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JUNE / JULY 2009

THE TROPICAL ARCHITECT Beat the Heat and Save $$ By William Hoffman, Architect The three basic elements that impact our indoor comfort are temperature, humidity and ventilation. Balancing these elements determines whether we will feel comfortable in our living environments. Typically, here in South Florida, we use central air conditioning systems to take care of our cooling needs by controlling temperature and humidity levels. Ceiling paddle fans are also a common means to positively augment the effectiveness of an air conditioning system by increasing air movement. Air conditioning systems use quite a bit of power, which is prominently reflected in your summer FP&L invoice. A few passive and low-tech active-cooling considerations can effectively reduce that cost.

Sebastian House Passively Cooled Home South Melbourne Beach FL Bill Sanders Photography

Historically and prior to the popular use of air conditioning in South Florida, passive cooling devices such as jalousie windows and cupolas, which can still be seen in older homes, were devices used to increase ventilation to help balance the effects of high temperatures and humidity. With the intervention of air conditioning jalousie windows became a detriment. Adding to the burden of the

air conditioning system to do its job effectively. If you still have jalousie windows and run a central air conditioning system you might want to consider replacing those windows with energy efficient windows which eliminate cooled air exfiltration. This alone will reduce your electric bill considerably. Another factor to consider in reducing the impact of heat gain on your home is its orientation to the sun. The most detrimental impact of sun on the walls of your home is at its greatest from the west and then from the east. If the long face of your home faces these two directions the heat gain is substantial, especially when the sun is setting during the summer months. Because the sun is almost vertical in South Florida, the impact of the sun on the south-facing wall is minimal. Just a small roof overhang keeps the south facing wall in shade, which is why having the long face of your home oriented south is preferable. To resolve orientation issues it’s best to think in terms of keeping the sun from ever reaching the east and west facing walls by using moveable shading devices or vegetation. The clearview style window made by Superior Window provides solar control and hurricane protection. Your central AC system is required to work harder if the attic is not properly insulated and ventilated. Building codes require passive attic ventilation such as eave vents. Unfortunately, passive ventilation is not enough to reduce the very high temperatures, in excess of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, that summer sun can generate in an attic. This “hot box” effect

acts as a giant radiator, transferring attic heat to the living space below, compounding the cooling problem. The first step in reducing cooling loads is to make sure the attic has adequate insulation. Some home’s insulation is either inadequate or old and compacted. If the existing insulation is in good condition it can be supplemented by simply adding more until the appropriate thickness has been attained. If your insula-

tion is old and compacted it should be removed and replaced with new blownin or batt insulation. In addition to passive ventilation and insulation, a significant difference on your utility bill can be made by the installation of an attic fan with an integral thermostat. An attic fan draws hot air out of the attic and discharges it to the exterior and can save a significant amount on cooling costs by getting rid of super hot air that collects in the attic. As a last resort jump in your swimming pool. Be Cool. About the Author: William Hoffman is an architect & LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional who designs and builds sustainable new homes & home renovations. He welcomes your comments and questions. Please call 954-5611642 or go to

June / July 2009


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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First, I would like to thank our Advertisers, whom without, this publication would not be possible. Well as of the printing of this newsletter, we have had over 20 days of rain! My garden is begging for more Sunshine! Times are still slow going these days, however, as I talk to more people the confidence is growing and I too believe we are heading slowly out of this slump we are in. So, keep the positive thoughts and we will all rise above this time! Thanks for reading The Rio Vista News! The Rio Vista News is the Original Community Newsletter delivered to the Rio Vista neighborhood and surrounding businesses.

