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Living with LIfe Changes “A Shot in the Entertainment Industry”


Go Beyond the Struggles

TOYOTA CENTRAL “Meron Kang Kaibigan sa Figueroa” ENTERTAINMENT

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Love An Empowering Emotion Discover a Life Without Wavering PHILIPPINE GOV’T

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15 Francis Fabiculanan A Genius on Auto Domination 18 EXCLUSIVITY Update: The Inside Story Manny Pacquiao & RBM Grouip Int’l 22 All About JulphaMotivational Enterpreneur, Friend and Mother

27 Banaue Tremors, A Must Read

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10 Q&A with Kababayan LA’s Coolest Host,

Jannelle So


26 Health Care Reforms FEATURED BOOK


Undoubtedly there is shared appreciation that in Fil-Am Media sits Jannelle So

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JULY 2010






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Save the Ea



Living with Life Changes

“A Shot” in the Entertainment Industry

The trouble with our economy is deep and could go a great deal deeper. If we think of the depths of human life we are bound to get caught in the cross fire between ourselves and life demands. Are we impoverishing our glimpse of what’s in store for “entertainment? LAPINOY Magazine is hatching a plan and could ultimately come to fruition to protect its goals. We have started a breakthrough in the last quarter of 2009 building a more structured time line that matches our found outfit. RBM Group International with its officers and shareholders will launched a line of projects after carefully assessing its possibilities in the recording business. We are finally ready to audition talents who will have “a shot” to become the next Philippine Idol… and sign a major record deal. We are driving down our roots even to a deeper and firmer grounds where there is no shortage of competition from other outfits cruising through the downturn. Just like the rest we are equally motivated to pursue the recording business designed specifically for our carefully defined talents to connect with RBM Group International and work with big name producers in the music business.

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has raised the bar of Filipino Publication! “The W

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“The Sk

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o’s Cult


We make things happen... We continue to evolve... We deliver...


The only locally printed “lush” Filipino magazine of its kind widely distributed in Southern CA 24/7 exposure to a global market with unprecedented audience and shoppers Highest caliber graphic designs and photography that will bring about strong desires to buy

RBM Group International Audition Deadline and Contact Numbers: Call (213)706-0010 or (626)272-1129 for Audition Schedule Deadline: August 10, 2010 LAPINOY Magazine and RBM Group International cannot overstate the magnitude of “its” mission. The depravity of humanity and the depravity on parade will not be politically correct for we will seek to solidify our stand anchored to the bedrock of truth. GOD allows as to dream and we are extending this opportunity to young men and women who got talents and by the grace of GOD, RBM Group International will provide the vehicle for “a dream” fulfilled.

The ultimate website to display YOUR MESSAGE prompting consumers to demand your product


2010 in the year of our Lord – KABABAYAN LA is marking a milestone.

on celebrating her 4th year anniversary with Asian Media as the unprecedented “host”of Kababayan LA @tv 18.

“We make our advertisers proud to display their brand” (213) 706-0010

4 JULY 2010

Congratulations to Miss Jannelle So

ROD DASCO President/Publisher

JULY 2010





LAPINOY magazine

Go Beyond the Struggles Anxiety arises from remembering the past. Everyone is focused on the economy and we tend to forget foreign policies which are now generating big news. LAPINOY Magazine has always been geared to provide a stage and a backdrop for the greatest story ever told. Israel the land that flows with milk and honey has been the target of Arab nations getting more than its share of international attention. With the new administration this country is in its birth pains extremely tormented by the opposition to strike against its enemy. Israel is languishingly aware that the present government is adamantly opposed to a strike against Iran. ..and who knows how far along Iran’s nuclear program really is. “In a world of ever expanding pluralism, here we find a chapter of a people who were chosen and a land that was promised for the sake of all mankind.” Right before our very eyes we see events that give fullness of meaning to patterns and principles that were parts of the written history of God’s chosen people. The clear and compelling predictions are soundly unfolding and could only be orchestrated by God’s sovereignty. To digest the sum and substance of fulfilling prophecies and predictions there is one over-reaching reason why Israel can not be passed over. In all the international issues, this nation stand in a “one-for-all” relationship to the whole world in the light of the fact that the Messiah will fulfill the ultimate expression of this principle. (De Haan) The media and the system share the same belief in outlining a mutually agreeable vision of a two-state solution. The peace talks and peace treaties are never ending but will there really be peace amidst the crisis? There is only One Person who has the ability to reconcile all the damages and crashing miseries of the human race. The issue was never just about Israel but He had chosen a nation and a race to reveal Himself to the whole world. “I will bless those who bless you and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Gen 12:3

CECILIA C. LIM Vice President/Editor in Chief

6 JULY 2010

JULY 2010



Meron kang kaibigan sa Figueroa.

