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MAY - JUNE 2008

Tunnel Park

New River

Joe Abruzzino, the chief engineer overseeing the Tunnel Park Project, indicated that he would submit all the final plans to the City of Fort Lauderdale’s DRC sometime during the week of April 6th. Afterwards, it will take approximately 3 months until the site analysis work is completed by the DRC. After the plans have gone through the DRC, the official bidding process will take place, which should also take an additional 3 months to complete. A tentative date to begin construction is November 2008. The approximate construction costs for the Tunnel Park Redevelopment Project is $500,000. The budget is $558,000. In addition to the news above, the Downtown Development Authority was successful in obtaining a $25,000 BCIP grant for the Tunnel Park Project. The Rio Vista Civic Association was also successful in their bid to secure an additional $35,000 for the Tunnel Park Project through the NCIP Grant Program.


Henry Kinney Tunnel

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Happy Mother’s Day! May 11th

May / June 2008


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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KEEPING THE FORECLOSURE CRISIS AT BAY IN FORT LAUDERDALE City abatement of mosquitoes in stagnant pools, which is a common problem in South Florida. Also, Code Enforcement will be coming to the Commission with a proposal to amend ordinances allowing for a more expeditious and effective way of boarding up vacant or open structures, and to mow the lawns on vacant properties. Love them or hate them, Fort Lauderdale’s Code Enforcement officers are in the community every day to make certain that our city is safe and secure. According to researchers Dan Immergluck of the Georgia Institute of Technology and Geoff Smith of Woodstock Institute, naBut the City is taking steps to get ahead of the damaging tionwide studies have found a correlation between quesimpact foreclosures have on neighborhoods. The Comtionable residential fires and foreclosed properties. A Calimission is discussing a measure that will ensure properties in foreclosure are monitored frequently for safety and fornia study found that increasing foreclosures over a onesecurity, and that they’re being maintained. The goals are year period corresponded with a 76 percent increase in the number of questionable fires. to approach properties before they become nuisances to the community, and to aggressively abate foreclosed In addition, crime rate increases are also linked to inciproperties that have already fallen into disrepair. dences of foreclosures. Crime rates in Charlotte, North Here’s the plan: For new properties in foreclosure, the City Carolina increased by 33 percent between 2003 and 2006 in that city’s 10-highest foreclosure areas, while holding will undertake outreach and coordination with banks/ steady citywide. Another recent study found that each lenders to share responsibility for maintaining foreclosed one percentage point increase in a neighborhood’s foreproperties. We’re looking for a local representative that closure rate is accompanied by a 2.3 percent increase in can be contacted if a foreclosed property becomes probviolent crime. lematic. We’ll create a tracking system to identify newly foreclosed properties, which will be shared between Police, Fire and Code Enforcement in order to monitor these Fort Lauderdale’s property owners have enough issues to worry about these days without having to take on issues properties frequently and early. At the first sign that a property has become vacant and is surrounding the foreclosed properties in their neighborbeginning to fall into disrepair, the bank/lender will be con- hood. We’re trying to stay ahead of the curve and keep tacted by Code Enforcement to determine their intentions vacant properties safe and attractive to potential buyers – to maintain the property. Police will utilize the list of fore- that benefits the whole city. closed properties to secure up-to-date trespass affidavits Please feel free to contact me at my office at on them and to post trespass warning signs. 954-828-5004 if I can be of assistance to you in anyway. For previous forecloses that have fallen into disrepair, Commissioner Cindi Hutchinson Code Enforcement has implemented a policy allowing for The US housing market is in a meltdown, as the subprime mortgage crisis hits home. South Florida has been the national poster child for bad loans, and for the first time ever, last year Broward County lost residents. Fort Lauderdale is seeing ten to 15 new property foreclosures every day.

District 4

Yard Waste Accepted Without Charge at Three Locations Prepare for Hurricane Season Now! In preparation for the upcoming 2008 hurricane season (June 1-November 30), Broward County residents can dispose of residential yard waste at no charge at the county’s three trash transfer stations every Saturday, April 5 to September 27, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

items will also be accepted, as long as they are kept separate from other items. Debris brought in on commercial vehicles, by private contractors, or on trailers longer than 8 feet will not be accepted. Yard waste will be collected at:

The free service is available to residents of all Broward County municipalities except Pembroke Pines, Parkland, Pompano Beach, and Hallandale Beach, which are not Broward County Resource Recovery partners. Proof of Broward County residency is required. Acceptable materials include tree trimmings and residential yard waste, such as lawn and landscape items, and fencing. Scrap metal

2780 N. Powerline Road, Pompano Beach 5490 Reese Road, Davie 5601 W. Hallandale Beach Blvd, West Park For additional information, call 954-765-4999 or visit

