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March/April 2012 Highlights Inside This Issue: FOR YOUR INFORMATION

►Fair Board Meeting ...................................................2 ►Add/Drop Date ..........................................................2 ►Report Forms Due ....................................................2 ►Enrollment Policy ......................................................2 ►Door Policy ...............................................................2 ►New to 4-H? ..............................................................3 ►Cloverbud Information...............................................3 ►Contest Day Information ...........................................4 ►e-Record Workshop ..................................................5 ►Truck Tickets ............................................................6 ►4-H Camp and Counselors........................................6 ►National 4-H History Congress..................................6


►Volunteer Opportunity ................................................... 7 ►Cloverbud Camp .......................................................... 7 ►Citizenship Opportunity with PTEPP ............................. 7 ►Citizenship/Leadership Awards ..................................... 8 ►Robotics Training .......................................................... 8 ►Pueblo County Scholarships ......................................... 9 ►Contest Day Information ............................................. 10 ►Contest Day Registration Form ................................... 11 ►Performing Arts Registration Form.............................. 12


►Safety Clinics ..........................................................13 ►Show Dates ............................................................ 13 ►Horse Tests ............................................................ 13 ►Horse Council ......................................................... 13 ►Horse Judging......................................................... 13 ►Horse Bowl ............................................................. 13 ►Changes to Horse Show ......................................... 14 ►Ride for St. Jude ..................................................... 15


►Show and Test Dates.............................................. 15 ►Award Sponsors Needed ........................................ 15 ►State Dog Committee Meetings ..............................15 ►Test Policty ............................................................. 15 ►Dog Project Changes .............................................. 16


►MQA/PQA ............................................................... 17 ►Showcase Sale Meeting .........................................17 ►COOL Forms .......................................................... 17 ►Beef Weigh-in ........................................................ 18 ►Sheep & Goat Weigh In .......................................... 18 ►Swine Ear Tagging and Ear Notch Cards................18 ►2012 Livestock test and MQA policy .......................18


►Shooting Sports Council Information .......................19 ►Mandatory Shoots ................................................... 19 ►Hunter Safety Course ............................................. 19 ►Leader Certification Training Info and Dates ...........19 ►Community Service Project ..................................... 19


Please join us for an evening of Learning of more about the 4-H program!

“4-H 201” Part Two of New Parent and Volunteer Welcome Night Learn about the 4-H program from spring to summer: Dates; deadlines; County Fair; county fair entries; e-records; projects; Project interviews; report forms; summer activities and more!

April 26 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Creative Arts Building—State Fairgrounds Dinner will be served Prizes! Materials! Fun! Everyone is welcome~ No matter how long you’ve been in 4-H! Please R.S.V.P. by April 19 Please let us know if childcare is required. Call 583-6566

Sponsored by 4-H Parent-Leader Group and CSU Extension in Pueblo County

April 15 – 21 is National Volunteer Appreciation Week Volunteers don't get paid, not because they're worthless, but because they're priceless. ~Sherry Anderson Even though there are not enough words to express our gratitude to all the 4-H volunteers in Pueblo, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! You continue making a difference in the lives of our youth, in their families and in our community. That difference will be evident for many years to come. If you need any special accommodation(s) to participate in the events listed in this newsletter, please contact Colorado State University Extension at 719-583-6566. Your request must be submitted at least five business days in advance of the event. Colorado State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Pueblo County cooperating. Extension programs are available to all without discrimination.

FOR YOUR INFORMATION State 4-H Contest Requirements

COUNTY FAIR DATES July 6 — July 14, 2012

The 2012 Colorado State Fair 4-H requirements are now available on the 4-H State website,

Fair Board Meetings When: March 21 and April 18 Time: 6:30 p.m. Where: CSUE Meeting Room, 701 Court Street. Call the Extension Office if you wish to be on the agenda.

Report Forms - Date Due August 13 If you are unfamiliar with Report Forms, ask someone in your club who has done a RF or ask the office. It is a great way to track your 4-H work, experiences, leadership, citizenship and community service. Youth must complete RF’s to be eligible for trips, awards and to be a camp counselor. There will be a Report Form workshop July 24.

Successful 4-H 101 New Parent and Volunteer Training Thank you to all those who attended and supported our first 4-H 101 – it was a huge success! As a follow up – a 4-H 201 is being planned to communicate more about record books, projects and county fair. Watch the newsletter for details. A very special thank you to the planning committee and the 4-H Parent-Leader Group for hosting the event!

Enrollment Policy The following enrollment fee is in effect for the 2011-2012 year: New member enrollments and add/ A $35.00 fee will cover drops on the Drop/Add Form are due the enrollment for up to two by March 15, 2012 projects One additional project can be added for $5.00 Enrollment fee for Cloverbuds will be $20.00 4-H youth may enroll in no more than three projects during one year. Each 4-H member is expected to complete ALL of the projects in which they are enrolled; that means completing a record book for each of those projects and exhibiting their project (preferably at the Pueblo County Fair except under special circumstances). We understand that each 4-H member and their family has time constraints, and by taking a reasonable amount of projects that can be completed, the member will feel successful, enjoy their 4-H experience, and increase their knowledge. If a family feels their 4-H member has the time and resources to take and complete more than three projects, they may write a letter or send a short email to Vanessa explaining how they plan to complete all their projects.

Congratulations Officers Eighteen 4-H members attended and were trained at the 4-H Officer and Leadership Training in February. Congratulations to: Jacob Allen -- Nomads; McKinzie Crain -- Greenhorn Kickers Vice President; Serena Goodsell -- Mesa Misfits Vice President; Laura Jimison -- Pups and Hounds Vice President; Caitlin Johnston -- Pups and Hounds Pledge Leader; Nick Johnston -Pups and Hounds President; Cate Little -- Greenhorn Kickers Recorder; Hanna Morris -- County Kids Secretary; Trevor Reese -- Mesa Misfits President; Shania Roberts -- PWT/ Pups Secretary; Sarah Robles -- Mesa Misfits Secretary; Regina Romero -- Kidz Kreations Secretary; Kaily Smith -- Greenhorn Kickers Treasurer; Paul Sopko -- Mesa Misfits; Stacy Steinbeck -High Plains President; Sierra Williams – BMWs Parliamentarian; Catie Wolyn -- Greenhorn Kickers Secretary; Molly Wolyn -Greenhorn Kickers.

Door Policy For Night Meetings Add/Drop And New Members Enrollment Deadline-March 15 March 15 is the last day to add or drop projects for the 20112012 4-H year. Please use the add/drop form that requires a signature, so we can have accurate records. New members must be enrolled by 5:00 p.m. on March 15. Animal care and housing forms are also due that day for youth enrolling in horse, livestock and small animal projects.


REMINDER: We are co-located with the District Attorney’s Office. The DA has the second highest security in the county (second only to the jail). Due to the nature of the business of the DA’s office, we are not able to unlock the doors for meetings after 5:00 p.m. Therefore, we will have to physically stand at the door on the first floor and let people in. Our policy is – we will be at the door 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting. We will make strong effort to start all meetings on time. Please do not be late, because someone will have to leave the meeting to let you in. If you need to come to our office earlier than 10 minutes prior to the meeting, please call us to make those arrangements. Thank you!

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Cloverbud Information Is Your Family New To 4-H? Welcome to the nation’s premier youth organization! We are happy your family has chosen to be a part of 4-H! We hope you will find 4-H to be an enjoyable and educational experience for the whole family. Our goal is to make 4-H as user friendly as possible. Here are some ways that you can ease the stress (yes, we realize that the first year can be rather intimidating) that comes to most families during their first year. Read your newsletter – This is our main method of communication. The newsletter is also on line at CSU Extension will enforce all deadlines. Keep a calendar for each 4-H’er in your family – Write down events attended, activities participated in, and if applicable, trainings attended. This type of information will greatly reduce the stress at record book time. Don’t be afraid to say “I’ll help”- 4-H is a volunteer lead organization. You probably have a talent that some youngsters need. Jump right in; your leaders will be happy and you will quickly get acquainted with other parents and with 4-H procedures.  Attend 4-H club meetings – This is a monthly chance for your 4-H’er to interact with their peers and to start learning new life skills. It is also a chance for you as a parent to learn what you can do to help your child. Few 4-H’ers succeed without parental involvement! Ask! Ask! Ask! – Never be shy about asking who, what, where, when or why. Ask your leaders, ask an “old timer” parent, or call our office. We would be happy to spend a few minutes answering your question so you don’t have to try to figure a way to fix a problem later. And for leaders and experienced 4-H parents – Remember how you felt the first year your children were in 4-H? Be free with your explanations and helpful tips. Remember, we are all in the 4-H Youth Development Program together.

Call for 4-H Hall of Fame Honorees The 4-H Parent/Leader Group is in need of additional names for honorees for the 4-H Leader Hall of Fame are as follows:  Retired leaders or  Leaders past the age of 65 or  Leaders with 20 years or more of service. If you have any dedicated leader’s names that you would like added to this list, please contact Carol in the Extension Office. The Hall of Fame Award will be voted on at the next Parent/ Leader Meeting in April.

