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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

Snow Dragons Well done to the cast and crew of The Snow Dragons which was on in B Hall on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th February. The production is part of National Theatre Connections which is one of the world’s largest celebrations of youth theatre. As part of this project we will receive a written report about all aspects of the production to help us develop it and get it ready to take to our link theatre which is Doncaster CAST. Both performances were well received and, at the end of the second performance, the company talked to our National Theatre Connections Director Matthew Evans, and Chris Holt, a Producer at Doncaster CAST. Matthew and Chris spoke highly of the production and said they were both completely engaged throughout. They spoke about the complexity of the singing, which was directed by Rachel Yates, and how the songs charted the emotional journey of the play. The actors who played the children (Izzy, Hannah, Ellena, Bex, Patrick, Elliot, Alfie & Melissa) were praised for the way they created their individual characters and the dynamics within the group; the Tree Chorus (Leona, Ed, Faith, Marie, Ben, & Molly) for their physical theatre storytelling and the way they held the production together; and the Technical Team (Joe W, Dom, Tom & Joe H) for using sound and lighting to build and enhance the atmosphere. Chris Holt said: “I thought it was a fantastic production which took me on the emotional journey of the characters.” He also praised the group as being the most professional school group he has ever seen doing Connections. Co-Director Martha Baldwin said: “I am immensely proud of the cast and company for pulling off such great performances this past week. We are looking forward to receiving the written feedback and working on it to develop the production ready for our transfer to Doncaster CAST.” The production is on at Doncaster CAST on Tuesday 2nd May 7.30pm. Watch this space for information about tickets and transport.

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Headline 17th February 2017

Cast and crew photographs of The Snow Dragons taken by Mr Hansen, Head of Creative Arts

The Cast and Crew of The Snow Dragons The Trees


Izzy Hopkinson


Hannah Wellock


Ed Cooke


Ellena Quarmby

War Vet

Faith Martin


Bex Gray


Leona McLoughlin


Patrick Campbell


Marie Riley


Elliot Thompson


Molly Higgitt


Alfie White


Ben Kelly


Melissa Johns Sound

Joe Wolf


Dom Fisher

Follow Spots

Joe Higgitt & Tom Williams

Co Director - Martha Baldwin Page 3

Headline 17th February 2017

Ice-climbing sporting star Emma takes to the local air-waves Over recent weeks we’ve been following the progress and successes of Emma Powell (11JPC) in her many climbing and ice climbing competitions. On Tuesday 14th February Emma had the brilliant opportunity of being interviewed on local radio at StrayFM in Harrogate to talk about her sporting success combined with an appeal for training space (see next page). On Wednesday 8th February Emma flew to France to take part in the Youth Ice World Cup and although she didn’t manage the finals at this championship event her performance was no less amazing and she achieved 9th position in the under 19’s category. The circumstances were certainly challenging as the temperature fluctuated which caused the ice to change consistency and become unstable. Ultimately, for Emma, this is all useful experience for the future and she cannot wait to take part again in next year’s championships. There is now one more competition to go on the 4th March at Kong Adventure Keswick. Best of luck Emma!

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Headline 17th February 2017

The full link to Emma’s interview and story on Stray FM can be read about and viewed below:

Emma was interviewed by Nick Hancock on the Breakfast programme on Stray FM and she discussed a particular appeal central to her sporting achievement; that of training space. She is currently seeking help from the local community for possible information about a building in or near Ilkley that she might be able to use for training space. Presently, she trains using a wall at home but this has become unsuitable for her needs—she has simply outgrown it. The use of a new building would facilitate the building of a bigger practice wall.

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Headline 17th February 2017

Talking Teens Parents’ Group

Week 5: Communication This was another really informative week for the group which started with our new routine, a mood thermometer check. We have all found this a really useful tool, giving us the opportunity to pay attention to how we are feeling; do we pay enough attention to how we are feeling, or do we only tend to focus on this when we are feeling 'red'? We reflected on things learned last week and many parents had effectively put aspects of the course into practice using positive praise with their children and the whole notion of choosing their battles more carefully. The focus this week was communication – why do we need it and how do we do it? The group felt communication was important to gain information, to find solutions, to gain an appreciation of another’s viewpoint, to initiate action. Without communication feelings of isolation, insecurity and mistrust develop. We looked at how we communicate – many of the group were surprised to learn that only 7% of our communication is the from the words we actually say. The majority of our communication, 55%, is by our body language and the remaining 38% is from the tone that we use when we speak.

We thought about how we communicate and how our children communicate. Not surprisingly as parents we were concerned about the communication via social media, by text messages which can easily be misinterpreted, by online gaming, where you never see the other person and communication only via word and tone. There was common agreement that the most effective way to communicate was face to face – where we could see the 'whole picture'.

