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9th – 13th September

Dinner Time Rota (No bags in Dining Hall) B Hall

Packed Lunch

Sitting 1

Year 7

Year 7

M3 and M7

Sitting 2

Year 9 & 8

Year 8

B Hall and M5

Year 9

Social Area D Floor

Rotating lunchtime sittings will be for Years 7, 8 and 9 only. Years 10 and 11 have optional sittings. Bags must not be taken into B Hall/The Courtyard Cafe at lunchtime unless you have essential medication (i.e. Epipen or Diabetic equipment).

School Nurse Drop-in Session: Tuesday 17th September – Medical Room No appointments required – they are here to listen not to tell!

The summer holidays are nearly here: enjoy the break. We look forward to welcoming you back in September – 8.30am on Wednesday the 11th. I hope the majority of you can look back over the year and be proud of how you’ve been and all you’ve achieved. If, however, you know the (personal) best is yet to come, make sure 2013-14 is the year to raise the bar and stand tall! Well done to the Senior Girls’ Hockey Team who collected the car parking money at the car boot sale for their Portugal tour in October. The grand total of their car park collecting came to £481, which will pay for the coach transport with a little leftover towards their team tour kit. Girls' Sports Team Kit As previously announced, from September all Year 7s will have a new PE kit. All parents of next year's Year 7 students should now be fully aware of this - please can you double check at home if your sister/brother starts in September! We have also now established new kit for the athletics and cross country teams (unique Ilkley Grammar School team vests!) and we are introducing new polo shirts for all the girls' teams. Therefore, if any girl who knows that they will be involved with a team next year would like to buy their own shirt, they are available from Dobson and Robinson's Sports Shop on the Grove or Trutex on Leeds Rd. Please see female PE staff if you need more details. We will of course have a supply of team shirts which will be available for any team player to use each match, but this is an opportunity if individuals would prefer to have their own, to buy direct from the shop at £16 (depending on size). (Please note however, that these black/pink team shirts will not be acceptable in PE lessons) Mrs Ravensdale

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