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The Up Side of Downsizing


“We downsized so we could stop worrying about paying the mortgage. Now we only worry about where to store our stuff.”


Downsizing sounds like a great idea until you realize how much you’ve collected over the years. How can you face the idea of getting rid of your high school shop project or those dishes handed down from your mother? Instead of referring as it to downsizing, think of it as “rightsizing,” suggests Barry Izsak, certified organizer and owner of Arranging it All. “Rightsizing doesn’t mean you can’t own what you love, it just means owning less of it. It means focusing on what’s important and what really matters to you and letting go of the rest.” He suggests eliminating anything that is not useful, beautiful or something you love as a first step in deciding what will stay and what will go.

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Organization experts live by the OHIO rule: Only Handle It Once. Making a “maybe” pile only wastes time. Sort items into one of three piles; keep, discard or donate. Plan for your actual life, not your imagined one. If you aren’t using that treadmill, kick it to the curb. Keep your mostused items then let the rest go. If you have a collection, don’t take every piece with you; keep a subset - a few pieces that are representative of the set. Sell what you don’t need and bank the money.

Table of Contents

“Make the easy, unemotional decisions first and start with things that you can easily and obviously get rid of,” advises Izsak. “It’s not realistic to think that you can tackle a lifetime of possessions in a day, a week or a month. Do it in stages and allow yourself enough time.” If at all possible, start downsizing while you are still in good health, one room or area at a time. That way it won’t become an overwhelming emotional issue when you are less able to deal with it. If you’re downsizing due to a move, use your new space as a guide for determining what you’ll realistically need to keep.

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Yes, downsizing can be stressful because it’s often difficult to let go of “things” but look for the upside. You can save money, time and live with less clutter. That could be just the new start you need for the new year. Follow Us on Facebook

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Anthony M. Gucciardo

14 Hunters Run Blvd. Latham $385,800 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths / 1792 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

Capital Region Syracuse Central New York

Broker / Owner Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

518-331-3785 (C)

( Oneida & Herkimer Counties) 1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110

Columbus Ohio

There’s A Lot More

To A Mortgage

Than Just Your Interest Rate A home mortgage is one of the biggest expenses a consumer will undertake. That’s why it’s important to look beyond interest rates to help get the lowest possible costs. “When homebuyers look purely at interest rates, they don’t get a complete picture of what they’re paying for a mortgage,” says Glenn Brunker, mortgage executive for Ally Home, the direct-toconsumer mortgage unit of Ally Bank. “Ignoring other aspects may mean you’re not getting the mortgage that’s right for your specific financial situation or leaving you without extra cash for home improvements or emergency funds.” To find a mortgage that’s right for your budget, evaluate such factors as points, loan closing fees and other funds that may be required upfront at closing. Points You might have heard someone mention “points” when talking about a mortgage. Discount points, commonly known as points, are fees borrowers pay directly to a lender at closing to get a lower interest rate. One point is equal to one percentage point of your mortgage. For example, if you have a 30-year, $275,000 mortgage and your lender charges you one point, you’ll have an upfront charge of $2,750. Points can be your friend to help lower the rate but only when you understand how points work and the right strategies to use them. Closing Costs When purchasing a home, most consumers are focused on the amount of interest on their mortgage and rightly so. But you also need to prepare for expenses associated with closing, such as appraisal fees, escrow payments and deed preparation fees.

newsShorts Zillow reports closing costs typically run around 2 to 5 percent of a home’s purchase price. But closing costs can differ from lender to lender by hundreds or even thousands of dollars—so be sure to compare fees to help keep some cash in hand. Future Expenses Buying a home comes with a variety of ongoing expenses. Repairs and potential renovations are obvious costs, but don’t forget about expenses such as homeowner’s insurance premiums and property tax. Homeowners are often required to pay these charges up front as part of their monthly mortgage payment. Lenders hold the funds in what’s called an escrow account and then make the insurance and tax payments on your behalf. This ensures these expenses are paid on time and protects the lender from tax liens and other financial losses. To understand more about the mortgage process, you can download the free Mortgage Playbook at Getting the house of your dreams at a price you can afford is the smart way to truly call it “Home Sweet Home.” (NAPS)

Remodel Unused

Living Space To Maximize

Your Home’s Potential If the real estate market has you frazzled or if the notion of trading up leaves you with sticker shock, a home remodeling project may be just the right answer.

breathe or to create an income suite to offset mortgage costs. It can also offer the added benefit of bolstering the value of your home. With so many uses, a remodeled basement may be the exact solution to what your home is missing, whether it’s additional storage space, a soundproofed media room, craft room, guest room or home gym. The possibilities are practically endless. An unfinished basement, on the other hand, can be a source of energy loss, so with a remodeling you can expect to see savings on your monthly heating and cooling costs. Industry experts recommend finishing the space with the proper framing, insulation and vapor barrier to guarantee cozy and inviting rooms. Insulation plays a key role in the comfort of your newly remodeled space and although hidden within your walls, it will make sure the basement stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Unfortunately, moisture can be a common challenge in many basements. Starting with a dry space is important. As a result, builders and contractors often favor an inorganic stone wool insulation that’s resistant to mold and mildew growth, such as Rockwool Comfortboard and Comfortbatt products. Not only will they help protect indoor air quality, they’re easy to install and won’t slump in the wall cavity. This serves to ensure the comfort of your newfound living space, so you can count on long-term thermal performance for years to come. Remodeling a basement can be very worthwhile, especially when you consider that moving to a larger home can add significant bulk to your mortgage. To get the most from the project, be sure to practice due diligence, obtain the right permits, and educate yourself on building codes. If you don’t have the know-how, it’s worth the peace of mind to hire a qualified professional. For further facts, go to (NAPS)

A finished basement, for example, can offer a little extra room to give a growing family space to

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Robot Mower On

The Cutting Edge The extensive use of domestic robots for various household uses such as floor cleaning, pool, gutter and window cleaning is spurring growth, in of all things,the robotic lawn mower market. Like a Roomba for your yard, these lawn mowers are autonomous in nature and function without human intervention - though you will be required to fasten down a corresponding low voltage wire, (think invisible fence) around the area you want mowed. The systems are designed to include a docking station, a mobile base, and other accessories that support its smooth functioning, and it also uses intelligent sensory feedback control programmed to mow surfaces automatically. Kids forget to put their toys away? No problem - the mowers are designed to reroute when they bump into objects. Low battery? The mower is programmed to automatically return to the base to recharge. Quieter than the gas-powered counterparts, these battery-powered mowers make about as much noise as a window air conditioning unit. Since they are relatively quiet and can be programmed to run on a schedule, imagine waking up in the morning to a freshly mowed lawn. The top players in the robotic mower field are implementing ledge sensors that improve maneuverability and offering additional features such as smart navigation, laser vision, lawn memory, mapping, and self-emptying function that will improve the efficiency and performance of these advanced devices. If you’re looking for those straight lines and total freedom from your trimmer, call your local lawn service. If you’re willing to settle for getting the job done, a robotic mower may be the answer to your lawn maintenance dreams. The technology is still being fine tuned and you can expect to lay out a lot of cash for the convenience.



