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Treads The Motorcycle Trader’s Tyre Reference

Issue 3


Show space or web space? We look at the decline of the big retail shows

GP coaching Guru

California Superbike School’s Andy Ibbot fields our 20 questions

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Troy’s stunning MotoGP victory for the big B!

Manx me up! Avon’s man reports on his Manx adventure

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Conti gets racy with KTM Conti’s new Race Attack wins support from KTM in European and UK race series!

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Aussie WSB Champ sparkles in Valencia Troy Bayliss took an incredible fairytale win on Bridgestone tyres in Valencia, leading his team-mate Loris Capirossi over the line for a dominant Ducati one-two. Bayliss had managed a unique double by winning the WSB crown and also winning a Moto GP race in the same year. The focus may have been on the World Championship with Nicky Hayden securing an emotional title, but Bridgestone was enjoying its fourth win of the season and second of the year in Spain. The win topped an amazing year for Bayliss who hadn’t ridden a Moto GP bike in over 18 months and if that wasn’t super-human enough, he had never ridden on Bridgestone GP tyres, streuth! Bridgestone managed to put at least one of their riders on the front row of all bar two of the Moto GP rounds this year, showing great progress with both race and qualifying tyres. Bridgestone commented “We have already started to look at 2007 with new teams, new riders and of course new 800cc bikes. There is a lot to do in the few months before next season but on the back of our competitive 2006 season, our sights will naturally be set even higher in 2007, but our rivals are working equally hard so the competition will be tougher than ever.”

Michelin 2CT wins at MCN awards The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT was named the Motor Cycle News Product of the Year at an awards’ ceremony held at the National Motorcycle Museum on 26th November. The Michelin Pilot Power 2CT has impressed many in its first season and its capability was demonstrated to great effect at the launch, where Colin Edwards fitted the tyres to his Yamaha M1 MotoGP bike and promptly lapped just 2.4 seconds off a grid qualifying time from the previous year’s Malaysian Moto GP! Olivier Gros gets his hands on the prize and picks up the MCN award

World Cup Conti Give-away! and the winner is . . . . The answer to our easy-peasy world cup shirt question was of course Sir Geoff Hurst Lucky winner is; Dan Scott from Alan Jeffries BMW, seen here being a bit chuffed holding his fantastic prize in his hot little hands The footy prize pot isn’t empty yet, MD Neville has kindly donated another “rarer than rocking horse plop” item for you to win! Question and pic over page...

News Ally Pally Superbike Show IPC announces the 2007 ALLY PALLY MOTORCYCLE SHOW which will take place over three days at London’s historic Alexandra Palace, from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th January 2007. The show will be organised, and promoted by SuperBike Magazine. Keith Foster, publishing director of SuperBike Magazine, commented “ Following a decision by the previous organisers to drop out, we decided we simply had to step in and continue the long and established tradition of a motorcycle show at Ally Pally. And judging by response from potential exhibitors, it appears we’ve made the right decision.” Chris Gothard, head of Sales & Marketing at Alexandra Palace, adds “I am delighted that the show is to take place, continuing the very long and successful tradition of motorcycle events at the Palace.” See Conti at the show! Ally Pally 2007 promises to be the number one motorcycle show in London this winter. It’s the biggest and best place to bag an end of season bargain, meet up and have a beer with old mates, or just lust at the latest models. Along with the largest collection of new and used bikes ever assembled under one roof, will be stars from the world of motorcycle racing and a host of features and attractions that are guaranteed to keep visitors entertained throughout the show. More information will follow in the lead up to the show and a dedicated website will also be launching shortly.

Limited Edition Print up for grabs! Neville has kindly donated another spectacular limited edition footy print as a CT give away! This print measures 420 x 296 mm and is signed by both the goal scorers. The question is as easy-peasey as the last one, Just tell us who the two English goal scorers were in the ‘66 World cup final? e-mail answers only please to;


e goal score

Signed by th

Conti goes racing with Bracken KTM . . . Conti are still being a bit coy about the new Race Attack due to be launched in the UK next year (in 3 compounds with a dedicated wet tyre) but we can confirm that it will be the control tyre for the new Braken KTM Superduke Battle series run over 10 rounds supporting BSB and also the Donington Moto GP. The series was launched at the NEC and was also featured in MCN highlighting its fantastic value compared to other one make series, the bikes will be at Expo and AllyPally shows on the Conti stand, more details on the series which starts in March 07 at

