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Solicitors - Friends or Foes? We have all been there at some time or another, commission depending on their performance. It doesn’t matwhether at work or at home, or even on the street. You ter what you are selling. Just talk to as many people as you answered the door or been accosted in a parking lot when you are not expecting anybody and you see one or two strangers standing there. Before you have a moment to figure out what going on, a nervous introduction leads into a gesture (which will require your response to make sure you are listening). Once you speak you are then engaged into a conversation, followed shortly by the pitch. Hey “by the way” you need some speakers for you house. Or we have some leftover artwork. Who can forget about the door to door magazine sales. I am talking about solicitors and there have been already been complaints in our neighborhood.

can and find the ones in the market for what you have. It is Simple economics. You are provided with a supply of merchandise. Now go find a demand. Some products cover a more broad market than others. For example: selling magazines will appeal to more people but usually does not offer some instant gratification for your purchase. While buying buy artwork out of the back of someone’s car may not appeal to many people but maybe you just moved in to a new place or you want to decorate you office. There is always the feeling you are being scammed but wait. What happens when they are selling something you actually want or need! I have been guilty of buying some filet mignons off the guy who drives around in a pick up with a freezer in the back! For $2 a piece, you can’t beat that even if they are not the best steaks you ever had. No cash, no problem they take credit cards and checks too, for a slightly extra fee of course.

A scam? Not always. Some of these vendors are totally legitimate and provide an opportunity to buy a product you may or may not need at a discount price and make a good living at it Solicitors have always in a type of legalized pyramid scheme. However, Soliciting in had a bad rap. Just a residential neighborhood brings an element of danger with look at the door at any it. Even though there are those that mean well and intend to retail store and all bring savings to the community there are those who may use most certainly will they that guise for their own cruel intentions or an excuse to scope have a clearly visible out and survey the neighborhood. sign posted “NO SOcontinued on page 11……... LICITORS”. The above described scenario will almost undoubtedly happen when you are in the middle of something important or when you are in a rush somewhere causing an interruption in our daily lives that is not usually tolerated. I NEXT GENERAL MEETINGS can say this because I have experienced that line of work for a brief time while trying to earn money for collage. So I have OCTOBER 21 ST a bit of insight on how and why people actually solicit for a NOVEMBER 18 TH living. Believe it or not, most of these solicitors are recruited and trained in a very structured and controlled environment. 7PM at You can always tell when you get someone in training who is nervous and in experienced as opposed to when you get someone more confident and persistent. High pressure and discount savings is always involved. People will respond to a classified advertisement to work in a rock and roll atmosphere or something like that and before they know it, they are going door to door with the potential to earn a substantial

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From the Desk of Commissioner Charlotte Rodstrom


the budget meetings concluded, I wanted to reassure you that, in spite of the budget shortfall, protecting your hard earned income was once again my top priority throughout the proceedings. As many of you are aware, the Commission voted to hold the line on taxes by setting the millage rate once again at 4.1193 (excluding debt service). However, because we collected less revenue due to declining real estate prices, we are faced with a $30 million shortfall with the budget. Keeping the future financial security of the City also in mind, I objected once again to the use of our reserve fund as a way to bridge the budgetary gap! Government must control its spending no differently than what we are doing in our personal lives. The problem is that applying these reserve funds (a nonrecurring revenue source) only magnifies the severity of the budgetary shortfalls in future years. Compounding the problem still further, the property appraiser has forecasted lower property tax revenue collections for next year. Closer to home, concerns in recent months in the Poinsettia Heights area have arisen over random power outages. In late July, City staff, FPL and Poinsettia Heights representatives met to discuss the issue and to develop a game plan to improve the situation. Be assured that my office will continue to be proactive in the handling this matter until it is completely resolved and you are assured of the quality of life that you expect. I am also happy to report that the surrounding area will be experiencing some improvements in the upcoming months. Progressing in its reconstruction is Fire Station #29 located just off Federal Highway on the eastern side

of Lake Melva. When the Fire Bond Referendum was first approved, I remember the meetings we had to facilitate the needed changes based on your input. Today, Fire Station #29’s rebuilding is almost a reality with an estimated completion date of January 2010. When finished, the station will provide an increase in safety for Poinsettia Heights and its residents. Needed improvements are also coming to NE 15th Avenue just north of Sunrise Boulevard that will be a welcomed relief to many in the area. Alterations to the turn lanes between the Walgreens and Publix exit/entry ways are part of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). With $200,000 allocated to the project, the completion will create a better flow of traffic in its center lane and provide greater security for the patrons of those businesses. Recently approved by the Commission, another project that should also offer a fresh look to Sunrise Boulevard is the new TD Bank coming to 17th