Design Trends A new calendar year brings fresh design trends for homeowners to start incorporating into their homes. National homebuilder and developer Taylor Morrison offers insight into the design trends buyers are incorporating into their homes. Here are nine trends from the builder’s in-house design experts for 2019 based on the selections homebuyers are choosing today. Healthy homes. “One trend we’re seeing is a shift toward becoming eco-friendlier and bringing healthy lifestyles straight into our homes,” shares Lee Crowder, design gallery and model home branding manager for Taylor Morrison. “While there are a lot of different ways to achieve this look, one must-have is an abundance of plants. Bringing touches from the outdoors inside is not only an aesthetic choice, but real plants also provide the benefit of filtering the harmful chemicals out of your home.” Crowder also suggests opting for natural materials over manmade, ditching dirt- and dusttrapping carpet for hardwood and swapping highgloss paint for flat finishes. Low vs. high maintenance. Charlotte-based Taylor Morrison Design Consultant Brittany Wightman sees many single female buyers opting for aesthetics over easy maintenance or function. “Achieving an all-white dream living room is a little easier when there are fewer people—especially kids—living under one roof,” said Wightman. On the other hand, consumers with larger families are opting for finishes that are easier to maintain. “A simple way to make your life easier is by choosing finishes that don’t require a ton of TLC. Choosing quartz over granite and opting for larger tiles over smaller ones means less grout to clean.” Fashion-forward. “Fashion trends are bleeding into home décor and design,” said Crowder. “If you paid attention to fashion week, you would

have seen browns and tartan plaids being very prominent this year, and those are some of the same trends we’re seeing in furniture design and accessories. If you see it on the runway, you will start seeing it trickle down into home fashion shortly thereafter.” Earth tones. With many homeowners opting for an indoor-outdoor lifestyle, Wightman shared that incorporating earth tones in your home is an easy way to bring the outdoors in. There’s no place like home, so doing all that you can to ensure that it’s a safe, healthy and comfortable place will give you the peace of mind necessary to enjoy it to its fullest. Monochromatic mood. High-contrast, monochromatic looks are rising in popularity, especially in the kitchen. “Pairing dark finishes with stark white or grey cabinets will be a very popular look in the new year,” said Wightman. Pastels and jewel tones. Bring on the baby blues, mint greens and blushing pinks. “We’re calling these the ‘ice cream cone’ colors,” said Crowder. “But if pastels aren’t for you, bold jewel tones like emerald and sapphire are another popular option for the new year.” Unique finishes. Fun hardware finishes like black, rose gold and brass continue to gain popularity. “Black is a really important color for 2019 and you’ll be seeing it pop up everywhere—from countertops to hardware and faucets,” said Crowder. Flower power. “We’re seeing tons of floral patterns inspired by runway looks,” Crowder said. “Florals are a top trend in the fashion world right now, so it makes sense that floral wallpaper is making a comeback.” Cozy comforts. Also inspired by fashion runways is the Danish hygge look. Comfortable, relaxed items like cozy and soft rugs, sofas and beds are replacing the stark, tailored look. “Taylor Morrison homebuyers are investing a bit more into their larger purchases in order to ensure quality and comfort. I like to say—buy once, cry once,” said Crowder. (PRNewswire)

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Historic Gentleman’s Farm

5 Cunningham Ave, Glens Falls


Gleaming wood floors, built-ins, and fireplace all add to the character of this lovely 3-4 bedroom City home on quiet Cunningham Ave. Detached 1 car garage, deck, New furnace and hot water heater. Come call this house home!


727 Lake Ave/NYS 29, Saratoga Springs


Historic Gentleman’s Farm. With it’s breathtaking mountain and pastoral views, the beautiful, private 6 acres has a pond; a converted historic 3400 sq ft Post and Beam Barn with heat and A/C; an original Corn Crib; a Carriage House, and an 1800’s farm house. The farmhouse has been lovingly restored with original woodwork and floors. Newer kitchen with granite, new windows and wiring, central A/C, and an in-ground pool are just a few of the modern day amenities added.

7 Glen Hall Dr, Queensbury


Lake Front year round Beauty! Spectacular views from 3 decks and a fire-pit on custom stone patio. This gem boasts 3 bedrooms (one on lower level with it’s private entrance) and 2 full baths (one with walkin stone shower and another with spa tub and European shower).

Who Said It’s A Bad Time Of Year To Sell???



4585 Lake Shore Dr., Bolton Landing


7 Glen 24 Nacy Hall Road, Dr, Queensbury Lake George

$534,900 $355,000

10 Meadow Drive, Queensbury


5 Nova Lane, Queensbury


7 Glen 12 Empire HallAvenue, Dr, Queensbury Glens Falls

$534,900 $175,000

7 Coolidge Avenue, Glens Falls


Call The Julie Snyder Team get your house SOLD fast!



www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


ADVANCED MODULAR HOMES 518-279-1005 OR 518-664-1400 | Email:

Authorized Bill Lake Modular Home Dealer

NY Modular Homes-Quality, Custom Stick Built Homes Starting Prices, Delivered and Set

Colonial 28’ X 40’

$128,730 Cash Price or $725.00 per month. Call for details


Ranch 28’ X 48’ $89,400

Cape 28’ X 44’ $89,400

$89,400 Cash Price or $515.00 per month. Call for details

$89,400 Cash Price or $515.00 per month. Call for details

When It’s “In-House” There Are No Contractor Delays!

Excellent Service Exceptional Results Natalie Amsler

NYS Lic. Associate RE Broker, Certified Buyers Representative


We Build Year Round So Let Us Help You With Your New Home!

Donna C. Kelly 2390 Western Avenue Guilderland, New York 12084

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You need an agent who:

• Over 18 Years Real Estate Experience • New Homes Sale Specialist • Luxury Home Sales • Staging Services

• Listens and understands your specific needs

Representing both Buyers and Sellers throughout the

• Gets you the best value whether you are buying or selling.

Capital Region, Warren County, Lake George and beyond.

Sterling Homes Inc.

1487 Saratoga Road | Ballston Spa NY 12020 6

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Lic. R.E. Salesperson Cell 518-368-4959 Office 518-861-7030

• Knows the local market • Communicates with you on a regular basis • Handles all the details

For honest & professional real estate assistance CALL Donna at 518-368-4959

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63 Fowler Drive, ST. JOHNSVILLE

East Fulton Street, GLOVERSVILLE

2245 State Highway 10, CAROGA LAKE

1315 Midline Road, HAGAMAN

Beautiful residential area in the Village of St. Johnsville. This split level home offers great space for kids, pets and entertaining. Country kitchen with a large window overlooking your backyard formal dining room and living room. Asking $159,999

Great Investment Opportunity!!! Fully rented 7 unit building with off-street parking. Paved parking on side of the building and parking lot behind building. Long term tenants. Owner furnishes gas and electric (approximately $3500 per year ) Asking $124,500

This cozy two bedroom, one full bath cottage is walking distance to your shared dock on East Caroga Lake! Vaulted ceiling, knotty pine walls, loft bedroom and a side deck to enjoy your morning coffee. Asking $104,000

Location!!! Country privacy with all of the conveniences and proximity to the city. This Cape style home has 3 bedrooms that are much larger than expected and 1 1/2 baths. The current owners have lovingly modernized and upgraded kitchen. Asking $204,500


32 Clark Ave., FORT PLAIN

115 E. State Street, GLOVERSVILLE

14 Curtain Ave., MAYFIELD

0 State Highway 5, PALATINE

Well-maintained ranch – two bedrooms (11x15 and 10x10) (large closets), 1 1/2 baths. Large living room (16x22) has a large picture window and large closets. Kitchen is a gallery, opens into the dining area. Asking $124,900

