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PICK TO LIGHT wireless system Flexibility and ease of use in picking process The P2Light wireless system has considerable advantages compared to wired solutions thanks to the two-way wireless communication that allows to significantly simplify the integration and installation of the system, eliminating the wiring costs. P2Light consists of a Master antenna able to manage up to 500 lighted buttons available in different versions best meet the needs of use.

The system's response speed, the battery life up to 5 years and flexibility of use, make the P2Light system the market reference for wireless versions with installation references in leading companies in the manufacturing, logistics automotive, pharma and e-commerce markets.

Main features



• Bi-directional wireless

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• • • • • • •

communication High effincency light buttons Long battery life up to 5 years Battery level monitoring Industrial housing Easy configuration and installation • Coverage area up to 70mt

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Cut off of the cabling cost Accurate picking operations Hands free operations Mistakes reduction in picking operations • Two operators simultaneous job • Integration with MRP, ERP, MES, WMS systems

Lean manufacturing Logistic supermarket Logistic picking material Assembling line Set up line Material call Operator call

PICK TO LIGHT wireless system

MASTER features Power supply

10 - 27 Vdc


UHF 868 MHz

Coverage area

up to 70mt

Light buttons management

up to 500

Communication interface



200 x 110 x 43 mm

Protection class


Operating temperature range

-0 °C +50 °C Master Kit PL-1310 Including power supply

LIGHT BUTTON features Power supply

3,6 V Lithium battery ER17505 replaceable


UHF 868 MHz

Light signal

high efficiency LED 65° view angle, visible up to 50 mt


graphic 200 x 200 pixel E-ink technology display area 27 x 27 mm


115 x 56 x 40 mm without fixing tab 130 x 56 x 40 mm with fixing tab

Protection class


Temperature range

0 °C +55 °C

Battery life

up to 3 years with one battery up to 5 years with dual battery 200 cycles/day 10 second LED ‘on’ each cycle

No display No fixing tab One Battery PL1300 Dual Battery PL1302

Subject to technical modification without notice Flyer P2Light ENG 2.3

Display No fixing tab One Battery PL1301 Dual Battery PL1303

No display Fixing tab One Battery PL1304 Dual Battery PL1306

Display Fixing tab One Battery PL1305 Dual Battery PL1307

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P2Light flyer EN  

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