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The Rio Vista News

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Ever wondered what to do with all of your OLD Home Movies on VHS tapes, 8mm or 35 mm slides or negatives? Well……… the smart thing to do is transfer them to a DVD, to play in your home DVD player , of course! Call Clay today for more information! 954.523.3738 The Rio Vista NEWS 3

June / July 2009

From the Desk of Commissioner Romney Rogers……. Saturday, April 25th was a busy day beginning with the renaming of Civic Peoples Park in honor of Dr. Elizabeth Hays. I was happy to see many of you who worked side-by-side with Dr. Hays in our District and for the benefit of residents of our city. I know this recognition brought a spot of joy and sense of pride to the Hays Family and the Dr. Elizabeth Hays Peoples Park will continue to provide a space for relaxation and recreation to our community.

taxpayer dollars. Remember I have a pre-agenda meeting on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, beginning at 5:30pm in the City Hall cafeteria or conference room on the 8th floor. Your bi-weekly notices with specify the room. Please come with your questions and input. Of course, you can always contact me by phone (954) 828-5028 or e-mail at


Going Green is the order of the day and Green Expo was also well attended on Saturday at Stranahan Park, in front of the library. There were great exhibits and both adults and children were having fun learning about the latest green technology and eco-friendly and sustainable methods of living. Looking towards the future of Fort Lauderdale, our Economic Development Department is partnering with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce to conduct a Business Retention and Expansion Project (BRE). The partnership allows both entities to assess the needs and concerns of businesses and facilitate retention and growth without the large expense, to the city, of hiring additional staff. The Budget continues as the main focus for the commission. The 2009 budget is already down 4%-5% below projections for the rest of Florida. However a bright spot on the revenue side is Yacht & Docking fees, which speaks of the importance of the Marine Industry to our city. Property tax revenues will continue to drop and are expected to reach record lows in 2010. Although the city has received 83% of the property tax revenues to date, decreased valuations are impacting revenues. The only areas still holding value are industrial properties and revenue received from franchise fees. As you know, the State of Florida recognized and began planning for budget shortfalls in the recently passed State budget. Our Property Appraiser Lori Parrish sees a 10%-12% drop in residential property tax revenue and possibly more decline before this budget crisis is resolved. Our Public Safety (police & fire) is 59% of the operating budget and because we all believe public safety is a priority, finding budget savings here will be extremely tough. The entire commission is working hard to meet the budget challenges. Areas I feel we can affect a change include: -More public/private partnerships to generate more revenue positive items -Greater cooperation with the County to eliminate duplicate agencies and programs -Increase revenues from downtown economic development by enhancing downtown as a business destination. - ‘Zerobased budgeting’ to allow for bottom up change I would appreciate your input on other ideas to save


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter


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Garden Tips

· Fertilize all plantings this month. Use Lesco 12-2-14 or similar high quality, all-purpose fertilizer on trees, shrubs and palms. Avoid fertilizing citrus because leaf miner likes to feed on the new lush growth. A slower, tougher leaf may be less appealing to the pests. Use Lesco 16-4-8 or similar for lawns. Palms, such as royal, queen, paurotis and pygmy date and cycads such as sago, should be given manganese sulfate to prevent frizzle top. Follow label directions exactly and keep fertilizer off foliage. Sprinkle lightly and evenly; water in. · If your lawn looks terrible right now, don't worry. It should make a comeback now that the rainy season has arrived. Now the rains are coming regularly, the lawn will start growing again, and should fill in on its own. · Choose whatever you like in the shrub, palm, groundcover or tree categories. Nature will do most of the watering for you. Plants will be well established by mid-October when the dry season arrives. Plant virtually anything you want except vegetables and winter annuals. Select hot weather annuals, such as marigold, coleus, caladium, vinca, torenia and zinnia. This is also a great month for air layering, grafting and rooting cuttings. Many plants will start from shoots stuck in the ground. Water all new plantings daily for the first two weeks if there is no rain. Afterward, water twice a week. Normally, we get good rains in June. This is the best time of the year to cut back hedges and shrubs if they need it. It is usually not advisable to remove more than one-third of the total green growth of the plant. We have good cloud cover in June, which minimizes sunscald. Plantings that have been hard pruned will re-grow and fill in much quicker now than at any other time of year. Walk around your property and check trees and shrubs that have dead wood, hollow trunks or crossing/rubbing limbs. Slate these for removal before hurricane season gets more active.

