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Jackie talks about ………… ……… Amazing Elzalene and The Kapok Tree It has been four years since Hurricane Wilma, a category one, the weakest of hurricanes targeted Elzalene Sullivan’s Kapok tree. Neighbors, including Elzalene and my brother Pete were watching the hurricane on October 24, 2005. Pete described the Kapok as swaying back and forth, bending in a a flexible way when it snapped and fell onto the next door neighbors home. Their guest house was crushed and the main house damaged, but there were no injuries. The neighborhood was saddened and still is by the loss of this majestic 115 foot Kapok tree that was planted in 1940 and had become a Rio Vista landmark. I knew very little about Kapok trees until Elizalene supplied me with information which I found interesting and I hope you will too. The Kapok tree is widely spread around the world and occupies an important niche in the ecosystem of a rainforest. Emergent trees like the Kapok rise above the canopy of the rainforest and provide a home for plants dependent on sunlight. Their branched provide a habitat for countless epiphytes, which provide food and shelter for many types of animals. They allow animals to move around the rainforest without coming down to the ground. Monkeys who venture out to the tops of emergent trees are easy prey for eagles. There is no status on the Kapok tree. Its timber is desirable because of the great length of its trunks, the beautiful color of its wood, and its straight grain. People of the rainforest have many uses for the Kapok tree. As with many desirable things, too many people may want to exploit the Kapok tree and put its future in jeopardy. During my visit with Elzalene I asked what fun things she had been doing. Her reply was not many, but as I looked around her living room, I questioned her because I saw fabric swatches resting on chairs which she and daughter Anne, were studying, and many papers on her dining table where she was working. Playing cards with friends and trips to flower shows are not as frequent as they were, but since she and I are what I call the seniors of Rio Vista, ages 70-100, she is amazing. She still subscribes to three newspapers: USA today, Miami Herald and Wall Street Journal, which she reads and scans, does a little gardening which she enjoys and spends time with her dog, Chop Chop, a powder puff Chinese crested (with hair) now eight years old. He greeted me when I arrived and he walked me to the door when I left. Now that’s Southern hospitality he learned from his mom, Elzalene.


August / September 2009


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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First, I would like to thank our Advertisers, whom without, this publication would not be possible, so please support our Advertisers! Well, we are officially in the middle of Summer and need I say its Hot! At least the tropics have been quiet, that’s a good thing! This issue is filled with interesting articles that I hope you enjoy. My goal is to give you, the readership some human interest and practical information to use in your own lives. I hope I have accomplished that, and as always thanks for reading Rio Vista’s Original Community Newsletter! The Rio Vista News is the Original Community Newsletter delivered to the Rio Vista neighborhood and surrounding businesses.

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August / September 2009

From the Desk of Commissioner Romney Rogers……. We are almost at the end of summer! Where did the time go? I trust everyone has made it through the dog days of summer unscathed and had some relaxation and fun along the way. Thanks to our generous sponsors, Pyrotecnico and Winn-Dixie, this year’s Fourth of July Spectacular was just that. I was happy to see that many of you attended and I hope you enjoyed the festivities. As you know, the commission will break for the month of August but I will be here crunching budget numbers to identify areas where we can find savings. While these times require lean governing, we can also use these tough economic times to plan for a future when the budget allows growth. Staff is working on finishing the zoning pieces of the SABA master plan. We are initiating some planning for the Hortt School property in Shady Banks. The association has formed a subcommittee to review the Hortt closing documents and is planning for the transition from school facility to a park. Staff is also formulating some ideas for the Gore Nursery


property on SW 9th Avenue. To date the sprinkler system and grass have been installed. Jeff Suiter and Rebecca Bradley, from EDSA, are volunteering their service to this project and have met with city staff regarding the proposed improvements and prepared a few conceptual drawings for the park. These concepts are being reviewed for general conformance to City’s design guidelines and will be published after the internal review is complete. If you have an interest in contributing your thoughts, time and energy to completing this project in the near future please contact Terry Rynard, Assistant Parks and Recreation Director. Speaking of planning, the Commission has discussed engaging in a visioning process in the fall. Look for more info to come. As you know, we are in the midst of contract negotiations with the Police and Fire Unions. Since public safety is a priority and represents 60% of the City’s operating budget, a lot is riding on the outcome. We are hopeful of positive good faith negotiations that result in a fair contract. Finally, don’t forget to attend my District IV Pre-agenda meetings here at City Hall on the first and third Mondays at 5:30pm. As always, you can contact me by phone at 954828-5028 or by email at:

