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My wife was visiting her mother, and around 11pm I said goodnight to her on the phone...I'm sure she went to sleep soon thereafter. I tried. And then I went for a ride. 1:30 am and I wheeled my black Triumph out into the cool night air. For the next few hours I took local back roads, exploring the redline in the first two gears and listening to the unmistakable sound of the triple winding out and then burbling like a tea-kettle on steroids. Eventually I headed out to the highway to let her stretch her legs. A short blast two exits in duration – long enough to hit 130 without drawing too much attention. Then off ramp, circle around, on ramp, and back home... I heard the ticking of the engine as I closed the door to the garage and headed back to bed. 15 minutes later sleep came over me without removing my smile.

Brewing Tea