At Toyota Central, two blocks south of the Staples Center, they’ll tell you they have one basic goal: that everybody who visits their downtown dealership should come to the same conclusion: ‘I’ve got a friend on Figueroa.’ Make no mistake: they want to sell you a car. But if people leave the dealership and don’t feel like they’ve been treated as a friend, Toyota

Central feels like they’re not following their own time-honored business plan. For forty years, they’ve used this approach to taking care of their customers through every kind of business cycle, demographic shift, Act of God and civil insurrection (and they’ve seen a few of those, you can believe it). When you visit, you’ll notice the wide diversity of people all over the dealership lot—in the showroom, out by the customer service areas, back in the service bays, in the business office. They have people from all over the world working and shopping at Toyota Central, and that’s the way they like it. It’s probably the most multicultural carbuying experience you can have in Los Angeles. You’ll meet Africans, Europeans, North and South Americans, and Asians. Representing the Philippines are several people in the business office, including the dealership Business Manager, Willie Colderia. Out on the showroom floor, you’ll meet the very dynamic and knowledgeable Fleet Sales Manager, Roberto Tavera. Working closely with General Manager Lorenzo Serrano, Roberto and the rest of the sales team make it a point of pride to help people find just the right car to suit their needs, whether it’s an entry level Corolla or a high-end Avalon, a hipster Scion, a sporty RAV4, a family-sized Sienna, or a workhorse Tundra. And their finance team works hard to make the cars affordable for every kind of buyer. “This is a great time to buy a Toyota, I’ll tell you that,” says Roberto. “Right now, Toyota is super motivated to make their cars more buyable than ever, so they’re offering fantastic financing deals and lease terms to just about everybody. We’re able to put together some very attractive deals for people. If you’re familiar with the Toyota product, then you know how rock-solid these vehicles are, how reliable, and well-built. Compared to other car makes, Toyota is going to come roaring back in 2010 as the best automotive deal of the year. And Toyota Central plans to be at the head of the pack. Let me say this to everyone in the Filipino community: next time you’re in downtown LA, whatever you need, whatever questions you might have, just come on by and I’ll take care of you personally. That’s a promise.” Spoken like a true friend.

Roberto Tavera

Fleet Sales Manager TOYOTA CENTRAL 1600 S Figueroa at Venice 2 blocks south of the Staples Center



Q&AJannelle editor’spickB By: Cecilia Lim

JanN elle *So*

with Kababayan LA’s Coolest Host

Undoubtedly there is shared appreciation that in Fil-Am Media sits Jannelle So


tive in fron o is to be nega ome a d to t os h ow drive h r a talk sh knock uses candor to ardest thing fo “One of the h nces,” says Jannelle who ows well what it takes to talk She kn of audie g a sydicated in n n ru of thousands oint about her guest(s). b jo p ombining ll time day sophisticated Jannelle So, 32 has a fu an LA @Channel 18. C with a flair and ay s s. down barrier ch department of Kabab kes these characteristic m Media sits Jannelle vo ar -A in she’s that in Fil show and rese ity and originality, she appreciation ional media. Meanwhile, e. ac ed n ar te sh le is ib e ed er yon , th incr d nat rising to ever Undoubtedly al acclaim an graciousness. have garnered both critic re pleasurable...more surp o So - who may ayan LA programming m ab keeping Kab


What make up a successful talk show? A I think the most important aspect of a talk show is the topic or the guest. A talk show producer like myself is always on the lookout for either controversial topics that encourage an open debate; or interesting guests that viewers may relate to and be interested in, enough to sit glued to their TV sets for 30 minutes, or for however long the show/segment is.



What makes a good talk show hostess? A Knowledge of the topic/issue, which is why I do as much research as I can. This is especially true when we are visited by mainstream politicians. I’ve interviewed LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, former CA Lt. Governor Mona Pasquil, and recently Speaker Emeritus of the


CA State Assembly Karen Bass. And because I’m an immigrant, I will be the first to admit that I don’t fully grasp the political landscape here in the US. That is why when facing bigwigs from Sacramento and other politicians, I make it a point to read up. I read about the system, the issues they advocate and a little bit about their history so I know what questions to ask.


How much hard work and determination you’ve exhausted to become the successful talk show hostess you are now? A I won’t really consider myself a successful talk show host. I think that’s for people to decide. And my idea of success is Oprah .. nothing less. My former boss, however, whom I consider my mentor at LA18 – Eric Olander – used to tell me that I’d know when I’ve made it as soon as I start getting my fair share of haters and critics. I do get that … Haha … but we pay the price for the life we


Just for a little break: (above) LAPINOY Publisher Rod Dasco engaged Jannelle to a chat in between takes.

choose. And I still don’t think that’s a good measure of success. I have yet to come up with a concrete definition of what I consider “personal success.” I know one thing: it’s not about fame or material things. For the bible says, what good is it for you to gain the whole world but loses your soul? (Matthew16:26) In terms of the success of the show though, I think our fourth anniversary legitimizes the presence and growing influence of Kababayan LA in the FilAm landscape in Southern California. What did I exhaust to achieve this status? A LOT! And it’s not just me… it’s my whole family. I remember when Kababayan LA was starting, I would go to ALL community events and pass out flyers about the show. I would be with my mom at a concert and she’d help me put up a big banner of Kababayan LA. At one point, my dad and brother volunteered to distribute Kababayan LA flyers to people going to Sunday mass. continued next page...

