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2010 Census


How It Affects the Nation

We Can't Move Forward Until You Mail It Back

Hundreds of thousands are needed for temporary jobs Conducting the census is a huge undertaking. Hundreds of thousands of census takers are needed nationwide to help locate households and conduct brief personal interviews with residents. Most positions require a valid driver's license and use of a vehicle. However, use of public transportation may -- C.N. Le, Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst be authorized in certain areas. " accurate count of the U.S. population forms the basis for many important but often overlooked political, economic, and social decisions that are made that end up affecting our daily lives."

That's why it's so important that you fill in the form and promptly mail it back. Census information affects the numbers of seats your state occupies in the U.S. House of Representatives. And people from many walks of life use census data to advocate for causes, rescue disaster victims, prevent diseases, research markets, locate pools of skilled workers and more.

Your community is counting on you Every 10 years, the Census Bureau takes a snapshot of our population, determining how many people reside within the nation's borders, who they are, and where they live. The results help determine your representation in government, as well as how federal funds are spent in your community on things like roads, parks, housing, schools, and public safety. As a census taker, you'll play a vital role in making sure that everyone is counted.

When you do the math, it's easy to see what an accurate count of residents can do for your community. Better infrastructure. More services. A brighter tomorrow for everyone. In fact, the information the census collects helps to determine Bilingual speakers are encouraged to apply how more than $400 billion dollars of federal funding each All census takers must be able to speak English, but people year is spent on infrastructure and services like: who have bilingual skills are needed in communities where a large number of residents primarily speak other languages. If · Hospitals you have the appropriate language skills and cultural knowl· Job training centers edge to communicate well in your community, we encourage · Schools you to apply. · Senior centers · Bridges, tunnels and other-public works projects Apply today by contacting your Local Census Office at · Emergency services 954.302.3960 or by calling 1-866-861-2010 . Participation isn't just important—it's mandatory.

Jobs The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting temporary, part-time census takers for the 2010 Census. These short-term jobs offer good pay, flexible hours, paid training, and reimbursement for authorized work-related expenses, such as mileage incurred while conducting census work. Best of all, census takers work right in their own communities. Census taker jobs are excellent for people who want to work part-time, those who are between jobs, or just about anyone who wants to earn extra money while performing an important service for their community.

In this Issue… Commissioner Rogers… 4 Harbordale Elementary Happenings… 5 Pet Corner… 6 2009 Tax Tidbits…..Page 8 Ask Lori… 9 The Tropical Architect… 10 Unforgettable Prom… 11 Jackie talks about… 12

February / March 2010

Advanced Orchid Repotting Class at Bonnet House Saturday, February 27, 2010 Bonnet House Museum & Gardens will be offering an Advanced Orchid Repotting class on Saturday, February 27 from 10am – 12pm. Orchid supplies will be available for purchase at the classes and a tour of the orchid greenhouse, lathe house and display house will be given immediately following. The class detail and remaining schedule is as follows: February 27 - Advanced Orchid Repotting. Got an orchid climbing out of its pot and don’t know where to begin? Let us show you how to tackle that monster! Learn how often an orchid should be repotted, how to divide an orchid, about different potting medias and the proper type of pot or basket to use. A demonstration of how to repot a phalaenopsis, top cut a vanda and proper potting of terrestrial orchids will also be given. March 6 - Mounting Orchids & Orchids in the Landscape. Students will learn how to mount orchids on tree fern, cork bark and grapevine and how to naturalize orchids in their landscaping. Common questions like what orchids do best on mounts or in landscaping; what do I use to attach the orchid to the mount and how to water after they are mounted will be addressed. March 27 - Diagnosing Orchid Pests and Diseases. Learn about pests and diseases that harm orchids. From bacterial and fungal rots to insects, such as mealy bugs, thrips and scale. Students will learn how to identify the culprits, what products to use to get rid of them, as well as what to do to avoid them in the future. Orchids may be brought in for diagnosis, but must be placed in plastic bags to prevent contaminating other plants. The cost of each class is $30.00 for members and $35 for non-members. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Susan Parker at or (954) 563-5393 x122. Bonnet House Museum & Gardens -900 North Birch Road, Fort Lauderdale 33304


