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Providing turnkey services to the anaerobic digestion, water, wastewater and processing sectors, Balmoral Tanks offers what is potentially the widest range of accredited tanks from a single supplier in the world. When this is supported by unrivalled engineering design experience and industry-leading customer service, installation, maintenance and repair services, why consider going anywhere else?

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AD’S PLACE IN A SCEPTICAL ENVIRONMENT By Chris Huhne, former Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, former Shadow Defra Minister and MEP, and now a Strategic Advisor for ADBA. This has been a big dipper year for biogas. No sooner had we announced the 400th AD plant in Britain – a near third increase in just a year – than the new Conservative government stopped the celebrations in their tracks. The removal of pre-accreditation means that businesses can no longer be certain of the Feed-in Tariff they will receive, an uncertainty that will halt many projects with long-lead times (like AD plants). As if to confirm that the government does not like renewables, the Chancellor also removed their exemption from the Climate Change Levy, which has now become an electricity tax. The political challenge for ADBA is to make the case for AD in an increasingly sceptical environment. However, there are good songs to sing. AD is good value for money (whether measured either by its ability to meet renewables targets or cut carbon at a respectable cost). It needs no diesel park back-up for when the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining. It has benefits in digestate, and can therefore decarbonise farming. It also diversifies the rural economy, providing secure and sustainable jobs. Of all the renewables, it has the greatest number of advantages to appeal to the Prime Minister’s blue-green agenda.

AD AND FARMING – THE PERFECT MIX By George Gittus, ADBA board member and owner of a joint venture on-farm AD plant. AD is tremendously versatile. It can be integrated incredibly well into a farming enterprise, whether dairy, vegetable, arable – or even a farm that has diversified into leisure or another type of business, as many have. This integration allows for the maximum utilisation of inputs and outputs, and brings both financial and environmental benefits to farming, which can only be a good thing. AD can also play a major role in reducing not only agriculture’s consumption of fossil fuels but also its greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, energy crops for AD offer farmers an opportunity to improve their rotations, both financially and agronomically, thereby reducing their reliance on pesticides and fertilisers whilst improving yields across the farm. Despite the benefits of energy crops, there are still some outside the industry who raise the ‘food versus fuel’ debate. But we should not forget that agriculture has been providing a huge array of non-food products since the beginning of time – from starches going into plastics, to plant fibres used to create building materials, car panels, high grade automotive oils, transport fuels, soaps, detergents, pharmaceutical products, and many more besides. With further developments already underway in AD technology, it won’t be long before the potential human food element of many energy crops will be able to be exploited, with the residue fuelling the AD plant. This will give us the very best of both worlds.




CREATING VALUABLE REVENUE STREAMS Benefits • Modular compact design • Integrated gas pre-treatment systems • Designed for reduced life cycle costs • 24/7 local service • 0% methane slip achievable • CO2 recovery • Guaranteed up time



SUPPORTING THE DEVELOPMENT OF A WORLD CLASS AD INDUSTRY The benefits that AD offers are unique. Our ability to generate baseload, dispatchable, constant green energy sets us apart from other renewable technologies, as does the fact that we can help to decarbonise farming, heat and transport, and produce a sustainable biofertiliser. We are no niche industry: if we reach our potential we will be able to deliver energy equivalent to 30 per cent of the UK’s domestic gas demand. These multiple benefits mean that AD represents excellent value for money when you consider the level of government subsidy we receive. However, as we are all well aware, this support is now under serious threat. Government subsidies exist to support the establishment of new industries and enable them to grow to a level where they can survive independently. While the UK AD industry has made significant progress in a relatively short space of time, cutting off our support now is premature. We need support today so that we can continue to grow. And we must also remember that our ‘subsidies’ recognise the environmental damage caused by fossil fuel energy generation and unabated waste emissions. Taking away this support now will come at a cost to consumers and taxpayers in the long run.

Alongside our lobbying efforts, we will be working hard over the next 12 months to support sustainable growth within the AD industry. We want to help our sector scale up until it reaches the point of self-sufficiency. We will therefore be working with our members, industry partners, regulators and government to set up a task force to look at every aspect of how we operate, and assess what can be done to reduce the industry’s reliance on subsidies: whether by increasing efficiency; improving performance; increasing the value of the products we produce; or decreasing operational expenditure. To support this task force and the industry as a whole, we are also implementing the AD R&D strategy that we developed last year, and developing the Best Practice Scheme, with the overall aim of producing the best performing AD industry in world. This will allow us to not only increase the value we deliver for the incentives we receive and become less dependent on them over time, but to build a world class AD industry capable of taking maximum advantage of the global opportunities now becoming available, which will be worth billions of pounds. We are already showing that the circular economy can work – it’s now time to fight for our future.

It is therefore imperative that we maximise our lobbying activities for continued government support, and this will remain at the top of our agenda for the coming year. However, we cannot do it alone. As the voice of the AD industry, we represent the views of you, our members. Now more than ever, we need your evidence and support to ensure that government recognises the unique benefits of AD and does not cut off our support mechanism prematurely. The most effective way to get government to listen is through your MP, so if you haven’t already downloaded our template letter and sent it to your MP, please do so today: Charlotte Morton Chief Executive, ADBA


From bio-waste to bio-methane – everything from a single source

The Viessmann Group biogas competence brands are among the leading suppliers of biogas technologies with the experience that comes from building more than 450 plants. We offer dry and wet anaerobic digestion solutions ranging from 50 kWel to 20 MWgas and provide professional support of all biogas related issues: ■ Plant design, construction and commissioning ■ Key biogas plant components ■ Gas-upgrading technology for bio-methane production ■ Energy from waste via dry digestion or IVC (In-Vessel-Composting) ■ Technical services and biological support More information at

Schmack Biogas UK Ltd. Phone +44 (0)870 870 30 58 info@

linea FARMER linea FARMER For small and medium sized farms

For small and medium sized farms

✓ Biogas power plants from 100 kW – 300 kW ✓ Biogas power plants from 100 kW – 300 kW ✓ Simple, fast and cost-effective installation thanks to the ✓ Simple, fast and cost-effective thanks to the pre-mounted technical module “PLUGinstallation & PRODUCE“ pre-mounted technical module “PLUG & PRODUCE“ ✓ Thermal stability of the small plant thanks to the heat ✓ Thermal oftechnical the small plant thanks to the heat exchanger on stability top of the module exchanger on top of the technical module ✓ ServiceBOX for a safe maintenance of the fermenter ✓ ServiceBOX without gas leaks for a safe maintenance of the fermenter without gas leaks ✓ Possibility to make the most of excrements and agricultural ✓ Possibility to make the most of excrements and agricultural wastes wastes ✓ Recovery of a nutrient-rich and low in odour fertilizer ✓ Recovery of a nutrient-rich and low in odour fertilizer

Technical Module Module PLUGTechnical & PRODUCE PLUG & PRODUCE

BTS Biogas Ltd BTS Biogas Ltd

Castle Malwood Estates Castle Malwood Estates Castle Malwood, Minstead Castle Malwood, Minstead Hampshire SO43 7PE Hampshire SO43 7PE T +44 (0) 23 80 81 15 94 T +44 (0) 23 80 81 15 94

Inside of the Technical Inside of& the Technical Module PLUG PRODUCE Module PLUG & PRODUCE

Technical Module Module PLUGTechnical & PRODUCE PLUG & PRODUCE

Owen Humphries Owen Humphries E E M 0796 12 54 524 M 0796 12 54 524

serviceBOX serviceBOX

Loader with dosing system Loader dosing system forwith solids for solids


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MEET OUR BOARD Our board, which includes ADBA Chief Executive Charlotte Morton (see page 12), comprises experienced professionals from across the industries involved in and using AD. They work together to develop our strategy to help AD reach its potential.

Terry Brownhill


Business Development Manager, PROjEN Ltd I have 30 years of operational and business management experience gained in the extractives and waste management sector. I was part of the team that helped to establish ADBA, and initiated the development of The Practical Guide to AD, as well as chairing ADBA’s Training, Safety and Environment Working Group.

George Gittus


Owner, Geo E Gittus & Sons Ltd & Symonds Farm Power Ltd As the owner of a joint venture on-farm AD plant, I am passionate about ensuring that AD has a viable, long-term future, both on-farm and in applicable industries where it can be fully integrated, demonstrating its true versatility.

Mike Hanson


Head of Sustainable Business, BaxterStorey As a professional catering operator for over 20 years, I have a unique insight into the issues around sustainability and CSR in the food service environment, allowing me to help divert more unavoidable food waste into AD.

Julian O’Neill


Chief Executive, Biogen With a background in senior leadership positions for major retail and food brands, I bring a wealth of insight and experience in the food waste AD market to help shape strategy and direction for the organisation.

Dorian Harrison


Technical Director, Advanced Digestion Technology, GE Water and Process Technologies As well as regularly contributing to articles, consultation documents and presenting at conferences, I also use my technical expertise and experience to support ADBA’s activities.

Chris Huhne

Stuart Hayward-Higham


Technical Development Director, SUEZ R&R UK My skills, covering the spectrum of collection, treatment, energy production and the circular economy, can help the AD industry develop in a sustainable and integrated manner.

William Heller


Director, Tamar Energy I bring my experience of the energy sector to the ADBA Board, gained as Chief Executive and a founder of Falck Renewables Wind, and prior to this, as Chief Executive of Edison Mission Energy, an international independent power producer.

Philipp Lukas


Managing Director, Future Biogas Thanks to my background in law and renewables, plus my current role as a biogas project developer, I can use my experience in biomass production and sustainability to help ADBA continue to be a strong ambassador for the AD industry.

Maxine Mayhew


Group Commercial Director, Northumbrian Water Group After completing a PhD in Wastewater Treatment, I have enjoyed a variety of roles during my 16 years in the water industry. I’ve maintained a technical interest throughout my career, leading projects in waste water, anaerobic digestion and sludge treatment technology development. 

David Greenfield


Managing Director, SOENECS, and advisor to the National Waste Network Coordinators As a chartered waste manager, fellow of CIWM, chartered environmentalist and advisor to central and local government, I have 16 years of leadership experience in public sector roles focused on waste strategy, planning and delivering efficiencies in the environmental space.


Strategic Advisor to the board I ran a successful business before entering politics and becoming Energy and Climate Change Secretary from 2010-12. I was also the architect of the first zero carbon plan from a British party and am well placed to advise on politics, policy and policy risks for clean energy.



MEET OUR TEAM Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive As Chief Executive of the industry’s trade body, I aim to ensure through our business plan, our team, our board and you, our members, that AD’s value is recognised and that we make the most of our resources to help you build a professional industry of which we can all be proud. t +44 (0)20 3176 0503 e

POLICY TEAM Matt Hindle, Head of Policy Working with Charlotte, ADBA’s board of directors and members, I address and communicate policy and regulatory issues affecting AD. t +44 (0)20 3176 0591 e Ollie More, Market Analyst I collect market information and industry data as evidence to demonstrate AD’s potential for future development and growth for ADBA’s Market Report. t +44 (0)20 3567 0751 e Jess Allan, Environment and Regulation Manager I support members with regulatory issues and help the industry to raise its environmental performance through developing industry-led best practice. t +44 (0)20 3735 8380 e Derek Sivyer, PR & Parliamentary Affairs Manager I work with media and political representatives to promote the benefits of a more secure and efficient UK AD industry. t +44 (0)20 3176 5441 e

MARKETING SERVICES TEAM Helen Reddick, Head of Marketing Services My team is responsible for all ADBA communications, publications and events, and we work hard to ensure that we support our members and keep them up to date with industry news and commercial opportunities. t +44 (0)20 3176 0592 e Ed Gavaghan, Event Producer Working with our Chief Executive, policy and marketing teams, I help structure programmes and procure speakers to make sure ADBA is at the forefront of the AD debate. t +44 (0)20 3176 4415 e Vera Gerson, Senior Marketing Executive I work on communicating with our members and others in the industry through AD & Bioresources News, and publications such as the ADBA Members’ Directory. t +44 (0)20 3176 0590 e Maryanne Torok, Database Marketing Assistant I keep our database up to date by managing data entry, gathering and verification, and help support the marketing team. t +44 (0)20 3567 0769 e

MEMBERSHIP SERVICES TEAM Jay Abai, Head of Membership My role is to ensure that we continue to engage with our members and that their voice is being heard, to help provide them with greater support and value. t +44 (0)20 3176 5416 e


Neill Wightman, Events and Sponsorship Manager I am responsible for sponsorship and stand sales for UK AD & Biogas 2016, as well as other industry-leading ADBA events. t 44 (0)20 3176 4414 e

ADBA TEAM | 13 ADMINISTRATIVE AND FINANCE TEAM Amy Pritchard, Finance Manager I run ADBA’s accounting function and produce all the financial reports for our board and management team. t +44 (0)20 3176 6962 e Peter Mackintosh, Office Executive As the initial point of contact, I direct incoming calls and emails to the right member of staff. I also support Amy in ADBA’s accounting function. t +44 (0)20 3176 0503 e Eleanor Maroussas, PA to Chief Executive I look after Charlotte’s diary and travel arrangements, provide support to Jay and Matt, and assist in running the office. t +44 (0)20 3567 1041 e

MAGAZINE EDITORIAL TEAM Kirsty Sharpe, AD & Bioresources News, Managing Editor My job is to lead the editorial team for the Association’s magazine so that the publication stays topical, appealing and an all-round enjoyable and valuable read. t +44 (0)1920 821 873 e Kate O’Reilly, AD & Bioresources News, Editor I edit this lively publication that includes up to the minute news on policy, planning and technology, as well as plant operation and industry best practice. t +44 (0)78 9403 9609 e

COMPASS RENEWABLES: ADBA’S FINANCE ARM Bruce Nelson, Director of Compass Renewables As the financial interface for ADBA, Compass Renewables provides debt, equity and asset finance advice to members, steering many AD projects through to financial close. t +44 (0)1732 464 495 e

CONTACT US The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) Canterbury Court, Kennington Park Business Centre, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, UK t +44 (0)20 3176 0503 e w



WORKING TOGETHER TO SECURE OUR INDUSTRY’S FUTURE ADBA members are part of the UK’s largest AD community and enjoy advice and support from our dedicated team. Membership also offers the best opportunity to influence AD policy and regulation – given the ongoing FIT review and the government’s recent attitude to renewable energy support, this has never been more important. Being an ADBA member will ensure that you are supported through these challenging times, that your voice is heard at the highest levels, and that you’re always in the loop with the latest industry announcements and news. Not only that, but you’ll have access to a comprehensive range of resources and market analysis, plus the expertise of our policy and regulatory team, who are always happy to answer your questions and/or help with issues with the regulators. And with hands-on support available through our operator and working groups, as well as an increasing number of discounted or free ADBA events delivering a range of essential information and first class networking opportunities, the benefits of membership have never been greater.



As the voice of the AD industry, ADBA membership is the best mechanism to help you influence AD policy and regulation, whether through participation in our operator and working groups, supporting our consultation responses – such as the ongoing FIT review/ consultation – or talking to our team. Together, we can directly impact the size and potential of the AD industry.

Whether you require access to policy, regulatory or technical information, we can provide as much support as possible via our website, dedicated team, operator and working groups, farmer networks, third party advisors and free advice clinics. No matter what your concern – plant feasibility, financial incentives, permitting, market analysis or funding – we can help.



From the latest industry updates to details of new tenders, ADBA members are the first to hear all the AD news. Through our weekly members’ e-news updates, website, member-exclusive blogs, meetings, events, and bi-montlhy magazine AD & Bioresources News, we keep you up to date with everything AD.

We bring together the largest network of AD contacts at dedicated events to ensure you connect with the right people. Whatever your area of business there’s an event for you – the UK AD & Biogas industry trade show, UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards, ADBA’s National Conference, Research & Innovation Forum, Finance Forum, Regulatory Forums, Members’ Meetings, and many more. See page 20 for full details.



We offer our members an ever-expanding range of invaluable AD resources, including: Anaerobic Digestion Market Report; The Practical Guide to AD; Best Practice Guidance for Growing Crops for AD; case studies; R&D Database; and industry-leading market analysis. See page 18 for full details.

Ensure your views are heard by the people that matter, and raise your company’s profile at the same time, by taking advantage of the many opportunities available to ADBA members. Whether feeding back to our policy team, sharing your expertise at one of our events, providing editorial for AD & Bioresources News, submitting a case study for our website, or taking advantage of our exhibitor, advertiser or sponsorship packages, there are numerous ways to ensure your message reaches an AD-specific audience.



ALWAYS READY TO HELP Our dedicated team is always ready to provide members with policy, market analysis or regulatory support. Contact us today:

Matt Hindle, Head of Policy t +44 (0)20 3176 0591 e

Ollie More, Market Analyst t +44 (0)20 3567 0751 e

Jess Allan, Environment and Regulation Manager t +44 (0)20 3735 8380 e

Our priority at ADBA is to continuously support our members by developing services which give you access to the latest best practice and thought leadership in the industry. This membership year, we plan to work with you to increase our engagement activities and share knowledge between our members, through practical webinars, increased networking events and regional seminars. We are always eager to hear our members’ views, so feel free to join our online forum or submit articles and press releases for our weekly member e-newsletters and bi-monthly magazine, AD & Bioresources News. The membership team is always happy to speak to or visit members to discuss your needs, so give us a call to find out how you can get more involved.

Being a member of ADBA allows us to keep up with what’s happening in this fast changing market, and to identify new opportunities for our wide range of products.

Jay Abai, Head of Membership t +44 (0)20 3176 5416 e

Steve Morris, Huber Technology

We joined ADBA to get an inside track on the issues facing the AD industry. It’s one of the most proactive and informative trade bodies in the renewables industry.

As an ADBA member we benefit from a number of networking events with other industry leaders, as well as updates on legislation and policy.

John Quinton-Barber, Social Communications

Chris Jellett, Severn Trent Water

ADBA represents our interests to government, keeps us informed of changes on regulatory matters and provides opportunities for networking with like-minded professionals.

ADBA has provided clarification, advice and guidance on the RHI and FIT, and has lobbied government and influenced legislation on behalf of ourselves and other members.

Ben Donaldson, Agraferm Technologies AG

Anita Smith, Biogen



WORKING GROUPS Our working groups are designed to coordinate work across the AD industry. They take forward actions to produce documents and outcomes, and provide a knowledge base which contributes to consultation responses and other calls for evidence. In addition to the formal working groups, we also communicate with groups of members on issues of particular importance, for example the Renewable Heat Incentive and Feed-in Tariff review. For more information on our working groups or to get involved go to:

BIOMETHANE TO GRID Chair: Stephen McCulloch, Greenlane Biogas As the biomethane to grid market has expanded, the Biomethane to Grid Working Group has met regularly to keep members up to date with fast changing policy and regulation, and will also be working on a number of projects in the coming year to help the industry develop further. Group members fed extensively into DECC’s consultation on the RHI tariff for biomethane, and continue to provide input and receive updates on other important issues, including moves to reduce regulation for new gas to grid connections.

TRAINING, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT Chair: Terry Brownhill, PROjEN The group meets to discuss and share experience of health, safety and environmental management. As well as hearing updates from regulators and training providers, group members contribute to relevant consultations and were instrumental in the development of The Practical Guide to AD, and in delivering outputs under the AD Strategy and Action Plan. The group is currently working on secondary containment issues at AD plants, one of the Environment Agency’s main concerns for the industry, with a view to producing better guidance for the sector.

TRANSPORT Chair: Andrew Whittles, Low Emission Strategies The Transport Working Group has played a key role in raising biomethane for transport on the political agenda, ensuring the place of biomethane in the DfT’s HGV Gas Strategy, and applying pressure on issues such as duty rates, recognition of biomethane certificates and the Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation. Members include the whole supply chain from plant developers/operators interested in the transport market, to fleet operators and supermarkets. The group contributes to the agenda for ADBA’s UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference. ADBA MEMBERS’ DIRECTORY 2015/2016

OPERATOR GROUPS Our operator groups are supported by ADBA’s membership, policy and regulatory staff. To get involved or for more information contact: t +44 (0)20 3176 5416 e CROP OPERATORS GROUP Chair: Philipp Lukas, Future Biogas Created by its members as a central focal point for discussions surrounding AD plants using crops as feedstock, this group aims to help shape future government policy and share information on operating plants efficiently and sustainably. Group members helped to develop our Best Practice Guidance for Growing Crops in AD (available to download on our website). FOOD WASTE OPERATORS GROUP Chair: Mat Stewart Open to all operators of food waste AD plants in the UK, this group is designed to offer a forum for open discussion between the growing numbers of operators treating food waste. Key issues include: health and safety; digestate contamination; environmental regulation (such as the implications of the BREF process); and end-of-waste criteria. Agendas are set by the group’s members, and focus on the key market, policy and technical issues that operators want to resolve.

ADBA’S FINANCE FORUM Comprising representatives from the finance community, our Finance Forum meets twice a year to discuss the barriers and opportunities for funders of AD plants, and the latest issues affecting plant finance, with the aim of increasing funding opportunities for the AD industry. The views of Forum members are then fed back to ADBA and help shape our consultation responses and policy positions. Our next Finance Forum will be held just days after the November 2015 Autumn Statement, giving attendees the perfect opportunity to discuss how policy is taking shape, and the impact of recent announcements on AD deployment in 2016 and beyond. Key topics for discussion include the future of renewable financial incentives and an assessment of the AD market, including the financing and valuation of operational plants. For more information contact: t +44 (0)20 3176 5416 e


INDUSTRY NEWS – KEEPING YOU IN THE LOOP As an ADBA member, you’ll hear all the latest AD news first. From policy and industry updates, market information or new tenders, to customer enquiries or reduced rates to an event, we make sure you’re always in the know.




The only AD and bioresources magazine in the UK now reaches over 7,000 readers, providing in-depth features, technical articles, policy and industry updates, advice clinics, member news, diary dates and much more.

Tailored to specific sectors of the AD industry, our regular sector e-newsletters keep you up to date with all that’s relevant to your business.

Find out the latest news as it happens via our exciting blogs, written by our policy team and available exclusively to ADBA members.




Never worry about missing a vital AD policy announcement again – our special bulletins bring you up to speed on every decision affecting our industry.

Our jam-packed e-newsletters are delivered straight to your inbox every week, ensuring you’re always abreast of the latest AD news – and one step ahead of the competition.


Our exclusive member-only events are filled with policy announcements, regulatory updates and the latest industry news, keeping you and your business at the forefront of the AD industry.

Our constantly updated website is a font of AD news and information and your first port of call for any regulatory or industry announcements.

The support we have received from ADBA’s editorial team to express our views in AD & Bioresources News has been second to none. We’ve been able to discuss important issues knowing that they will be understood and portrayed in exactly the right way. There have been many opportunities to express our opinions and we feel privileged to be able to voice these. Robert Greenow, Director – BioG UK

WANT TO STAY AHEAD OF EVERYTHING AD? Contact and add your name to our mailing list. Got news to share? Send your press releases to:



MEMBERSHIP RESOURCES ADBA membership gives you access to a whole host of industry-leading resources, covering every aspect of the AD sector. Here’s a selection of what’s on offer:
















Don’t waste the waste! Evonik makes it possible to turn organic waste into green energy. Wastewater for example hides an untapped potential. Using the innovative membrane technology from Evonik, biogas which is released during the wastewater treatment process can be upgraded simply and efficiently to pure biomethane and fed directly into the natural gas grid or used as biofuel.


Where there’s muck… ‘Brass’ available to fund anaerobic digesters We’ve done it before, and we’re here to do it again. We have independent lenders who understand waste treatment, and have enabled our clients to develop, build and commission some of the UK’s most productive and impressive AD plants. F&P can secure fast-track funding for AD and agricultural businesses. Specialists in peer-to-peer (P2P) funding for your type of business, we can package your case and find supportive lenders who are waiting to help you. Untitled-2 1



020 7433 3631 05/11/2015 11:17



3 DEC 2015


Location: One Great George Street, London Assess the industry’s achievements over the past year Hear our strategic vision for the next 12 months In the aftermath of the general election and November’s spending review, our seventh ADBA National Conference will outline a strategic vision to build a world class AD industry. This year’s agenda will pay particular attention to the impact of key government decisions on the Feed-in Tariff, the Renewable Heat Incentive and food waste collection, and look at how the industry is developing a response. This event also provides a great chance to network with key players from across the AD spectrum.

6-7 JULY 2016


Location: NEC, Birmingham The leading event for AD, biogas and bioresources Information, technology, advice and networking, all under one roof Showcasing the latest AD technology and services from over 300 exhibitors, UK AD & Biogas 2016 is expanding to include a global outlook. This event includes a high-level summit featuring global industry leaders and influencers; technical sessions and workshops; an AD plant visit; biomethane vehicle area; advice clinics; R&D Hub; and much, much more.


22-23 MAR 2016


Location: The University of York The only dedicated R&D event for the AD industry Discover the latest AD research and meet the academics behind it Our Research & Innovation Forum will bring together academics and researchers with leading players from the AD industry, in a bid to keep the UK at the forefront of global AD development.

6 JULY 2016


Location: NEC, Birmingham Celebrate the industry’s greatest achievements Network at the highlight of the AD calendar Our fifth annual industry awards will reward AD innovation and achievement from the past 12 months and simultaneously raise the profile and highlight the benefits of AD both globally and in the UK. Incorporating a drinks reception, three-course dinner with wine and entertainment, this event is also an excellent networking opportunity.




Location: TBC Hear from organisations already running biomethane fleets Find out the latest developments in biomethane as a transport fuel Our third UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference will examine the important role biomethane can play in decarbonising HGVs and bus fleets, in turn improving air quality while reducing vehicle noise. It will also consider the remaining barriers to greater uptake in the UK, bringing together local authorities, the transport sector and biomethane producers.

A great venue for meeting with existing colleagues, discussing new project opportunities and promoting new technologies. Brian Scheffe, Nijhuis H2OK – ADBA National Conference A useful fact-finding mission to gauge current opinion and find out about the state of the market. Charlotte Stamper, GENeco – UK Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference One of the best conference events of the year. Well organised and attended, it brought academia and industry together and delivered a constructive dialogue to support industry R&D priorities. Elise Cartmell, Cranfield University – ADBA Research & Innovation Forum The most proven, focused event in the UK for AD and biogas, with no end of good business to be gained. Hugh Vaughan, Landia UK – UK AD & Biogas What excites me is that we’re celebrating great British engineering – and that’s something which needs to be supported. Angie Bywater, BBSRC NIBB AD Network – UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards

REGULAR EVENTS: ADBA MEMBERS’ MEETINGS Debate the latest industry issues with government officials Network with key industry players Our twice-yearly, free, member-only meetings provide policy and regulatory updates, as well as details of ADBA’s recent activities. Attendees can debate consultation responses, industry issues and developments with government representatives and industry experts, as well as exchange ideas and network with fellow members.

ADBA REGULATORY FORUM Stay up to date with the latest AD regulations Question regulators face to face This free, member-only event keeps operators, developers and consultants up to date with the latest changes to regulation and compliance, featuring case studies, Q&A sessions and presentations from the regulators.


UK AD & BIOGAS 2016 | 23

MORE STANDS, MORE VISITORS, MORE ADVICE, MORE DEBATE Returning to the NEC, Birmingham for the seventh time in July 2016, the only trade show in the UK dedicated to AD, biogas and bioresources is expanding to include a global outlook. As well as addressing issues critical to the UK, it will also examine business opportunities in established and emerging international AD markets. This year’s show will offer even better value to attendees, with a high-level summit featuring global industry leaders and influencers, detailed streams on operational performance, R&D and bioresources as well as technical sessions and workshops.

