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A new concept in personal protection

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“Panic Rooms are being installed to


high net worth individuals & employees



The Room

Using this expertise and knowledge, today’s Panic Rooms are currently being installed to protect high net worth individuals and employees worldwide. We have a growing list of global partners in possession of a vast wealth of personal security expertise who can help, advise on, design and install your Panic Room. Our Panic Room has passed various ballistic tests, allowing it to protect individuals in even the

most hostile of situations. Due to its unique modular design, the Room can be installed quickly into most buildings with little disruption. A Panic Room has the added benefit of being cost-effective due to the fact that it can be easily relocated when a threat subsides.

Our Panic Room is the result of more than two decades protecting staff and assets across the UK. Our first secure rooms prevented thieves from attacking ATMs as well as providing a safe environment for Cash In Transit personnel whilst replenishing cash nationwide sometimes in remote locations. Most national banks, supermarkets and independent ATM deployers have used our secure room solution.

confidence in even the most hostile of situations


Private Residence


the ultimate solution to safeguard your family and valued possessions

Our Rooms are designed to give maximum protection and allow instant communication in your hour of need. Our team has been advising on personal and asset protection for over 15 years. This expertise ensures that our Panic Room becomes part of your total security plan to protect you and your family.

We work closely with specialist security companies to design and install your Panic Room and provide an envelope of protection. We can also work alongside your interior designer or architect to hide or blend the Room into most environments,

whether part of your new build villa in the Mediterranean or converting your dressing room into a safe haven at home. Each Panic Room is designed to provide maximum protection, from

a few hours to several days. All our Rooms have passed several levels of ballistic certification and, after personal consultation, we can advise which specification is required to suit your individual needs.

Commercial Corporate



a safe haven for your staff when it matters the most

Our Panic Rooms provide a flexible and cost effective solution to the threats which exist in the current world climate. In these uncertain times it has become a priority to protect your workforce at home or abroad.

Whether staff are working in a foreign embassy or remote oil and gas fields, our Panic Rooms can be installed in less than a day. The rooms give a superior solution to older methods which are time consuming to install and hold no guarantees for stopping certain munitions.

We can design, supply and install your Room, sustaining life for days with options of blast and fire protection. It can become a fully self-sufficient safe haven with its own independent power and communications.

Following three years of research in consultation with specialist military and government agents, our Panic Rooms ensure a safe refuge for your valued staff when it really matters.

Protection on the high seas


“ Maritime Security

Superyachts and commercial vessels are now equally under threat from pirates, therefore a Panic Room is essential. This allows crew and guests to escape a potentially violent situation and raise the alarm in safety.

of people, with layouts carefully designed to minimise stress. VHF/satellite communication as well as an independent power supply with air filtration can be customised for your maritime security solution.

Although physically the same as the on-shore version, with scalable ballistic protection, this specialised Panic Room allows for extended stays as rescue services will undoubtedly take longer to reach isolated locations at sea. To this end, welfare facilities can be installed for groups

Quickly installed with minimal need for specialist equipment or training,

the Panic Room requires no welding which makes it ideal for retrofitting on a vessel - especially those carrying flammable substances. The Room also doubles as a weapons store for ships employing armed guards.

After a spate of, sometimes violent, break-ins at the Spanish estate where our second home is located, we took the option to install a Panic Room in the gymnasium. The team had it transported flat-pack, delivered and installed in a matter of days. The room doubles as a store for our valuables when we’re not in residence. Our only regret is that

we didn’t have a Panic Room fitted years ago. We now have complete peace of mind.

“From initial consultation through to survey, design and installation, we received a professional, reliable service from the team at the Panic Room Company. Our client was very happy with the product, therefore we are happy. We would recommend the Panic Room Company to

S C, Berkshire and Andalucia

anyone wishing to provide a top quality security solution for themselves or a client.

Special Projects & Service Ltd (SPS)

The Panic Room Company Ltd, PO Box 779, Rotherham, S60 9JW, UK, Tel.: +44 (0)1709-730260 Email: Web:

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Using our expertise and knowledge, today’s Panic Rooms are currently being installed to protect high net worth individuals and employees wor...

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