and pool pumps as well as some staining. Shallow roots grab extra water, and lawns and other plantings have a rough time growing under the tree. The tree casts heavy shade in summer and is totally bare for several months during the winter. Watering may cause leaves to remain on the tree longer, but too much disturbs the bloom cycle, causing a scattering of blooms over a longer period. Irrigated trees may also develop root rot and have decay problems. Pruning must be done carefully as the softwood rots easily. The royal poinciana is a big tree and needs a large open space so that the full spread of the crown can be accommodated. Expect 40-foot heights and 60-foot _plus horizontal spreads. This is a good tree for highways and unirrigated parks where its beauty can brighten the landscape and care is not routinely provided.

JULY….. Check your trees now to minimize possible damage from devastating storms. Remove dead wood, crossing limbs, stubs and weak wood from your trees. When you hire a professional, use only certified arborists. Bugs are at their height of activity. Mealybugs seem particularly active on jatropha. Be alert for scale, whitefly, mites, thrips, aphids, caterpillars, chinchbug, sod webworms, beetles and weevils. Make sure your plants are getting enough water. A lot of problems are the result of recordbreaking heat and lack of rain. Check irrigation systems for broken heads and pipes. Remove water-blocking branches. Use risers to clear taller growing plants. Water more frequently so new growth does not wilt

Green Thoughts: Instead of replanting annuals two to three times a year, you can save money by planting perennials. Most perennials give daily color and last longer. I Bugs are still busy. Disease can be a have found that the tall pentas and crossandra can survive problem now. Water only in the morning to at least six to seven years. avoid mildew on roses and crape myrtle. If plants are close July Plant of the Month together or growing quickly, open plants up for better air Pinwheel Jasmine (Tabernaemontana divaricata) circulation. This is one of the most reliable of the shrub bloomers with June Plant of the Month a good display of flowers every day of the year. It can grow The Royal Poinciana symbolizes the beginning of to 8-10 feet in height but is a slow grower. The pinwheel summer with its vivid blooms of orange, red and jasmine does well in sun or shade but cannot tolerate high sometimes yellow. Nothing in the flowering tree world can alkalinity. Do not plant this beauty within 5-6 feet of any quite equal a royal poinciana for sheer gaudiness during cement including house foundations. The plant should be full bloom. used as a specimen. It is excellent for lighting up a shady Proper siting is essential so the full beauty can be discorner or located near an area used for night entertaining. played and the negatives minimized. The tree's good points The pinwheel jasmine has a layered growth habit and can include the exquisite flower display, the shade provided by make an interesting specimen for an oriental garden. White the great umbrella _shaped crown and its hardiness. It pinwheel-like blooms are individually small but are carried does well in sunny, dry locations without baby-sitting. in enough quantity to make a good display. Fertilize with an But these pretty trees do have some negatives _ branch ixora/gardenia fertilizer in March, June and October. and twig drop, messy pods, fine leaves that clog gutters