Avenue and Sunrise. With such an unsettled economy affecting businesses, this new financial institution will bring a much needed transformation to the area. Finally, I am delighted that the Poinsettia Heights newsletter is being published again. Your newsletter serves as a great opportunity for me, as your voice at City Hall, to keep you informed of the issues that face our City and your neighborhood. As always, do not hesitate to contact my office should the need arise. It is truly an honor and privilege to serve you and I thank you for that trust. Very Truly Yours, Charlotte

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The Census Is Coming April 1, 2010 Ten Minutes Every Ten Years The U.S. Constitution requires a national census once every 10 years. Census forms will be mailed to every household in March 2010 and Census Day is April 1, 2010. In Broward County, more than 800,000 housing units will receive the Census! The brief questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to complete, and asks for the name, gender, age, race, ethnicity and relationship to the householder, and whether the householder owns or rents their home. You should fill out your census form wherever you are on the day you receive it, regardless of where you live at other times of the year.

It’s Safe to Complete the Census Don’t be afraid to be counted, even if you are not a documented resident. Census forms are completely confidential for 72 years and cannot be shared with anyone, including welfare and immigration agencies. No court of law, not even the President of the United States, can access your individual responses. Census workers are highly motivated to protect your answers – they are subject to a $250,000 fine and/or a fiveyear prison term for disclosing any information that could identify a respondent or household.

Census Results Determine Funding for Community Projects Governments use census data to allocate billions of dollars in funding for education, public safety, housing, roads and bridges, human services and community services. Community organizations use it to develop social service programs for seniors and children, and businesses use it to identify where to locate factories, shopping centers, movie theaters, banks and offices – activities that lead to new jobs! The loss in funding for government services for just one uncounted person in Broward County was estimated at $1,300 by the 2000 Census Monitoring Board. An undercounting of 1,000 residents could mean a loss in funding for Broward County of $1.3 million or more!

Population Determines Representation Census data is also used to determine representation in the federal and state legislatures. Undercounting results in underrepresentation.

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October / November 2009 “Ask Lori…Parrish on Appraisal” Broward County Property Appraiser Lori Parrish Answers Your Questions

“Taxpayer Protection Alert – Recorded Deed Retrieval” Dear Lori, I received a letter from a local record retrieval company offering a certified copy of my recorded homeowner’s deed for $50.00 plus $4.50 shipping and handling. Is this offer legal or can I get a copy of my deed from your office? C.V., Plantation, FL Every year brings new mailings aimed at Broward County homeowners. The latest scam seems designed to trick you into believing for a substantial fee, a company will send you a “certified deed” for your property. Unfortunately, this practice seems to be legal but is very misleading. The truth is deeds and many other important documents are already available online and free at the Broward County Records Division and linked from our office’s website. Older deeds prior to 1977 and recorded property deeds utilizing social security numbers must to be ordered through the Broward County Records Division either in person or by written request. The county charges a nominal fee for reproduction ($1.00 a page/2.00 certified). Reviewing and obtaining a copy of your deed is simple. Go to and enter the public search field or and enter the property search field. Simply enter the name of the homeowner and you will be shown applicable property data enabling you to retrieve and print a copy of the recorded deed. On the website, simply click on the “book number”, located under the “sales history” chart to locate deed information. If you are checking for liens, you may wish to check with the municipality in which the property is located, as well as, the county Building Code Services at 954.765.4400. If your query is related to the potential purchase of a piece of property, it may be advisable to obtain the services of a professional to provide maximum assurance of a clear title. Sincerely, Lori Parrish, CFA If you have a question for Lori, please email her at or write to her at the Broward County Property Appraiser’s Office, 115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 111, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. (September 2009)


PET CORNER Winter is a common time for pets to have dry skin and more dander," says Dr. Merry Crimi, hospital director of an AAHA-accredited hospital in Milwaukie, Oregon. "As soon as we turn the heat on in the fall, our skin and their's takes a little more care.