WHAT’S ON OFFER? Over 3,500 visitors from the UK and Full two-day high-level Industry international markets looking to get Summit updated and do business Technical sessions & workshops Over 300 exhibitors showcasing the Breakfast briefings latest kit, consultancy and business Biomethane vehicle area support services One-to-one advice clinics Two seminar theatres with over 22 AD plant site visit sessions And much more… R&D Hub on latest research, development and innovations in AD, biogas and bioresources Plus, join us on 6 July for the UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards – recognising the very best in AD, biogas and bioresources from the UK and around the world.

JOIN THE FOLLOWING EXHIBITORS AT THE AD EVENT OF THE YEAR: Edina UK Ltd   Elmac Technologies HRS Heat Exchangers  NETZSCH Pumps and Systems Ltd Omex Environmental

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Schmack Biogas Thöni Industriebetriebe GmbH And hundreds more... To book your stand, contact

WHAT DO OUR EXHIBITORS SAY? The most focused and productive show we do. Dan Jones, Kirk Environmental The proven, focused event in the UK for AD and biogas, with no end of good business to be gained. Hugh Vaughan, Landia UK The interest generated at UK AD & Biogas 2015 was significant for us, generating more than 100 business leads. Matt Hale, HRS Heat Exchangers

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Specialists in biomass sustainability criteria reporting and auditing Synertree is an engineering and environmental consultancy that provides a range of energy, environmental, financial, and technical data analysis and auditing services. ISAE 3000 certification (sustainability audits) for RO, RHI and FiT accredited �biogas, biomethane, and solid biomass plants, as required by OFGEM We offer a full reporting service to OFGEM for RO, RHI, and FiT sustainability compliance Biomass feedstock consignment audits, independent metering reports Life cycle assessment (LCA), carbon footprint, project management Development of greenhouse gas models, data collection and analysis, audit trail We are experienced professionals with membership of the following bodies: Registered Greenhouse and Energy Auditors (RGEA), Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineers (CIBSE), Institute of Chartered Accountants of England and Wales (ICAEW), Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (IEMA), Association for Project Management.


2G Energy Ltd

A B Systems (UK)

Clifton House, Ashville Point, Clifton Lane, Sutton Weaver, Cheshire WA7 3FW, UK Tel: 01928 718 533 Email: Website: Contact: Robin Chadwick, Managing Director

Glenrue, Bow, Exeter EX17 6EN, UK Tel: 01363 826 77 Email: Website: Contact: David Wynne, Director

CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers

AD contractors • Crops developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Crop operators • Biofuels

2G Energy Ltd is a 100 per cent subsidiary of 2G Energy AG, Germany’s leading CHP manufacturer in the power range 50‑500 kW and one of the leading CHP providers in the range up to 4.5 MW. The avus500 plus with 499 kW underlines 2G’s will of keeping technology leadership in the mid‑size power range, with its electrical efficiency of 42.5 per cent.

Proven in the UK, Europe and USA for over 30 years, the AgBag system has numerous storage applications. Green AgBags (known as EcoPods) can be used for the storage of biomass, prior to the production of biogas, and also after digestion, prior to spreading to land. Our flexible storage system allows various forages to be stored (eg corn silage, bovine slurry, moist grain and pressed pulp).

4R Group Ltd Control House, A1 Business Park, Knottingley Road, Knottingley, West Yorkshire WF11 0BU, UK Tel: 0800 012 1769 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Gilbert, Director AD contractors • Environmental consultants • Waste/recycling industry Innovators in waste science and operating recycling techniques. 4R Group offers clients high quality, cost‑effective agricultural recycling services for anaerobic digestion plants with managed and permitted on‑farm storage facilities for digestate and other suitable waste streams. Nationwide digestate recycling specialists; in‑house team of environmental scientists; digestate from source segregated or non‑source segregated feedstock; anaerobic (AD) or aerobic digestate; liquid or solid (de‑watered) digestate; commercial or on‑farm plants; on‑farm storage lagoons; AD feedstock supplied.

A-Consult Ltd The Barn, Manor Business Park, East Drayton, Retford, Notts DN22 0LG, UK Tel: 01777 249 444 Email: Website: Contact: Jason Parker, Director AD contractors • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Insulation manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers European market leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of precast concrete anaerobic digesters and storage tanks. A‑Consult offers a wealth of biogas experience, having successfully constructed over 300 projects, during which time more than 2000 structures have been successfully commissioned and remain in service.





Higher Ford, Wiveliscombe, Taunton, Somerset TA4 2RL, UK Email: Website: Contact: Mark Clayton, Managing Director On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Business development consultants • Design and build consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants Aardvark provides services for feasibility, planning, permitting, technical and financial due diligence for both farm and waste‑based projects. Our experience over 17 years covers standard power generation: gas‑to‑grid; gas to vehicles with projects ranging from less than 10 kWe to over 4 MWe. Aardvark is impartial and is used by the major debt providers to review projects and oversee their development. 2014‑15 we signed off on £16.4m worth on investment in this sector.

AcrEnergy Ltd 50 Ladbroke Grove, London W11 2PA, UK Website: Farm waste operators • Food waste operators • Finance • Gas and/or electricity suppliers • Other: AD developer AcrEnergy is an energy supplier based on biogas. In partnership with farmers, AcrEnergy develops, builds, operates and maintains biogas plants that make use of organic agricultural waste including livestock manure, fruit and vegetable waste as well as break crops to generate biogas. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

ACP (Concrete) Wood Lane Business Centre, Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire ST14 8JR, UK Tel: 01889 598 660 Email: Website: Contact: Jeremy Nash, Sales Director Tank manufacturers/suppliers • Waste/recycling industry • Other: Precast concrete wall manufacturer and supplier Feedstock storage is critical to maximise gas yield. Specialist UK manufacturer of prestressed concrete wall panels, ACP (Concrete) Ltd has many years of experience in the construction of bund walls and silage clamps with cost‑effective solutions for walls up to 5m high. Panels are designed to Eurocode 2 and manufactured using QA concrete. Design and installation service available. ACP Concrete is part of Thomas Armstrong Group. Call to discuss your project with our knowledgeable staff.

Acrefield Developments Ltd Chicken Farm, Brodsworth, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN5 7XJ, UK Tel: 01302 638 843 Email: Website: Contact: Martin Cockcroft, Director

AD ENER-G Ltd ENER-G House, Daniel Adamson Road, Salford M50 1DT, UK Tel: 0161 745 7450 Email: Website: Contact: Scott Tamplin, AD Development Manager Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Wastewater developers AD ENER‑G Ltd is a subsidiary of ENERG Natural Power Ltd, which has specialised in converting landfill biogas into electricity for many years. Head office is in Salford, Manchester and AD ENER‑G Ltd specialises in commercialising anaerobic digestion systems for food and beverage production facilities as well as on‑farm operations. AD ENER‑G Ltd is technology agnostic and has the capability to supply a fully funded design, build, own and operate AD plant as well as a co‑funded system with the embedded operations.

Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers Acrefield Developments Ltd supplies and installs environmental protection barriers in the form of geosynthetic membranes for all types of AD tanks and storage lagoons. We can offer full lining systems to entire AD sites.




Dereham Road, Beeston, King’s Lynn PE32 2LE

The new Sepcom V150 Vertical Separator Handles AD & sludge waste Low maintenance & self cleaning Consistent quality of separation Designed for difficult waste

The Sepcom Separator Low running costs Improved plant efficiency Models for all types of application Consistent quality of separation

Contact us for further information & details of our Veneroni range of fluid pumps

01328 701992 | |

Mississippi Digestate Dryer

· Pumpable digestate IN and OUT, up to a maximum of 12% DM · Very low power consumption (< 0.015 kWh electrical / 1 kWh thermal)

· High evaporation rate alleviates storage-, transportationand application costs · Short payback time with RHI

· Minimal repair and maintenance within the Dryer & Ammonia Scrubber, because of the dust free Mississippi technology and the absence of bearings, chains or sprockets that would be in direct contact with the digestate

· References also in UK · On-site visits possible

Brunner Straße 18 │D - 26316 Varel Phone + 49 (0) 4453 - 98 58 00 AgroEnergien_126x90mm_engl.indd 1 Untitled-6 1 21.10.2015 17:36:26 13:00 03/11/2015



AD Fertiliser Technologies Ltd

Advantage Biogas Ltd

QUB Research and Enterprise, 63 University Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland BT7 1NF, UK Email: Website: Contact: Quinton Fivelman, Director

Saxon House, Faraday Drive, Bridgnorth, Shropshire WV15 5BA, UK Tel: 01746 766 290 Email: Website: Contact: David Lisle, Service Co-ordinator

AD contractors • Wastewater developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Wastewater operators AD Fertiliser Technologies Ltd (ADFerTech), a Queens University Belfast spin‑out, is developing innovative solutions for digestate. ADFerTech’s latest product is a low‑cost, bolt‑on device for AD plants whereby nutrients contained within liquid AD waste are concentrated and processed to form organic granular fertiliser and clean water. This value‑added fertiliser is much easier to store and transport than traditional digestate and will mean companies and farmers do not have to spend millions on wastewater treatment.

Addleshaw Goddard LLP Milton Gate, 60 Chiswell Street, London EC1Y 4AG, UK Tel: 020 7160 3504 Email: Website: Contact: Luke Baines, Legal Director Lawyers Wherever innovation is happening in the global energy market, Addleshaw Goddard is at the forefront, helping our clients to anticipate and respond to change and to identify and capitalise on opportunities. Our International Energy and Utilities Group has extensive experience around power generation and renewable energies, including substantial expertise and track record in all facets of AD projects including funding, process, construction, offtake planning and property, permitting and environmental, IP, renewable incentives and insurance issues.

Advantage Biogas is established as one of the UK’s leading independent technical service providers within the AD Industry. Based centrally in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, Advantage Biogas aims to provide excellence in mechanical, technical, electrical and biological support to its growing number of clients. The experienced team have a wealth of knowledge within the AD sector and collaborate with other professionals to provide optimised, bespoke services. Advantage Biogas is able to provide contractual service works and service on demand.

Aerocover Units 43/44 Fourways, Carlyon Road Industrial Estate, Atherstone CV9 1LH, UK Tel: 01827 715 544 Email: Website: Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers Aerocover is the only low cost, polymer coated floating cover that reduces odours and emissions from your stored digestate. For over five years Aerocover’s low maintenance design and superb odour reducing capabilities have made Aerocover be the choice cover for farm slurry pits and digestate storage throughout the UK. Call us for more information and your own personalised quote.

AeroThermal Group H1a & H1b, Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Hamworthy, Poole BH15 4JY, UK

Advanced Anaerobics Ltd Rochester House, Canon Frome, Ledbury HR8 2TG, UK Tel: 01531 670 428 Email: Website: Contact: David Kaner, Chief Executive Farm waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers Supplier of small‑scale anaerobic digesters optimised for on‑farm use and powered by farm slurry only. No energy crops.


AGL-Energy Ltd Pant Y Bryn, Heol Ddu, Ammanford, Wales SA18 2UG, UK Tel: 01269 822 375 Email: Website: Contact: Amanda Pullen, Operations Manager Farm waste operators AGL‑Energy Ltd is developing a replicable, financially viable anaerobic digestion model for small beef or dairy farmers with 120 or fewer heads of cattle, wishing to convert slurry into heat and power.


Agraferm Technologies AG

Agrico Engineering Sales

Faerberstrasse 7, D-85276 Pfaffenhofen, Germany Tel: +49 8441 8086 130 Email: Website: Contact: Markus Ott, Head of Sales

Unit 18, Raleigh Hall, Eccleshall, Stafford ST21 6JL, UK Email: Website: Contact: John Tame, General Manager

AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biological optimisations • Laboratory testing services Agraferm is a leading supplier of AD plants throughout Europe offering robust, efficient and cost‑effective technology that allows flexibility in feedstock. We construct AD plants for various customers such as farmers, food and beverage companies, the energy industry (upgrading gas) and investors. We offer biological services for our own and our competitors’ AD plants to improve performance. References: 70 AD plants including 20 in the UK. UK service base: Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Agri-Gen Building 723, Bentwaters Parks, Rendlesham, Woodbridge IP12 2TW, UK

Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/ stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Agrico, established in 1978 is a specialist in heavy duty pumping and mixing equipment. The main agents for EISELE and WANGEN UK. Our equipment is proven worldwide for its high quality, robust design using the latest technologies, giving long working‑life with reliable continuous operation. Agrico offers installation service and is committed to customer support. Types of equipment we offer: Wangen BIOMIX, rotary lobe pumps, PD scroll and stator, macerators, submersible pumps, vertical pumps, submersible mixers for all types of digestor, valves and accessories..

agriKomp UK Unit 181 Avenue M, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2LG, UK Email: Website: Contact: Cheri Kelly-Edwards, Personal Assistant AD contractors • Crops developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Crop operators • Design and build consultants Anaerobic digester system suppliers. agriKomp supplies and constructs highly efficient biogas plants, offering a complete turnkey solution for the agricultural market. agriKomp has approximately 900 plants in operation Europe‑wide, including several within UK, using its award‑winning purpose designed components that set standards in stability, reliability and efficiency. As biogas engineering specialists, we accompany you step by step along the way towards your own profitable biogas plant. Contact us for assistance in identifying the appropriate plant.





The Stables, Radford, Chipping Norton, Oxon OX7 4EB, UK Email: Website: Contact: Harry Waters, Commercial Director Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Crop operators • Food waste operators • Waste/recycling industry With 21 years of experience in the organic recycling sector, Agrivert designs, builds and operates AD facilities for recycling solid and liquid municipal and commercial food wastes to produce renewable electricity and organic fertiliser. Our technology and food waste treatment services are proven in UK commercial scale applications. Agrivert currently operates three PAS 110 compliant AD facilities located in Oxfordshire and Surrey, and plans to construct AD facilities in Bridgend and Hertfordshire during the coming year.

AgroEnergien GmbH & Co.KG Brunner Straße 18, D-26316 Varel, Germany Tel: +49 1792 0310 52 Email: Website: Contact: Burkhard Meiners, Dipl.-Agrar-Wirtschaftsingenieur Air ventilation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers Mississippi digestate dryer and air purification. Pumpable digestate in and out ‑>max. 12 per cent DM. Very low power consumption (<0,015 kWh electrical/1 kWh thermal), since very functional construction. Minimal repair and maintenance efforts in dryer and ammonia scrubber, since the dust‑free Mississippi technology and no bearings, chains or sprockets are in direct contact with the digestate. High evaporation rate alleviates storage, transportation and application costs. Short payback time by RHI. National and international references. On‑site visits possible.

Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies 2 rue Clemenciere, BP-15, F-38360 Sassenage, France Tel: +33 4 76 43 60 30 Email: Website: / Contact: Benjamin Fillion, Business Development Engineer (07974 201 108) Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Gas conversion technologies • Gas pump/biomethane compression equipment suppliers • Vehicle fuel distributors AIR LIQUIDE aB&T provides solutions for biogas upgrading, biomethane injection, transport, conditioning and liquefaction as a direct plant supplier or as an investor and operator, producing and selling renewable gas. AIR LIQUIDE has successfully delivered about 50 biogas and landfill gas upgrading plants worldwide based upon a proprietary membrane technology, used for more than 30 years by the group for gas separation.

Air Management & Design (AMD) Spencroft Road, Chesterton, Newcastle under Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 9JB, UK Tel: 01782 622 899 Email: Website: Contact: S D Evans, Technical Sales Director Air ventilation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/ suppliers Air Management & Design Ltd is a ductwork engineering company that offers a design, manufacture and installation service, tailored to meet customers’ requirements and needs. AMD’s capabilities include the design, manufacture and installation of extraction/ventilation systems, ie dust, fume, odour, etc. The manufacture of general sheet metal fabrications, ie walkways, platforms, handrailing, canopies, hoppers, enclosures, etc. Design and manufacture scrubber units and biobed systems for the anaerobic digestion sector.

Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd Gateway House, Ipswich Road, Needham Market, Suffolk IP6 8EL, UK Tel: 01449 721 637 Email: Website: Contact: Richard Page, Director Laboratory testing services Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd is an independent chemistry and microbiology laboratory. ATL can help with PAS 110, ABPR testing, feedstock analysis or any other question you might have.




Clearfleau generates biogas, power and heat from liquid wastes



Call Clearfleau on +44 (0)844 477 6292 or visit

The Innovative Solution for the Profitable Recycling of Biological Waste:

Separation Mill TM 75* for the milling and separation of biological waste and packaging material for the further treatment in biogas plants

Flexible and cost-effective Robust and efficient

*The Original Machine Honoured with the Bavarian State Award for Innovation 2013

Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH Wernher-von-Braun-Straße 7 84539 Ampfing – Germany

Phone: +49 8636 9838-0 Innovations for Machines



Allison Engineering

Alma Consulting Group UK

Allison House, Capricorn Centre, Cranes Farm Road, Basildon SS14 3JA, UK Tel: 01268 526 161 Email: Website: Contact: Simon Harwood, Sales Manager

The Triangle, 5-17 Hammersmith Grove, London W6 0LG, UK Tel: 020 3058 5800 Email: Website: Contact: Richard Goldhill, Business Development Manager

Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers

Have you recently undertaken a project that has presented challenges and uncertainties? Did you know the investments you’ve made to successfully overcome obstacles in that project might qualify for generous tax relief from the UK Government? The UK’s research and development (R&D) tax relief schemes are far more inclusive than you might think; so why not contact the European leaders in R&D tax today for a no-obligation consultation to discuss your business’ eligibility.

We specialise in biogas microbiological desulphurisation systems and biogas analysers. Our analyser systems range from low cost single channel units to multi channel, custom designed systems. We also supply a complete range of ATEX certified biogas thermal mass flow meters for pipe sizes from 1/4” to 24”. Lastly, for monitoring gas holder inner membrane height, we supply an ATEX certified, laser level transmitter. We provide a complete sales, site survey, supply, installation and aftersales service.

Allpress Energy Hollyhouse Farm, Horseway, Chatteris PE16 6XQ, UK

Allvalves Automation House , Unit 2, Lyttleton Road, Racecourse Industrial Estate, Pershore WR10 2DF, UK Tel: 01386 553 190 Email: Website: Contact: Adam Chapman, Sales Director Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/ suppliers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/stockists Allvalves Online Ltd are a UK based online distribution company offering a wide range of ball valves, butterfly valves, gate valves, globe valves, check valves, float valves, PVC ball and butterfly valves, electrically and pneumatically actuated ball and butterfly valves, solenoid valves and SS 150LB fittings. Based in Worcestershire UK, we offer many products from stock allowing same day collection / next day delivery of many of the items we show online.


Alpha Financials Environmental Willowcroft, Hogmoor Lane, Hurst, Berkshire RG10 0DH, UK Email: Website: Contact: Anne Laleman, Director Environmental consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants • Project management consultants • Finance • Accountants Where environment and finance meet. Our independent and multidisciplinary team assists you with every single piece, a combination of pieces, or the entire AD and biogas puzzle: grid, planning, feedstock, AD technology provider, subsidies and grants, digestate management and finding the best solution for all your outputs. We specialise in research, feasibility and business plans for start‑ups and expansions, helping you decide on the optimum set‑up – biogas, CHP or biomethane – and assist with the financing.

Alvan Blanch Chelworth, Malmesbury, Crudwell, Malmesbury SN16 9SG, UK Email: Website: Contact: Simon Shaw, Industrial Products Manager Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers • Process consultants • Other: Drying equipment manufacturers/suppliers Alvan Blanch is a British manufacturing and project engineering company specialised in drying system design, and applications for varied materials within the renewable energy and agricultural sectors.


MEMBER PROFILES | 33 Aqua Enviro

Amec Foster Wheeler Partnership House, Regent Farm Road, Gosforth, Newcastle upon Tyne NE3 3AF, UK Tel: 0191 272 6218 Email: Website: Contact: Ken Rigby, Director Other: Engineering and design • Other: EPC • Other: Grid and power connection • Other: Planning and permitting • Other: Waste management Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure UK is one of the UK’s largest environmental and engineering consultancies, and part of a global environment and infrastructure division, with 7000 employees around the world. We deliver environmental, engineering and related consultancy services to customers across the public and private sectors. Visit to find out more.

8 Appleton Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, West Yorkshire WF2 7AR, UK Tel: 01924 242 255 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Lavender, Business Development Manager Business development consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants • Training providers Specialists in consulting and analytical services for wastewater treatment, bioresources, organic waste and trade effluent. Supported by our technical laboratory, Aqua Enviro evaluates AD efficiency, liquor treatment and digestate quality to ensure your investment is running most effectively. Aqua Enviro also provides specialist technical training for the operation and optimisation of AD plants.

Ashfords LLP Ashford House, Grenadier Road, Exeter EX1 3LH, UK Email: Website: Contact: Ruth Murray, Partner, Head of Energy & Waste Lawyers

Anaergia Ltd 2 Xenus House, Sandpiper Court, Phoenix Park, Eaton Socon, St. Neots, Cambs PE19 8EP, UK Email: Website: AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Anaergia is a market leader in the design and delivery of anaerobic digestion systems for wastes and agricultural materials. Anaergia specialises in the treatment of complex and contaminated organic and MSW wastes. The core to Anaergia systems are our numerous pre‑treatment/post‑treatment options based around our proven portfolio of in‑house technology solutions including high pressure extrusion presses and organics polishing systems for waste pre‑treatment and separation and de‑nitrification technology for post‑treatment digestate and liquor management.

Recognised as a leading provider of legal and related professional services, we deliver proactive commercial advice to clients across a range of sectors. The Energy & Waste team has an excess of 10 years sector experience and is particularly known for biomass and AD projects. The team has an in-depth understanding of operational requirements including construction, development and commissioning of renewables projects. We advise project companies, funders, contractors, developers and waste management companies.

Assure UK 9 Borough House, Marlborough House, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 5TH, UK Tel: 020 7462 8410 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Riley, Director of Assurance ISAE 3000 certification We are specialists in ISAE 3000 reporting, ICAEW registered chartered accountants and auditors. We provide assurance reporting for generating stations over 1 MW needing to provide to Ofgem an independent ISAE 3000 audit report. Clients like our ‘can do’ approach during audit planning, fieldwork, completion and reporting. ‘Audit and Assurance without the hassle’ has become our watchword. We commit to fixed fees. We get the job done on time and on budget.





Atritor PO Box 101, Blue Ribbon Park, Coventry CV6 5RE, UK Tel: 024 7666 2266 Email: Website: Contact: Mark Hulme, Sales Manager Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Atritor Ltd, established for over 80 years, designs, manufactures and supplies a wide range of solids handling and processing equipment including The Atritor Turbo Separator depackaging machine, which is designed to separate the contents from a range of packaging. It is ideal for the waste to energy AD industry by de‑packaging waste food stuffs and beverages; it has the ability to reclaim up to 99 per cent of dry or liquid products up 25 tonnes per hour.

AVK UK Ltd Colliery Close, Staveley, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 3FH, UK Tel: 01246 479 100 Email: Website: Contact: Alan Bite, Product Manager, Non-Conventional Gas Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/ stockists • Project management consultants • Training providers • Other: Fittings & couplings Manufacturer and solutions provider for gas valves and fittings. With over 150 years of Donkin quality and experience combined with the complete range of world renowned AVK valves, fittings and associated products, we now offer a solutions package to suit all types of biogas plants and applications from digester, slurries to CHP gas and gas‑to‑grid. These products and solutions are available from our state‑of‑the art manufacturing facility in Chesterfield. Call for more information.

Automatic Flare Systems

AWS Power

Unit 8, Ensign Business Centre, Westwood Business Park, Coventry CV4 8JA, UK Tel: 024 7647 4877 Email: Website: Contact: Steve Willacy, Director

11-17 Market Place, Cirencester GL7 2PB, UK

Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Compressors and blower manufacturers/suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/ suppliers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers AFS have been supplying waste gas burners and flare systems since 1996. Using the latest state‑of‑the‑art components and technology ensures that we supply quality products and endeavour to supply equipment at a cost effective price. AFS design and build flare systems for: waste water treatment plants, anaerobic digesters, landfill sites, gasifiers, and thermal treatment plants. We also supply gas boosters stations and compressors, gas clean up systems, pipework, process plant and SCADA systems.

Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators AWS Power is the sole distributor of ‘Biogest’ anaerobic digestion technology within the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our plants range from 100 kW to 3 MW plus in size. AWS Power has invested in anaerobic digestion plants itself, as well as providing a wide range of financial packages. All our plants are fully maintained and supported from the United Kingdom.

B9 Solutions Ltd 19 Point Street, Larne, Northern Ireland BT40 1HY, UK Tel: 028 2826 8273 Email: Website: Contact: Damian McKee, Renewable Energy Consultant AD contractors • Energy consultants • Environmental consultants • Project management consultants • Waste/recycling industry B9 Solutions Ltd combines the knowledge and expertise from across the B9 Energy Group to offer a consultancy service that is, perhaps uniquely, derived from proven experience and hands on involvement in the renewable energy sector for more than 20 years. Knowledge and experience coupled with the acute awareness that we need to transition fast to effect a low carbon economy allow us to envision creative, pragmatic and swiftly implemented solutions.


MEMBER PROFILES | 35 BDO LLP 55 Baker Street, London W1U 7EU, UK Email: Website: Contact: Michael Ware, Head of New Energy & Environment

Balmoral Tanks


321 Hough Lane, Wombwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire S73 0LR, UK Tel: 01226 340 370 Email: Website: Contact: Jonathan Smith, Sales Director

BDO provides audit, tax, project funding, financial modelling, due diligence, valuations and strategic advisory work. Clients include large corporations, governments, energy producers and technology suppliers, working on projects throughout Western Europe, the Middle East, the US and Africa. As the world’s fifth largest accountancy network, BDO combines the technical skills expected from an international accountancy firm with the expertise of industry specialists.

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers

Bedstone Growers

Balmoral Tanks is Europe’s leading designer and manufacturer of anaerobic digestion and biogas‑related storage tanks. Benefitting from decades of design and installation experience, Balmoral’s product range covers all aspects of AD tank specification including bases, roofs, insulation and leak detection systems. The company’s engineering, projects, production and installation teams operate to the very highest and safest of standards and are fully accredited to the most demanding international criteria. The company’s philosophy and commitment to R&D keeps it at least one step ahead of the competition. It is this strategy of continuous improvement that has taken Balmoral to the forefront of the global AD, water and wastewater sectors.

Barfoot Energy Ltd Sefter Farm, Pagham Road, Pagham, Bognor Regis PO21 3PX, UK Tel: 01243 261 221 Email: Website: Contact: Enda Browne, Procurement Manager Food waste operators • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators • Farm waste operators • Crop operators

Heath Farm, Hopton Heath, Cravens Arm SY7 0QB, UK Bedstone Growers is a mixed family farming partnership based near Craven Arms, South Shropshire, covering 680 acres. The business consists of rearing broiler chickens and growing arable crops and soft fruit. Construction of an on‑site farm AD plant was completed in Summer 2012; the plant was designed, built and commissioned by Marches Biogas, 400 kW has been installed with capacity for future expansion. Main feedstocks are going to be maize, poultry manure and fodder/energy beet.

Best Organic Solutions 9 Lion Road, Farnborough, Hants GU14 7GH, UK Tel: 07771 716 535 Email: Contact: Bill Elliott, Chief Executive Officer Food waste developers • Business development consultants • Project management consultants • Finance • Waste/recycling industry Consultancy specialising in development of AD projects currently working on projects in UAE, Pakistan, South Africa and North Africa as well as the UK. Experienced team can find sites and run the whole development process – we have planning and operational experience and are also able to provide advice on feedstock.

Part of the Barfoot family of companies, Barfoot Energy Projects operate 2 plants – Barfoot Energy Ltd – an on-farm plant based at our Head Office in Bognor Regis PO21 3PX and Herriard Bio Power Ltd – a full de-packaging plant in Herriard, Basingstoke RG25 2NS. As farmers, we understand how to successfully integrate AD into a farming business, process all food waste streams and use our digestate / fertiliser locally and efficiently.