The Rio Vista NEWS 5

June / July 2009

Healing Family Dynamics By Laura Castanza and Julia George Every year, Mothers and Fathers are celebrated on two separate, designated days in springtime where we honor two primary familial relationships; the relationship with our parents. It is at this particular time that we have the opportunity to reflect and observe exactly how far we have progressed in our own healing. By joining together “The Family” and “The Dynamics” that go along with us, as human beings, it can be an amazing arena of awareness whether we are spending time with our family members, or alone with the thoughts that arise from this annual reminder of the two main players that influenced the beginning of our lives. Joy, sorrow, anxiety, judgment, and anger, are just a few of the many emotions traveling within our psyche when we think about reuniting with our family. Often times there are hidden memories concerning our history that haunt us, even when we’ve experienced the joy of reunion. When all of these emotions are attached to thoughts of the past, they can interrupt our peace of mind, even when we have consciously worked to resolve our emotional issues for many years. The best part surrounding these times, is that we can take this opportunity to reach new levels of understanding when we look at the patterns that create family dynamics and work to change our reaction. It is the ticket to freedom. Idealism is one of the “mind tricks” that interferes with our healing. Since many of us grew up in highly dysfunctional families, we may be inclined to create opposite scenarios in our current lives by attracting relationships that countered our upbringing. If we grew up in a household of substance/work addiction, neglect, and/or disorder, may now have the illusion of physically living in a pristine whitepicket fence house with a sober and affectionate mate. This image can appear to be a beautiful thing; but until the core issues from our upbringing have been acknowledged and worked with, the illusion eventually unravels as negative feelings and shadow characters emerge like a tsunami when we come in contact with our family or when our “ideal” mate and closest friends exhibit any familial traits. From our idealism, we are prone to play out a variety of roles and titles. These are the name tags, labels, and the many hats we wear within our social circles, including our family. “Father”, “Husband”, “Mother”, “Sister”, “Peacemaker”, “Jokester”, and “Fixer”, are just a few of the many identities we create. With that, comes an enormous responsibility as we painstakingly try to maintain our ideal as well as control the perceptions of others. All the acting and staging, therefore masking our true self, creates a false foundation that will crumble as our unresolved issues are destined to be revealed through our family interactions. Projection is the final spin of this cycle. What is born from our idealism [roles and titles], now is projected back onto us. Through our own creation, we engage in a reac-


tionary process of what others believe us to be, keeping us in a perpetual state of discord. The “You Should” and the “I am” become verbal volleys that lead to a cycle of disappointment and frustration time and time again. Most often we become overtaken by the sea of emotions and flail about like a drowning victim. We cannot possibly live up to the expectations of our self and what others believe us to be because we have yet to stop the madness and look within our self to experience who we really are. Having a well developed sense of humor can be a saving grace at times like these by detaching ourselves from our emotions and seeing the “players in the story”; the “script” can be rewritten and patterns broken. As the Universe is benevolent and graces us with endless opportunities to heal, and our family is foundational in our being, it is important that we reach a loving place within our self in regards to them. We may not be able to reunite physically with our family, but we can forgive and cultivate healthier relationships with others around us who represent them. The first step is to take total responsibility for our part. We can acknowledge our family of origin as part of who we are and the story of our life. With the abominable, there is also the admirable, and we have the ability to live virtuously or wickedly. It is our choice. This recognition will unchain and release our soul, giving us our deserved freedom to heal. Otherwise, we remain stuck in resentments that will keep us chained to a carousel of chaos. When we wake up to awareness and take responsibility for our self, we open up to a vast array of choices. We can now embrace our story and move forward with a broader perspective. We will intuitively know we are not bound any further by our birth family, and it will take time to feel differently about it. All the issues we face concerning our families do not disappear, they transform. Sometimes we must physically remove our self from people and any associated dysfunction to prompt the change. Transforming our perspective and feeling differently is a continuous process and we require solid support systems to aid in our healing. This can be found through one-on-one counseling, support groups, and within healthy relationships. Recognizing we need help is our soul’s cardinal quest and the correct venues will arise to support our spiritual path. In pursuing this path, we may choose to include our family through the participation of family functions or graciously bow out in order to take care of our self. The only obligation we have is to our soul and its healing. We can be perceived as selfish, but in reality we are practicing self love; the only love that accepts and loves others for who they are. Creating harmonious familial relationships begin with the delicate and dedicated care of our self. Our dedication to do so is imperative within every aspect of our life or we will continuously and subconsciously create scenarios for the exact purpose of healing these root issues. continued on page 10…...