The Rio Vista NEWS 3

May / June 2008

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whom I would not be able to produce this Community Newsletter! Second, let me Thank the Rio Vista Community, which has been my home for most of my life. I am certain that we all can agree on the beauty of our Community, Rio Vista. My family has been in this Neighborhood for over 50 years, and most of us are still here. Having witnessed much change in Downtown Fort Lauderdale, I can honestly say that except for obvious architectural changes, this neighborhood is the same as when I was a kid growing up here. We played in the streets, rode our bikes all over with not a care, except getting home for dinner! I enjoy seeing the kids today doing the same things. I feel we all have a say in keeping our Rio Vista, the best place to live! Look for me walking my two Scottish Terriers, Sofie and Emma in the neighborhood! I welcome any comments or suggestions to be published in The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter.

Advertising Rates and Info……. The Rio Vista News is the Original bi-monthly newsletter delivered to the Rio Vista neighborhood and surrounding businesses.

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The Rio Vista NEWS 5

May / June 2008

Gore Nursery Notes The second Sunday in May the 11th is Mothers Day. We at Gore Nursery would like to congratulate all the special Mothers and wish you a wonderful day. We also hope it will include roses, orchids, flowers or flowers with a fragrance. Butterflies have often been described as one of nature’s most beautiful and intriguing insects. The fascinating transformation from caterpillar to butterfly can occur with just a small amount of work, right in your own backyard! Here are some simple guidelines: 1.Locate the garden in a sunny area of your yard. 2.Plant nectar-producing flowers that butterflies like. 3.Plant flowers in large groups. 4.Provide host plants for caterpillars to eat. 5.Avoid use of chemicals that are harmful to butterflies. Because butterflies are not able to drink from open water, it is important to provide at least one puddle area, perhaps from wet sand, earth or mud. An alternative would be to make your own watering station by adding sand to the saucer of a birdbath to reduce its depth. Add a rock to the center that can act as a resting spot. A large saucer designed to fit beneath clay flowerpots will also do the job. Most adult butterflies found in Broward County feed on flower nectar. Butterflies generally are attracted to brightly colored simple flowers that are not too

By Bob & Fred Betz

deep and that are wide enough for good perching platforms. Some nectar favorites include marigolds, milkweed, pentas, lantana and hamelias. To attract specific butterflies we must plant certain host plants. Some of the plants that provide food for the caterpillar include cassias, passionflower, milkweed, parsley and dill to name just a few. You must remember that these plants ultimately will be chewed on when your garden is successful. Thanks again for reading these Nursery Notes, if you have and questions please stop in Tuesday thru Sunday we will be glad to help. Bob and Fred at Gore Nursery

The Pink Shovel Landscapes If you haven’t done your spring landscape maintenance it’s time. Along with a fresh coat of mulch and top dressing of composted cow manure over planting beds, fertilizer is also important. Though many fertilizers claim to be the right ones for your specific plants, the labels are not always touting the truth. A good fertilizer should be balanced and complete. Fertilizers have three numbers on the package. They stand for nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in that order. If the numbers are the same 66-6 or 20-20-20 the fertilizer is considered balanced. A complete fertilizer contains additional fertilizers plants require called minors or micronutrients. Using complete and balanced fertilizers and an annual or biannual top dressing will often prevent nutrient deficiencies. If you can’t find a balanced fertilizer, use one that is close to balanced, maybe a 10-8-8 with minors or micronutrients. Read the bag carefully and


make sure it lists the additional micronutrients. If you can’t find cow manure, any composted manure, such as chicken, will do to amend your soil and help to improve its quality over time. Remember not to use fresh manure, as it will burn your plants. When choosing a mulch forgo unnatural mulches such as plastic, recycled tires and even rocks. These often put plants in south Florida under added stress trapping the heat and increasing it. They do not break down quickly contributing nothing to the quality of your soil over time. Eucalyptus and Pine Bark mulches are an excellent choice. They cost more than cypress or wood chips and are natural repellants to some garden pests. The red dyed mulches made of recycled building materials such as press-

The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

board are also a poor choice. Though recycling is great, researchers at several local universities found residue of formaldehyde and arsenic in unacceptably high levels in red dyed mulched from garden stores. They warn, if you do use it and don’t cover it or remove it, don’t let your children or pets walk through it. Happy Gardening! Carol “Pinkie” Whitaker, The Pink Shovel Landscapes Landscape Design and Installation