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February / March 2010

Updates from Commissioner Romney Rogers……. Happy New Year to You All I am excited about the possibilities that 2010 brings! The city ushered the year in with a fun evening and it was great seeing so many of you enjoying yourselves with your families in Esplanade Park and on 2nd Street for the Downtown Countdown activities and Ball Drop. It was a balmy South Florida evening and a fun time was had by all. The Parks & Recreation staff and many others should be complimented for planning and staging the event. I don’t necessarily make resolutions but I do have the resolve to accomplish certain things this year. I would like to be sure our visioning process is kicked-off and is functioning well leading up to our centennial celebration in March 2011. The Visioning Committee members have recently been selected and will recommend the type of structure the process should follow. They will be reporting to the commission with their results. Once they are up and running, I encourage you to participate. During these tough economic times we are keeping a watchful eye on both the revenue and expense side of the city’s budget. I thoroughly review every expenditure request that comes before the commission (amounts over $10,000) to ensure it fits the category of a “need” as opposed to a “want.” We are still operating with a hiring freeze and spending restraint on any discretionary matters. Our Budget Advisory Board members (Keith Cobb, June Page, Bud Bentley, Mark Dickerman, Desorae Giles-Smith, Sam Monroe, Frederick Nesbitt, Alan Silva, Anthony Timiraos and Ray Williams) are doing a great job of investigating and making recommendations of tax saving measures. We cannot, however, ignore the social problems that increase during recessionary times such as job-loss and homelessness. The Commission has formed a Homeless Task Force bringing together all the community stake holders who are working towards solutions to homeless issues and its accompanying challenges. One of my goals as commissioner is to try and fully understand homelessness in our city and to work towards viable solutions for individuals and the community as a whole. Our Homeless Task Force has been meeting regularly and I feel there is great potential for the city to help facilitate a partnership with our community partners to forge both long and short term solutions. The solutions will address the homeless issue as well as minimize any negative impact to communities. Homelessness has to be addressed from many perspectives and, consequently, the Task Force has received valuable input from many business and community representatives. The Fort Lauderdale Woman’s Club, Fort Lauderdale Police Department, TaskForce for Ending Homelessness, Downtown Development Authority, Broward Partnership for the Homeless, Broward County, Christian Community Foundation of South Florida, Shepard’s Way, the City Attorney’s Office and many others are all determined to be part of the solution. The group is working cooperatively and I have high hopes for the results. Thanks to Cate McCaffrey and the Task Force members for the great job that they are doing on this issue. Continued on page 15……….


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Broward County and Florida Auto Tags 954.765.4697 Call Center 954.831.4000 Clerk of the Court 954.831.6565 Sheriff (Non-Emergency) 954.765.4321 State Attorney 954.831.6955 TIPS Crime Information 954.493.8477 Bldg Code Services Div 954.765.5075 Land Use & Permit Div 954.519.1250 Dept. of Planning & Jurors Information 954.831.6091 Legal Aid Services 954.765.8950 Main Library 954.357.7444 Book Renewals 954.357.7368 Property Appraiser 954.357.6830 Revenue Collection, Taxes954.831.4000 Recycling 954.765.4999 Streets & Hwys Div 954.974.4100 State Health Dept 954.467.4700 John Rodstrom, Jr 954.357.7007

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HARBORDALE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL HAPPENNINGS Wow, here it is February and the school year is moving along very quickly. We are all moved into our new building and the cold spell we had in January didn’t bother us as we were nice and toasty in the new building, enjoying all of our new technology. Our teachers all have wireless microphones in the classrooms and we watch our morning newscast on our new Promethean Boards. It is so amazing. Our Holiday Shop was a great success. I would also like to thank Angela Foster (Angela’s Beauty Stuff) for all the great items she donated for our shop. Thank you also to the parents who donated items to the shop. The kids had a great time shopping for their parents, grandparents, and siblings. January brought our Spaghetti Dinner where we had over 300 people attend the event. Thank you to all our local businesses and families that supported our raffle and a