Bidwells LLP


Bidwell House, Trumpington Road, Cambridge CB2 9LD, UK Tel: 01223 559 509 Email: Website: Contact: Cath Anthony, Rural Surveyor

Endeavour House 3rd Floor, Coopers End Road, Stansted Airport CM24 1SJ, UK

Planning consultants • Project management consultants • Property consultants • Rural business consultants • Surveyors

Biocore delivers renewable energy generation and sludge management services. Biocore develops and operates anaerobic digestion plants on the basis of farm based feedstock or industrial/waste based feedstock. Our anaerobic digestion plants provide energy to the electrical grid and gas grid with a valuable fertiliser returned to land. Biocore is interested in hearing from parties with sites that might be suitable to develop a farm‑based feedstock or industrial/waste based feedstock anaerobic digestion plant.

Established over 175 years ago, Bidwells is a leading provider of consultancy and management services to the farming, food, energy and agri‑investment sectors. Our specialist anaerobic digestion team, which has extensive experience and a proven track record, provides a range of services including advice on option and lease agreements, feasibility studies, technology, planning and permitting, feedstock and digestate, due diligence, incentives, valuation and project management.

Bio Collectors (Riverside AD) Riverside House, 43 Willow Lane, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4NA, UK Tel: 0333 900 9333 Email: Website: Food waste operators We collect and recycle food waste in London. We operate a fleet of bespoke collection vehicles in and around the London area. We own and operate our AD plant in Mitcham, which is located in the London borough of Merton. We are licenced to recycle 100,000 tonnes of food waste per year.

Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd East Midlands Biogas Centre, Private Road No. 4, Colwick Industrial Estate, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG4 2JT, UK Tel: 0115 987 9431 Email: Website: Contact: Gary Burgess, Technical Director Food waste developers • Food waste operators • Electricity • Gases • Waste/recycling industry Bio Dynamic’s objective is zero to landfill for our waste food customers and our site. Sitting within a designated recycling/waste zone in Nottingham, the East Midlands Biogas Centre is surrounded by many well‑known waste companies and food processing plants that feed their food waste directly into Bio Dynamic. This reduces the carbon footprint for many local companies and reflects our ethos of being green and sustainable. Contact us for your organic waste treatment needs now.


Food waste developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators

BioG UK Inglenook, Grub Street, High Offley, Staffordshire ST20 0NE, UK Tel: 01785 284 684 Email: Website: Contact: Rob Greenow, Director Crops developers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Crop operators • Planning consultants BioG UK provides a specialist service for technical part supply, nutritional advice, consultancy and AD plant development. Products include feeding systems, shredders to site visits and nutritional advice and AD plant operation. With over six years’ UK experience, BioG UK provides advice and site operation assistance to private customer to funds in order to maximise efficiency. BioG UK prides itself on specialism in the AD sector and has a true hands‑on approach.

Biogas Optimisation UK Regent House, 32 Princes Street, Southport, Merseyside PR8 1EQ, UK Tel: 01704 500 878 Email: Website: Biological optimisations • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Laboratory testing services • Other: BMP test equipment Biogas Optimisation provides sales and support for the Bioprocess Control range of laboratory and pilot scale methane potential analysers for carrying out the BMP test, pricing substrates, monitoring plant performance and quality and consistency of incoming substrates, and research applications. We also provide sales and support for the Weber‑Entec range of ultrasound equipment for optimising gas production in biogas plants.

MEMBER PROFILES | 37 Biogas Power

Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC)

6 Atholl Crescent, Perth PH1 5JN, UK Email: Website: Contact: Ed Cattigan, Director

1 Hassacarr Close, Chessingham Park, Dunnington, York YO19 5SN, UK Tel: 01904 328 040 Email: Website: Contact: Fabien Deswarte, Business Development Unit Manager

Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Energy consultants Biogas Power is Scotland’s leading provider of innovative solutions for on‑farm anaerobic digestion facilities. Biogas Power has many years of experience of dealing with product suppliers and can recommend the most appropriate solution for your application. Biogas Power (Operations) is a leading provider of O&M solutions for anaerobic digestion facilities. Of all the current renewable technologies AD can offer a sustainable, land‑based opportunity which benefits the farm and the environment whilst using existing knowledge and resources.

Food waste developers • Biological optimisations • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Biochemicals • Laboratory testing services The BDC scale‑up facility in York provides industry with new processes to convert plants and biowastes into profitable bio‑based products. The BDC offers a unique combination of expertise across the areas of pre‑processing, process development, genetic analysis and microbiology. The BDC has a dedicated R&D AD suite for pre‑ and post‑digestion trials with pH‑ and temperature‑controlled stirred digester units, as well as industry‑standard analytical capabilities (including chemical oxygen demand, organic acids, nitrogen, chloride and others).

Biogen (UK) Ltd


Milton Parc, Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire MK44 1YU, UK Tel: 01234 827 249 Email: Website: Contact: Anita Smith, Marketing and Communications Manager

20 Little Britain, London EC1A 7DH, UK

Food waste operators • Waste/recycling industry Biogen is the UK’s leading AD operator, providing a cost‑effective and sustainable food waste recycling solution for local authorities and commercial organisations. Our AD plants process food waste to generate renewable electricity for the grid and a valuable biofertiliser for farmland and our sites are all fully licenced and regulated by the Environment Agency and Animal Health. Biogen is a ISO 9001, 14001; BS OHSAS 18001 accredited company.

BioWatt is a specialist project funding, development and engineering partner for biogas and composting. We work across many markets including agricultural, waste, Waste water and bioremediation. Our team has over 20 years of experience designing and building organic treatment projects and is not tied to any specific technology or technology partner. We approach each project as a truly individual development whether conceptual or project specific, tailored to the combined needs of you, the client.

Birch Energy Melton Ross Quarries, Barnetby, North Lincolnshire DN38 6AE, UK Tel: 01652 686 000 Contact: Martin Haworth, Director Crop operators • Farm waste operators Singleton Birch is a private company based in North Lincolnshire. The company operates quarries, lime kilns, landfill and builds and operates AD plants.



38 | MEMBER PROFILES Black Dog Biogas Ltd


31a St James Square, London SW1Y 4JR, UK Email: Contact: Fredrik Adams, Director Crop operators • Electricity

Borger UK Ltd

Owner operator of biogas plant at Stag Lane, Newport, Isle of Wight.

East Wing - Old School, Watling Street, Gailey, Staffordshire ST19 5PR, UK Tel: 01902 798 977 Email: Website: Contact: David Brown, Managing Director

BOC 10 Priestley Road, Priestley Centre, Surrey Research Park, Guildford GU2 7XY, UK Tel: 01483 244 368 Email: Contact: Andrew Winship, Business Manager – Biomethane Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Other: Gas handling and processing BOC, a member of the Linde Group, is a world leading industrial gas and engineering company. BOC provides a wide range of clean energy solutions to industry, among them the complete biomethane to grid solution. Objectively evaluating the available biogas upgrading technologies and supplying the complete biomethane to grid solution on a build, own, operate and maintain basis makes BOC the only source you need. BOC, there with you, not just for you.

Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Borger is a leading manufacturer of rotary lobe pumps and macerating and separating equipment. Our MIP (Maintenance In Place) design is a unique advantage, which allows for convenient replacement of service wear parts. Flow rates from 5m3/hr to 1000m3/hr and pressures to 15 bar, our pumps are perfect for sludge, slurry and digestate applications, with a range of rotor designs and materials available. A proven product in the AD biogas marketplace.

Brodies 15 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh, Scotland EH3 8HA, UK

Bock UK Milbank House, Earls Colne, Colchester CO6 2NS, UK Tel: 01787 220 560 Email: Website: Contact: Will Wilson, Business Development Manager

Lawyers Brodies has a market leading renewable energy practice. Recognised as experts in the waste, AD and bio‑energy sectors, we have advised a number of developers and funders on the design, build, financing and operation of AD projects including biomethane to grid projects in England and Scotland, supporting our clients from project inception through planning, financial close and beyond.

AD contractors • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Crop operators • Energy storage • Arable farm Bock UK is a joint venture between Bock GmbH, Europe’s leading silage clamp specialist, and Milbank Concrete Products – one of the UK’s largest concrete companies. We are the only UK specialist offering the design, manufacture, installation and on‑going service requirements for the complete, patented, sloping walled silage clamp solution, including silage clamp covers. Having successfully delivered projects throughout Europe, our customers range from small farm projects to biogas plants.


MEMBER PROFILES | 39 Burnham Environmental Services

BTS Biogas Ltd Castle Malwood Estates, Castle Malwood, Minstead – Hampshire SO43 7PE, UK Tel: 023 8081 1594 Email: Website: Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biological optimisations BTS Biogas, the leading Italian player in the biogas industry, is active in the design, engineering and construction of turnkey and modular biogas power plants with a rated capacity of 25 kW to 1.5 MW+. With an experience of more than twenty years, at end of 2015 BTS has built 180 plants with a total capacity of 150 MW. BTS’s activities cover the entire value chain in the production of biogas, biomethane and fertilisers.

27 Brightstowe Road, Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset TA8 2HW, UK Tel: 01278 786 104 Email: Website: Contact: Mark Newbery, Director Tank manufacturers/suppliers • Wastewater operators • Environmental consultants • Other: Supplier of wastewater / sewage treatment plants The biodigester ‘T’ range caters for 6-42 people and larger biodigesters are available for up to 2000 people. All biodigesters are suitable for variable loading. The ‘T’ range biodigester has been tested to EN12566 Pt 3 and has a CE Mark. Owners are impressed by the limited maintenance required, infrequent emptying intervals and the ‘odour free’, totally aerobic process. The biodigester range is backed by over 40 years of experience.

Burst Energies Inc 13366h Grass Valley Avenue, Grass Valley 95945, USA

Butlers Services Agri Burges Salmon LLP

Hill Farm, Jouldings Lane, Farley Hill, Reading RG7 1UR, UK

One Glass Wharf, Bristol BS2 0ZX, UK Tel: 0117 939 2000 Website: Contact: Nick Churchward, Partner

C-Capture ltd

Lawyers Burges Salmon is a leading independent UK law firm with an exceptional renewable energy team. In the AD sector we advise developers, landowners, feedstock suppliers and funders/investors on the development and funding of AD projects. Our significant experience covers all aspects of electricity and gas‑to‑grid AD projects – from regulatory, consenting/permitting to construction, operation, feedstock/digestate contracts and project due diligence. We advise on standard, direct and on‑site PPAs/GPAs, heat sales, grid connection and biomethane certificate sales.

Unit 14, Evans Easyspace Centre, Albion Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS12 2EJ, UK Tel: 0113 343 6579 Email: Website: Contact: Chris Rayner, Technical Director Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Chemical manufacturers • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/ suppliers C‑Capture has developed exciting new technology for upgrading AD biogas and landfill gas streams to the required level of purity for applications such as gas injection to grid, as a transportation fuel, and for renewable energy generation. The process is designed to reduce or eliminate many of the problems associated with current landfill and biogas upgrading technologies and is specially formulated to maximise efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and minimise environmental impact and chemical hazards.



40 | MEMBER PROFILES Centre for Process Innovation


Calor Gas Athena House, Athena Drive, Tachbrook Park, Warwick CV34 6RL, UK Tel: 0800 121 4542 Email: Website: Contact: Ken Davies, National Accounts Manager Energy consultants • Grid connection consultants • Other: Gas to grid, LPG blending specialist Calor is the UK’s leading LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) service provider with the storage capability, delivery fleet and expertise to maintain a business‑critical supply of LPG. We design, install and maintain LPG storage and delivery systems to ensure that your biomethane when blended with LPG delivers an end‑product that is compliant with mains gas standards for grid injection. Calor is a UK operating company of SHV Energy group the world’s largest LPG supply business.

Cannington Bio-Energy Cannington, Bridgwater TA5 2NJ, UK Tel: 01278 671 347 Email: Website: Contact: Gary Harrison, Commercial & Compliance Manager

Wilton, Redcar TS10 4RF, UK Tel: 01642 455 340 Email: Website: Contact: Steven Broome, Head of Business and Projects – AD Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Laboratory testing services • Universities, colleges or research institutes • Other: National technology innovation centre (catapult) CPI is a national technology innovation centre and a key member of the UK’s ‘Catapult’ for high value manufacturing. CPI works to de‑risk the route to market for novel products and processes. AD is a key area of expertise at CPI, with dedicated scientists, engineers and project managers working in a state‑of‑the‑art testing and development centre. CPI’s AD facilities cover lab, intermediate and pilot (1,500l) scale and all projects are tailored to clients’ needs.

Chevron Lubricants 1 Westferry Circus, Canary Wharf, London E14 4HA, UK Oils and greases manufacturers/suppliers Chevron Lubricants provides advanced products for industrial, commercial, and consumer applications via our Chevron and Texaco brands. With many years of experience in the power generation industry, Chevron understands that safety and dependability are key. The HDAX range is designed to support 24 hour a day operational reliability, system performance and protection, while customisable services such as Lubewatch enhance commercial advantage by optimising equipment efficiency.

Food waste developers • Food waste operators Cannington Enterprises Ltd operates a 3 Mwh anaerobic digestion plant near Bridgwater, Somerset. The plant is able to process ABPR food and kitchen waste. The company also operates its own transport and is able to collect organic waste in bulk, Dolavs or pallets throughout the country. In addition, the company operates an extensive wheelie bin collection service in the south and south‑west.

Citadel Environmental Solutions Crowdown, Grittleton, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 6AD, UK Tel: 01249 782 073 Email: Website: Contact: Henry E Madders, MD Biological optimisations • Odour control equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/ suppliers • Environmental consultants • Other: AD biological enhancement BioCat+, a new and unique symbiotic enhancement technology to increase output and stability in the AD. Biocat+ can reduce feedstock by up to 20 per cent whilst maintaining the same output or we can increase the output (FITs/CHPs capacity) and reduce H2S. This, in turn, can reduce odours. Biocat+ also changes the viscosity of digestate. For your free trial, contact Citadel and we will forward you some case studies from successful UK and European sites.


MEMBER PROFILES | 41 Clarke Energy Power House, Senator Point, South Boundary Road, Knowsley Industrial Park, Liverpool L33 7RR, UK Tel: 0151 546 4446 Email: Website: Contact: Alex Marshall, Group Marketing and Compliance Manager Anaerobic digester system suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/ suppliers • ORC manufacturers/suppliers Clarke Energy is a multinational specialist in engineering, installation and maintenance of reciprocating engine based power plants. Ranging from the supply of an engine, through to the turn‑key installation of multi‑engine power plant. Our facilities deliver fuel efficiency and help reduce carbon emissions. Applications include combined heat and power with natural gas, biogas, landfill gas, coal gas or high efficiency diesel‑fuelled power generation. We are the largest authorised distributor/service provider for GE’s reciprocating engine business.

Clarke Willmott LLP 1 Georges Square, Bristol BS1 6BA, UK Tel: 0845 209 1478 Email: Website: Contact: Zoe Stollard, Partner Lawyers Clarke Willmott LLP is a leading UK law firm operating from offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Southampton, Manchester and Taunton. Our renewable energy team has extensive experience in structuring the legal, regulatory and commercial arrangements in various renewable technologies including AD. Our specialist advice spans from inception through to planning, acquisition, financing, construction, commissioning and operation of facilities. We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for AD plants by delivering seamless, sector‑focused legal advice.


Clearfleau Lily Hill Court, Lily Hill Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 2SJ, UK Tel: 0844 477 6292 Email: Website: Contact: Richard Gueterbock, Director On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators • Food and drink industry Clearfleau is the leading British supplier of on‑site anaerobic digestion solutions for industrial sites. The plants generate renewable energy from liquid residues, with reference plants in the beverage, dairy, food and biofuel sectors. Operating on a confined footprint, they offer increased treatment efficiency and an attractive payback (from incentives and cost savings). The plants convert liquid production residues, including sugars, oils and fats, into renewable energy to replace fossil fuel demand and provide carbon savings.

CO2 Sense Unit 11, The Tannery, 91 Kirkstall Road, Leeds LS3 1HS, UK Tel: 0113 247 3848 Email: Website: Finance • NGO/charity/private not-for-profit CO2 Sense is an ethical investor in renewable energy projects across the UK. We finance commercial and community projects between 200 kW and 5 MW through a range of bespoke funding solutions including development, acquisition, bridging and construction finance. We have invested in four AD plants and are actively seeking further investment opportunities. For more information or to discuss a project, please contact us on 0113 247 3848 or email

Cockerham Green Energy Hillam Lane Farm, Lancaster LA2 0DX, UK


42 | MEMBER PROFILES Cogent Skills


Unit 5 Mandarin Court, Centre Park, Warrington, Cheshire WA1 1GG, UK Tel: 01925 515 205 Email: Website: Training consultants • Training providers Cogent Skills is the company behind the Increasing Methane Yields: understanding the science behind anaerobic digestion course. This one‑day course is designed to give technicians operating AD sites a thorough understanding of the chemistry and science that lies behind the anaerobic digestion process. It was developed in conjunction with leading bioeconomy consultants NNFCC and it covers four key areas of feedstock procurement and preparation.

CooperOstlund Unit 1, Britannia Trade Centre, Lodge Farm Industrial Estate, Ryehill Close, Northampton, Northamptonshire NN5 7UA, UK Tel: 01604 505 992 Email: Website: Contact: Stuart Cooper, Director Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Compressors and blower manufacturers/suppliers • Other: After market service provider


Compass Renewables Great Hollanden Business Centre, Mill Lane, Underriver, Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 0SQ, UK Tel: 01732 464 495 Email: Website: Contact: Bruce Nelson Finance Compass Renewables offers financial solutions for every area of your planned anaerobic digestion (AD) plant, opening the door to the successful development of your project. At Compass we offer funding through our close relationship with all the major international banks and equity investors currently funding AD.

CooperÖstlund are providing the most economically advantageous solutions by becoming the contractor of choice for the installation, servicing and supply of quality CHP sets and parts to the Green Energy sector. Our current portfolio of clients spans energy generators, the agricultural and commercial sectors using biofuels via gensets or CHP sets through landfill and water treatment plants.

Cosgriff Whitehouse Electrical New Cross Business Park, Brickheath Road, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV1 2SR, UK Tel: 01902 451 961 Email: Website: Contact: Jo Whitehouse, Marketing Director Insulation manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Pasteurisation/ hygienisation plants • Other: Industrial electrical engineers CWE ltd is celebrating 70 years in the electrical contracting industry. Specialising in electrical installations on gas and electricity to grid AD projects (19 projects completed to date). All installations are fully compliant to British Standard 7671:2008 (2011). A complete in‑house electrical design service is available. We have a proven track record with leading AD technology suppliers. Installing LV cables/control and all field wiring including food waste and pasteurisation facilities. Familiar with German specification and products. Members: NICEIC, CHAS, CONSTRUCTIONLINE, ECA, JIB, CSCS.


MEMBER PROFILES | 43 Cranfield University

Demetra Ltd

College Road, Cranfield University, Cranfield, Bedfordshire MK43 0AL, UK Email: Website: Contact: Dr Raffaella Villa

DCU Innovation Center, Old Finglas Road, Dublin 11, Ireland Tel: +353 83 317 8645 Email: Website: Contact: Francesco, Director

Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Training providers • Universities, colleges or research institutes

AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers

Cranfield University is a wholly postgraduate institution with a worldwide reputation for excellence and expertise in aerospace, automotive, defence, engineering, environment and water, health, management and manufacturing. As the UK’s most business‑engaged university, and led by research which is applied to real life situations, we are world‑leading in our contribution to global innovation.

Demetra is an Irish company that acts as an agent for Italian renewable technologies and provides project management for its implementation. Each project has unique requirements, hence our skill is to find the most efficient solutions from the thriving Italian renewable technologies market. We have partnered with many Italian suppliers to design and construct anaerobic digesters that have been used by farms, food processing facilities, wastewater treatment plants, and at stand‑alone organics recycling centres.

CRES Biogas

Digestate Solutions (R C Middleton & Son)

Orchard Farm, Twemlow, Holmes Chapel CW4 8DS, UK

Middleton Farm, Green Lane, Yarpole, Nr Leominster, Hereford HR6 0BG, UK Email: Website: Contact: Wayne Middleton AD contractors • Environmental consultants • Planning consultants • Farm combine • Haulage/logistics companies

CSO Technik Chequers Barn, Chequers Hill, Bough Beech, Edenbridge, Kent TN8 7PD, UK Tel: 01732 700 011 Email: Website: Contact: Mark Murphy, National Sales Manager Air ventilation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Pasteurisation/hygienisation plants CSO Technik is a supplier and installer of equipment and solutions to the AD industry. Products include heat exchangers, pasteurisation, odour control, biogas desulphurisation, liquid solids separation and dust extraction. CSO’s innovative and cost‑effective Terminodour odour control systems and biogas desulphurisation systems are used on sites throughout the UK, and the heat exchangers are used on two prestigious projects for Biffa, amongst others.

Accurate digestate application to land using up to date technology, specialising in transporting digestate and applying to land using artic lorries to transport your product and autoguided tractors, with flowmetres fitted to all application equipment. We provide a PDF document to show where and how much product has been applied. We use band applicators to reduce any nutrient losses. We specialise in applying to cereal crops using 24 metre dribble booms.

Dorset Green Machines UK 2 Snow Hill, Birmingham B4 6GA, UK Tel: 0121 231 3460 Email: Website: Contact: Jeff Poulter, UK Sales Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Waste/recycling industry Dorset Green Machines, a Dutch machine manufacturing enterprise, is leading in biomass drying installations and thereto related equipment. Our focus: commercially attractive solutions for treatment of biomass waste products. We are specialists in using available residual heat for drying biomasses, such as manure, wood, digestate and sewage sludge. Dorset produces anything from plug‑and‑play container solutions up to complete organic fertiliser factories.



44 | MEMBER PROFILES Ecotricity Group


Dreyer & Bosse Kraftwerke GmbH Stresselfeld 1, Gorleben, D-29475 Lower Saxony, Germany Tel: +49 5882 9872 0 Email: Website: Contact: Jacob de Mol, Sales Manager International Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers Dreyer & Bosse is a technological leader among system suppliers for decentralised heat and power generation. Our range includes tailormade combined heat and power units for biogas and natural gas, as well as plants for gas scrubbing and upgrading.

Lion House, Rowcroft, Stroud, Gloucestershire GL5 3BY, UK Tel: 01453 756 111 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Hibberd, Head of Technology and Business Development Crops developers • Crop operators • Arable farm • Power purchase agreement suppliers • Gas and/or electricity suppliers Ecotricity was founded in 1995 as the world’s first green energy company and supplies over 170,000 customers across the UK from wind and sun parks. Ecotricity is a ‘not‑for‑dividend’ enterprise that, on average over the last eleven years, has invested more per customer in building new sources of green electricity than any other energy company. Ecotricity is now focused on rolling out a fleet of anaerobic digestion plants across Britain making Biomethane‑to‑Grid – from grass.

E4environment Ltd Hilley Farm, Pentre SY4 1BP, UK Tel: 01743 343 403 Website: Air quality consultants • Energy consultants • Environmental consultants • Planning consultants • Project management consultants Environmental consultants; renewable energy projects; waste and recycling; industrial installations; feasibility studies; planning; permitting; packaging returns; CEEQUAL; bespoke Environmental Management Systems (EMS) and ISO 14001. E4environment provides professional, practical advice and expertise on a wide range of environmental issues to both public and private sector. Established in 2000, our service is professional, friendly and supportive, allowing the client to achieve their project aims, compliance with legislation and/or improve their environmental credentials.

Eastern Counties Finance Limited The Granary, Denny Lodge Business Park, Ely Road, Chittering, Cambridge CB25 9PH, UK Tel: 01223 203 398 Email: Website: Contact: Andy Daniels, Chief Operating Officer

Edina UK Unit 12 & 13 Rugby Park, Bletchley Road, Stockport, Cheshire SK4 3EJ, UK Tel: 0161 432 8833 Email: Website: CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • ORC manufacturers/ suppliers Edina is the official UK and Ireland distributor for MWM gas engines and provides a range of flexible energy solutions designed to meet customers’ biogas and CHP applications, from complete turnkey to bespoke containerised solutions manufactured in‑house. With over 30 years’ industry experience, Edina works closely with its customers to understand and meet their requirements, whilst delivering unrivalled project management, design, installation and commissioning, from initial proposal to long‑term maintenance support.

Finance At Eastern Counties Finance, we provide integrated financial solutions to farmers and associated agricultural sector companies looking to grow their business. With decades of combined experience in both agriculture and asset finance, we not only understand the needs of our customers, but we are able to use our expertise in this sector to help provide effective funding strategies for clients and projects of all sizes.


MEMBER PROFILES | 45 Eggersmann Anlagenbau UK

Emerald Biogas

First Floor, Sitka House, Sitka Drive, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY2 6LG, UK Tel: 01743 343 400 Email: Website: Contact: Duncan Bowett, Managing Director

Preston Road, Aycliffe Business Park, Newton Aycliffe DL5 6AB, UK Email: Website:

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers Europe’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of wet and dry anaerobic digestion processes and mechanical pre‑treatment equipment.

Elmac Technologies

Food waste developers • Food waste operators Emerald Biogas is a commercial food waste AD business operating at Aycliffe Industrial Estate in the North East of England. Generating 2.5 MWe, Emerald Biogas can provide power for over 3000 homes year round, and with planning permission granted for further expansion, expect to double output by 2016. All digestate is used on local farmland and a plan is in place to install local generation infrastructure in order to supply power and heat to industrial neighbours.

Environment Agency (EA)

Greenfield, Holywell, Flintshire CH8 9DP, UK Tel: 01352 717 600 Email: Website: Contact: Kevin Wheeldon, Sales Manager

National Customer Contact Centre, PO Box 544, Rotherham S60 1BY, UK Tel: 0870 850 6506 Email: Website: environment-agency

Plant safety equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Government/local government/RDA

Elmac Technologies, the international technical leaders in flame arresters and tank and vessel protection for some of the world’s most challenging industrial environments, rapidly established a global reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of products to enhance process safety in a broad range of sectors, to include the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries; bio‑fuels, mining, pharmaceuticals and power generation; agro‑chemicals and fertilisers; distillers, food, flavours and fragrance companies; waste treatment, special equipment manufacturers.

The Environment Agency is an executive non‑departmental public body sponsored by Defra. Our principal aims are to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. We play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government through our functions and roles. We are the main environmental regulator for the AD and bioresources industry in England.

Elsoms Seeds

Enviroseal Business Centre, Unit 1 Greetby Place, Skelmersdale WN8 9UL, UK Tel: 01695 228 626 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Gaskell, Manager

Spalding, Lincolnshire PE11 1QG, UK Tel: 01775 715 000 Email: Website: Contact: Heather Ayre, Energy Crop Manager Crops developers • Seed manufacturers/suppliers • Trade/ professional bodies Elsoms Seeds, in association with leading European breeders, SAATEN UNION, Strube, Caussade Semences and Florimond Desprez, has put together a portfolio of proven ‘energy crop’ varieties. These will provide farmers with a range of options to achieve optimum energy yields whilst supporting the performance of other crops in the rotation.


Enviroseal Lining Solutions Limited

AD contractors • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers Enviroseal Lining Solutions supplies and installs a range of geomembrane lining solutions for concrete digestate tanks, tank bunds, storage clamps, lagoons and floating covers. The materials we use are approved by the Environment Agency and include HDPE, LLDPE and polypropylene. Working closely with engineers, clients and Environment Agency officers, we have developed a number of lining solutions to provide leakage detection systems for lagoons and tanks that can be adapted to suit most applications.