The following is a link with the Cloverbud National 4-H Policy for your review: docs/2010/fs-cloverbuds.pdf. Below are three paragraphs from the policy that address the items of activity-focused vs. projectfocused and the difference between Cloverbud members and regular members of 4-H. This should be helpful for those of you that have asked if Cloverbuds can take projects like dog, beef or shooting sports. Cloverbuds MAY NOT PARTICIPATE IN ANY FORM OF SHOOTING SPORTS OR ANIMAL PROJECTS. They may learn things like safety, breeds, colors, caring for etc. but are not allowed to shoot or handle animals as a part of the 4-H Youth Development Program. “The overall purpose of the 4-H Cloverbuds program is to foster the development of life skills that are essential for the cognitive, social, emotional and physical maturation of Kindergarten through 3rd graders by providing a unique educational opportunity. Children in these grades are a distinct audience for 4-H, with unique learning characteristics and developmental needs that are different from older children and youth served through 4-H membership. As a result, the 4-H Cloverbuds program is designed with specific educational objectives and program policies focused on the kindergarten-3rd grade child. 4-H Cloverbuds programs are activity-focused and not project-focused and built on cooperative learning, rather than competitive activities. 4-H Cloverbuds members participate in occasional, non-competitive, sampler-type, age-appropriate, properly supervised events or activities sponsored or conducted by 4-H groups. 4-H Cloverbuds members do not participate in the ongoing, planned series of activities, whether it is a 4-H Shooting Sports program (e.g. archery, air gun, hunting, etc.), science project, an animal project (e.g. raising of cows, sheep) or any of the project areas of 4-H. The primary difference between a 4-H Cloverbuds activity and a 4-H project is that a Cloverbuds member engages in varied activities which focus on developing a specific skill or concept utilized in completing the activity rather than focusing on a long-term planned course of study in a specific project (subject) area. As a result, 4-H Cloverbuds members should not have ongoing projects, of any kind – including animal projects – nor should they participate as competitive exhibitors with animals – large or small, because within the 4-H program, exhibits are intended to showcase the culmination of a long-term project.” Recruiting and maintaining 5-7 year olds into the 4-H program is a great way to incorporate them into the program and encourage them to join when they are “traditional” 4-H age. It’s also a great way to provide older youth and additional parents in your 4-H club leadership opportunities. If you need help or ideas working with Cloverbuds – please call Pam, Carol or Vanessa. We have a lot of resources.


FOR YOUR INFORMATION “Purple Up! For Military Kids” Friday, April 13 April marks the nation’s “Month of the Military Child,” a time to honor youth impacted by deployment. In celebration, Colorado Operation: Military Kids (OMK), part of the 4-H Youth Development program of CSU Extension, invites you to join the 1st annual “Purple Up! For Military Kids.” We are encouraging everyone across the state of Colorado to wear purple on Friday, April 13, as a visible way to show support and thank military children for their strength and sacrifices. Purple is the color that symbolizes all branches of the military, as it is the combination of Army green, Coast Guard blue, Air Force blue, Marine red and Navy blue. OMK hopes everyone will take this opportunity to appreciate and celebrate these young heroes.  Be creative….the goal is for military youth to actually see the support of their community! Need some ideas to get you started?  Ask local, regional, and state officials to wear purple on April 13.  Spread the word by inviting newspaper and media outlets to feature a story about Purple Up! For Military Kids.  Involve area schools, sports teams, youth organizations and clubs, afterschool programs, recreation departments.  Engage the Chamber of Commerce, fraternal organizations, social clubs, and Rotary groups.  Request local businesses post a Purple Up! message on their roadside signs, and ask their employees to wear purple.  Ask stores and restaurants to offer a discount to all patrons who wear purple.  Invite coworkers, members of your spiritual community, exercise class, or golf league to join you in showing support for the military youth in your town. Remember to send us your photos to post on the Colorado OMK website, where military youth and families from across the state will see them.

Contest Day – April 21 If you weren’t sure about entering in Contest Day this year – plan to join us to see contests to see what they are like. All events are held at the State Fairgrounds on April 21. Creative Cooks Contest – 9:00 a.m. – Creative Arts Building Cake Decorating Contest – 10:30 a.m. – Creative Arts Building Performing Arts Contest – 12:00 p.m. – Creative Arts Building Demonstration Contest – 1:00 p.m. – Cultural Heritage Building

Display Boards For Fair Projects Available In The Office We have a supply of white display boards that meet the exhibit guidelines for size for County Fair. You may purchase them for $3

E-Record Workshops Please don’t wait to work on e-records or look at them until right before they are due! E-records are an important part of the 4-H project and the 4-H program. There will be two e-record workshops conducted in Pueblo by the state 4-H office. Leaders, parents and youth – please plan to attend one or both of them! General and Consumer Science E-Record Workshop May 17 , 6:00 p.m. – 7:15 p.m. Livestock, Horse and Small Animal E-Record Workshop May 17, 7:30 – 8:45 p.m. NEW THIS YEAR: Club leaders will grade and score their clubs livestock e-records – plan to attend the training! Also, horse and shooting sports e-records will be graded using the round robin grading process – please plan to attend the training so you can accurately grade e-records.

Deadlines, Deadlines, Deadlines…

The Office will strictly enforce all deadlines. Remember, meeting deadlines is a valuable life skill. Our office will make it a priority to get information out in a timely manner, so that you have time to meet the deadlines. Occasionally, if we’ve gotten information late or after the newsletter has gone out for the month, deadlines will be shorter.

Pueblo County 4-H, Pueblo County 4-H Alumni, Horse Council and the Dog Project all have a page on Facebook. Search for them directly or go to the following URLs and “like” them to keep up with all the news! 4

FOR YOUR INFORMATION Livestock, Dog and Horse Policy Reminder REMINDER WHEN ENROLLING: All livestock enterprises, horse, dog, poultry and rabbit records must achieve a score of 70% or more to be eligible to show in that project or projects in the following year’s Pueblo County Fair. Youth with e-Records not meeting the minimum requirement will be given one week after the grading of books to update/correct the book to meet the standard. Your 2012 E-record score will be used for eligibility to show in the 2013 Pueblo County Fair. Anyone with a learning disability should provide us with a letter from your school Special Education Teacher. NOTE: The deadline to drop projects is March 15 by 5 p.m. If you do not drop a livestock, dog or horse project by that date, you are still responsible for completing the record book. This gives you an opportunity to set goals and plan ahead to complete your projects. You must fill out an add/drop form to drop a project.

Dedication…. Each of you who are 4-H leaders and parents are committed to the Pueblo County 4-H program. We would like to encourage you to help recruit adult leadership in our county. Introduce the 4-H experience to those you know: neighbors, friends, and co-workers. Encourage them to become involved and share their expertise with our youth. It is people like you who know how important this program is to develop life-skills in young people in our community. Our process is quite easy and leader applications may be requested from our office at any time. 4-H Leader Training is offered several times throughout the year.

New for you! “Friday In4mation” Last year, in an effort to conserve resources, the 4-H newsletter was written and mailed every other month – so each issue contained two months information. It is working well. But, occasionally, there are things that come in or happen that weren’t included in the newsletter. In an effort to communicate those dates and events, Marnie sends a weekly email at the end of Friday. If you are not on Marnie’s email list and would like to be added, please let her know.

SUCCESSFUL 4-H 101 Thank you to all those who attended and supported our first 4-H 101 – it was a huge success! A very special thank you to the planning committee and the 4-H Parent-Leader Group for hosting the event! Thank you to the club members, leaders and parents who hosted exhibits! NEXT – 4-H 201 is April 26. Get information about record books, projects and county fair. See the invitation in this newsletter.

Leathercraft Classes Are you in the Leathercraft Project? Joe Talbott will be conducting workshops at the Pueblo West Ecumenical Church on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 6:30 p.m. (weather permitting). Classes last about two hours. For more information call Joe at 544-3730.

Special Parent and Volunteer Night: Bullying Prevention Workshop When: March 12 Where: Pueblo County Conference Room – 1001 S. Santa Fe Ave. Time: 6:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. – light dinner and refreshments 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. – Bullying Program Please RSVP by March 8, so we can plan the appropriate amount of food. You are welcome to bring guests! Bullying is a widespread and serious problem that can happen anywhere. It is not a phase children have to go through, it is not "just messing around", and it is not something to grow out of. Bullying can cause serious and lasting harm. Parents can play a key role in preventing and stopping bullying. Special presenters Brenda and Tony LaCombe will teach us how to support our kids and teach them to prevent bullying and empower them to take a stand against bullying. This is the third Special Parent and Volunteer Night in an effort to support parents raising safe and healthy families. In November, we hosted our first Parent’s Night on Suicide Prevention and Awareness and in January we hosted a Stress Management

ADD/DROP AND NEW MEMBERS ENROLLMENT DEADLINE-MARCH 15 March 15 is the last day to add or drop projects for the 20112012 4-H year. Please use the add/drop form that requires a signature, so we can have accurate records. New members must be enrolled by 5:00 pm on March 15. Animal care and housing forms are also due that day for youth enrolling in horse, livestock and animal projects.