10 JULY 2010

JULY 2010




What is the best way to break into television? A I’m not sure - but the best way to break into anything is to be humble enough to be willing to start from the bottom. Learn the trade, make mistakes... so when you get the opportunity, you are prepared to take it on.



Who are the influential people in your life? A I listen to my family a lot - - especially my mom and dad. I value their opinion because I know they love me the most and would only want the best for me. Now, they may not always be right though … so I have a few other people I talk to and turn to for advice. I tend to have friends that are older than me, more accomplished, wiser - - - because I like learning from them. I also have what I call “divine connections” – friends with whom I can discuss passages from the Bible, the “Christian” way of dealing with things. Believe it or not, I also have some friends who are priests - - -people I call on for my simple and serious dilemmas in life.


They say negativity has about a 4mile radius - - - so I try to avoid negative

people and I try to not be negative around other people. It’s a tough thing to do … but I’m trying harder these days, checking myself, my intentions and most especially my thoughts. The bible says: Set your mind on things above and not on earthly things. (Colossians3:2)


Who had the greatest influence in your talk show format? A When I was starting, ,laying the foundation for my show, my former boss, the one who hired me – Eric Olander (He has left LA18 last December 2009) – and we worked closely together to set the format. I owe a lot to him. I am blessed. People also say I’m the only Filipino immigrant who appears on American TV DAILY … Is there anyone else?



Did you ever dream of having what you have now? A Yes. I always wanted to host my own show. And when I was in the Philippines, I did. But when I got that, all I did was to read off a prompter. I didn’t have editorial control. So I revised my prayer to include hosting AND producing my own show… haha. God listens and grants our prayers if He knows that the realization of those wishes would be good for our souls.


So I know God wouldn’t put me here if He didn’t have a specific purpose in mind. That’s why I’m trying to get to know Him more through His words… hopefully soon, I would understand why He put me here so I can begin working on carrying out His plan for me.


What do you consider as your most prominent work so far? A Oh I’ve had a lot of interesting interviews, from the bigwigs of CA State politics, to entertainers. I have some favorites – one of which is my interview with the richest Filipina in America – Loida Nicolas Lewis. I learned a lot from her - - - from the things she said in the interview and from the way she carries herself. I look up to her - - - for the way she continued to build her husband’s empire; but more importantly, the way she held on to her family, even when the going got tough.


At the end of the day, I’m still very much a Filipino at heart – I value family more than anything else. The day God gives me a good husband and a kid or two, I will be delirious! Power, fame, money – all are fleeting. People are fickle, they love you one day and hate you the next. But a good family is a strong foundation for one’s life.

JanN elle *So* JULY 2010


Coping with hours of photoshoot, Michelle shows off her signature.


What can suffer because of political correctness? A It kills people’s candor. It encourages social sensitivity – which has its ups and downs. Too much sensitivity is suffocating.



Do you picture yourself as the next...? eee A I’d rather be an original Hahaha...Right now I’m content to be host/producer of the FIRST and ONLY locally produced daily talk show for an about Filipinos in Southern California. And I say SoCal because Kababayan LA is local here. But really, there’s no other show like this outside the Philippines.



What are the rewards you have received in the four year course of your career with Asian Media and Kababayan LA? A I am always ALWAYS thankful for the opportunity to inform our kababayans… to serve their needs by talking about issues we don’t normally talk about and giving people resources to help them not just to survive but also to thrive here in the U.S. And my personal growth - - the people I deal with, the people I get to interview, I learn a lot. It stretches my perspective. I am always grateful!


A Roof with A View: Jannelle So LAPINOY Magazine Cover Girl maintains her happy glow even under the scorching sun.



Do you believe in the death of free speech? A I actually think we have more freedom now, more than ever - - and thanks to new media. It’s so easy to communicate and convey your thoughts and opinions now using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. I don’t do FB though. I wish I had the time. But I do have a Twitter account. The downside, however, is that people now have to be very careful how they consume information. Not everything that’s out there is true or accurate. For those giving out information, there has to be a more rigid sense of responsibility. We need to confirm and double check facts before we comment on anything.

Congratulations Jannelle

on your 4 Years of Dedicated Effort and Awesome Programming! JULY 2010



By: Kat Iniba


ith the summer season upon us, come the summer blockbuster movies. And, most likely, if you’re a tween, “Eclipse” is probably at the top of your list. Tents, blankets, and “Team Jacob” or “Team Edward” paraphanelia seem to be the essential must haves for Twi-hards everywhere as they pulled all-nighters and risked personal hygiene to be one of the first to catch “Eclipse’s” June 30th midnight viewing. “Eclipse” broke North American movie history as the first film to open in over 4000 screens.