4 Pate Road, Melton Mowbray LE13 0RG, UK





Enviroseal Piping Solutions

Eurotron Instruments (UK) Ltd

Unit 2, 11 Glebe Road, Skelmersdale, Lancs WN8 9JP, UK Tel: 01695 228 626 Email: Website: Contact: Alan Waring, Operations Manager

Unit 18 Austin Way, Royal Oak Industrial Estate, Daventry, Northamptonshire NN11 8QY, UK Tel: 01327 871 044 Email: Website: Contact: Hanako Takahashi, Marketing Communication Manager

Enviroseal supplies and installs geomembrane liners for secondary containment and leakage detection on AD tanks, lining digestiate lagoons and slurry lagoons. Our liners are compliant with all relevant government regulations, EA guidance and SSAFO regulations. We also install an EA approved leakage detection system for lagoons and agitation pipe systems. Enviroseal has extensive experience in providing bespoke technical solutions for clients across the UK and Europe with all works covered by a 25 year warranty.

ETP Services Hydrus House, Dromintee Road, Bardon Hill, Coalville LE67 1TX, UK

European Institute For Energy Research (EIFER) Emmy-Noether-Strasse 11, D-76131 Karlsruhe, Germany Tel: +49 7216 1051 494 Email: Website: Contact: Marc Nadjarian, Researcher

Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers EiUK is a leading supplier/manufacturer of fixed and portable biogas analysers. We serve: farm/food waste AD plants, water treatment AD plants, landfill and gas flaring. EiUK’s fixed gas analyser, SWG 100, continuously monitors O2, CH4, CO2, H2S, helps optimise the AD process, protects CHP engines from sudden gas level changes and now features pre‑calibrated, field replaceable sensors. EiUK’s biogas analyser, RASI 700, is the only analyser allowing to monitor engine emissions and sample biogas simultaneously.

Excellion Capital 10a Chandos Street, London W1G 9DQ, UK

Universities, colleges or research institutes

Evonik Fibres GmbH

About 10 yeras ago, EDF (France) and KIT (Karlsruhe Institue of Technology, Germany) decided to establish a common research institute devoted to energy and environment located in Karlsruhe, Germany. EIFER is a widely recognised research institute with more than 110 employees of 14 different nationalities, developing a multidisciplinary know‑how around topics like ‘sustainable cities’ and ‘distributed energy’, together with high level scientific and industrial partners, and contributing to several national and European public funded projects.

Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Chemical manufacturers • Membrane manufacturers/ suppliers/installers • Waste/Recycling Industry

Gewerbestraße 4, A-4861 Schörlfling, Oberösterreich, Austria Tel: +43 7672 7012 891 Email: Website:

Efficient biogas upgrading with Sepuran® Green. Evonik is one of the world’s leading producers of specialty chemicals, with over 40 years of experience in polymer chemistry, and operations in over 100 countries. We offer hollow‑fiber membrane cartridges for efficient biogas upgrading. Evonik’s membrane‑based biogas upgrading method results in unusually high plant availability, low energy demand, and low maintenance costs. In addition, upgrading does not generate any waste or emissions, nor does it require any auxiliaries.



Farm Renewables Limited

DCU Innovation Campus, Old Finglas Road, Glasnevin Dublin 11, Ireland Tel: +353 1 907 2770 Email: Website: Contact: Barry Cullen, Chief Commercial Officer

Hillcrest House, Bury Road, Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9QG, UK Tel: 01787 248 098 Email: Website: Contact: Malcolm McAllister

Other: Waste heat to power

Farm Renewables is a developer of AD plants.

Exergyn’s engine, the Exergyn DriveTM, runs on hot water. It captures the waste heat in the jacket water circuit (<100oC) of a Biogas engine and converts it to electricity. The Exergyn DriveTM is a commercial solution; it uses no heat exchangers and no hazardous materials, meaning faster payback (<3 years), higher efficiency and smaller footprint than existing solutions.

Farm Energy Centre

Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers

Fernbrook Bio 158 Washbrook Road, Rushden NN10 6AA, UK Tel: 01933 353 153 Email: Website: Contact: Shaun Cherry, Chief Executive Officer

Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth CV8 2LS, UK Tel: 024 7669 8899 Website: Contact: Tim Pratt, Technical Director

AD contractors • Food waste developers • Food waste operators • PAS 110 certification • Fertiliser manufacturers/suppliers

Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants • Grid connection consultants • Project management consultants

FGS Organics

The team is one of the most experienced in the country, working with and understanding the language of Ofgem, electricity distribution network operators and energy trading platforms. We’ll assist you with all aspects of accreditation and energy trading to ensure you remain compliant and maintain a steady flow of income. By taking the time to understand your business, we can offer all the benefits of an in‑house energy manager, for a fraction of the cost.

Farm Gas Power Bourne Works, Collingbourne Ducis, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3EQ, UK Tel: 01264 850 173 Email: Website: Contact: Lee Morphy, Managing Director

Anaerobic digestion owners, operators and building contractors.

Stanford Bridge Farm, Station Road, Pluckley, Ashford TN27 0RU, UK Tel: 01233 820 055 Email: Website: Contact: Andy West, Head of Organics Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Waste/recycling industry • Other: Digestate recycling services FGS Organics provides sustainable recycling solutions to the industry for AD outputs. With our sister companies (FGS Agri and Countrystyle Recycling), we are able to offer our clients a complete package for the recycling of whole and separated fractions from both liquid and solid systems across the country, with compliance being one our major priorities. With our agricultural background, we are able to locate appropriate recycling avenues for these products.

Anaerobic digester system suppliers Farm Gas Power is a specialist in the design, planning, construction and project management of small scale anaerobic digestion plants. We design and build digesters from 50 kWe to 499 kWe. Complete with automated de‑gritting, low energy gas mixing and numerous other features, these digesters offer reduced capital and operating costs, based on more than 30 years’ UK digester design and installation experience.





Finning (UK) Ltd 688-689 Stirling Road, Slough, Berkshire SL1 4ST, UK Tel: 01753 497 300 Email: Website: Contact: Nigel Thompson, Sales Manager – Gas Power Solutions CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Energy consultants • Engineering consultants Finning is the sole dealer of Caterpillar engines and generators in the UK and Ireland. We have been at the forefront of AD within landfill, recycling and wastewater treatment facilities for over 10 years, helping operators to finance, design and develop biofuel power solutions that provide fast payback and return on investment. Our total solution includes design and build to operating, maintaining and financing.

Fisher German LLP 40 High Street, Market Harborough LE16 7NX, UK Website: Energy consultants • Property consultants • Rural business consultants • Finance • Surveyors Fisher German is a leading national firm of chartered surveyors and energy experts, advising private and professional clients on specialist projects, including anaerobic digesters, CHP plants and much more.

Regent House, Wolseley Road, Kempston MK42 7JY, UK Tel: 0845 688 6065 Email: Website: Contact: Chris Long, Director AD contractors • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers FLI Energy is a leading UK contractor in the design construction and maintenance of AD plants, with particular experience in EPC delivery for both CHP and biomethane systems. Plants are robust, efficient and economic, capable of processing a wide variety of feedstock inputs.

Flogas Britain 81 Rayns Way, Watermead Business Park, Syston, Leicester, Leicestershire LE7 1PF, UK Tel: 0116 264 9000 Email: Website: Contact: Reena Mistry, Marketing Manager Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Energy consultants • Gas and/or electricity suppliers If your company produces biogas, Flogas can supply and fit high‑grade equipment that adds propane to your biomethane, and turns it into a commodity that meets the standard required by the national grid. We’re the market leaders in propane enrichment of biomethane, and our expert team can design and install an injection system that suits your business needs.

Flare Products Ltd Unit 14, Broadmead Business Park, Broadmead Road, Stewartby, Bedfordshire MK43 9NX, UK Tel: 01234 767 755 Email: Website: Contact: Stuart Simpson, Contracts Director AD contractors • Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers A light engineering company with over 60 years of experience and knowledge, specialising in the efficient application of combustion and flare systems. The product range features fully automated, packaged, elevated ground and skid mounted flare systems, including high temperature bar burners, control panels, gas trains, pipe work, valve set‑up, ATEX flame arresters, condensate pots, gas boosters and ATEX/zoned equipment. Flare Products supplies technology to remove excess or waste gases/contaminants to minimise your impact on the environment.


Flow Components Stannard Way, Priory Business Park, Bedford MK44 3WG, UK Tel: 01234 832 805 Email: Website: Valve manufacturers/suppliers/stockists Flow Components is an established, ISO 9000 registered supplier of valve solutions. We specialise in manual and automated ball, butterfly and knife gate valves (both electrically and pneumatically actuated), along with a comprehensive range of solenoid valves. We also stock hydraulic and pneumatic fittings and offer next day delivery on all standard stock items. Visit our online web store or call us to speak to one of our experienced engineers.

MEMBER PROFILES | 49 FM BioEnergy (part of ForFarmers)


Unit 15A Gelders Hall Road, Shepshed, Leicestershire LE12 9NH, UK Tel: 0871 704 3317 Email: Website: Contact: Tim Elsome, Business Development Manager

Orchard Road Industrial Estate, Orchard Road, Strabane, Northern Ireland BT82 9FR, UK

Biological optimisations • Chemical manufacturers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Process consultants • Seed manufacturers/suppliers FM BioEnergy specialises in anaerobic digestion nutrition, delivering optimum plant performance. We offer a range of biological services to improve and optimise gas output, reduce the risk of process failures and increase the return on your investment. Services include: full biological support, laboratory analysis, consultancy, bespoke trace elements, additives, enzymes, feedstock supply, seed supply silage additives and gas leakage detection.

Full Circle Energy Allens Farm, Wivenhoe Road, Colchester CO7 7BN, UK Email: Contact: David Hunter, Director Farm waste developers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Arable farm • Gas and/or electricity suppliers Fullcircle Energy Ltd have established a 499 kW anaerobic digester at Allens Farm, near Colchester. The digester is fed a mixture of maize silage, grass silage and arable by-products.

Fre-energy Ltd Lodge Farm, Commonwood, Holt, Wales LL13 9TE, UK Tel: 01829 270 397 Email: Website: Contact: Chris Morris, Technical Director Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Design and build consultants Fre-energy’s award-winning patented AD technology is designed to continuously process farm manures, waste crops and food waste into electricity, heat and high-quality fertiliser. Skillful engineering has provided an effective solution to deal with grit and foam, notorious for compromising the AD process when dealing with these types of wastes. Coupled with the state-of-the-art Management Control System, with integrated remote monitoring, provides operational reassurance making the Fre-energy AD System the system of choice.

Freedman & Partners LLP 2-6 Hampstead High Street, London NW3 1PR, UK Tel: 020 7433 3631 Email: Website: Contact: Miles Harvey, Founding Partner Business development consultants • Finance • Accountants Even good businesses now struggle to secure the funding they need. Freedman & Partners offer a funding solution proven in your industry. We will work with you and for you, developing your business and preparing your case, before inviting well-informed Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lenders to support you. By harnessing the availability, speed and convenience of P2P lending, your funding needs can be met, leaving you to develop and grow your business.

futurebiogas Future Biogas Ltd 10-12 Frederick Sanger Road, Guildford, Surrey GU2 7YD, UK Contact: John Scott Kerr, Director of Business Development Crops developers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators FB is the most established large scale, crop fed AD operator in the UK. Our highly qualified management team has unique experience and knowledge in the fields of biogas and farming. FB are distributors for the Economizer SE, which converts high tonnages of straw into highly digestible matter. If you think you have a site that might be suitable, especially if there are significant heat and power users near you, then please contact us.

Gas Data Pegasus House, Wheler Rd, Coventry, West Midlands CV3 4LB, UK Tel: 024 7630 3311 Email: Website: Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers Gas Data has innovative solutions for all aspects of biogas, biomethane and syngas analysis and measurement. The GFM406 range of portable biogas analysers with on‑board data storage measuring gas concentrations (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide), pressures, flow and temperature. The Gas Data Click! system on‑line gas analysis system. Configurable for biogas/syngas installations, large or small. Features colour touch‑screen, single/multiple sample‑point, analogue/network connections, telemetry, gas‑to‑grid control, GCV determination, flow. Systems 100 per cent installed and maintained.





GE Power & Water

General Energy Management Ltd

The Willows, Ransom Wood Business Park, Southwell Road West, Mansfield NG21 0HJ, UK

Suite 1, Enterprise House, Priory Road, Freiston, Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 0RT, UK Tel: 01205 769 033 Email: Website: Contact: Sean Cameron, Director

Gemidan Ecogi A/S Driverej 8, DK-6670 Holsted, Denmark Tel: 07718 982 610 (UK) Email: Website: Contact: Tony Pickess Gemidan Ecogi has developed a new robust and highly flexible food waste pre-treatment technology for the AD industry, which was developed using experience gained over four years operating a commercial scale facility in Denmark. During this time the technology has also been exposed to rigorous independent monitoring. The high quality pulp based substrate produced will enhance gas yield, reduce digester retention time and produce a virtually contamination free digestate. The Gemidan Ecogi technology can be used as a front end pre-treatment process or as part of a processing plant producing a quality substrate for distribution to a network of anaerobic digestion facilities.

Gen-C Century Business Centre Manvers, Rotherham S63 5DA, UK Tel: 01709 711 094 Email: Website: Contact: James Thompson, Director CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers Gen‑C is one of the market leaders in CHP controls and engine upgrades. As the sole UK distributor for Motortech gas engine components, MADAS gas train products and Sandfirden gas engines and gensets, we are perfectly placed to support all requirements of the gas engine industry. We are also dealers for MAN gas engines and spare parts, and also FGWIlson genset and engine parts, so whatever your gas engine needs are, we have it covered!


Energy consultants • Grid connection consultants • Power purchase agreement suppliers GEM is a leading energy consultancy, specialising in energy procurement, carbon and energy management, and renewable solutions for the industrial and commercial sector. Our services have been developed to meet the needs of embedded generators from the initial technology feasibility study through to the management of the PPA and renewable incentives invoicing and payments. GEM will provide you with expert support and advice during the different stages of your project.

Genoch Mains Farm Dunragit, Stranraer DG9 9ES, UK

George Fischer Sales Limited Paradise Way, Coventry Walsgrave Triangle, Coventry, West Midlands CV2 2ST, UK Tel: 024 7653 5535 Email: Website: Contact: Robert Robinson, Industrial Sales Manager Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Valve manufacturers/ suppliers/stockists GF offers a comprehensive range of piping system components for use in pressure piping applications for fluids and gases. A full range of plastics pipe, fittings and valves is complemented by a range of actuators and process control equipment. These systems are easy to install, provide significant environmental savings over traditional materials and are corrosion free. Also available is a comprehensive range of jointing equipment.


Geotech Sovereign House, Queensway, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV31 3JR, UK Tel: 01926 338 111 Email: Website: Contact: Graham Sanders, UK Sales and Development Engineer Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers Geotech is a UK manufacturer and leading supplier of gas analysers and environmental monitoring equipment globally. Our portfolio offers a range of ATEX certified portable landfill and biogas analysers, such as the GA5000 and BIOGAS 5000, renowned for their reliability and robust gas analysis technology. Our fixed gas analysers for biogas include the ATEX certified GA3000 PLUS for all AD applications and the new BIOGAS 300, our methane only fixed analyser for small scale AD.

GM Green Methane SRL via Miranese 72, fraz. Marano Veneziano, I-30034 Mira, Venice, Italy Tel: +39 041 567 4260 Email: Website: Contact: Maurizio Pastori, Managing Director Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers GM Green Methane supplies turnkey plants for biogas upgrading to biomethane. Since October 2015, GM Green Methane operates the biggest biogas upgrading/biomethane plant in Italy. The plant features the worldwide referenced and simple Giammarco‑Vetrocoke technology for CO2 absorption by K2CO3 solution. This makes the GM Green Methane plants environmentally friendly, reliable, robust, compact, easy to operate, achieving the best efficiency for CO2 removal, biomethane yield and energy consumption. Discover the 12 reasons to choose GM – visit our website.

Gleadell Bioenergy Lindsey House, Hemswell Cliff, Gainsborough DN21 5TH, UK Tel: 01427 421 241 Website: Contact: Rob Buck Fertiliser Manufacturers / Suppliers • Seed Manufacturers / Suppliers • Other: Digestate management Energy seed, maize fertilisers and nitrogen stabilisers for digestate.

GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support 32 Bigstone Meadow, Tutshill, Chepstow, Gloucestershire NP16 7JU, UK Tel: 07968 388 909 Email: Contact: Amaya Arias-Garcia, Technical Director Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants • Training providers GOALS is a full life cycle project management and engineering consultancy primarily for the UK utilities sector. Specialising in resource management and energy applications, Amaya Arias Garcia leads strong technical teams to deliver proactive project management services, including: commercial feasibility; engineering design review and integration; HAZOP; procurement and contract negotiation; programme management; risk assessments; budget and cost control; contract management; H&S; EMS; odour management plans.

Grays Biogas Berwyn, Porthdafarch Road, Holyhead, Gwalchmai LL65 4RJ, UK





Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd


Bocaddon Farm Offices, Lanreath, Looe, Cornwall PL13 2PG, UK Tel: 01503 221 133 Email: Website: Contact: Julian Maiklem, MD

Dereham Road, Beeston, Kings Lynn, Norfolk PE32 2LE, UK Tel: 01328 701 992 Email: Website: Contact: Howard Chantry, UK Sales Manager

Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants

Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/ stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd is a one‑stop‑shop for farm and food waste based AD. With our own waste collection business, we can supply services to waste producers, existing AD plant operators, farmers and landowners wishing to enter the industry or improve their plants. New for 2016 is our relationship with a major capital fund, allowing us to offer fully funded projects for select clients to develop farm and food waste based projects.

Green Footprint Solutions

Greencrop supplies a range of five Sepcom Separators for all types of digestant and on‑farm slurry, from small farm to larger commercial AD plants. These screw press type separators are low energy consumption and low maintenance. Three horizontal models are available for fibrous material and two vertical models are available for difficult products. Greecrop also supplies the Sepcom Micro Filter for final filtration of water. We also supply Veneroni effluent, slurry pumps and mixers.

North Laithes Farm, Wellow Road, Newark, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG22 0AN, UK Tel: 01623 871 204 Email: Website: Contact: Daniel Wright, Contracts & Business Development Manager

Greener For Life Energy Limited

AD contractors • Insulation manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers

GfL is a specialist company devoted to sustainable food and energy production. Created by farmers for farmers. The GfL management team has recognised the business potential of on‑farm AD with the added value of clusters, together with complementary ‘field‑to‑fork’ branding of sustainability which is becoming essential for food manufacturers and retailers. GfL offers total AD solutions including up to 100 per cent funding, design, planning, installation and operation.

Green Footprint Solutions is a family run business located in the East Midlands. Our business can provide you with the best insulation products for any size, shape or form of project. We also have a contracting side to our business. These services cover tank and pipe insulation, and also a protective cladding finish. We also manufacture a light weight cementious board that can be used on tank roofs.

The Cricket Barn, Nomansland, Tiverton, Devon EX16 8NP, UK Tel: 0845 066 7667 Email: Website: Contact: Winston Reed, Director

Greenlane Biogas Europe Green Gas Trading Canterbury Court, Kennington Park Business Centre, 1-3 Brixton Road, London SW9 6DE, UK Tel: 07951 240 728 Email: Website: Contact: Grant Ashton, Chief Executive

Meadowhall Road, Sheffield S9 1BT, UK

Greenshoots Energy Uphall Farm, Garboldisham IP22 2SL, UK

Green Gas Trading provides a credible process for certifying biomethane and offers a platform for the trading of certificates to maximise the value of this exceedingly low-carbon, green gas at a market determined price.


MEMBER PROFILES | 53 Griffith Elder & Co Ltd 1 Oaklands Park, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk IP33 2RW, UK Tel: 01284 719 619 Email: Website: Contact: Tim Spafford, UK Sales Manager Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Weighing/ Weighbridges Griffith Elder is a UK based manufacturer that builds agricultural weighing solutions for worldwide distribution. Weighing systems produced for the biogas industry include extra‑wide weighbridges controlled by biogas fuel storage software, portable weigh beams for weighing harvested crops that are stored in satellite clamps, silage trailer weighing kits and digester feed mixer controllers. With in‑house design and software engineers, we are able to meet the specific needs of the biogas industry.

H & K Farms The Estate Office Hoodom, Lockerbie, Scotland DG11 1BE, UK

H2 Energy 33 Dunes Way, Wellington Park, Liverpool, Merseyside L5 9RJ, UK Tel: 01512 301 165 Email: Website: Contact: Emma Shotton, Marketing Manager On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators • Electricity • Gases • Other: Advanced conversion technology H2 Energy specialises in advanced conversion technologies; processing organic waste material and animal by‑products (CAT 2&3) from food production into hydrogen based renewable energy. The company designs, funds, manufactures, installs and operates bio‑refining plants for use on food manufacturing sites. The fully integrated solution produces electrical and thermal energy to support or, in many cases, deliver energy independence.

Haarslev UK Ltd Haarslev House, Paddock Road, Skelmersdale, Lancashire WN8 9PL, UK Tel: 01695 455 500 Email: Website: Contact: Steve Baldwin, Sales Engineer Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Haarslev supplies complete food waste de‑packing systems including bulk reception silos of any size and design, and sludge thermal hydrolysis and sludge drying technology for the AD biological process. Use of thermal hydrolysis on AD systems can significantly reduce retention times and increase gas yields by improving digestibility of the feedstock, thus improving digestate quality and reducing final sludge volumes. Our sludge dryers make use of low‑grade waste heat to reduce sludge volumes further.

Haffmans BV Marinus Dammeweg 30, NL-5928 PW Venlo, Netherlands Tel: +31 773 232 300 Email: Website: Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/stockists Pentair Haffmans specialises in carbon dioxide (CO2) solutions. Our technologies are used in the brewing, soft drink, wine, bioethanol and biogas industries to recover CO2 from fermentation processes. Pentair Haffmans’ biogas upgrading technology offers substantial advantages compared to conventional systems. Our system recovers 100 per cent of the methane, which eliminates the environmentallyharmful ‘methane slip’. As an option, the CO2 by‑product is recovered and can be sold, providing plant operators with an additional source of income.





Haigh Engineering

Hayes GFS

Alton Road, Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire HR9 5NG, UK Tel: 01989 763 131 Email: Website: Contact: David Freeman

Unit 10, Bath Road Business Centre, Bath Road, Devizes, Wiltshire SN10 1XA, UK Tel: 01380 729 612 Email: Website: Contact: Stephen Skinner, Managing Director

Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers An established expert in the field of fine particle maceration, Haigh Engineering offers bespoke solutions for all types of plants and processes. Ideally used in anaerobic digestion and biogas processes due to the output of smaller particles sized at 2‑3 mm and increasing the surface area available for the reaction process. Haigh Macerators and Liseps are ideally used to separate liquids and solids, and even solids and packaging.

Hallwick Energy Aldernham Park, Morville, Bridgnorth WV16 4RN, UK Tel: 01746 714 704 Email: Website: Contact: James Fenwick, Director Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators An anaerobic digestion development company specialising in on‑farm AD sites across the UK. Hallwick has developed and now manages operations on four crop based 1 MW plants in the UK.

Harper Adams University Edgmond, Newport TF10 8NB, UK Harper Adams Energy Ltd is located at Harper Adams University. The University is a leading provider of land‑based higher education in the UK. Alongside its existing solar, photo‑voltaic and biomass energy production systems, the University operates a 500 kWh anaerobic digestion plant that serves as a key demonstration tool for bespoke course provision to industry and drives knowledge transfer in respect of sustainable energy production in the rural economy.


Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Insulation manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers • Water and wastewater companies Distributors for permastore tanks and silos. Supply and installation of glass fused to steel storage tanks, anaerobic digesters, product and process storage tanks, GFS and GRP roofs. We also specialise in thermal insulation cladding and wrapping of anaerobic digesters, and can also undertake all other aspects of thermal insulation cladding, wrapping and trace heating. Supply and installation of tank ancillaries, access platforms, stair cases, ladders, manways, connections, pipe gantries and process buildings.

Heat and Power Services Carr Lodge, Carr Lane, Burton Pidsea, Hull HU12 9DH, UK Tel: 01964 671 941 Email: Website: Contact: Stuart Bennett, Managing Director Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Compressors and blower manufacturers/suppliers • Other: Equipment servicing Heat and Power Services (HPS) Limited is a market‑leading provider of maintenance services within the natural gas and biogas sectors, appointed service agent for Adicomp S.R.L Air/Gas compressors in the UK. For 20 years, HPS has specialised in servicing natural gas CHPs. In the last five years we have diversified into new technologies within the renewable sector, providing services to manufacturers of biogas upgrading and cleaning technologies. We offer our services on ancillary mechanical/electrical components.


Helix Environmental Consultancy 29 Breachfield, Burghclere, Newbury, Berkshire RG20 9HZ, UK Tel: 01635 285 728 Email: Website: Contact: Steve Bungay, Director Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants Helix ECL is an independent firm of consulting process engineers and scientists, working in the water, waste and renewable energy sectors. It specialises in the process design, commissioning, and operation of wastewater treatment plants, anaerobic digestion and sludge treatment plants, commercial biowaste digestion plants, and liquor treatment plants. Helix ECL provides expert witness and technical expert services in the fields of sewage and wastewater treatment, anaerobic digestion, and advanced anaerobic digestion.

Hitech Instruments Great Marlings, Butterfield, Luton LU2 8DL, UK Tel: 01582 435 600 Email: Website: Contact: Andy Dickinson, Sales and Marketing Manager Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Plant safety equipment manufacturers/ suppliers MTL/Hitech are a long‑established manufacturer of hazardous area equipment including biogas analysers and intrinsic safety devices used to monitor and control biogas plants. From our state of the art facilities in the UK, we design and manufacture all our products, which are globally supported through our extensive network of group company offices.

HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd 10-12 Caxton Way, Watford Business Park, Watford, Herts WD18 8JY, UK Tel: 01923 232 335 Email: Website: Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers • Pasteurisation/hygienisation plants HRS operates at the forefront of heat transfer technology, focusing on managing energy efficiently. We are committed to providing innovations that help AD plant operators maximise energy consumption, waste and CO2, whilst lowering fuel bills, and improving final product quality without harming the environment. We offer a diverse range of bespoke PAS 110 digestate pasteurisation and concentration systems, which uses our corrugated tube technology to increase both heat and efficiency with minimal fouling.

Huber Technology Units C&D, Brunel Park, Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate, Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 6NQ, UK Tel: 01249 765 000 Email: Website: Contact: Tony Clutten, Process Sales Manager Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Huber Technology are suppliers of wastewater treatment equipment and offer a range of products for enhancing the AD process. The company’s pre‑treatment technology can be used for screening, washing oversized material, and removing grit and glass, while its post‑digestion equipment is suitable for plastics removal, dewatering, digestate cleaning, and disposal treatment. We recognise that customers’ processes differ and have a range of pilot plants available for demonstrating Huber Technology on different process streams.

Hungarian Biogas Association Kozépfasor 52., H-6726 Szeged, Hungary



56 | MEMBER PROFILES Hydro International


Prickwillow Road, Ely, Cambridgeshire CB7 4TX, UK Tel: 01353 645 700 Email: Website: Contact: Stephen Allen, Industrial Account Manager Wastewater developers • Dewatering equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Water and wastewater companies Hydro International industrial water management solutions enable businesses to effectively treat surface and process water, helping them to meet environmental obligations, increase operational efficiency and reduce through‑life costs. Only Hydro delivers proven, environmentally sympathetic industrial water treatment systems built on decades of experience, engineering excellence and scientific rigour.

HydroThane UK

Inenco Ribble House, Ballam Road, Lytham, Lancashire FY8 4TS, UK Tel: 01253 785 000 Email: Website: Energy consultants Inenco Group has led the way in the energy industry for over 50 years and operates across the full spectrum of utility services, from energy procurement to water reduction services. Inenco employs more than 400 experts who deliver a wide range of energy, property and engineering services to over 3000 customers in every major sector worldwide, and manage over £1.6 billion worth of energy for UK and European public and private sector clients.