Clothing Construction Classes Mary Talbott is offering clothing construction classes at the Pueblo West Ecumenical Church, 434 S Conquistador Ave. Classes will be held on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. Classes start at 6:30 p.m. For more information call Mary at 544-3730.



4-H Camp

Good news – we will once again be selling the truck raffle tickets in 2012. Ford has once again donated a 2012 Ford F-150 XLT 4 X 4 Super Crew pickup truck to the Colorado 4-H Foundation. But, there is more good news…..they have added more prizes:  Grand Prize – pickup truck  Cash prizes will be awarded for 2-5 place winners

We are very excited to announce plans for our 2012 4-H Camp. The Red Mountain Camp in Beulah that we have been using will not be opening this year. We will be holding our camp this year at the Beulah Mountain Environmental Center on June 29, 30, and July 1. They have just finished the dorm wing of the Environmental Center and it will house approximately 70 youth and adults. Once again, we will need to have 40 campers in order to hold this camp. All linens will be provided and six meals will be included in the price. So, mark your calendars and plan on attending 4-H Camp in 2012. Camp Applications are now available. Cost for the camp will be $65.00 per member – this includes counselors and adults attending. Some clubs provide scholarships so check with your club leaders. The 4-H portion of the carnival proceeds will be used to offset the cost of camp.

This is a great 4-H club and council fundraiser – the State 4-H Foundation returns $2.00 to the 4-H organization for every $5.00 ticket sold. This is a great rate of return. Attention: Horse Council, Shooting Sports Council, Individual Clubs: Please start talking to your clubs and councils NOW about this fundraising opportunity. Last year, $592.00 was distributed to local councils, 4-H clubs and the Pueblo County 4-H Foundation. This is a great way to raise money for your club or council. Tickets will be available soon. They may be checked out at the Pueblo County Extension Office. For more information, contact Carol in the office.

2012 4-H Camp Counselors A new Camp Counselor application has been written for 2012. They are now available in the Extension Office or online on our website. The deadline for applications will be Monday, April 16 by 5:00 p.m. Counselors must be 14 years of age (or 13 with 4H camp experience). Counselors will be chosen on their camp experience, availability to attend meetings, and overall 4-H experience. Counselors must have turned in a report form last year. Counselor meetings have been set for April 23, May 14 & 29, and June 18 from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Meetings may be added or deleted as needed.

2012 Speech Contest Entrants Congratulations to the following members who participated in the 2012 Speech Contest held February 16th at CSU-Pueblo. Sadie Schreve, Cate and Abby Little, Catie and Molly Wolyn from the Greenhorn Kickers 4-H Club; Matalyn Craighead from Kidz Kreations; Logan and Maverick Wills from the Pueblo Aggies, Caitlin and Nick Johnston from Pups and Hounds; Rebecca Lane from Young Riders, and Clara McClure, Garrett and Jared Brown from the BMW 4-H Club.

National 4-H Congress 2012 National 4-H Congress is held in Atlanta, Georgia each year during the Thanksgiving weekend. A new and exciting opportunity has come from the State 4-H Office concerning who can attend National 4-H Congress. Delegates will be selected by Grand Champions at the State Fair.

Rebecca Lane is eligible to attend State Conference in Senior Impromptu, as well as Jared Brown in Prepared Senior Speech. Those eligible to attend the Performing Arts Contest at the Colorado State Fair in 2012 are Caitlin and Nick Johnston and Maverick Wills for their Interpretative Readings.

If any of the following winners are from Pueblo County the trip will be awarded pending approval and funds available in Pueblo County. Breads, Cake Decorating, Child Development, Clothing Construction, Electric, Specialty Foods, Heritage Arts, Home Environment, Photography, Leathercraft, Leadership, Model Rocketry, Shooting Sports and Woodworking Senior Grand Champions.

Sadie Schreve, Cate Little, Rebecca Lane, Catie Wolyn, Garrett and Jared Brown, Caitlin and Nick Johnston and Maverick Wills will be recognized for their efforts at the 2012 Achievement Night. Congratulations and keep up the good work!!!

You may only attend National Congress once in your 4-H career. If a member has more than one Grand Champion, the member can still only attend one time. The Reserve Grand Champion will not be moved up to fill the position if a member has more than one Grand Champion. Adult Chaperone: one adult chaperone will be selected by the State 4-H staff through an application process.

Hawaii will be hosting the 2013 Western Regional 4-H Leader’s Forum in Waikiki, Hawaii. SAVE THE DATE! March 21-24, 2013

Their vision for 2013 is to send 38 delegates from Colorado pending funds available. This is a new and exciting opportunity for the youth of Colorado. 6

OPPORTUNITIES State Fair Needs Volunteers The Colorado State Fair Foundation is a group raising funds to re -build Camp Tobin 4-H & FFA dormitories and do additional repairs to the 4-H buildings on the Fairgrounds. They have requested the help of 4-H in a fundraising effort – the Blue Grass Festival – June 1-3. (Formerly Blue Grass on the River.) It’s going to be a HUGE EVENT!) Information on the bands and the event is at You may fill out an on-line volunteer application at index.php?option=com_ckforms&view=ckforms&id=4&Itemid=7 or call Deniece at the Colorado State Fair at 404-2001 and she will add you to the volunteer list. I know it’s a busy time of year, but please help us to show our 4-H appreciation by volunteering in some way.

Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows Scholarship Application and Guidelines Pueblo County Fair belongs to the Colorado Association of Fairs and Shows or CAFS. Please see the following guidelines and call the Extension Office for an application or go to http:// and click on “Applications”. Eligibility  Applications must be postmarked by March 20, 2012  All applications postmarked after March 20 will be disqualified. No exceptions.  Applicant must be an active 4-H member prior to college or an active FFA member. Only eligible high school seniors or a graduate with a minimum of a “B” average in both the junior and senior year.

Cloverbud Camp Cloverbud Day Camp has been planned for you and your friends! When: Thursday March 29, 2012 (during spring break) Time: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Where: Creative Arts Bldg., State Fairgrounds Lunch will be provided There is no cost for this fun-filled time for Cloverbud members and their 5-7 year old friends. Reservations are required; and are due no later than Monday March 26, 2012. Call 583-6566 now to make the reservation. A minimum of eight Cloverbuds is required to hold the camp.

4-H Citizenship Opportunity With Pueblo Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (PTEPP). DID YOU KNOW? Pueblo County teens use tobacco products at much higher rates than other Colorado teens. Nearly 90% of smokers become addicted to tobacco before the age of 18 and in Pueblo County, teens are able to easily purchase these tobacco products in stores. 1 in 3 kids who start smoking will eventually die from it. Colorado is a test market for “dissolvable” tobacco products that look like toothpicks, mints and breath strips which make them even more appealing to teens. The Pueblo Tobacco Education and Prevention Partnership (PTEPP) is part of the Pueblo City-County Health Department. It’s mission is: To promote healthy Pueblo County families through education, awareness and policy related to tobacco and secondhand smoke. The PTEPP purpose is to: Educate and create awareness of the dangers of tobacco use especially among teens; Empower adults to talk to teens about tobacco and utilize resources for preventing youth from starting to use tobacco or quit using tobacco; Collaborate with other organizations in the community against tobacco use; Provide an environment that encourages teens to resist tobacco use; Empower individuals to quit tobacco use; Promote anti-tobacco policy work and increase enforcement in the community; and Change social norms around tobacco WHAT CAN YOU DO? 4-H in Pueblo County is part of the community coalition. They need youth to be part of the coalition. Youth can receive training to present educational programs to the community. The youth will also be integral in providing creativity, leadership, guidance and support as the coalition works to stop minors from purchasing tobacco products. If you are interested in this community opportunity – please call the Extension Office. We will let you know when the next coalition meeting is and put you in contact with the other youth on the panel.

Save the Date—2012 Fall Leaders Forum September 28 and 29, in El Paso County. More information to come later.

Cloverbud Camp Volunteers Needed! In order to make the Cloverbud Camp a reality, volunteers are needed to work with the campers. Please call Pam at 583-6566 to volunteer. Date: Thursday March 29, 2012 Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Where: Creative Arts Bldg, State Fairgrounds


OPPORTUNITIES State Citizenship/Leadership Awards Each year 4-H recognizes members at Leadership Development Conference in January and at State 4-H Conference in June. We combined the application for these awards. You may apply for one or all both awards (State Citizenship, and/or State Leadership Awards) on the same application. Application is due May 21, 2012 Member Awards: If you feel that you or another youth have strong attributes in Citizenship or Leadership and would be a good recipient of the State Leadership and/or Citizenship Awards, please submit an application form. You may nominate others or self-nominate. Include where you think your/their strengths are in Citizenship/Community Service and Leadership. Have your information to the CSUE by May 21, 2012. 4-H Member State Citizenship and Leadership Award, and Congress Criteria:  Youth must be 14 years old or older as of 12/31/11  You must have turned in a report form in 2011  Must have a leader recommendation (other than a parent) Leader Awards: If you feel your leader is the greatest, the State Leader Award might be just the thing to recognize all the volunteer work your leader does for YOU! State Outstanding 4-H Volunteer Leader Award Criteria:  Must be currently enrolled as a leader in Pueblo County.  Has rendered services to benefit the youth in Pueblo County and/or State of Colorado.  Shown growth or program, methods used to achieve results, relationships with you and offices held.  Shown impact of the leader’s efforts on behalf of youth and their community.  Service to the community.  Personal accomplishments including career, family and any other special circumstances.  Must not have won this award in the past. Please have your nominations and information to the CSUE by May 21, 2012. Nominations should include what qualifies the adult as an outstanding leader and should be about 250 words.

