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Production technologies of tomorrow


Optimising productivity & resource utilisation


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EM - Interview

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Your machining center. It’s time to make use of your machine’s full potential. Jens Lehmann, Brand Ambassador of SCHUNK, the family-owned company

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Production technologies of tomorrow

optimising productivity & resource utilisation Integrating modern-day information technologies into machine tools makes them more attractive and above all easier for the operator to control. On the technological side, machines, tools and machine components have been developed that upgrade the productivity and efficiency of machining processes, contributing toward cost-efficient manufacture of the requisite components. The article presents examples of the trends and issues on which production technology is focusing.


Dipl-Ing Hendrik Abrahams Institute of Machining Technology, Dortmund Technical University Dipl-Ing Dominik Brouwer Institute for Production Technology & Machine Tools Leibniz University Hannover

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technology | news

CNC grinding machine with turning function

Laser scanner

Benign Enterprise has released BMT-D320GT— a CNC grinding machine with turning function. The complicated machining can be accomplished in one setup of workpiece, including internal turning, internal grinding, external turning, external grinding, tapered surface turning & grinding. The turning spindle can be mounted on Y or Z axis to cut the excessive tolerance before performing fine grinding. Then, the grinding spindles on Y and Z axis can perform coarse and fine grinding. With turning and grinding operations done on this machine, workpiece concentricity and The complicated machining can be accuracy can be assured. Moreover, accomplished in one setup of workboth spindles can do grinding piece, including internal turning, processes, one for internal grinding internal grinding, external turning and one for external grinding or any and external grinding combination, so many more complex grinding procedures can all be completed on this same machine to speed up the process and to be more accurate.

FARO Technologies has launched laser scanner focus3D X 130 – the newest member of the X Series range of laser scanners that delivers tremendous power, compact design, and the flexibility to perform laser scanning in both indoor and outdoor. With a scanning range of 130 m, this laser scanner is ideal for mid-range scanning applications such as architecture, BIM, civil engineering, facility management, industrial manufacturing, forensics, and accident reconstruction. The ultra-portable Focus3D X 130 enables fast, straightforward and accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It With a scanning range of records architectural facades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites 130 m, this laser scanner and large-volume components. Combining the is ideal for mid-range highest-precision scanning technology with true scanning applications mobility and ease-of-use, this new device offers such as architecture, BIM, reliability, flexibility, and real-time views of civil engineering, facility recorded data. With its integrated GPS receiver, management the laser scanner is able to correlate individual scans in post-processing. These advances in performance do not come at the expense of safety as the Focus3D X 130 comes with a class 1 ‘eye safe’ > MORE@CLICK EM01128 | laser.

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Hard turning & grinding centre

Electric cylinder

Emag’s VLC 250 DS turning and grinding centre combines the advantages of vertical hard turning with those of grinding, making it possible for the workpiece to be completely-machined in a single setup. The advantages of the process combination are hard turning + grinding that lie in process stream consolidation, improved component quality and greater flexibility. But process combinations can also be used to great effect for the shortening of cycle times. While all the hard fine-machining operations can be carried out on a single machine; throughput, transport An important requirement for times and storage periods can be combination machines is the drastically reduced too. There are unhindered fall of the turning and also benefits in the reduction of time grinding chips and effort spent on setting up the machine. An important requirement for combination machines is the unhindered fall of the turning and grinding chips. The VLC 250 DS with its vertical work spindle and its tools positioned below the workpiece offers the best possible chip flow conditions.

Festo’s ESBF, the electric cylinder, rated at 17 kN, has a stroke of 1500 mm and a speed of 1.35 m/s. Its service life is equal to a running distance of approx 10,000 km. Positioning with the electric cylinder ESBF with its ball screw spindle offers many possibilities. There is, for example, a choice of motors and controllers allowing freely selectable positioning, any desired travel profiles and defined speeds. Positions can be detected and evaluated by Powerful, fast and precise sensors. Further advantages include positioning - the electric easy connection to higher-level cylinder ESBF has a high control systems and universal motor performance with a rating of mounting in an axial or parallel 17 kilonewtons and a stroke configuration. Whether in the of 1500 mm automotive industry, assembly and packaging technology, for clamping, gripping or cutting or other applications, this electric cylinder is highly adaptable when it comes to positioning. A wide selection of piston rod variants and function accessories provide users with an almost unlimited choice.