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The Rio Vista NEWS 7

June / July 2009

Art NEWS 3rd Annual Best of the Artists Series at St. Lawrence Gallery Second Opening Reception – Thursday, July 16 at 6pm Bonnet House Museum & Gardens in collaboration with St. Lawrence Gallery present the third annual “Best of the Artists Series” featuring works from 16 Bonnet House Fine Artists exhibited at St. Lawrence Gallery. The second exhibition includes works of various media including, watercolor, acrylic, oil and photography from Bonnet House Fine Artists, Sandy Dolan, Karen Eskesen, Nia Nakis and George Rusovick and a percentage of all art sale proceeds will benefit Bonnet House. The second of five exhibitions opens Thursday, July 16 at 6pm and runs through Monday, August 10. All exhibitions are free and open to the public and include free wine & cheese receptions. The remaining four exhibition dates are as follows: Second Exhibit: Thursday, July 16 - Monday, Aug 10 Third Exhibit: Thursday, Aug 13 – Monday, Sept 7 Fourth Exhibit: Thursday, Sept 10 – Monday, Oct 5 Final Exhibit: Best of the Artists Finale which will feature favorite pieces from the previous four shows voted on by all the visitors. Thursday, Oct 8 – Monday, Nov 9. St. Lawrence Gallery is located at 3556 N. Ocean Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale two lights north of Oakland Park Blvd. on the east side. For more information, please contact Monica Estevez at (954) 563-5393 ext. 127 or St. Lawrence Gallery at (954) 566-8011 or visit or



The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute June 6, 13, 20, 2009 at 9:00 am - 6:00 pm June 27, 2009 at 9:00 am- 2:00 pm Business Plan Clinic and Workshop ArtServe, Inc. 1350 East Sunrise Blvd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304 Broward Cultural Division, The Community Partnership for Arts and Culture (CPAC), and ArtServe, Inc. announce The Artist as an Entrepreneur Institute (AEI) for South Florida artists to be presented on four Saturdays in June 2009, at ArtServe, Inc., 1350 East Sunrise Blvd. in Fort Lauderdale. The AEI is an artist-focused course of study designed to assist all artists, of all disciplines, by cultivating and advancing their business skills. AEI will be offered as 18 classes convening during full-day sessions (9:00 am – 6:00 pm) on June 6, 13 & 20, and a Business Plan Clinic and Workshop on June 27, 2009 (9:00 am – 2:00 pm). Registrants will receive an AEI course book, an indispensable resource for artists. Developed by CPAC, the course book features exercises and readings to prepare for each session, and is tailored to the specific needs of artist entrepreneurs. The Business Plan Clinic guides participants through preparation of a simple business plan, an essential tool for any artist. In addition, they learn how to work effectively with lenders to obtain financial support through the Artist Micro Credit Program, a community-based revolving loan program, designed to assist resident Broward County practicing professional and emerging artists. Designed to help artists operate in the marketplace more successfully, the AEI course curriculum covers all aspects of developing an artistic business. It helps artists identify and develop their personal brand, develop strategies for communicating with target markets, raise capital and identify a variety of tools for protecting one’s work legally. AEI is led by a premier faculty composed of leading business practitioners and artists familiar with arts and culture from the South Florida region. Faculty members instruct artists through a series of lectures, panels and discussions. Participation costs $100 and includes light refreshments and free parking. Register online at arts and click on ‘Workshops’ or contact Broward Cultural Division’s Grants Administrator, James Shermer at 954-357-7502: E-mail:

For the soul From the soul

Aquarian Age; more than a Gallery, was conJames Shermer Grants Administrator Broward Cultural Division 100 South Andrews Avenue, 6th Floor Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301-1829 954-357-7502 Desk 954-357-5769 Fax 954-790-2190 Cell

The Florida Arts License Plate is available in all local tag offices and through the mail. Click on the link below for more information.

ceived to relate to others at a soul level through artistic expression manifesting Higher Consciousness. This objective was accomplished in the premier location, collaborating with wonderful and exquisite artists and patrons during the course of three years. Since closing the physical gallery [for the moment] in June 2008, we have continued our mission by creating a series of written compositions, many of which have been published locally. Each one is relevant to what the Aquarian Age truly represents: the healing of the Universe through individual effort. In short, each human being must take responsibility for healing themselves in order for the conditions of our planet to improve and eventually transform. This is happening! We would like to share these articles with you each month and encourage your feedback. Please visit our online gallery at and post comments on our blog at Blessings, Julia George and Laura Castanza