As our children grow up, the ways in which they choose to communicate change, causing us to worry more about who are they talking to? When we looked at how long we actually spent talking to our children each day, it averaged at around 20 minutes. As parents, our focus is very much on wanting to know absolutely everything and our conversations often end up being more like interrogations! Conversations are a two way process – would you speak to your friends in this way? Probably not.

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Headline 17th February 2017

In order to get something back from our children, we need to share a little with them – try to initiate conversation using something that they are interested in – even if you don't share that interest! "What game are you playing on your Xbox?" "Where are Manchester United in the league?" for example. Talk about everyday things with your children but remember, the more we listen the more they will talk to us. Children often choose the most difficult of times to talk – usually when we’re driving in the car, busy making tea, washing, ironing etc or when they are going to bed – but this is often the environment they feel most comfortable talking in. They may not want to have that face to face conversation if they are wanting to talk about sensitive issues like sex, drugs, relationships etc. This is about building trust with your children, we only communicate with people we trust and it is about actively listening to, rather than just hearing, what is being said. We do need to show them that we are listening to them so it is really important, where we can, to stop what we are doing and actually turn towards them to show full engagement and active listening.

We also need to be prepared to accept that we are not right all the time and acknowledge this by saying “Sorry, I got it wrong." This is really important for our children to hear this and to say "I trust you", and to give and receive respect for our different viewpoints. Teenagers generally have an inferiority complex where adults are concerned and feel that adults are more effective communicators than they are. By the ages of 14 and 15 we have only acquired 75% of our adult vocabulary. As parents (and teachers) we need to be very much more aware of body language, especially if a child cannot express how they feel through words. It is important to be able to pick up changes in emotions from the tone of the words they use (not necessarily what they say) and the body language that accompanies it, and if need be – back off!

Before bedtime, always ensure that you end any conversation with your child on a positive note and focus on something that they have done well. This will not only increase their confidence and self esteem, but will also promote a good nights sleep! We also need to bear in mind that what we say to our children is not always what they hear; for example, if we ask 'Do you have any homework?' this may act as a trigger where only the word 'homework' is heard! So you could ask the same question in a different way leaving out the trigger word – "Is there anything you need to hand in for tomorrow?" or "I'll be free later if you need a hand with anything?" Or you could introduce it by talking about yourself "I have so much I need to get done for tomorrow, have you got anything to do?" Remember: all of your child’s behaviour has a goal which tends to fit into one of six categories Pity (so you have to rescue them) Revenge (getting back at you) Power and control (which of you is strongest – battle of wills) Attention Excitement/thrill Approval ( often seen regarding relationships with peers) Knowing what the goal is can often help you understand what is going on underneath the surface.

Mr Gutch and Mrs Hepworth Page 7

Headline 17th February 2017

STUDENT COUNCIL UPDATE At the last student council meeting on Friday 10th February, a number of important issues concerning the school were discussed, such as integration between the years, future plans for PB Time, and most significantly, school finances. Ms Williams came to talk to students face to face about the financial concerns that we are aware of around school. She made clear to the student council that, although the school’s finances are reducing, and IGS is having to look at doing things differently, we do not need to be worried that this will have a negative impact on us as students. Ms Williams assured the council that there would be no major changes which will impact on the quality of education that the school offers. Due to national funding cuts by the Government, all schools are facing a situation in which some changes must be made. Despite this, the school is feeling secure that they are making the reduced budget work, with things set to improve over the coming years as the increase in student intake will bring in additional funding to IGS. However, this may mean that in the short term over the next two years, money may be tight within the school. This is why the school has requested voluntary donations from parents to help provide a ‘cushioning’ of sorts so that the school can continue offering the extra benefits to students that they currently do. We would therefore like you to feel reassured that there will be no dramatic changes to class sizes and the changes in funding won’t affect the quality of your education. Many thanks, The IGS Student Council.

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Headline 17th February 2017

Roxy Newell, Peter Chadwick, Myia Crawford, Jack Ward, Jack Clough, Eleanor Millen, Isobel Griffiths, Imogen Rudloff, Will Dyson and Carrick Matthews were invited for drinks and cake with Head of Year 8, Miss Harris, to celebrate their effort and achievements this term. (Pictured are only a selection of students as the photograph was taken after the event). Well Done to all!

As part of e-safety week, Saltmine theatre company performed their e-Safety play 'Escape' to Year 8. This was a phenomenal production about the dangers social media can bring and helped students to understand how they can stay safe online.