But if you’re not a Twi-hard, try these: “Inception”, a sci fi thriller stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe and directed by Christopher Nolan of “The Dark Knight”. The production was so “top secret” that, according to rumors, scripts were delivered to the actors with a guard standing outside their homes as they read them. “Inception” delves into the minds of people using a drug induced haze and leaves audiences debating for hours, long after the film has ended. Julia Roberts stars in “Eat, Pray, Love”, a film based on the author of the same title. Roberts plays Elizabeth Gilbert as she takes us on a journey to find herself and her true purpose in life. Calling all action fans, “The Expendables” may be just what you’re looking for. With an extremely long list of actions stars, including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger. The Sylvester Stallone directed film centers around an international secret team hired to assassinate the South American dictator. And on the small screen, to “Glee” or not to “Glee”? After weeks of speculation, and yays and nays from the Charice camp, it’s official. Singing sensation Charice Pempengco joins the cast of Glee:Season 2. Pempengco will play a foreign exchange student, adding some vocal competition to Rachel (Lea Michele) and some romance for another fellow Gleek. n Charice JULY 2010


Francis Fabiculanan

A Genius on Auto Domination

By: Cecilia Lim


y connecting with the right people, by developing and refining his skills – his audience realized that he has the right ingredients for auto domination. Francis assembled a team of multi capable pitching mechanics and combined their expertise with his excellent insight and embedded a series of unparalleled systems and best practices into his own…And D’ONLYSON was born. He expertly handles above par cars and we are only mesmerized virtually by the sense of speed no longer fast and furious but tamed by mere touch, outpacing all others on and off the track. The genius and acumen of Francis is highlighted as he continues to win trophies in the biggest international and local auto shows and car galleries vying for dominance on concept cars. Francis and his team unleash their full potential with the aim of winning the “trophy” for champions. The gallery displayed is a real jaw dropper, once again Francis rules…

the unprecedented first prize winner!

And for the genius on auto domination…the role is filled by Francis Fabiculanan,

a Filipino. JULY 2010




editor’spickB By: Cecilia Lim


ur modern culture has created a twisted, distorted and misconstrued view of love. Popular movies and sit-coms; songs and romance novels picture love as fiery and passionate; burning splendidly and briefly.

An Empowering Emotion Many popular films depict love as something that can be shared by strangers in a secret week-end and can enjoy pre-marital affairs without scruples. Is this how God intends us to understand the power of love? Of course not… God has laid us the framework and foundation of how He intends us to fathom the greatest gift of all.

The inventor of love describes it as patient, kind, humble, selfless, forgiving, enduring, hopeful, faithful and truthful. The key to all of these is commitment.

In Touch | Dr. Charles Stanley 99.5FM Radio M-F 9:30A.M.-10:00A.M. Leading the Way | Dr. Michael Youseff 740AM Radio M-F 11:30A.M.-12:00 Noon

Almost always we enter into a relationship for selfish and carnal reasons. Sometimes it is stringently physical desire. Too often it is simply because we are lonely or for reason that we also want something our friends have. If we examine these motives we soon to realize that they are self-indulgent. When we continue to feed our fleshly desires we portray self centeredness and can hurt the receiving end. This in no way can strengthen, help or encourage the other party instead it can result to emotional breakdown and guilt feelings.

Persons are to be loved, things are to be used”, said Reuel Howe. “God so love the world that He gave His one and only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him will not perish but will have everlasting life. John 3:16.

Therefore we should love others the way that God loves us with honor, grace, and for the other’s best interest. Love is the fruit of a well-cultivated relationship; strong commitment and accepting responsibility for the object of our love, whether between friends, family or a man and a woman. n lapinoymagazine.comJULY JULY2010 2010 16 16

Discover a

Since you have kept my command to endure patiently I will also keep you from the hour of trial that is going to come upon the whole world Rev.3:10 to test those who live on the earth.

LIFE Without Wavering


hat is more than endurance? Holding on to what we have so that no one can take away our commission. Patience is more than endurance. Our lives are in the hands of God like a bow and arrow in the hands of an archer. God is aiming at some target that we cannot see and He stretches and strains and every now and again we complain, “I cannot stand it anymore.” God does not heed, He goes on stretching and straining ‘till His purpose is in sight, then He lets fly. We need to trust ourselves in God’s hands and maintain our relationship to our Savior by the patience of faith. Faith is not a pathetic sentiment, but a robust and vigorous confidence built on the fact that God is love. We may not see Him during our times of trials or understand what He is doing, but we know Him. Shipwreck occurs where there is not that mental poise which comes from being established on the eternal truth that God is holy love. Faith is the heroic efforts of our lives when we fling recklessly confident on God’s omnipotence. We venture our all when we develop a complete abandonment to Him. We will have a life that can face anything it has to confront without wavering for one reason only – because we know Him. If we take this view, our lives become one great romance, a glorious opportunity for seeing marvelous things all the time. If we allow God to discipline us, the result is only to reach the central place of power and experience the vision of God – the source of all patience.