huge thank you to Publix for once again partnering with us. The D.J. kept the kids entertained and I think the parents learned some of the new dances from their kids. The dads got to return to the past and entertained everyone with their rendition of Y.M.C.A. complete with hats for their roles. A fun time was held by all. So here it is February and we will be holding our annual carnation sale. So if you have a special someone you want to send a flower to we will start selling cards on February 1st. Carnations will be sold on school grounds and the kids will be buying them for their teachers, friends, parents, grandparents and that someone special. We will deliver the flowers to the kids classrooms on February 12th so they make take them home or give them to that special someone at school. In March we will be holding our St. Patrick’s Day trinket sale so all the kids can get their green on. Our annual Walk - A - Thon will be held on the 19th. This walk – a – thon supports our reading program so if you would like to support one of the kids on their walk please do so. If you would like to support the walk a thon but don’t know any kids that go to Harbordale please feel free to stop by our office and pick up a walk –a - thon form to turn in with your donation. If you would like to learn more about the school, our staff, our fundraisers, or see pictures of recent activities, feel free to visit our website at It will also tell you how to get in touch with any of our board members. We are hoping that the next phase of the construction will begin soon and be finished before the next school year. We are excited to see more and more faces from our surrounding neighborhoods at the school. If you have any questions about our great school, feel free to contact me at We are in the process of selling ads for our yearbook so if you are interested please feel free to contact me. In light of our current economy, we are focusing on selling business cards ads at $20.00 so if you would like to do a little marketing for your company, email me at Thank you for your continued support of our great school. Cici Kelly President Harbordale School Association

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February / March 2010

PET CORNER Separation Anxiety: When Your Dog Misses You Too Much Is your dog clingy? Does he whine or cry when you leave the house? Do you come home to find torn-up curtains? Are there deep scratches on your doors? If so, your dog may have separation anxiety.

If you think your pet may have this disorder, make an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss the symptoms and possible treatments.

Most behaviorists will focus on relieving the animal’s disIt is often difficult to determine the cause of separation tress through positive desensitization techniques and beanxiety. Some pets are genetically predisposed, but there havior and environmental modification. There are also preare many other causes, such as poor socialization, past scription medications available neglect or abandonment, and from your veterinarian that can changes in routine, to name a Ask Your Veterinarian: Is it anxiety … help ease your pet’s anxiety. few. or is it medical? If your dog is destructive, barks or whines repetitively, or When left alone, these dogs has elimination problems while you are home as well as may show subtle signs, such as whining or loss of appetite, while you are away, she may be suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition. or they may develop destrucBefore embarking on any behavior program, check with tive or even self-injurious beyour veterinarian to confirm that the problem really is haviors, such as urinating in separation anxiety and not a physical illness. the house, destroying furniture, obsessively licking or chewing their bodies, or jumping out of windows.

Hetts explained, “You have to deal with the underlying phobia.” The key to success is to be consistent with your actions and understand that changing the behavior will take time, she added.

Dogs with separation anxiety are often unfairly labeled as “bad” or thought to be spiteful, but they are actually suffering from uncontrollable fear, akin to panic attacks in humans, and scolding them will only make the problem worse. Suzanne Hetts, PhD., a certified applied animal behaviorist in Littleton, Colo., said, “True separation anxiety problems don’t have quick fixes”, but most pets can and should be helped. According to Stefanie Schwartz, DVM, director of behavior services at VCA South Shore Animal Hospital in Massachusetts, even pets with mild separation anxiety experience real emotional distress and deserve relief.

Don’t Leave Me! • • • • • • • • •


Signs of separation anxiety can include Howling, barking, panting, or whining as family members prepare to leave Destructiveness at doors and windows Vomiting or incontinence when left alone Trembling or restlessness Excessive salivation Reluctance to spend time outdoors alone Loss of appetite when alone Prolonged excitement during homecomings .

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Resources AAHA, "Dogs and Separation Anxiety" Separation Anxiety: A Destructive Mental Illness