Help for dogs with dry skin Take these steps to take care of your dogs hair and skin: 1.Bathe your dog as little as needed to keep its coat clean. 2.Brush your dog often to remove dead hair and dander. 3.If bathing is necessary, use a moisturizing shampoo made for dogs. Their pH is different from ours, so don't be tempted to use a human shampoo- it is much to harsh for their skin. 4.Follow a bath when necessary with a moisturizing rinse made for dogs and their special needs. 5.Don't forget that "healthy hair and skin comes from within. Use a good quality, name brand food and consult with a veterinarian about the addition of fatty acid supplements which can make for healthier, glossier hair.

Help for cats with dry skin Dr. Crimi offers these suggestions for taking care of your cat's hair in the winter: 1. Comb your cat's hair often to remove dander and loose hair. 2. Don't bathe your cat unless you need to clean the hair coat of grease, oil,or dirt. Remember cats give themselves baths everyday. 3. Use a conditioning rinse after your cat's bath. Don't use oils and lotions that are designed for people. "You'll find they will just gum up the cat's hair and attract a lot of dirt," says Dr. Crimi. 4. Feed quality, name brand foods to provide adequate nutrition for glossy, healthy hair. Consult with your veterinarian about increasing fatty acids and vitamins in your cat's diet. continued on page 9………………..

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October / November 2009

THE TROPICAL ARCHITECT By William Hoffman…Architect

Kitchens that Live As a continuation of last month’s article “Creating an Entrance to Your Home,” and moving on to the interior spaces of your home, this article speaks to “Kitchens that Live”. The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in your home and is the heart of the family.

and family room spaces. This would include possibly creating a counter with comfortable seating. When designing new homes and renovations, integrating a bar height eating counter (42” above finish floor) into the design of the kitchen is a nice asset. With a bar height counter the seating height is such that those who are

The way that kitchen spaces are used now is quite different than they have been in the past. In the past, the kitchen was an isolated space from the rest of the house. The isolated kitchen evolved from times when domestic help took on the cooking responsibilities in mansions and estate homes of the wealthy. Yet when the servants disappeared, kitchens remained isolated because it was thought to be aristocratic and associated with the homes of the rich. This association with wealth is readily visible in the abundance of new McMansions with high ceilings, creating uncomfortable and unproportionately tall spaces. However, we will save that for another article.

seated are at the same eye level as those who are standing. In a subtle way, this creates a stronger connection by maintaining the same eye level.

The underlying implication of the isolated kitchen is that the family cook subtly acts as the servant, as if the actual task of cooking is considered an unpleasant chore. The kitchen is the space that helps bind the family together. Cooking is now a shared social activity and those who are doing the cooking should be in touch with the rest of the family and friends. The solution lies in the integration of the kitchen with the rest of the house to bring the functions of the kitchen, dining room and family room into one large interconnected space. The traditional style “County Kitchen” did a fine job of integrating these functions into one room. They were designed to be large enough to accommodate the kitchen, a large dining table and comfortable seating.

This will open up your home considerably and psychologically will give the feeling and appearance of a larger space. It will also integrate and create a kitchen as the heart of the family, as a place for communal activities, where family can gather, participate in the cooking process, eat and engage in conversation. The act of cooking and gathering around the fire is a primal activity. Integrating your existing kitchen with the rest of your home recreates this basic human need. William Hoffman is an architect & LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional who designs and builds sustainable new homes & home renovations. He welcomes your comments and questions. Contact info: Phone 954-561-1642 or through Dolphin House view into kitchen and adjoining Dining Room Fort Lauderdale, Florida