Two story, 4 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath home conveniently located in Gloversville. A large yard that is 350 feet deep. Great for kids, pets and entertaining. There is a huge living room, dining room and family room. Asking $82,900

There is nothing more relaxing than living at the lake. Floating on the perfectly still water is penciled in on every afternoon’s schedule. 90’ of lake front on Mayfield Lake with a dock could be the ticket to the peaceful oasis you have been dreaming of. Asking$219,900

Here’s a diamond in the rough … this wooded lot has a great private setting close to village and shopping on a main road. There’s a beautiful stream, rock wall and old stone quarry. Bring your camper, park and listen to the water flowing by or build. Asking $22,000




O FFICE :518-673-2820

2474 STATE HWY 30 MAYFIELD 518-661-6118 • 54 E MAIN STREET ST. JOHNSVILLE 518-568-2776


Looking for a Florida Home, Investment or Retirement Residence on the Gulf of Mexico?

Let Me Find You The Perfect

in Paradise

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent with Concierge Service Voorheesville

2615 New Scotland Road


Enjoy tranquility and resort style living in the award winning Voorheesville School District only 20 minutes from Albany. This cedar center hall Colonial is situated on 1.5 private acres with views of the Helderburg Mtns. Upon entry into this grand two-story foyer home you will take notice to immediate PRIDE Of OWNERSHIP. This home has been extensively updated epitomizing the very best quality. The master bedroom suite offers a large walk in closet, dual vanity, jetted garden tub. Call today to schedule your walk through.

For Information On This Home Contact:

Keller Williams Capital District, Latham NY

Lucas Weston Lic. R.E. Salesperson | C: 518-269-7939 |

Madelyn LaRosa, PA REALTOR / ABR

(518) 779-6174

1160 S. McCall Rd., Englewood, FL 34223 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated January

www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



Licensed Real Estate Salesperson NYS

Call, text or email: C: 518-441-2640

Queensbury/Glens Falls Lake George Office, NY 63 Quaker Rd Queensbury , NY 12804 (518) 798-3636

Ring In The New Year With One Of These Amazing Properties

2187 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid • $1,599,000

206 Lakeshore Drive, Indian Lake • $975,000

142 Jerry Savarie Road, Indian Lake • $495,000

35 Wildwood Place, Queensbury • $419,900

This well established 38 year old turn key business by design includes a complete reservation system with over 8700 customers, 60% return rate, is highly ranked on Trip Advisor and offers many opportunities for future growth and development. Your guests will enjoy this exceptionally well maintained property consisting of 4 buildings, 2 with 19 Vacation rental units, office, managers apartment, 2 Lakefront Cottages, a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom with living rooms and kitchens, 158 feet of direct lakefront with docks on Lake .

Your opportunity to own the Indian Lake Marina! Turn key established Lakefront Marina Business operation on Beautiful Indian Lake in the central Adirondacks includes Furnished 4 Bedroom year round house, Furnished 3 Bedroom Seasonal Cottage, Large Rental Boat Fleet, Gas Pumps and Above Ground Tanks, 33 Space Dock, Concrete Boat Launch Ramp, Mechanics Garage, Marina Store, Parking Lot, Grumman Boats Dealership and much more! Additional 2,9 Acre Lot with Large Storage Buildings also available.

Welcome to Abanakee Lake in the Central Adirondacks! Enjoy year round lake front living in the is beautiful custom Contemporary Home on 1.2 acres with 240 feet of lake shore. With a large vaulted Greatroom with a fireplace, wood floors and skylights, custom kitchen with granite counters and high end stainless appliances, large family room, lakeside screened porch, screened hot tub room for sunset viewing, large master suite with living area, 3 additional bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, garage, shed, generator, high efficiency heat/hot water.

This exceptionally appointed Log Home boasts beautiful details like hand hewn logs, custom interior doors, hardwood maple floors, a passive solar ‘’Green Energy’’ Solarium, a Spa Room with dry sauna and hot tub overlooking beautiful landscaped grounds with in ground pool, Tuscan styled pergola and patio, perennial gardens. All the modern bells and whistles you want! On 3+ Acres in the Town of Queensbury, Low Lake George School Taxes, and just minutes from Harris Bay on Lake George. A true Value and priced below appraised value.

38 Chestnut Ridge Road, Queensbury • $399,000

337 Adirondack Lake Road, Indian Lake • $310,000

Contemporary Post and Beam Beauty! 3 Levels of Living with 3068 Square Feet, Open Great room with Vaulted Beam Ceiling and amazing Glass Window Wall, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Huge Bonus Room, Walk out finished Basement to large Deck, All completely updated, NEW Kitchen, Amazing Bathrooms, NEW Wood Flooring,NEW Ceramic Tile, NEW Light Fixtures throughout, NEW Interior Doors, NEW Paint - inside and out. Updated ENERGY Efficient Geothermal heating and cooling, Passive Solar Glass, Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric too.

Your opportunity to own a lakefront home in the Adirondacks is here! You’ll fall in love with this meticulously cared for cottage on the beautiful shores of Adirondack Lake. Nothing to do but walk in and enjoy with all the amenities and furnishings included to make for a relaxing experience, including public water! Also boasts landscaped wooded grounds, waterfront dock, rowboat, and over-sized two-car garage with workbench. Can be purchased with next door cottage, 349 Adirondack Lake Road for $499,000.

963 US Route 9, Schroon • $239,000

Welcome to Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks and this well maintained year round home. The large front porch leads to a large bright living room, formal dining room, great working kitchen with electric or propane hookup for your range, 1st floor laundry, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, an additional 1st floor room for another bedroom or office/den, and an amazing large and bright finished walkup attic, perfect for a master bedroom suite, family room, or even bunk room for the kids. Close to town for area dining and shopping.

109 Hill View Court Indian Lake • $239,000 Welcome to 109 Hill View Court in Indian Lake of the central Adirondacks! Home to many lakes, hiking, boating, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling or just plain relaxing! This beautifully crafted year round home has large open and vaulted living and dining for family gatherings, custom kitchen, first floor master bedroom, loft area and two more bedrooms upstairs, large screened porch and a large open deck facing a 1.3 acre wooded secluded lot bordering New York State Lands is your perfect getaway for years to come.

2397 NORTH SHORE RD., Sacandaga lake • $299,000

118 Forest Road, Lake Snow • $270,000

7 Green Ave., Queensbury • $265,000

9133 Route 22, Granville • $239,900

216’ of Lakefront on Great Sacandaga Lake! Ready to be updated to become your Lakefront dream home or vacation paradise. Breathtaking views from the numerous windows overlooking the lake and large deck on the front . Large portion of the foundation was redone and reinforced. New furnace and septic. Newer roof. Heat with wood,oil or electric. Motivated Seller!

Log cabin in the woods. Nestled on a private 2.3 Acre lot, this getaway offers year round living in the heart of the Adirondacks! The cabin offers a large great room with a vaulted ceiling & wood stove, nice kitchen with an island, 3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, fully insulated basement and an attached garage. Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming at Lake Snow, hiking and snowmobiling on nearby trails, or just listening to the birds on your screened porch & wrap around deck.