“Patience is not indifference–it conveys the idea of an immensely strong rock withstanding all onslaughts–he endured as seeing Him who is invisible– not devoted to a cause or any particlar issue but devoted only to God Himself.” n JULY 2010




By: Cecilia Lim


“2010” Kababayan LA Marking A Milestone


he exclusive record deal was finalized both by Manny Pacquaio and Lito Camo on the evening of October 13, 2009 with RBM Group International in Baguio City, Philippines. This is a universal exclusive contract and covers all musically related endeavors from shows to videos to concerts and to all forms of musically related performances worldwide whether pre-recorded or live. “Pacman’s” signing has been published in countless articles all over the internet for global attention. He has also personally confirmed his signing with RBM Group International in several interviews. To view the TV Patrol interview go to: “Pinas Watchers.”

Indeed, Jannelle So neither had soft slopes, tender underfoot nor without unexpected turnings but with signposts and with milestones – Kababayan LA is marking a milestone…years of opportunities to look back over time and see the significant ways and the vital unfolding of four years of solid programming.

The schedule for the agreed first single “Dangerous” is set to take place in the next few weeks in Manila, Philippines. Recently RBM Group International met with Manny and Lito’s trusted agent who has been in charge of the negotiations with RBM Group International from the beginning and time of conception to the signage and to date. This is the same individual who oversaw the signing of RBM Group International’s exclusive contract with Manny and Lito in Baguio City, Philippines. RBM Group International met with this agent to discuss an outdoor free concert in Manila for all of the people of the Philippines to attend. We hope to announce the venue shortly. n

RBM Grou

p Inte

fficers a rnational O

nd Shareh




ison Ryan DennEO C President,

Cecilia LimOO

Rod Dasco nt, d Vice-Presi Marketing






ry o t S side n I e Th

Luisito Lim CFO

linares Alicia Apo Board of D


amos Remy L. R ector Board of D


contract with

RBM Group International

We are always on the road with bumps and turns until by God’s gracious right hand we have a breakthrough. We know and believe that opportunity knocks at everyone’s door at least once in a lifetime. We may walk through it, taste its certainties, accept its obscurity or walk away from it. Whatever we decide to do, we are convinced that this is the area in our lives that connects and touches each one of us, a notable milestone. Milestone, originally the word referred to a stone used as a mile marker. But it can also refer to a significant point in development, such like a turning point in life. This is the time to remember and stop where we are in the road map and evaluate a milestone so that we don’t risk loosing our connection to the community and to one another. In 2006 Jannelle So started her 30-minute daily news and talk show “Kababayan LA” with Asian Media at Channel 18 with much perception. This she considered as a fulfillment of a dream and welcomed the package that came with it. The road map she traveled was never easy but how she handled her conflicts are worth mentioning. She showed illustration of listening to good advise, acted positively on frustrations and unfair situations and was never intimidated or running scared on injustice and disappointments. And now…Kababayan LA is marking a milestone…years of opportunities to look back over time and see the significant ways and the vital unfolding of four (4) years of solid programming. God showed interest in her and stretched her simple desire to serve over a small local community so that now Kababayan LA has become the most watched and the longest running Filipino news and talk show in the US. Indeed…Jannelle neither had just gentle slopes, soft underfoot nor without sudden or unexpected turnings but with signposts and with milestones – and…Kababayan LA will continue marking milestones through the next four years and beyond. n JULY 2010


Money Matters

philippine government

A Full Service Accounting Firm

P resident

Noynoy Aquino



xperienced accountants and auditors who have endured the roller coaster ride over the decade make up the backbone of Kaplan, Lim, Brignoni & Ceniza, CPA’s.

ISLANDÊPACIFICÊ DISTRIBUTION 823ÊLawsonÊSt. CityÊofÊIndustry,ÊCAÊ91748 (626)Ê839-8285 PANORAMAÊCITY 8340ÊVanÊNuysÊBlvd.ÊUnitÊA PanoramaÊCity,ÊCAÊ91402 (818)Ê895-2423 CANOGAÊPARK 20922ÊRoscoeÊBlvd,Ê CanogaÊPark,ÊCAÊ91304 (818)Ê857-3400 CERRITOS 11481ÊSouthÊSt. Cerritos,ÊCAÊ90703 (562)Ê809-8889 VALLEJO 2110ÊSpringÊRd.Ê#Ê24 Vallejo,ÊCAÊ94591 (707)Ê552-6730 UNIONÊCITY 4122ÊDyerÊSt. UnionÊCity,ÊCAÊ94587 (510)Ê489-8189 WESTÊCOVINA 1512ÊE.ÊAmarÊRoad WestÊCovina,ÊCAÊ91792 (626)Ê964-4858 LOSÊANGELES 627ÊN.ÊVermontÊAve. LosÊAngeles,ÊCaAÊ90004 (323)Ê671-1020

