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FSN: The ins and outs of interviewing

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Students explore, serve during break


Opinion: Why Iran won't go nuclear

Opinion: Mexico, U.S. need to talk

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Bush School students were part of a record turnout in The Big Event 2012 on March 24. More than 60 students signed up to participate.

Making a Big Impact Jessica Yeo MPIA '12

This year’s 30th anniversary of The Big Event proved to be the biggest one ever for Texas A&M University, with over 17,500 students participating. It may have also been the biggest turnout for the Bush School, with 67 students registered. Bush School students

displayed their Aggie spirit by helping residents of the Bryan/College Station community with tasks such as weeding gardens, trimming hedges, washing windows and painting. After finishing their own respective sites, many students demonstrated their goodwill and team-player ethos by lendSee Event on Page 2


T he Radish

An eye-opening night with Bryan PD




Students honoring 41's legacy


Lorax waxes too political


Step up to The Soapbox

New Kids on the Block: Class of 2014Taking Shape Naaman Akinola MPSA '14

Anticipation. Apprehension. Excitement. A torrent of emotions stirred within me as I made my ascent towards the Allen Building, not exactly sure what lay ahead on the other side of those doors labeled

“The Bush School.” Back in February, 50 students, including myself, gathered to participate in the Bush School’s annual MPSA Interview Conference. During the whirlwind twoday event, we were treated to a wonderful lecture series featuring James Carville and Mary Matalin – which was also attended The Public Servant | 1

by Mr. and Mrs. Bush – and introduced to faculty and students, all while taking part in a wide array of other activities, including a writing assessment, faculty interviews, and panels consisting of former and current Bush School students. See 2014 on Page 9

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Public Servant April Issue  

Volume 13, Issue 5

Public Servant April Issue  

Volume 13, Issue 5