. Have an open mind to others’ weaknesses and have a forgiving attitude. 5. Have pride in one’s performance and one’s 4-H club. 6. Be a friend – not an enemy – create a positive environment. 7. Encourage others to do or be their best. 8. Sportsmanship should be contagious. 9. Remember it is a privilege to participate 10. Practice sportsmanship in all situations at all costs.

Levels Testing I want to congratulate all 4-H members who tried so hard and succeeded in leveling up in 2010/2011. Tyler Quintana leveled up to Level 3 Ranch Horse. Keep up the good work. The levels program is a valuable tool for leaders and youth to determine (regardless of age) how you can evaluate a 4-H members’ experience as a horse person. Level testing is an important part of the 4-H Horse Project. Youth should be encouraged to ―test up‖ if you as a leader feel they are ready. Packets are available in our office for the levels testing. Local horse leaders can administer the Level 1 written and riding test. Level II must be administered by a certified leader and Level III and IV must be administered by an ―outside the county‖ certified person. If you are interested in ―leveling up‖, please contact your 4-H leader and/or Carol in the Extension Office so arrangements can be made. Leader level certification is held at various times and places and will be announced soon.

2011-2012 Horse Committee Want to have a say in the rules for Spring, Summer and County Fair for next year – well here is your opportunity. We are now taking names to help review rules for the 2011-2012 year. Any adult or older youth can serve on this committee. If you are a parent or leader and are interested in serving, please contact Carol in the Extension Office as soon as possible. Remember suggestions go through two readings at Horse Council, then passed on to Fair Board. Also remember, these are only recommendations – the Fair Board will have final say on all rules in the fair book. We will have a committee sign up at the October Horse Council Meeting.

INTRODUCTION TO WESTERN DRESSAGE – This fun workshop is being presented by Cliff Swanson at Hill’s Inddor/Outdoor Arena in Walsenburg on September 24 & 25th. For more information or to register, contact Lisa Northup at 719742-5510. Cost $175/horse & rider. 8

DOG Dog Project: Now is the time to think about your 4-H enrollment. Mighty Dogs, Pueblo Pups and Hounds, and Greenhorn Kickers are accepting new members for the 2011-2012 year. Please contact the following leaders for more information about the dog project: Donna Darnell – Mighty Dogs (meets on Thursdays at the fair grounds) 947-0615 Erin Sneed – Pups and Hounds (meets on Tuesdays at the fair grounds) 406-3393 Gail Kingrey in Rye – email Gail at: for more information about their meeting times.

CONGRATULATIONS Congratulations to all the youth who participated in the State Fair 4-H Dog Show. You did a wonderful job and we are very proud of your achievements. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time to help with this show – it couldn’t have been done without all the help we receive from Pueblo County 4-H youth, parents, and leaders. Keep up the good work!!

Dog E-Record Policy Youth MUST receive a minimum of 70% on their 2011 dog ERecords to be eligible to show that project at the 2012 Pueblo County Fair. If the youth did not show the project at the 2011 county fair, and did not drop the project by the add/drop date of March 15 and intends to show the project at the 2012 county fair, the youth is still responsible for completing a record book to avoid a score of 0%.

New Manual There will be a new Dog manual for the 2011/2012 year. It is quite a comprehensive manual that families can keep for their children’s entire 4-H dog career. Because of the cost o the book, leaders should order one per family. New tests will be taken from this new manual but a study guide will be provided to members.

Thank you to Evraz Rocky Mountain Steel Thank you to Ervaz Rocky Mountain Steel for their sponsorship of the dog awards at the 2011 Pueblo County Fair. Please be sure to thank this donor.

Thank You to Pueblo Donors A special thank you to the Pueblo Humane Society, Tina’s Grooming, Timberwolf Pet Products, Southern Colorado Kennel Club, and Loaf-n-Jug for their continued support of the youth in Pueblo County and the entire state.


4-H LEADER NOTES Details of deadlines, events, etc, are inside the newsletter. All dates are subject to change and more dates will be added as locations/times are confirmed. MEETINGS:

4-H DEADLINES: October 3 -- Shooting Sports Annual Instructor Reports Due October 3 -- Club and Council Financial Reports and ByLaws Due October 14 -- Achievement Night Reservations Due November 4 -- Dare To Be You Camp Applications Due December 30 -- Club organizational plan due

EVENTS: October 2-8 -- National 4-H Week October 21 -- Achievement Night - Arts Center November 11-13 -- Colorado Leadership Camp November 18-20 -- Dare To Be You Camp December 3-4 -- Bells of Christmas Craft Sale

SEPTEMBER 21 — Fair Board 22 — Grade Horse/Livestock e-Records 29 — Grade Horse/Livestock e-Records

NOVEMBER 3 — Shooting Sports Council 8 — Horse Council 10 — Livestock Council 16 — Fair Board

DECEMBER OCTOBER 3, 4 — Bells of Christmas Craft 4 — Horse Council Show 5 — Youth Council 21 — Fair Board 5 — 4-H Parent/Leader Group 5 — National Youth Sciences Day 12 — Showcase Sale Fall Meeting 19 — Fair Board 21 — 4-H Achievement Night

Character Counts! Commentary by Michael Josephson Shopping-Cart Virtue We printed this in the newsletter last year and had several requests to re-print it. According to a story in the book Hugs for Dad by John William Smith, a father asked his son after grocery shopping to return their cart to the retrieval area. Although it would have taken only a minute, the son protested. “C’mon, Dad,” he said, “There are carts all over the lot. None of those people returned theirs. No one expects them to.” Then Mom chimed in. “For heaven’s sake, they pay people to collect the carts. Returning one more won’t change the history of the world. Let’s just go.” Dad was about to surrender when he saw an elderly couple walking together to return their cart. After a moment, he said to his wife and son, “We’re not responsible for what other people do, but we are responsible for what we do. There are two kinds of people: those who put their carts away and those who don’t. We put our carts away because that’s the kind of people we are.” This story isn’t just about grocery carts. It’s about putting principles above convenience and doing the right thing in a world that seems to promote rationalizations and excuses that demean or trivialize simple acts of virtue. There are two kinds of people: those who find the strength to do what they ought to and those who find excuses not to. People of character do the right thing even if no one else does, not because they think it will change the world but because they refuse to be changed by the world. This is Michael Josephson reminding you that character counts.

Vanessa Tranel Extension Agent 4-H/Youth

Pam Neelan Community Coordinator

Carol Kuhns 4-H Coordinator 10

September/October 2011 4-H Newsletter  

This is the Sep/Oct 2011 newsletter.