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The Rio Vista NEWS 7

May / June 2008

To our longtime and our new advertisers, without whose support this newsletter would not be possible. In return for this support we will make every effort to use your services, refer you to other who need your services, and will keep in touch by fax, phone or in person as often as we can. Speaking of longtime advertisers, our springtime is here and our residents are working in their gardens and yards-cutting back shrubs, trimming trees, fertilizing, potting plants, and there is no place better to go for help than these two family owned nurseries. Holland Garden Center owned and operated by Matt and Sandy Keysers along with son, Matt and great employee, Charlie. They will answer your questions and provide helpful suggestions, and Gore Nursery owned and operated by the Betz brothers, Bob and Fred. Advice from these brothers is easy to understand and simple to do. Both the Keysers and the Betzs are longtime Rio Vista residents. When you walk into Gore Nursery, 1611 S.W. 9th Avenue or Holland Nursery, 1035 S.E. 17th Street, they are glad to see you. They call you by your name, and they deliver. I like shopping with neighbors, and I like being called by my name, don’t you? In up coming newsletters look for more articles about our Advertisers and their products.

Sharon & Clay


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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Clues to Detecting your Pets Painful Secrets

To protect themselves from predators, animals naturally hide their pain. Your pet may be suffering even though he isn’t showing obvious signs. Advancements in veterinary science have decoded subtle telltale signs of animal distress. Observing your pet’s behavior is vital to managing his or her pain. How well do you know your pet? Use these five clues from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) to help you understand your pet’s body language. Clue 1—Abnormal chewing habits If your pet is showing abnormal chewing habits, such as dropping its food or chewing on one side of the mouth, it may have a dental disorder or a mouth tumor. Additional signs may include weight loss, bad breath or excessive face rubbing. Routine dental checkups are important to prevent and treat dental disorders and related pain.

Clue 5— “Accidents” Pet owners often believe that “accidents” are a result of behavioral issues. Although behavioral issues may cause unwanted surprises, going to the bathroom in inappropriate places may be caused by pain. Pets with sore joints or arthritis may not make it to a convenient location due to painful obstacles like stairs.

Clue 2—Drastic weight gain or loss Pain directly influences your pet’s weight and eating habits. Animals carrying excess weight have an increased chance of tearing ligaments and damaging joints. Pets with arthritis or muscle soreness may not want to access their food because bending over is uncomfortable. Arthritis pain may also cause pets to gain weight while their eating habits remain the same due to lack of exercise.

Urinary tract infections also may cause a messy situation. In addition to having “accidents,” symptoms of a urinary tract infection may include, lethargy, fever, tender lower abdomen and difficulty urinating.

The lack of verbal expression does not mean that your pet is not experiencing pain. Minor behavioral change can be cause for alarm. Being aware of your pet’s habits can help you and your veterinarian assess and treat your pet’s pain. Diagnosing and managing pain is among the 900 stanClue 3—Avoids affection or handling Did Fluffy used to be active and energetic, but now sits qui- dards an animal hospital is evaluated on in order to beetly around the house? Avoiding affection or handling may come accredited through AAHA. For more information be a sign of a progressive disease such as osteoarthritis or about the advancement of pain management, check out the intervertebral disc disease. Although your pet may appear AAHA/AAFP Pain Management Guidelines for Dogs and Cats. to be normal before petting or handling it, the added pressure applied to its body may expose sensitive and painful areas. Clue 4—Decreased movement and exercise Arthritis or degenerative joint diseases (DJD) is the most common cause of pain. Pets that limp may be reluctant to go up or down stairs, exercise, or play. Weight and joint injuries can also go hand-in-hand. Losing unnecessary pounds will help overweight pets decrease pressure on sore joints and reduce pain. Consult your veterinarian about exercises, diets and pain medications that can help improve your pet’s health.

Chelsea Briche 954.296.4512 Graduated Senior. 18 years old drives-owns car, extensive babysitting experience. Took babysitter certification course at Holy Cross Hospital Responsible, Dependable Hours flexible, full or part time

The Rio Vista NEWS 9

May / June 2008


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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Jackie talks…… A number of years ago I wrote several articles for The Rio Vista News under the heading, “Roaming Rio Vista”. My roaming isn’t what it use to be, but I’m still talking a lot, so I shall be writing under the heading, “Jackie Talks” about happenings in Rio Vista, past and present. Rio Vista is fortunate to be home to these parks: Virginia Shuman Young, located at S.E. 9th Avenue and S.E. 10th Street. I refer to this park as the family park. Hector Park, located on South Ponce de Leon Blvd., is a tree shaded small park with picnic tables, while Francis Abreu Place is located on the New River and S.E. 9th Avenue. This is the spot for watching the boats go by. Soon, there will be park above the Kinney Tunnel, called Tunnel Park. Schools will be out for the Summer and children will be flocking to the parks so I’ve chosen to talk about VSY (Virginia Shuman Young) first. The other parks will be featured in upcoming issues of The Rio Vista News. Here is a little information about the lady the park is named after, Virginia Shuman Young. The Shuman family made their home on S.E. 8th Street, just a block from the park. Virginia was the oldest of six children. She helped care for 2 brothers and 3 sisters at an early age. Virginia’s parents, Captain Irving and Myrtle lived across the street from me on 7th Street. After their deaths, Virginia and her husband, George Young, moved into the family home and became great neighbors for many years. Virginia was a perfect choice for the naming of the VSY Park. Children and education were top priorities for her when she served on the Broward County School Board and later when she served the City of Fort Lauderdale as Mayor. When her three children were young she even drove a Broward County School bus for a short period. Dedicated to her community she certainly was. Like many of us long time residents of Rio Vista, Virginia cared deeply about the neighborhood and it’s future.