Avon’s UK Sales Manager Steve McDonald continues his Island adventure and gets a trip to the Skerries in

The Steam Packet was a real baptism of fire, seeing 172mph on the Speedo and Ian Lougher coming past like he had a gear to go! then straight to Dublin for the famous Skerries races. Cookstown was a bit of a cock up for me so I took Dave Millings 400 that I used at last years Manx just in case things didn’t go well. I got a newcomers practice session, 600 session and a 400 session consecutively which helped me to learn the circuit quickly. The circuit is made up of a fantastic A road with flat out bends and jumps, turning off onto a single track road. Most of the practice sessions got red flagged the circuit is so narrow, thankfully no one was seriously hurt, one involved four riders and a telegraph pole, we were stopped out on track in the sunshine so I moved over to a shady hedge next to a marshal. In a broad Irish accent he told me “I was tanking me lucky stars when yer man hit that telegraph pole that I was here, when dat pole shook! Then the wires shook! Then my pole shook! And then there was dis crash of glass as the street light glass fell just missing me head!” next to him was a freshly swept pile of street light glass! Cameron Donald was setting the Superbike pace, what a star he is! Back in Steve Mc world I had qualified 12th on the 600 and 13th on the 400. The 600 race was red flagged on the first lap but the restart saw me move up from 9th to 5th just pipping local lad Andy O Brien on his 750! even won some money! Time to take stock and off to the Isle of Man for the Manx GP, I was entered into the Junior and Senior races. I was allowed to run a camera on the bike which I borrowed off Tighe Grainger of Men & Motors. First session on the 600 I could not believe how difficult it was to try to keep your head behind the bubble due to the shear speed and bumps on the circuit!! I speeded up gradually through practice to be two tenths shy of the TT qualifying time of 108mph. The Viper’s were performing well and I was 47th on the practice leader board with a best of 17th on one of the ‘wetter’ sessions. I got a call from top Irish racer, Manx GP and NW200 winner Davy Morgan asking if he could help me out in the pits and with the circuit, I promptly went round for a lap with him where he scared the crap out of me with ‘flattened’ kerbs you can now go over and chimney pots and ivy covered telegraph poles as markers!!! The Junior race was strange in the fact that I felt something wasn’t right leading up to it, with Matt in hospital and a few big crashes on the circuit, it can mess with your mind. My starting partner was a bit ‘loose’ he nearly put me into a few walls in practice so I was keen to get in front from the off which I did and I finished an easy 54th starting at 53. 47th in practice and 54th in the Junior I was hoping the officials would have changed my starting number 90 (dead last!) for the senior but alas no. I had effectively 40+ slower riders starting in front of me. I was psyched for the Senior, I dropped my starting partner and got my head down and instantly ran into traffic. Most folk realise that they are behind on corrected time and sit behind and learn why you have caught them but one chap on a 750 held me up for a full lap before I held him off going up the mountain and to the pits. Out of the pits down Bray hill into Quarterbridge and into……Dennis’s Mukka on the 750!!!! Aaaarghhhh!! I finished 45th less than 40secs off a replica and just shy again of the all important 108mph lap. In 5 races at the Island I have never had a clear run. Since the Manx I’ve had great news, current sponsor Al Jennings of Jennings race products has offered me a new ZX6R and a ZX10R for next years TT and road races, maybe even a few rounds of BSB Superstock. there is also a rumour of a fly on the wall documentary covering my story to do the Centenary TT, so anybody interested in a sticker on the bike let me know! I would like to thank all those who have helped me in particular Al & Bernie of Jennings Race Products, Jordan Bikes of Leeds, Henry Jones Haulage, Cambrian Tyres, Moto Services, Shorrocks, No Limits Trackday’s, Dave Milling, Tighe Grainger and Steve Berry of Men & Motors and of course the Guy’s at Avon for producing a great tyre in the Viper Supersport!

Avon tyre deals 00000 000000

Avons new Storm AV55/56 available at CT

Competition . . . Competition . . .

Riding God?

