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Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017

Left to right: Caitlin Fitzgerald, Lily Imison, Harry Dhanak and Miss Lopez, MFL Spanish Assistant Below: Harry Dhanak (3rd place) poses for his photo below the Spanish flag in Mrs Kitchen’s classroom

Year 7 MFL POETRY COMPETITION 7RR had a special surprise recently just for them in MFL in the form of a poetry competition. They read a poem by Ana Serna in Spanish called ‘Manuela mi abuela’ as part of their topic on ‘family’. Their challenge was to write their own poem about one of their own grandparents or other family member. The competition was judged by Raquel Lopez the MFL Spanish assistant who was really impressed by the high standard of the Spanish and presentation of the work. The proud winners and recipients of early Easter eggs were Caitlin Fitzgerald (1st place), Lily Imison (2nd place) and Harry Dhanak (3rd place). Well done ! Mrs Kitchen MFL Page 2

Headline 13th January 2017

Clockwise: Harry Dhanak holds up his poem and prize for coming 3rd in the roll-call of winners; Lily Imison enjoying her achievement in 2nd place; and Caitlin Fitzgerald accepting the prize and the top honour of 1st place from Mrs Kitchen. Well done to all the students who took part!

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Headline 13th January 2017

Languages and the University Experience: A talk by past IGS student Fiona Cram

Post 16 MFL students were treated to a fun, detailed and informative insight into studying Languages at university on Friday 13th January by ex-IGS student Fiona Cram. Fiona left IGS in June 2016 and is now almost half way through her first year at Manchester University where she is studying for a BA in Spanish and Chinese. Her talk covered an exhaustive range of aspects of university life from studying, lectures and seminars, accommodation and social opportunities through to course structure, assessment and course options/combinations for single and joint honours degrees. As a result the attending students were able to obtain an extremely helpful picture of university life overall in addition to what Fiona had to say about MFL. The differences and similarities between A Level and the first year of university were covered, in addition to the opportunities for studying abroad that are offered to students and great career benefits.

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Headline 13th January 2017

To discuss typical daily timings of study, a helpful guide ‘A day in the life of Fiona in Manchester’ was presented to students in an entertaining way with the addition of fun Languages-themed memes to close the talk . In closing, Fiona’s summing up of university life and study was as follows:

“rewarding, difficult and fun”

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Headline 13th January 2017

Congratulations to Emma Powell (11JPC) who achieved further success on Saturday 7th Jan in the next stage of her competitive climbing at Kong Adventures Dry Tooling in Keswick. Emma went into the final in 1st place competing alongside three male climbers (all on the GB Ice team) in a timed climb off. Emma came 1st and won the round in the open competition. The next round is on the 4th February and Emma is still leading the series in first place. Amazing news and well done Emma!

Congratulations to the Year 8 Indoor Cricket team who won their match with St. Bede’s and Holmfirth to qualify for the West Yorkshire Finals. Well done to everyone involved. Thomas Dover (8FEA) Jacob Thompson (8VEC) Nathaniel Howarth (8FEA) Finn Parton (8JWK) George Johnson (8TJB) Tomas Cesar de Sa (8AW)

Thomas Dover Jacob Thompson Nathaniel Howarth Finn Parton

Fred Gazeley (8FEA) Louis Shankland (8AW)

George Johnson Tomas Cesar de Sa

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Fred Gazeley

Louis Shankland

Headline 13th January 2017

Congratulations and well done to Miles Sexton (8FEA) who recently achieved the award of Merit in his Grade 3 Drum exams. The image below shows a typical example of Drum music at Grade 3.

Miles Sexton (8FEA)

Under 13 Girls Team at Yorkshire County Cross Country Championships Well done to Charlotte Elston (8TJB) and Georgia Weston (8JWK) who were amongst a group of girls from other schools who competed as part of the under 13 team in the Yorkshire County AA Cross Country Championships. The event took place on Saturday 7th January at Light Water Valley Theme Park near Ripon.

Charlotte Elston (8TJB) Page 7

Georgia Weston (8JWK)

Headline 13th January 2017

Year 7 Silver Award Congratulations to Jonathan Wood (7AHF) for earning his Silver Award from Headteacher Helen Williams. Jonathan received this honour for many stand-out reasons such as demonstrating a consistent hard working approach to student life, excellent school involvement, and the addition of just having obtained Grade 4 Piano and Grade 3 Cello. Well done for such all-round excellence!

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Headline 13th January 2017

@ilkleygrammarPE Page 9

Headline 13th January 2017

Here at IGS we offer a homework drop-in session every lunchtime for KS3 students run by friendly and experienced staff on hand to help and support with any homework issues if required. Need somewhere to do your homework? Come to N9. Need to print off any homework as unable to do so at home? Come to N9. Not enough time after school due to sport or extra commitments? Come to N9. Not organised and need help? Come to N9.