1 Curlew Hill, Morpeth NE61 3SH, UK Tel: 07968 585 315 Email: Website: Contact: Michael Lyle, Director

Infineum UK

AD contractors • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Wastewater developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators • Wastewater operators

The Infineum Group of companies is a world leader in the formulation, manufacturing and marketing of petroleum additives for lubricants and fuels. We number among our customers many of the world’s most recognised consumer brands. Infineum draws on a rich heritage that is underpinned by vigorous research and development activities. Our smart solutions have become key components of today’s most demanding applications and advanced hardware systems.

UK and Ireland licensees for HydroThane STP, a specialist in anaerobic digestion with over 25 years’ experience in the design, construction and operation of AD plants. Our technologies include low rate solids digesters (SWD), medium rate upflow anaerobic sludge blanket (UASB) and high rate external circulation sludge bed (ECSB) reactors, suitable for high COD strength liquid streams. Our processes are suitable for a wide range of industries including: distilleries, breweries, beverages, food processors, dairies, chemical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Milton Hill Business & Technology Centre, PO Box 1, Abingdon OX13 6BB, UK Other: Oil additive manufacturer

Intelligent Green Energy Team Ltd 1 Tassagard Drive, Saggart, Dublin 24, Ireland

Imspex Diagnostics Ltd GTI Suite, Ty Menter, Navigation Park, Abercynon CF45 4SN, UK Tel: 01443 740 217 Email: Website: Contact: Amiirah Joommun, Marketing Manager Biochemicals • Food and drink industry • Other: Analysis with GC-IMS Our company is focused on the continuous development of our GC‑IMS analytical instrument platform and its many applications in lab quality sensitive analysis on the field. As a technology‑led company which now owns the well established analytical instrument developer GAS GmbH, we are working with food and environmental industries and the medical sector to deliver a set of analytical instrument solutions ideal for: flavour and fragrance characterisation and improvement, food and beverage, environmental measurements, clinical diagnostics.


MEMBER PROFILES | 57 J F Temple & Son Ltd

JFS & Associates Ltd

Copys Green Farm , Copys Green, Wighton, Wells-Next-The-Sea NR23 1NY, UK Tel: 01328 820 224 Email: Contact: Stephen Temple, Director

2 Ellerbeck Court, Stokesley Business Park, Stokesley TP9 5PT, UK Tel: 01642 713 162 Email: Website: Contact: Matthew Flint, Director

Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Engineering consultants • Mixed farm Farming company with anaerobic digester running on livestock manures and energy crops. We develop and produce control systems and electronics for farmers. We have experience in persuading anaerobic digesters to work reliably, and reducing maintenance costs. Consultancy available; chartered agricultural engineer and graduate electronics engineer.

JBEC (Justin Blackwood Energy Consultants) 27 Spring Lane, Flore NN7 4LS, UK JBEC introduces prospective AD owners to anaerobic digestion. This includes complete appraisal of the situation, discussion and finalisation of the plant design. We provide assistance with: planning applications; introduction and management of appropriate suppliers of AD plant and equipment; civil engineering projects; finance arrangements; and permit and grid connections. JBEC can also offer complete agronomic advice and management of the feed source to ensure optimum output, and design a maintenance/operation programme and safety procedure.

Jelf Insurance Brokers Apex House, Apex Park, Wainwright Road, Worcester, Worcestershire WR4 9FN, UK Tel: 07799 474 419 Email: Website: Contact: Carl Gurney, Renewable Energy Account Executive Health and safety consultants • Insurers • Other: Claims management Jelf offers bespoke insurance, loss mitigation, risk and claims management solutions to the AD & Biogas industry. This is a specialist market that needs expert consideration from the design stage right through to operational phase. Jelf will spend the time to understand your project and the exposures you face. We will then form a tripartite relationship with our chosen insurer to ensure business continuity is maintained should the unexpected occur.

AD contractors • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Farm waste operators • Design and build consultants JFS & Associates Ltd is a market leading developer of anaerobic digestion plants based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. Our plants range in size from farmscale schemes generating 200 kW up to our current largest plant, which is capable of processing 80,000 tonnes of food waste exporting biomethane and electricity. We can also offer a range of services from cost and project management, to the arrangement of financial packages, as well as plant maintenance and operational support.

JHWalter LLP 1 Mint Lane, Lincoln LN1 1UD, UK Tel: 01522 504 359 Email: Website: Contact: David Wright, Managing Partner Business development consultants • Energy consultants • Environmental consultants • Planning consultants • Rural business consultants JHWalter Energy provides independent advice on all aspects of renewable energy, managing projects from feasibility to commissioning. The firm’s specialist AD team has been involved with a range of farm and ‘commercial’ projects and worked on the feasibility, build and commissioning of some 6.5 MW of capacity with significantly more due this year. Currently working on a range of projects across the UK and have also undertaken due diligence reports on behalf of lenders and investors.

Jones Celtic BioEnergy Waterway House, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland Tel: +353 21 462 1721 Email: Website: Contact: Dr Andrew Walsh, Director Jones Celtic BioEnergy provides a complete solution for the generation of renewable energy from biodegradable sources such as municipal waste, food waste, agricultural waste and biomass. This is achieved through the use of anaerobic digestion combined with composting processes to generate renewable energy, in the form of renewable gas, electricity and heat, according to customer and market demands.





Jones McGirr & Co


Fairyhill Farm, 73 Dooish Road, Dromore, Omagh, Northern Ireland BT78 3BA, UK Tel: 07974 682 088 Email: Website:

Valley Forge Business Park, Reedyford Road, Nelson BB9 8TU, UK Tel: 01282 677 966 Email: Website: Contact: Ben Capps, Business Manager

Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Mixer/ stirrer manufacturers/suppliers Jones McGirr & Co Ltd design, manufacture and install cost effective digestate/biofertiliser storage with 20-plus year design life, for use in the anaerobic digestion sector. Please contact us for information on site placement, covering your digestate stores, mixing of digestate and any other questions you may have.

King’s Industrial Boilers Unit 4, New England Industrial Estate, Pindar Road, Hoddesdon, Herts EN11 0BZ, UK Tel: 01992 451 629 Email: Website: Contact: David King, Director Boiler manufacturers/suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/ suppliers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers • Valve manufacturers/ suppliers/stockists King’s provides temporary packaged boilers suitable for the anaerobic digestion process: providing the initial heat source to gradually raise the temperature of the digestate. King’s 24 hour AD hotline and nationwide service ensures the heating time is kept at optimum performance. We can supply boilers for gasification plants to improve the reliability of the gasification process. Cost‑effective, fully refurbished boiler plant also for sale, with over 200 boilers in stock. The perfect green solution.

AD contractors • Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/ suppliers • Waste/recycling industry KIRK UK are the leading company in the UK dedicated to providing specialist liquid and biogas storage solutions for water, wastewater, anaerobic digestion and biogas infrastructure projects via a diverse range of products and services. Glass‑fused‑to‑steel tanks; epoxy coated steel tanks; stainless steel tanks; BIODOME double membrane gas holders; access steelwork and ancillary items; in‑house engineering, project management and construction.

KWS UK 56 Church Street, Thriplow, Hertfordshire SG8 7RE, UK Tel: 01763 207 300 Email: Website: Seed manufacturers/suppliers KWS UK – the plant breeders who are breeding specialist varieties specifically for biogas. Growers anywhere across the UK can be assured that whatever KWS UK variety they select, it has been developed using the same professional competencies applied across all our breeding programmes. In the UK, there is a particular focus on energy maize, energy beet and energy rye. All these species offer particular benefits to AD operators in maximising methane yields per hectare.

Specialist Design & Build Contractor

• • • • • •

Glass-Fused-To-Steel Tanks Epoxy Coated Steel Tanks Stainless Steel Tanks BIODOME® Double Membrane Gas Holders Access Steelwork & All Ancillary Items In-house Engineering, Project Management & Construction

+44 (0) 1282 677966 | |


MEMBER PROFILES | 59 Lancaster Environment Centre

Lincolnshire County Council

Lancaster University Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster LA1 4YQ, UK Website:

Unit 7, Witham Park House, Waterside South, Lincoln LN5 7JN, UK Email:

The Lancaster Environment Centre (LEC) is the largest single academic department within Lancaster University and spans the physical, biological and social environmental sciences. A total of £35 million in capital investment since 2004 has provided LEC with state‑of‑the‑art controlled environment facilities, specialised laboratories and cutting‑edge equipment to allow integrative studies of terrestrial, aquatic and atmospheric systems.

Government/local government/RDA In collaboration with a range of stakeholders across the county we aim to support anaerobic digestion as an appropriate solution for Lincolnshire; promote the use of appropriate organic feedstocks; and recognise the role of anaerobic digestion in reducing carbon emissions. Currently working on the possibilities of using low impact, high density feedstocks in anaerobic digestion.

Linton & Robinson Environmental

Landia UK Ltd Waymills Industrial Estate, Whitchurch SY13 1TT, UK Tel: 01948 661 200 Email: Website: Contact: Hugh Vaughan, Director Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers Specialised manufacturers of superior equipment for the anaerobic digestion industry, which includes the famous gas enhancing Landia GasMix digester mixing system. With no internal moving parts and externally mounted equipment installed in a way to elevate all H & S issues. Coupled to the Landia chopper pump and operated as per the University paper, has seen methane increases of up to 13 per cent. Contact Landia UK Ltd for your specialist biogas advice.

Libertine FPE Link Hall, Wheldrake Lane, Crockey Hill, York YO19 4SQ, UK Email: Website: Contact: Sam Cockerill, Chief Executive Officer CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • ORC manufacturers/suppliers • Engineering consultants • Other: Electrical power generation systems Libertine makes efficient linear electrical machines and free piston gas expander systems for small scale ORC waste heat recovery and biogas free piston engine (FPE) applications. Libertine supplies linear expander hardware, development services and simulation tools for research and application development, and licenses IP to industrial OEMs to develop products that make use of Libertine’s innovative technology and bring these products to market.

Unit 20 Orchard Road, Strabane, Northern Ireland BT82 9FR, UK Email: Website: Contact: Jason Smyth, Sales Manager AD contractors • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Tank manufacturers/ suppliers At Linton & Robinson Environmental we specialise in the supply installation and maintenance of waste management systems, slurry solutions and renewable energy products. As slurry solution providers we can offer a varied range of slurry management products ranging from foil lined lagoons, gas collection domes, tensioned and floating covers, permastore tanks, lined foil silos and the Rotoscreen Slurry Separator. We also have our own patented ASBS System offering leading technology in slurry aeration mixing.

Little Green Consulting 4 Little Green Close Gislingham, Eye IP23 8JQ, UK Tel: 01037 978 3918 Email: Website: Contact: Kit Wells, Managing Director Environmental consultants • Planning consultants • Rural business consultants • Training consultants • Food and drink industry An environmental consultancy specialising in Environmental Management, Planning and Permitting. Specialising in anaerobic digestion projects, but with wide experience of Management Systems including ISO14001 and environmental permitting for the waste industry.






Low Emission Strategies (LES)

Kroghusvej 7, DK-6940 Hojmark, Lem St., Denmark Tel: +45 97 34 32 00 Email: Website:

12th Floor, Riverside House West, Woolwich High Street, Woolwich, London SE18 3PF, UK Website:

Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers High quality and innovative technology and components for biogas plants. LJM provide mixers and flowmakers for handling slurry and fluids from agriculture, wastewater treatment and BIOGAS plants. Since establishment in 1964, LJM has become a specialist within slurry handling and later on has developed a range of mixers and flowmakers for the WWTP and biogas plants. Simultaneously LJM is one of the leading companies in the development of hydraulic cylinders.

Local Generation Wisbech Road, Westry, March, Cambridgeshire PE15 0BA, UK Tel: 07808 106 752 Email: Website: Contact: Lee Dobinson, Commercial Manager Food waste operators • Design and build consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants Operating since 2011, Local Generation in March, Cambridgeshire now processes over 40,000T of commercial, industrial and local authority waste every year. We provide a quick turnaround of vehicles and fully auditable Secure Destruction Certification. Our flexible front‑end processing allows us to effectively manage wheelie bin operations as well as a full range of palletised products. Agreements with other AD facilities allow us to handle national contracts and provide a contingency route for spikes in demand.

Locogen 5 Mitchell House, Mitchell Street, 5 Mitchell Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH6 7BD, UK Tel: United Kingdom Email: Website: Contact: Kirstin Barr, Marketing Manager AD contractors • Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Mixed farm • Power purchase agreement suppliers Locogen is a multidisciplinary renewable energy consultancy and developer operating across a range of renewable energy technologies: wind, solar, hydro, anaerobic digestion, biomass. We support and manage your project throughout the development, construction and then the asset management of your site ensuring optimum performance. Our extensive experience in renewable energy has led to our highly skilled team successfully delivering multiple AD and Biomass sites across the UK. Please get in touch to discuss your project.


Provides bespoke consultancy to public and private sector organisations seeking to develop and implement low emission strategies to reduce road transport emissions through an innovative, integrated strategy approach, capable of delivering economic advantage. Extensive experience in developing UK and international gas and biomethane vehicle and infrastructure market through the design and delivery of both supply and demand side policy mechanisms. Andrew Whittles chairs the ADBA Transport Working Group.

Lukeneder Lindenplatz 2, D-08058 Zwickau, Germany Tel: 020 3151 0883 Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biological optimisations • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers To prevent the problems associated with hydrogen sulphide and ammonia in the AD process, Lukeneder has developed Deuto‑Clear® Sulfo. This is a ready‑to‑use solution containing metal salts and trace elements that remove these compounds from the gas by binding them in the digestate. Deuto‑Clear® Sulfo also adds nutritious trace elements and minerals to produce a healthy and productive environment for anaerobic bacteria. It is trusted by over 200 biogas plants throughout Europe.

Lycetts Insurance Brokers Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1PP, UK Tel: 01912 321 151 Email: Website: Contact: Colin Sadler, Director Insurers Lycetts is the country’s leading rural insurance broker. We can offer an exclusive bespoke insurance policy for all renewable energy projects including AD plants, wind, biogas and solar PV.

M Power World Elvingston Science Centre, Tranent, Haddington, Scotland EH33 1EH, UK

MEMBER PROFILES | 61 Maclay Murray & Spens (MMS)

Malaby Biogas

One London Wall, London EC2Y 5AB, UK Email: Website: Contact: David Cruickshank, Partner

Bore Hill Farm Biodigester Deverill Road, Warminster, Wiltshire BA12 8BD, UK Tel: 01985 216 976 Website: Contact: Thomas Minter, Director

MMS LLP is a leading UK law firm with a significant UK, European and international client base. Our Renewable Energy Group acts for a diverse range of clients in the renewable energy sector and is increasingly involved in advising on projects in the AD sector. We recognise that each transaction is unique and our focus is on working closely with clients to provide effective value‑added legal representation with a sound commercial approach.

Major Equipment Ltd Major Ind. Estate, Middleton Road, Heysham, Lancs LA3 3JJ, UK Tel: 01524 850 501 Email: Website: Contact: Eoin Murphy, General Manager

Food waste developers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Food waste operators • Air quality consultants • Process consultants Malaby Biogas owns and operates the Bore Hill Farm Biodigester AD plant in Wiltshire. The on‑site visitors centre provides a venue for group tours and events. Malaby also offers client side advisory service at all stages of development: planning, technology assessment, installation, commissioning and operations. Practical operational and optimisation consultancy. Unique management and operational experience provided for AD start ups. Cost‑effective odour management and control systems. Practical, no‑nonsense advice. Safe optimisation and flexibility.

Malmberg Water AB G:a Byvagen 41, SE-296 85 Ahus, Sweden Tel: 07814 201 797 Email: Website: Contact: Jon Harris, UK Manager

Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Major Equipment Ltd is the leading UK supplier of tandem axle slurry tankers for industrial use to biogas plants. MAJOR tankers are supplied galvanised as standard to withstand the harsh working environment. The R&D team at MAJOR can custom design a tanker to suit specific specifications. Capacities are available from 2000 gallons (9647 litres) to 4000 gallons (18513 litres). To keep you moving, our spares parts department dispatches orders for next‑day delivery from Heysham.

Malmberg are a global market and technology leader in the field of cleantech. Malmberg Biogas manufacture and supply machines for the upgrading of biogas to biomethane. The Malmberg COMPACT® machine platform provides a range of sizes suited to upgrading biogas volumes ranging from 100 to 3000 Nm3/hr. With 15 years application experience, Malmberg are well equipped to supply machines or full turnkey projects for the production of biomethane for vehicle fuel or gas to grid.

Manor Farm Guildford Road, Wotton RH5 6QF, UK





Marches Biogas


Unit 4, Lower Barns Business Park, Ludlow, Shropshire SY8 4DS, UK Tel: 01584 879 666 Email: Website: Contact: Andy Bateman, Sales Manager

Unit B, Copley Hill Trading Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds LS12 1HE, UK Email: Website: Contact: Shaun Flynn, BDM

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biological optimisations • Process consultants • Laboratory testing services • Other: Gas mixing manufacturers/suppliers Marches Biogas Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of anaerobic digestion solutions for agriculture and industry. We are a true UK‑based supplier with in‑house design, manufacture, build and commissioning backed up by ‘Peace of Mind’ mechanical and biological process optimisation support. Marches Biogas brings together more than 100 years of AD innovation and process knowledge and has a proven record of project delivery and plant performance. Marches Biogas AD technology is robust, reliable and safe.

Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Finance Meltog are a UK based manufacturer of food waste de‑packaging systems, shredders and de‑watering systems.

Merrivale Energy Ltd Merrivale Farm, Frog Lane, Plungar NG13 0JE, UK Contact: Paul Chatterton, Managing Director Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Arable farm On‑farm AD plant producing electricity and heat from a CHP engine.

Mavitec Green Energy Galileistraat 20, NL-1704 SE Heerhugowaard, Noord Holland, Netherlands Tel: +31 725 745 988 Email: Website: Contact: Erik Ringeling, Sales Engineer Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Waste/recycling industry Engineering, delivering and installing equipment for the unpacking of (semi) wet/dry co‑products, kerbside waste/brown bin waste handling, melting of fats/yellow grease, size reduction of agricultural co‑products and sterilisation/pasteurisation in the most simple, efficient and cost‑effective way – that is what drives the success of Mavitec Green Energy. Mavitec is a process technology company active in the food recycling industry. We provide solutions customised to the needs of our clients.

Melbury Bioenergy

Metamo Process Technology Ltd The Old Rectory, Springhead Road, Northfleet, Kent DA11 8HN, UK Tel: 01474 338 834 Email: Website: Contact: Raimund Selz, Managing Director AD contractors • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Process consultants Benefit from our process and engineering expertise to design, install, support and run best‑in‑class AD systems in all sizes from small commercial to industrial. With Metamo’s help you can have a solution for every step of the process from de‑packaging or separation of waste, substrate de‑gritting, efficient and controllable digestion as well as energy generation, right through to digestate de‑watering and purification of liquid. All designed to extract the maximum value from organic waste.

The Estate Office, Melbury Sampford, Dorchester DT2 0LF, UK

Melrose Pigs Ltd Melrose Farm Melbourne, York YO42 4SS, UK

Mid Coul Culblair Farm Office, Dalcross, Inverness IV2 7JJ, UK Farmers and growers of arable and vegetable crops.

Miles Smith Insurance Solutions 6th Floor, One America Square, 17 Crosswall, London EC3N 2LB, UK Tel: 020 7977 4800 Insurers



MSE Hiller / MSE Systems

105 Piccadilly, London W1J 7NJ, UK Tel: 07768 848 923 / +33 7 82 47 53 49 Email: Website: Contact: Ashton Shuttleworth, Consultant Director

Harper Way, Markham Vale, Chesterfield, Derbyshire S44 5JX, UK Tel: 01246 861 166 Email: Website: / Contact: Huw Thomas, Director

Energy consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants • Grid connection consultants • Finance • Power purchase agreement suppliers We are a boutique energy business with a focus on the following aspects of renewable energy: Anaerobic digestion; solar; hydro; wind; PPA/GPA; consultancy. Due to the size and nature of the business we are able to offer both a dedicated and bespoke service to generators or consumers, to best meet their requirements and we act as a service point between them and their energy issues which allows them to focus on core activities.

Monostore Carlsonstraat 17, NL-8263 CA Kampen, Netherlands Tel: 0330 808 0021 Email: Website: Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers Monostore is specialist tank installer since 1985 using their own unique construction method. Designs and builds a range of reinforced in situ concrete tanks and digesters up to 20m height for Municipal, Industrial and Agriculture projects. Diameter up to 50m. Monostore also offers double membrane covers and gasholders. If required Monostore can include for protection liners, tank insulation and cladding, and a whole range of ancillaries.

Wastewater developers • Dewatering equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/ suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Pasteurisation/hygienisation plants • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/ suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Wastewater operators • Water and wastewater companies • Waste/ recycling industry MSE supply digestate dewatering and digestate treatment systems to the AD and biogas industries. Capacities from 1 to 300 m3/hr can be dealt with and the waste water can often be recycled or re‑used. Hiller dewatering centrifuges, Smicon MAS screen filters and depackaging systems, Micro Filtration MF, Reverse Osmosis RO and Mitsubishi Membrane Bioreactor Systems MBR are all available for a modern and cost effective approach to AD digestate treatment. Call 01246 861 166, or email /

Muntons PLC Cedars Maltings, Stowmarket IP14 2AG, UK Tel: 01449 618 300 Email: Website: Contact: Ryland Cairns, Environment Manager Muntons make malt and a wide variety of malted ingredients which are sold to over 60 countries globally. These products are used in beer and whisky production but also importantly in a host of food products from malt vinegar to chocolate confectionery. It is the residue from the barley and malt extract production processes which form the high COD wastewater for the AD plant. This makes Muntons a little unique as all of the products used in their AD plant are totally traceable and food safe.

N.G. Bailey Energy Centre Arla Foods Ltd Aylesbury Dairy College Road North Aston Clinton, Aylesbury HP22 5EZ, UK



64 | MEMBER PROFILES National Farmers Union (NFU)


Agriculture House, Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 2TZ, UK Tel: 024 7685 8500 Email: Website: Trade/professional bodies The NFU champions British farming and provides professional representation and services to its farmer and grower members. It is the largest farming organisation in the UK providing a strong, respected and independent voice for the industry. Its head office is in Warwickshire but it also has offices in London, Brussels, Wales, all the English regions and a unique network of local offices and advisers to support the needs of its members locally, nationally and internationally.

National Grid Warwick Technology Park Gallows Hill, Hinckley LE10 0NA, UK National Grid owns and manages the grids to which many different energy sources are connected. National Grid’s job is to connect people to the energy they use, safely. We are at the heart of one of the greatest challenges facing our society – delivering clean energy to support our world long into the future. We work with all our stakeholders to promote the development and implementation of sustainable, innovative and affordable energy solutions.

Nethy Energy 14-16 Regent Street, London W1W 7PT, UK Nethy Energy consults on anaerobic digestion and offers development/project management services, as well as constructing anaerobic digestion plants up to 1 MW.

NETZSCH Pumps Horchester, Holywell, Dorchester, Dorset DT2 0LL, UK Tel: 01935 483 900 Email: Website: Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Livestock farm • Food and drink industry • Water and wastewater companies • Waste/recycling industry For over 60 years, NETZSCH have been manufacturing and supplying pumps designed specifically for difficult pumping situations worldwide. Our product range now includes NEMO® progressing cavity pumps, TORNADO® rotary lobe pumps, NOTOS® multi screw pumps, M‑OVAS macerators/grinders, barrel‑emptying and dosing equipment. NETZSCH also provides a full after sales service, offering support and consultancy for any technical enquiry regarding our energy efficient pumps and spare parts. Please contact our UK office for further details.

New Generation Biogas (NGB) 7-11 Paragon Units, Ford Road, Totnes Industrial Estate, Totnes, Devon TQ9 5LQ, UK Tel: 01803 866 607 Email: Website: Contact: Stirling Paatz, Director Farm waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biological optimisations • Process consultants New Generation Biogas designs, manufactures, installs and supports the Archemax® High Throughput Anaerobic Digestion system. This multi‑stage thermophilic process uses advanced microbial management techniques with state of the art industrial control and manufacturing techniques to maximise the biogas yields from a wide variety of substrates, with a particular emphasis on agricultural residues. The compact footprint of Archemax enables on‑farm installation, minimising feedstock transport and maximising on site availability of all electrical and thermal energy output.


MEMBER PROFILES | 65 Northey Technologies Ltd

NEWeco tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH Leisederstraße 4, D-84453 Mühldorf a. Inn, Germany Tel: +49 8631 1854 90 Email: Website: Contact: Kristina Leberfinger Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Other: Digestate and biomass drying technology State‑of‑the‑art belt drying technology for drying digestate and other biomass materials effectively and efficiently to optimise and add value to RHI projects. NEWtainer® dryers are integrated into standard sea containers, providing a portable, weather proof, ‘plug and play’ solution, tested in factory prior to dispatch with minimal on site assembly and commissioning. Applications include digestate drying (separated and un‑separated), wood chips/shavings, cereals/oilseeds, brewers grains, pellet production and preconditioning as well as municipal waste water treatments.

Nijhuis H2OK Nanjerrick Court, Allet, Truro, Cornwall TR4 9DJ, UK Tel: 0333 700 0007 Email: Website: Contact: Brian Scheffe, Head of AD Biogas & Industrial Effluent Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Food waste operators

Nortech House, Dawkins Road Industrial Estate, Poole, Dorset BH15 4JY, UK Tel: 01202 668 732 Email: Website: Contact: Peter Plant, UK Sales Manager Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Compressors and blower manufacturers/ suppliers Northey Technologies Ltd specialises in the development, design and manufacture of dry, oil‑free rotary compressors, vacuum pumps and package sets, supplied worldwide to the utility and process industries. In the water industry the Northey ‘Hook & Claw’ oil free gas compressor has a reputation for long life, minimal maintenance and low costs. With an enviable reputation gained from over 60 years of experience, Northey continues to deliver high quality machines combining excellent design and workmanship.

Northumbrian Water Boldon House, Wheatlands Way, Pity Me, Durham DH1 5FA, UK Tel: 0845 717 1100 Email: Website: Contact: Donna Rawlinson, PPP Commercial Manager Water and wastewater companies In addition to providing clean water, we also treat wastewater in a sustainable way that renewable energy is maximised and the environment protected. We’re developing sustainable solutions for food and farm waste AD, including the associated plant operation and maintenance, building on our commercial operation and maintenance capability. We’re the only UK water company to convert 100 per cent of our sewage sludge into renewable power, utilising advanced anaerobic digestion with CHPs and gas to grid technologies.

Nijhuis H2OK specialises in waste to value solutions, industrial effluent, biogas and digestate treatment with a complete design, build, maintain and operate capability. Nijhuis H2OK’s in‑house design, consultancy and project management services provide sustainable innovative solutions across a variety of industries with particular focus on the food and beverage market. Active worldwide, Nijhuis Industries has offices in the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, China, Indonesia, Singapore, the United States, Colombia and Canada with references across 50 countries.

North Coast Energy 141 Atlantic Rd, Portrush, UK





NRM Laboratories

NVP Energy

Coopers Bridge, Braziers Lane, Bracknell RG42 6NS, UK Tel: 01344 886 338 Email: Website: Contact: Duncan Rose, Business Development Manager

Galway Technology Centre, Mervue Business Park, Galway, Ireland Tel: +353 87 667 7007 Email: Website: Contact: Michael Murray, Managing Director

Laboratory testing services NRM has the analytical capability to access, quantify, evaluate and appraise all aspects of water, soil, manures, fertilisers and plant tissue. This, combined with expertise in the analysis of composted waste, anaerobic digestate, effluents and renewables makes NRM the UK’s foremost independent accredited laboratory for the land‑based and related sectors. In the AD sector, NRM provides analyses for feedstock, process optimisation and digestate to land. NRM is the REA appointed laboratory for PAS 110 digestate analysis.

Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Wastewater operators • Design and build consultants • Food and drink industry • Water and wastewater companies NVP Energy is a Cleantech company that has developed a unique high‑rate low temperature anaerobic digestion (Lt‑AD) technology that cleans wastewater whilst recovering valuable biogas that is 100 per cent available for reuse. It is an award‑winning energy‑positive and carbon‑neutral low strength wastewater treatment technology that turns wastewater treatment from being an operational cost into a new revenue stream for our customers in the global food and drink and municipal wastewater markets. See for more information.

Nviro House, 8 King Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire ST5 1EL, UK Tel: 01782 712 224 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Davies, Managing Director Business development consultants • Health and safety consultants • Project management consultants • Finance • Insurers Independent commercial insurance brokers specialising in arranging cover for businesses involved in the AD sector and its supply chain. We are able to provide cover for any type of AD or biogas/biomass plant from the planning stage, through the construction period and throughout the operational stage. We access the whole of the insurance market and we work for you, the client, in providing cost‑effective cover backed up by a first‑class claims service.

Sound science for Organics Recycling • • • •

Process optimisation analysis Rapid results on key parameters Feedstock suitability testing ABPR pathogen testing

• Waste/soil analysis for EA deployments • BMP analysis for AD feedstocks • Investigative analysis

For more information visit or contact: Sean Stevenson – 01344 898467 – Duncan Rose – 01344 898467 –



PAS110 Approved Testing Laboratory

NRM quality assured analysis • PAS100 & PAS110 appointed laboratory • British standard topsoil analysis to BS3882:2015 • UKAS Accredited Laboratory

Divisions of Cawood Scientific Ltd





The Solaris Centre, South Promenade, Blackpool, Lancashire FY4 1RW, UK Tel: 01253 209 000 Email: Website: Contact: Cian O’Donnell, Renewable Energy Consultant

Northampton Road, Blisworth, Northampton NN7 3DR, UK Tel: 01604 857 030 Email: Website:

Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants As an integrated energy management consultancy, Octego delivers analytical and engineering advisory services to agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. From due diligence to energy procurement, compliance services, energy efficiency and renewable generation, we offer a holistic approach to reducing energy costs and maximising returns for our clients. Offering a dedicated service which always puts our clients first, our mission is to help generators optimise the financial benefit of their investments.

Odournet UK 5 St Margaret’s Street, Bradford on Avon BA15 1DA, UK Tel: 01225 868 869 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Ottley, Senior consultant

CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Food waste operators • Food and drink industry • Waste/recycling industry • Other: Renewable energy provider Olleco is an industry acclaimed resource recovery business offering innovative solutions for the conversion of used cooking oil and food waste. The completion of Olleco’s state‑of‑the‑art recycling facility means that their customers can fuel their distribution fleets on biodiesel that saves over 95 per cent greenhouse gas emissions. For its commitment to being more than just a waste company, Olleco was announced the winner of the Guardian’s Waste Innovation Award 2015 and several other industry recognised accolades.

OMB Technology Ltd Stockdale House, 8 Victoria Road, Headingley, Leeds LS6 1PF, UK

Air quality consultants • Environmental consultants • Other: Odour consultants Odournet UK Ltd is the UK’s only specialist environmental odour consultancy. We are recognised experts with a history of assisting AD and organic waste operators to quantify, manage and minimise odour generation and impact risk. Our services have enabled numerous AD/ biogas developers to successfully discharge odour‑related aspects of planning/permitting conditions. Our unique library of reference odour emission rates for odour sources at AD facilities enables us to generate realistic and informed odour assessments.

OMEX Environmental Ltd Estuary Road, Riverside Industrial Estate, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2HH, UK Tel: 01553 770 092 Email: Website: Contact: Stephen Lane, Technical Sales Executive Biological optimisations • Chemical manufacturers OMEX’s innovations in micronutrients for AD have led to the development of a range of bio‑available micronutrient supplements that have improved efficiency in several AD facilities worldwide. OMEX will assess a plant’s requirement by the analysis of its feed and digestate in their laboratories. They will then produce a TEA, Trace Element Additive, solution, which can be tailor‑made to treat a plant’s individual requirements, in a form which is fully bio‑available in anaerobic conditions.


68 | MEMBER PROFILES Oranmore Environmental Services Limited


Rawfolds Way, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire BD19 5LH, UK Tel: 0330 111 0007 Email: Website: Contact: Tom McGrath, Managing Director Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Chemical manufacturers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers • Wastewater operators • Food and drink industry Oranmore Environmental Services provides specialist solutions to the water, construction, manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, petrochemical and gas industries. We deliver an extremely high standard of work offering minimum downtime and disruption to our clients. Oranmore stands for quality, innovation, value for money and excellent customer experience. Our services include but are not limited to: specialist coatings, structural rehabilitation, infiltration engineering, ground stabilisation, high pressure jetting, cctv surveys, drain and no dig repairs, tank/vessel cleaning and vacuumation.

Orbital UK Cold Meece, Stone ST15 0QN, UK

Organic Power – Biomethane Ltd Gould’s House, Horsington, Wincanton, Somerset BA8 0EW, UK Tel: 01963 370 100 Email: Website: Contact: Christopher Maltin, Director Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Environmental consultants • Gas conversion technologies • Vehicle fuel distributors Our executive chairman and director of Biomethane Ltd, Christopher Maltin, has been in the clean fuels business all his working life and the Organic Power team have a wealth of experience in designing and building plant and equipment to produce renewable methane and carbon dioxide gases, together with clean fertilisers from organic ‘waste’ materials. We maintain that biomethane is the world’s most environmentally friendly fuel and build gas vehicle refuelling stations and gas powered vehicles.

Organic Resource Agency (ORA) Malvern Hills Science Park, Geraldine Road, Malvern WR14 3SZ, UK Tel: 01684 585 423 Email: Website: Contact: Sara McCollum, Administration Manager Design and build consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants ORA provides independent support on the development and operation of AD facilities. ORA’s services to private and public sectors include: technical due diligence; identification and quantification of available feedstocks; concept development; commercial advice on CAPEX, OPEX, grants, subsidies, revenues and profitability; support on bidding processes (client and contractor); regulatory compliance, eg planning, environmental permitting, ABPR, PAS 110; troubleshooting, process optimisation and the use of end products – CHP, biomethane to grid/ transport fuel and digestate.

Osborne Clarke 2 Temple Back East, Temple Quay, Bristol BS1 6EG, UK Website: Contact: Dan Wright, Head of Waste and Bioenergy Lawyers Osborne Clarke is an international law firm with a dedicated sector focus on the waste and bioenergy industry. Our experienced AD team regularly advise on all aspects of AD projects, including EPC, O&M, fuel supply, digestate offtake, gas network entry, finance, power offtake, renewables incentives, environment, tax, corporate, real estate and planning. We work with a broad range of clients in the sector including developers, funders and FM companies.

PDB Bio Ltd Forsyth House Cromac Square, Belfast BT2 8LA, UK Website: Contact: Dr Peter Barrett, Managing Director Business development consultants • Design and build consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants Providing professional services to the agricultural, environmental and bioresources sectors. Experienced in AD plant design, construction and operation. Independent AD services including third party validation, technical assessment, feasibility and project development studies, project management, plant commissioning, process and operation, feedstock planning and agronomy including analysis and biological additives.


MEMBER PROFILES | 69 Pegasus Group Ltd

Plusterwine Biogas

Pavilion Court, Green Lane, Garforth, Leeds LS25 2AF, UK Tel: 0113 287 8200 Email: Website: Contact: Chris Calvert, Director

Plusterwine House, Woolaston, Blakeney GL15 6PN, UK

Planning consultants • Other: Landscape design Pegasus Group offers a comprehensive service for all aspects of planning, environmental and landscape design within the anaerobic digestion and biomass sector. Our teams have considerable experience in a wide range and scale of schemes throughout the UK and can assist from conception through to development. Pegasus Group is very proud to have won the award for Best Supporting Service Provider at the AD & Biogas Awards in 2015.

Plandescil Ltd Connaught Road, Attleborough NR17 2BW, UK Tel: 01953 452 001 Email: Website: Contact: Oliver Jones, Project Engineer Design and build consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Planning consultants • Project management consultants Civil, structural and environmental consulting engineers and surveyors. We have been involved in the design and delivery of commercial and agricultural biogas and waste to energy projects throughout the UK. We have extensive experience in preparing topographical surveys, civil and structural engineering designs, preparing tender packages, environmental reports, management of planning applications and civil construction packages.

PlanET Biogas UK Ltd Sugarswell Business Park, Shenington, Banbury OX15 6HW, UK Tel: 01295 688 427 Email: Website: Contact: Roland Dieler, Sales Consultant

Prism Planning 1st Floor, 11 High Row, Darlington, Co Durham DL3 7QQ, UK Tel: 01325 740 610 Email: Website: Contact: Steve Barker, Managing Director Planning consultants We are a north east planning consultancy specialising in rural planning and anaerobic digestion. As a way of generating renewable energy from a variety of resources, anaerobic digestion will surely be one of the most sustainable and environmentally sound ways of helping to generate electricity. We have dealt with a range of applications from relatively small farm‑based schemes of around 200 kW through to much larger commercial operations taking in food waste and other matter.

PRM Waste Systems Ltd Unit 5, Monument View, Summerfield Avenue, Chelston Business Park, Wellington, Somerset TA21 9ND, UK Tel: 01823 665 541 Email: Website: Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Waste/recycling industry PRM Waste Systems is a specialist in the supply of equipment to the AD, waste and recycling industries. Our key equipment includes: depackaging food waste with Runi, dewatering organic material with Vincent and preparing fuel crops with the Andritz QZ. PRM provides equipment that will pay for itself through reduction in waste disposal costs (trials have typically demonstrated a reduction in weight by 50 per cent) and increasing additional, valuable feedstock for your plant.

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Electricity • Gases • Design and build consultants Our core competences are the design, construction and service of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and its components such as the PlanET Vario solid feedstock charging system and its equivalent for liquid feedstock, the PlanET Vario eco flow. Futhermore, our portfolio covers agitating systems, double-membrane roof construction and desulphurisation (PlanET eco cover), several maceration systems, substrate technology, automation and monitoring.



70 | MEMBER PROFILES Purac Puregas Ltd


PROjEN Limited PROjEN House, Wellfield Road, Preston Brook, Runcorn WA7 3AZ, UK Tel: 01928 752 500 Email: Website: Contact: Terence Brownhill, Business Development Manager Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biological optimisations • Design and build consultants • Process consultants • Other: EPC/ EPCM contractors PROjEN is part of the CAPITA group and has 37 years’ experience in the design, delivery and commissioning of bioprocess plants including AD, biodiesel and thermal treatment solutions. Our bioenergy division provides bespoke process engineering services for both industrial and farm scale AD alongside a host of standalone services including gas to grid solutions, owners engineering services, technical due diligence, feasibility studies, health and safety support, DSEAR and other legislative advice. Biological optimisation and commissioning.

Protego UK Studio 1 Europa House, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS14 9TZ, UK Tel: 01543 620 660 Email: Website: Contact: Brad Luckman, UK Sales Manager Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/stockists • Other: Flame arresters Protego UK is the leading supplier of flame arresters and pressure vacuum relief valves to the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry. We have devices specially designed for digester applications including our UB/SF endurance burn proof flame arrester and breather valve. We also have a range of flame arresters which includes easy maintenance designs and type approved for high operating pressures and temperatures.


Business and Innovation Centre, Enterprise Park East, Sunderland SR5 2TA, UK Tel: 01915 166 662 Email: Website: Contact: Mark Storey, Sales and Marketing Manager Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Grid connection consultants • Gas pump/biomethane compression equipment suppliers Purac Puregas delivers turnkey solutions for biogas upgrading. Our unique CApure process recovers >99.9 per cent of the available methane in raw biogas, maximising biomethane yield and customer revenues with very low operational costs, whether for gas grid injection or vehicle fuelling. ‘Purac Puregas work in partnership with our customers to ensure our fully integrated upgrading solutions provide the highest revenues possible and maximise returns’ – Jan Molin, Managing Director.

Qila Energy Royal Institution of Great Britain, 21 Albemarle Street, London W1S 4BS, UK Tel: 020 3603 3016 Email: Website: Contact: Ruby Jones, Partner Crops developers • Farm waste developers Qila Energy is the UK’s leading biogas engineering company, with 12 AD plants installed over the last two years and a further eight to be completed by December 2015. We can offer full funding for projects, so there’s no need to use your farm as financial security. Farmers are paid rent, feedstock fees and an operator salary. Government schemes are being cut back, but we are still taking projects if you can act now.

MEMBER PROFILES | 71 R & M Walsh Ltd 22 Bridle Path, Ash Bank, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire ST2 9EG, UK Tel: 01782 858 769 Email: Website: Contact: Richard Walsh, Director CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Insulation manufacturers/ suppliers/installers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/stockists • Waste/recycling industry We are an independent company specialising in the supply of gas engine ignition systems and parts. We also carry out servicing and repair of ignition systems for industrial spark ignited engines from manufacturers such as Jenbacher, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, Ruston, Waukesha, MAN and Perkins. We are distributors for Altronic, Denso, Champion, Beru, Bosch, Stitt, Auburn, BG Services, Exline, Kenco and others. We are also the sole representative for Hatraco BV. All enquiries welcome.

R & T Cantrill

Rapid Accommodation Willow Lakes, Barton Street, Ashby Cum Fenby, Grimsby, Lincolnshire DN37 0RU, UK Tel: 01652 656 859 Email: Website: Contact: Linda Anderson-Smith, Contracts Director Other: Accommodation sourcing and accommodation provider If you’re spending too much time and money hunting for the right accommodation, we can help. Rapid Accommodation sources stays all across the UK; saving you time and money. Our team source the very best accommodation to suit your needs, giving you the time to focus on what’s important to your business. Not only that, we back you up with 24/7 support. So when you head home, you know your teams are in good hands.

Upper House Farm, Upton Cressett, Bridgnorth WV16 6UH, UK

RAW Energy Ramboll Energy Harwell Innovation Centre, B173 Curie Avenue, Harwell, Didcot, Oxford OX11 0QG, UK Tel: 07870 810 859 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Milsted, Principal Consultant Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants Ramboll is a full service international consultancy to the sustainable economy. Our experts provide developer, owner’s engineer, lender’s engineer, independent certifier, inspector and auditor services to the AD and biogas sector. Experienced in many technologies, we provide independent services from project feasibility to operations and maintenance. Our specialist knowledge of process design, plant design, project management, biogas upgrade, transport fuels, energy efficiency, risk, safety and heat‑use supports all aspects of AD and biogas projects.

Taylers Farmhouse, Adlsworth, Gloucestershire GL53 3QX, UK Tel: 01451 844 148 Email: Website: Contact: Stuart Homewood, Finance • Other: Project developers RAW Energy is the parent company of RAW Biogas. RAW Biogas has the rights to develop a number of AD projects, specifically for the injection of biomethane into the national gas grid. RAW Biogas oversees the whole project life cycle from site evaluation, through planning and on to construction and operation. RAW Biogas provides the financial expertise and project management experience required to manage each of the sites for the long-term benefit of all involved.





RBT Solutions LLP

Reliant Installations

8 Johson Grove, Middleton, Manchester M24 4BF, UK

Station Yard, Church Street, Gargrave, Skipton BD23 3TE, UK

Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Health and safety consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants

The foremost distributors and installers of the Permastore range of storage tanks, effluent tanks and digesters for aerobic and anaerobic systems, particularly those tanks in the food waste and biogas sectors. All facets of civils work and associated works can be included to provide a complete package from the ground up to completion. Reliant has an outstanding track record in the industry, which gives us unrivalled experience in service, repair and replacement of all steel tanks.

RBT Solutions is an environmental engineering consultancy operating mainly in the waste and construction industry. We are a multi‑discipline consultancy offering a wide range of professional services that cover the full life cycle of an anaerobic digestion and biogas facility from initial concept and feasibility, through permitting, design, and implementation, to commissioning and operational activities. We provide consultancy services to turnkey plant providers, developers, plant manufacturers, design and build contractors, installation companies, and operators.

Reaseheath College Nantwich CW5 6DF, UK Reaseheath College operates a small‑scale, 50 kW on‑farm demonstration anaerobic digestion plant, which received funding through RDPE and the NWDA. The remit of the project is to support the development of on‑farm AD in the UK by providing data and practical knowledge to industry as well as hosting plant tours, skills workshops and bespoke corporate training. Further research is being conducted into the on‑farm utilisation of AD outputs (electricity, heat and digestate).

Red Kite Management Mill Cottage, Whitty Tree, Craven Arms, Shropshire SY7 9BG, UK Tel: 01584 856 918 Email: Website: Contact: Will Llewellyn, Director Engineering consultants • Gas conversion technologies • Gas pump/ biomethane compression equipment suppliers • Other: Biomethane for transport Red Kite Management offers consultancy and project management services to AD asset owners to troubleshoot and integrate equipment onto new or existing AD facilities. We are specialists in biomethane for transport with a proven delivery record. We offer turnkey biogas upgrade, compression, storage and infrastructure solutions and methane‑fuelled vehicles via an extensive network of expert equipment suppliers. If you are thinking about biomethane as a transport fuel, call us today.


Resource & Environmental Consultants Osprey House, Pacific Quay, Broadway, Manchester M50 2UE, UK Tel: 0161 868 1300 Email: Website: Contact: Emma Prendergast, Marketing Air quality consultants • Environmental consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants • Laboratory testing services • Other: Emissions monitoring REC is a multi‑disciplinary environmental consultancy offering expertise in the built and natural environment, both nationally and internationally. Offering seamless advice, we assess and mitigate potential environmental risks in order to develop integrated services for a range of clients. Our capabilities extend to, but are not limited to, full asbestos consultancy services, contaminated land investigation and remediation, geotechnical design and assessment, ecology, acoustics, air quality impact assessments, stack emissions monitoring and workplace monitoring assessments.

revis bioenergy GmbH Lippstaedter Strasse 42, D-48155 Muenster, NRW, Germany Tel: +49 2516 0984 50 Email: Website: Contact: Benjamin Franke, Leiter Energiedienstleistungen Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Planning consultants • Other: Biomethane We are a general contractor of biogas plants with the focus on large‑scale and industrial plants. Our systems combine high efficiency and high quality for the benefit of our customers. Our service includes the operation of biogas plants based on our technology. We are acting with long-term experience as an operator of complete plants. As an investor in biogas plants we perfectly know the needs of all stakeholders.

MEMBER PROFILES | 73 Roadgas Ltd

Rodney J Moore Construction Service

Road 7, Colwick Industrial Estate, Colwick, Nottingham NG4 2JW, UK Tel: 0115 822 5530 Email: Website: Contact: Jon Harman, Manager

223 Ballyrobert Road, Ballyclare, Northern Ireland BT39 9RL, UK Email: Contact: Rodney Moore, Director

Gas storage equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Gas pump/ biomethane compression equipment suppliers • Other: Gas refuelling stations

All aspects of construction management from conception to completion, specialising in delivering farm based and waste AD plants (electric and gas‑to‑grid) across the UK. We can offer the following services: principal designer, project management, civil engineering services, on-site management, QA audits, progress and cost reporting.

We supply vehicle refuelling stations and infrastructure for vehicles operating on biomethane or natural gas, high pressure storage banks and road trailers for transporting high pressure compressed gases. We also provide comprehensive post installation support, real time refuelling station monitoring and full service packages. Whether it’s a small or a large fleet of buses, trucks, vans or fork lift trucks, Roadgas has the solutions to meet your individual gas refuelling needs.

Rob Heap Consulting Bickley Cottage, Langdale End, Scarborough YO13 0LL, UK Tel: 07788 418 318 Email: Website: Contact: Rob Heap, Director Business development consultants • Design and build consultants • Engineering consultants • Process consultants • Project management consultants RHC has over 30 years’ experience in agricultural and allied industries, including food processing, waste to energy via AD, waste treatment, handling and storage. Our goal is to develop profitable business cases, innovative concepts and cost‑effective solutions for our clients in these markets. We provide concept to operating support services for CHP and gas‑to‑grid AD projects throughout the UK and we look forward to being able to support and enhance your project.

Robert Pinches Park House Farm, Shawbury, Shrewsbury SY4 4NP, UK

AD contractors • Design and build consultants • Project management consultants • Surveyors

Rowan House Festival House, Jessop Avenue, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL50 3SH, UK Tel: 01242 633 805 Email: Website: Contact: Zaffer Khan, Director Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Health and safety consultants • Process consultants During more than 25 years of providing services in the process industries, Rowan House has assisted clients with energy studies, plant design and process control, as well as design, process assessment and process safety such as DSEAR, HAZOP and COMAH. Rowan House is able to advise on a range of biogas‑related topics, including appropriate biogas improvement technologies and UK safety regulation conformance, which applies to the entire process and not just individual items of equipment.

Roythornes Solicitors Enterprise Way, Pinchbeck PE11 3YR, UK Tel: 01775 842 500 Email: Website: Contact: Julie Robinson, Partner Lawyers • Other: Legal advice, precedent agreements

Rockscape Energy Ltd North Moor Farm, Crowle, North Lincolnshire DN17 4DA, UK Tel: 01724 781 592 / 07725 657 760 Email: Contact: Ross Hewson, Manager Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators Rockscape Energy Ltd is a renewable energy producer specialising in AD biogas production and biofertilisers. The company’s activities are centred around its 500scmh biogas plant in North Lincolnshire, which produces biomethane from agricultural and food waste feedstocks.

Roythornes is a top 200 law firm with a dedicated renewable energy team of corporate, commercial and agricultural specialists. When it comes to AD, we have significant experience and regularly advise on: setting up SPVs and joint‑ventures, selling‑off of rights, leasing of sites, supply contracts for plant, and the all‑important feedstock agreements. We take a hands‑on, practical approach and pride ourselves on understanding the time (and cost) pressures our clients are under.



74 | MEMBER PROFILES RUR3 Environmental


iCon Environmental Innovation Centre, Eastern Way, Daventry NN11 0QB, UK Tel: 01327 304 924 Email: Website: Contact: Jacqui MacCaig, Director Environmental consultants • Waste/recycling industry RUR3 works with planned and operational AD plants to source and procure suitable waste feedstocks. From consultancy advice to eventual procurement of tonnage to site, RUR3 is able to advise and assist.

Salvtech Ltd Unit 1 – Engineer Park, Babbage Road, Sandycroft, Flintshire CH5 2QD, UK Tel: 01244 638 5900 Email: Website: Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Air quality consultants • Project management consultants Salvtech is a multi‑disciplinary engineering company providing both equipment and services to the AD and waste industry. We are the sole UK representatives of Cellwood ( who supply pretreatment equipment delivering the highest quality digester feedstock. Salvtech, together with Cellwood, is also able to economically rebuild poorly operating pre‑treatment systems. We can also provide odour management solutions from odour studies with dispersion models to fully designed projects and permitting services.

Schmack Biogas Ltd Hortonwood 30, Telford, Shropshire TF1 7YP, UK Tel: 0870 807 3058 Email: Website: Contact: Oliver Vigano, International Business Manager Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Biological optimisations • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers Turnkey provider for wet and dry AD biogas technologies and gas processing. We offer dry and wet anaerobic digestion solutions ranging from 50 kW (electrical) to 20 MW (gas) and provide professional support of all biogas related issues: plant design, construction and commissioning, key biogas plant components, gas‑upgrading technology (Carbotech) for biomethane production, energy from waste via dry digestion or IVC (In‑Vessel‑Composting), technical services and biological support.

Schmack Carbotech GmbH Natorpstr. 27, D-45139 Essen, Germany Tel: +49 2025 0709 300 Email: Website: Contact: Eberhart Wusterhaus, International Business Manager Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers Schmack Carbotech is one of the pioneers in biogas upgrading. The company has many years of experience in the development, engineering and production of turnkey gas upgrading plants. Combined with continuous development and know‑how from more than 70 industrial plants, installed in various European countries, guarantees highly efficient upgrading of biogas to produce biomethane. The process, which was developed in‑house, works on the principle of pressure swing adsorption (PSA)


MEMBER PROFILES | 75 Schwarting BioSystem (SBS) Lise-Meitner-Str. 2, D-24941 Flensburg, Germany Email: Contact: Miquel Torrente, Director of Schwarting Biosystem Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/suppliers Your partner for anaerobic digestion plants, biogas plants, biological waste treatment and sewage sludge digestion (high‑performance digestion), biogas upgrading, general contractor for turnkey plants, international plant manufacturing, planning and optimising of operations.

Scottish Renewables Tara House, Floor 6, 46 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland G2 1HG, UK Email: Website: Contact: Carol O’Donnell, Membership Officer NGO/charity/private not-for-profit • Trade/professional bodies Scottish Renewables is the voice of renewable energy in Scotland and is committed to realising the full economic, social and environmental benefits of renewable energy for our country. Representing more than 300 member organisations, we aim to lead and inform the debate on how the growth of renewable energy can help sustainably heat and power Scotland’s homes and businesses.

SDS Energy Unit 3, The Old Throne Hospital, 244 Whitewell Road, Belfast BT36 7EN, UK Tel: 028 9077 7834 Email: Website: Contact: Ruth McGuigan, Key Account Manager Business development consultants • Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Finance SDS Power forms part of an award‑winning, multinational energy services consultancy, SDS Energy Group. SDS Power specialises in providing independent, renewable energy advice on selection and development to a wide range of clients, from local landowners through to large manufacturing facilities. SDS Power also has direct access to funding partners to develop large energy projects such as anaerobic digestion.

SEEPEX UK Ltd 3 Armtech Row, Houndstone Business Park, Yeovil, Somerset BA22 8RW, UK Tel: 01935 472 376 Email: Website: Contact: Lesley Eaton, Business Development and Marketing Manager Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers SEEPEX is a world leader in the design, manufacture and application of progressive cavity pumps. For more than 40 years, SEEPEX has provided customers with the best solutions and lowest life cycle costs. This has been delivered by constant innovation in new designs, eg smart conveying technology. A comprehensive range of pumps, mixing systems, macerators, grinders and controls is available for all product treatment and transfer applications within the biogas process.

Serac UK 9 Chalk Hill House, Rosary Road, Norwich NR1 1SZ, UK Tel: 01603 627 428 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Davis, Centre Manager Training providers Serac UK, established in 1985 has become a leading provider of training and assessment services in the waste management, recycling and extractives sectors, delivering QCF\NVQ qualifications as well as funding, consultancy and advice to companies of all sizes across the UK. We are proud to hold accreditation and centre approval with all of the major awarding organisations in our sectors, such as WAMITAB, MPQC, and PAA VQ‑SET.

Severn Trent Water Oxley Moor Road, Wolverhampton WV9 5HN, UK Severn Trent Water is the UK’s second largest water and wastewater utility. In 2011/12 we generated 212 GWh (24 per cent of our demand) of electricity predominantly from sewage gas CHP and from our own 3 MW energy crop AD plant. Building on our AD capability we are constantly looking at new opportunities to increase our renewable energy generation even further.





Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)

Shaw Renewables

St Lawrence House, Station Approach, Horley, Surrey RH6 9HJ, UK Tel: 07802 758 233 Email: Website: Contact: Robert Wilby, Head of Business Development

Place Farm House, Warrington Road, Rainhill L35 6PG, UK Tel: 0151 424 1433 Email: Website:

Other: Utilities

Shaw Renewables specialises in the design, installation and maintenance of bioenergy solutions. Partnering with BioConstruct GmbH, we deliver highly efficient biogas plants to the UK. Our reliable systems are capable of processing a wide variety of feedstocks and our remote monitoring system provides rich data on gas production. Tried and tested – we successfully operate 20 of our own AD plants. Experience you can trust – we have designed and installed over 250 plants worldwide.

