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“Automakers should rapidly get comfortable with absorbing new capabilities”

As the tech and automotive worlds merge, a complex ecosystem is creating new rules for

Rajesh Nath, Managing Director VDMA India

success. By taking stock of this ecosystem, automotive OEMs can determine which players should be collaborated with to accelerate the path to the future. Most importantly, close interactions between the providers of collaborative technologies and the automakers is the key to fostering and advancing this ecosystem. However, the operating models of the two sides differ dramatically. For example, design cycles of the auto industry still do not keep pace with that of the tech industry. Moreover, making new investments as well as building new manufacturing capabilities while simultaneously writing off previous manufacturing investments can prove to be a very expensive ordeal for the automakers. Further, standardisation will play a salient role in overcoming the lack of trust and subsequently in improving the effectiveness of these collaborations. Besides, in order to master change and operate with new partners, automakers should rapidly adjust their core to be able to work with new ecosystems and should get comfortable with absorbing new capabilities. Yet, the resultant collaborative technologies do employ easy to use interfaces designed to optimise human machine interactions. For example, cobots can work with operators having minimal skills and still ensure superior productivity plus safety. Also, 3D printing, robotics, and collaborative IT can aid OEMs to enhance product design and transform traditional production and supply chain inefficiencies. As the industry’s needs shift toward complex products, minimal lead times, raw materials and custom products, it is certain that most automakers will adopt this transition. From our end, through numerous roadshows and forums in various cities in India, we have attempted to get the automakers and technology suppliers close together to help them comprehend the immense potential and advantages of collaborative technologies in manufacturing and its key role in optimising the human machine interaction to enhance productivity.

“The most relevant skill will be the ability to partner and build trust”


Sudhir Gurtoo, Managing Director Leadec India

EM | Aug 2019

he future is all about successful collaborations. Those who are leveraging this will emerge as sure winners. Some auto OEMs we see are playing the waiting game and they may not last long. A systematic approach for an auto OEM requires grasping the new technology and collaborating with tech companies to develop new products. Those who can build new low-cost prototypes, harnessing the new technology, will emerge as winners. The most relevant skill, thus, will be the ability to partner and build trust. There exists a likelihood of a “tech company” getting into vehicular production in the near future. The future vehicles will have a high dependency on new technology and relevance on old ICE engineering will simply dissipate. The trust, or lack of it, is a resultant of this belief. The auto OEM, thus, needs to carefully select its tech partner and work closely to build and enhance trust levels. What’s more, elements within Industry 4.0 like, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, AR-VR, advanced robotics, cloud computing, etc will get commonly deployed on the automotive shop floor. We can already see some of these being introduced on the OEM production floor. OEMs need to introduce and leverage these for optimised product launch and mass production. Our company is trying to enhance sensor-based predictive maintenance (pilot stage), AR/VR deployment for plant maintenance (remote maintenance), resource tracking, deploying advance sensors (ex productivity or output measure), and engagement with some auto MNCs for battery assembling services.


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EM Aug 2019  

Being an enabler for the economic prosperity, the automotive industry can be described as a backbone in many countries including India. Howe...

EM Aug 2019  

Being an enabler for the economic prosperity, the automotive industry can be described as a backbone in many countries including India. Howe...

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