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Ready to start shopping for a new home? You’ve got some homework to do before you begin any serious shopping. Start saving your cash. Think down payment, closing costs, cash-reserve requirements. Check your credit score - you’ll likely need it to be 620 or higher to get approved for a loan. Determine the amount of money you earn each month, after taxes. Compare this to the amount you spend on your debts and expense. Your housing budget lies within the difference between these numbers. You’ll have two price limits during the house-hunting stage: your own budget and the lender’s maximum loan amount. You want to use the lesser of these two numbers as your spending guide. Don’t let the lender’s preapproval steer you into a mortgage loan that’s too big or restrictive for you. You don’t want to be house rich and cash poor. Get pre-approved by a mortgage lender. They will tell you whether or not they can approve you for a home loan, and how much you’re qualified to borrow. This will help you limit your shopping to the types of homes you can afford. Being pre-approved can also help you find a real estate agent as pre-approval is practically a requirement these days with most agents. Considering the amount of money on the line, you can see why it makes sense to have professional help you through the process. Licensed Real Estate Agents are trained to know the market. They can search for homes that meet your criteria and coordinate showings of these properties. An agent can help you evaluate the seller’s asking price using recent sales data, help you determine a fair amount to offer, write up the offer to present to the seller and negotiate with the seller on your behalf. Are you equipped to do this by yourself? If not, hire an agent. Even with all your ducks in a row and a qualified agent on your side, you’ll need to be prepared to wait. According to the National Association of Home Builders, 2/3 of home buyers searched for more than 3 months before going under contract on a home. What took so long? 42% couldn’t find a home at an affordable price. 36% couldn’t find a home with the features they wanted. 34% couldn’t find a home in their desired neighborhood. 27% got out-bid when submitting an offer.


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February 1, 2019

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Gucciardo Real Estate


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19 20-23

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Will house hunting be easy? No. Will it be worth the effort? Absolutely. There’s a house for you if you’re willing to work and wait for it.

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Anthony M. Gucciardo

4024 Windsor Drive Windsor Estates $565,800 4 Bedroom/ 3.1 Bath/3850 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

Capital Region Syracuse Central New York

Broker / Owner Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

518-331-3785 (C)

( Oneida & Herkimer Counties) 1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110

Columbus Ohio

8 Home

Security Hacks Recommended

By Police

Did you know that many police departments have a community affairs officer whose primary goal is to build a strong working relationship with the community? That means you have access to a trained safety expert who wants to give you ideas to keep your home and neighborhood safe. Read on for eight simple home security hacks from a recent home safety evaluation conducted by a police officer. 1. Change the locks When was the last time you changed the locks? How many previous owners have there been and how many keys have been given out to neighbors, friends, family or delivery people? You never know who has a second copy, and for less than $100 at Home Depot, you can change your locks immediately. 2. Replace outdoor lightbulbs If you don’t have outdoor flood lights, get them. If you have them, make sure the bulbs are in working order. 3. Place an alarm sign in your yard Many would-be thieves won’t approach a house if they think it has an alarm. You can get an alarm sign online. 4. Buy an indoor camera Cameras can capture a suspect in the act and let homeowners check the footage from anywhere. FunLux indoor cameras offer high-quality images and night vision, and they’re motion activated and affordable. You can get them on Amazon for about $25 each. 5. Get out the garden shears Every bush outside of your windows should be below the window line, usually 2-3 feet in height,


to maximize your visibility from the inside of your house to the outside, so that means you must trim your bushes. You can get garden shears at your local hardware store for $15. 6. Bake some cookies One of the best ways to stay safe is to work together as a neighborhood. We all need to keep an eye on each other and what better way to start that relationship than with a plate of cookies? 7. Protect your neighborhood There are many measures you can take to improve your community safety, with varying levels of affordability. Some cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and some, like Flock Safety, you can buy for less than $3 per month, per home. Outdoor security cameras, like Flock Safety, can reduce crime and prevent would-be criminals from entering the neighborhood. 8. Ask for a security survey Officers will walk around your house, inside and out, to assess its safety and could reveal some surprising tips. They want to help, and they are motivated to solve and prevent crime. For more information on keeping your home and neighborhood secure, as well as a free cost estimate for outdoor security cameras, visit www. (BPT) -

Budget Checkup For Homeowners & Future Homeowners

A budget is an important tool for firsttime homebuyers and current homeowners. It’s a great exercise that can free your financial mind! A budget is meant to be a guide to where you should spend your monthly income. Budgeting can mean guilt-free fun. By making and sticking to your budget, you can spend money knowing exactly how much you need to

set aside for necessities, and how much you can spend on other activities! Budgets are an important tool for the first-time homebuyer because it can help you make your move into a home with a payment that fits your lifestyle and circumstances. For existing homeowners, budgets can help you achieve or maintain financial freedom. Budgeting can be done by anyone - it just takes time initially to set it up correctly. Gather paychecks, bills and bank statements to get started. You can write down all this information or use a budget tool. Start by calculating your monthly income, which includes not only the amount you may get from a regular paycheck, but also any money you get in government aid, child support or pensions. The next step is to look at your bills and bank statements to find out truly what you spend in each category. This accurate information will empower you to take control of your finances. Do you see a surplus? That is great! You can take that surplus and contribute to your financial goals, whether that be saving for a down payment, taking a family vacation or building a nest egg. Do you see a deficit? If so, you can make the changes needed to balance your budget. You can cut back on nonessential items, like eating dinners out, to get financially fit. Having this knowledge is powerful and can help you take the right steps toward financial stability. A budget is crucial for home ownership, whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or you currently own a home. A sound budget can relieve stress and help you feel confident in the way you spend your hard-earned income. Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance, Inc. is a national housing lender that specializes in financing manufactured homes. In business for more than 40 years, the company currently services more than 200,000 home loans and works hard to tailor loans to each family’s needs. Vanderbilt has an A+ grade from the Better Business Bureau and is a Berkshire Hathaway company. For more information, visit (BPT)

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www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Goodbye Spring Cleaning,

Hello Winter Refresh!