In the typical 1950’s - 70’s vintage ranch homes of this area, the kitchen was designed as a separate space even though the homes were relatively small. Creating a large “Country Kitchen” is not possible in these homes. What is possible is to remove whatever existing kitchen walls you can, opening up the kitchen to existing dining Bill Sanders Photography


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Garden Tips October

May, so some supplemental irrigation will be necessary for lawns and bedding plants. Vegetable gardening hits high gear by mid-month when Insects are still with us, but populations will fall as the the first refreshing cool fronts start to penetrate the penincooler weather arrives. We never get a complete break like sula on a regular basis. Vegetable choices include broccoli, the winter-bound folks in the north. Caterpillars will be acturnips, spinach, onions, carrots, cauliflower, beets, radtive on cassia, oleander and bougainvillea. Mites, thrips, ishes, mustard, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, pars- scale, army and sod webworms will be active. Check for ley, celery, peas, summer squash and lima and snap infestations once a week. beans. Most herbs should be planted out now. Strawberries also can be planted. November Annuals include: coleus, marigold, torenia, vinca, impatiens, salvia, portulaca, cosmos, ageratum, gloriosa daisy, celosia, verbena, wax begonia, calendula, alyssum, snapdragon, nasturtium, hollyhock, cornflower, pansy, candytuft and larkspur. The last big fertilization of the year should be applied to all plants this month. A high quality all-purpose fertilizer should be fine for most trees. I have used Lesco 12-2-14 with good success on most plantings. Lawns benefit from a good application of Lesco 16-4-8. But any good quality fertilizer with trace elements should do the job. Apply lightly and evenly and water in after application. The dry season begins mid-month. As soon as you can, it's a good idea to check irrigation systems before their winter workouts. Fungal problems appear with the cooler weather, so make sure watering is restricted to the morning hours between 2 and 10 a.m. The dry season will last through

Plant - The dry season has begun with cooler temperatures and less rainfall. November is like spring and gardeners enjoy a resurgence of interest and energy in the garden. Fall plant installation is fine for virtually all plantings as long as we have sufficient rainfall. The vegetable list includes tomato, endive, escarole, snap bean, potato, pepper, pea, lima bean, collards, parsley, potato, celery, turnip, mustard, onion, spinach, lettuce, radish, cabbage, beet, carrot and broccoli. The annual list is also large and includes sweet pea, verbena, pansy, hollyhock, alyssum, wax begonia, candytuft, calendula, baby's breath, nasturtium, snapdragon, marigold, coleus, vinca, torenia, impatiens, gloriosa daisy, salvia, portulaca, cosmos, ageratum, and celosia. Strawberries can be planted now. continued on page 10‌‌‌..

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October / November 2009

Stability of Mind in Unstable Times In these most unstable of times, one may find themselves increasingly anxious, stressed, worried or fearful, the mind presenting an even more immediate and lethal threat than that of the imposing strikes from without. Not only is the world stage unstable, with fear and threat of terrorism; but as well we face the challenges presented on the social stage in the form of racism, sexism, and economic pressures. Accompanying that, we face a barrage of unstable, confusing, and sorrow ridden relationships. Is it any wonder then that the peace of my mind should falter? One may begin to wonder, hopelessly, if there is even the possibility to remain stable in the face of such circumstance.

By BK Bhavna

am thinking I’d rather drown them out. However, until I face the self, I can never hope to enjoy true and permanent peace or happiness. I may experience limited peace or happiness for a temporary period, but the off times are forever wrought with the price of my unwillingness, inability or courage to face myself. It is most essential then to re-train the self to think the thoughts you want to think, rather than the thoughts you’re used to thinking, because the thoughts we’re used to thinking often times cause us sorrow.