The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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HARBORDALE ELEMENTARY Happenings game that will be a $5.00 game and the prize for that game will be announced as we get closer to Bingo Night. We will be selling pizza, sodas and water and Coldstone will be there selling Ice Cream for dessert. We will also have Spin Art for $1.00 if the kids get tired of playing Bingo. We have been busy this summer getting prizes and we have some great stuff so come on out and join us. We will also kick off our Fall Supersale on September 15th. Some of your neighbor kids may come knocking asking you to buy something from the catalog and I encourage you to please do so if you can as every purchase helps support the school. October will bring our Pumpkin Patch once again. This was a great event for all our kids and parents last year, as we saw a lot of familiar faces stopping by the patch and heard stories of when they went to Harbordale. We truly hope that you will purchase your pumpkins from us again this year and tell your friends and co-workers about our Pumpkin Patch. This year we will also be hosting Pumpkin Pizzazz on Friday October 16th at 5:30. This event will be fun for the whole family. Each of our grade levels will host a game booth where you can win prizes, we will have a costume contest by age group, and there will be food and fun for all. This will be a great night to pick out your Pumpkin and get into the Halloween Spirit. We best kept secret in Broward County. will post our hours on our website and more details on As President of Harbordale School Association again this Pumpkin Pizzazz and the fun activities so check out year, I have been very busy this summer working on our for more details as we move into calendar for this school year. We have a very full calendar October. of events throughout the coming school year and we enI hope everyone enjoyed their summer and is ready to get courage everyone in the surrounding neighborhoods to into the swing of the new school year. I look forward to come and participate at any event that is being held on our keeping you up to date on Harbordale Happenings as the campus. We strive to keep our community involved in the year progresses. If you know of anyone that would like to school and get it back to where it was when all of you went make a donation to the school in the form of gift certifito school here. cates, items or cash please do not hesitate to send them So that said…..we will start off our school year with a Back my way. to School Bingo night in our cafeteria on September 11th at Sincerely, 5:30. Everyone is welcome. The cost of each game will be Cici Kelly H.S.A. President $.50 and we will play 20 games total. We will have one Wow can you believe how fast the summer has flown by? School will be starting in another week and for those of you who drive by on a regular basis, isn’t the new building coming along nicely? We are very excited about the progress that has been made while we have been on summer break. We are told that by Christmas break the building should be ready to move into. We can’t wait for that. We are very excited also to have so many from the surrounding neighborhoods joining us at Harbordale this school year. It is nice to have people who live on your street now coming to the neighborhood school after all these years. The great news is that people want to now come to Harbordale. As I have said many times it’s the

The Rio Vista NEWS 5

August / September 2009

The Garden Spot By Sandy Keysers Holland Garden Center (est. 1964) September will hopefully bring a little cooler weather towards the end of the month. Think about planning your fall garden now. shortage is over and now we can hope for some drier The vegetable starter plants and seeds arrive by the end of August. A great way to get your gardens soil ready for the weather to come our way. Here is a checklist of things to do in the yard while trying to avoid the extreme hear of the season is to mix in some cow manure along with Nemacide. Cover with plastic for about two weeks. This will help day. kill of parasites and enrich your garden soil making if ready Freshen up beds with a new layer of mulch but keep in to go for the fall/winter stretch. mind to leave at least an inch or more from the base of Annuals tolerant of heat include tarenia, vinca, ginnia, coyour plantings. leus and marigold along with Salvia, Impatiens should be Inspect trees and palms for what needs pruning. August planted towards the end of September. Remember to and September are big hurricane months, so be sure to mulch 1-2 inches away from all plants stems. To ensure clean up and prune out all of your excess limbs and dead good growing conditions add some peat moss and more wood. fresh soil to your beds, things may have eroded from the Now is also an excellent time to prune back your poinsetsummer heavy rains. For the annuals themselves always tias so they will achieve their peak of color come Decembe sure to plant with a good quality time-release fertilizer ber. Weeds and insects are also out in abundance, keep an eye such as our “Fertilome” start and grow. Meanwhile, enjoy the rest of your Summer with your famiout for brown spots in the lawn and spray or treat with a lies and friends. Before long we will be looking at pumpgranular insecticide before they get too bad. If you’re planning on doing any planting, now is the “prime kins and seeing Santa. Take care and be safe, time” with all the rain and warmth to boost things right Sandy along.