Every year, homeowners anxiously await spring to refresh and reset their homes. But what if we capitalized on all the time spent indoors during winter to take control of home improvements ahead of time instead? Many homeowners agree that the colder months are the perfect time to cross home improvement projects off the list, feeling more motivated to work on them during this time of year. Enhancing your home’s value and functionality does not require a full-blown remodel. Strategic updates can make a significant impact and can be completed in just a few days. Consider these smart, no sweat home updates while staying cozy indoors. Upgrade appliances: Dated appliances can steal from a space’s potential; a simple swap can completely transform the aesthetic of a room, taking it from vintage to polished in a snap. Thanks to Maytag, you don’t have to sacrifice function for style. Whether you’re partial to French door or side-by-side refrigerators, front load or top load washers, explore sleek options at www.maytag. com. Declutter: Donate or sell trinkets and gadgets you don’t use and focus on organizing what’s left. Consider storage solutions like closet organizers and kitchen pull-outs that make organization seamless. Fresh paint: A fresh coat of paint is an affordable update for any room. Whether you paint all the walls in your room or just one to create a focal wall, you can customize this project to your personal tastes and preferences. Why not paint the ceiling too? A fresh coat of white paint can instantly elevate a space by better reflecting light.


Replace hardware: The kitchen and bathrooms are typically the most frequented rooms in a home. If you want to add a little pizzazz with minimal effort, focus on the hardware. Replace knobs, handles and hooks with a new look that reflects your personality. Brushed metals have maintained popularity, and brass is poised to make a comeback. Other materials like wood and glass are popular for hardware, too. Whether you love it or can’t get through it quickly enough, winter is a perfect time to take on home improvements that are simple and achievable. With these handy tips, you have the knowledge and power to rejuvenate your home and make this winter a productive one. Update now, so you can relax later! (BPT)

10 Tips for Safer Winter

Generator Usage If your electricity goes out due to snow and ice, a generator can keep your power flowing. The Outdoor Power Equipment Institute (OPEI), reminds homeowners to keep safety in mind when using generators this winter. 1. Take stock of your generator. Make sure equipment is in good working order before starting and using it. Do this before a storm hits. 2. Review the directions. Follow all manufacturer’s instructions. Review the owner’s manuals (look manuals up online if you cannot find them) so equipment is operated safely. 3. Install a battery operated carbon monoxide detector in your home. This alarm will sound if dangerous levels of carbon monoxide enter the building. 4. Have the right fuel on hand. Use the type of fuel recommended by the generator manufacturer to protect this important investment. It is illegal to

use any fuel with more than 10% ethanol in outdoor power equipment. It’s best to use fresh fuel, but if you are using fuel that has been sitting in a gas can for more than 30 days, add fuel stabilizer to it. Store gas only in an approved container and away from heat sources. 5. Ensure portable generators have plenty of ventilation. Generators should NEVER be used in an enclosed area or placed inside a home, a building, or a garage, even if the windows or doors are open. Place the generator outside and away from windows, doors, and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to drift indoors. 6. Keep the generator dry. Do not use a generator in wet conditions. Cover and vent a generator. Model-specific tents or generator covers can be found online for purchase and at home centers and hardware stores. 7. Only add fuel to a cool generator. Before refueling, turn the generator off and let it cool down. 8. Plug in safely. If you don’t yet have a transfer switch, you can use the outlets on the generator. It’s best to plug in appliances directly to the generator. If you must use an extension cord, it should be heavy-duty and designed for outdoor use. It should be rated (in watts or amps) at least equal to the sum of the connected appliance loads. Make sure the cord is free of cuts, and the plug has all three prongs. 9. Install a transfer switch. A transfer switch connects the generator to the circuit panel and lets you power hardwired appliances. Most transfer switches also help avoid overload by displaying wattage usage levels. 10. Do not use the generator to “backfeed” power into your home electrical system. Trying to power your home’s electrical wiring by “backfeeding” – where you plug the generator into a wall outlet – is dangerous. You could hurt utility workers and neighbors served by the same transformer. Backfeeding bypasses built-in circuit protection devices, so you could damage your electronics or start an electrical fire. For more safety tips for outdoor power equipment visit

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LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

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Business Opportunity

Maxwell’s Pub -198 Main Street Hudson Falls


Business is Booming at Maxwell’s Pub! This charming turn-key, fully equipped bar/restaurant has high visibility right in the Heart of Hudson Falls and next door to the popular The Strand Theater. With it’s known Friendly atmosphere and excellent food, it is the place to be and be seen. Own a part of Hudson Fall’s Re-vitalization. Don’t let opportunity pass you by!


Historic Gentleman’s Farm

Direct Lake Frontage

7 Glen Hall Dr, Queensbury

5 Cunningham Ave, Glens Falls

Gleaming wood floors, built-ins, and fireplace all add to the character of this lovely 3-4 bedroom City home on quiet Cunningham Ave. Detached 1 car garage, deck, New furnace and hot water heater. Come call this house home!


Lake Front year round Beauty! Spectacular views from 3 decks and a fire-pit on custom stone patio. This gem boasts 3 bedrooms (one on lower level with it’s private entrance) and 2 full baths (one with walk-in stone shower and another with spa tub and European shower).

727 Lake Ave/NYS 29, Saratoga Springs


Historic Gentleman’s Farm. With it’s breathtaking mountain and pastoral views, the beautiful, private 6 acres has a pond; a converted historic 3400 sq ft Post and Beam Barn with heat and A/C; an original Corn Crib; a Carriage House, and an 1800’s farm house. The farmhouse has been lovingly restored with original woodwork and floors. Newer kitchen with granite, new windows and wiring, central A/C, and an in-ground pool are just a few of the modern day amenities added.

Call The Julie Snyder Team get your house SOLD fast!



www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


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Authorized Bill Lake Modular Home Dealer NY Modular Homes-Quality, Custom Stick Built Homes Starting Prices, Delivered and Set 518-279-1005 OR 518-664-1400 | Email:

Donna C. Kelly

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Dominic Indelicato

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2390 Western Avenue Guilderland, New York 12084

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

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Residential • Commercial • Farms • Investments • Acreage ING ND PE E L SA

63 Fowler Drive, ST. JOHNSVILLE

48 Reed Street, CANAJOHARIE

601 Latimer Hill Road, CANAJOHARIE

48 Union Street, FULTONVILLE

Beautiful residential area in the Village of St. Johnsville. This split level home offers great space for kids, pets and entertaining. Country kitchen with a large window overlooking your backyard formal dining room and living room. Asking $159,999

This exquisite 1920’s era Colonial is bursting with curb appeal and elegance. Featuring a lovely landscaped lot, stamped concrete walkways with patio and a large fenced in backyard. Step inside to enter this dream home and enjoy a spacious kitchen. Asking $149,900

Picturesque two-family home nestled in the heart of Ames. It sits on a spacious 1.1 acre lot and has a lovely front porch that is waiting for you to sit and drink coffee on. This home is perfect for an owneroccupant. A must see!!! Asking $125,000