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February / March 2010

2009 Tax Tidbits It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone so quickly. As January 2010 comes to a close, we should all have our W-2s and 1099s which means it’s time to prepare our income tax returns. Here are a few key points to note for the 2009 tax preparation season: Partial Exclusion for Unemployment Benefits - For 2009, the first $2,400 of unemployment benefits you receive is tax-free. However, this benefit is currently scheduled to end in 2010. Homebuyer tax credits - If you purchased a primary residence in 2009 before December 1, 2009, and are a “first-time” homebuyer, you can qualify for a tax credit equal to 10 percent of up to $80,000 of the purchase price. To be eligible, you must not have owned a primary residence in the United States in the previous three years. The credit for 2009 purchases generally doesn’t have to be paid back. But you will have to repay it if you sell the house within three years of the date you bought it. In November 2009, the program was broadened to include existing homeowners, meaning those who have lived in the same principal residence for any five-consecutive-year period during the past eight years. Homeowners are eligible for a credit of up to $6,500 if they buy a replacement home to use as their principal residence. They are not required to sell or dispose of their current home, but the new home must become their principal residence. To be eligible, homebuyers must buy, or enter into a binding contract to buy, a replacement principal residence after Nov. 6, 2009, and on or before April 30, 2010, and close on the home by June 30, 2010. This credit begins to phase out if modified adjusted gross income (MAGI) is $125,000 and $225,000 for single and married filing jointly taxpayers, respectively.

by Ron Weinbaum, CPA also deduct up to $500 of real estate tax payments if they don’t itemize. Heads of household can claim $8,350 in 2009, a jump of $350 from 2008. Mileage Rates - Beginning on Jan. 1, 2009, the standard mileage rate for the use of a car is: • 55 cents per mile for business miles driven • 24 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes • 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations Credit for Residential Energy-Efficient Property - The credit for 30 percent of the cost of installing solar water heating equipment, solar electric equipment, geothermal heat pumps or small wind turbines in your primary residence or a second home is unlimited in 2009. But the credit for fuel cell property cannot exceed $500 per half-kilowatt capacity.

Sales Tax Deduction for New Vehicles - Buyers of new vehicles can deduct the sales tax paid on the purchase, even if they don’t claim sales taxes as itemized deductions. They can add the tax they pay to their standard deduction. This break applies to new cars, motor homes, light trucks and motorcycles purchased after February 16, 2009 and before January 1, 2010. Sales tax paid on the first $49,500 of cost qualifies. IRA Contributions – For 2009, the contribution limits to either a Roth or Traditional IRA are the lesser of $5,000 or taxable compensation. If you are 50 years of age or older, you can contribute the lesser of $6,000 or taxable compensation. There are income limitations which are used to determine whether you can contribute to a Roth IRA or how much of a traditional IRA is deductible depending on whether you are covered by a retirement plan at work. Additionally, you have until April 15, 2010 to make a 2009 IRA contribution. Tax Credit for College Tuition - For 2009 and 2010, the Hope credit is replaced by a new credit called the American opportunity tax credit. This credit is up to $2,500 per student per year for four years of college. It now also covers the cost of books, and begins to phase out at $80,000 of AGI for single filers and $160,000 for joint filers. If the credit is more than your income tax liability, 40% of it is refundable. Computers as an education expense - A provision permits computers and computer technology to qualify as qualified education expenses in 529 education plans for tax years beginning in 2009 and 2010. Higher Standard Deductions - For 2009, the standard deduction for married taxpayers filing a joint return is $11,400, up by $450 from 2008. Joint filers can also add in up to $1,000 of property taxes paid if they don’t itemize their deductions. For single filers, the amount is $5,700 in 2009, up by $250 over 2008. Singles can


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Credit for Energy-Saving Home Improvements - The tax credit for the cost of energy-saving home improvements is 30 percent for 2009 and 2010, up to a maximum of $1,500 in the two-year period. It applies to qualified skylights, windows, outside doors, biomass fuel stoves and high-efficiency furnaces, water heaters and central air conditioners. Pursuant to IRS guidance, please be advised that any federal tax advice in this communication was not intended or written to be used, and it cannot be used by any person or entity for the purpose of avoiding penalties imposed under the Internal Revenue Code.

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The Rio Vista NEWS 9

February / March 2010

THE TROPICAL ARCHITECT By William Hoffman…Architect

Green is Just Not a Color What is Green Building? More specifically, what is Green Building as relevant to South Florida? That would depend on whom you ask or the resource being quoted. These questions will be addressed in this series of articles, with topics specifically addressing Green issues relevant to South Florida’s sub tropic climatic region, which is inherently unique from the rest of our country. Green Building is defined, according to Wikipedia, as “the practice of increasing the efficiency with which buildings use resources such as energy, water and materials, while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the buildings life cycle, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and removal”. Other commonly used terminologies such as natural & sustainable are integral to Green Building. A Green Building could be a building as simple as a Seminole chickee hut or an Eskimo igloo. Alternatively, it could be as complicated as meeting the requirements of the Unites States Green Building Councils (USGBC) or the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification process. Even the name is complicated. “Greening” your home is somewhere in-between