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technology | news

Tool setter for compact VMCs Metrol Corporation’s P21 series with 0.0005 mm accuracy is one of the most popular and economical tool setters used in CNC machines worldwide. These are used for length detection of tools such as drills, end mills and taps mounted in machining centres and drill-tap machines. The high-level of repeatability offered by the sensor ensures precise measurement of the tool, compensating the thermal growth within the machine axis and even the slightest tool wear is The high-level of repeatability updated automatically. The timely offered by the sensor ensures precise breakage detection by the sensor measurement of the tool, compensating prevents rejection of workpiece and the thermal growth within the machine damage to subsequent tools. Its axis and even the slightest tool wear is compact size facilitates easy updated automatically accommodation on the machine table and with complete IP67 protection, it is designed to work inside machine tools. Functions of the tool setter include automatic tool off-set measuring, automatic tool wear updation and automatic tool breakage detection. > MORE@CLICK EM01133 |

Large-capacity turning centres for energy work Haas Automation has introduced ST-45 and ST-45L which are heavy-duty, large-capacity turning centres designed from the ground to extremely rigid, highly accurate, and very thermally stable. All castings are optimised using finite element analysis (FEA) to produce the most rigid designs, while improving chip and coolant flow, and simplifying maintenance and service. The ST-45 provides a maximum cutting capacity of 25.5” x 44” (648 x 1118 mm), with maximum swings of 34.5” (876 mm) over the front The ST-45 and ST-45L which apron and 25.5” (648 mm) over the cross are heavy-duty, large-capacity slide. The long-bed ST-45L offers the same turning centers, designed 25.5” (648 mm) cutting diameter and from the ground to extremely generous part swings, with a maximum rigid, highly accurate, and very turning length of 80” (2032 mm) – nearly thermally stable double that of the standard ST-45 – for turning and boring long shafts and tubing. Both machines feature an A2-11 spindle nose with a 7.0” (178 mm) bore, and provide a generous 6.5” (165 mm) bar capacity with the optional 18” (457 mm) chuck and hydraulic rotating union. > MORE@CLICK EM01134 |

Grooving & parting off tools Statement about ownership & other particulars about EM, as required to be published in the first issue every year after the last day of February 1. Place of Publication: 302, Sarosh Bhavan, Dr Ambedkar Road, Camp, Pune 411 001 2. Periodicity of Publication: Bi-monthly 3. Printer’s Name: Kala Jyothi Process Pvt Ltd Address: S.No. 185, Kondapur, R R District, AP 500 133 4. Publisher’s Name: Shekhar Jitkar Nationality: Indian Address: 302, Sarosh Bhavan, Dr Ambedkar Road, Camp, Pune 411 001 5. Editor’s Name: Shekhar Jitkar Nationality: Indian Address: 302, Sarosh Bhavan, Dr Ambedkar Road, Camp, Pune 411 001 6. N  ames & addresses of individuals who own EM and partners or shareholders holding more than 1% of total capital of publish-industry India Pvt Ltd, 302, Sarosh Bhavan, Dr Ambedkar Road, Camp, Pune 411 001 Details of the shareholders of publish-industry India Pvt Ltd who are holding more than 1% of the paid up equity share capital of the company as on 28-03-2014: a) publish-industry Verlag GmbH, NymphenburgerStrasse 86, 80636 Munich, Germany b) Kilian Mueller, NymphenburgerStrasse 86, 80636 Munich, Germany I, Shekhar Jitkar, hereby declare that all the particulars given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Seco Tools has recently announced a special focus on products for grooving and parting-off applications in 2014. In addition to introducing and focusing on new products, the company will also launch an online digital sales guide to provide the market with technical information in an innovative format.The company’s portfolio of products for grooving and parting-off now includes expansions to the X4 tangential tool, MDT (MultiDirectional Turning) system, 150.10 partingoff blades along with mini shaft boring tools. While each of these products has its own Through a unique design and unique set of features and benefits, they all interface, X4 provides a flexible bring stability, reliability and productivity to and high-performance solution manufacturers performing grooving and/or to parting-off and grooving parting operations.Through a unique design applications and interface, X4 provides a flexible and high-performance solution to parting-off and grooving applications. It incorporates strong tangential inserts with a rigid clamping system to maximise security and enable larger depths of cut. The X4’s multiple cutting edge widths, ranging from 0.5 mm to 3 mm provide flexibility in grooving while also minimising material waste in parting-off operations. > MORE@CLICK EM01135 |

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Fully integrated performance

The high-performance drill for increased productivity and process reliability. Walter Titex is attracting buyers from across different industries with more process reliability accompanied by an increase in productivity. You too can benefit from innovative point geometries and coatings, and from assured chip evacuation and ground-breaking internal cooling. Find out more at:

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EM Mar-Apr 2014  
EM Mar-Apr 2014  

There has been an increasing focus on top-performing high-end products that offer maximised productivity, availability and cost-efficiency....