Exclusive to CT

Well if you are a mere riding mortal (like the rest of us) you might want to get your hands on Andy Ibbott’s new book which will guide you, in fantastic detail, towards a much clearer understanding of how you can improve your riding. The book also covers the nuts and bolts process of starting racing and will make a fantastic Christmas read in the shed or wherever else the mother-in-laws voice can’t penetrate! You can win a copy here by answering this simple question; What is Andy’s little known fact? Tie break; What part of your riding most needs improving? (funnier the better) e-mail only please

D207 Through 2006 CT has been offering selected Dunlop radial sections at fantastic discounts CT customers can exploit these special terms and return extremely attractive margins on the Dunlop radial range. Sections included, Exclusive to CT D207D208, D208RR and D220

D207 CT Prices 110/70 ZR17 £000.50 120/60 ZR17 £00.50 120/65 ZR17 £00.50 120/70 ZR17 £00.50 150/60 ZR17 £00.50 160/60 ZR17 £00.50 170/60 ZR17 £00.50 180/55 ZR17 £00.50 190/50 ZR17 £0050 200/50 ZR17 £00.50 Ring for lower D220 prices Ring for lower D207 prices Ring for lower D208RR prices

Dunlop tyre deals -99999999999

random bushism “I’ve coined new words like ‘misunderstanding’ and ‘Hispanically’.” -Speaking on his misquotes “I suspect that had my dad not been President, he’d be asking the same questions - how’d your meeting go with so-and-so... How did you feel when you stood up in front of the people for the State of Union Address, state of the budget address, oh whatever you call it..” -Speaking on his family

Tete A Tete Questions

Andy Ibbott GP coaching Guru

How was the transition from journo to high speed cornering coach? It was quite easy and I really enjoy the coaching, the satisfaction you get from seeing people improve is worth a 100 MotoGP tests! Worse moment in the saddle? Hitting a pedestrian with my bike on the A5 leaving London, we were both OK but I don’t think I’ll ever forget the sickening sound the impact made, I can still remember it now 13 years later What bike did you first do the ton on? The first time I ever saw the ton was at 17 on an RD200 (Andy that bike won’t do the ton) Ok then it would be the CB750 I had a few months later (laughs) Who’s your biking hero? Wayne Rainey, he was a product of the original California Super bike school and went a long way to prove that technique can have as much, if not more influence than natural talent What is your dream bike? NSR500 V4, I rode the V twin expecting it to be easier and the bike was incredibly difficult to ride, the V4 is my choice for dream bike What bike would you realistically buy with your own loot? The best spec Yamaha TZ250 I could afford, (a track bike?) yeah its neither safe nor responsible to get that kind of thrill on the road What’s the worst bike you’ve ever ridden? I rode a Bimota VDue and returned it after about 2 miles, its fueling system was appalling, ruined the bike for me and tried to throw me off with it’s unpredictable nature more times than anything I have ridden. Are you doing the job you’ll retire from? Absoloutely I won’t retire I’ll have to be carted off What if anything would you change about UK biking? Our public perception needs some TLC, that also goes for the Governments view of us What winds you up the most about the bike industry? I recall I quote, can’t remember who said it “bikers and biking are the last great tribe on earth” so I’m gripe free on this one What winds you up the most about the bike press? (laughs) I suppose maybe the lack of imagination, the press don’t seemed to have moved on from the mid-90’s same stuff, same presentation, often less info. Some one needs to come up with a new angle, so much is either sensational or stale. What would be your nugget of wisdom for the average biker? You are never too old or experienced to learn to ride better What was the best fuel consumption you’ve ever got from a bike? (laughs) Does free wheeling count? I short shifted my way to the top of the Alps in ‘84 on a GPz600R and rolled down the mountain the last gallon lasted me 86.7 miles! When was your last get off? I fell off at the NEC this year doing the Super Moto demo, no injuries, got a few laughs Who do you most admire living or dead? (thinks about this one) really stands out iconically I have a lot of respect for the achievements of a lot of people without admiring any one in particular Most challenging thing you’ve ever done? (laughs because we are being entertained by the antics of Andy’s 3 year old during the conversation) definately being a dad! probably most rewarding thing too What’s the worst colour for a bike? Pink! ..its just wrong Can you do any bike maintenance? Yup, I started off as a mechanic when I was 16 A little known fact about... I’m an obsessive on-line gamer, I’m playing Battlefield 2 too much at the moment How would you spend your last day on a bike? Definately cornering practise, last chance to get a little bit quicker! Thanks Andy! Andy Ibbott will be coaching at the California Superbike School (nbetween his GP coaching commitments) throughout 2007