What a difference a year makes! Our water

PET CORNER West Nile Virus With West Nile virus spreading across the U.S., many pet owners have shared concern about their pet's risk of infection. Most West Nile virus infections have been identified in wild birds and horses. Although the virus can infect dogs and cats, the risk of illness is very low. West Nile virus is an arthropod-borne virus that causes encephalitis (swelling of the brain). The virus is transmitted by blood-feeding insects such as mosquitoes. West Nile virus is a rare disease that spreads through mosquitoes that have fed on infected birds. Mosquitoes become infected after feeding on birds that are carrying the virus. Infected mosquitoes may then transmit the virus to humans and other animals. The virus cannot be transmitted directly between animals or from animals to people. At risk


The risk West Nile virus poses to pets is very small. Elderly and young dogs, and those with compromised immune systems could be at higher risk. Pets have been exposed, but they have not fallen ill in great numbers. Cases of infection causing disease in pets are very rare and likely only in immunocompromised animals. Cats may become ill with the virus, but dogs seem to be relatively resistant to developing clinical illness as a result of exposure to West Nile. Symptoms Symptoms of the virus in infected dogs are similar to signs exhibited by horses and include depression, decreased appetite, difficulty walking, tremors, abnormal head posture, circling and convulsions. It is very important to contact your veterinarian if your pet shows any of these signs. There is currently no vaccine available for dogs and cats. The best way to prevent your pet from

The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

contracting the virus is to reduce the risk of mosquito bites. Prevention • Keep pets indoors during early morning and evening hours to reduce the risk of mosquito bites and possible exposure. • Prevent your pet from coming into contact with dead birds or squirrels that may have been infected with the virus. • Only use mosquito repellent that is approved for use in pets to prevent bites. Check the label to determine if the product is safe for pets, or ask your veterinarian for a recommendation. Many insect repellents that are designed for human use contain a chemical that can cause serious illness in pets. • In the event that pesticides are sprayed in your area, make sure to keep pets indoors during spraying.

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The Rio Vista NEWS 7

August / September 2009 FORT LAUDERDALE INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL PRESENTS A FREE DAY OF PEACE, LOVE AND ROCK ‘N’ ROLL CELEBRATE THE 40TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE WOODSTOCK WITH MUSIC, FOOD, ART, AND MORE AT CINEMA PARADISO, AUGUST 15 (Fort Lauderdale, FL), July 20, 2009 – On August 15 – 18, 1969, The Woodstock Music Festival changed the world. The three days of peace, love and rock 'n' roll in upstate New York had much more meaning than hippies gathering around to party. It was a cultural experience. It was the grooviest event in music history. People came from all over to watch musicians like Santana, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Creedance Clearwater Revival, Jefferson Airplane, Blood Sweat & Tears, Joan Baez, Grateful Dead and Janis Joplin. Vendors sold crafts and Vietnam War protesters spoke about the war. It was a cultural experience of the troubled decade. To commemorate the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival invites you to have a similar experience at Cinema Paradiso. The day will feature concert films featuring many of the same bands, plus a local artists’ gallery, organic food, and an acoustic jam and drum circle – so bring your guitar, banjo, mandolin, bongos or other instrument and join in. Free movie passes and other items from the new film, Taking Woodstock, will be awarded throughout the event. Directed by Ang Lee, Taking Woodstock will be theatrically released on August 28. For more information about the film taking_woodstock/ The 40th Anniversary Celebration of Woodstock will be held both inside and outside in the courtyard at Cinema Paradiso.