20 JULY 2010

LOSÊANGELES 229ÊS.ÊVermontÊAve. LosÊAngeles,ÊCAÊ90004 (213)Ê674-2980

In the past six decades this full service accounting firm successfully navigated the economic downturn and volatility condition of the business world since it was founded in 1945. Their team of CPA’s understand the uncertainties instilled in the minds of their clients by the upheavals of economy in the present times and easily proved themselves as trusted advisers to help clients tackle difficult challenges, unemployment, tight credits and most of all persisting tax problems of individuals, partnerships or corporations to gain back their grounds and pull them back to new directions. In this changing worlds of basics and unreliable guides where past results no longer necessarily the conduct for the future, KAPLAN, LIM, BRIGNONI & CENIZA, CPA’s has established themselves trustworthy and accountable exhibiting complete transparency to their clientele in this stressful economic times. Tax demands and tax laws are becoming more tedious and complicated beyond the reach of the inexperienced mind. The consumer is still knee-deep in debts and most reluctant to spend because of doubts and undependable market and job prospects. No matter how our economy is undergoing radical changes things can become rosy when you meet the professionals of KAPLAN, LIM, BRIGNONI & CENIZA to remain abreast in the competitive world and can put everything into a new perspective. n

The Expression of a Nation’s Hope and Aspirations By: Amari Quiachon

Coming from a family with a rich generational history of direct involvement in controversial national political scenarios along with the resulting sacrifices and loss, President Benigno Simeon (Noynoy) Aquino III grew up nurtured by the political experiences and legacy of his elders. This year, the Filipino people once again turned to an Aquino, this time, to Noynoy, who like his mother, didn’t have any plans of running for the presidency. The groundswell of appeal and support for his candidacy increased to a point that it was best for Noynoy to serve the people’s wishes. Despite Noynoy’s low-key and lackluster political performance, the people chose him for his clean political record on top of being the son of the well-loved icons of democracy. President Noynoy Aquino’s continued focus and reiteration of his campaign promises along with updates on concrete steps geared towards their fulfillment are what the Filipino people hoped for.. In him, they banked their aspirations for the restoration of peace, and the overdue economic alleviation of the general populace. As the only son bearing the weight of carrying on the torch of his parents, President Noynoy Aquino deems his presidency as his personal calvary, for along with the title, is the gargantuan responsibility of cleaning up the government halls and its agencies, bringing changes and reviving the ailing economy, and re-filling the national coffers, rehabilitating education, invigorating the health system, and securing the nation in many fronts, powering up the whole country, ensuring food supply, repairing the ecology, safeguarding the environment, living up to the nation’s aspirations and measuring up to his parents’ legacy. President Noynoy Aquino will need the nation’s prayers, support, participation, and cooperation for these aspirations to be fully realized so he may establish a new precedent of leadership standards, statesmanship, and integrity in public service for people to benefit from and for future government officers to observe and emulate.n JULY 2010


All About Julpha! Motivational Entrepreneur, Friend and Mother

Julpha, the powerhouse 2005 Woman of the Year, runs a recruitment/job placement agency including legal services and a part time interior consultancy that are thriving. Her range is beyond just a friend, a mother or an entrepreneur. She also got reserves of subtlety and bending over generosity. She is creative to the core and expert in home staging.

What’s in a name…?

Loving daughter, Janalin Jaeli (Below)

“Julpha was young, daring and vivacious”, says Norma Japitana in “A Woman Called Julpha”, published in Women Today magazine. “She defies hypocrisy and racism and demands creative freedom”, revisits Rod Dasco, publisher of LAPINOY Magazine. Stirring words…maybe…about this princess, but then again Julpha is truly unique and a oneof-a-kind personality. Stimulating, gracious, forbearing; perfectly blended with tolerance and leadership…these personal skills add up to professional achievement for this California based and highly successful entrepreneur and hefty part time producer. She relishes her flexible lifestyle and advocates building up people thus making positive impact on others. Julpha loves the idea of independence and creating her own pattern of growth and the luxury of working at home. She fancies the fact that she does not have to go back to traditional jobs as she remembers her

working years with Consolidated Bank and with Philippine Tourist and Travel Association in the Philippines. – “Not that I did not enjoy those years…I will always be grateful to my friends and mentors who inspired and taught me all the good moves on measuring it to where I am”, says the once reigning Miss PPP (Philippine Press Photography). With her excellent resume and banking experiences, she landed on two supervisory level appointments locally here in the United States - the Home Savings Bank of America and the good old fashioned Coast Federal Bank of Los Angeles. Geared to challenge and ready continued next page...