If you go down to the woods today . . . “I’ve seen this done before, it always ends Ten lucky CT customers came with in tears” us as guests of Michelin to the BMW Off-Road Skills School in sunny Abercraf, South Wales. The school is run by Simon and Linlay Pavey and their cast of ex-enduro hero instructors. Simon is known to many of us as a serious Dakar veteran and also through the “Long Way Round” series. Simon, Nick Plumb (he of Touretec fame) and the school instructors were responsible for honing the off-road skills of the intrepid duo, McGregor and Boormanand way back in 03 before LWR, and Simon is part of the “Race to Dakar” project where we get to see Charley Boorman playing in the Instruction is given incase of problems riding in sand. Don’t e-mail telling us the third world countries “Repeat after me, here are school runs on TKCs, ‘cos we know! my valuables, please don’t shoot” Simon and Charley are sponsored by Michelin for the “Race to Dakar” and so our trip was sponsored by the lovely folk at Michelin UK.

The school has over 500 acres of the Brecon National Park Forest to use and we novices needed most of it. The weekend course starts with balance and control exercises to get the students ready for more involved techniques like hill recovery, ascent and descent techniques. The tutorials are backed up with riding intervals through the forest to reinforce what’s been learnt. Everybody seemed to have a really good time and most of us couldn’t remember when we’d had more fun on a bike! You can get your self on a course by booking through BMW World, it’s the perfect tonic for any biker jaded with sports bikes, gatsos and UK traffic. treads@-

We show you how easy it is, then we smile

Gary Taylor wonders why we keep falling off so easily and suppresses his need for speed by burning his leg on a hot exhaust pipe

SP steadies himself against a GS to stop him assuming his normal, horizontal laid back position

“I’ll take the high road”

“And I’ll take the low road” “..I’ll just make the tea”

Michelin have given us a book signed by charley to give away and all you have to do to get your paws on it, is tell us who the intrepid trio are in the picture directly above? e-mail answers only please to;

Spaced out ? . . . . . . . . . . . . ticket hotline

pay too much here 0870 000 2007

nt Shows a h p e l E e it h W

Has web space turned the big shows into a waste of space? rising costs and falling attendance may be causing a show-space evolution