There are four climatic region types: temperate (New York), hot arid (Phoenix), cold (Minneapolis) and hot humid (Fort Lauderdale). With a regional approach to house design, each region’s homes should be unique in response to their specific climatic region. This is known as the Bioclimatic Approach to Architectural Regionalism. This is an approach to design which acknowledges climate and environmental conditions, using architectural elements to help achieve a comfortable living environment. South Florida’s sub tropic environment is unique given that it is the only sub tropic region in the continental United States. The geology, weather, climate, flora and fauna are unique to this region alone. It is hot and humid with torrential rain at times. The landscape left to its own devices would turn into a tropical jungle in short order. There is also a multitude of insects and animals that influence our homes and person. All of these environmental factors have an influence in a regional vision to the design, construction, operation and maintenance of your home.

Your house’s orientation to the sun, as well as its size, form, volume, color, shape & plan has a huge influence on its energy use. Window and wall openings provide ventilation, which is essential. Yet their location Indigenous dwellings, by default, and orientation, along with protection were sustainable given the refrom the sun, hurricanes and screensources they had to work with. ing from insects are important considOver the years, with the advent of erations. The strongest thermal immechanical and transportation pact or heat gain that your home absystems that could mechanically sorbs is on the roof. The roof must be control a building’s environmental watertight, insulated, reflect solar radiation and stay on in a hurricane. systems and transport materials The materials and construction methfrom anywhere in the world, the ods affect the operation and mainteprinciples of green and sustainnance over the entire life span of your able building have drifted away. home. Shading devices, whether they Bill Sanders Photography are built elements or landscape mateThe state of our Mother Earth is in rial are important in the realm of enperil. Oil is a finite resource and Passively Cooled Home ergy efficiency because they diffuse with buildings being the number Sebastian House, South Melbourne Beach, FL the powerful radiation mainly from the one energy consumers, it would rising sun in the east and setting sun in the west. A few hours of seem to make sense that a new building paradigm needs to be the year, moderate heat is required and a good portion of the year created. Otherwise, the “Road Warrior” world is on its way, comrequires no special requirements, but the major portion of the year ing to a neighborhood near you … soon. requires air conditioning. Purchasing high efficiency mechanical equipment, reducing heat gain from the sun, increasing air moveWhat can we do? A lot. I am not suggesting we all live in a chickee hut. However, there are lessons to be learned from these ment and wearing light clothing all contribute to creating a comfortable environment to live in, thus subsequently lowering your indigenous dwellings that are as valid today as they where when energy usage. they were the common forms of housing. These dwellings were designed, in part, with what is known today as “Regionalism”, Regional criteria should be considered and addressed when one sustainable design that is built on the idea of regionalism. is designing a new home or revising an existing one. By no means, is this a new approach to design. These principles do not That leads us to the question, what is Regionalism? Regional cost more money to implement. They have been around for years architecture is the architecture of a place where the form and and are the basis by which indigenous house designs were intuicharacter are generated as influenced by its unique culture, climate and region. The appropriate house is built specifically to suit tively created. its unique environment. Continued on next page…………….


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For Teens with Cancer, “Unforgettable Prom” Will Be a Night to Remember Prom night is one of the highlights of young adulthood for most teenagers – a reason to dress up and dance the night away. It’s a special celebration that kids with cancer often have to miss. But on April 30, 2010, these teens will have a chance to party at a prom of their own. South Florida will soon be host to the first annual “Unforgettable Prom” for children with cancer. The event will take place at arguably the finest luxury resort around: The Ritz-Carlton, Fort Lauderdale. The Friends of Scott Foundation, an organization committed to helping families receive the support they need to cope with this devastating disease, will host the event. Hundreds of teens spanning seven area hospitals and three counties plan to attend. With the help of sponsors, donations, and volunteers, this event is being offered at no cost to the children or their families. Everything from tuxedoes for the boys, dresses and hair and make-up for the girls, limousine transportation, a red carpet entrance, entertainment and much more will all be provided for these courageous teens. “The kids are so excited about the prom. When their days are usually spent focusing on their illness, the prom takes their mind off of being sick,” said Trish Lira, director of Child Life Services at Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. “And because all the attendees are cancer patients, they don’t worry about looking or feeling different – everyone understands what they’re going through.” The Friends of Scott Foundation has executed this prom with success in other parts of the country and promise that this event will be no different. "I have seen the impact that this type of event has made in other areas, and I'm very excited to make it happen in South Florida,” said Brandon Opre, Friends of Scott board member and chair of the prom. If you or someone you know would like to discuss getting involved, feel free to contact Brandon Opre or Linda McGhan at 877-FTL-PROM (877-385-7766) or