So, next time you visit VSY Park with your families, knowing a little something about Virginia Shuman Young may help you appreciate the park and take care of it even more.


Jackie The Rio Vista NEWS 11

May / June 2008





For Talented Children 8- 12 years old FREE


Monday, August 4th - Friday, August 8th



SCULPT the figure from a live model using a canon of proportion. 9:00am-3:00pm $100 CALL FOR DATES !!!! REGISTER NOW!!! 954.527.5606

AFTERNOON SESSION: 1pm-4pm Funding for this organization is provided in part by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners as recommended by the Broward Cultural Council.

207 SW 5th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Art Fair

Annual Membership Meeting Broward Art Guild's annual Membership meeting will take place on Saturday, May 30th, at 10am. at ArtServe. At this meeting we will vote on new Board of Director Members. Interested parties please contact the guild at to receive a Board Member application.

Presented by The Center for Spiritual Living and the City of Wilton Manors. Professional Artists from around the world will showcase their work for sale, as well as a select group of South Florida Emerging Artists. Could you be one of them? This 2-day event takes place Saturday May 17th 9am6pm, and Sunday May 18th, 1pm-5pm. Center for Spiritual living is located at 1550 NE 26th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305 Admission to the event is free. Interested Artists call 954-802-8739, or e-mail

Art Off The Wall The public art mural project is underway, and if you have the opportunity to drive down NE 15th avenue (between Sunrise Blvd. and NE 26th Street), you can start to see things take shape. In March, all the participaring students from both Stranahan and Fort Lauderdale High Schools began painting. The final design that was selected by the East Neighborhood Association is a marriage of 2 different designs, collaborated by 4 of the students. Congratulations to Tammy Munoz, Jason Gaspard, Ashley King and Bridgette Thurman for their winning designs! Under the instruction of Artist Janie Casoria, the Students will all transform a simple canal bridge into a work of art! The "Art Off The Wall" 15th Avenue Bridge project is made possible by: Broward Art Guild, A.D. Henderson Foundation, Funding Arts Broward (FAB), The City of Wilton Manors, the East Neighborhood Association (ENA), DS Miracles, Inc., Janie Casoria, and of course, Stranahan and Fort Lauderdale High Schools.


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter



THE LEGACY ART STUDIO 207 SW 5th Street Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Visit us on the web:

Five Florida Artists Complete Video Artworks at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Artists Mark Diamond, Thibaut Fagonde, Monica and Tasha Lopez de Victoria (aka The Tm Sisters), Gary Shlifer and Kyle Trowbridge premiere their Artwork in a Media Arts Exhibition

BROWARD COUNTY, FL– Broward County Commission’s Cultural Division Public Art and Design Program announces the installation of five original video artworks at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The artworks, Day on the Beach/Night on the Town, Painted Version of Reality, Forces at Work, Play Airplane and Sky Fishing are displayed on plasma screens facing the gate waiting areas and restaurants of Concourse B in Terminal 1. These works of art are now part of the Airport’s public art video collection. The artworks are an addition to three original video artworks installed in January 2007. All eight artworks premiered at FILMArt—a screening of media artwork clips of the film directors, coupled with the viewing of the mocumentary, Certifiably Jonathan. Day on the Beach/Night on the Town by Mark Diamond is a stop motion journey from north to south of the beaches in Broward by day, and a colorful animated view of Broward’s night life along the eastern cities. The style of the video integrates the modern digital single lens camera with videographic and cinematographic sensibilities. The fast video montage captures the attention of viewers and conveys the uniqueness of textures, forms, people and movement that color Broward County. Painted Version of Reality by Thibaut Fagonde explores visual artist Ed King’s world in and out of Kaleidoscope Conspiracy. His vision fuses video footage and animation of King’s daily activities and inspiration in South Florida, as well as exposes the environment and daily activities of the world of Kaleidoscope Conspiracy characters. The visuals reiterate the vibrant colors of cityscapes and vegetations of South Florida. Monica and Tasha Lopez de Victoria’s (aka The TM Sisters) Forces at Work chronicles the positive attributes of different people and their relation to the nature in Broward County. How individuals interact with each other under one vast and changing South Florida sky. The overall concept is about the psychological and emotional connections that we make and have with our surroundings, and with one another. Play Airplane by Gary Shlifer is the first in a series of experimental expressions of flight. The installation is primarily a moving image presentation of people enacting the fantasy of being an airplane under water. In this, the film hopes to evoke feelings of joy, happiness, freedom, and wonder, all things that may be associated with what it is like to be in an airplane; but now with the additional accompaniments of bubbles, shafts of light, water currents, and swim wear. And Kyle Trowbridge’s Sky Fishing uses the perspective of flight to show a different, microscopic view of Broward County by attaching 2.4 GHz cameras to clusters of balloons filled with helium. The result is a very expansive view