Anyone who cares about the image of UK biking and who visited the 2006 NEC show may, at the very least, be concerned. Bold announcements were made from the stage area by the MCI representative on press day that the 2006 show was more impressive than ever with bigger and better stands. The attendant press audience was bemused to say the least, the show could be navigated in about 45 minutes, spread as it was neatly over three halls, probably the most compact ational bike show we’d seen at the NEC. It would still cost the British biker £15 to get in to see a show lacking in dynamism, value or imagination, with stand space still at the giddy heights of over £230 per sq metre it would be hard for any retailer to squeeze any further creativity or discounts from their seriously pressed margins. Expo is not expensive in relation to the NEC or Intermot, an average Expo plot will cost an exhibitor around £3k. Most bike businesses are lucky to achieve a trading profit of 30% so the real cost of a £3k plot, (excluding staff expenses) runs to over £10k in turn-over just to pay for itself The MCN awards followed the night of the NEC press day, £75(+vat) per ticket at the National Motorcycle Museum, an apt venue, but unlike last year no viewing of the exhibits was permitted and the evening had a much more streamline feel. Celebrities were marched processionally on stage, no interviews followed their teasing “usual suspect” line up. The food was regarded as being frankly poor, but Treads was informed that a contractual obligation stops outside caterers coming in to the venue to provide an alternative to the limited service from the in-house facilities. A bigger impact on the pocket of the paying diners was the £37.50 (50% of the ticket price) paid for the services of Lee Hurst and Suzi Perry, the same price you’d pay to see a London show or a stadium gig. The Scottish Bike Show 2006 will be remembered probably for all the wrong reasons but it did produced an unlikely new organisation, MSTA (Motorcycle Show Traders Assoc.) who have worked hard to create a real dialogue between show organiser and exhibitor for the future benefit of both. The breakdown in communication that closed the Scottish show, sparked exhibitor unrest, businesses looked afresh at the whole deal offered to them and realised the show would have cost them a small fraction of the fees they had paid if they had booked the hall and put it on themselves. MSTA has gained a big influence in its infancy and put forward some imaginative suggestions for the 2007 NEC event to enable the show organisers to improve the overall quality and appeal of the national show. The points raised were not ground breaking, just good common sense from industry veterans, covering new business start-up space to sponsored parking, the show back to a week rather than 10 days, more representation from the whole family of motorcycling and thankfully a request to limit the amount of flesh on display. The 19 point submission was discussed with Andrew Smith head of MCI Exhibitions (and MD of Yamaha UK). MSTA have a good deal of info on their website including show dates and venues probably the only thing lacking is a cost comparison show-to-show. In 2007 we get the benefit (or curse) of two London shows, Ally-Palli and Excel. It is no small surprise the retail trade has backed the independently organised Ally-Palli . The pointless slanging started almost immeadiately to crush the smaller show and regrettably from an organisation that should endorse competition and free enterprise. Rumours of strong arm tactics along with the customary misquotes and smearing maybe par for the course from the great Emap organ but Ally-Pally is more or less sold out as we go to print and this could be seen as an effective vote by the paying exhibitors of their preference? Treads has learned that manufacturers are being encouraged with offers of free exhibition space for Excel in exchange for exclusivity on display of 2007 models, so it would also seem that the tail is still trying to wag the dog. Who suffers? the punter and inevitably, the thousands of companies who make up the industry. Who gains? no-one in the short term but hopefully somebody resolving to build something positive and cost effective for the exhibitor and show goer alike, step forward MSTA? So will the big shows continue to decline with the UK scene splintering into independently organised shows? As things stand few would argue against it, the market will always find a way when costs become oppressive in relation to return, especially when the market itself is evolving with internet savy consumers researching the products and machines on-line, main dealers offering “show-like” displays in their dealerships, and the e-market booming. If the punter is relying much less on shows for their bike fix, what can the big shows offer to justify the costs? Unfortunately the entertainment spectacle just isn’t happening and the show organiser’s monopoly looks like it’s broken. Our industry has often been criticised for its inability to adapt quickly to change. The writing maybe on the wall, question is, are the established show organisers reading it?

Win yourself a cool Diablo Corsa 3 MP3 player! we’ve got 5 to give away! Just answer this simple question, Which Pirelli tyre is used in the WSB series? A. PHANTOM SPORTSCOMP B. DIABLO SUPERBIKE C. SCORPION MX e-mail your answers to

Win yourself a mega useful Metzeler Tank Bag/Back Pack, we’ve got 5 to give away!

Just answer this simple question Who won the 2006 National Superstock Championship on Metzeler RaceTecs A. KENNY ROBERTS B. BRENDAN ROBERTS C. JULIA ROBERTS e-mail your answers to treads@-

Ice cool exclusive CT prices on

120/60 120/70 160/60 180/55 190/50

ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17

£01.50 Rennsport £01.50 £06.50 £07.50 £07.50


Metzelers scorching hyper-sport tyre brought to you at ice cool prices over a range of key sizes.

Metzeler Tyre deals

01970 624004

Fact hunt..

Sign of the times, having your village sign knicked in Llandewi Brefi since “I’m the only gay in the village” is a new irritation, but one village in the UK has stopped replacing them altogether, there is no name sign at all in the little Scottish Orkney village of Twatt . . . ‘nough said There are 306 zoos in the UK, Germany has the most with 400, the most visited zoo in the UK is Chester. 19 out of 20 UK women stated they would rather have a smaller waist than a genius-level IQ. A woman also takes 54mins to a mans 13min to get ready in the morning. work that one out!

Fact hunt.. Fact hunt..

Three facts in one hunt, . . do we spoil you or what?

On the map? If you sell Conti’s and you’re not on the map, e-mail us! The Conti dealer map is part of the Conti website and allows users to find their closest dealer, Conti can also supply stickers and fitment guides to listed dealers, if you sell Conti tyres or tubes you need you need to be on it!, e-mail;

Fact hunt . . . .