Two-story home located on a nice street in Fultonville. Exterior is vinyl siding, paved driveway, and a great backyard—perfect for entertaining. Front and back porch. Features hardwood floors, eat-in kitchen and formal dining room. Asking $82,900

40 Phillips Ave., CANAJOHARIE

130 Short Road, SHARON SPRINGS

2977 County Hwy 31, CHERRY VALLEY

11 Lafayette Street, PALATINE BRIDGE

Location is great!!! A nice side street is the perfect spot for this bungalow home. Walking distance to the school makes it convenient for parents and kids. Features refinished hardwood floors, 2 bedrooms on the 1st floor. Asking $89,900

The dream kitchen and open living and dining space will welcome you home the moment you arrive. This is a four bedroom, two full bath home. You’ll notice the care that has been placed in updating and maintaining every room here . . . Asking $209,000

This home has a little bit of new and old. Original home dates back to 1890’s with updates – vinyl siding, newer kitchen, addition with handicapped bathroom, hardwood flooring, newer roof and on 2.3 acres with lad 245’ road frontage. Asking $124,900

Great home in the Village of Palatine Bridge with many nice features – hardwood floors, natural woodwork, large yard and above ground pool to enjoy or relax on the open front porch watching the horses and buggies go by. Asking $124,900




O FFICE :518-673-2820

2474 STATE HWY 30 MAYFIELD 518-661-6118 • 54 E MAIN STREET ST. JOHNSVILLE 518-568-2776


Looking for a Florida Home, Investment or Retirement Residence on the Gulf of Mexico?

Let Me Find You The Perfect

in Paradise

Exclusive Buyer’s Agent with Concierge Service Voorheesville

2615 New Scotland Road


Enjoy tranquility and resort style living in the award winning Voorheesville School District only 20 minutes from Albany. This cedar center hall Colonial is situated on 1.5 private acres with views of the Helderburg Mtns. Upon entry into this grand two-story foyer home you will take notice to immediate PRIDE Of OWNERSHIP. This home has been extensively updated epitomizing the very best quality. The master bedroom suite offers a large walk in closet, dual vanity, jetted garden tub. Call today to schedule your walk through.

For Information On This Home Contact:

Keller Williams Capital District, Latham NY

Lucas Weston Lic. R.E. Salesperson | C: 518-269-7939 |

Madelyn LaRosa, PA REALTOR / ABR

(518) 779-6174

1160 S. McCall Rd., Englewood, FL 34223 Each Office is Independently Owned and Operated February

www.Lif ean d H o m es . com



Licensed Real Estate Salesperson NYS

Call, text or email: C: 518-441-2640

Queensbury/Glens Falls Lake George Office, NY 63 Quaker Rd Queensbury , NY 12804 (518) 798-3636

Spectacular Properties! All Close to Gore Mountain, Whiteface, Killington or West Mountain for Winter Skiing!

109 Hill View Court Indian Lake • $239,000

963 US Route 9, Schroon • $239,000

Welcome to 109 Hill View Court in Indian Lake of the central Adirondacks! Home to many lakes, hiking, boating, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling or just plain relaxing! This beautifully crafted year round home has large open and vaulted living and dining for family gatherings, custom kitchen, first floor master bedroom, loft area and two more bedrooms upstairs, large screened porch and a large open deck facing a 1.3 acre wooded secluded lot bordering New York State Lands is your perfect getaway for years to come.

Welcome to Schroon Lake in the Adirondacks and this well maintained year round home. The large front porch leads to a large bright living room, formal dining room, great working kitchen with electric or propane hookup for your range, 1st floor laundry, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, an additional 1st floor room for another bedroom or office/den, and an amazing large and bright finished walkup attic, perfect for a master bedroom suite, family room, or even bunk room for the kids. Close to town for area dining and shopping.

337 Adirondack Lake Road, Indian Lake • $310,000 Your opportunity to own a lakefront home in the Adirondacks is here! You’ll fall in love with this meticulously cared for cottage on the beautiful shores of Adirondack Lake. Nothing to do but walk in and enjoy with all the amenities and furnishings included to make for a relaxing experience, including public water! Also boasts landscaped wooded grounds, waterfront dock, rowboat, and over-sized two-car garage with workbench. Can be purchased with next door cottage, 349 Adirondack Lake Road for $499,000.

142 Evergreen Road, Indian Lake • $374,900

This beautifully appointed custom Adirondack Log Home in the private Lake Snow Forest Community with deeded rights & just steps to Lake Snow will not disappoint you. Boasting a large 2 story greatroom, large glass, detailed with large logs & custom log stair case and railings, Tulikivi Soap Stone Stove, large dining area, a custom kitchen with maple cabinets & zodiac quartz counters, island with gas range, spacious cozy loft for TV & reading. It also includes 2 large Master ensuites, one with soaking tub. Minutes to Gore Mntn!

118 Forest Road, Lake Snow • $270,000

2397 North Shore Rd., Sacandaga lake • $299,000

Log cabin in the woods. Nestled on a private 2.3 Acre lot, this getaway offers year round living in the heart of the Adirondacks! The cabin offers a large great room with a vaulted ceiling & wood stove, nice kitchen with an island, 3 large bedrooms, 2 full baths, fully insulated basement and an attached garage. Enjoy kayaking, canoeing, fishing and swimming at Lake Snow, hiking and snowmobiling on nearby trails, or just listening to the birds on your screened porch & wrap around deck.

216’ of Lakefront on Great Sacandaga Lake! Ready to be updated to become your Lakefront dream home or vacation paradise. Breathtaking views from the numerous windows overlooking the lake and large deck on the front . Large portion of the foundation was redone and reinforced. New furnace and septic. Newer roof. Heat with wood,oil or electric. Motivated Seller!

38 Chestnut Ridge Road, Queensbury • $399,000

35 Wildwood Place, Queensbury • $399,900

Contemporary Post and Beam Beauty! 3 Levels of Living with 3068 Square Feet, Open Great room with Vaulted Beam Ceiling and amazing Glass Window Wall, 4 Bedrooms, 3 Full Baths, Huge Bonus Room, Walk out finished Basement to large Deck, All completely updated, NEW Kitchen, Amazing Bathrooms, NEW Wood Flooring,NEW Ceramic Tile, NEW Light Fixtures throughout, NEW Interior Doors, NEW Paint - inside and out. Updated ENERGY Efficient Geothermal heating and cooling, Passive Solar Glass, Solar Hot Water and Solar Electric too.