The Rio Vista NEWS 9

June / July 2009

Hello everyone!!!! During the final hours of the legislative session SB 360 was amended. The final version of the bill significantly fractures the protections currently set up to ensure responsible growth management by allowing land use changes to escape review by the Department of Community Affairs. Broward County has already taken action urging Governor Crist to veto this bill. A number of counties throughout the state are also sending letters of opposition and resolutions urging a veto. Under current law, the Department of Community Affairs must review projects with impacts which cross city and county lines. With thirty-one cities, this could present a problem for Broward County. Another change is how the bill treats transportation concurrency, the requirement that adequate roads be in place to serve a development when it is built or soon after. The bill exempts areas from transportation concurrency if they are in a county’s urban service area – where sewer and water are available – and if the population exceeds 1,000 people a square mile. These changes could force commissioners to approve developments in areas where roads are clogged. We need your help! Please contact Governor Crist and urge him to veto SB 360. Below is the email address where you can express your opposition. Bring your body; Club Sweat will take care of the rest. This private health club offers: free towel service, free bottled waters*, free parking, free fruit, discounted tanning and tons more! Club Sweat has stacked their aerobics schedule with body busting classes designed to fit those busy bodies! Pilates, Yoga, BodySculpting and Spinning allow you to the ideal get the total body workout. Various plans and memberships are available starting at $39.95---no excuses when it comes to your health! Not to mention, what else improves your health for just over a dollar day?

*Mention this ad and get ½ off Enrollment* *Specialty commitments only Alison Hodge/General Manager 954.728.9828


Kristin Jacobs, Commissioner Broward County, District 2 954-357-7002

Healing Family Dynamics continued from page 6…. When we decide to realize and accept that our world is made up of people who were raised by the perceptions of people who were raised by the perceptions of the people before them, and so on…, we begin to see the cycle that creates the pain, confusion and ultimately the healing of ourselves, our children and our planet. By becoming our own new and improved version of what a mother and father truly represents, we are equipped to put to rest any dysfunction and replace it with Love, Compassion, and Forgiveness. And “that” is something to celebrate! For more information or to discuss this article one-on -one, contact Julia George/Aquarian Age @ 561.750.9292 or Post comments @ http://

The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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Jackie Talks………… Longtime Friend & Rio Vista Resident MaryLou Custer Gavin MaryLou was what I called a “Backdoor Neighbor”. She lived on Ninth Street and I live on Eighth. Our houses backed up to each other, which made it easy to come over, which we did. My sister Maxine was one of MaryLou’s best friends and they along with others formed the “Sub Deb Club”. Betty Lynn Chancey , Myra Shuman and Marge & Marilyn Elwell were among the members who lived in Rio Vista. Club meetings turned into fun get togethers . My mother allowed the living room rug to be rolled back and with the victrola playing, the dancing began to some “oldie goldies” like the Chattanooga Chu Chu. Mary Lou married her high school sweetheart Tommy Gavin, sixty three years ago and they remained a fun loving couple until her death May 20th, 2009 at there home in Connestee Falls, following a lengthy illness. Many of you may remember MaryLou as one of the realtors who was an owner and partner of Southport Realty. She had many interests and friends, but her family always came first and she showered them with love and good food.

Celebrate Family Days at Bonnet House this Summer Bonnet House Museum & Gardens celebrates Family Days in June, July and August with discounts for the entire family. Families will have the opportunity to tour the historic house museum filled with a delightful collection of art and personal treasures from the Bartlett family as well as explore the nature trails filled with native plants, trees and an occasional monkey, swan or fox. Bonnet House is offering two family days per month with half price admission for adults and free for children 12 and under. The dates are Saturdays, June 6 & 20, July 4 & 18 and August 1 & 15. Bonnet House is open from 10am – 4pm with the last guided tour starting at 2:30pm. For more information on Family Day activities please contact Linda Schaller at (954) 563-5393 x137 or Bonnet House Museum & Gardens 900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale Open for tours Tues.- Sat. from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm; Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm Closed the month of September