Newly remodeled 4 Bedroom house with partially finished basement. All new appliances, new carpet, new hardwood floors, new bathroom, new laundry room counters/cabinets. Two 2-car garages, beautiful custom stone outdoor fireplace with patio, Hot Tub Room with 10 person hot tub and patio. Party house with full kitchen, place for wood or gas stove, plumbing for bar, garage and carport storage. Pool with decking.

Beautiful Contemporary Chalet on 38 secluded acres overlooking the Town of Granville valley with views of the Vermont mountains. The two story stone fireplace is the center of the large greatroom with large glass windows, wood floors and wrap around deck. Oak wood trimmed kitchen and mudroom, super sized Master Suite and porch to enjoy the outside. 3 more bedrooms, finished basement, over sized 3 car attached garage with a tractor shed and several outbuildings, including a 16 X 24 2 stall horse barn.

Check out For More Amazing Properties! 8

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Celebrate The New Year In Your New Home

670-A Big Brook Rd., Indian Lake - $199,000

36 Riverview Drive, Hadley - $159,000

154 Griffin Rd., IndianLake - $155,000

Adirondack getaway! This rustic camp on 72 wooded acres with a large field and pond features one level living with 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, large living room with a stone fireplace and wood stove, views of the pond, eat-in kitchen with pond views too! A great place to get away and unwind! Call for your private showing today!

107’ of Waterfront on the Hudson River - priced to sell! This treasure is ready for you to re-model and turn into your dream getaway or live in it year round. Set up for woodstove (not included). Heated porch. New Hot water tank and carpet in living room, hallway and 1 bedroom. Septic is only 5 years old. Motivated seller!

Welcome to the Adirondacks and Indian Lake! This cozy camp on 2.28 acres along with deeded access to the shore of Indian Lake offers peace and quiet on a secluded property with filtered lake views. Four separate parcels are offered for one low price... keep the cozy camp with room to expand or build your dream second home. The great room offers a two sided wood burning rock fireplace and a beautiful window wall to watch the wildlife and see the filtered view of the lake.

3121 County Rte. 30, Hebron - $149,900

This Hebron Landmark contains a general store on the first floor with most equipment included, and currently the second floor is a law office but can be converted back to a residence. Perfect for a micro-brewery, a winery or an antique store (or just keep it as it is). Plenty of storage, in line generator and so much more. Second lot is included. This is priced to sell!


6179/6183 NYS Route 30, Indian Lake • $295,000

Investors and Owner/Operators take note! In the Adirondacks, this nicely maintained Indian Lake Motel & Apartment complex is now available for sale! Project includes 4 buildings, 15 total units, 11 Apartments ranging from Studio to two bedrooms, 4 Motel Units, Large landscaped 2+ Acre town lot, Public water and sewer, approved and subsidized by HUD, long term tenants with annual leases, large parking, 2 garages for storage, Outdoor Wood Furnace, nice grounds, turn key operation!

6627 NYS Route 30, Indian Lake • $244,900

Multiple use possibilities! In the Heart of the Adirondacks, on Route 28/30, Huge traffic count, perfect for Retail, Commercial, Manufacturing, or Storage Includes 3 Buildings, Retail/Showroom, Workshop/ Storage, and a Newer 4000 SF Metal building, fully insulated with 16 foot ceiling, clear span, 6 inch concrete floor, all on 3 acres with 395 feet of road frontage, next to snowmobile trails, and nearby lakes. Motivated seller says bring an OFFER!

6204 NYS Route 28, Indian Lake • $695,000

3755 Main Street, Warrensburg • $149,900

Welcome to Binders Cabins in the Town of Indian Lake New York in the central Adirondacks. This well established turn key year round business and well maintained property consists of 7 one and two bedroom vacation cabin units with kitchen and baths, office, owner/ manager apartment, views and public access on Adirondack Lake across the road, all on beautiful wooded and landscaped grounds. Also included is a separate commercial office building on an adjacent separate lot, currently leased long term to NYS.

Attention Investors, Retail and Professional Business owners! Here is your opportunity to live and work at the same location! This property is zoned Residential with Commercial Use (Res w/Comuse), most recently home of a successful Retail Establishment for 17 years at an excellent location on a highly visible and high traffic Main Street, minutes to Lake George and Gore Mountain, also considered the gateway to the Adirondacks! Multiple uses are possible, excellent storefront display windows, paved off street parking.

Prime Building Lots For Sale $20,000 to $94,900 Call 518-441-2640 Today For Complete Information ALLEN VAN HOFF

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson NYS

Call, text or email: C: 518-441-2640

Queensbury/Glens Falls Lake George Office, NY 63 Quaker Rd Queensbury , NY 12804 (518) 798-3636

Check out and get your home’s value!


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Anthony M. Gucciardo Broker / Owner

Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

Cell- (518) 331-3785

1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110 GE





11 Stoneridge Drive Loudonville $1,595,800 Magnificent East Ridge Estate 4 Bedrooms/ 4.3 Baths/ 5274 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

1 Shalimar Court Loudonville $758,800 Ted Cillis Jr. Built Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 3.1 Baths/ 4000 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785







61 Outlook Dr. South Halfmoon $489,800 Immaculate Belmonte Built Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths / 3415 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785



215 Shaker Ridge Drive Niskayuna $389,800 Ridgewood Manor Colonial 4 Bedrooms/2.1 Baths / 2384 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785







2070 Orchard Park Drive Niskayuna $385,000 Grand Colonial with Soaring Foyer 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2948 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

14 Hunters Run Blvd. Latham $385,000 Hunters Run Ranch 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1792 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

LifeandHomes â– Capital Region


1260 Milton Keynes Drive Niskayuna $668,400 Custom Brick Fronted Colonial 5 Bedrooms/ 4.1 Baths / 4243 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785


1175 New Scotland Road Albany $399,800 Updated Colonial on Private Lot 3 Bedrooms/ 4 Baths/ 2384 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785







373 Vly Road Niskayuna $638,400 Distinct Estate on 3+ Acres 4 Bedrooms/ 3.1 Baths/ 3708 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785


9 East Hills Blvd. Loudonville $899,000 Stunning East Hills Mansion 5 Bedrooms/ 5.1 Baths / 4800 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785


139 Daytona Ave. Albany $389,800 Spacious Ranch With Additional Lot 3 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 1836 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 E RN


426 Pleasant Valley Road Berne $349,800 Beautifully Updated Ranch 3 Bedrooms/ 3 Baths/ 1508 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

Anthony M. Gucciardo Broker / Owner

Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

Cell- (518) 331-3785

1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110 T ES







64 Brendan Lane Niskayuna $339,800 Avon Crest Center Hall Colonial 3 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2572 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 LE VIL ON S ER TT PA


706 Vly Pointe Drive Niskayuna $269,800 2nd Floor End Condo 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 2040 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 Y AD CT E EN CH


1854 Scotch Church Road Pattersonville $259,900 Horse Lover? Want A Farm? 11+ Acres/ Barn/Stunning Views Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

1708 Union Street Schenectady $259,800 Commercial Office & Leased Apartments Rare Investment Opportunity Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 A UN AY ISK



36 Bridle Path Colonie $254,800 Updated Brick Front Ranch 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1700 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

399 Vly Road Niskayuna $239,800 Fully Remodeled Cape On Level Lot 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1606 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785