When: Saturday, August 15, from 2:00pm - Midnight Where: Cinema Paradiso, 503 Se 6 Street, downtown Fort Lauderdale just east of Broward County Courthouse on the South Bank of the New River. Parking: Free in the Courthouse Parking Garage & after 6:00pm at meters Admission is FREE so come on out and feel the love. For more information visit: or call 954525-FILM (3456).


The Original Rio Vista Community Newsletter

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Integrating Fitness By Laura Castanza and Julia George ©2008

Webster’s Dictionary defines fitness as “the state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition.” Other definitions broaden fitness to include “physical and mental well being as well as our ability to be suitably adapted to our environment.” If we relate to fitness as possessing good health or physical condition due to diet and exercise, most of us focus on only the physical aspect = our body. The concentration of Gyms built in the last 40 years typifies the growing need to be physically fit in our culture, and we have become consumed by an assortment of programs designed to pump us up or slim us down. Body Building competitions, Triathlons, Marathons, extreme sports, pro sports, etc., are indicative of our obsession to be physically fit and competitively so. But what drives us as human beings to perform at these high levels of physical activity? Is it for personal power, friendly competition, the endorphin rush, a better body image…? When fitness is propelled by competitive sports, the “good health” aspect can get lost in what becomes an over concentration to excel or perform. The tonality of our human vessel/body is overruled by our ego whose only goal is to be bigger, better, faster, stronger, and tougher in order to gain advantage over others. And the glitch is that we are never satisfied with our own performance! It is only when we choose to become aware beings and redirect our motivation, that we become healthier both physically and mentally. When we include mental well-being into fitness, we broaden our capacity to achieve good health, but to what extent? Is “mental well-being” derived from a scientific and quantitative approach: mental sharpness, agility and IQ (our ability to master a Rubik’s cube, Sudoku, or answer trivial questions)? Or is mental well-being related to a more genuine understanding of how the mind works; its own cycles, conditioning, and duplicity, that triggers our emotional body and its complexity? Mental agility, health, and fitness have more to do with our stability and balance of mind rather than trivial pursuits. How we think and perceive our reality, consequently taking action, will define our mental fitness. Because we largely base our decisions on how we feel and our emotional state at the time, it is necessary to become aware of this dynamic process. Emotional awareness is vital to mental fitness. Feelings are fleeting, and when we monitor our thought processes, we can create a healthier state of mind. Working out our thoughts is more resistance training than attempting to bench 600lbs. When we take on the task of being constantly aware of our mind, we can work through our imbalances and the “unfit” areas of our perceptions. Entering the mental and emotional arena moves us beyond that which is superficial and closer to our soul. Unlike the body we consciously relax more often (mostly through sleep), the nature of our mind never seems to rest during waking hours or in our dream state. Often times, we physically push our self to exhaustion in an effort to distract ourselves from our own thoughts, which can be unstable at times. There is no way out of our head, so in an attempt to become more fit mentally, we must take disciplinary action; the exact same action we take when we wish to become more physically fit. Meditation is an excellent discipline to create balance within. There are many different techniques: guided, sitting, vippassana, etc. All we have to do is commit to practice, whatever our choice in style. The point is to become the silent observer of our thoughts and release our attachments that are responsible for our thoughtless reactions in every day life. As for our “ability to be suitably adapted to our environment,” we often refer to it as employment; are we “fit” for a job. But applying this thought to a bigger context, we can raise the question of how well we are adapted to our environment, planet Earth. It’s a full-time job to live, and if we are to live fully, we must live in harmony with everything around us. It takes more than mental and physical vigor to coalesce in our world, so how can we do so? What lacks in all these definitions of fitness is that of our spiritual body. Can there be total well-being without acknowledging the things we cannot explain – the immaterial, intangible, and incorporeal? And what happens when we are mentally and physically compromised by injury, illness, and ultimately death; do we have the wisdom to experience a full life when our physical abilities have diminished? Spiritual fitness is what really allows our physical and mental health to be fully integrated into our lives. There will be times when we are incapacitated physically and/or mentally, and emotionally stuck. These are the moments when we literally feel caught between a rock and a hard place, unable to navigate on our own. Those moments are a living nightmare for all of us because we as humans are uncomfortable being out of control, and that is when insanity can strike those “unfit” places within our psyche. Spirituality is essence. It does not subscribe to any thing in particular. It is neither religion nor ritual. It is a seed within all of us that grows from our connection to all things, including each other, and the larger natural world. Spirituality is the acceptance of things as they are without any mental interference. Our ignorance of our spiritual body impedes our ability to surrender to injury or illness and we miss valuable lessons when forced to stop, and instead feel victimized by our circumstances. As we become more aware and readily surrender to things as they are, then we can receive the gift(s) we have been unable to accept before. continued on page 11…………………. The Rio Vista NEWS 9