A perfect setting for MaryLou’s memorial service on May 30th was Faith Memorial Chapel near her home in Brevard, North Carolina, a beautiful church nestled in the woods with flowers everywhere. The sun was out after many days of rain with approximately 60 family members and friends were there. My fondest memory of MaryLou is watching her dance with Tommy……. always smiling. Jackie

Bulk Trash Guidelines The City of Fort Lauderdale offers monthly residential bulk trash service for the disposal of residential household items, clean yard waste, and limited construction debris. Some hazardous materials that are often left curbside by residents for bulk trash pick up that are NOT acceptable include batteries, propane tanks and any liquids, including oil, paint, and chemicals. The City will not pick up piles that have any nonacceptable program materials. These items pose a threat to the workers’ safety, City equipment, as well as to the environment. Proper placement of bulk trash items in the swale area is essential to the pick up process and to environmental protection. Bulk trash should never be placed over a storm drain. Blocking City storm drains can create flooding in your neighborhood and could contaminate and pollute the City’s waterways. Remember, any water or liquid that enters a storm drain flows directly into the City’s waterways.

The Rio Vista NEWS 11

June / July 2009


You know it's good for you.


You know that exercise can give you energy, help you maintain a healthy weight, keep your muscles and joints flexible, help you live longer, and above all, make you feel better. For all the same reasons, your pets need to get up and get moving. Not only can exercise extend your furry friends' lives; it may also expend some of their nervous energy and make them a little less likely to chew on the living room drapes. The thing is, nobody's filled pets in on all of these benefits of exercise. Without someone to lead the way, they're not going to run laps or do leg lifts in their spare time. So as a wonderful pet parent, part of your job is ensuring your animal family members get safe, enjoyable exercise on a regular basis--whether they're cats, dogs, turtles, or ferrets! All pets need some physical activity to live a happy, healthy life. Different pets need different amounts of exercise, so you'll want to talk to your veterinarian before starting your pet's workout program. With your veterinarian's approval, you can embark on an exercise program that won't seem like work at all--to your pet, it's play.

and golden retrievers, will overdo it. • Safety first--keep Rover on a leash when you run. Even the best-trained dogs can run into the path of a car or a territorial animal. And if you have to run when it's dark out, put reflectors on your dog's collar as well as on your clothes. • Concrete and asphalt are tough on the paws, especially on hot days. Try to run on dirt paths or grass as much as possible. Gravel, cinders, and road salt can also irritate paws. • Take it easy in extreme weather. If it's freezing cold or hot and steamy out, either keep your run short or play a little indoor fetch instead. The more active your dog is, the more water he'll need. Make sure he has plenty of fresh water before and after your run. If you're going for a long run, take some water along for him. If your dog is getting bored with running or walking, take heart: there are other ways to get him the exercise he needs. A 15-minute game of fetch makes for a good workout. Supervised play with other dogs is a good option too. Dogs on the run Tug-of-war is not a good game because it can damage his Dogs can be great fun to exercise, because they can get teeth and may increase aggressive behavior. If you have you out and moving yourself. You don't want to hit the the time and your dog has the inclination, you could even ground running with your pooch, though. Just as with any try running him through some agility obstacle courses, animal--or person--you'll want a doctor's okay before you which incorporate a range of activities. If you're interested, start your dog's fitness routine. "Begin with a visit to the your veterinarian may know of a dog agility organization in veterinarian to discuss your plans and ensure your dog has your area. a clean bill of health," says Dr. Jay Geasling, member and Getting the cat off the couch past president of the American Animal Hospital Association. "After your veterinarian gives you the go-ahead, start Cats can make laziness into an art form: snoozing in the your dog on suitable exercise for beginners." afternoon sun, stretching a little before they plop down on Just like people who aren't used to exercise, dogs should your lap for the night. But as immobile as they seem, they start off slow. Moderately paced walking and swimming are still need to get up and moving on a regular basis. Cats are a good way to start--they let canine athletes build their car- a bit different than dogs, however--they're designed for diovascular and muscle strength without putting undue short, frequent periods of intense activity, rather than stress on their joints. A daily ten- to 15-minute walking or longer, slower-paced exercise sessions. swimming session is a good start; you can build to an hour There are some wonderful toys you can buy to get your cat a day if Rover seems up to it. If, after a few months, he's active, including kitty trees that will let her climb to the ceildoing well and can handle long, fast walks without fatigue, ing and mechanical animals she can chase around the he can graduate to jogging with you. Once he's adapted to room. There's no reason to reach into your wallet for toys the exercise, you and your dog can run and walk to your your cat may or may not like, however, when there is endheart's content, if you take a few precautions: less entertainment around the house. There are a few main • Keep a close eye on your dog: watch for any unusual ways you can entice your kitty into activity: • Things she can bat. Anything light that moves easily signs of fatigue or trouble breathing. If your pup wants to stop, let him. Dogs that overdo it can suffer strained tenacross the floor can give your cat a chance to practice hitdons or ligaments or other orthopedic problems. ting and chasing. Balled up pantyhose and paper work well; for some reason the rings that come off of milk jug caps • Don't expect your fuzzy buddy to be a weekend waralso seem to be irresistible. Just make sure that she's not rior, even if you only get exercise on the weekends yourbatting anything she could chew up or swallow. self. After a long week without exercise, your dog may be ready to get out and burn off energy. But because of their continued on page 14………………. enthusiasm, many of the popular breeds, such as Labrador