THE TROPICAL ARCHITECT continued from page 10…….. Through the integration and simple application of Green building principles, with an understanding of the uniqueness of the South Florida region, a home in tune with the environment, can be a ‘Greener’ home. In the coming months this series of articles will have Green topics that will help you with the ‘Greening’ of your home. About the Author: William Hoffman is an architect & LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional who designs and builds sustainable new homes & home renovations. He welcomes your comments and questions. Contact info: Phone 954-561-1642 or through

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February / March 2010

Jackie talks about……………… THE COLD SNAP, COOKING AND A FAVORITE FRIEND HARRYETTE JOHNSON During our recent cold snap I found myself spending a lot of time in the kitchen trying to warm up and reading some of my very old (and still favorite) cookbooks. The names alone will make you smileFood Thrills from Rock Hill written 45 years ago. Closer to home; Someone’s in the kitchen with us Thank Heaven! Written 35 years ago, by a group of God Squad women who knew how to really cook and last our neighbors and friend Shelby Brown’s APPLESAUCE MUFFINS and Ann Slack’s CHILI.

room soup 1 package Lipton dry onion soup 1 can of mushrooms, drained 1 can dry vermouth Lay 6 Chicken Breast (skin removed) meat side down on top of mixture. Cover and baked at 350 degrees for 1 ½ hours

In a dutch oven or large pan brown the beef, drain and discard fat. Sauté onion, pepper and garlic in oil. Stir together vegetables, beef and the remaining ingredients After bringing it to a boil turn it down on low heat and cook for 3 hours stirring occasionally. Try to keep your From: Food Thrills from Rock Hill, husband and children from taking samples. S.C., 45 years ago DELICIOUS AND EASY BEEF STEW Serve with white rice, grated cheddar 2 lbs stew beef cubed or monterey jack cheese. Yum, Yum, 1 cup carrots sliced 2 onions chopped and 1 large potato Yum! I have been making this recipe on Halsliced loween for years and it is a keeper, 1 can of condensed cream of mushEnjoy. room soup with ½ cup water From: Shelby Brown 1 teaspoon salt APPLE SAUCE MUFFINS, Pepper to taste I often write about special people children love them. 2 sticks margarine (room temperature) Arrange meat and veggies in cassemore than once. Harryette Johnrole dish and then pour the seasoned son is one of those people, an 2 cups sugar soup over it. Cover and bake at 275 2 eggs amazing woman who celebrates her degrees for 3 hours. Serves 6-8 peo- 90th birthday on February 1st at her 1 teaspoon vanilla ple. Cream together home in St. Simons, Ga. Sift together and add to above 4 cups plain flour From: Ann Slack Last year at Thanksgiving I wrote 3 teaspoon of cinnamon CHILI about “The First Thanksgiving” a 1 teaspoon cloves 1 lb ground sirloin or ground chuck play she wrote for the children to 2 teaspoons all spice 1 Tablespoon vegetable oil participate in. This play now takes Chop and add 1 cup pecans (optional) 1 cup chopped onion place at Bethany Christian School Mix and add last #1 pound can apple- 1 cup chopped green pepper each year. Parents and children sauce and 2 teaspoons baking soda. 1-3 large clove of garlic continue to make it very special for Bake at 350degrees- large muffins 2- 28 oz cans of chopped tomatoes a very special lady. bake for 25 min. And small bake for 2- 8 oz.cans of tomato sauce 10 minutes. 1 Tablespoon chili powder Wishing you a Happy Birthday from Can be stored up to 2 weeks. 1 teaspoon oregano all your friends and families in Ft. 2 teaspoon salt Lauderdale who love you. 1 teaspoon sugar From: God Squad Cookbook, 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper 35 years ago Jackie 1 Tablespoon cumin DELICIOUS-EASY CHICKEN Mix 1-1 ½ cups Uncle Ben’s converted 2-15 ½ oz can light DAVID McLEAN kidney beans rice in casserole. Add 2 cans undiluted cream of mush- drained Trinity Churchside Garden