Consider for a moment, a common scenario. An event or circumstance may happen once. We didn’t like it then, but we choose to relive it over and over again. It may be someFor so long as my peace and happiness are linked to and thing terrible that occurred when I was twelve years old, but dependent upon things that fluctuate, accordingly my hap- I still hold on to it, give it power and nurture it even now in piness will correspondingly fluctuate. If my happiness and my fifties! It’s like picking up a hot frying pan- it burns, it peace of mind are dependent for example on the state of hurts, causes you pain and suffering. Would you keep pickworld affairs, the weather, my bank account, or the health ing it up over and over again? Would you hold on to it? You or beauty of the body, then I will continue to ride the roller know, stand there holding the hot pan and complain? “Ow, coaster of emotions intrinsically linked with these. My bank oh it’s hurting me, I’m suffering!” Maybe you’d ask your account rises and falls. I may experience illness, beauty friends for advice. What do you think they might say? “Let it fades. Weather can be unpredictable and violent, and rela- go!” You’d let it go wouldn’t you? I hope so. So then, why tionships often start out full of promise, and then as fast as don’t we let go of other things, thoughts that hurt us? It’s they began, they suddenly turn sour. just as easy, really. We just don’t have much experience with it so it seems hard. We need to practice this just like Therefore if I want to experience peace in a permanent and we do anything else. unlimited way, I must link myself with the source that never fluctuates- the ocean of peace. The one that remains ever constant and overflowing. The one who has one desire, that we should be full and complete, full of such basics as: peace, love, happiness and power. Not the power to control others, but the power to control my own mind. To be as it were self-sovereign. If I wish to see peace in the world, I must first be that peace. What after all, is the world made up of? It is comprised of souls. Not countries, not governments, not institutions, but individuals. Each of these is composed of souls. Peace, change, begins one soul at a time. This is not poetry but simple fact. We have seen this for ourselves in our own lives. I once took a friend to a beautiful meadow atop a lovely spring mountain above Los Angeles. It was a most serene and lovely scene. Birds chirping, flowers in bloom, the sounds of sweet silence were broken only by the tripping of a nearby brook. We had come to watch the sun set. Before too very long, he was begging me to leave this place. The quiet was causing him great stress. The reason for this is a simple one and all too common. We believe that we would have peace if the setting or my surroundings were peaceful, but not so. The noise I wish to quiet is not without, it is within. It is all that noise in my own head which causes me sorrow and peacelessness. This is why when my friend found himself plunk down in the middle of silence the opposite result occurred. This is the same reason why so many of us keep the radio blaring or the T.V. running even if we are not watching it (or talk a lot). So many need to have constant noise. Why? Because, when the noise outside stops, I am then able to hear my own thoughts. And since I don’t like the thoughts I


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PET CORNER continued from page 4…… Warning signs that your pet has more than dry skin Pets scratch for many reasons, including allergies, parasites, or infection. All of these conditions may appear to be "dry skin" to the pet owner, but they actually require treatment by a veterinarian. Attempting home remedies may only complicate the problem or delay treatment. According to Dr. Crimi, you can't "assume that chewing and licking to the point of hair loss is from nerves. It usually isn't." Plus, Dr. Crimi warns that often skin problems and poor hair quality in pets are merely symptoms of something else such as kidney, liver, adrenal or thyroid gland problems. If notice any of these conditions or if the initial skin problem persists for more than a week, consult with your veterinarian for treatment. • Skin irritation, including redness, bumps, and rashes. • Open sores of any kind. • Excessive hair loss, either in concentrated patches or all over. • Dull, dry hair that pulls out easily. • Constant foot licking or face rubbing (with or without runny eyes or itchy ears).

There is Magic in our Future……. Think of the times when you’ve most enjoyed Downtown and felt its energy – strolling by busy cafes on your way to a new Las Olas restaurant, discovering a one-of-a-kind boutique or meeting friends for a Himmarshee Saturday night. Now imagine the future, with an array of new shops, restaurants, galleries and entertainment spots in lively neighborhoods throughout Downtown. Nurturing our retail base is crucial to truly bringing our streets to life. With Downtown’s influx of new residents, we’ve seen an increase in “need-based” retail. Two grocery stores have been added south and north of the New River. In addition, new service businesses have emerged around the perimeter of the Bank of America Building, at the base of Camden Las Olas and the ground floor of Avenue Lofts on Andrews Avenue. We will see more of this type of retail, with rumors of a new upscale grocer soon to come on Federal Highway adjacent to Victoria Park. It is interesting to note that Downtown’s growing density has enabled those shops and service businesses arrayed at the ground level near our office and residential buildings to multiply and provide an ever broader array of services and food choices.