This exceptionally appointed Log Home boasts beautiful details like hand hewn logs, custom interior doors, hardwood maple floors, a passive solar ‘’Green Energy’’ Solarium, a Spa Room with dry sauna and hot tub overlooking beautiful landscaped grounds with in ground pool, Tuscan styled pergola and patio, perennial gardens. All the modern bells and whistles you want! On 3+ Acres in the Town of Queensbury, Low Lake George School Taxes, and just minutes from Harris Bay on Lake George. A true Value and priced below appraised value.





142 Jerry Savarie Road, Indian Lake • $495,000

6179 NYS Route 30, Indian Lake • $295,000

6204 NYS Rte 28, Indian Lake • $695,000

2187 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid • $1,599,000

Welcome to Abanakee Lake in the Central Adirondacks! Enjoy year round lake front living in the is beautiful custom Contemporary Home on 1.2 acres with 240 feet of lake shore. With a large vaulted Greatroom with a fireplace, wood floors and skylights, custom kitchen with granite counters and high end stainless appliances, large family room, lakeside screened porch, screened hot tub room for sunset viewing, large master suite with living area, 3 additional bedrooms, 2 1/2 bathrooms, garage, shed, generator, high efficiency heat/hot water.

Investors and Owner/Operators take note! In the Adirondacks, this nicely maintained Indian Lake Motel & Apartment Complex is now available. Project includes 4 buildings, 15 total units, 11 Apartments ranging from Studio to two bedrooms, 4 Motel Units, Large landscaped 2+ Acre town lot, Public water and sewer, approved and subsidized by HUD, long term tenants with annual leases, large parking, 2 garages for storage, Outdoor Wood Furnace, nice grounds, turn key operation!

Binders Cabins in the Town of Indian Lake New York in the central Adirondacks. This well established turn key year round business and well maintained property consists of 7 one and two bedroom vacation cabin units with kitchen and baths, office, owner/manager apartment, views and public access on Adirondack Lake across the road, all on beautiful wooded and landscaped grounds. Also included is a separate commercial office building on an adjacent separate lot, currently leased long term to NYS.

This well established 38 year old turn key business by design includes a complete reservation system with over 8700 customers, 60% return rate, is highly ranked on Trip Advisor and offers many opportunities for future growth and development. Your guests will enjoy this exceptionally well maintained property consisting of 4 buildings, 2 with 19 Vacation rental units, office, managers apartment, 2 Lakefront Cottages, a 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom with living rooms and kitchens, 158 feet of direct lakefront with docks on Lake .

Check out For More Amazing Properties! 8

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Serving the Entire Capital Region 2390 Western Ave, Guilderland, NY 12084

Office: 518-861-7030 • Altamont $725,000

120 Christopher Lane -

Altamont $1,390,900 1 Swift Lane-

Beautiful sought after cul-desac! Fabulous location with great schools! This 5 bedroom 4 bathroom home is in a private setting overlooking the golf course. Formal living room with marble floors and a recently renovated kitchen & family room with vaulted ceiling provide the ultimate entertaining spaces! Extensive new patio and lush landscaping is an ideal way to spend your summer nights! The 3 car garage and oversized finished basement make this custom home stand out from the rest!

A true estate like no other! 7,000 main house with 3,000 sq ft rec center w/ full gym, rec area, bath & kitchen. Kitchen JUST remodeled w/ Zarrillo’s hand crafted cabinets, Wolf & Sub Zero appliances. Huge master suite w/ double sided fireplace. Great Room, wet bar in fam rm. Marble floors and hardwood throughout, heated pool, bar/pool house, tennis ct, basketball court, 2 story stone fireplace, stacked molding, vaulted ceilings, CA closets & incredible finished basement. Contact: Troy Miller (518) 527-6904

Contact: Michael Bibbo (774) 285-9232

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Agents, thinking about making a change for 2019? Come see why our agents love being a part of CM Fox and learn about our outstanding commission structure offering 100% commission. We are the largest independent agency in Albany County, with a sales volume growth of 35% in 2018.

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$100 Million in Sales for 2018 60 Agents Cutting Edge Technology Albany County’s Top Independent Real Estate Firm

Buyers & Sellers: Let Us Show You The CM Fox Advantage


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Anthony M. Gucciardo Broker / Owner

Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

Cell- (518) 331-3785

1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110 E ILL NV O UD LO




11 Stoneridge Drive Loudonville $1,545,800 Magnificent East Ridge Estate 4 Bedrooms/ 4.3 Baths/ 5274 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

1 Shalimar Court Loudonville $758,800 Ted Cillis Jr. Built Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 3.1 Baths/ 4000 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 TH OR G LSW DIN L E






1260 Milton Keynes Drive Niskayuna $668,400 Custom Brick Fronted Colonial 5 Bedrooms/ 4.1 Baths/ 4243 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785




4024 Windsor Drive Windsor Estates $565,800 Center Hall Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 3.1 Baths/ 3850 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

34 Shelbourne Drive Clifton Park $554,800 Ranch w/ Indoor Swim Spa 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 2202 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

4 Beacon Drive North Colonie $479,000 Lake Ridge Community Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2304 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785


53 Liberty Way Clifton Park $399,800 Countryman Estates Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2690 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785


215 Shaker Ridge Drive Niskayuna $389,800 Ridgewood Manor Colonial 4 Bedrooms/2.1 Baths/ 2384 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

LifeandHomes â– Capital Region

373 Vly Road Niskayuna $638,400 Distinct Estate on 3+ Acres 4 Bedrooms/ 3.1 Baths/ 3708 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 N













12 Hunters Run Ballston Lake $439,800 Autumn Run Colonial w/ Water Views 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2480 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 WS DO EA








6 Schuyler Road Loudonville $359,800 The Loudon House Condo 2 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1464 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

7 Lucille Lane Ballston Lake $359,500 Colonial on Cul-de-sac 5 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2786 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

Anthony M. Gucciardo Broker / Owner

Licensed NYS Real Estate Broker

Cell- (518) 331-3785

1074 Troy Schenectady Rd | Latham, NY 12110 S TE TA








11 Omega Terrace Latham $354,800 Omega Terrace Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 2134 sq.ft.. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785

8 Belaire Drive Latham $314,800 Riveria Estates Raised Ranch 4 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1800 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785





609 Maywood Ave. Guilderland $269,800 Corner Lot Guilderland Colonial 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths / 1686 sq.ft Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 KE


21 Hoefer Street Latham $259,800 Ranch On Premium Lot 4 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1102 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 E NI LO O C


1500 Burden Lake Road Sand Lake $239,500 Like New Colonial 4 Bedrooms/ 3 Baths/ 2600 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

8 Brickley Drive Colonie $234,000 Spacious Ranch 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 1326 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785