August / September 2009

Coping with Stock Market Uncertainties Global events can certainly affect the U.S. stock market. Throughout its history, however, the U.S. stock market has proved to be quite resilient over the long term—bouncing back time and time again from the impact of world crises. Examining how some past global problems have affected the U.S. stock market may help you better grapple with the economic and investment uncertainties of crisis events. Action and Reaction It may reassure you to know that the stock market has historically rewarded those who stayed the course during tumultuous times, although past performance cannot guarantee future results. For instance, on the first trading day after the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 23, 1962), the S&P 500 fell 3.78%. Yet only six months later, it had surged 24.66%. More recently, over the one-month period after Iraq invaded Kuwait—a move that eventually led to the first Gulf War—the S&P 500 declined 9.12%. One year later, the index had jumped 10.16%.1 Sometimes the market’s rebound has been slower in coming. For instance, after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the S&P 500 experienced an initial drop, rose slightly after one month and then found itself lower six months after the attack. But by V-J Day, less than four years later in August 1945, the S&P 500 had rebounded 57%.1 Moving Forward Of course, economic developments take time to play out, and markets often remain highly volatile in the immediate wake of a world crisis. Aside from keeping history in mind, how might you cope in our ever-changing world? Consider these suggestions:

• •

Focus on your long-term financial plan rather than short-term market dips. Be realistic, but not fatalistic, about current market conditions and returns. Investors prepared for occasional declines will be less likely to fall prey to panic selling. • Keep your portfolio well diversified to help cushion volatility. • Get to know your finances better and review how different accounts—such as IRAs and employer-sponsored retirement plans—are invested. Bring your body; Club Sweat will take care of the rest. • Review your portfolio and make sure that your risk tolThis private health club offers: free towel service, erance meshes with your financial goals and time horizon. free bottled waters*, free parking, free fruit, discounted tanning and tons more! Remember that while our nation has faced crises before, the economy and the stock market have recovered, in time, Club Sweat has stacked their aerobics schedule with body stronger than before. busting classes designed to fit those busy bodies! For more information, please contact Brandon R. Opre, Pilates, Yoga, BodySculpting and Spinning CFP® at 954-267-5677. allow you to the ideal get the total body workout. 1

Source: Standard & Poor’s.

Various plans and memberships are available starting at $39.95---no excuses when it comes to your health! Not to mention, what else improves your health for just over a dollar day?

This article is provided by Standard & Poor’s. Past performance is not indicative or a guarantee of future results. This article is published for general information purposes only and is not an offer or solicitation to sell or buy any securities or commodities. Investments and services offered through Morgan Stanley Smith Barney LLC, member SIPC. © 2009 Morgan Stanley Smith Barney


*Mention this ad and get ½ off Enrollment* *Specialty commitments only Alison Hodge/General Manager 954.728.9828

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Volunteers Needed for Super Bowl XLIV Broward County will be one of the host counties for Super Bowl XLIV and the South Florida 2010 Super Bowl Host Committee is looking for thousands of volunteers to serve in various capacities, including: Fan Plaza Ambassadors Ambassadors at Fan Plaza will assist the NFL staff with the management and supervision of this allnew fan-focused area. The NFL FLAG National Championship games will be played at Fan Plaza as well as youth football clinics and other activities. Fan Plaza will be open Pro Bowl Sunday through Super Bowl XLIV. Specific days and times of operation will be announced later. Airport and Hotel Ambassadors Welcome guests to Broward County at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport and area hotels. Ambassadors will also communicate game, event, transportation and hospitality information to visitors, plus distribute approved Host Committee publications.


Fort Lauderdale’s best kept secret !