609 Maywood Ave. Guilderland $269,800 Corner Lot Guilderland Colonial 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths / 1686 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

21 Hoefer Street Latham $268,800 Ranch On Premium Lot 4 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1102 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 S EN RD






3 Burhans Place Delmar $259,800 Totally Remodeled 2 Story 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 2202 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 CK WI NS OWS U BR EAD

1929 Hexam Road Niskayuna $258,800 Spacious Hexam Gardens Split Level 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 2202 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 L AL EH N T I H W TATIO



3601 Brunswick Meadow Way Brunswick $234,800 Desirable End Unit Condo 2 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1336 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785


7 Cheshire Court Albany $224,800 Colonial Style In Whitehall Station 3 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 1728 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



431 Grand Ave

Saratoga Springs


60 Saracen Street Saratoga Springs

Beautifully remodeled 1st floor master suite Victorian in the lovely Saratoga Interlaken Community minutes from the Saratoga Race Track, National Golf Course & Saratoga Lake. This home boasts a gorgeous new kitchen, w/new appliances, new hardwood on the 1st floor, fresh paint throughout, updated baths, finished basement w/kitchen & new appl. You can relax on your own wrap around porch or enjoy Lake Lonely, the community pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, etc. Come see why you would want to make this your home.

How would you like to own a beautiful restored 160 Year old historic Saratoga Springs home with charming vintage character? It’s close to down town and offers a great track rental history as well. This is all possible with this lovely renovated home with a new large 28x32 ft. 3 car custom built garage that can be converted into additional living space, a huge fenced in back yard, new roof, A/C, furnace, exterior doors and most windows. Come see why you will want to call this house your new home.

Saratoga Lake Area - 2 Approved Building Lots - Location Location Location. Build your dream house on one of these 2 beautiful approved estate building lots. Access to city water and sewer.



Lot 368 Route 423 2.730 Acres

Lot 372 Route 423 5.010 Acre

Dave Triller, CSP,CBR

Sterling Homes Inc. 1487 Saratoga Road Ballston Spa, NY 12020


Real Estate Salesperson (518) 441-4826 (call/text)

Heather Davala

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

119 Main Street PO Box 361, Philmont, NY


Welcome to your forever home

562 New Concord Road, Canaan • $549,000

In the morning nothing can beat the first scent of coffee, until now. Open the atrium doors step onto your full wrap around deck and absorb the view and country air. A perfect start to everyday! The upscale modernization includes metal roof, wood floors, granite kitchen & bathroom counter tops, stone fireplace, solid wood doors, and copper whimsical rain chains. Master en-suite with ceramic tile floors and glass shower doors. Open concept living makes for great entertaining space. Upstairs loft offers a sitting room, with a three piece bath and an additional bedroom. Full walk out basement offers room for a home gym, pool table, or recreation. Open these doors to your ground level patio and let’s not forget about that view. 18.82 acres completes this masterpiece of a property. 12

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

3389 State Hwy 10, Johnstown $169,900

Murray Hill Rd, Johnstown

Custom log home located at the foothills of the Adirondacks. Great home or weekend getaway. Open concept floor plan w/beamed ceilings, lets you enjoy the wood stove from every room. Possible 2nd floor master suite or a studio apt. Huge walkout basement for entry into the over sized 2 car garage. Work benches for tools & projects. Deck overlooks yard of mature perennials & pool. Close to Royal Mountain Ski & Motocross, lakes, trails. **100% Money Back Guarantee offered for Howard Hanna buyers **

Amazing view from a cleared level building lot! Almost 16 acres of accessible land for building your dream home or use as hunting property. You will find it gently sloped to areas of cleared level land, surrounded by old stone walls. Take your 4 wheeler to the top or hike to a view of the valley. Located on a quiet town road that is well maintained throughout all seasons. 700 ft of rd frontage with electric at the road. 2 driveways allow access.

Laura Channell NYS Real Estate Salesperson

Office: 518.762.8001 Cell: 518.441.8603 3 Church Street, Suites 1 and 2 , Johnstown, NY 12095




www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


3044 State Route 28 Old Forge, NY 13420

Welcome Home

(315) 369-6910

#155257 | $459,000

#161534 | $260,000

#164429 | $125,000

#164366 | $167,900

#164315 | $359,000

JUST RIGHT - Describes this 3+ bdrm, 3 full bath home. Great view of Lower Twin Pond, canoe/kayak from property into Fulton Chain. Many amenities including Master suite, walk-in closets, red oak floors, 2 car garage, screen porch & privacy.

PRIME LOCATION - Year round cottage on Trail 4 and a short walk to 1st Lake deeded beach access w/boat launch. Spacious greatroom offers seasonal view of 1st Lake and fireview stove, 3 bdrms, deck & an entry leading to 24’x 14’garage.

OKARA LAKES CABIN - Year round, 3 bdrm, 1 bath cabin. Great access to snowmobile trails, hiking & all other activities. Living room with cathedral ceiling and woodstove, eat-in kitchen and full bath. Located in Thendara on ¾ acre lot.

TIRED OF RENTING? - This is your first year round home in a great neighborhood. It may be small, but so is the price! Two bdrm, 1 full bath ranch recently updated with metal roof, windows, & modern kitchen. Good size yard & shed for extras.

#164205 | $489,000

#163399 | $145,000

#163207 | $319,900

#163858 | $345,000

ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE MOOSE RIVER Spacious year round 5 bdrm, 2 bath home in a nice neighborhood, within walking distance to town. Move-in condition & includes many nice amenities. Detached 2 car garage w/bunk room or office. #162395 | $369,000

SIMPLY THE BEST OF EVERYTHING - Year round Eagle Bay home on 2 acres. 2010 custom built by Beauchamp Bldrs. 3 bdrm, after egress window is installed, 2 bath, hardwood, knotty pine, granite, large screen porch & 2 garages. Easy trail access.

LIMEKILN LAKE - A short walk away, about 700’& Moose River Plains is at your back door making this a perfect location for hikers, hunters & snowmobiliers. 4 season cottage has 3 bdrms & 1.5 baths. New septic system will be required upon sale & prior to use.

GEE WHIZ, IT’S BIG - All the room you’ve ever wanted! This one has 4 bdrms, 3 baths with beautiful hardwood floors, game room in basement, large heated attached 2 car garage with bunk room on 2nd floor. Close to McCauley Mtn. and Nick’s Lake.

SPACIOUS 4 BDRM, 2.5 BATH - Year round home located in a private setting. Beautiful fireplace in LR, great access to snowmobile trails & can obtain lake rights to HH Homeowners Beach with membership. Nicely landscaped. Detached garage.

YEAR ROUND HOME - On private wooded lot w/seasonal views of 1st Lake. Vaulted ceiling & open floor plan. Woodstove & radiant floor heat provide a cozy feel. Located on Trail 4, perfect for outdoor activities. Short walk to deeded lake rights at HH beach.