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October / November 2009

“Broward Vice Mayor Keechl’s Third Year Report,” by Broward County Commissioner and Vice Mayor Ken Keechl I can’t believe that it’s been almost three years since you elected me to be your Broward County Commissioner. And I can’t believe that it’s been almost a year since my colleagues elected me to be Broward’s County’s Vice Mayor. I still pinch myself every single day. Yes, being a County Commissioner is a time consuming endeavor, but there isn’t a better job in the world. Seriously. From my first day on the dais, I have championed our “shared vision” for a different Broward County. And over the past three years, the direction of the County Commission has changed--for the better. I like to think that my advocacy has been partially responsible. First and foremost, I have been an ardent advocate for lower property taxes and decreased spending. At my constant urging, in the last two years we have decreased spending by $200,000,000.00; this year we are on course to reduce our budget by

another $100,000,000.00. As a result, Broward’s annual budget is $300,000,000.00 smaller today than it was when you elected me. That’s $300,000,000.00 dollars in property taxes every year that’s staying in your families’ checkbooks. I have also advocated for an environmentally sensitive, yet business friendly approach to running Broward County. Many successful results can be seen in a number of initiatives over the past three years. For example, we have expanded our seaport to remain competitive-- without destroying in the process a precious mangrove strand located in the port. We have finally agreed to a much needed expansion of our southern runway at Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood Int. Airport. I sponsored a Comprehensive Land Use Plan amendment which strongly discouraged golf course conversions into residential developments and my amendment requires environmental contamination inspections. I supported a “boat siting” plan which added 4,392 boat slips throughout Broward, but only after the plan contained a strong manatee protection element. And I made sure that it was funded by the

Garden Tips continued from page 7……… Bloom - Many flowering shrubs and trees will start to bloom now that the dry weather has begun. Look for good bloom displays on cassias, orchid trees, floss silk trees, dombeya, and yesterdaytoday-and-tomorrow, Chinese hat plant, bougainvillea, clock bush and other favorites that put on a good show in the cooler weather. Irrigation - The dry season has begun and will last through May. Check the irrigation system for broken pipes, blown heads and other maintenance problems. Prune back excess summer growth so heads are not blocked. Put heads on risers if the water spray is buried in the shrubbery. Plant impatiens in bonsai pots so the rest of the yard is not overwatered to the point of root rot on permanent plantings.


users of the boat slips, and not your property taxes. I have consistently advocated for “green” buildings for all new capital projects as well. You asked me to be your eyes and ears on the Commission. As a result, I demanded an outside investigation of Broward’s animal control department when I learned of employee animal abuse and negligence. These practices have been stopped. I have supported sensible ethics reform for the Broward County Commission. I have successfully argued that all budget meetings should be televised so that you see how your tax dollars are being spent. Over the final year of my first term, I will continue to be your advocate for our shared vision for Broward County. I will continue to be your environmentally sensitive, business friendly, fiscally conservative Commissioner. And I will continue to be your eyes and ears on the Broward County Commission. After all, you and your families deserve nothing less. Broward County Commissioner and Vice Mayor Ken Keechl 954 357 7004

Disease - Problems increase with cooler weather and heavy dew. It is critical to adjust sprinklers to water in the morning only to avoid fungal leaf spotting on lawns and some shrubbery. Watering any time between 2-10 a.m. minimizes fungal problems. Upgrades - Consider upgrading the landscape for your own enjoyment. Landscaping is a flexible thing that changes with the stages of your family's growth and needs. That former play yard may function now as an herb or rose garden. Maybe you want to incorporate a water feature near your patio. The sky is the limit based on your interest, energy and money. Insects - Insect populations gradually are reduced as the cooler, drier weather begins. Spider mite damage can show up, particularly on plantings located under building eaves. Slugs, snails and cutworms are active some years. The Cuban May beetle will lay eggs,which will hatch out as white grubs to eat grass roots. Some caterpillars, mealybug and scale are still causing landscape problems.