Robotics Training

Save Money Shopping and Raise Funds for 4-H

CSU-Pueblo will be hosting a Lego Robotics Training for educators on April 14, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Hasan School of Business Auditorium. Registration is $10.00 and is limited to 90 participants on a first come, first served basis. To register, go to roboticssymposiumPueblo and sign up. You will attend three one hour workshops providing training in LEGO Mindstorms, Wedo and Tetrix, following a presentation by the keynote speaker, Matthew Collier, FIRST Tech Challenge Partner for the State of Colorado and member of the LEGO Education Advisory Panel. This will be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen your skills in robotics and learn more about LEGO Education. And maybe you’ll even be the lucky winner of one of the Mindstorms NXT or WeDo kits that will be given away at a drawing at the end of the day. If you have questions, you may call Anne Casey, 4-H STEM Specialist at 545-1845.

Yes, this can be done with the My Shopping Genie computer program. The Colorado 4-H Foundation is partnering with My Net Universe to offer this opportunity for Colorado 4-H families and friends. To use the program go to the Colorado 4-H Foundation web site shopping.shtml and follow the directions for installing the program. After the program is installed, each time a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc) is used the 4-H Foundation Logo will appear in the lower left hand corner. Several store names and the words compare, map and deals are also displayed. Each time a store names or the word “compare” are clicked the best item prices are displayed and the 4-H Foundation receives a small donation. For more information contact Gary Small at (970)491-1537 or Thank you for supporting the Colorado 4-H program.


SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Pueblo County Scholarships Due June 1! Youth may apply for a number of 4-H Scholarships including the Optimist Club, KELO, Friends of the Fair, Violet Hyberger Memorial, Anthony Ingo Memorial, Kiwanis, Democratic Party of Pueblo, and the Farmers Marketeers Scholarships. Applications will be available on our website or in our office after April 1 and are due no later than June 1 by 5:00 p.m. Interviews are mandatory for high school seniors and are scheduled for the evening of June 14 (please see eligibility Rule #9 below for complete details). SCHOLARSHIPS OFFERED:  Optimists Club - $500 Available to graduating high seniors or continuing college students. A minimum of 3 years in 4-H. Must have been involved in a variety of 4-H citizenship and leadership activities.  KELO Scholarship - $500 (2) Available to graduating high school seniors A minimum of 2 years in 4-H Must have been enrolled in any 4-H project for two years  Friends of the Fair - $500 Available to graduating high school seniors Minimum of 2 years in 4-H Must have been involved in a variety of 4-H citizenship and leadership activities.  Violet Hyberger Memorial Scholarship - $500 Available to graduating high school seniors Must have been a 4-H member for three years Must have been enrolled in consumer science or general projects.  Anthony Ingo Memorial Scholarship - $500 Available to graduating high school seniors Must have been enrolled in Pueblo County 4-H for two years preceding application Must have been enrolled in Livestock projects for four years  Kiwanis Scholarship - $1000 Available to graduating high school seniors or continuing college students Minimum of 2 years in 4-H  Democratic Party of Pueblo – $500 Available to graduating high school seniors A minimum of 4 years in 4-H Must have been enrolled in any general or consumer science project (with an emphasis on citizenship and/or leadership) for two years  Farmers’ Marketeers Scholarship for high school seniors ($ to be determined) NOTE: This scholarship will also be open to FFA and current immediate family members of the Farmers’ Marketeers program. Must be involved in agriculture-related field  Farmers’ Marketeers Scholarship for current college students ($ to be determined) NOTE: This scholarship will also be open to FFA and current immediate family members of the Farmers’ Marketeers program. Must currently be enrolled in college with at least a 2.0 GPA

To be eligible for any 4-H scholarship you must meet all of the following requirements: 1. Must be a 4-H member in the Pueblo County program for at least two years. 2. Must attend or graduate from high school or an accredited home school program. 3. Must plan to attend college or trade school the fall semester (documentation required - acceptance letter or equivalent must be provided before funds are awarded). 4. May continue to apply up to four (4) years, scholarships not automatically renewable. 5. Must submit the general application form (one copy for all scholarships) as well as a separate questionnaire for Optimist Club, KELO, Friends of the Fair, Violet Hyberger Memorial, Anthony Ingo Memorial, Democratic Party of Pueblo and Kiwanis scholarships. 6. Must submit a separate application form for Farmers’ Marketeers scholarships. 7. High school students must submit a transcript of final high school grades. College students must submit college transcript or copy of grades from the latest semester. 8. Must submit three current letters of reference. Reference letters should contain a statement about your relationship (how they know you) and their opinions about your character, your desire to succeed, and your ability to succeed. a. High School seniors must include reference from a 4-H leader (excluding parent) (it should include their impression of you as a 4-H member). b. College students – 4-H leader reference not required 9. In-person Interviews with the committee are mandatory for high school seniors and are scheduled for the evening of June 14. College students are highly encouraged to attend interviews, or must submit a written justification as to why they cannot attend the interview on the scheduled night. NO EXCEPTIONS. 10. Award checks will be made payable to the College or University the scholarship recipient is attending. Selection will be based on accomplishments, scholastic achievement, community service, demonstrated leadership abilities, and potential for success.

If you have any questions regarding these applications, please contact our office. Application Due June 1 by 5:00 p.m. CSU Extension Office – Pueblo County 701 Court Street, Suite C Pueblo, CO 81003 (719) 583-6566 Applications are available in our office or on our website.


OPPORTUNITIES Demonstration – Performing Arts – Creative Cooks – Cake Decorating Contest Day – April 21 It’s time to prepare for Contest Day! This year, Contest Day will be held April 21 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. It is a great opportunity for many people to try something new. You may enter one or more of the contests. Through our county contests, youth can qualify for the State Contests held during Colorado State Fair. The deadline for entries is April 16. Performing Arts Contest — 4-H Auditorium Youth may enter Dance, Theatrical, and (or) Musical Divisions plus Master/Mistress of Ceremonies Category. It’s a great time to show off or try out your talent! Pueblo County always has a tremendous turnout during the State 4-H Performing Arts Contest during State Fair. Winners in the county contest qualify for State Fair! Demonstration Contest — Creative Arts Building Any 4-H member may enter the contest. Demonstrations are related to a project in which they are enrolled. Refer to "Leader's Guide to 4-H Club Demonstrations and Illustrated Talks" Booklet L91002. Copies may be ordered with manuals or obtained from the Extension Office. The demonstration or illustrated talk should be 10 minutes with 5 minutes allowed for setup and take down. A team (two members) demonstration should be 10 minutes. Juniors or beginners should not be expected to give a long or complicated presentation. Posters, projects, or any type of visual aids may be used in these presentations. Cloverbud, Junior, Intermediate and Senior age divisions will be used in this contest. The Danish System of judging will be used with the top county winners going on to state competition. (Cloverbuds receive a participation ribbon and do not go to State Fair) Cake Decorating Contest — Creative Arts Building All members enrolled in the Cake Decorating Project are eligible to compete. Members must enter in the project unit in which they are enrolled. Contestants must enter in appropriate unit and age division, of junior, intermediate or senior. The object of the event is for youth to decorate a cake while being judged. All contestants in a unit work at the same time. Judges circulate to observe methods used. Project exhibit rules apply to the contest. Creative Cooks Contest — Creative Arts Building Youth may enter as an individual or as part of a team of two people in either regular division or *Colorado Specialty Foods Division. The contestant will plan a menu for a meal (breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, barbecue, picnic, high tea, campout, sports game, holiday or birthday party). Set one place setting appropriate for the meal selected. Each contestant or team is allowed 48” square for their display area. All props must fit within the designated space. Contestants provide their own card table as part of their presentation. A poster detailing the entire menu must be included (no larger than 8 1/2 “ by 11”). Participants prepare and bring only one food item from the menu, to be sampled by the judge. Judging is based on the exhibitor, his or her understanding of meal planning, menu, nutrition knowledge, prepared dish, table setting, food safety and creativity.

*Contestants in the Colorado Specialty Foods must use one or more of the following “Colorado Specialty Foods” - Amaranth, Anasazi Beans, Blue Corn, Quinoa, Mung Beans, Edible Soy Beans (tofu), Sunflower Seeds, Popped Wheat, Sesame Seeds, Black Turtle Beans, Bolita Beans/Adzuki Beans, Wild Game Meat, Fish and Poultry (if using dear or elk meat, a copy of the Chronic Wasting Disease test result is required).