30 Valleywood Drive Niskayuna $305,000 Immaculate Contemporary Colonial 3 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Baths/ 1808 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785

560 Columbia Street Ext. Latham $299,800 Colonial On Corner Lot 3 Bedrooms/ 2.1 Bath/ 1825 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo - 518-331-3785 AR LM




63 Sparrowbush Road Latham $259,800 Ranch with In-Ground Pool 3 Bedrooms/ 1 Bath/ 1368 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 OX

3 Burhans Place Delmar $254,800 Totally Remodeled 2 Story 3 Bedrooms/ 2 Baths/ 2202 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 NY BA



6 Schuyler Court Clifton Park $209,800 Knox Woods Town House 2 Bedrooms/ 1.1 Baths/ 1480 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785



7 Wood Terrace Albany $155,900 Dutch Colonial 3 Bedrooms/ 1 Bath/ 1393 sq.ft. Call Anthony Gucciardo 518-331-3785 www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Colleen Ioele-DeCristofaro

NYS R.E. Salesperson & NYS Certified Appraiser

C : 518-281-4467 | O: 518-762-8001| Email:

3 Church St. Johnstown, NY 12095

149 Egan Rd, Gloversville

$475,000 4113 State Route 28, Herkimer


1967 State Highway 10, Caroga Lake

$115,000 27-35 W. Main Street, Johnstown

$269,900 31-35 S. Perry Street, Johnstown

ADK inspired custom home offers exceptional craftsmanship & attention to detail, w/privacy on 14.5 ac, in Johnstown Schools. This 4-5 B/R, 2.5 baths home offers plenty of room for everything! Enjoy the beautiful great room w/stone fireplace, custom made cabinets, updated master suite on 1st flr, pocket doors, over-sized 2 car heated garage, huge basement w/ partially finished rec room walks out to stamped concrete patio. MLS# 201819506

Cozy country farmhouse w/ +4 ac. This family home is move-in ready with many updates. Metal roof, replacement windows, updated bths, gstove in l/r, new carpet are just to name a few. There is a large enclsd front porch and a mudroom/laundry back entrance. The sale includes 2 parcels, totaling just over 4 ac. w/ hiking trails, fruit trees, gardens and 2 outbuildings. The state snowmobile trails are just across the way and the lakes. MLS#201814762

Beautiful mid-nineteenth century Gothic Revival home, the perfect country retreat! This property is ready for your large family and your horses, too! There is a 2 stall barn, plus additional work area, a machine shed, and small bridge leading you to a large fenced paddock area. The home, with the original leaded glass windows and and lacey trim screams CHARACTER!The peaceful setting is also close to the NYS Thruway. MLS# 201829688

Endless possibilities with this Main St. row building. Currently houses 4 retail area’s, 2nd level is a large open concept living space, also could be used as more than one unit. 3rd level is open and ready to fit as needed. Current tenants utilities incld. There are 5 heating units, central air, pellet stove in upper living area, upgraded wiring. There are 4 private parking spaces plus public parking at rear of building and on Main St.

Ringing in 2019 as your trusted Real Estate Advisor

2627 State Highway 29, Johnstown


Calling all horse lovers! 21 acres of paddocks and fields, large 3 story barn, machine shed and 1 car detached garage. 1.5 story home just waiting for someone to finish the interior, with a newer roof and updated windows. There is currently a full bath on 1st floor, 2nd floor is plumbed for a full bath and has 2 bedrooms. Make this home your own. 203K or Cash are the best options. Home is being sold“As-Is”. Estate-Motivated Seller. MLS# 201830001


Established bar & restaurant in prime location in the C/O of Johnstown, also included adjacent S/F home (4 Hoosac St). This venue has been host to weddings, anniversaries, celebration of life, political & birthday celebrations. Seating capacity 267. Parking lot 40, the only NYS certified smoking room in the area. Fully operational commerical kitchen with pizza ovens,altoshaam,double fry master, and much more. MLS# 201829079

892 Main Street Clifton Park, NY 12065

Real Estate Services

1547 Rt 9 Clifton Park, NY 12065

If you care about outstanding customer service and that is why you choose your Real Estate Agent… Look no further! With 15 years in Real Estate (Management & Client Services, and now as an Agent) my goal has always been to provide 5 Star service to clients. I would now love the opportunity to be your Licensed Real Estate Salesperson when selling or purchasing your home in 2019!

One Call Does It All when Choosing Me for Everything Real Estate. Call or Text me today!

Jill George-Denn Licensed Real Estate Salesperson

C 518.598.2321

2390 Western Ave. Guilderland, NY 12084

“It’s all about People, Great Relationships, and the Community we build together!” 2019 is the year to allow me to assist with your home needs and everything Real Estate!


LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

OFFERED AT $364,900

Old world charm with a new, tasteful, updated look, all with authentic flair. Large open Kitchen with 42” quality white cabinetry with underneath lighting & lots of recessed lighting. Dining Room has a decorative fireplace. All hardwood floors, some newer, carpet on stairs, Hall & Bedrooms. Fabulous walk-in Master Bedroom closet. Mud Room entry with enclosed “L” shaped porch in rear. Large newer upstairs Bathroom with decorative vanity & Laundry room beyond. Newer windows, furnace, driveway & septic. Extra long garage. Pergola/Patio. Call now, worth your while to view!


Lauri Morrissey, GRI

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker - President’s Council

Cell: 518-376-3636 Office: 518-371-1137



www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


New Home In Your Future??? Building Lot Available, 1.7 acres, Another 5+ acres, And a 23+ acre parcel 1.7 borders a stream, heavily wooded with hemlock trees, in a fine neighborhood of executive family homes. Build to suit, price $65,000 5+ Acres, clear, level with over 500’of frontage. Suitable for a single family home or possible in-law- not dividable. Fringed with mature trees, in a neighborhood 15 minutes to Albany apsd. Build to suit $85,000

Bradley Park Builders, LLC West Sand Lake 518-674-3047 • 518-466-2339


48 Pinewood Road, Guilderland

Associate Lic. RE Broker

Cell: 518-869-4687 14

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Come see our Newest Model Homes in Rensselaer County. Call 518-674-3047 for your appointment or more information.