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Solicitor’s Friends or Foes? continued from front page…… I have personally had a solicitor walk in my gated property, right past the “Beware of Dogs” signs and wander around my property. It just so happens my 2 German Shepards were inside with me. Otherwise this may have been a completely different article. Yet even with police intervention they keep coming. Legislation against soliciting in residential neighborhoods may be an answer and worth discussion at the next general meeting. So are Solicitors Friends or Enemies? That’s up to you! Although you may despise solicitors, it may be prudent to hear them out, even if it’s just to see if they sound legitimate or not. Be wary of your surroundings even if they are dressed professionally. If you feel uncomfortable its best to just say, “thanks but no thanks” and back away while keeping an eye on them. Call the police when they leave and they can check for proper licensing and permits solicitors would need for conducting business. Don’t feel bad. Solicitors have to deal with rejection on a daily basis so they are used to it. If you feel comfortable enough with the person to check out the merchandise, don’t be afraid to inspect the merchandise and ask questions. Get more info about the company like a business card with name , phone # and address, especially if you will be using a credit card for your purchase. Remember that some prices are negotiable and don’t be afraid to walk away from a raw deal. Who knows you just may wind up with those speakers you have been looking for.

Map Identifies Best Roads for Bicycle Enthusiasts The Broward County Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee has produced a Bicycle Suitability Map that is intended to serve as a reference for bicycling in Broward County. The map is available online.

Visit and click BICYCLE, then BROWARD COUNTY BICYCLE SUITABILITY MAP. The map will be available in print form in the near future.

Written By Alex Collazo

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954.828.4597 954.828.6800 (Non-Emergency) Job Information 954.828.5317 Marine Operations 954.828.5423 One-Stop Shop 954.828.5191 Parking 954.828.3700 (Tickets & Passes) Parks & Recreation 954.828.7275 Police (Non-Emergency) 954.828.5700 Water Billing 954.828.5150 Water & Sanitation 954.828.8000 City Hall 954.828.5000 Comm Rodstrom 954.828.5004 Code/Complaints 954.828.5207 Crime Alert 954.828.5377 Occupational License 954.828.5195 Planning & Zoning 954.828.5203 Mayor Jack Seiler 954.828.5003 Mayor & Commission/Fax 954.828.5667 Festival Hotline 954.828.5363 Croissant Park Pool 954.423.1068 Crime Prevention Unit 954.828.6400 Police Hit & Run 954.828.5460 Police Narcotics Unit 954.828.5661 Broward Gen Medical 954.355.4400 Ft Laud/Hlywd Airport 954.359.1200 Bus Information 954.357.8400 Historical Commission 954.765.4670

Broward County and Florida Auto Tags Call Center Clerk of the Court Sheriff (Non-Emergency) State Attorney TIPS Crime Information Bldg Code Services Div Land Use & Permit Div Dept. of Planning & Jurors Information Legal Aid Services Main Library Book Renewals Property Appraiser Revenue Collection, Taxes Recycling Streets & Hwys Div State Health Dept John Rodstrom, Jr

954.765.4697 954.831.4000 954.831.6565 954.765.4321 954.831.6955 954.493.8477 954.765.5075 954.519.1250 954.831.6091 954.765.8950 954.357.7444 954.357.7368 954.357.6830 954.831.4000 954.765.4999 954.974.4100 954.467.4700 954.357.7007

Advertising 954.240.8909

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It’s the LAW. Please Recycle! GOT A COMPLAINT A citizen can report a complaint by calling the Community Inspections Bureau (Code Compliance) at (954) 828-5207 or sending an e-mail to A staff member will take information regarding the location and nature of the violation. The inspector assigned to the area will conduct an inspection of the property. If it is determined that a violation exists, the inspector issues a notice of violation. NOTE: Under Florida law, e-mail addresses are public records. If you do not want your e-mail address released in response to a public records request, do not send electronic mail to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing. RAISING DUNCAN

Poinsettia Heights Newsletter Oct-Nov 2009  

Poinsettia Heights Newsletter Oct-Nov 2009

Poinsettia Heights Newsletter Oct-Nov 2009  

Poinsettia Heights Newsletter Oct-Nov 2009