OPPORTUNITIES Pueblo County 4-H Contest Day Entries Due no later than Monday, April 16, by 5:00 p.m. (Please fill out one form per entry.) Please mail, fax or drop off entries to the CSUE. No phone entries please. or fax 583-6582 or 701 Court Street, Suite C

Creative Cooks Contest Individual _____Junior _____Intermediate _____Senior Team* _____Junior _____Intermediate _____Senior

Demonstration Contest Individual _____Junior _____Intermediate _____Senior Team* _____Junior _____Intermediate _____Senior




ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ CLUB ____________________________________________________________________________________ DEMONSTRATION TITLE ___________________________________________________________________ *Team presentations must be composed of two contestants from the same age division. If they are not, they must compete in the division of the oldest member. NAME_______________________________________________________



ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ CLUB ____________________________________________________________________________________ DEMONSTRATION TITLE ___________________________________________________________________

Cake Decorating Contest _____Junior _____Intermediate _____Senior Unit**______ NAME_______________________________________________________



ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________________________ CLUB ____________________________________________________________________________________ ** Cake Decorating contestants enter the contest in the same project unit you are enrolled in.


OPPORTUNITIES 2012 Pueblo County Performing Arts Entries Due no later than Monday, April 16, by 5:00 p.m. (Please fill out one form per entry.) Please mail, fax or drop off entries to the CSUE. No phone entries please. or fax 583-6582 or 701 Court Street, Suite C Please check the appropriate sections for both your age division and section you will be performing. You may perform in more than one category and use the same entry form. Forms must be complete. Review the rules for the contest before completing this form

Age Divisions

Class Divisions

____ Junior (8-10 years old)

____ Solo

____ Intermediate (11-13 years old)

____ Ensemble (2-5 individuals)

____ Senior (14- or older)

____ Group (6 members and over)

Division Categories ____ Master/Mistress of Ceremonies

____ Theatrical (skit, pantomime, mime)

____ Vocal

____ One Act Play

____ Instrumental ___________ Type of Instrument

____ Script Writing ____ Script has been performed

____ Dance

___________ Type of Dance

____ Script has not been performed

Additional information not requested on this form:____________________________________________________ Name of Selection: ___________________________________________________________________ Name of Selection: ___________________________________________________________________ Name of Selection: ___________________________________________________________________ 4-H Member Name: ________________________________Age: (as of December 31 last year)______ Address (including zip code): _______________________________________________________________ Phone number: _____________________________________________________________________ 4-H Club Name: ____________________________________________________________________ Due by: April 16, at 5:00 p.m. Colorado State University Extension 701 Court Street, Suite C Pueblo CO 81003 Fax: 719-583-6582


HORSE 4-H Horse Safety Clinic Dates Set The Horse Safety Training Guidelines for 2011-2012 will be as follows:  If you are a new member to 4-H, you MUST be evaluated for the 2011-2012 4-H year.  If you are a transfer from another county and/or are a beginner, you MUST be evaluated for the 2011-2012 4-H year. Remember - you DO need to bring your horse, your equipment and helmet must be worn. Dates for these clinics are March 17 and March 31. A new evaluation form is available on our website. Plans will be finalized soon. If you have any questions, please contact Carol in the Extension Office.

2012 Horse Show Dates We have contacted the fairgrounds and made the following reservations for upcoming Horse Safety Clinics and Horse Shows. Horse Safety Clinics – March 17 and 31 – the 31 will be the Practice Show Spring Show – April 28 & 29 Summer Show – June 16 & 17 County Fair – July 7, 8, & 9

Time For Horse Tests As we get closer to testing dates for Spring, Summer and County Fair Horse Shows, please be advised that these dates will be April 24 for the Spring Show, June 12 for Summer Show and June 25 for Pueblo County Fair. At the last Horse Committee Meeting, after being asked to provide a study guide for the tests, Amy Decker talked about what to study for the tests. She stated that she has a bank of questions and that she uses and reviews questions the youth miss frequently and ask them again. She stated that anyone is welcome to have copies of the old tests to study from. She felt this was the best study guide. It was requested to make the past three years tests available on the website for youth to study. We will post these tests on the 4-H website.

Fuzzy Open Horse Show Crossroads Arena in Penrose, Colorado March 11, 2012. Open horse show events include Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Reining and Riding. English includes Pleasure, Show Hack, and Hunt Seat Equitation (not to exceed 18”). Age Division are Walk/ Trot, 12 & under, 13-17 and 18 and over. $15.00 Office/Judge Fee and $5.00 per class (cash only). Sign up is 9:00 a.m. with events starting at 10:00 a.m. Contact Jennifer at 719-371-0668 or Cassandra at 719-429-3917.

Southern Colorado Horse Expo Date: April 13-15 Place: The Crossroads Arena in Penrose Welcome to the First Annual Southern Colorado Horse Expo brought to you by Penrose Productions, LLC. Come visit us at the Crossroads Arena, just off Hwy 50 & Hwy 115.There will be clinicians, entertainment, 3 day colt starting clinic and much more. More info at

Rocky Mountain Horse Expo The Rocky Mountain Horse Expo will be held in Denver at the National Western Complex in Denver on March 9-11, 2012. Please check their website for discounts.

Horse Council Meetings The next Horse Council Meeting will be March 13, 6:30 p.m. at the 4-H Auditorium at the fairgrounds. The April Horse Council Meeting will be held Tuesday, April 10 at 6:30 p.m. at the Colorado State Fairgrounds. Agenda Items for March will include: Upcoming Safety Check Off – March 17 and March 31 Upcoming Practice Show – March 31 Spring Horse Show – April 27, 28, 29 Volunteers are needed to be “Horse Buddies” at the Practice Show. A sign up list will be available at the March Horse Council Meeting. Adult volunteers are also need to help with the two Safety Check Off’s – sign up in March!!!

Horse Judging Horse Judging will be held every Monday afternoon this year from 4 to 6 p.m. at the County High School Ag Building behind the high school. If you are still interested in participating in this program, call Stephanie Jameson at (719)252-1873.

Horse Bowl Great News – Nancy Zimmer will be putting together a Horse Bowl Team. The practices will be held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in the Cultural Heritage Building from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. Dates are:  March 8 and 22  April 12 and 26 (Note – the April 12 practice cannot be held at the fairgrounds because of fairgrounds schedule – a place to be announced)  May 10 and 24  June 14 and 28 This is an incredible opportunity for horse project members to learn about the horse and compete at various competitions throughout the State. Contact Nancy Zimmer at 240-0786 for more information. THANKS NANCY FOR TAKING ON THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITY FOR YOUTH!!

Taste Of Colorado The National Reined Cow Horse Association, the Colorado State Fair and the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce welcomes all the exhibitors and owners to the Taste of Colorado (a taste of Colorado’s wines and Pueblo’s traditional foods) Friday, May 4 at 6:00 p.m. The event will be held beside Paulioci’s Concession Stand at the Colorado State Fair Horse Show arena. For more information, contact Lindsay in the horse show office at the fairgrounds. 13

HORSE Changes For Horse Shows At the January Horse Council Meeting, several changes were discussed. The Fair Board adopted the following changes at their January meeting:  The written test for Pueblo County Fair will take place on June 25 – 4-H Auditorium.  There is a NEW STATE HORSE RULEBOOK – Cost is $8.00.  Horse Registration and Lease Agreements Due – June 4, 2012  County Fair Entries Due – June 4, 2012 – (they must be received in the Extension Office by 5:00 PM or any date prior)  Schedule Change:  Dates – Saturday, July 7 – Foal, Green Horse, Miniature, - 10 a.m. - Western  Sunday – July 8 – English, Gymkhana  Monday – July 9 – Working Ranch Horse  Awards Luncheon – Sunday, July 15 – 2:00 p.m. – 4-H Dining Hall  A senior youth (14 & over) can be a teen superintendent. The teen superintendent will work directly under the supervision of the adult superintendent and will have no contact or involvement with judges.  Volunteers are welcome and encouraged to help at the horse show.  No coaching while the participant is in the arena during competition. Coaching could result in the exhibitor’s disqualification from the class. This rule may be waived by the superintendents when safety is a concern. If there is parent/leader involvement inside the arena because of safety concerns, the exhibitor will still receive a disqualification.  Safety rules prohibit bareback riding, riding without heels on your shoes, riding with just a halter, riding double or allowing any 4-H member not enrolled in the horse project or non 4-H member from riding a member’s horse. No unsafe practicing will be tolerated in the warm up arena.  If ties cannot be broken for overall winners, a random class will be selected and used to break all ties.  The Pre-Level classes have now been re-named Beginner.  There will be a limited number of GYMKHANA classes available to Level 1 riders.  Beginner Western riders have the option of riding one or two handed. Legal Western tack must be used. Shanked bits must be used on horses 6 years or older. A ringed snaffle or bosal may only be used on horses 5 years or younger and must be ridden with two hands. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  All new members are automatically classified as a Beginner rider, regardless of the number of years they have been riding. More advanced 1st year members are encouraged to move into their appropriate riding level as soon as possible.  Due to safety concerns, beginner riders are only allowed to walk and jog/trot while on the fairgrounds (including warm up areas).  Beginners are only eligible to enter Beginner classes: Western Division: Western Showmanship, Walk/Jog Horsemanship and Walk/ Jog Trail; English Division: English Showmanship, Walk/Trot Equitation and Walk/Trot Show Hack.  Beginners are NOT able to participate in Gymkhana or Ranch Horse classes.  Level 1 riders can enter the following classes: Western Division: Showmanship, Horsemanship and Trail; English Division: Showmanship, Equitation and Show Hack; Ranch Horse Division: Ranch Showmanship, Ranch Horsemanship and Ranch Trail.  Gymkhana Division: Modified Barrel Racing and Modified Pole Bending. (These classes will have a modified pattern to encourage riders to try these classes but that do not require the Level 2 skills of the traditional patterns)  Level 2 and above riders are eligible to enter all classes.  Level 2 riders are also able to take on the added challenge of a Foal or Green Horse. Please talk to your leader first if you are considering Foal or Green Horse.  Classes will be divided by age in Level 1 and Level 2 English, Western, and Ranch Horse - Juniors (8-13) and Seniors (14-18). All beginner classes will continue to be all at 8-18. Gymkhana will continue to be Junior and Senior.