SGN operates two of the UK’s largest gas distribution networks in Scotland and the south of England. SGN has been at the forefront of the UK biomethane industry, as a partner in the UK’s first test project at Didcot and at the UK’s first commercial project at Rainbarrow Farm, Poundbury. SGN provides two main services to biomethane developers. Under the first ‘minimum connection’ model, acting as the regulated gas network, we are required to accept gas from third party developers as long as this gas meets the correct standards and criteria. Under the second model, SGN Commercial Services provide the integrated commercial gas-injection and clean-up services necessary to get your gas into the network. If you are interested in using our services, please contact SGN Commercial Services.

Shann Pitts Consulting Southview, Hazzards Hill, Mere, Wiltshire BA12 6ES, UK Tel: 07866 024 096 Email: Website: Contact: Emily Pitts, Director Design and build consultants • Environmental consultants Shann Pitts Consulting offers a complete environmental compliance service to the anaerobic digestion industry: clear, straightforward advice on compliance with environmental law; technically competent management cover (WAMITAB); management of the environmental permit application process; advice on suitability of location, design, drainage and containment for proposed sites; training of plant operators in permit compliance, environmental awareness and incident response; development of environment management systems and odour management plans in line with environment agency requirements.


AD contractors • Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers

Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP Condor House, 10 St Paul’s Churchyard, London EC4M 8AL, UK Tel: 020 7429 4900 Email: Website: Contact: Lynne Scott, Partner Lawyers Shepherd and Wedderburn is a leading UK law firm with offices in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen. Our multi‑disciplinary team has wide experience of successfully advising clients in the AD sector on all aspects of AD projects including: corporate structures/JVs, environment and planning matters, procurement advice, construction and O&M contracts, regulation (including RHI, FIT, ROC/CfD), dispute management and resolution. Our clients include developers, contractors, funders, local authorities and waste management contractors.

Shropshire Energy UK May Farm Whitehouse Road Littleport, Ely CB7 4TF, UK We are a producer of 2.4 megawatt AD plant.

MEMBER PROFILES | 77 Silsoe Odours

Smart Biosystems UK Ltd

Building 42, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedford MK45 4HP, UK Tel: 01525 860 222 Email: Website: Contact: Robert Sneath, Director

St John’s Innovation Centre, Cowley Road, Cambridge CB4 0WS, UK Tel: 07582 962 544 Email: Website: Contact: Ypatios Moysiadis, Managing Director

Air quality consultants • Environmental consultants • Laboratory testing services Silsoe Odours Ltd is the independent laboratory that adheres to the very highest of scientific and technical procedures for odour measurement according to BSEN13725. The laboratory was the first to attain UKAS accreditation (testing lab 0609). We specialise in odour surveys, collecting samples and calculating emission rates from any odour source, raw materials, stacks (MCERTS accredited), buildings and odour control plant. Field odour surveys are a speciality carried out by our trained odour assessors.

SITA UK SITA House, Grenfell Road, Maidenhead SL6 1ES, UK Tel: 01628 513 100 Website: Waste/Recycling Industry SITA UK is a recycling and resource management company with a vision. We want to live in a society where there is no more waste, a society where waste materials are reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content. We work with businesses and local authorities to reduce the impact of their waste on the environment. SITA UK offers a range of organic waste collection and treatment options to suit customer needs and requirements.

Skyhawk Global Ltd 1st Floor Barclays House, Gatehouse Way, Aylesbury, Bucks HP19 8DB, UK Tel: 07944 739 202 Email: Contact: Andrew A East, Director Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Valve manufacturers/suppliers/ stockists • Gases • Business development consultants

AD contractors • Farm waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Design and build consultants Smart Biosystems UK is a specialist small‑scale anaerobic digestion (AD) solution developer and operator that offers standardised turnkey combined heat and power (CHP) installations, using proven high‑end German engineering. The company’s technology offering seeks to minimise technology risk and eliminate common barriers to deployment. These include the need for planning consents, capacity constraints in grid connectivity, and the need to supplement organic waste with food and conventional energy crops to make projects economically attractive.

SNF (UK) Solutions House, Ripley Close, Normanton Industrial Estate, Normanton, West Yorkshire WF6 1TB, UK Tel: 01924 311 000 Email: Website: Contact: Rob Long, Sales and Marketing Manager Chemical manufacturers • Dewatering equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Liquor treatment manufacturers/suppliers • Wastewater operators SNF (UK) Ltd, part of the SNF Group, is the world’s largest manufacturer of water soluble polyelectrolytes for digested sludge dewatering. We offer our clients a broad range of products across a diverse application portfolio. We add value to your organisation by: working in partnership, reducing costs and enhancing savings, identifying solutions to ensure sustainable operation and maintenance of your existing assets, technical expertise and support, engineering innovation.

Skyhawk Global Ltd provides specialist business development and consultancy services in the AD, biogas sector. We are interested in developing AD/biogas to biomethane projects together with CNG – Biomethane Gas Transportation Modules and other biogas storage applications for grid and NG vehicle infrastructure. Skyhawk’s partners: Carniolus Limited provides specialist integration and supply of bespoke ISO containers, cabins and enclosures for OEMs and system integrators in the AD biogas‑biomethane, energy, oil, gas and utility sectors.





Spectro | Jet-Care

Strathendrick Biogas Ltd

Hatchwood Place, Farnham Road, Odiham, Hampshire RG29 1AB, UK Tel: 01256 704 000 Email: Website: Contact: Alan Baker, Sales and Marketing Manager

1 George Square, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G2 1AL, UK Tel: 07545 950 404 Email: Contact: Robert Kennedy, Director

Laboratory testing services Spectro® | Jet‑Care® has been at the forefront of condition monitoring services since 1976 and offers a comprehensive range of services – oil, hydraulic fluid, fuel, debris and filter and coolant analysis – all developed to identify operational issues at the earliest possible stage. Our laboratories in the UK, USA and Switzerland hold ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation and provide a first class service enabling our clients to rigorously monitor the condition of their equipment and oil.

Stemar Ltd 11 High View Road, Ipswich IP1 5HJ, UK Tel: 01473 749 398 Email: Contact: Stephen Daldry Design and build consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Health and safety consultants • Process consultants Project management and engineering support.

Stephens Scown LLP Curzon House, Southernhay West, Exeter EX1 1RS, UK Tel: 01392 210 700 Email: Website: specialist-sectors/renewable-energy Contact: Sonya Bedford, Partner and Head of Renewable Energy Lawyers

Farm waste developers • Farm waste operators 1.1 MWe AD plant near Balfron, Stirlingshire. Converting agricultural wastes from neighbouring dairy farm along with energy crops and distillery co-products. Dairy farm runs on 100 per cent renewable energy. Heat used to dry digestate and produce animal bedding. 

Stream Bioenergy 40 Main St, Blackrock, Dublin A94 P2C9, Ireland Tel: +353 1 685 4934 Email: Website: Crops developers • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers Stream Bioenergy is a developer of industrial and agricultural scale anaerobic digestion plants. Stream is the largest developer of anaerobic digestion plants in the island of Ireland.

Strutt and Parker Farms Ltd 1 Whitbreads Business Centre, Chatham Green, Chelmsford CM3 3FE, UK

Swancote Energy Swancote Farm, Swancote, Bridgnorth WV15 5HA, UK Email: Website: Contact: Edward Davies, Director Crop operators • Farm waste operators • Arable farm Biogas plant using a mixture of purpose grown crops and food waste from food manufacturers and retailers.

Stephens Scown’s renewable energy is the largest dedicated renewables team outside of London and is recognised by independent legal guide, Legal 500, highlighting the expertise of the team’s head, Sonya Bedford. The firm has provided the legal services for anaerobic digesters ranging from 50 kW to 6 MW and are currently involved in large scale anaerobic digestion projects for electricity and gas-to-grid production. Stephens Scown is also advising on community energy anaerobic digestion projects.


MEMBER PROFILES | 79 Symonds Farm Power Ltd Symonds Farm Business Park, Newmarket Road, Risby, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk IP28 6RE, UK Tel: 01284 810 236 Email: Website: Contact: George Gittus Symonds Farm Power Ltd is a 50/50 joint venture between Geo E Gittus & Sons Ltd and Material Change Ltd. It is a 1.4MW primarily grown-crop AD plant retailing electricity to neighbouring businesses. Planning permission has also been gained for further development alongside the current site.

Synertree Ltd 36 Britannia Road, Bristol BS5 6DA, UK Tel: 07815 152 594 Email: Website: Contact: Paul Adams, Director ISAE 3000 certification • Energy consultants • Engineering consultants • Environmental consultants • Accountants Synertree is an engineering consultancy specialising in greenhouse gas emissions measurement, reporting and auditing. We are qualified to perform sustainability audits to ISAE3000 and work with several biogas and biomethane operators on compliance with sustainability criteria. Our experience includes developing models to calculate supply chain emissions, conducting audits, performing GHG calculations, reporting to Ofgem, and ensuring biogas operators develop the audit trail evidence required. Please contact us if you require any assistance with sustainability criteria reporting or auditing.

System Mix P&M Pumps, Sawtry Court, Brookside Industrial Estate, Sawtry PE28 5SB, UK

T-T PUMPS LTD Onneley Works, Newcastle Road, Woore, Cheshire CW3 9RU, UK Tel: 01630 647 200 Email: Website: Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Valve manufacturers/ suppliers/stockists With 56 years’ experience, T‑T is one of the leading companies in the design, manufacture, supply and installation of pumps, controls, valves and environmental products and systems. As demand increases for environmentally efficient and cost‑effective methods of handling waste products, T‑T has developed a product range and has the capabilities to provide a comprehensive service to meet the needs of those in the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry.

Tamar Energy 2 London Bridge, London SE1 9RA, UK Email: Website: Contact: Dean Hislop, Chief Executive Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators Tamar Energy offers cost‑effective, integrated organic waste management solutions through its network of anaerobic digestion (AD) plants and composting division, Tamar Organics. One of the UK’s leading AD developers and operators, and named ‘Renewable Energy Company of the Year 2014’, Tamar Energy is developing a network of AD plants around the UK to generate low carbon, baseload energy for thousands of UK homes.

Tambowie Biogas Tambowie Farm, Milngavie, Dunbartonshire G62 7HN, UK

System Mix Limited designs and supplies pumped mixing systems providing both mixing and conditioning simultaneously. It is the vital link for maximising gas production. System Mix Limited has become established in the UK solids pumping and mixing industry by proven installations in both municipal and industrial AD applications. Invest in the vital mixing link and optimise your AD process by maximising solids reduction and maintaining working volume and elevated levels of gas production.





Target Renewables Ltd

The Greenspan Agency

25 Scaur O’Doon Road, Doonfoot, Ayr, Scotland KA7 4EP, UK Tel: 01292 440 000 Email: Website: Contact: Dr R Szmidt, Director

6 Castle Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH2 3AT, UK Tel: 0131 514 4444 Email: Website: Contact: Jack Cook, Environmental Planner

Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Design and build consultants • Environmental consultants • Process consultants

Energy consultants • Environmental consultants • FIT and RHI eligibility consultants • Grid connection consultants • Planning consultants

Target Renewables integrates AD in solid organic waste treatment. With more than 20 years’ experience in wet‑AD, dry‑AD and composting, Target Renewables is best placed to offer informed project analysis and system selection for quality outputs. We work not only in the UK but also worldwide, providing concept design and problem solving, including expert witness. We work with select technology providers and funders, ensuring clients get what is best for them.

The Greenspan Agency helps its clients plan, deliver and operate successful wind, hydro, solar and biogas projects. Anaerobic digestion services include: feasibility assessments; incentives advice; planning applications; environmental permitting; RHI, FIT, ROC applications to Ofgem; power purchase agreements and sales invoicing; sustainability criteria; remote meter monitoring; periodic data.

Thames Water Commercial Services Limited

New House Farm, Old Crawley Road, Faygate, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 4RU, UK

Clearwater Court, Vastern Road, Reading RG1 8DB, UK Email: Website: Contact: Philip Thomas, Special Projects Manager Food waste developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Wastewater developers • Water and wastewater companies We offer a range of bespoke wastewater solutions to help you operate your business more efficiently. We’ll help you identify the most sustainable and cost‑effective disposal route for your waste through our waste characterisation, testing and advisory service. We’ll take a comprehensive survey of your waste, test it in our laboratories to determine the potential energy yield and chemical oxygen demand and provide a cost benefit analysis to determine the most appropriate disposal solution.

Thames Water Utilities

The Walton Partnership

ThermTech Unit 4a, Kayley Industrial Estate, Richmond St, Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire OL7 0AU, UK Tel: 0161 339 3049 Email: Website: Contact: Frank Lockyer, General Manager Heat exchanger manufacturers/suppliers ThermTech designs, builds and installs industrial waste heat recovery systems. Our objective is to identify the use for waste heat, quantify the quality and source of heat available and to match the two using the most cost‑effective and practically suitable heat recovery solution. Our systems are designed to offer businesses energy saving solutions through efficiency, economy and sustainability. We work with a wide range of sectors including chemical, pharmaceutical, processing, industrial and manufacturing.

Clearwater Court, Vastern Road, Reading RG1 8DB, UK



THÖNI Industriebetriebe Obermarktstrasse 48, Telfs, A-6410 Tirol, Austria Tel: +43 5262 6903 0 Email: Website: Thöni offers technologies and engineering systems for treating waste and generating biogas from organic waste and energy crops. We offer turnkey systems beginning with the project development through conception and construction up to the commissioning and the after sales service. These systems are planned and designed in our own engineering division.

Hobbies Lane, Mendlesham, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 5SZ, UK Tel: 01449 766 133 Email: Website: Contact: Edwin Baker Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers • Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Other: Digestate application contractors Digestate and slurry management: digestate storage – Albers Alligator bag tank; floating cover – Hexa‑Cover; separators; mixers; pumps; umbilical hose; applicators; contract application of digestate to land.

Triogen TNEI Services Ltd Milburn House, Dean Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1LE, UK Tel: 0191 211 1400 Email: Website: Contact: Niall Kelly, Consultant Energy consultants • Environmental consultants • Grid connection consultants • Planning consultants • Project management consultants TNEI’s Planning & Environmental (P&E) Group provides a range of commercially focused consenting, technical and environmental services critical to the delivery of new development projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors. The group’s principal focus is on supplying high‑quality consultancy services to developer and landowner clients throughout the project life cycle. We also have a proven track record working for local authorities, government regulators and community organisations.

Total Gas & Power Bridge Gate, 55-57 High Street, Redhill, Surrey RH1 1RX, UK Tel: 07725 064 854 Email: Website: Contact: Robert Luke, Business Development Manager PPA Suppliers • Gas and/or electricity suppliers UK gas and power specialist Total Gas & Power Limited has been working in partnership with independent generators and producers since 2008. During this time we have developed a range of modern and unique gas and power purchase agreements, exclusively for the anaerobic digestion marketplace. Our expertise extends to helping biogas producers maximise value through identifying the right energy contract using our premium FIT service and identifying a route to market for biomethane certificates.

Nieuwenkampsmaten 6-01, PO Box 25, NL-7470 AA Goor, Netherlands Tel: +31 547 820 900 Email: Website: Contact: Marcel Borkent, Strategic Business Development CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • ORC manufacturers/suppliers • Energy consultants • Gas and/or electricity suppliers Power from heat: the Triogen ORC processes your often unused heat from production processes and produces electrical power from 60‑165 kWe; produces usable hot water from 55ºC up to 80ºC; increases your power production efficiency without any extra fuel; provides great return on investment. In a period of about five years, the ORC can produce electricity with a monetary equivalent in excess of 1 million euros!

Ulster Farmers’ Union Dundein, 475 Antrim Road, Belfast BT15 3DA, UK Email: Website: Contact: Chris Osborne, Senior Policy Officer Arable farm • Livestock farm • Mixed farm • Private estate • NGO/ Charity/Private not-for-profit Representing 12,000 members we are the largest organisation representing Northern Ireland farmers and landowners. We are supporting micro‑scale anaerobic digestion where a farmer uses their own feedstocks used on their own farm holding, with the aim of improving on‑farm energy/heat efficiency and better use of animal slurry.



82 | MEMBER PROFILES United Utilities Group


Haweswater House, Lingley Mere Business Park, Great Sankey, Warrington WA5 3LP, UK Tel: 01925 234 000 Website:


Wastewater operators • Water and wastewater companies

Unit 19, Runway Farm Technical Park, Honiley Road, Kenilworth CV8 1NQ, UK Tel: 01676 529 118 Email: Website:

United Utilities provides water and wastewater services to 7 million customers and 200,000 businesses in the North West of England. Through wastewater treatment, it harnesses methane gas and uses this to generate renewable energy – last year, 18 per cent of its total energy consumption came from its own renewable sources. With a large number of its own AD facilities, the company continues to take a close interest in the development of the AD industry.

Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Biogas flare equipment manufacturers/suppliers • CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers • Heat exchanger manufacturers/ suppliers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers Uniflare designs, manufactures, installs and maintains biogas trains to extract gas from the gasholder, treat it and pump it to the CHP engines. Our supply includes desulphurisation plants, dehumidifiers, pressure boosters, analyser and flare stacks designed to operate as one to provide the correct biogas conditions at the CHP unit. Tell us your gas train requirements and we will complete the above package to provide the best CAPEX and OPEX solution for you.

United Utilities Business Solutions Clearwater 2, Lingley Mere Business Park, Lingley Green Avenue, Great Sankey, Warrington, Cheshire WA5 3LP, UK Tel: 034 5072 6078 Email: Website: Contact: Paul McKeown, Business Development Manager Crops developers • On-site food and drink manufacturing developers • Wastewater developers • Crop operators • On-site food and drink manufacturing operators United Utilities Business Solutions provides design, construction, operation and maintenance services for anaerobic digestion plants for businesses throughout the UK. Working with our customers we implement cost‑effective and tailored waste and wastewater treatment solutions that ensure compliance and meet sustainability requirements. Our expertise has been gained from operating more than 20 anaerobic digestion plants, with combined heat and power, on our own sites. This includes the world’s largest thermal hydrolysis plant at Davyhulme, Manchester.

University of Leicester University Road, University of Leicester, Leicester LE1 7RH, UK Website:

University of South Wales Wales Centre of Excellence for AD, University of South Wales, Treforest CF37 1DL, UK Biological optimisations • Process consultants • Training consultants • Laboratory testing services • Universities, colleges or research institutes The centre provides technical support for an efficient and innovative deployment of AD. R&D into AD at the university started in the 70s and continues in full strength; currently with a team of over 40 researchers contributing to the activities. The centre has dedicated laboratory and pilot scale facilities, an excellent suite of analytical and molecular techniques and assists full‑scale operations. Efforts focus on plant design, monitoring and optimisation, production of valuable products and training.

University of Southampton Building 26, Room 2011, University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK Tel: 023 8059 1281 Email: Website: Contact: Angela Bywater/Dr Louise Byfield, Network Managers Universities, colleges or research institutes The Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Network is one of 13 networks in industrial biotechnology and bioenergy funded by the Biotechnology & Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Membership is free and provides opportunities to meet subject experts from industry and academia, apply for Business Interaction Voucher (BIV) funding, submit Proof of Concept proposals, attend our free networking seminars and events and more!


MEMBER PROFILES | 83 Vale Green Energy Birmingham Road, Blackminster WR11 7TD, UK Farm waste operators • Other: Food grade CO2 production

Veolia Tinsley

Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

Tinsley Park Road, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S9 5DL, UK Email: Website: Contact: Paul Hutchinson, Business Manager

Wernher-von-Braun-Str. 7, D-84539 Ampfing, Germany Tel: +49 8636 9838 0 Email: Website: Contact: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Claudia Wackerbauer, Chief Executive Officer

AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Food waste operators • Process consultants • Food and drink industry Turning food waste into soup. A packaged beverage destruction service already formed part of the secure destruction facility at Sheffield. We introduced a food depackaging machine into the existing site destruction processes and infrastructure. By utilising the waste liquid already being handled by the site and blending this with the de‑packaged food waste, a soup‑like product is created that can be fed directly into AD facilities without any further processing.

Dewatering equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers • Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH – technology for biological waste treatment! For decades we have successfully been producing technologies for biological waste, especially since 2009 when we constructed our Separation Mill, which was granted with the ‘Bavarian State Award 2013’. We have been planning and producing complete systems including reception and conveyor technology, control system and assembly. Our Separation Mill makes the crushing of large quantities of biological waste with a simultaneous separation of contaminants possible.

Vogelsang Gateway, Crewe Gates Industrial Estate, Crewe, Cheshire CW1 6YY, UK Tel: 01270 216 600 Email: Website: Contact: James Tolson, Managing Director Digestate treatment and handling equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Feeding equipment manufacturers/suppliers • Pump manufacturers/suppliers Vogelsang is a manufacturer of digester feed systems, progressive cavity and rotary lobe pumps, macerators and shredders for use on farmyard, food waste and sewage based biogas plants. We also manufacture systems for spreading digestate back to land as a biofertiliser. These can be either assembled onto a tanker or directly onto the tractor (for an umbilical/drag hose feed). All sales, service and support functions are offered through a comprehensive equipped facility in Crewe.

Walker Morris LLP Kings Court, 12 King Street, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS1 2HL, UK Tel: 0113 283 2500 Email: Website: Contact: Ben Sheppard, Partner Lawyers Walker Morris is a whole service commercial law firm with leading experience in advising on all aspects of the law affecting the anaerobic digestion, renewable energy and waste management sectors. Our specialisms include projects, commercial contracts, corporate (including M&A and joint ventures), regulatory, planning, environment, construction and engineering, real estate, finance (including project finance, PE, VC, EIS and alternative funding structures) and commercial disputes. Clients include developers, funders, contractors, authorities, landowners and technology suppliers.





Ward Hadaway

Water and Waste Services

Sandgate House, 102 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 3DX, UK Tel: 0191 204 4000 Email: Website: Contact: Mark Whitehead, Head of Energy Group

96 Englishcombe Lane, Bath BA2 2EJ, UK Tel: 07801 055 266 Email: Contact: Frank Kenny, Director

Planning consultants • Finance • Lawyers

WWS ltd provides AD biogas, biomethane and carbon dioxide liquefaction plants including design, procurement, installation, project management, operations support, and equipment supply. Contact Frank Kenny on 07801 055 266, or

Ward Hadaway is a leading law firm with particular expertise in supporting AD developers, funders, contractors and suppliers. Our lawyers have advised clients on a range of waste and agricultural AD projects, including CHP and gas‑to‑grid schemes. We provide our clients with pragmatic commercially focused legal advice on all aspects of projects, from construction, planning and land matters, through to finance, feedstock and regulatory compliance issues.

Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Blenheim Court, 19 George Street, Banbury, Oxfordshire OX16 5BH, UK Tel: 01295 819 900 Website: NGO/Charity/Private not-for-profit WRAP’s vision is a world where resources are used sustainably. It works in partnership with governments, businesses, trade bodies, local authorities, communities and individuals looking for practical advice to improve resource efficiency that delivers both economic and environmental benefits. We are experts in establishing the facts, getting the right people working collaboratively to agree common goals, then converting ideas into real action and delivery on the ground.

AD contractors • Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biofuels

Weightron Bilanciai Ltd Bridge Way, Chesterfield Trading Estate, Chesterfield S41 9QJ, UK Tel: 01246 260 062 Email: Website: Contact: Emlyn Roberts, Sales Director Instrumentation, monitoring and control manufacturers/suppliers • Weighing/Weighbridges • Other: Software Weightron Bilanciai provides a comprehensive range of pit and surface mounted weighbridges, weighbridge software and instrumentation. We specialise in complete weighbridge systems that integrate directly with established software systems. These are designed to streamline and automate vehicle weighing operations. The DD2050 colour touch‑screen driver terminal provides unrivalled power and versatility. Together with our powerful WinweighIV software, the DD2050 can manage a range of equipment including: automatic number‑plate cameras, card readers, control barriers and traffic lights.

Waste Recycling & Destruction Loxley Manor, Loxley Rd, Loxley, Sheffield S6 6RW, UK



Weltec Biopower (UK) Ltd Stoneleigh Abbey Mews, Stoneleigh Abbey, Stoneleigh, Warwickshire CV8 2LF, UK Tel: 01926 217 994 Email: Website: Contact: Kevin Monson, Sales Manager AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biological optimisations • Tank manufacturers/suppliers Weltec Biopower GmbH is one of the world’s leading enterprises in the field of stainless steel biogas plant construction. The company has planned, developed and built anaerobic digestion plants since 2001. Today, the company, based in Stoneleigh Warwickshire, has established 15 plants in the UK and more than 300 energy plants in 25 countries worldwide. The range of customers includes businesses from the agriculture, food, waste and wastewater industries. The strength of Weltec Biopower lies in custom-tailored design and technically mature solutions for projects up to 10 MW capacity. In this context, the high proportion of internally developed components is a key success factor. The company also owes its leading edge to the use of stainless steel. This enables the input of a diverse range of feedstocks, a fast and economic assembly and a consistently high quality standard regardless of the location. After a biogas plant goes live, Weltec Biopower offers additional support through its experienced mechanical and biological service team. 24/7 availability and an in-house lab contribute significantly to the efficiency of the plant. In addition, since 2008, the company has ensured certified internal quality and environmental management in accordance with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.


Wheelwash Pyms Lane, Crewe CW1 3PJ, UK Other: Wheel washing equipment Wheelwash’s range of automatically operated, effective wheel cleaning equipment with water recycling has been preventing site vehicles tracking out dirt onto public roads since 1990. We hire and sell standard and bespoke equipment and can now offer disinfecting options. Our products are made in Britain and include many impressive energy, water and operational cost saving features. We service diverse markets worldwide. Ask us for a free‑of‑charge site consultation. Wheelwash is ISO 9001: 2008 accredited.

Wight Farm Energy LLP Gore Cross, Arreton, Isle of Wight PO30 7FD, UK Email:

Willen Biogas Cattlegate Farm, Cattlegate Road, Enfield, Middlesex EN2 8AU, UK Tel: 01707 875 006 Email: Website: Contact: Adrian Williams, Chairman AD contractors • Food waste developers • Food waste operators • Arable farm • Fertiliser Manufacturers / Suppliers Willen Biogas owns and operates food waste fed anaerobic digestion biogas plants in North London, and looking to expand further. We have alliance links with food waste producers and logistics teams to secure the food waste to the plant. We are also proud to be able to offer green waste windrow composting facility on the same site, allowing a broad spectrum of wastes received to one site. Please call to discuss your requirements.


86 | MEMBER PROFILES Woxford Environmental Engineering and Technical Services LTD W

Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors The Maltings, 11-15 Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln LN5 7AY, UK Tel: 01522 512 345 Email: Website: Contact: Russell Eke, Partner Lawyers Wilkin Chapman’s renewable energy division has specialist agricultural property, construction and corporate lawyers who have a proven track record of realised anaerobic digestion projects. The team has an in‑depth understanding of the requirements from the perspective of landowners, developers and investors and is able to respond to evolving legislation.

Wilmeck Ltd 48 Hinton Avenue, Hereford, Herefordshire HR2 6AW, UK Tel: 01432 344 717 Email: Website: Contact: Simon Williams, Director AD contractors • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/installers • Tank manufacturers/suppliers Wilmeck Ltd is a small company established in 2013, but with over 30 years of experience within the industrial field. Industrial pipefitters/ mechanical services. Our services include, but are not limited to: supply and installation of a wide range of AD related equipment, planned and preventative maintenance, agricultural maintenance repairs, stainless steel installations, water hygiene services, welding, carbon steel. We offer a single point of contact. Members of ADBA, REA, and safe contractor approved.