14 SW 11th Street, Ft. Lauderdale 954-768-0423 AFTER COLD CARE E Do not cut back shrubs, trees, or soft plants with dead leaves or no leaves. Dead foliage will protect the stems in the next cold blast . . . we aren’t out of this yet. E Water normally on plants with leaves. Cut water to one-half amount on plants with dead or no leaves. Keep soil only moist – not wet. E Do water the day before next predicted low cold.


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February / March 2010

THE GOOD OLD DAYS My name is Ann Wieland Slack and I’m the daughter of Jackie Talks and the sister of Clay Wieland, the guy who puts this news letter together for all of us to enjoy. I have been reading the newsletter and watching my mother write letters for some time now and I thought I would jump on the bus too! I have lived in Rio Vista my entire life and I can’t think of a better neighborhood to be a part of. Some things have changed but the warmth and friendliness have remained. When I was a little girl my sister Sally and I were always outside riding our bikes, skateboarding, skating, jumping rope, playing hide and seek, climbing trees or swimming in our pool until our skin looked like a prune. We were always trying to earn some money by cleaning windows, working in the yard or selling our native fruits, avocadoes, mangos or oranges, to our poor neighbors who I’m sure they just loved to see us coming up the sidewalk. Our goal was not to purchase a cell phone or some I-tunes but to ride our bikes to the 7-11 and purchase some CANDY or a slurpee for 11 cents. I would stand at the counter trying to watch the man fill my slurpee cup and wishing I could run that machine or that I could own my own slurpee machine. Well I don’t have a machine at home but I can fill my cup up by myself now, see how things have changed. I really miss the 7-11 at the end of the street it was such an important part of my youth! I think my brother is trying to connect the people that live in Rio Vista by writing interest stories or advertising local businesses so if you have a story or would like to advertise your business you should contact him and get on the bus too!


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14 South West 11th Street Fort Lauderdale 954.767.8007 Good food, good atmosphere and good people……. that’s what you’ll find here. Owners Jonny Altobell and Penny Sanfilippo call themselves “the ugly sisters”, but ugly they’re not. Lunch is served here from the hours of 11:30 am till 2 pm or as the sign says “or until we kick the last person out”. They also open the first Saturday of month for the folks that can’t make it during the week. They wear many hats… they cook, waitress, bus tables and cashier and not to mention they also cater on the side. The luncheonette which opened in 2002 after moving here from Michigan, is in a little pink house across from the Lutheran Church and if you don’t drive slow, you will miss it. The menu changes daily and they serve anything from homemade soup to gourmet sandwiches, you can even bring your own wine. Comfy couches, tables and chairs, walls decorated with collectable teapots and memorabilia offer a cozy feel and the conversation fun and entertaining. Make it a point to stop by…….. you’ll be glad you did.

College Students First Time Buyers Out of State Relatives Live close to family & friends in Rio Vista This is an opportunity to make a good deal before the Tunnel Park is developed

Marianne Winfield

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Romney Rogers Continued from page 4 Funding for not-for-profit organizations is always an issue but generous hearts usually find ways of contributing to those in need. The Management Team of WaterWorks 2011 is one of those giving hearts and they held a Holiday Luncheon on December 10th in Synder Park. I would like to thank them for raising $12,000 for the Coalition to End Homelessness as a part of their annual staff appreciation luncheon. Thanks also go out to the Stranahan High School Band who provided the entertainment. Go Dragons! They were fantastic! The event was a great success with corporate contributions from CH2M Hill, Lanzo Lining Services, Inc., GlobeTec Construction, ManCon, Inc. LMK, Insituform, Dickey Consulting Services, Inc., Trio Development Corp., Keith and Schnars, P.A. Keith and Associates, Inc., Intercounty Engineering, Inc., Barney’s Pumps and many individual participants. Please continue to provide me with your input on how to improve our dynamic city and your quality of life. I am here to serve you.

As always, I can be reached at my office at 954-8285004 or via email at

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February / March 2010

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