2 Bedrooms 1 Bath

Priced from $179,000 Rentals from $1000 monthly College Students First Time Buyers Out of State Relatives Live close to family & friends in Rio Vista This is an opportunity to make a good deal before the Tunnel Park is developed

Marianne Winfield

Brickell Bay Realty Group, LLC.


Transportation Ambassadors Direct guests to appropriate shuttles and check credentials as guests board shuttles. Ambassadors may also be asked to ride on the shuttles to assist drivers with directions and greet NFL staff or sponsors. For more information, visit or email

Integrating Fitness continued from page 9……… These are our “Ah Ha!” moments and bursts of brilliance, innate within all of us, which magically appear when we open our self to the benevolence of the Universe. Our natural evolution and growing shift in our consciousness demands that our lives have more meaning and depth; or we will remain perpetually dissatisfied despite a body as tight as a drum and a mind as sharp as a tack. By expounding our definition of fitness to include these concomitant qualities of physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, we are able to live more fully and affect our environment in a positive and enduring way; a process beyond self gratification; fulfilling our lives and our soul purpose here on Earth. For more information, contact Laura Castanza or Julia George of Aquarian Age @ 561.750.9292 or


The Rio Vista NEWS 11

August / September 2009

THE TROPICAL ARCHITECT By William Hoffman…Architect

Creating an Entrance to Your Home The outdoor space between the street and the front door is the start of the entrance to your home. This sequence of spaces differentiates between public and private areas. The street is the start of an intimacy gradient that extends to your front door and into your home. This transition from the street to the inside of your home should be a tranquil experience, slowing you down after experiencing the traffic on I-95 and the challenges of the day. Creating an entrance transition from the street to the front door and inside your house can create a space with a feeling of calm. Having your front door open directly to the street, you overlook the opportunity to create a graceful arrival to your home.

roundings and view, while emphasizing a variation in the light, sound, path direction and surface texture. Below are some considerations you may want to think about in the design phase of the project:

Define a space or path extending from the street to the front door. Think about the transition as an actual space or outdoor room rather than just going from point “A” to “B”. Create a sense of enclosure with a gate or garden wall. As this space is shaped, think about changes in level and direction in the walking surface at points of significance. The experience of entering your home and passing through Activate all the senses as you pass through this outdoor an outdoor room between the street and the front door inentrance room. Create calming sounds with chimes or fluences the way you feel once inside. If the transition is too water. Introduce smells with fragrant flowers and abrupt, there is no feeling of arrival and once inside the bushes. Provide a Zen view at a change in direction or quality of an intimate privacy doesn’t exist. stopping point on the path. Vary the amount of light with a trellis. Change the texture and size of the paths The important thing is that an actual physical outdoor surface material. space exists between the street and the front door. The essential quality of creating this place is defining the space Change the scale of the path. Create a space at the street and just outside the front door for greeting or saying and to create a sense of enclosure, with a change in surgoodbye to guests. Create a space in the middle of the path or inner center as a point of reflection while looking towards a Zen view. If done well, the outdoor entrance room you created between the front door and the street will feel comfortable arriving and comfortable leaving. This will be a remarkable addition to your home. About the Author: William Hoffman is an architect & LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional who designs and builds sustainable new homes & home renovations. He welcomes your comments and questions. Contact info: Phone 954-561-1642 or through


AFTER Photo Credit: Bill Sanders Photography


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Art NEWS Hector Rafael Vinas Art Serve July 9-September 28, 2009 Art & Living, a new collaborative partnership between ArtServe and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce, hosts the artwork of Hector Rafael Vinas. The exhibit will be on display from July 9, 2009 through September 28, 2009 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is featuring a new visual artist each quarter to assist in ArtServe's mission to promote emerging cultural artists and further cultivate Fort Lauderdale's cultural climate. For viewing times please call 954-462-6000. About the artist: Award winning Photographer, Hector Rafael Vinas, has been described by the Miami Herald art Critic as having an “Ansel Adams” quality. His photographs bring a unique vision of the world that has always been central to Hector’s relationship with nature. Cuban born Vinas began his photographic career in his teens with landscapes of the Florida Keys and the surrounding waterways. Later, he utilized his talent for visual art as an architect, designing living spaces and buildings. Now, he has returned to his original passion and captured the beauty in the world around us, in his own distinctive style. The subject matter of his photos spans the nation. From the jagged cliffs of California, to rocky coast Maine and Cape Cod, the charm and swamps of New Orleans, the rivers and everglades of