that is typical through a window seat on a plane, and created to instill a thought-provoking and contemplative artwork that will ride along in the minds of those flying out of the airport. For more information, contact Christina Roldan, Public Art and Design project manager at 954-357-8542 or email

May 17 - 25, 2008 For information on these events and others, please visit Please confirm before you go! Events are subject to change. ART Ongoing NASA Moon Rock. Broward County Main Library 954-357-7443 Monday – Thursday, Saturday Art Classes in an Art Museum. Coral Springs Museum of Art 954-340-5000 Through May 18 Weston Art Guild Exhibit. Coral Springs Museum of Art 940-340-5000 Through June 23 The High Style of Dorothy Draper and The Great Age of American Automobiles. Museum of Art | Fort Lauderdale 954-525-5500 Through May 24 Art Exhibit. George Rodrigue Blue Dog Painting & Sculpture. Sue Hanssen On the Subject of Sheep Watercolor. Ann Beebe A Journey of Love Photography. Sid Kweller Beware the Green Dog Illustrations. Coral Springs Museum of Art 954-340-5000 Through May 25 Exploding the Lotus. Art and Culture Center of Hollywood 954-921-3274 Through May 30 Everglades Environmental Student Art. Old Davie School Historical Museum 954-797-1044 Through May 31 BODIES...The Exhibition. Las Olas Riverfront 866866-8265

The Rio Vista NEWS 13

May / June 2008

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New Addiction on Campus: Raiding the Medicine Cabinet By ELIZABETH BERNSTEIN

Parents have long worried whether their kids at college are drinking too much or getting stoned. But alcohol and marijuana aren't the only substances they should be concerned about: In recent years, a growing number of young people have begun abusing prescription opiates. The problem is part of a larger trend of abuse of prescription drugs among teenagers. Several years ago, attention-deficit drugs such as Ritalin and Adderall became popular among students, who used them to improve concentration or lose weight. Now there is evidence that young people are increasingly moving on to even more dangerous drugs -- powerful painkillers such as OxyContin, Vicodin and Percocet. Earlier this month, several drug experts testified at a congressional hearing called Generation Rx about the rising abuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs among America's youth. In 2006, 2.2 million people ages 12 and older said they started abusing pain relievers within the past year, with young adults ages 18-25 showing the greatest overall use of any age group, according to Nora D. Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. To be sure, college students use these drugs much less often than alcohol and pot. Still, the development is alarming because these painkillers are highly addictive. From 2002 to 2006, the annual prevalence of use of narcotics other than heroin among college students rose to 8.8% from 7.4%, according to a University of Michigan study funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. For OxyContin, annual prevalence of use doubled, to 3%; the use of Vicodin rose to 7.6% from 6.9%. The trend is being spurred by the availability of these drugs. Thanks to the huge increase in the number of prescriptions over the past decade, many

kids can easily find drugs in mom or dad's medicine cabinet or obtain them from a friend. If all else fails, they can purchase them from an online pharmacy.

FORUM What can colleges do to protect students from drug and alcohol abuse? What role should parents play in this ongoing battle? Discuss Some people don't perceive prescription drugs to be dangerous, precisely because they are government approved. And not only do young people underestimate how addictive opiates are, many don't even know what drug they are taking. For some, keg parties are being replaced by "pharm parties," where kids bring whatever pharmaceuticals they can find, mix the drugs up in a big bowl and eat them like candy, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration. The results can be tragic. Leonard J. Paulozzi, an epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told the congressional hearing that mortality rates from unintentional drug overdoses are currently four to five times as high as they were during the "black tar" heroin epidemic of the 1970s and more than twice what they were during the peak years of crack cocaine use of the early 1990s. From 1999 to 2005 -- the most recent information available -- the increase was driven largely by prescription opiates. There is anecdotal evidence that students who start with prescription opiates may be graduating to heroin. "My friends convinced me that it would get me a lot higher," says Chris Arnold, a 25-year-old from Monroe, Conn., who says his switch from OxyContin to heroin ultimately caused him to drop out of college.