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LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region


Howard Hanna 498 Albany-Shaker Rd. Loudonville, NY 12211

DecKa Real Estate Offer: Triangle Intersection Development site / 3+/- acres / Zoned Residential Commercial Mix use

Price Drop

State Route 11 County Route 4 and Hungary Land Rd. Central Square, NY 13036 * Traffic Count over 7,600 vehicles per day Contact: Don Bailey / Acquisitions

DecKa Real Estate Syracuse, New York 13202 315-744-6858 (Call or TEXT) E Mail: (Inquires Submissions)

Donald Bailey / President / CEO / Founder

POWERHouse Mortgage Funding: We our Buyers of Seller Financed Notes / mortgages and institutional mortgage portfolios backed by real-estate Nationwide. Also available to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Investors and For Sale By Owner’s is our one of a kind Solution Certified Program (SCP)

MORTGAGEHouse Acquisitions: Purchasers of Non-Performing Single and Portfolio Assets. DecKa Real Estate: Buyer and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. We also provide private Funding too end buyer, if there not able to retain financing of their own to finalize the purchase, with our one of a kind Solution Certified Program (SCP) PMD Business is a Secondary Market Private Investment Firm that purchases real estate note mortgages, real estate, business notes and other assets Nationwide. We are NOT Realtors or Mortgage brokers or brokers of any kind. But without Brokers, the business industry as a whole / we wouldn’t exist. Follow us on

PMD Business Inc.

Mortgage Note Real Estate Funding Group Syracuse, NY 13202


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



Adirondack Real Estate 2730 Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420


“Own A Piece of The Adirondacks!” Check all the listings at:

Business Opp W/ Living Quarters Old Forge


Third Lake 3rd Lake Ranch


Marine Dealership - 2730 Rt 28 - Business Opportunity with Tuttle Rd., Old Forge -Year around 4 bedroom ranch home, eat spacious living quarters. Old Forge Marine dealership & garage in kitchen beautiful fireplace with boathouse on 100’of lakefront. includes 2 offices, 50’ X 100’ store and garage on 180ft of road Features sun porch & walk out basement facing 3rd lake. Great for frontage on Rt 28. Garage has 3 overhead doors in back and 1 in summer and winter sports! front.

48 Pinewood Road, Guilderland


This wooded location offers privacy as well as quick access to nearby main roads. The view from the huge master suite, kitchen and many other rooms overlook a private valley with a flowing stream and abundant wildlife. Five bedroms & 2.5 baths. Gourmet kitchen. Screened porch leading to the heated in ground pool. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac with a brief walk to the Albany Pinebush preserve. 2nd 1.8 acre parcel included in the price-total of 3 acres.

Antonio “Tony” Trimarchi

Just Listed Raquette Lake

$475,000 Raquette Lake


3 bedroom seasonal home with loft on104’ road access lakefront. 2 Acre Wooded Lot on 150’ of Waterfront on Woods Point. Boat Access Large living room / dining/ kitchen with 2 bathrooms on 1st floor. Only 1/2 drive in basement. National Grid power, well & septic sysem.

Associate Lic. RE Broker

Cell: 518-869-4687

Amenity Rich Executive Ranch 6664 Buckland Drive, Marcy NY Beautiful executive single-owner Ranch home. Immaculate condition with an open floor plan with nice size rooms. Front porch and sunroom for private outdoor living. Granite countertops and deluxe soft-closing cabinets and drawers throughout. Custom wood flooring and tile work. Large kitchen pantry in breakfast nook. Very well built and insulated for year-round comfort. Many other improvements that have been made to make this house a home include: water filtration for drinking water; custom blinds; entertaining backyard patio with accent lighting, built-in outdoor fireplace with bench seating and built-in gas grill; beautiful front yard landscaping. Family room wired with surround sound; front

Contact Dave to schedule

your private showing

315-316-0838 For Sale By Owner


LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region


porch wired for speakers and three-season sunroom wired for speakers and TV. Stacked stone backsplash in kitchen, dining room built-ins with wine cooler and refrigerator; 8x12 storage shed; asphalt driveway; perimeter pet fence; both newer water heater and battery back-up sump pump.


Bleecker Mt. $154,000

28 Acres! Borders STATE FOREST! $249,900

Lasslesville Farm $163,000

Super neat and clean 3 bdrm, 1 bath with hardwood 7.5 Acres - Water, Woods & Pasture! Oversized 4+ Room to Roam inside and out! Totally Updated Immaculate Oversized 3BR/2BA Beauty! Generous down. Big living room & den with pellet stove. New Bedroom Colonial, Classic wide plank floors, Formal Dining, New kitchen, furnace and more! Barn, rooms, Pasture, Barn, Pond on a dead end country road! furnace, granite counter kitchen, attached 2 car garage. Gardens, patio, back porch. Move in ready. Lean-too, & Cabin on the Creek! Snowmobile Trails!

161 Acres! $170,000

80 Acres Bleecker! $68,000

WOW Level land with trails to ride 4-wheelers & snowmobiles. A 4BR/1BA house to come back to has a furnace for year round. Get away! Lake Access available too!

With Rustic cabin! Insulated w/ wood stove. Off the grid with 12V Lights, drilled well (hand pump) On the Snowmobile Trail!

250 Acres w/Waterfront Great Sacandaga! $450,000

98 Acres Bleecker Very Private Land $135,500

Caroga Lake ACREAGE $159,000

BUILD! HIKE! HUNT! Call for Details!

Overlooks Adirondack Vly! Long gravel driveway leads to clearing & Rustic Camp- Perfect hideaway near Snowmobile Trails!

ADIRONDACK LAND! 8.5 Acres BUILD HERE- Wells- $35,500 8.5 Acres BUILD HERE- Caroga- $42,000 38 Acres HUNTING LAND Bleecker- $28,000 Town of Johnstown $164,000

Private Retreat! Beautiful One Owner home sited on 1.76acres. 4BR, 2 BA-Gorgeous Master Suite, Open Floor Plan. Big kitchen, sunroom to relax after swimming in the pool.

Mountain Lake $145,000

West Caroga Waterfront! $298,000

Peck Lake $238,000

Enjoy this Private location nestled into the woods Lots of updates to this seasonal waterfront cottage on South Shore Rd. 2BR/1BA. Open great room, large lake with lake access just down the street! Entertaining is easy peaceful Mountain Lake. Several lots makes up the front sun room. Neat rock features and lakeside offering. 2 BR/1 BA open living and dining with room patio & dock. 2C garage, extra storage.This owner lived here,Fantastic Kitchen! 3BR/2BA, Full finished basement. 2 Car Garage Come Enjoy Sportsman’s paradise! for extra guests. here year round! 2 Back lots included!

25 Acres WATERFRONT on the Outlet. APA says OK to Build! Beautiful wooded Lot you can design your dream home!

Lake House on East Caroga Lake $209,900

Year Round Waterfront 4BR/1BA!! 2 Car Garage Move in ready! Very Spacious thru-out, tons of storage. Living room and Family Room. Overlooking Peaceful waterfront on East Caroga Lake!



West Caroga Lake Access! Updated 2BR/1BA cottage w/deeded lake access Modern conveniences ready for you! Some workBeing finished so you can Relax!

72+ Acres, Oppenheim $79,900

Lakeview Beach West Caroga Lake! $112,000

72 Acres Borders State Land and Snowmobile trails VERY Private. Trails thru the woods.

Gorgeous Cottage with easy walk to deeded beach! Impeccable, 3BR/1BA Gleaming Hardwood, New Kitchen, Bath, Electric, Roof And more.

West Caroga Lake $239,900


Gloversville $117,000

Entertain here!! Formal Dining room, New kitchen & Baths Gleaming hardwood floors, 3BR’s 1.5 BA on quiet street. HUGE Fenced Backyard!