JULPHA celebrates with friends @ Casa Sanchez Restaurant: Top: (A) L-R Tessie Sandler, Julpha, Myrna Aquitania & Tessie de Leon, (B) Mark Gonzalves and Raul Sanchez (C) Rollie Fernandez, Dick Shannon & Julpha with Mariachi on the background, (D) with Andrea Vergara & Tessie de Leon. Below: (E) Julpha with Rollie and Dick, (F) L-R: Sal &Joyce Abierra, Mark,Jing & Judy, (G) with Nick (Mgr. of Casa Sanchez), (H) with Andrea Vergara & Aurora Antonio A


22 JULY 2010







OCTOBERlapinoymagazine.com2009 JULY 2010



(Top): Julpha’s close friends, Leo Valdez, Imelda Papin and Steven Segal

to get off the ground she pursued her own business visions, leaving the “real world” of working 9 to 5, so at the same time be available for family matters. “It is my goal to maintain my identity as a mother and be there when I’m needed,” says the princess as she speaks with heartfelt endearing gratitude to God about her priceless daughter Janalin Jaeli. Julpha was married to the late four- term Mayor and Congressman Sultan Omar M. Dianalan of Marawi City and was blessed with two beautiful daughters named Janalin Jaeli and Juvairah Jonah…her story seemed all too familiar like a recurring dream gone reel but no…really. Even in the midst of bliss, influence and affluence, she’s not immune to adversities. Her deepest sorrow all kept in her heart, was the lost of her three-year old daughter Juvairah Jonah in a tragic fire aftermath – a conflagration in Manila, Philippines some years ago. This painful experience was a showcase for God’s strength and plans for her life. She victoriously rose above it and all things worked together for her good. With a grateful heart and looking at life through God’s eyes; what incredible worth her 1st child, Janalin Jaeli God bestowed on her, what inexplicable dignity…realizing the hope she has in spite of her affliction. Janalin Jaeli, nicknamed “Fatima” faithfully witnessed the credibility, the freedom, the time and the options Julpha displayed and modeled and Janalin Jaeli experienced the extraordinary life of even more than a princess. Following her mother’s road map, she now runs her growing nursing registry also based in Los Angeles and lives with her very own wonderful family. Work and life balance have been good to the premiere princesses. “A friend loves at all times and a brother is born for adversity”, (Prov. 17:17) and…Julpha deserves nothing less. Breaking the stereotype, she finds chemistry and affection with former First Lady, now Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, can’t get enough of the poise and hard-working writer and author Norma Japitana and having a lot of fun and looking good with music legend Imelda Papin and the enduring balladeer Leo Valdez. “They are my confidants and support team, like long-distance friends with ready “virtual” shoulders to lean on”, she laughs. She also values tremendously her friendship with restaurant owner Raul Sanchez and became acquainted with film director and action superstar Steven Segal for some reason or another. Julpha, the powerhouse 2005 Woman of the Year, runs a Recruitment/ Job Placement Agency including Legal Services and a part time Interior Consultancy that are thriving. Her range is beyond just a friend, a mother or an entrepreneur. She also got reserves of subtlety and bending over generosity. She is creative to the core and expert in home staging. n









JULPHA celebrates with friends @ Casa Sanchez Restaurant: L-R: (A) Jeffrey Stalley and Tomiko, (B) Mark Gonzalves & Luke, owner of Nic’s of Beverly Hills, (C) Tess Fabian, (D) Norma & Steve Austria, (E) Joyce & Sal Abierra, Karen Casa and (F) Hilda A


B JULY 2010





JULY 2010




Thru the Mayor’s Heart ( U N D E T E R R E D PA S S I O N )

“Your Health Care Clinic in the Community!”

EMMANUEL SALVADOR O. FRONDA Municipal Mayor Balayan, Batangas OATH OF OFFICE I, EMMANUEL SALVADOR O. FRONDA, do solemnly swear that I will, to the best of my ability, faithfully discharge the duties of a Municipal Mayor of Balayan, Batangas. I shall uphold and defend the Constitution of the Respublic of the Philippines, bear true faith and allegiance to it, and obey the laws, legal orders and decrees promulgated by the duly constituted authorities.

4643 W. Beverly Blvd., Suite 103 LA, CA 90004

I shall always be faithful to the ideal that public office is a public trust, and I shall own no master but truth, freedom and justice.

(323) 461-4183

 


   

I do hereby voluntarily assume the obligations imposed by this oath of office, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

of the Association of Barangay Chairmen of Balayan, making him an Ex-Officio Member of the Sangguniang Bayan. This stretched all the way to his becoming a Municipal Councilor from l992 to l995 and as Municipal ViceMayor from 1995 to 2001. He finished two terms, passed notable ordinances and resolutions that benefited his people. After serving for six years in the legislative branch, his leadership continued to flourish and was elected Municipal Mayor from 2001 to 2004.