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Headline 17th February 2017

Netball News It has been another busy week of competition for our IGS netball teams! _________________________________

Monday 13th February IGS U14B 7 - 0 Bradford Girls’ Grammar Player of the Match - Louise Steer (9SEW)

Tuesday 14th February IGS U13A 10 - 4 Beckfoot Player of the Match - Florrie Pickering (8TJB) IGS U14A 17 -2 Beckfoot Player of the Match - Stef Rose (9RTS) IGS U12B 3 - 13 Bingley Grammar Player of the Match - Matilda Berry (7AHF) IGS U14B 1 - 11 Bingley Grammar Player of the Match - Hannah Corbett (9MEH)

Louise Steer (9SEW) Florrie Pickering (8TJB)

Stef Rose (9RTS)

Matilda Berry (7AHF)

Hannah Corbett (9MEH)

U13A match report written by Player of the Match Florrie Pickering (8TJB): On Tuesday, our year 8 A netball team played a match against Beckfoot. We started off well making strong passes and intercepting our opponents. At the end of the first half we had scored 8-1. In the second half Beckfoot came back stronger but we still managed to get the passes and a few shots in. Overall everyone played great and we ended the game with a great score of 10-4 to us.

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Headline 17th February 2017

Congratulations to Luke Pearse (9ASH) for achieving the first Silver Award for Year 9. He is now going for gold! Luke is pictured here with Mrs Hepworth, Head of Year 9, and his Form Tutor Miss Hughes.

Congratulations to Elliot Thompson (10LAM) for recently being accepted into the Air Cadet National Choir. Elliot will be travelling to RAF Cranwell in April for the first camp. Well done Elliott and good luck!

Elliot Thompson 10LAM

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Headline 17th February 2017

@ilkleygrammarPE Page 12

Headline 17th February 2017

As part of the Ilkley Community Alcohol Partnership an Open Evening has been arranged to be held at the Warehouse on Wednesday 22nd February between 1830hrs and 2000hrs. The event will coincide with the youth group and will be available for young people to attend on their own or with parents to take part in and to gain knowledge of a number of subjects including sexual health, healthy eating and drinking, alcohol awareness, and hopefully cyber security. We are hoping the event will be fun as well as informative and not just handing out leaflets. There will also be an opportunity for the attendees to win some prizes.

Many thanks, Mrs Hepworth and Mr Calvert

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

Here at IGS we offer a homework drop-in session every lunchtime for KS3 students run by friendly and experienced staff on hand to help and support with any homework issues if required. Need somewhere to do your homework? Come to N9. Need to print off any homework as unable to do so at home? Come to N9. Not enough time after school due to sport or extra commitments? Come to N9. Not organised and need help? Come to N9.

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017



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Headline 17th February 2017

Community Partnerships Thank you and welcome to our first Community Partner! Clever Energy Boilers If you would like to discuss our community partnership or community sponsorship programmes please contact Business & Finance Director Alison Kaye (

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

Dinner Time Rota (No Bags in B Hall) Sitting 1 12.30pm

Sitting 2 From 12.40pm

Sitting 3 Not before 12.45pm

Year 8 Packed Lunch Area: N6

Year 7

Year 9

Packed Lunch Area: N3 and N4

Packed Lunch Area: D Floor Social Area

Manners are important in the lunch time queue; any student misbehaving will be sent to the back of the queue. Rotating lunchtime sittings are for Years 7, 8 and 9 only. Years 10 and 11 have optional sittings. Bags must not be taken into B Hall at lunchtime unless they contain essential medication (i.e. Epipen or Diabetic equipment).

Lunchtime Library Rota

Coming Up...Coming Up...Coming Up B Week Monday 27th February

School opens

Tuesday 28th February

Pancake race

Thursday 2nd March

World Book Day Year 8 Parents’ Evening 4pm

Week A Monday Year 7 & 9 Tuesday Year 8 & 10 Wednesday Year 7 & 9 Thursday Year 8 & 10 Friday Year 7 & 9

Week B Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

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Year 8 & 10 Year 7 & 9 Year 8 & 10 Year 7 & 9 Year 8 & 10

Headline 17th February 2017

Don’t forget, lunch is a fixed price….any main item is £1.85, add a cake and turn it into a meal deal for £2.50. All drinks are individually priced and range from 55 - 85p

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

Career planning helps students to realise their ambitions — what they would like to do in their working life, which courses would suit them and which colleges/universities or businesses fulfil their needs. Each week, we hope to provide information that will help them along their journey ranging from apprenticeships, open days and insights into careers they may not have thought about. Further information is available from Mrs Mitchell (Careers, C10) or Mrs Stewart (Post 16 Office).

Don’t forget this important weekly opportunity from Mrs Mitchell, Careers Adviser

Information on opportunities available.

Help and ideas to get started on research into career pathways and what’s right for you.

If you think you know which career is for you, find out if you know the best route into this.

Who and how employers recruit has changed in recent years, make sure you’re aware.

Links to useful websites.

Call in for an informal chat or to arrange a Careers Interview.

Mrs Mitchell, Careers Adviser Page 23

Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

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Headline 17th February 2017

Daniel Burgess (10PB), Sophie Armitage (11JB), Mary Warren (12NPG) Francesca ’Frankie’ Wills (11JDA, and Amelie Wilk (12NPG)

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Headline 17th February 2017  
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