INVESTORS! 86 West Street, Gloversville $42,000

Making money! 2 Family fully rented ready for you to make money! Big Barn can earn more $$$

Country living! New Turnpike Rd, Ephratah $41,000

65x400Ft. Lot. Wonderful 2BR + loft, open interior, open living room, eat in kitchen. Modern septic. Sandy Waterfront.

2BR/1BA Mobile on 2.6 acres, Johnstown Schools! Drilled well, septic, Town of Ephratah. Cash Offers Wanted!

2 Family! 183 Spring St, Gloversville $49,900


Investors! 2 Units with a Garage! Fully rented and making $$

Many improvements and updates to this oversized 2 Family. Each unit 3BR/1BA. Down is Vacant, Up is long term RenterNew windows, roof, and more!

Check the Web • 518-835-2357


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Lana Ruggiero, ASP, CNE, GRI Licensed Real Estate Broker

518-470-4738 main

11 Forest St. (P.O. Box 1285) Gloversville NY 12078

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!!

108 Woodlawn Dr., Town of Johnstown

201 S. Shore Rd., Peck Lake

Welcome to Peck Lake! This beautiful home has direct lake front and a gorgeous view. 2 completely separate living spaces…great for families. Winter on this lake is breath taking… owner is motivated…come take a look now! $499,900

Stately colonial sitting on 1.2 acres and close to city amenities. Wonderful family home with 4 levels of living space. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths including a master suite that will blow your mind! Awesome Price Reduction $219,900


288 County Hwy 102, Town of Mayfield

116 Union Mills Rd., Broadalbin

110 Fairway Lane, Amsterdam

134 First Ave., Gloversville

96 Saratoga Blvd., Gloversville

40 Lee Ave., Gloversville

110 Prospect St., Johnstown

106 School House Rd., Canada Lake

35 Monroe St., Gloversville

13 Burlington Ave., Gloversville

125 Lincoln St., Gloversville

298 Progress Rd., Gloversville


Beautiful 14 year old custom ranch that has recent upgrades including new hardwood flooring, kitchen countertops & appliances, new carpet & more. In lovely neighborhood close to lakes & city amenities. 3 beds, 2 baths. $285,000

Wonderful 3 bedroom Dutch colonial on 5 private acres, Broadalbin-Perth School District. Very spacious modern kitchen, family room, living room with fireplace and super deck. $299,900

Adorable, well maintained cozy ranch with double lot & attached garage. This efficient home has plenty of storage and outdoor space. 3 bedrooms, living/dining space, compact kitchen. $129,900

Nice 3 bedroom, with large eat in kitchen, spacious living room and bedroom or den on the main level. Dry basement for storage. Newer roof, Hot water heater is brand new, kitchen appliances are next to new. $59,900

The peace & privacy of this setting is almost unbelievable as it is located just around the corner from shopping, hospital, golf course, & minutes to NYS Thruway. Multi level contemporary. Kitchen has newer countertops & modern appliances. Enormous living room has sliding doors on both sides to deck. $224,900

Unique property with 2 bedroom residence. Original front building is now a yoga studio. All spaces rented…great investment property! Renovated, modern, plenty of parking. $161,500

This house is for cash buyers. Currently rented for $850 per month, definite money maker for the savvy investor. Big lot, garage and close to schools. $31,500

Spectacular totally restored Queen Anne Victorian. Stunning original detailing, 4 fireplaces, new mechanical systems. New kitchen with granite counter, copper sink, chef’s stove & pot filler! 4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. Large walk up attic. $189,900

Beautiful view of Canada Lake from this cozy log cabin, that sits just across the road on a 1/2 acre. Open floor plan on first floor, 2 bedrooms and full bath on second floor. Metal roof, porches, gravel driveway. $89,999

2.7 acre building lot in Broadalbin-Perth School district. Close to St Hwy 29 and all city amenities but has the best country setting. Very private with clearing, slightly sloped. $24,900

Adorable Cape Cod sits on almost 4 acres of land in the Mayfield School District. Looks small… but has 4 bedrooms and great storage. Modern kitchen, brand new roof, central a/c and cute side porch. $149,900

What 29 year old needs a face lift? This one did and it looks wonderful! Very spacious with lots of natural light, vaulted ceiling in living room, 2 family rooms - 1 up & 1 down. Central air, natural gas forced hot air furnace. $169,900

Here’s a new listing for those savvy buyers that are looking for winter deals! Cozy 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a nice large eat in kitchen, dining room & cozy living room. Great enclosed front porch. Just $64,900

Mixed use lot in a great location! Very heavy traffic flow on the corner of St Hwy 30 N and Vandenburgh Pt Rd...heading to the Great Sacandaga Lake and Adirondack Park. The options are numerous. Side road access. $59,900

518-470-4738 • 18

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Remsen, NY 13438

Celebrating our 50th Year in Business

11098 Lake Julia Rd. Office: 315-831-5061

H. Edward Benn

Natalie Roth

Beth Roberts

Heidi Westcott

Keith Brown







Lic.R.E. Broker

Lic.R.E. Assoc.Broker Lic.R.E. Salesperson

Lic.R.E. Salesperson

Now with 2 Locations Remsen & Old Forge, NY

Old Forge, NY 13420

2946 State Rt 28 • PO Box 188 Office: 315-369-ADKS (2357)

AudreyStrutynski Elaine Nelson

MaryAnn Nelson James Foley

David Bradt




Lic.R.E. Salesperson

Lic.R.E. Salesperson


Lic.R.E. Assoc.Broker Lic.R.E. Salesperson


Lic.R.E. Salesperson

8485 Trenton Falls Rd.-Barneveld $105,000 | Heidi Westcott (315) 796-9034

120 Woodgate Dr., Boonville $144,000

12073 Woodhull Rd.,Forestport $449,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

187 Hemlock Dr, Forestport $130,000

3059 Bower Rd, Kayuta Lake $69,000

155 Northwood Circle, Rome 3 Bdrm Split Level $164,900 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

60 Hemlock Rd. Forestport On the snowmobile trail Chalet $245,000 | Beth Frank Roberts (315) 796-1934

13926 State Rt 12, Boonville 4 Bdrm/! 1/2 Bath $159,000 | Ed Benn (315) 723-1814

615 Main St. Boonville Commercial barn & acreage $198,000 | Ed Benn (315)723-1814

6518 E. Shore Rd., Chase’s Lake Chase’s Lake Waterfront $259,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

11014 Roberts Rd. Remsen 3 Bdrm/2 Bath on 410 acres $650,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

2285 Little Beaver Lake Rd Forestport 3 Bdrm/1 Bath in Snowbird Lake $155,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