Advertising 954-240.8909

Splash! The World's Best Aquatic Athletes Photographed by the World's Best Sports Photographers International Swimming Hall of Fame May 7-September 12, 2009 SPLASH! is a photo exhibit depicting the artistry, athleticism and unique imagery of aquatic athletes in action, as captured by the world's best sports photographers. The exhibit opening coincides with the Hall of Fame's hosting of the FINA ATT/ USA Diving Grand Prix, which will bring the world's finest Olympic divers to the United States. It features nearly 200 of the best photographs from the sports of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming as snapped by photographers such as Heinz Kluetmeier, Donald Miralle, Al Bello, Tim Morse and Dr. Peter Bick. Their images have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated, ESPN Magazine, Time Magazine, Swimming World Magazine and many others.

The Rio Vista NEWS 13

August / September 2009

Beat the summer heat! At home performance fitness: For parents and kids

Letter to the Editor…….

Balance & Stabilization It has been a hot summer bike riding through the Rio Vista neighborhood. You either have to finish your cardio by 8:00 am or wait till sunset after 6:30 pm to avoid over heating and dehydrating.. Cardiovascular activity guarantees us being able to burn mega calories and counteract the weekend’s fun food and drink. Unless you decide to use a cardio machines and that can be boring at times. Less face it, you have to perform a cardiovascular activity for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour at a frequency of 4 to 6 times a week to see results. But what happens when you have to beat the summer heat and need to exercise indoors? Functional strength training pumps up your heart rate and strengthens your back and abs. Somehow we have all been there...Moving heavy furniture or bending forward doing garden work and pulled the lower back. Your kids want to excel in their sports but their posture and core like most teenagers lack in strength. You can go to a gym to use strength machines but that isolates the body parts rather than working the body as a unit. Functional movements works the body as one efficient unit to create better performance in any sports or rehabilitation situation. Here are some suggestions to set up your home performance fitness and beat the summer heat! •One stability ball. (Sizes are 55cm/65cm/75cm). Depends on your height. •Bosu sports balance. •One weighted ball ( depends on your level of strength) Available at Sports Authority

Between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Sunday, June 22, one of your own was the victim of a robbery which involved the meticulous and professional removal of the entire side mirror on the street side of their car. There was not a single screw, wire, nut or other piece of evidence left behind, with the exception of the blank plate (with neatly tied off wires) that held the mirror to the car. The culprits are obviously aware that our security is erratic and we are not fully covered. They are experienced professionals, and will continue to operate unless and until our security is beefed up. Previously, the same car suffered serious damage to the windshield and roof, suspectedly due to the speed of one of the passing construction trucks, causing material to fall off the truck and hit the car. We implore those of you who depend upon us to pay for the security you enjoy to take these matters seriously, join us in supporting Rio Vista Security and understand that when we have full security, these random attacks on our and your property will cease. One of your neighbors who supports Rio Vista Security.

3 times a week commitment plan 1. Commit for 12 weeks to see results. 2. Set the time in your appointment book and stick to it ! 3. Trust the process and just do it! The BOSU sports balance Improves balance, core stability and propioception. With the bubble side up, sit stand, kneel or jump. With platform side up, do pushups or even stand on it for an advanced balance workout making it challenging and fun! Stability Ball Training / For chest, shoulders, hips and core. Selecting a stability ball is simple. A properly exercise ball will allow you to sit on it with your knees and hip at 90 degrees. However,using different balls will allow you more flexibility and variation with your stability ball training. Medicine Ball training / Whether you want to build core strength , power for football, basketball, soccer, tennis, baseball, hockey or strong back and abs.

‘Saturday Night Alive’ Events Planned for August This August, the City’s Beach Improvement District is planning Saturday night entertainment events aimed at drawing residents and visitors to Fort Lauderdale Beach. Appropriately named, “Saturday Night Alive,” organizers are planning on a variety of sidewalk entertainers, sky tracker searchlights, art and jewelry vendors and live entertainment at beach venues. The events are scheduled from 7p – 11p on August 1, 8, 15 and 22. The area includes A1A from Harbor Drive to Sunrise Boulevard.