Suite 141, 266 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 7DL, UK Tel: 01865 377 836 Email: Website: Contact: Ke Yang, Director AD contractors • Wastewater developers • Anaerobic digester system suppliers • Biogas cleaning and upgrading equipment manufacturers/ suppliers • Process consultants Woxford specialises in various physical, chemical, and biological wastewater treatment technologies, especially in the anaerobic treatment of high‑strength organic wastewater with high concentration and low biodegradability using our GX/HP‑Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket reactor system. GX/HP‑UASB system offers an attractive means of efficiently removing pollutants while recovering enormous bio‑energy from wastewater. Since the first introduction in 1995, our research and engineering practices have resulted in improved technology with greater performance standards with over 100 installations.

Xergi 823 Salisbury House, 29 Finsbury Circus, London EC2M 5QQ, UK Tel: 01483 600 098 Email: Website: Contact: Jørgen Fink, Country Manager AD contractors • Food waste operators Xergi Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Danish biogas technology company Xergi A/S. With over 25 years of experience, Xergi is well placed to understand the needs of our customers. Xergi has built biogas plants based on a wide variety of feedstock, inclusive animal by‑products, crop residues as well as organic waste streams from the industrial, commercial and household sector. Xergi offers full turnkey supply, supported by O&M packages tailored to individual needs.

MEMBER PROFILES | 87 Xylem Water Solutions UK Ltd

Zebec Energy

Private Road 1, Colwick Industrial Estate, Colwick, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire NG4 2AN, UK Tel: 0115 940 0111 Email: Website: Contact: Roger Webb, Industrial Sales Manager

Alexander Stephen House, 91 Holmfauld Road, Glasgow, Scotland G51 4RY, UK Tel: 0141 440 1434 Email: Website: Contact: Martin Gorevan, Director

Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/suppliers

Farm waste developers • Food waste developers • Farm waste operators • Food waste operators • Energy consultants

From supply and extraction through to the treatment of water, sewage and other fluids and abrasive media, our solutions are helping our customers operate safely and cost‑effectively in key sectors such as anaerobic digestion and biogas. As a leading manufacturer, we offer innovative products and complete systems, not to mention a comprehensive range of services. With a wealth of experience and expertise, we handle our customers’ needs in everything from installation through to maintenance and repair.

We provide technical feasibility, project development, operational management across a range of renewable technologies, helping our clients to understand and make the most of their untapped assets. Our experienced team operates throughout the UK, providing innovative solutions in renewable energy and resource recovery, such as anaerobic digestion and hydro schemes. Our aim is to develop and manage green energy production in a sustainable fashion that benefits current and future generations.

Yellow Power Haywood Mill, Mill Lane, Great Haywood, Staffordshire ST18 0RJ, UK Tel: 01889 882 255 Email: Website: Contact: Andrew Chinnery, Director CHP engine manufacturers/suppliers Yellow Power Ltd designs, supplies and installs new and used gas or diesel powered generation systems, including the provision of all ancillary equipment, commissioning, after‑sales and maintenance. Being independent, we are able to supply generators from any manufacturer, but specialise in the quality products delivered by the Caterpillar and MAN ranges. Extensive low energy fuel experience enables us to deliver fully engineered, prepackaged and cost‑effective solutions tailored specifically to your biogas generation needs.




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Farm waste developers AD ENER-G Ltd Advanced Anaerobics Ltd AWS Power Biogas Power BTS Biogas Ltd Farm Renewables Limited Fre-energy Ltd Full Circle Energy Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd Hallwick Energy JFS & Associates Ltd Merrivale Energy Ltd New Generation Biogas (NGB) Qila Energy Shaw Renewables Smart Biosystems UK Ltd Strathendrick Biogas Ltd Stream Bioenergy Tamar Energy Water and Waste Services Zebec Energy

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Malmberg Water AB Organic Power – Biomethane Ltd PlanET Biogas UK Ltd Purac Puregas Ltd Schmack Biogas Ltd Schmack Carbotech GmbH Schwarting BioSystem (SBS) Uniflare Woxford Environmental Engineering and Technical Services LTD

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Biological optimisations Agraferm Technologies AG Biogas Optimisation UK Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) BTS Biogas Ltd


Here at Wilmeck we offer a single point of contact for all your planned maintenance and provide a high quality service tailoring our products to suit your needs. We offer: Anaerobic digestion installations Biomass Installations Planned and preventative maintenance Agricultural maintenance repairs All pipework Mechanical Services Stainless Steel installations Water hygiene services Welding Carbon steel

For more information visit Tel: 01432 344717


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Target Renewables Ltd Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

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Allvalves Alvan Blanch Automatic Flare Systems CSO Technik HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd King’s Industrial Boilers Salvtech Ltd ThermTech Uniflare

AD Fertiliser Technologies Ltd Agrico Engineering Sales AgroEnergien GmbH & Co.KG Alvan Blanch Anaergia Ltd Dorset Green Machines UK Eggersmann Anlagenbau UK FGS Organics Greencrop Haarslev UK Ltd Hayes GFS HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd Huber Technology Hydro International Jones McGirr & Co. Landia UK Ltd Linton & Robinson Environmental Major Equipment Ltd Metamo Process Technology Ltd MSE Hiller / MSE Systems NEWeco tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH Nijhuis H2OK SEEPEX UK Ltd SNF (UK) TRAMSPREAD Vogelsang

Feeding equipment manufacturers/ suppliers Agrico Engineering Sales Alvan Blanch BioG UK Bock UK Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Haarslev UK Ltd MSE Hiller / MSE Systems PRM Waste Systems Ltd Schmack Biogas Ltd SEEPEX UK Ltd Vogelsang Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

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Liquor treatment manufacturers/ suppliers Eggersmann Anlagenbau UK Hydro International MSE Hiller / MSE Systems Nijhuis H2OK PRM Waste Systems Ltd SNF (UK)

Membrane manufacturers/suppliers/ installers A-Consult Ltd Acrefield Developments Ltd Anaergia Ltd Enviroseal Lining Solutions Limited Evonik Fibres GmbH Haffmans BV Hayes GFS Jones McGirr & Co. KIRK UK Monostore MSE Hiller / MSE Systems

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE | 91 Mixer/stirrer manufacturers/ suppliers

Plant safety equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Agrico Engineering Sales FGS Organics Greencrop Jones McGirr & Co. Landia UK Ltd Linton & Robinson Environmental LJM Schmack Biogas Ltd T-T PUMPS LTD TRAMSPREAD Xylem Water Solutions UK Ltd

Elmac Technologies Hitech Instruments

Odour control equipment manufacturers/suppliers

Aerocover AgroEnergien GmbH & Co.KG Air Management & Design (AMD) Balmoral Tanks Citadel Environmental Solutions CSO Technik Gas Data Malaby Biogas Salvtech Ltd TRAMSPREAD

Oils and greases manufacturers/ suppliers Chevron Lubricants

ORC manufacturers/suppliers Clarke Energy Edina UK Libertine FPE Triogen

Pasteurisation/hygienisation plants Cosgriff Whitehouse Electrical CSO Technik HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd MSE Hiller / MSE Systems

Pipe manufacturers/suppliers/ installers Automatic Flare Systems Flare Products Ltd George Fischer Sales Limited Green Footprint Solutions Uniflare Wilmeck Ltd

Pre-treatment of feedstock technology manufacturers/suppliers Agrivert BioG UK Biogas Optimisation UK Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) Citadel Environmental Solutions Eggersmann Anlagenbau UK Haarslev UK Ltd Haigh Engineering Huber Technology Landia UK Ltd Lukeneder Metamo Process Technology Ltd MSE Hiller / MSE Systems Salvtech Ltd SEEPEX UK Ltd Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

Pump manufacturers/suppliers Agrico Engineering Sales Allvalves Borger UK Ltd Geotech Greencrop Landia UK Ltd NETZSCH Pumps SEEPEX UK Ltd T-T PUMPS LTD TRAMSPREAD Vogelsang

Separation equipment manufacturers/suppliers Agrico Engineering Sales Anaergia Ltd Atritor Borger UK Ltd Greencrop Haarslev UK Ltd Haffmans BV Haigh Engineering Huber Technology Linton & Robinson Environmental Mavitec Green Energy Meltog Metamo Process Technology Ltd MSE Hiller / MSE Systems Nijhuis H2OK T-T PUMPS LTD TRAMSPREAD Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

Tank manufacturers/suppliers

A-Consult Ltd ACP (Concrete) Balmoral Tanks Burnham Environmental Services Enviroseal Lining Solutions Limited Hayes GFS King’s Industrial Boilers KIRK UK Linton & Robinson Environmental Monostore Oranmore Environmental Services Limited Weltec Biopower (UK) Ltd Wilmeck Ltd

Valve manufacturers/suppliers/ stockists Allvalves AVK UK Ltd Flow Components George Fischer Sales Limited Haffmans BV King’s Industrial Boilers Protego UK R & M Walsh Ltd Skyhawk Global Ltd T-T PUMPS LTD

Weighing/weighbridges Griffith Elder & Co Ltd Weightron Bilanciai Ltd

AD OPERATORS Crop operators A B Systems (UK) agriKomp UK Agrivert Barfoot Energy Ltd BioG UK Biogas Power Birch Energy Black Dog Biogas Ltd Bock UK Ecotricity Group Full Circle Energy Future Biogas Ltd Hallwick Energy J F Temple & Son Ltd Merrivale Energy Ltd revis bioenergy GmbH Rockscape Energy Ltd


92 | PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE Swancote Energy United Utilities Business Solutions

Tamar Energy United Utilities Business Solutions

Farm waste operators

Wastewater operators

AcrEnergy Ltd AGL-Energy Ltd AWS Power Barfoot Energy Ltd Biocore Biogas Power Birch Energy Full Circle Energy Future Biogas Ltd Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd Hallwick Energy J F Temple & Son Ltd JFS & Associates Ltd Merrivale Energy Ltd revis bioenergy GmbH Rockscape Energy Ltd Strathendrick Biogas Ltd Swancote Energy Tamar Energy Vale Green Energy Zebec Energy

AD Fertiliser Technologies Ltd Burnham Environmental Services HydroThane UK MSE Hiller / MSE Systems NVP Energy Oranmore Environmental Services Limited SNF (UK) United Utilities Group

Food waste operators AcrEnergy Ltd Agrivert AWS Power Barfoot Energy Ltd Bio Collectors (Riverside AD) Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd Biocore Biogen (UK) Ltd Cannington Bio-Energy Emerald Biogas Fernbrook Bio Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd Local Generation Malaby Biogas Nijhuis H2OK Olleco Rockscape Energy Ltd Tamar Energy Veolia Tinsley Willen Biogas Xergi Zebec Energy

On-site food and drink manufacturing operators Barfoot Energy Ltd Biocore Clearfleau H2 Energy HydroThane UK

ADBA MEMBERSâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; DIRECTORY 2015/2016

BIORESOURCES Biochemicals Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) Imspex Diagnostics Ltd

Biofuels A B Systems (UK) Water and Waste Services

Electricity Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd Black Dog Biogas Ltd H2 Energy PlanET Biogas UK Ltd

Energy storage Bock UK

Gases Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd H2 Energy PlanET Biogas UK Ltd Skyhawk Global Ltd

CERTIFICATION PROVIDERS ISAE 3000 certification Assure UK Synertree Ltd

PAS 110 certification Fernbrook Bio

CONSULTANTS Air quality consultants E4environment Ltd Malaby Biogas Odournet UK Resource & Environmental Consultants Salvtech Ltd Silsoe Odours

Business development consultants Aardvark EM Aqua Enviro Best Organic Solutions

Freedman & Partners LLP JHWalter LLP Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited PDB Bio Ltd Rob Heap Consulting SDS Energy Skyhawk Global Ltd

Design and build consultants Aardvark EM agriKomp UK Fre-energy Ltd JFS & Associates Ltd Local Generation NVP Energy Organic Resource Agency (ORA) PDB Bio Ltd Plandescil Ltd PlanET Biogas UK Ltd PROjEN Limited Rob Heap Consulting Rodney J Moore Construction Service Shann Pitts Consulting Smart Biosystems UK Ltd Stemar Ltd Target Renewables Ltd

Energy consultants B9 Solutions Ltd Biogas Power Calor Gas Centre for Process Innovation Cranfield University E4environment Ltd Farm Energy Centre Finning (UK) Ltd Fisher German LLP Flogas Britain General Energy Management Ltd Helix Environmental Consultancy Inenco JHWalter LLP Locogen MM Energy Octego Ramboll Energy SDS Energy Synertree Ltd The Greenspan Agency TNEI Services Ltd Triogen Zebec Energy

Engineering consultants Centre for Process Innovation Cranfield University Farm Energy Centre Finning (UK) Ltd

PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE | 93 GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support Helix Environmental Consultancy J F Temple & Son Ltd Libertine FPE Local Generation Locogen Octego Plandescil Ltd Ramboll Energy RBT Solutions LLP Red Kite Management Rob Heap Consulting Rowan House SDS Energy Stemar Ltd Synertree Ltd

Environmental consultants 4R Group Ltd Alpha Financials Environmental Aqua Enviro B9 Solutions Ltd Burnham Environmental Services Citadel Environmental Solutions Cranfield University Digestate Solutions (R C Middleton & Son) E4environment Ltd GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support Helix Environmental Consultancy JHWalter LLP Little Green Consulting Local Generation Odournet UK Organic Power – Biomethane Ltd PDB Bio Ltd Plandescil Ltd Ramboll Energy RBT Solutions LLP Resource & Environmental Consultants Rowan House RUR3 Environmental SDS Energy Shann Pitts Consulting Silsoe Odours Stemar Ltd Synertree Ltd Target Renewables Ltd The Greenspan Agency TNEI Services Ltd

FIT and RHI eligibility consultants Aardvark EM Alpha Financials Environmental Farm Energy Centre Green and Pleasant Renewables Ltd MM Energy Octego

Resource & Environmental Consultants The Greenspan Agency

Grid connection consultants Calor Gas Farm Energy Centre General Energy Management Ltd MM Energy Purac Puregas Ltd The Greenspan Agency TNEI Services Ltd

Health and safety consultants Jelf Insurance Brokers Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited RBT Solutions LLP Rowan House Stemar Ltd

Planning consultants Bidwells LLP BioG UK Digestate Solutions (R C Middleton & Son) E4environment Ltd JHWalter LLP Little Green Consulting Pegasus Group Ltd Plandescil Ltd Prism Planning revis bioenergy GmbH The Greenspan Agency TNEI Services Ltd Ward Hadaway

Process consultants Alvan Blanch Aqua Enviro FM BioEnergy (part of ForFarmers) GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support Helix Environmental Consultancy Local Generation Malaby Biogas Marches Biogas Metamo Process Technology Ltd New Generation Biogas (NGB) Organic Resource Agency (ORA) PDB Bio Ltd PROjEN Limited Ramboll Energy RBT Solutions LLP Rob Heap Consulting Rowan House Stemar Ltd Target Renewables Ltd University of South Wales

Veolia Tinsley Woxford Environmental Engineering and Technical Services LTD

Project management consultants Alpha Financials Environmental Aqua Enviro AVK UK Ltd B9 Solutions Ltd Best Organic Solutions Bidwells LLP E4environment Ltd Farm Energy Centre GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited Organic Resource Agency (ORA) PDB Bio Ltd Plandescil Ltd Ramboll Energy RBT Solutions LLP Rob Heap Consulting Rodney J Moore Construction Service Salvtech Ltd TNEI Services Ltd

Property consultants Bidwells LLP Fisher German LLP

Rural business consultants Bidwells LLP Fisher German LLP JHWalter LLP Little Green Consulting

Training consultants Cogent Skills Little Green Consulting University of South Wales

FARMING AND LAND MANAGEMENT Arable farm Bock UK Ecotricity Group Full Circle Energy Merrivale Energy Ltd Swancote Energy Ulster Farmers’ Union Willen Biogas

Farm combine Digestate Solutions (R C Middleton & Son)

Livestock farm NETZSCH Pumps Ulster Farmers’ Union


94 | PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE Mixed farm J F Temple & Son Ltd Locogen Ulster Farmers’ Union

Private estate Ulster Farmers’ Union

FERTILISER MANUFACTURERS/ SUPPLIERS Fertiliser manufacturers/suppliers Fernbrook Bio Gleadell Bioenergy Willen Biogas

FINANCE Finance AcrEnergy Ltd Alma Consulting Group UK Alpha Financials Environmental Best Organic Solutions CO2 Sense Compass Renewables Eastern Counties Finance Limited Fisher German LLP Freedman & Partners LLP Meltog MM Energy Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited RAW Energy SDS Energy Ward Hadaway

FOOD AND DRINK INDUSTRY Food and drink industry Clearfleau Imspex Diagnostics Ltd Little Green Consulting NETZSCH Pumps NVP Energy Olleco Oranmore Environmental Services Limited Veolia Tinsley

GOVERNMENT/LOCAL GOVERNMENT/RDA Government/local government/RDA Environment Agency (EA) Lincolnshire County Council



NGO/charity/private not-for-profit CO2 Sense Scottish Renewables Ulster Farmers’ Union Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

PPA SUPPLIERS Power purchase agreement suppliers Ecotricity Group General Energy Management Ltd Locogen MM Energy Total Gas & Power

SEED MANUFACTURERS/ SUPPLIERS Seed manufacturers/suppliers Elsoms Seeds FM BioEnergy (part of ForFarmers) Gleadell Bioenergy KWS UK

SERVICE PROVIDERS Accountants Alpha Financials Environmental BDO LLP Freedman & Partners LLP Synertree Ltd

Insurers Jelf Insurance Brokers Lycetts Insurance Brokers Miles Smith Insurance Solutions Nviro Insurance & Risk Management Limited

Laboratory testing services Agraferm Technologies AG Alliance Technical Laboratories Ltd Biogas Optimisation UK Biorenewables Development Centre (BDC) Centre for Process Innovation Marches Biogas NRM Laboratories Resource & Environmental Consultants Silsoe Odours Spectro | Jet-Care University of South Wales

Addleshaw Goddard LLP Ashfords LLP Brodies Burges Salmon LLP Clarke Willmott LLP Osborne Clarke Roythornes Solicitors Shepherd and Wedderburn LLP Stephens Scown LLP Walker Morris LLP Ward Hadaway Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors

Surveyors Bidwells LLP Fisher German LLP Rodney J Moore Construction Service

TRADE/PROFESSIONAL BODIES Trade/professional bodies Elsoms Seeds National Farmers Union (NFU) Scottish Renewables

TRAINING PROVIDERS Training providers Aqua Enviro AVK UK Ltd Cogent Skills Cranfield University GOALS Project Management & Engineering Support Serac UK

TRANSPORTATION Gas conversion technologies Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies Organic Power – Biomethane Ltd Red Kite Management

Gas pump/biomethane compression equipment suppliers Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies Purac Puregas Ltd Red Kite Management Roadgas Ltd

Haulage/logistics companies Digestate Solutions (R C Middleton & Son)


PRODUCTS AND SERVICES GUIDE | 95 Vehicle fuel distributors Air Liquide Advanced Business & Technologies Organic Power – Biomethane Ltd


OTHER Accommodation sourcing and accommodation provider Rapid Accommodation

AD biological enhancement

Universities, colleges or research institutes

Citadel Environmental Solutions

Centre for Process Innovation Cranfield University European Institute For Energy Research (EIFER) University of South Wales University of Southampton

AcrEnergy Ltd

AD developer Advanced conversion technology H2 Energy

After market service provider CooperOstlund

UTILITIES Gas and/or electricity suppliers AcrEnergy Ltd Ecotricity Group Flogas Britain Full Circle Energy Total Gas & Power Triogen

Water and wastewater companies Hayes GFS Hydro International MSE Hiller / MSE Systems NETZSCH Pumps Northumbrian Water NVP Energy Thames Water Commercial Services Limited United Utilities Group

WASTE/RECYCLING INDUSTRY Waste/recycling industry 4R Group Ltd ACP (Concrete) Agrivert B9 Solutions Ltd Best Organic Solutions Bio Dynamic (UK) Ltd Biogen (UK) Ltd Dorset Green Machines UK Evonik Fibres GmbH FGS Organics KIRK UK Mavitec Green Energy MSE Hiller / MSE Systems NETZSCH Pumps Olleco PRM Waste Systems Ltd R & M Walsh Ltd RUR3 Environmental SITA UK

Analysis with GC-IMS Imspex Diagnostics Ltd

Biomethane revis bioenergy GmbH

Biomethane for transport Red Kite Management

BMP test equipment Biogas Optimisation UK

Claims management Jelf Insurance Brokers

Digestate and biomass drying technology NEWeco tec Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Digestate application contractors TRAMSPREAD

Digestate management Gleadell Bioenergy

Digestate recycling services FGS Organics

Drying equipment manufacturers/ suppliers Alvan Blanch

Electrical power generation systems Libertine FPE

Emissions monitoring Resource & Environmental Consultants

Engineering and design Amec Foster Wheeler

EPC Amec Foster Wheeler

EPC/EPCM contractors PROjEN Limited

Equipment servicing Heat and Power Services

Fittings and couplings AVK UK Ltd

Flame arresters Protego UK

Food grade CO2 production Vale Green Energy

Gas handling and processing BOC

Gas mixing manufacturers/suppliers Marches Biogas

Gas refuelling stations Roadgas Ltd

Gas to grid, LPG blending specialist Calor Gas

Grid and power connection Amec Foster Wheeler

Industrial electrical engineers Cosgriff Whitehouse Electrical

Landscape design Pegasus Group Ltd

Legal advice, precedent agreements Roythornes Solicitors

National technology innovation centre (Catapult) Centre for Process Innovation

Odour consultants Odournet UK

Oil additive manufacturer Infineum UK

Planning and permitting Amec Foster Wheeler

Precast concrete wall manufacturer and supplier ACP (Concrete)

Project developers RAW Energy

Renewable energy provider Olleco

Software Weightron Bilanciai Ltd

Supplier of wastewater/sewage treatment plants Burnham Environmental Services

Utilities Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)

Waste heat to power Exergyn

Waste management Amec Foster Wheeler

Wheel washing equipment Wheelwash



USEFUL CONTACTS GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS AND AGENCIES Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA, formerly AHVLA) t: 01932 341 111 e: apha.corporatecorrespondence@ w: animal-and-plant-health-agency The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) t: 020 7591 6080 e: w: Department for Business Innovation & Skills (BIS) t: 020 7215 5000 e: w: department-for-business-innovation-skills

National Non-Food Crops Centre (NNFCC) t: 01904 435 182 e: w: Ofgem t: 020 7901 7000 e: / / w: Ofwat t: 0121 644 7500 e: w: UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) t: 020 7215 5000 e: w: uk-trade-investment

Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) t: 0303 444 0000 e: w: department-for-communities-and-localgovernment

Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) t: 01295 819 619 w:

Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) t: 0300 060 4000 e: w: department-of-energy-climate-change

ADEPT (Association of Directors of Environment, Economy Planning and Transport) t: 01296 383223 e: w:

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) t: 0845 933 5577 e: w: department-for-environment-food-rural-affairs

LEDNET London Environment Directors’ Network e: w:

Department for Transport (DfT) t: 0300 330 3000 w: department-for-transport Environment Agency (EA) t: 0370 850 6506 e: w: environment-agency Food Standards Agency (FSA) t: 020 7276 8829 e: w: Health and Safety Executive (HSE) w:



British Retail Consortium (BRC) t: 020 7854 8900 e: w: Business in the Community (BITC) t: 020 7566 8650 e: w: Freight Transport Association (FTA) t: 0871 711 2222 w: Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM) t: 020 7831 3110 w:

Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) t: 01604 620 426 e: w: Chilled Food Association (CFA) t: 01536 514 365 e: w: Association for Decentralised Energy t: 020 3031 8740 e: w: Country Land and Business Association (CLA) t: 020 7235 0511 e: w: Energy Networks Association (ENA) t: 020 7706 5100 e: w: Environmental Services Association (ESA) t: 020 7824 8882 e: w: Food and Drink Federation (FDF) t: 020 7836 2460 w: Energy & Utility Skills (EU Skills) t: 0845 077 9922 e: w: The Institute of Grocery Distribution (IGD) t: 01923 857 141 e: w: Local Authority Recycling Advisory Committee (LARAC) t: 01882 382 650 e: w: Local Government Association (LGA) t: 020 7664 3000 e: w: Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) t: 020 7304 6880 e: w:

USEFUL CONTACTS | 97 Maize Growers Association (MGA) t: 01363 775 040 e: w:

Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF) t: 024 7641 3911 e: w:

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) t: 0300 099 6699 w:

National Association of Waste Disposal Officers (NAWDO) e: w:

Organic Farmers & Growers t: 01939 291 800 e: w:

Scottish Government t: 0300 244 4000 e: w:

National Farmers Union (NFU) t: 024 7685 8500 w:

Acoura (Scottish Food Quality Certification SFQC) t: 0131 335 6600 w:

Scottish Renewables t: 0141 353 4980 e: w:

Soil Association t: 0117 314 5000 e: w:

Zero Waste Scotland t: 01786 433 930 w:

Royal Agriculture Society of England (RASE) t: 024 7669 2470 e: w: Renewable Energy Association (REA) t: 020 7925 3570 e: w: RenewableUK t: 020 7901 3000 e: w: Resource Association t: 01943 464 778 e: w: Sustainable Food Trust t: 0117 987 1467 e: w: Waste Management Industry Training Advisory Board (WAMITAB) t: 01604 231 950 e: w: Water UK t: 020 7344 1844 w:

CERTIFICATION SCHEMES Biomethane Certification Scheme e: w: Red Tractor Assurance – Assured Food Standards (AFS) t: 020 7630 3320 e: w: Biofertiliser Certification Scheme t: 020 7981 0853 e: w:

NORTHERN IRELAND Department for Agriculture and Rural Development Northern Ireland (DARDNI) t: 0300 200 7852 e: w: Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) t: 0845 302 0008 e: w: Department for Enterprise, Trade and Investment Northern Ireland (DETI) t: 028 9052 9900 e: w:

SCOTLAND NFU Scotland t: 0131 472 4000 e: w: Quality Meat Scotland t: 0131 472 4040 e: w:

WALES Natural Resources Wales t: 0300 065 3000 e: w: Wales AD Centre of Excellence t: 01443 483 688 e: w: Welsh Government t: 0300 060 3300 / 0300 060 4400 e: w:

INTERNATIONAL American Biogas Council (ABC) t: +1 202 640 6595 e: w: European Biogas Association (EBA) t: +32 24 00 10 87 e: w: Task 37 t: +31 224 565 227 e: w:

CONTACT US The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) t +44 (0)20 3176 0503 e w




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Balmoral Tanks

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BTS Biogas Ltd

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Edina UK

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Evonik Fibres GmbH

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Freedman & Partners LLP

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Haffmans BV HRS Heat Exchangers Ltd

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NRM Laboratories

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Schmack Biogas Ltd

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Synertree Ltd

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Wackerbauer Maschinenbau GmbH

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Wilkin Chapman LLP Solicitors

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Wilmeck Ltd

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High quality large scale biogas


Operation & Maintenance





of sources

All under one roof


of biomass from a wide range



plants focusing on co-digestion



m for



Europe’s leading supplier of efficient Anaerobic Digestion applications

The Total Energy Solution Provider: • Customised Container options • Manufactured in-house • Full Turnkey Contracts • Project Management • Installation & Commissioning • 24/7 remote monitoring and local maintenance coverage

Proven Technical Solutions for: • Combined Heat and Power • District Heating • Trigeneration • Anaerobic Digestion • Biogas • Landfill Gas • Sewage Gas • Coal Mine Methane

Highest Efficiency | Proven Reliability | Dependable Service For more information about how we can support your energy project requirements, please contact: T: +44 (0)161 432 8833 E: W:

Sole distributor in the UK & Ireland for

The AD, Biogas & Bioresources 2015/2016 Members' Industry Directory  

The AD, Biogas & Bioresources 2015/2016 Members' Industry Directory

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