Sign of the times, having your village sign knicked in Llandewi Brefi is a new irritation, but one village in the UK has stopped replacing them altogether, there is no sign at all in the little Scottish village of Twatt . . . ‘nough said

Like some bad dream, J.R Tolkien meets J.Hartley in,

What’s in his pocketses?

The Intrepid CT sales staff, list 3 Things they fish around for in their pockets(steady) This time its our very own smooth talking, CT sales grabbing bionic man, Matt Leeman. Sorely missed in the CT office over the last few months after an attempt at a quadruple salco left the poor bugger immobile, unfortunately Matt made the error of attempting this highly technical manoeuvre whilst on his bike, on the Public highway and not at the ice rink. Matt would like to thank everyone for their concern and best wishes, and assures us here at CT that the Ice-Panto will still go on! so what’s in your pockets Matt?

Mainly, I have been mostly keeping pain-killers in my pockets!

Matt tells all, . . Do I , or don’t I ,Get another bike? , that’s the question I’ve been asking myself since Sunday 17th Sept , .....That’s the day a 79 year old women in a Subaru “took me out� a Sunday afternoon ride ,minding my own business, a sunny but slightly damp afternoon, Me & my Fazer 1000 in perfect harmony, I’d just left the beautiful West Wales coastal village of Aberdovey heading north, when all of a sudden I find myself a painful bonnet ornament on a Subaru so I’m lying in the road thinking , I’ve never been able to bend my left leg that far before ,, F..k it , I’ve ripped my new Rukka Gortex suit all to the familiar tune “Sorry I didn’t see you� 30min later I’m flying over the Dovey estuary in an air ambulance on my way to Aberystwyth Hospital it turns out one of the paramedics rides a GSX1400, he soon find out where I work & between the puffs of “happy gas� we were discussing the best options for his bike. Its now been 12 weeks & I’m back to work , all be it afternoons only at the moment. The amount of “Get Well Cards� & wishes I received while I was in hospital was absolutely amazing & at this point I’d like to thank each & every one of you most sincerely for them Its still going to take a while until I’m “fit� again giving me plenty of time to think .. what bike next ??? I’m out there again, and I don’t like it

Gary’s World of Smiley


believes that there aren’t enough smileys in the world! lots of you agreed and entered our “find the not-so-smiley� competition. Esther Warrington of John Warrington Motorcycles, Malton, Nth Yorks, is our lucky winner and gets what ever Gary has kicking about in his promo drawer which unfortunately will include parts of his lunch. We’ve hidden another not-so-smiley in this issue as Gary’s drawer will certainly need another clear-out after Christmas! entries to




is la's0t"3"3AGE









smil s e u s


Nick Sanders competition

Nick Sanders has just finished his latest project, “Biker Britain” an exploration of UK biking. A book and DVD accompany the series and we have one of these lavish hard cover books to give away just in time for Christmas! all you have to do is tell us which bike and tyre Nick used on his world record attempt last year? e-mail your answers to; treads@-.

130/70 110/70 120/60 120/70 150/60 150/70 160/60 170/60 180/55 190/50 110/80 160/60

win the book!

Cunning stunts

Sport Radial ZR16 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR17 ZR18 ZR18

£--.17 £--.06 £--.06 £--.13 £--.35 £--.35 £--.42 £--.46 £--.46 £--.60 £--.17 £--.46

Phil.T.Monkey pontificates on matters irrelevent.