2012 Pueblo County Practice Show This is a practice show for new 4-H members enrolled in the horse project, beginner and level one riders. It will be held March 31 at the Colorado State Fairgrounds Horse Show Arena from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We will offer some mini workshops, a potluck lunch, and a “practice” show. Classes that will be available to beginner youth are Western Showmanship, Horsemanship and Trail and English Showmanship Equitation and Show Hack. Those classes plus Ranch Horse showmanship, horsemanship and trail are also available to Level 1 riders. Show buddies will be assigned to you from the Level 2 and above youth enrolled in the horse project. An entry form is available and will be due March 23 and will be available at the March Horse Council meeting. Ribbons will be awarded and a $5.00 office charge per entry will be charged.

Reminder: Horse registration forms and horse lease agreements are due on June 4 with fair entries.


HORSE 3rd Annual Saddle Up for St Jude Horse Show and Gymkhana Sponsored by the Young Riders 4-H Club — Saturday April 7, 2012 — Colorado State Fairgrounds — Registration at 8;00 a.m., Show Starts at 9:00 a.m. — (This is an OPEN horse show, all riders are welcome.) All proceeds go to St Jude Children's Research Hospital. Office Charge $10 — Entry fee minimum $35 donation to St Jude Ages groups: Walk/Trot all ages, 11 and Under, 12-14, 15-18, 19 & Over. Classes: Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Horsemanship, Western Pleasure, Reining, Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, 75 Up and Back and Stake Race. Awards for the high point rider in each age group. Prizes for the amount of donations you collect for St Jude: $35 - $74 Saddle Up T-Shirt and Lapel Pin; $75 - $149 Saddle Up Hat, T-Shirt and Lapel Pin; $150 or more Saddle Up Fleece Blanket, Hat, T-Shirt and Lapel Pin Call 719-671-3242 or email for more information.

DOG New Manual For Dog Project

Dog Show Dates For 2012

There will be a new manual for the dog project for the 2011-2012 4-H year. This manual will be used by family members (1 per family) for as long as the State Office uses it as the official manual for 4-H dog project in Colorado. Tests will be taken from this new manual. There will be new study guides for junior, intermediates, and seniors. Carol will get these study guides to the main leaders to distribute to members.

The Pueblo County 4-H Dog Program has the following dates reserved for local dog shows: May 19, June 16, and August 7. The May and June shows are open shows. The August 7 is the Pueblo County Picnic hosted by Greenhorn Kickers 4-H Club and held in Rye, Colorado. The May 19 show will be held at the Colorado State Fairgrounds in the CSU Building & Fine Arts Building and the June 16th show will be held in the Ag Palace. Contact Carol in the Extension Office if you have questions. Pre-entry is appreciated. There will be a $5.00 office charge per youth and a $5.00 entry fee per dog. Entry forms are available in the Extension Office on our website or from your 4-H leader. Out of town dogs will need proof of vaccination.

2012 Dog Test Policy 1. 2.

Rally Signs Although AKC has changed some of the Rally signs beginning in April 2012, Pueblo County and the Colorado State Fair Dog Trials will remain the same in 2012 and will begin using the AKC signs in 2013.


Sponsors Needed


The Pueblo County 4-H Dog Program is looking for possible sponsorship of awards for youth for the 2012 Pueblo County Fair. If you know of an individual or business that would like to sponsor some of these awards, please get in touch with Erin Sneed, Donna Darnell, Gail Kingrey, or Carol Kuhns.


State Dog Committee Meeting


The next State Dog Committee Meeting will be held Saturday, April 21 in Douglas County. If you have any concerns that this committee needs to address, please contact Carol in the Extension Office as soon as possible.


State 4-H I.D. Forms State 4-H I.D. Forms are due to the Extension office June 4. 15

Test are broken down in three age categories (8-10 junior; 11-13 intermediate; and 14-above senior). When moving up in age group you must take the appropriate age-level test. If you had a test score of 80% or better on your 2011 Livestock test and you have not changed age, groups, you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST FOR THAT SPECIES unless you wish to be considered for the Supreme Livestock Exhibitor Award at the need of the 4-H year. The highest test score is used, regardless of species. A passing score for each specie show is 60% or better. Anyone with a learning disability should provide us with a letter form your school Special Education teacher, prior to testing. Contact the office individually and the appropriate arrangements swill be made to take the test. The test will cover the new 4-H manuals. Study guides will be available soon. Two opportunities for testing will be provided testing: May 10 – following mandatory Showcase Sale Meeting at 6:30 p.m. – Dining Hall and 4-H Auditorium at State Fairgrounds June 4 – 6:30 p.m. – Dining Hall and 4-H Auditorium at State Fairgrounds A list of those who have tested out with an 80% is available at the Extension Office. Please call Marnie in the Extension Office if you have a question about your past test scores or just need to know if you need to retake the test this year. Once again, there will be tie questions that need to be answered by everyone. These questions are used to break ties at the end of the year. Please mark your calendars and don’t miss the two dates available.

DOG Dog Project Changes There are new classes for the 2012 dog project. Two new classes have been added in Rally. They are Rally Advanced Excellent A & B. Showmanship classes have not changed. Obedience classes are the same for Sub Novice and Novice, but the following changes have been made for the more advanced classes. Please check with your leader/trainer if you are unsure of what obedience class you need to be showing in. Changes are as follows: GRADUATE NOVICE DIVISION: A. This class is open to members with no prior experience in Pre-Grad Novice Dog Training. This class was previously called “Grad Novice A”. B. Pre-Grad-Novice B: This class is open to experienced members in their second year or above of Pre-Grad Novice 4-H Dog Training. This class was previously called “Grad Novice B”. C. Grad Novice A: This class was previously called “Pre-Open”. The name has been changed to more closely follow AKC class names. This class is for members in their 1st year of Grad Novice training. D. Grad Novice B: This class was previously called “Pre-Open”. The name has been changed to more closely follow AKC class names. This class is for members in their 2nd or higher year of Grad Novice training. ADVANCED DIVISION Open A&B, Grad Open A&B and Utility A&B: unlimited number of exhibitors per class, per county. VETERANS DIVISION A. Any dog 7 years old or over may be shown in the Veteran’s Division. B. Veteran Division dogs will be allowed/required to jump ½ of their regulation jump height. They will be required to perform all exercises in their class; jump height will be the only difference from the regular class. C. Once a veteran dog can no longer jump at least ½ their regulation jump height they must be moved to a class that does not require jumping. Members, parents, trainers, and leaders cannot determine a jump height for a dog. They will be judged at ½ their required jump height. D. Dogs shown as a Veteran are not eligible for any other Obedience classes. E. It is the choice of the member, the member’s parent, and the member’s trainer and veterinarian as to giving a dog Veteran’s designation. F. Veteran dogs will compete at the obedience level the member chooses, from Novice up through Utility. G. A veteran dog may change obedience levels in either direction each year as their health determines. H. Scores will be calculated as follows: a. Novice: judge’s score b. Pre-Grad-Novice: judge’s score plus 3 points c. Grad Novice: judge’s score plus 6 points d. Open: judge’s score plus 9 points e. Grad Open: judge’s score plus 12 points f. Utility: judge’s score plus 15 points I. Veteran dogs will compete only against other veteran dogs for ribbons and awards. Their scores will not count toward awards in any other Obedience divisions. J. If a dog is entered as a Veteran during a project year, they may go back to regular obedience the following year; however, they must go back to the level they would have been competing at before they moved to veterans. The following classes in obedience will be offered this year: CLASS NUMBERS SUB NOVICE OBEDIENCE DIVISON CLASS 529 Puppy Class CLASS 530 Sub-Novice A CLASS 531 Sub-Novice B CLASS 532 Sub-Novice C – 1st year CLASS 533 Sub-Novice C – 2nd year NOVICE OBEDIENCE DIVISION CLASS 534 Novice A CLASS 535 Novice B CLASS 536 Novice Veterans

GRADUATE NOVICE OBEDIENCE DIVISION CLASS 537 Pre Graduate Novice A CLASS 538 Pre Graduate Novice B CLASS 539 Pre Graduate Novice Veterans CLASS 540 Graduate Novice A CLASS 541 Graduate Novice B CLASS 542 Graduate Novice Veterans

ADVANCED OBEDIENCE DIVISION CLASS 543 Open A CLASS 544 Open B CLASS 545 Open Veterans CLASS 546 Graduate Open A CLASS 547 Graduate Open B CLASS 548 Graduate Open Veterans CLASS 549 Utility A CLASS 550 Utility B CLASS 551 Utility Veterans


LIVESTOCK Hands on MQA Please plan to join us this year for the “hands-on” Meat Quality Assurance Program. It’s a series of learn by doing stations that will take approximately an hour to complete. Parents and leaders are strongly encouraged to attend. It will be set up from 9 a.m. to noon at the CSU Building at the State Fairgrounds. This program will qualify youth for PQA+, needed to show swine at state and national shows. Volunteers are needed to help with some of the stations in the MQA program and for grading the tests. If you are available, call the office at 583-6566

Showcase Sale Meeting Date: March 14 Time: 6:30 p.m. Where: CSU Extension Office Species representatives, officers and others, please plan to attend. The group will continue planning for and working on the 2012 Showcase Sale.