Although fewer than 1% of college students report using heroin, a number that's remained steady for years, some emergency-room doctors say they're seeing more heroin overdoses among college students. Don't rely on your child's school to tell you about possible drug use. Federal law allows a college to inform parents if a student under 21 receives a drug or alcohol violation, but some schools choose not to. So what do you look for? Experts say that signs of opiate abuse in students are similar to those of other drugs: a sudden drop in grades, loss of interest in studies or favorite activities,

WSJ/HARRIS HEALTH POLL Most Americans are concerned about potentially harmful interactions between pain medications and other prescription medications, a poll shows, but many don't follow safety precautions. 3/03/08 change of friends, lying, stealing, unexplained mood swings and financial problems. "Attend to what the bank account looks like -- a first sign is if it goes very quickly," says David Deitch, chief clinical officer at Phoenix House, which runs drug-rehabilitation programs in nine states. As always, you should talk to your child about the dangers of drugs, including prescription ones. Stay in touch, visit your child if you are concerned and ask to meet their friends. In addition, you may want to keep medicines at home locked up. Parents and teens who want more information on drug abuse and prevention can find it on several Web sites:,, or "I tell parents with kids who are away: Go with your gut," says Mary Marcuccio, founder of Parents 4 a Change, which works to raise awareness about the use of opiates and heroin among teenagers. "If there is something odd or out of line, investigate it."

The Rio Vista NEWS 15

May / June 2008

Hot in Rio Vista…... Zesty Grilled Swordfish or Tuna

Mahi Mahi with my own Sauce

1lb. Swordfish fillets, boned and cut into 1 inch pieces 2 tablespoons of soy sauce 2 tablespoons of orange juice 1 tablespoon of oil 1 tablespoon of ketchup 1 tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley 1 small garlic clove, chopped ½ teaspoon of fresh lemon juice ¼ teaspoon dried oregano ¼ teaspoon ground pepper Freshly cooked rice

3 or 4 Mahi Fillets Flour for dusting Salt and pepper Olive oil and 2-3 tablespoons of butter Capers White wine 1 ½ Onions, thickly diced 2 Large tomatoes, thickly diced Red raspberry honey mustard, (Rothschilds)

Arrange swordfish in a single layer in a shallow baking dish. Combine all remaining ingredients, except rice in small bowl. Pour over fish, turning well to coat. Let stand at room temperature, turning once, 30 minutes. Preheat Broiler or prepare barbecue grill. Broil or grill fish 4 inches from heat source for 8 minutes. Baste with sauce, turn and continue cooking until fish flakes easily with fork. Serve over rice

Dust fillets lightly with flour and season with salt and pepper. Melt the butter and olive oil together over medium high heat, and saute’ the mahi until just about cooked through, and lightly browned. Remove from pan and place on platter, remember most fish continues to cook after you take it off the heat. Scrape and loosen the bits in the pan and add some white wine and capers, let it reduce some and then add the onions and tomates and let those cook through, about 4 or five minutes. Then add 2 or 3 big tablespoons of the mustard and stir through….. pour over fillets…. Walaaaaaaaa!

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis Hello Ladies, Thank you so much for reading our new little fashion column. I, Miss Prissy am going to give you one or two little fashion tips to give you a heads up on what I see going on in the "barnyard". Now, for my first article the first thing I want to address is shoes, and by the way, I'm starting at the bottom and working my way up! Ladies, now we all know what size shoe we "really" wear, and yes, sometimes it only comes in a half size smaller and we really want to buy a slingback or open back shoe, but I am here to tell you, if your heel is hanging off the back, even a little tiny bit, it is NOT attractive. Rule of thumb, put your foot down at a level angle, and look down...if you can only see your heel and not the end of the shoe as well, opps,,,,.,bad decision, don't buy it! Have a great spring and look for my next tip in your July/August issue! My best, Miss Prissy


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RIO VISTA SECURITY PATROL KICKS OFF The new Rio Vista Security initiative kicked off its first patrol in April. Our neighborhood truly appreciates the over 220 Rio Vista residents who have already returned their participation forms and payment. Based on the participation level to date and the cost of the patrol we can currently fund approximately 6 hours per day of private patrol. As additional residents participate, we will be able to increase the patrol hours. While everyone in our community will benefit from the increased security patrol regardless of financial participation, those families who choose to contribute will receive: The direct cell phone number to the officer patrolling Rio Vista (the officer is maintaining a participating resident list) The ability to call the officer and request the officer walk around your house while you are on vacation Recognition by name in the Rio Vista Civic Association newsletter each year An aesthetically pleasing yard sign stating your home is monitored by the Rio Vista Security Detail The cost per participating resident household is $365 per year ($1 per day). If you have any questions or would like to obtain a participation form please email


Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret !

2 Bedrooms 1 Bath

Priced from $179,000 Rentals from $1000 monthly College Students First Time Buyers Out of State Relatives Live close to family & friends in Rio Vista This is an opportunity to make a good deal before the Tunnel Park is developed

Marianne Winfield

Brickell Bay Realty Group, LLC.

954-801-4915 The Rio Vista NEWS 17

May / June 2008


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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May / June 2008

Around The Neighborhood By: Kevin Lane As someone that grew up in Fort Lauderdale, I can honestly say things just keep getting better and better! I know, you’re probably thinking too many cars, high rise buildings, pollution of the waterways… but I can’t think of a better place to live.

their 50th Anniversary with some neat exhibits, including ‘The Great Age of America Automobiles’ with one hundred

works, including images of cars actually produced, exotic concept cars, advertising artwork, and sculpted car models alongside five rare vintage autos from the 1950s and 1960s, including the Firebird III and 1959 And with all of this growth, there’s certainly a plethora of things to do (I learned the word in college and don’t have a Cadillac Cyclone. Thursday nights, from 4:00 p.m. to

chance to use it all that often) and we thought we’d share a 7:00 p.m., there is free admission to the Museum, thanks to sponsorship of BankAtlantic. Call (954) 525-5500. few of them with you. Jazz on the Water… is one of the newest venues for live Jazz in Fort Lauderdale taking place every Thursday night at GALLERY one Hotel, the landmark Intracoastal waterfront hotel formerly known as the Doubletree Guest Suites Galleria. With the backdrop of the Intracoastal Waterway, it’s a unique setting to enjoy good music, good friends and good food and libations. Accessible by Water Taxi, the hotel is at 2670 E. Sunrise Boulevard. Call (954) 3354628. The Auto-Nation IMAX Theatre at the Museum of Discover of Science has some new movies that will dazzle your senses! With a movie screen that is five-stories high, a 15,000 watt digital sound system featuring songs and music by Dave Matthews Band, Shine A Light, the new movie by Martin Scorsese offers a front row seat on digitally re-mastered film about the Rolling Stones’ concert at the Beacon Theatre. Talk about RAW ENERGY! Another film we screened recently is Grand Canyon Adventure 3D: River At Risk. Other films include Sea Monsters, Dinosaurs Alive 3-D and African Adventure 3-D. Located at 401 S.W. 2nd Street, call (954) 467-6637 or visit

Rediscover Las Olas… Bennett Uomo, the newest men’s retailer, offers custom and handmade garments in spacious surroundings. Located at 1209 East Las Olas, enjoy espresso as you select your fabrics. Open seven days a week, call (954) 462-9440. Zola Keller, at 818 East Las Olas, now offering ‘Home Shopping Service,’ for busy women who are looking for bridal, mother-of-the-bride or a head-turning evening gown. Call (954) 462-3222. Riley McDermotts, at 401 E. Las Olas, opened recently, serving ‘Modern American Cuisine… fine dining with a twist. Their menu is available on or call (954) 765-1131. Las Olas Gourmet Urban Market is open every Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Lots of vendors at the area adjacent to Las Olas Chemist at 1201 East Las Olas. Call (954) 462-4166. For more news about Las Olas, read our blog at,

The Museum of Art, at 1 East Las Olas, is celebrating

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May / June 2008

A MESSAGE FROM REPRESENTATIVE BOGDANOFF Dear Neighbors: What a challenging year! The budget situation you all have read about has overshadowed most of the issues and will continue to do so. In fact, this Saturday was the first opportunity I had to exhale a bit. I even spent most of that day in the Capitol trying to finish reading my mail and organizing my priorities for the last three weeks of session. I try to spend as much time as possible working on issues important to the district. We have been negotiating a condo bill that should finally put many of the issues to bed that have been so controversial. Broward Community College will hopefully soon be authorized to grant four-year degrees and will change its name to Broward College. Although not a significant “local” issue, this will be the 4th year I am working on the direct ship wine bill. This bill is about protecting the principles of the free market. Regardless as to what groups are involved, it is the job of a legislator to sift through all of it and find the good public policy. For me, it is intellectually stimulating, but we can’t seem to come to a compromise. So, it looks like the state will not have any regulation on the shipment of wine for another year. For wine lovers, this is a good thing….ship away!!!

brainstorming session on the available proposals, the House established a select committee on developmental disabilities to review options for increased access to care for our children. We will likely have a proposal soon, which hopefully, deals with care for autistic children, but also other children with other disabilities. Budget negotiations begin this week between the House and Senate. The state has 65 billion to spend, which is substantially less than last year; however, we do not see this as a time to increase taxes. The state has less because people are spending less, so it is very important that we prioritize our spending. The House has put Education, Safety, and Health Care at the top of its list. Choosing where to reduce spending will be a challenging task, but throughout history, holding the line on taxes has been instrumental in rebuilding the economy. I continue to love what I do. We start early with meetings and often work late into the night. I have my blackberry wherever I go so if you need to reach me it is best to email me. Due to the nature of the 60-day legislative session and the deadlines for this publication, the information I am providing may have changed. Please contact my office on Andrews Avenue at 954-762-3757 for an update. Please give me a call to keep me posted on the issues important to you. As always, it is an honor and privilege to serve District 91. Until next time…