12116 Meekerville Rd. Forestport Waterfront Year Round Ranch $139,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

10605 Woodgate Dr, Boonville Hunting cabin on 6 acres $58,900 | Beth Frank Roberts (315) 796-1934

10601 Woodgate Dr, Boonville Cabin on 5.7 acres $36,900 | Beth Frank Roberts (315) 796-1934

27 Schuyler St. Boonville Commercial Bldg and Warehouse $350,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

8159 Kolasa Rd. Boonville Contemporary 4Bdrm 2 1/2 Bath $350,000 | Natalie Roth (315) 831-5061

12091 Kincaid Rd. Forestport 1 Bdrm/1 Bath Cabin on Woodhull Creek $119,000 | Keith Brown (315) 520-5699

165 Pine Acres Rd. Old Forge 4.5 acres on First Lake $275,000 | MaryAnn Nelson (315) 369-8603

141 Garmon Ave Old Forge 3 Bdrm/3 1/2 Bath Year Round Ranch $332,000 | MaryAnn Nelson (315) 369-8603

656 Hollywood Rd. Unit #1 Old Forge 2 Bdrm/2 Bath 1st floor condo $345,000 | James Foley (315) 794-9460

102 Gray Lake Rd. Old Forge 2 Bdrm/2 Bath Year Round Ranch $219,000 | David Bradt (917) 698-3473

137 Bayside Drive Old Forge 6 Bdrm/2 Bath 4th Lake Waterfront $785,000 | David Bradt (917) 698-3473

111 Tekeni Rd. Thendara 3 Bdrm/2 Bath Year Round Ranch on Lake Tekeni. $395,000 | Audrey Strutynski (315) 559-8957

Merry Christmas From Everyone at Benn Realty LLC


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



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Modular Homes ADVANCED MODULAR HOMES NY Modular Homes. Quality, Custom Stick Built 518-279-1005 Homes. Starting Prices, Delivered & Set. Autho518-664-1400 rized Bill Lake Modular Home Dealer.


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GLIMMERGLASS SWIM SPAS & POOLS 518-993-5151 One piece fiberglass pools, 28 models to Member Since 02/18

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EMPIRE STATE STONE 518-456-6500 Providing Capital District customers with the

choose from. Quick installation, easy to clean, built in steps and seats, no seams. Available in white or colors.

installation of garage doors and openers. Serving Saratoga, Clifton Park, Glens Falls & surrounding areas.

Stained Glass ADIRONDACK STAINED GLASS WORKS 518-725-0387 Hand Made stained glass gifts, lamps, doors,

Pest Control FAMILY PEST SOLUTIONS Providing full service residential and commercial 518-280-9070

sidelights/transoms & more. Residential, Commercial, Churches.

pest control to the Albany, Clifton Park, and Schenectady, NY area. Emergency service, one time treatments and a continuous scheduled maintenance programs.

Full Rat or Mouse

Greenbush Foam Spray Foam Insulation Call for your FREE Estimate Call 518-993-2600

• Extermination • Re-entry Prevention • Humane Traps

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A subsidiary of Old Oak Environmental Restoration, Inc., Fort Plain NY


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Associate Certified Entomologist

Create A Backyard That Makes Your Family Want To Stay Home & Relax • Home Inspection • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection • Pre-Listing Inspection • Well Flow Test • Radon Test • Water Quality Test

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PackN-Go Moving & Storage Units. Wind & Water Tight.You call, you pack, you keep or we will move it to your new location. Moving & Storage made simple. Call for quote.

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Storage Buildings PACKN-GO 1-877-722-5640

OLEARY OVERHEAD DOOR, LLC Specializing in Residential & Commercial repair & 518-321-2736

finest granite, quartz and natural stone products available.

Bob Patton

Licensed Home Inspector (518) 961-2522 NYS License:16000089420 | NACHI ID: 17090739 | ASHI ID: 266107

HAND MADE ON THE PREMISES Custom & Commission Work Always Welcome!

29 W. Fulton Street / Gloversville Phone: 518-725-0387 Open Daily 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Closed Sunday / Monday

Don Dwyer & Patrick Duell Owners/Artisans

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FREE in-home estimates for equipment replacement as well as new home construction.

• Installation • Air Conditioning Service • Heating Service & Repair • Emergency HVAC Repair • HVAC Preventative Maintenance

OLeary Overhead Door, LLC

Serving Saratoga, Clifton Park, Glens Falls and Surrounding Areas!



Whether you are replacing, repairing or maintaining your system, your comfort

Specializing in all Residential and Commercial repair and installation of Garage Doors and Openers.

is our top priority. At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning we understand

Family Owned and Operated * 30 Years Experience

the importance of properly running equipment. When a system breaks and needs repair, it can be stressful because emergencies never happen on schedule. Our trusted residential HVAC technicians and installation teams are licensed and available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Financing options available.

Custom Service is Our Priority! 518-321-2736 •

Bob Patton

Licensed Home Inspector (518) 961-2522 NYS License: 16000089420 NACHI ID: 17090739 ASHI ID: 266107

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TriCheck Will:

• Home Inspection • Pre-Listing Inspection • Rental Investment Inspection • Walk-Through Consultation • Wood Destroying Insect Inspection • Water Quality Test • Radon Test • Well Flow Test • Vacation Check-In

• Identify Potential Defects • Inform You About Them • Advise You On Next Steps TriCheck Evaluates Your Home for:

Condition • Operation • Safety

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Brian Brosen & Reginald Monroe Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers

Our office NOW open in Downtown Schenectady at 225 State Street, Suite 112.

Put our combined

30 plus years of experience to work for you

Brian Brosen

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-2633

71 Macarthur Drive, Scotia

Packed with possibilities and potential this cute cape cod style home is seeking its next owner to love and appreciate it. Home sits on a nice deep lot ( 50 x 200 ) and features a charming front porch, and an updated kitchen with Corian counter tops. Home has hard wood floors ( some love and elbow grease will go a long ways ), a nicely updated bathroom, first floor bedroom. and addtl room that can be a dining room/ office. 2 good sized bedrooms on the second floor, full sized basement, new back steps.


2921 Furbeck Rd, Altamont

5.59 Acres Building Lot

Nice parcel just waiting for you to bring your home plans. This 5.59 parcel has 605 feet of road frontage, comes with approved septic plans, and is an approved lot, with Time Warner available and electric at the road. Nice spot, with potential for nice views of the Helderberg escarpment. Schalmont school district.


Reginald Monroe

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-8330

Katelyn Wilder

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 378-9912

Travis Fairlee

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 573-5983


2172 Weast Road, Pattersonville

Tiny home with a BIG view situated directly on Mud Pond in the Mariaville Lake area. This was taken from a seasonal camp to year round home 10 years ago. Nice, large deck overlooking your 110 feet of water frontage. Built in cabinets, and clever use of space throughout make this perfect for a weekend get away or yr round tiny home living. Propane gas stove to keep the home cozy, detached garage, and an updated bath all make this a great place to call home. Affordable waterfront living does exist. $92,500

What started over 14 years ago has grown from just 2 of us, to a small but passionate team of associate brokers and agents with one over riding passion - real estate. Whether it be helping you understand the buying process, or listing your property for sale, or securing great tenants for your rental, or maybe locating the next headquarters for your business, we strive for excellence and genuine dedication to helping you achieve your real estate goals. Thank you for your continued support and referrals, we are forever grateful.


Attention Agents: Call us to learn about the power of Revenue Share vs. Profit Share

• Company Stock • Company Revenue Share • Agents start at 80/20 split (chance to earn 100%) • Amazing online support campus • Superb marketing catalog • Mentor program • Over 35 hrs weekly of mastermind classes, webinars and training online | office: (518) 320-8008 24

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Life and Homes Capital Region January 2019  

LifeandHomes offers an extensive network of real estate resources and information, connecting real estate industry professionals and the com...

Life and Homes Capital Region January 2019  

LifeandHomes offers an extensive network of real estate resources and information, connecting real estate industry professionals and the com...