NothingTo Do InThis Charming City HomeWith Extras, Heating, electric, roof, windows, siding all recently updated, double living room, formal dining, new addition at rear used as first floor bedroom or den with separate heating, finished basement with full rec room 1/2 bath, first floor eat in kitchen with bath, three bedrooms and full bath up. REDUCED... $96,500

Traditional City Home With Spectacular Amenities, Loaded with extras like hard wood flooring, crown moldings and small second floor efficiency apartment area, 4 Brs., 2 full baths, first floor laundry, new oak kitchen opens to gathering area with gas FP, office and sunroom with separate entrance and tile flooring and skylight. NEAR DOWNTOWN... $89,500

Wanted!! A Creative Buyer For This Diamond In The Rough... Country location with access to recreational areas. 3 or 4 bedroom 2002 Double wide with open concept living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry and 2 full baths. Deck overlooks 2.8 Acres near State Land. Cross Country trails nearby, skiing area. Lakes and hiking. NEWLY LISTED... $69,500

Authentic Eat In Country Kitchen…City Location With Country Privacy... On 50 X 340 fenced yard. This family size home has adapted to city life with vinyl siding, new windows, metal roof, upgraded gas heating and country sized eat in kitchen, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, formal dining and living room. Enclosed porch and lovely open porch at rear... $57,500


This wooded location offers privacy as well as quick access to nearby main roads. The view from the huge master suite, kitchen and many other rooms overlook a private valley with a flowing stream and abundant wildlife. Five bedrooms & 2.5 baths. Gourmet kitchen. Screened porch leading to the heated in ground pool. Located on a quiet cul-de-sac with a brief walk to the Albany Pinebush preserve. 2nd 1.8 acre parcel included in the price-total of 3 acres.

Antonio “Tony” Trimarchi

23 Acre parcel gravel soils, excellent drainage. Row access already provided. Borders stream, wooded, suitable for small subdivision. $89,000.00

Joyce Royal Real Estate Email:

32 Spring Street Gloversville NY 12078

(518) 725-5490 (518) 773-3300

Certified Residential Appraiser Serving Fulton County and the Great Sacandaga Lake, Pecks Lake and Caroga Lake

Berkshire Hathaway

Aimee Falk


Licensed R.E. Salesperson

Blake, Realtors

518-312-2281 Cell

446 North Greenbush Road Defreestville, NY 12144



115 Hickory Ct. - Home is your perfect paradise in this custom Colonial. The flow of the home lends to great entertaining space with an open, eat in kitchen that expands into the family room. The cathedral ceiling and 2nd floor loft give a spacious feel. Step out onto the pergola covered deck and escape into the backyard oasis. Private yard, in-ground pool w/slide, hot tub, concrete patio, pool shed, mahogany deck to kitchen.


$299,000 North Troy

12 Valley View Ave. - Entertain in this inviting home. Open floor plan with large family room, built in bar, additional seating area, gas fireplace - great space to hang out with friends and family during cold weather months. Once warm weather arrives, step out onto the patio to grill and lounge next to the in-ground pool in the private backyard.

$93,500 Brunswick

677 5th Ave. - Well maintained home with lots of charm. Features include hard wood floors, built in cabinets and custom radiator cabinets, built in desk/work area, updated bath and kitchen, gas stove, covered side porch, fenced in yard (front and back), off street parking in rear. Eat in kitchen and separate dining room. Dry basement with bilco doors for access. On bus line, close to shopping/amenities.


Liberty Rd. - 17 Acre Building Lot. Opportunity for residential development- fully engineered subdivision plans for 7 lot development approved by the town are available. Approved water and sewer districts adjacent to property. Drilled well on site (located on lot 7 of subdivision map). Beautiful lot with privacy.

Adirondack Real Estate


2730 Route 28, Old Forge, NY 13420


Check all the listings at:

“Own A Piece of The Adirondacks!” Business Opp W/ Living Quarters $895,000 3rd Lake Ranch

Old Forge

Marine Dealership - 2730 Rt 28 - Business Opportunity with spacious living quarters. Old Forge Marine dealership & garage includes 2 offices, 50’X 100’store and garage on 180ft of road frontage on Rt 28. Garage has 3 overhead doors in back and 1 in front.

Just Listed

Third Lake $795,000

Tuttle Rd., Old Forge - Year around 4 bedroom ranch home, eat in kitchen beautiful fireplace with boathouse on 100’of lakefront. Features sun porch & walk out basement facing 3rd lake. Great for summer and winter sports!

Raquette Lake

$475,000 Raquette Lake


3 bedroom seasonal home with loft on104’road access lakefront. Large 2 Acre Wooded Lot on 150’of Waterfront on Woods Point. Boat Access living room / dining/ kitchen with 2 bathrooms on 1st floor. 1/2 drive in Only. basement. National Grid power, well & septic system.

1st Lake Old Forge

$795,000 Old Forge

1st Lake, 6 bedroom, 2 story home on 343’of lakefront. Located on a 260 Tuttle Rd . 163’X 306’wooded vacant lot. 1.2 ac. lot on South Shore acres features attached 2 stall garage, 3 full bathrooms & full basement.

$59,700 Old Forge

$125,000 Old Forge

Route 28 - Year round two story, 3 bedroom home on Route 28. Walk to town.



North Street, 55 acre wooded lot, sub dividable up to 35 residential lots and or campground. Features town water and possible town sewage. Recently reduced.

www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


Caroga Lake Vacant Land $16,000

2 Lots w/Power & Electric, cleared and ready to go. Concrete Septic tank, gravel driveway. 200 ft. road frontage, 180 ft deep. Owner says BRING ALL CASH OFFERS!

Bleecker Mt. $154,000

Lasslesville Farm $154,900

Super neat and clean 3 bdrm, 1 bath with hardwood 7.5 Acres - Water, Woods & Pasture! Oversized 4+ down. Big living room & den with pellet stove. New Bedroom Colonial, Classic wide plank floors, Formal Dining, New kitchen, furnace and more! Barn, furnace, granite counter kitchen, attached 2 car garage. Lean-too, & Cabin on the Creek! Gardens, patio, back porch. Move in ready.

161 Acres! $170,000

80 Acres Bleecker! $65,000

WOW Level land with trails to ride 4-wheelers & snowmobiles. A 4BR/1BA house to come back to has a furnace for year round. Get away! Lake Access available too!

With Rustic cabin! Insulated w/ wood stove. Off the grid with 12V Lights, drilled well (hand pump) On the Snowmobile Trail!

98 Acres Bleecker Very Private Land $135,500

Caroga Lake ACREAGE $159,000

Overlooks Adirondack Vly! Long gravel driveway leads to clearing & Rustic Camp- Perfect hideaway near Snowmobile Trails!