It seems we will have a global claim’s bill for the wrongfully incarcerated, and last week I joined others as Governor Crist signed Allen Crotzer’s compensation bill. He will finally receive compensation from the state after being wrongfully incarcerated for over 24 years. It was a true bright spot in the middle of a difficult week. Healthcare is a dominant theme up here this year. We are trying to negotiate a deal to expand the access to affordable and accessible health care to more Floridians. After a

Representative Ellyn Bogdanoff Majority Whip 402 S. Monroe Street, 323 Capitol Tallahassee, FL 32399 (850) 488-0635

Club Sweat! The 500 Club Do you know someone that Sweat’s ? Chance’s are that amongst the 500 members of Club Sweat, you just might. 6 degrees of separation perhaps, talk around town, or just cruising by. In the last 9 months, Club Sweat! has reached their goal of 500 members and business continues to boom. Is it the new Spinning room? Pilates? Yoga? Lunch time aerobics? Elite Personal Trainers? Or their superior customer service? If you’re one of the lucky few to get ahead of the waiting list or are currently part of the Club Sweat! family, then you’re in what they like to the “family”. Check out the website: for more information on the facility. Feel free to stop by and see what the buzz is all about. Call 954.728.9828 for more information on memberships and their waiting list. Alison Hodge/General Manager 201 SE 2nd Street Fort Lauderale, FL 33301


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Hurricane Preparedness Week History teaches that a lack of hurricane awareness and preparation are common threads among all major hurricane disasters. By knowing your vulnerability and what actions you should take, you can reduce the effects of a hurricane disaster. Hurricane Preparedness Week during 2008 will be held May 25th through May 31st. Hurricane hazards come in many forms: storm surge, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. This means it is important for your family to have a plan that includes all of these hazards. The first and most important thing anyone should do when facing a hurricane threat is to use common sense. Disaster Prevention should include:

• Developing a Family Plan • Creating a Disaster Supply Kit • Having a Place to Go • Securing your Home • Having a Pet Plan

Did you know there are Nightly Specials at Cinema Paradiso?

Monday $1 off any Coffee Tuesday All candy 2 for 1 Wednesday Midweek happy hour, 7pm to 8pm… Beer, Wine and mixed drinks $3.00 Thursday $1 off popcorn Friday $5 off any bottle of wine. (Bottle of wine, 2 glasses, and a movie… a great way to kick off the weekend!) Saturday Bucket of Bud $10.00 5 beers chilled over ice Sunday All movies $5.00 Plus, every night.....with your tickets to Cinema Paradiso, receive a free appetizer at the Downtowner (just a 5 minute walk from Rio Vista) * not valid during the annual film festival and excludes private events or events not presented by FLIFF

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Thanks for your Support! We would like to thank you for your support in helping to make Gore Nursery into a Green Space Park. At this time we believe in May , the County Commissioners will meet to decide if your neighborhood will have a park or town homes at Gore Nursery in the future. If you could call or e-mail your County Commissioner John Rodstrom Jr. to express your support for a park we would greatly appreciate it . Thanks in Advance, Bob and Fred Betz

District 7 Commissioner GOT A COMPLAINT A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Community Inspections Bureau (Code Compliance) at (954) 828-5207 or sending an e-mail to A staff member will take information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The inspector assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector issues a notice of violation. NOTE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

John E. Rodstrom Jr.

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Happy Father’s Day! June 15th Parking Ticket Amnesty Program If you don’t want to get “THE BOOT,” Fort Lauderdale’s one-time Parking Ticket Amnesty Program will keep you rolling Remember those old parking tickets you never paid? And the reminder notices with late penalties up to $20? The City of Fort Lauderdale is offering drivers with unpaid parking tickets a deal: pay off all the tickets now owed, in the amount of the original fine, and the City will waive all late fees -- or, ignore the amnesty offer and risk getting the dreaded boot or having your license plate renewal blocked.Delinquent accounts will be referred to a collection agency. Penalties and punishment can be avoided! The City’s one-time amnesty program runs from April 1 through May 30, 2008. (Penalties will NOT be waived if payment is received prior to April 1 or after May 30, 2008)

RVN May-June 2008  

Rio Vista Newsletter May-June 2008

RVN May-June 2008  

Rio Vista Newsletter May-June 2008