Medicine balls are extremely versatile and fun to train with! They’re excellent to throw and for improving dynamic flexibility. Stay cool and train smart! Roxanne Salas Personal fitness trainer 954-540-9642


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Roadways and highways covered in litter such as cigarette butts, fast food wrappers, soda cans, coffee cups and more are not an attractive site. Litter is more than ugly; it is harmful to our waterways, which include lakes, rivers and beaches. It is also harmful to aquatic plant and animal life.

Beach Conditions 954-828-4597 Fire Department 954-828-6800 (Non-Emergency) Job Information 954-828-5317 Marine Operations 954-828-5423 One-Stop Shop 954-828-5191 Parking 954-828-3700 (Tickets & Passes) Parks & Recreation 954-828-7275 Police 954-828-5700 (Non-Emergency) Water Billing 954-828-5150 Water & Sanitation 954-828-8000 City Hall 954-828-5000 Comm. Rogers 954-828-5028 Code/Complaints 954-828-5207 Crime Alert 954-828-5377 Occupational License 954-828-5195 Planning & Zoning 954-828-5203 Mayor Seiler 954-828-5003 Mayor & Commission/Fax 954-828-5667 Festival Hotline 954-828-5363 Croissant Park Pool 954-423-1068 Crime Prevention Unit 954-828-6400 Police Hit & Run 954-828-5460 Police Narcotics Unit 954-828-5661 Broward Gen Medical 954-355-4400 Ft Laud/Hlywd Airport 954-359-1200 Bus Information 954-357-8400 Historical Commission 954-765-4670

Many people do not realize that litter and pollution from our roadways and highways can wind up in our storm drains. Storm drains are meant to transport only clean rainwater from the roads. Litter and debris that ends up in storm drains flows directly into waterways, which means they become more and more polluted with each piece of litter that is tossed onto the ground. Here’s what you can do to help PREVENT litter in your community: •Set an example for others, especially co-workers, friends and children by using trash receptacles for litter disposal. •Carry a litterbag and a portable ashtray in your car. •If you smoke, carry and use a portable or pocket ashtray. Cigarette butts should never be thrown on the ground because they do not decompose. •Make sure your trash containers completely close. Trash will blow out of the container when lifted by the automatic sanitation truck mechanisms. Order a free recycle cap for recycling bins to keep recyclables in the container and dry on windy and rainy days. Recycle caps may be ordered by calling the 24-Hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000.

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GOT A COMPLAINT A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Community Inspections Bureau (Code Compliance) at (954) 828-5207 or sending an e-mail to A staff member will take information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The inspector assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector issues a notice of violation. NOTE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. Copyright 2009, RiverView Publishing, 513 SE 9th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. All rights reserved. This publication may not be reproduced in whole or in part without express written consent from publisher. The publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising or copy they regard as harmful to the public good or deemed to be libelous. The publisher is not responsible for typographical errors, omissions, copy or photo misrepresentation by advertiser. Liability shall not exceed the cost of the portion of the space occupied by such error or advertising items of information. Under no circumstances shall the publisher be held liable for incidental or consequential damages, inconvenience, loss of business or services, or any other liabilities from failure to publish on a timely manner, except as limited to the liabilities as stated above.

Broward County and Florida Auto Tags 954-765-4697 Call Center 954-831-4000 Clerk of the Court 954-831-6565 Sheriff 954-765-4321 (Non-Emergency) or 954-357-5444 State Attorney 954-831-6955 TIPS Crime Information 954-493-8477 Bldg Code Services Div 954-765-5075 Land Use & Permit Div 954-519-1250 Dept. of Planning & Jurors Information 954-831-6091 Legal Aid Services 954-765-8950 Main Library 954-357-7444 Book Renewals 954-357-7368 Property Appraiser 954-357-6830 Revenue Collection, Taxes954-831-4000 Recycling 954-765-4999 Streets & Hwys Div 954-974-4100 State Health Dept 954-467-4700 John Rodstrom, Jr 954-357-7007

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