25 Acres WATERFRONT on the Outlet. APA says OK to Build! Beautiful wooded Lot you can design your dream home!

ADIRONDACK LAND! 8.5 Acres BUILD HERE- Wells- $35,500 8.5 Acres BUILD HERE- Caroga- $42,000 38 Acres HUNTING LAND Bleecker- $28,000 250 Acres w/Waterfront Great Sacandaga! $450,000

Town of Johnstown $163,000

Private Retreat! Beautiful One Owner home sited on 1.76acres. 4BR, 2 BA-Gorgeous Master Suite, Open Floor Plan. Big kitchen, sunroom to relax after swimming in the pool.

Mountain Lake $145,000

BUILD! HIKE! HUNT! Call for Details!

West Caroga Waterfront! $298,000

Peck Lake $238,000

Lots of updates to this seasonal waterfront cottage on South Shore Rd. 2BR/1BA. Open great room, large lake Enjoy this Private location nestled into the woods peaceful Mountain Lake. Several lots makes up the with lake access just down the street! Entertaining is easy front sun room. Neat rock features and lakeside offering. 2 BR/1 BA open living and dining with room patio & dock. 2C garage, extra storage.This owner lived here,Fantastic Kitchen! 3BR/2BA, Full finished basement. for extra guests. 2 Car Garage Come Enjoy Sportsman’s paradise! here year round! 2 Back lots included!

Lake House on East Caroga Lake $209,900

Year Round Waterfront 4BR/1BA!! 2 Car Garage Move in ready! Very Spacious thru-out, tons of storage. Living room and Family Room. Overlooking Peaceful waterfront on East Caroga Lake!



West Caroga Lake Access! Updated 2BR/1BA cottage w/deeded lake access Modern conveniences ready for you! Some workBeing finished so you can Relax!

Gloversville $117,000

72+ Acres, Oppenheim $79,900

72 Acres Borders State Land and Snowmobile trails VERY Private. Trails thru the woods.

Entertain here!! Formal Dining room, New kitchen & Baths Gleaming hardwood floors, 3BR’s 1.5 BA on quiet street. HUGE Fenced Backyard!

Peck Lake Building Lot $30,000

High and dry, just steps from the deeded lake access. Build here and be part of this quieter lake community.

West Caroga Lake $239,900


INVESTORS! 86 West Street, Gloversville $42,000

Making money! 2 Family fully rented ready for you to make money! Big Barn can earn more $$$

Country living! New Turnpike Rd, Ephratah $32,000

65x400Ft. Lot. Wonderful 2BR + loft, open interior, open living room, eat in kitchen. Modern septic. Sandy Waterfront.


Investors! 2 Units with a Garage! Fully rented and making $$

2BR/1BA Mobile on 2.6 acres, Johnstown Schools! Drilled well, septic, Town of Ephratah. Cash Offers Wanted!

2 Family! 183 Spring St, Gloversville $49,900

Many improvements and updates to this oversized 2 Family. Each unit 3BR/1BA. Down is Vacant, Up is long term RenterNew windows, roof, and more!

Check the Web • 518-835-2357


LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Lana Ruggiero, ASP, CNE, GRI Licensed Real Estate Broker

518-470-4738 main

11 Forest St. (P.O. Box 1285) Gloversville NY 12078

Get Yourself a New Home in 2019!

108 Woodlawn Dr., Town of Johnstown

201 S. Shore Rd., Peck Lake

Welcome to Peck Lake! This beautiful home has direct lake front and a gorgeous view. 2 completely separate living spaces…great for families. Winter on this lake is breath taking… owner is motivated…come take a look now! $499,900


Stately colonial sitting on 1.2 acres and close to city amenities. Wonderful family home with 4 levels of living space. 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths including a master suite that will blow your mind! Awesome New Price $219,900

288 County Hwy 102, Town of Mayfield

116 Union Mills Rd., Broadalbin

110 Fairway Lane, Amsterdam

96 Saratoga Blvd., Gloversville

110 Prospect St., Johnstown

106 School House Rd., Canada Lake

35 Monroe St., Gloversville

13 Burlington Ave., Gloversville

125 Lincoln St., Gloversville

298 Progress Rd., Gloversville


790 S Shore Rd., East Caroga Lake

N. Pine St., Town of Johnstown

Beautiful 14 year old custom ranch that has recent upgrades including new hardwood flooring, kitchen countertops & appliances, new carpet & more. In lovely neighborhood close to lakes & city amenities. 3 beds, 2 baths. $285,000

Wonderful 3 bedroom Dutch colonial on 5 private acres, Broadalbin-Perth School District. Very spacious modern kitchen, family room, living room with fireplace and super deck. New Price $289,900

Beautiful view of Canada Lake from this cozy log cabin, that sits just across the road on a 1/2 acre. Open floor plan on first floor, 2 bedrooms and full bath on second floor. Metal roof, porches, gravel driveway. $89,999

2.7 acre building lot in Broadalbin-Perth School district. Close to St Hwy 29 and all city amenities but has the best country setting. Very private with clearing, slightly sloped. $24,900

The peace & privacy of this setting is almost unbelievable as it is located just around the corner from shopping, hospital, golf course, & minutes to NYS Thruway. Multi level contemporary. $224,900

Here’s a new listing for those savvy buyers that are looking for winter deals! Cozy 3 bedroom, 1.5 bath home with a nice large eat in kitchen, dining room & cozy living room. Great enclosed front porch. Just $64,900

Mixed use lot in a great location! Very heavy traffic flow on the corner of St Hwy 30 N and Vandenburgh Pt Rd...heading to the Great Sacandaga Lake and Adirondack Park. The options are numerous. Side road access. $59,900

What 29 year old needs a face lift? This one did and it looks wonderful! Very spacious with lots of natural light, vaulted ceiling in living room, 2 family rooms - 1 up & 1 down. Central air, natural gas forced hot air furnace. $169,900

Nice 3 bedroom, with large eat in kitchen, spacious living room and bedroom or den on the main level. Dry basement for storage. Newer roof, Hot water heater is brand new, kitchen appliances are next to new. Price Reduced To $54,900

Adorable Cape Cod sits on almost 4 acres of land in the Mayfield School District. Looks small… but has 4 bedrooms and great storage. Modern kitchen, brand new roof, central a/c and cute side porch. $149,900

Unique property with 2 bedroom residence. Original front building is now a yoga studio. All spaces rented…great investment property! Renovated, modern, plenty of parking. $161,500

This house is for cash buyers. Currently rented for $850 per month, definite money maker for the savvy investor. Big lot, garage and close to schools. $31,500

Beautiful ½ acre lakefront lot with additional 3.2 acre lot. Current building permit, survey on file. Call me for all the details on this rare opportunity! $72,500

Just about 1 acre level, cleared building lot, ready for you and your new business venture! Great location, accessible from State Hwy 30A. Owner will consider financing options and/or build to suit! $95,000