Don’t forget your COOL Forms When purchasing your market livestock – don’t forget to take the Country of Origin Labeling (COOL Form) with you to have the seller sign. Forms are due at the time of weigh in or by June 4 with fair entries.

Livestock Award Sponsors Needed If you are or know of any person or business that is interested in sponsoring a 4-H Livestock Showmanship Award during county fair, please let the Extension Office know. Cost to sponsor an award is approximately $30. We purchase 30 – 40 awards each year.

Livestock Sales Flyers for a variety of livestock sales are kept in a file in the Extension Office. If you are looking for a place to purchase your livestock for this year, please contact the Extension Office for copies of these flyers.

Pork Quality Assurance for STATE FAIR AND NATIONAL SHOWS If you plan to show swine at the State Fair or a national show, you will need to take the Pork Quality Assurance training. The two MQA session will qualify for PQA  May 12: MQA Hands On Training Qualifies  June 4: 6:30 p.m., 4-H Auditorium, Fairgrounds. MQA Slide Presentation Qualifies.

Help With Your Rabbit Project If you need help or guidance with your rabbit project, please call Walter or Shirley Sloan at (719)564-5004.

4-H Jr. Swine Field Day Morgan County Fairgrounds, Brush, CO Saturday March 10, 2012 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Registration forms are available in the Extension Office. The cost is: Junior Registration - $8 (Lunch included), Adult Jackpot - $3, Lunch Ticket - $5

4-H Jr. Sheep & Goat Field Day Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton, CO Saturday March 17th, 2012 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Registration forms are available in the Extension Office. The cost is: Junior Registration - $8 (Lunch included), Adult Jackpot - $3, Lunch Ticket - $5

4-H Jr. Beef Field Day Morgan County Fairgrounds, Brush, CO Saturday March 24, 2012 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Registration forms are available in the Extension Office. The cost is: Junior Registration - $8 (Lunch included), Adult Jackpot - $3, Lunch Ticket - $5


LIVESTOCK Sheep and Goat Weigh In The Sheep and Goat Weigh in will be held May 12 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the State Fairgrounds - sheep and swine barn. A special hands-on Meat Quality Assurance Program will be held following weigh in. Your COOL FORM will be due at weigh-in or by June 4.

2012 Livestock Test Policy & Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) Policy 1. 2.

Beef Weigh-In When: Saturday, March 24, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Where: Hartman’s Feed Lot - Hartman’s Feed Lot - ½ mile south of South Road on 36th Lane. Please bring your bill of sale with you for the brand inspector. If you have questions regarding ownership, you may call the brand inspector, Gary Fellhauer, at 948-4231. Remember, in order to show market beef at the county or state fair, you must be present at the beef weigh in. Youth must also be enrolled in the 4-H Market Beef project. Your COOL form will be due at weighin or by June 4 with fair entries.


4. 5.


March 8 7:00 p.m. Pueblo County Conference Room – 1001 S. Santa Fe

Club representatives, please plan to attend! We will finalize discussions and plans to purchase the showmanship awards for County Fair and other County Fair plans

Swine Ear Tagging & Ear Notch Cards Swine Ear Notch Cards may be brought to the CSUE Office prior to May 12 or they may be brought to the Sheep & Goat weigh-in on May 12. Superintendents will accept only correct ear notches. Help with swine ear notching— 4-H members can pick up swine ear notch cards and ear tags in the CSU Extension Office before purchasing swine. Take the ear notch card with you when you purchase your swine. Ask the seller to help you interpret the ear notch on the swine you are purchasing. The process for swine ear notch cards and tags: ► Tag the swine when you read the ear notches. ► Have the Extension Office make a copy of your cards when you turn them in. The office has diagrams on how to read swine ear notches. NO LATE EAR NOTCH CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. NO LATE EAR TAGS WILL BE GIVEN OUT.


Tests are broken down in three age categories (8-10 junior; 11-13 intermediate; and 14-above senior). When moving up in age group you must take the appropriate age-level test. If you had a test score of 80% or better on your 2011 Livestock test and you have not changed age groups, you DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE THE TEST FOR THAT SPECIES unless you wish to be considered for the Supreme Livestock Exhibitor Award at the end of the 4-H year. The highest test score is used, regardless of species for the Supreme Exhibitor Award. A passing score for each specie show is 60% or better. Anyone with a learning disability should provide us with a letter form your school Special Education teacher, prior to testing. Contact the office individually and the appropriate arrangements swill be made to take the test. The test will cover the new 4-H manuals. Study guides will be available soon. Two opportunities for testing will be provided testing: May 10 – following mandatory Showcase Sale Meeting at 6:30 p.m. – Dining Hall and 4-H Auditorium at State Fairgrounds June 4 – 6:30 p.m. – Dining Hall and 4-H Auditorium at State Fairgrounds A list of those who have tested out with an 80% is available at the Extension Office.

Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) Policy Youth must take the Meat Quality Assurance training once as a junior and once as a senior (age group division for MQA 8-13 junior, 14-above senior). ATTENTION: If you are showing SWINE at the Pueblo County Fair, then you must take the MQA training yearly. Two opportunities will be provided to take the MQA Training: May 12 (following weigh in) – HANDS ON TRAINING WITH EDUCATIONAL STATIONS June 4 (prior to livestock testing) - 4-H Auditorium No MQA will be provided at the May 10 Mandatory Meeting/ Testing Session


SHOOTING SPORTS Shooting Sports Council Date: May 3 Time: 7:00 p.m. Place: CSU Extension Meeting Room - – 701 Court St. Please remember: don’t be early and don’t be late. Someone will wait at the door to let people in from 6:50 – 7:00 p.m. Our doors no longer unlock automatically. If you come outside those times – you will not be able to get in.

Shooting Sports Raffle Colorado’s 4-H Shooting Sports program is holding its second annual statewide fundraising raffle to help local and county shooting sports clubs defray the cost of equipment, ammunition, targets, instructor training, travel and contest expenses. All 4-H Shooting Sports participants benefit from the proceeds of this fundraising opportunity. Over $ 3000 in prizes will be given away! Tickets will can be sold through June 1. The drawing will be held June 17 during the Shooting Sports Family Campout. County Shooting Sports Council will get 50% of all tickets sold to support purchase of equipment, awards and training. Please talk with Chris Cude to check out raffle tickets at 240-2452.

Special Hunter Safety Class for Shooting Sports Members - Mandatory Mrs. Samuel organized a DOW Hunter Safety Course specifically for 4-H youth. This course is a mandatory requirement to participate in the shooting competitions at both the County and State fairs. Youth only need to take the class once as a 4-H member. This is the best and, for the youngest 4-Hers, possibly only opportunity to get this course done. Please let all the new shooting sports families in your clubs know about this class. Here are the details: When: March 10-11 (you must attend both days) Time: 8:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Where: State Fairgrounds - Heritage Arts Building Cost: $10 per person Contact Mrs. Samuel to reserve your spot – the class is filling up – 561-8846 or

Shooting Sports Community Service Opportunity When: Saturday, April 14 Time: 8:00 a.m. Where: Pueblo Trap and Skeet Club 4-H is very thankful to the Pueblo Trap and Skeet Club for allowing 4-H members to use the range for practices and the county shoot. 4-H families are asked to help do some cleanup and work at the facility. We will clean the club house and the station houses, paint, build and anything else they need to have done. Lunch will be provided. If you can’t be there at 8:00 a.m. – come when you can. There will be plenty to do. The last two years the community service days were a big success and a lot of fun. Please plan to help. If you have questions – call the Steinbeck’s at 948-4776.

Shooting Sports Certification Training Please see the January/February 4-H Newsletter for Details. Remaining training dates are: • March 16-18, 2012 - Delta County • March 16-18, 2012 - Otero County (archery, shotgun, rifle only) • March 23-25, 2012 - Weld County • March 30 - April 1, 2012 - La Plata County • April 13-15, 2012 - Eagle County • May 11-13, 2012 - Lincoln County • May 11-13, 2012 - Garfield County (Special Shotgun Games Only)

Mandatory Shooting Sports Dates Archery, .22 Rifle, Muzzleloader: April 28, May 19, June 23 – Pueblo West range – 7:00 a.m. registration Additional archery match at the beginning of regular practice May 15 – Livestock Pavilion – 5:00 p.m. Air rifle/pistol: April 21, May 12, June 16 – Location TBD – 7:00 a.m. registration Shotgun: April 18, May 16, June 20 – PT&S range – 4 PM registration. Please note these dates may differ from previous newsletters.