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Facing it Together is a charity that raises funds for low income families that have craniofacial abnormalties. There was one particular little boy named Joel 6 yrs. old who the kids were raising funds for. The kids challenged themselves and on teams to raise money for Joel's orthodontic and dental procedures. This was one of the biggest attending events ever for a Rio Fit Challenge. 45 Kids from all around Ft. Lauderdale participated in the Rio Fit Beach Challenge May 3rd. They had three different teamed organized sports: soccer, capture the flag and dodge ball, next was a team obstacle course, an individual fitness timed rally and then the popular tug-o-war! They were all winners! They all had a great time! For a great cause. Some created sponsor pages and raised money by emailing friends and family. You can still go on their web pages at I hope this gets in because the kids were all great sports and the teams had all ages ranging from 8-13 co-ed!


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continued from page 12…………….. • Things she can chase. The end of a moving string should bring out the predator in even the most sedentary cat. Again, just make sure she doesn't swallow the string. • Things she can explore. Empty boxes and paper bags may get your cat to climb in, out, and on top. Things she can scratch. Scratching stretches and tones the muscles in your cat's shoulders and back. A scratching post--or even a piece of cardboard or carpet--can keep her active without shredding your sofa. Whatever game you play with your cat, don't use your hand or fingers as "bait" or as the object of teasing. This teaches him that it is all right to scratch and bite your hands--a lesson you will want your cat to unlearn in the future. The key is to find out which kind of toy is the most tempting to your cat and to use it consistently. You may have to try a lot of different activities to before you find your kitty's favorite. Some cats can even be trained to walk outside on a leash.


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Happy Father’s Day! The City of Fort Lauderdale celebrates America's Independence Day with a free show on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Call 954.828.5363 for more information.

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Storm Drain Reminders State law prohibits dumping anything into the storm drain system or unauthorized obstructions or alterations of the drainage features. Residents should report clogged storm drains or illegal dumping into the stormwater system by calling the City of Fort Lauderdale’s 24hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000.

GOT A COMPLAINT A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Community Inspections Bureau (Code Compliance) at (954) 828-5207 or sending an e-mail to A staff member will take information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The inspector assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector issues a notice of violation. NOTE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.

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By William Hoffman, Architect tion is old and compacted it should be removed and replaced with new blown- in or batt insulation. In addition...

RVN June_July 09_WEB  

By William Hoffman, Architect tion is old and compacted it should be removed and replaced with new blown- in or batt insulation. In addition...