518-470-4738 •


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


DecKa Real Estate Offer: Triangle Intersection Development site / 3+/- acres / Zoned Residential Commercial Mix use

Price Drop

State Route 11 County Route 4 and Hungary Land Rd. Central Square, NY 13036 * Traffic Count over 7,600 vehicles per day Contact: Don Bailey / Acquisitions

DecKa Real Estate Syracuse, New York 13202 315-744-6858 (Call or TEXT) E Mail: (Inquires Submissions)

Donald Bailey / President / CEO / Founder

POWERHouse Mortgage Funding: We our Buyers of Seller Financed Notes / mortgages and institutional mortgage portfolios backed by real-estate Nationwide. Also available to Buyers and Sellers of Real Estate, Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Investors and For Sale By Owner’s is our one of a kind Solution Certified Program (SCP)

MORTGAGEHouse Acquisitions: Purchasers of Non-Performing Single and Portfolio Assets. DecKa Real Estate: Buyer and sellers of residential and commercial real estate. We also provide private Funding too end buyer, if there not able to retain financing of their own to finalize the purchase, with our one of a kind Solution Certified Program (SCP) PMD Business is a Secondary Market Private Investment Firm that purchases real estate note mortgages, real estate, business notes and other assets Nationwide. We are NOT Realtors or Mortgage brokers or brokers of any kind. But without Brokers, the business industry as a whole / we wouldn’t exist. Follow us on


PMD Business Inc.

Mortgage Note Real Estate Funding Group Syracuse, NY 13202

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HOGWASH CLEANING SOLUTIONS Exterior cleaning services: Residential & 518-746-4119

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OLeary Overhead Door, LLC

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Homes, Excavating & Construction. Capital Region, Southern VT,Western MA. 50 Years Exp. Turnkey Solutions.

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TRICHECK HOME INSPECTIONS LLC Home Inspection, Pre-Listing Inspection, Rental 518-961-2522

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Storage Buildings PACKN-GO 1-877-722-5640

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Business Opportunity -Tug Hill Hideaway West Leyden, NY

Your Comfort is Our


Established Bar & Restaurant on Snowmobile and ATV Trails


FREE in-home estimates for equipment replacement as well as new home construction.

Here is your chance to acquire one of the most hopping businesses on Tug Hill. Established in 1972, the Tug Hill Hideaway in West Leyden, NY is a Full Service Bar & Grill catering to outdoorsman’s, snowmobilers, ATVers, hunters and local clientele; Open Year-Round.

The opportunities are endless; • Run it as an established profitable bar & grill • Add lodging for increased traffic and revenues • Bed & Breakfast • Make it your own private club • Convert into a one-of-a-kind private residence • Use living quarters as additional rental income

• Installation • Air Conditioning Service • Heating Service & Repair • Emergency HVAC Repair • HVAC Preventative Maintenance Whether you are replacing, repairing or maintaining your system, your comfort is our top priority. At Holbrook Heating & Air Conditioning we understand the importance of properly running equipment. When a system breaks and

Business sits on 5 acres with option to buy the surrounding 78 acres for an additional $85,000. Seller financing is NOT available. For a full description of what is included in the sale of this turn key business, visit

Call 315-942-6860 - ask for Owners: Denis or Stephanie. Selling due to health issues. Business and land are priced to sell quickly.

needs repair, it can be stressful because emergencies never happen on schedule. Our trusted residential HVAC technicians and installation teams are licensed and available for service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Financing options available.



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Create A Backyard That Makes Your Family Want To Stay Home & Relax Just Add Water • And Some Help From Glimmerglass * Glimmerglass One-Piece Fiberglass Pool * Quick Installation * Easy To Clean * Built-In Steps & Seat - No Seams * Available in Standard White or One Of Our Sparkling Colors

Financing Available

Make Your Season Last Longer With Warmer Water. Glimmerglass Can Apply Spray Foam To Insulate The Pool & Keep The Heat In The Water! See All 28 Models at Enjoy Our Blog, Lot's Of Information

We Do Color

We Remember You After The Pool Is In

Call 877-993-7727 or 518-993-5151


www.Lif ean d H o m es . com


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Brian Brosen & Reginald Monroe Licensed Associate Real Estate Brokers

Our office NOW open in Downtown Schenectady at 225 State Street, Suite 112.

Put our combined

30 plus years of experience to work for you

Brian Brosen

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-2633

Reginald Monroe

Lic. Assoc. R.E. Broker (518) 669-8330

Katelyn Wilder

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 378-9912

140 Bidwell Road, Fulton

Travis Fairlee

Lic. R.E. Salesperson (518) 573-5983

173 Bearkill Road, Gilboa

Come enjoy this sprawling ranch along the Schoharie Creek situated on just over 3 acres. Boasting over 2000sf, this rural home offers 3 spacious bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms (1 ensuite), and multiple rooms for entertaining. The dead end street offers seclusion for you and your family to appreciate while offering modern amenities such as the 3 car attached garage, newly added mudroom and storage room. This home is a great foundation for you to add your personalized touches!

Great opportunity awaits for country living in this wonderfully updated home on a nice 1.6 acre lot. Owners pride is evident throughout with new laminate flooring, new custom tile bathroom flooring, newer pellet stove and a great, open floor plan. Spacious kitchen offers plenty of cabinet and counter space. Master bedroom features en suite bath with dual vanities and updated flooring. Sliders to deck, side deck overlooking woods and fenced area perfect for pets.




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2172 Weast Road, Pattersonville

Tiny home with a BIG view situated directly on Mud Pond in the Mariaville Lake area. This was taken from a seasonal camp to year round home 10 years ago. Nice, large deck overlooking your 110 feet of water frontage. Built in cabinets, and clever use of space throughout make this perfect for a weekend get away or yr round tiny home living. Propane gas stove to keep the home cozy, detached garage, and an updated bath all make this a great place to call home. Affordable waterfront living does exist. $92,500

Feb. 8 - 10th


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• Company Stock • Company Revenue Share • Agents start at 80/20 split (chance to earn 100%) • Amazing online support campus • Superb marketing catalog • Mentor program • Over 35 hrs weekly of mastermind classes, webinars and training online | office: (518) 320-8008 24

LifeandHomes ■ Capital Region

Life and Homes Capital Region February 2019  

LifeandHomes offers an extensive network of real estate resources and information, connecting real estate industry professionals and the com...

Life and Homes Capital Region February 2019  

LifeandHomes offers an extensive network of real estate resources and information, connecting real estate industry professionals and the com...