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“Who Else Wants All The Credit, Expert Status, And Money-Making Opportunities That Come With Being A Published Author?” REVEALED: A Super-Simple Method On How To Profit From Publishing Your Own Physical Books Dear Friend: My mom was FURIOUS with me the other day. I mean… LIVID. Here’s the back story: I posted on Facebook that my book finally got published on Amazon. I didn’t think it was a big deal at all – the post was actually celebrating that I finally found a great company to publish my books on Amazon (the other ones I’d looked at were slow as molasses in getting anything done). My mom saw my Facebook post and wouldn’t let me hear the end of it. “How could you not tell your own mother that you’ve published a book???” “You’ll tell your friends before me?” “Didn’t I give birth to you?” YIKES. I didn’t think getting published was such a huge thing, but then I had to remember…

“People Think It’s A BIG DEAL If You Have Your Own Published Book.”

In fact, one of the best things you can do to in your niche is to produce a physical book. Being a published author will give you a massive amount of credibility in your niche and firmly establish yourself as an expert. Besides the credibility that comes with being an expert a book makes it easier for you to make sales and increase your profits. (It also creates another autopilot stream of income for your business.) Until now, publishing a book has been a nightmare process. You’d need to contact agents and publishers and look forward to rejection letter after rejection letter. (Heck, even J.K. Rowling was rejected 10+ times.) And if you’ve tried self publishing the standard way, you’ve probably seen how downright frustrating that is. You either need to pony up a lot of money from the beginning… with a garage full of books you have to try and market yourself… Or deal with companies that can’t seem to be bothered with you. And if you for some reason none of this is a problem for you — and your book magically gets approved right away — you STILL have to go through the painful writing and editing process. It can take a YEAR or more for your book to be approved, which drives many authors CRAZY. And imagine if something in your niche changes in that time? UGH! And I haven’t even mentioned the pittance you get as a commission on every book sale. It’s PENNIES on the dollar — if you’re lucky — and you only get paid once or twice a year. Hardly seems worth it, eh? Well, until recently I would have agreed. Now there are significantly easier ways to get all the benefits that being an expert brings… WITHOUT going through all the hassle.

“Handed To You On A Silver Platter: How To Publish Your Own Book EASILY.”

I’ve come across a “Self Publishing Secrets” program that was specially created to show you how to publish a book in literally just a few hours. It doesn’t matter if you’re an accomplished writer or a completely green newbie – ANYONE can very easily publish their own books. This course shows you exactly how. It also shows you how to take your book and make lots of additional income through it. (And then you can learn how to scale up, publish multiple books, and make even MORE income.) This “Self Publishing Secrets” course is going to make it stupid-simple for you to have a physical book ready to print in just a few hours. The whole process is ridiculously cheap (think: less than $20) and beyond simple. Self Publishing Secrets will help you discover: Killer formatting techniques you can use on your book for optimum results How a few minutes is all you need to publish your book The 3 hands-down best techniques you should use for a VERY high quality book How to identify hot-selling niches to sell books in (The entire process is ridiculously quick.) How to promote your book both on and offline for MAXIMUM cash potential (It even shows you how to “pitch” local booksellers.) …and a LOT more. After going through the course, you could literally have your own book ready and published in under an hour. The potential with this is ENORMOUS.

No Holds Barred: EVERYTHING You Need To Know About How To Publish Your Own Book! Self Publishing Secrets will teach you everything you need to know in step by step format – even if you’ve never written a book before! In fact, here’s everything you’re going to learn:

Modules One And Two Precisely how you can publish a physical book Discover ultra-profitable niches you can sell books to How a physical book will benefit you How to know — without a shadow of a doubt — how profitable your book is going to be

Modules Three And Four

The 3 absolute BEST techniques you can use to create a book How to make the perceived value of your book go THROUGH THE ROOF Ninja formatting tricks that’ll make your book look world-class How to be stone-cold positive you’ve picked the best format for your book

Modules Five And Six The #1 company to use if you want to publish your book on Amazon How to massively profit from the company we teach you about (Hint: This might REALLY surprise you) How to choose the BEST publishing option for your situation How to get your book proofread for pennies on the dollar (Forget paying up the wazoo!)

Modules Seven And Eight

How to build a list with a FANATICAL following Turn your book into a list-building machine Exactly what type of book promotion will give you killer returns Top-notch ways to promote your book

Modules Nine And Ten The #1 ‘Sneaky Trick’ self published authors use to get their book into bookstores – this is hilarious! How to tap into MASSIVE potential for marketing your book offline. How to turn your book into several hundred – or thousand – dollars worth of cash Unlike other courses, you won’t have to worry about fluff or filler in this training course. It is 100% pure valuable information that will help you create quick cash. And even though this is incredibly potent and I think you’ll get a lot out of it, I’m not going to name some high price for you to pay. In fact, I’m going a completely different route.

“YOU Decide What Price You Want To Pay!” I’ve put this product up as a dimesale. That means that YOU choose the price, to a certain extent.

Your investment will raise by a dime every time someone places an order. If you want the cheapest possible price, order right now. The price might have risen slightly even as we speak. If you want to “think about it”, then you can wait until later… just know you’ll pay more. Either way, the choice is completely yours. “I’ve Heard Enough!! Let Me Order Right Now!” As soon as you order, you’ll get instant access. You’ll be able to download everything and get a book published TODAY. Remember – if you went through the modules and took action right after, imagine how many published books could be under YOUR name? I’ll let you get to it:

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