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Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017

Although ‘Talking Teens’ sessions have started you can still start next week whilst the final places remain. These sessions are open to parents from across Bradford and are being held in Ilkley at IGS.


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Headline 13th January 2017

STUDENT NOTICES: For Years 7, 10, 11 and 12 the procedure for repairing iPads has now changed. Please report the breakage to C3 (IT Support) where we will print out a set of personalised and detailed instructions to be collected by you the following day. A copy will also be emailed home. You will fill out your insurance claim directly on the CompuCover website at this web address: You will have two weeks from the date of the break to fill in the online form or it will not be accepted by CompuCover and you will be liable for the cost of the repair.

Please fill the form in as thoroughly as possible as CompuCover may query elements of your claim by emailing you directly. When CompuCover have emailed you to say the claim has been validated you will need to bring the iPad to C3 (IT Support). We will then send the iPad off for repair on the nearest Wednesday after you have returned the iPad to C3 (IT Support). The repair company will prepare a report on the iPad and if there are any discrepancies between their assessment and the details on the form you will be contacted for further information. When the report is authorised the iPad will be repaired and returned, where it can be picked up from C3 (IT Support) on the nearest Wednesday. If the repair is not authorised by CompuCover the iPad must be returned to C3 (IT Support). A charge for the repair will be uploaded to ParentPay; once this has been settled the device will be sent off for repair on the next Wednesday.

For years 8 and 9 the procedure for repairing iPads remains the same as before.

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Headline 13th January 2017

STUDENT NOTICES: REMINDER: Art / Photography students Could all students who studied Art or Photography last year please collect their portfolios of work from the Art department before the end of January. Thank you, The Art department

Lunch and Break Tennis Court Allocation for Student Use / Reminder of Out of Bounds Areas.

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Headline 13th January 2017

Dinner Time Rota (No Bags in B Hall) Sitting 1 12.30pm

Sitting 2 From 12.40pm

Sitting 3 Not before 12.45pm

Year 7 Packed Lunch Area: P3 and P4

Year 9

Year 8

Packed Lunch Area: D Floor Social Area

Packed Lunch Area: P2

Manners are important in the lunch time queue; any student misbehaving will be sent to the back of the queue. Rotating lunchtime sittings are for Years 7, 8 and 9 only. Years 10 and 11 have optional sittings. Bags must not be taken into B Hall at lunchtime unless they contain essential medication (i.e. Epipen or Diabetic equipment).

Lunchtime Library Rota

Coming Up...Coming Up...Coming Up A Week Monday 16th January

AS Mock exams

Thursday 19th January

PTA Meeting (Wheatley Arms 7pm)

B Week Monday 23rd January Wednesday 25th January (6:30pm)

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AS Mock exams Parents Information Evening

Week A Monday Year 7 & 9 Tuesday Year 8 & 10 Wednesday Year 7 & 9 Thursday Year 8 & 10 Friday Year 7 & 9

Week B Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Year 8 & 10 Year 7 & 9 Year 8 & 10 Year 7 & 9 Year 8 & 10

Headline 13th January 2017

Don’t forget, lunch is a fixed price….any main item is £1.85, add a cake and turn it into a meal deal for £2.50. All drinks are individually priced and range from 55 - 85p

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Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017

Career planning helps students to realise their ambitions — what they would like to do in their working life, which courses would suit them and which colleges/universities or businesses fulfil their needs. Each week, we hope to provide information that will help them along their journey ranging from apprenticeships, open days and insights into careers they may not have thought about. Further information is available from Mrs Mitchell (Careers, C10) or Mrs Stewart (Post 16 Office).

Don’t forget this important weekly opportunity from Mrs Mitchell, Careers Adviser

Information on opportunities available.

Help and ideas to get started on research into career pathways and what’s right for you.

If you think you know which career is for you, find out if you know the best route into this.

Who and how employers recruit has changed in recent years, make sure you’re aware.

Links to useful websites.

Call in for an informal chat or to arrange a Careers Interview.

Mrs Mitchell, Careers Adviser Page 18

Headline 13th January 2017

We frequently feature careers information contained in the excellent resource Moving On magazine and their website is extremely useful for up-to-date information, articles and advice to aid career decisions.

LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT IN RETAIL a recent blog article posted on the website:

Career and Industry spotlight (courtesy of Moving On magazine):

CUTTING EDGE CAREERS: Considering how technological advancement changed the employment landscape during the previous century, what changes might we possibly face in the coming years? (See next two pages) Page 19

Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017

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Headline 13th January 2017  
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