the muppet’s opinions are not necessarily CT’s

There are supposed to be over a 100 ways to skin a cat, not my specialist subject really swinging about on the CT tyre swing and consuming vast quantities of Geeste’s finest is me main priority. I have been guilty of “skinning down” to me bare essentials for the undignified benefit of passing dignitaries and if the coast is clear the odd “skin up” for some afternoon delight, but its no surprise to find that me monkey mates have got a different “cat-skinning” slant on almost any problem that crops up. Track days are a firm favourite here at CT and sorting out the quick King Louis’ from the fast funky gibbons makes for some rowdy banter. Just getting the van loaded flexes the collective monkey minds, chunky monkey will try to convince us that taking a wheel barrow isn’t a waste of space as it will ensure we have transport if we breakdown?? ...then again he believes that hiding his mobile phone in a conch shell fools the rozzers into thinking he’s just listening to the sea! It really is a baboon baffling bedlam out there, trying to separate the fact from the fiction the nay- sayers from the confusers, we all know not to trust picture board menus, they were put together long ago in photo-la-la land, with love and care and not by the limp-chimp serving you now in flat damp burger land! Alton Towers -”where the magic never ends”, bollox, you’ll find it ends promptly at 7.30pm! explain that to your kids after you’ve been stuck in traffic all afternoon and got them there at 5! Luckily, me you and the rest of the cheeky monkees that make up the great unwashed collective known as UK biking get super-duper, spot on tell-no-lies advice from the boys and girls riding, wrecking and generally abusing bikes in our name, for our benefit, written to entertain and enlighten us in their lovely comics!..........well, yeah, sort of? Here are some recent press comic capers that are more monkey madness than sound simian sense! Ride’s “Rider Power” voted the ME33 second best tyre overall, best mileage and second best for value, brilliant results from a front fitment, ok if you’ve got a powered unicycle! In the same survey the big B’s Trailwing is grippier than the BT010! and the AV45/46 is listed as a different more monkey mischief than you tyre from the Azaro ST! It looks like one of me chimpy mates in a room with a type-writer can can shake a either produce shakespeare or more likely the tyre section of Ride’s bible! On a much lighter banana at! note those revy little cherubs at Superbike have also been twisting the poor reader’s melon, in “real world riding section” they claim that eating carrots will improve your night vision!...well not really, this was just some tosh the war office put out to explain why our night fighters were so good in WW2, didn’t want the blasted jerries finding out we had bally radar! in the same fact packed section loading your bike in a van against a mattress ain’t the law in any developed country we know! not even if your granny holds the bike steady! get yourself some straps Superbike and explain to your poor reader how to do it properly! If you spot a magazine gaff let us know! Ty

Spreading the word...

A group of like minded traders decided to get together to secure a better deal for everyone who exhibits (or organises) motorcycle related shows in the UK. The dialogue continues with very effective meetings with the NEC organisers to promote a better deal for all concerned. If you want to get involved contact through the email below or visit the website from little acorns. . . . e-mail;

Wayne’s World earthy wisdom from the big fella Pardner, when you travel by Ivor the engine a simple and effective way to keep the seat next to you free from passing varmits is to smile broadly at pilgrims as they mosey down the ailse, throw in the odd wink and a nice low whistle as you gently pat the vacant seat like your favourite hoss, you’ll find your self happily lonesome for the whole journey.





Our story begins on a tyre selling day like any other . . . . . . . Do you mean me?

Attention Shop-keep!

More CT Creative Thinking


Yes, him! It has more practical information than a stack of tyre manuals and still maintains the ability to be easy to hold!

Did you know that using the Cambrian Tyres book can give you all the tyre data you need, and it’s easy to hold! It is most definately packed with stuff. .

By Jove, he’s right


Would you like to use the CT 3 step system? It’s as easy as.. ahem. . 1,2,3!




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Rather! . .If it’s as easy as holding the book, it’ll be a snip!

When you have the customers attention and after social I’ll give it a go! pleasentries such as batting averages and cribbage high (when do I get to hold the book) scores, enquire as to his machine and nature of use. . . If you have any doubts as to the focus of the customer’s attention, a polite cough, “ahem” or failing these more subtle appraoches, an “ear pull” may be in order

Good day to you sir how may I assist?

I’ve either got his attention or I think I’ve pulled. . .


He definately has my attention and I still may have pulled. . .

Consider the customers comments and use the incredibly clear and informative CT Book to select the perfect tyre for your customer!


Call the most knowledgeable sales team in the business to make sure you get the right hoop for the job! next day!



It certainly is very clear!

I’m ecstatic, (but I’m a bit like that anyway)

Make the call! Tyres delivered the next day! maximising ...and very informative! customer satisfaction!

The UK’s number 1 Motorcycle Tyre Distributor stocks 100,000 tyres so that you don’t have to! All the big brand tyres, next day

I might get a chance to ave a hold of it

At least I got to hold the tyre

Retailer and customer in perfect harmony!




The “Book 07” the definitive tyre reference manual! Make sure you’ve got yours! e-mail us now to get your copy of “The Book” and Treads newsletter

Treads magazine  

Treads was written, edited and compiled for a major tyre wholesaler in the UK

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