“Shooting Sports Youth Award” – Name Change The “Shooting Sports Youth Award” is now the name of the overall shooting sports award formerly known as Top Shooter. The award was designed to recognize youth who excel in not only shooting in their particular discipline, but also the 4-H experience. Criteria are: HIGHEST EVENT VALUE IN ANY DISCIPLINE ADDED TO SCORES IN EACH CATEGORY BELOW (1000 points maximum). 4-H Club Involvement ................ 50 points max. 4-H Involvement, County Level and above .................. 50 points max. Shooting Project Exhibit ............. 100 (blue), 74 (red), 50 (white) Record Book .............................. 100 points max. Report Form ............................... 200 pints max. Changed in 2009: (In addition to points for Blue Ribbon Exhibit award) Grand Champion Exhibit ......................... 25 points Reserve Grand Champion Exhibit .......... 20 points Class Champion (not Grand or Reserve Grand) ......... 15 points Class Reserve Champion (not Reserve Grand Champion) ....... 10 points The awards will be given at 4-H Achievement Night in October. 19

4-H LEADER NOTES This is a special page in the 4-H Clover Power Newsletter. It is designed to be a simple resource to put important dates and brief information at your fingertips—in a hurry. Details of deadlines, events, etc, will be inside the newsletter. All dates are subject to change and more dates will be added as locations/times are confirmed. MEETINGS and EVENTS: MARCH 8—Livestock Council 10-11—Hunter Safety 12—Bullying & Internet Safety 13—Horse Council 14—Showcase Sale Meeting 16-18—4-H District Retreat 17—Horse Safety Check Off 21—Fair Board 22—Horse Bowl 29—Cloverbud Day Camp 31—Horse Practice Show & Safety Check Off APRIL 4—4-H Parent/Leader Group 7—St Jude Horse Show 10—Horse Council 12—Horse Bowl 18—Fair Board 21—Contest Day 23—Camp Counselor Meeting 24—Horse Spring Show Test 26—Horse Bowl

27, 28, 29—Spring Horse Show MAY 3—Shooting Sports Council 8—Horse Council 10—Mandatory Showcase Sale Meeting and Livestock and Dog Tests 10—Horse Bowl 12—Sheep and Goat Weigh In 12—MQA Hands-On Training 14—Camp Counselor Meeting 16—Fair Board 17—E-Record Training 19—Pueblo County Dog Show 24—Horse Bowl 29—Camp Counselor Meeting JUNE 4—MQA and Livestock and Dog Tests 12—Horse Council – Summer Show Test 14—Scholarship Interviews 14—Judge Shooting Sports Records 14—Horse Bowl

15-17—Summer Horse Show 16—Pueblo County Dog Show 18—Camp Counselor Meeting 19-22—State 4-H Conference 20—Fair Board 25—County Fair Horse Test 28—Horse Bowl 29-July 1—4-H Camp JULY 5—Shooting Sports Council 7-15—PUEBLO COUNTY FAIR 24—Report Form Workshop 29—Horse Council Cleanup – Little Britches 31—Adv. Day Camp Set Up AUGUST 2011 1-3—Adventure Day Camp 4—Pueblo County Dog Show – Rye 24-Sept 3—COLORADO STATE FAIR SEPTEMBER 6—Shooting Sports Council

12—4-H Parent/Leader Officer’s Meeting 13—Livestock Council 19—Fair Board 28-29—Fall Leader Forum, El Paso County OCTOBER 3 —4-H Parent/Leader Group 9—Horse Council 11—Showcase Sale Fall Meeting 17—Fair Board 19—4-H Achievement Night NOVEMBER 1—Shooting Sports Council 8—Livestock Council 13—Horse Council 14—Fair Board 16, 17, 18—Dare To Be You Camp DECEMBER 2011 1-2—Bells of Christmas Craft Show 19—Fair Board

4-H DEADLINES March 15—Enrollments for new members due March 15—Project Drop/Add Deadline & 4-H Animal Care & Housing Form Due March 26—Cloverbud Camp Reservations April 16—Contest Day entries due April 16—Camp Counselor Applications April 19—4-H 201 Reservations Due April 21—Shotgun Mandatory Shoot April 28—Air Rifle/Pistol Mandatory Shoot April 28—Archery,.22 Rifle, Muzzeloader, Mandatory Shoot May 12—Air Rifle/Pistol Mandatory Shoot May 16—Shotgun Mandatory Shoot

May 19—Archery,.22 Rifle, Muzzleloader Mandatory Shoot May 21—Citizenship & Leadership/National Conference applications due May 25—State 4-H Conference applications due May 29—Camp Counselor Apps due June 1—Camp Applications Due June 1—Scholarship Applications due June 4—Dog Identification Forms Due June 4—Horse Identification & Lease Forms Due June 11—Shooting Sports E-Records due June 16—Air Rifle/Pistol Mandatory Shoot June 20—Shotgun Mandatory Shoot

June 23—Archery, 22 Rifle, Muzzleloader, Mandatory Shoot August 13—Report Forms Due August 15—State Fair 4-H Project Check In September 4—State Fair Exhibit Pick Up September 10—Dog, Horse, Livestock E-Records Due September 28—Completion Reports, Financial Reports, Shooting Sports Instructor Reports Due October 15—Reservatins due Achievement Night December 28—Club Organizational Plans Due

COUNTY FAIR DEADLINES March 24 – Beef Weigh In Hartman’s Feedlot – COOL FORMS DUE AT WEIGH IN OR BY JUNE 4 May 10 – Mandatory Showcase Sale Meeting May 10 – Dog and Livestock Tests (Dog is at 6:30 and livestock begins following Mandatory Meeting which is at 6:30) (NO MQA that night) May 12 – Sheep and Goat Weigh In – Swine Ear Notch Cards Due (Small Animal Barn) – COOL FORMS DUE AT WEIGH IN OR BY JUNE 4 May 12 – hands on Meat Quality Assurance Program (CSU Building) June 4 - Dog and Livestock Tests (Dog is at 6:30 and livestock begins following MQA) June 4 – All Fair entries due June 4 – COOL Forms due if they weren’t turned in at weigh in

Vanessa Tranel Extension Agent 4-H/Youth

June 4 – Dog ID Sheets Due June 4 – Horse Lease Agreements and Registration Due June 4 – E-record book scores called in to CSUE by leader (livestock, horse and dog) June 11 – Shooting Sports E-records due to CSUE June 25 – County Fair Horse Show Test August 15 – Showcase Sale Thank You Notes Due September 10 – Horse and Dog E-records due to CSUE for round robin grading September 10 – Livestock E-records due to CSUE for copies of expense and inventory pages September 10 – Leaders call in final scores of Livestock E-records – turn in books nominated for best record

Pam Neelan Community Coordinator

Carol Kuhns 4-H Coordinator

March 2012 Sun












6 6:00 p.m. 4-H Foundation meeting

7 6:30 p.m. Parent/ Leader Group

8 6:00 p.m. Horse Bowl 7:00 p.m. Livestock Council


10 10:00 a.m. Hunter Safety (Saturday AND Sunday)

11 10:00 a.m. Hunter Safety (Saturday AND Sunday)

12 6:00 p.m. Bullying Prevention

13 6:00 p.m. Horse Council

14 6:30 p.m. Showcase Sale Meeting



17 Horse Safety Checkoff


New member enrollment and drop/ add deadline. Animal Care and Housing

4-H District Retreat



21 6:30 p.m. Fair Board

22 6:00 p.m. Horse Bowl


24 10:00– 11:00 a.m. Beef Weigh In




29 10:00 a.m. Cloverbud Camp


31 Horse Safety Checkoff and Practice Show

4-H District Retreat 25

April 2012 Sun








2 Pueblo County Scholarship applications available


4 6:30 p.m. Parent/ Leader Group



7 Ride for St. Jude



10 6:00 p.m. Horse Council


12 Horse Bowl TBA


14 8:00 a.m. Shooting Sports Community Service


16 Contest Day registration deadline Camp Counselor applications due


18 4:00 p.m. Shotgun Mandatory shoot (PT&S) 6:30 p.m. Fair Board



21 Contest Day 7:00 a.m. Air rifle/ Pistol mandatory shoot, location TBA


23 6:00 p.m. Camp Counselor Meeting

24 Spring Horse Show Test


26 6:00 p.m. 4-H 201

27 Spring Horse Show

28 Spring Horse Show 7:00 a.m. Mandatory Shoot, Archery, .22, Muzzleloader (Pwest)

6:00 p.m. Horse Bowl

29 Spring Horse Show


March/April 2012 Pueblo County 4-H Newsletter  

The newesletter from 4-H in Pueblo County, Colorado

March/April 2012 Pueblo County 4-H Newsletter  

The newesletter from 4-H in Pueblo County, Colorado