Good governance, accountability, transparency and responsiveness influenced the decisions he made as a municipal leader. Needless to say, the people clamored for another term in 2007 and the steadfast commitment over the years of his tenure as public servant won him again this 2010.

   ... without purpose of evasion.     EMMANUEL SALVADOR O.          

                          

 


FRONDA, or ‘Manny by his constituents graduated from Immaculate Conception College where he is incumbent President with a BS Degree, and major in Management.. The lifelong career in the government was prompted by the need to serve the public and earnest desire to improve the lives of the people in his community. He started out as Barangay Chairman from 1982 to 1987. and for five years, he served with passion in the locality. Subsequently, the diligence of this man earned the respect of his fellow chairmen who voted him unanimously as President

The good Mayor visualizes BALAYAN as a progressive community and this could be gleaned from his accomplishments, most remarkably infrastructure projects that costs P 458,281,938.24 (municipal, tourism, borrowings, national and congressional funds). This was realized within a span of three years with the able support of the Sangguniang Bayan Council, the local officials, the municipal employees, and his people who are working hand in hand with him and have kept faith through the years. n Top Rt - Down: - A glimpse of progress on display. - Your route to Balayan, Batangas. - Steel Corp - a whole block of assets. - Balayan Public Market - Infrastructure project - Happy townfolks, Recepients of Free Wheelchairs - Balayan Got Talents - auditioned on who gets it! Bottom R-L - Free Cataract Operations - Medical Mission in Action JULY 2010 27


Health Care Reform Package



By: Jeffrey R. Brignoni

A Novel By

VIC WARREN ” d read! o o g g n “Rousi ” tur ner. ense, “Pagere, susp








nce.” t treaasnudgood maread!” o r “Los“Rousing .” ding it murder a e r p o t

“Page-turner.” n’t s I could “ “Lost treasure, suspense, murder and romance.”

” ! t a e r g s t’ stop reading it.” “Icouldn’t “I “It’s great!”

“The Artist from Alabama” On March 23, 2010, the Health Care Reform Package was signed into law. The legislation will extend coverage to millions of uninsured Americans, and will raise over $400 billion in new taxes and other revenue sources to help pay for it The act provides for: small business tax credits, excise tax on high dollar plans, market sector fees, additional medicare tax, and many more. With respect to small business, the law provides for a temporary sliding-scale employer tax credit to help offset the cost of employer provided coverage. A small employer is one that has no more than 25 employees, and annual wages do not exceed $1,250,000. [$50,000 (average).x 25] Beginning in 2010 and extending through 2013, the credit could be as high as 35% of payments made for employer sponsored health insurance. Beginning in 2014 and beyond, employers who purchase “government sponsored” (an exchange) insurance could qualify for a two year credit of up to 50% per year. Non-Profit organizations would also be eligible. Caveat: employers with 10 or fewer employees would receive additional credits. Starting in 2013, individuals earning more than $ 200,000 will pay an additional 9/10ths of one percent for their medicare taxes. For married individuals, the threshold is $250,000. For S-Corporations, the “pass through” amounts would count in the income calculation, as well as interest, dividends, gain from disposition of property from a passive activity, etc.The new act is over 2,000 pages long, and extremely complex, and contains many more tax provisions, that will take effect years down the road. Please consult your tax advisor(s). KAPLAN, LIM, BRIGNONI and CENIZA, CPA’s are always available to help with your financial and tax needs. n 28 JULY 2010

Contact Nos. (310 625-1234 (310)625-0958

When Paul and Joan Webster visit Banaue, the capital of Ifugao Province the site of the When Pauland and Joan Webster visitworldBanaue, famous Banaue rice terraces, an the capital of Ifugao Province and the site of earthquake and the discovery of a the world-famous Banaue rice terraces, an earthquake legendary treasure threaten, enrich andand the discovery a legendary treasure threaten, change oftheir lives forever. enrich and change their lives forever. Available Now in The Kindle Store at Available Now in The Kindle Store at JULY 2010 29 © 2007 Vic Warren ~ Published by Turning Heads


[TOP] L-R: Family Cruise (Mike, Cora, Lydia, Ces, Remy, Mom and Rod); Trinity Powerhouse Church Gatherings; Joel 9owner Maegan’s Grill and Rod

[Top]: Aris Dimavivas & Manny {RIGHT]: Pacquiao and Cecile [Top]: Celebrating Santi’s 68th Birthday with loving family @ Universal Studios [Below]: Bert Leroy, Jr & Famil

[Above]: HipHop Artists J.Rocka and Sarai Knowledge with LAPINOY [Below] L-R: Our dog Israel; (Our Puppies) Gideon and Keri

AVA Antonia Johnson D D D D D D D D D D D D

[Above]: Ava Antonia Johnson, 21 is a multitalented young artist. She sings, writes and paints. She now resides in LA and continues her artistic guns by taking up online courses.

30 JULY 2010

Tess Fabian, successful Home Health owner in Las Vegas. JULY 2010


32 JULY 2010