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prospectus 2010

Public Sector Nomads supporting and engaging The interest in new work styles, asset rationalisation and technology enabled transformation has steadily increased. The current and forecast pressures on public spending serve only to further reinforce interest in these issues and to demand a forum for peer to peer support, experience sharing, innovation and leadership development.

Public Sector Nomads is growing a community of interest focussing on new ways of working and technology enabled change. With an already established local government membership we are expanding our support and engagement to encompass the UK wide public sector. We are currently looking for partnership and sponsorship opportunities in order to develop, deliver and sustain a dedicated interactive online space and programme of activity.

Contents the Vision & the Mission | page 3 the Public Sector Nomads objectives | page 4 the Public Sector Nomads community | page 5 the tools to build the community | pages 6 – 9 the sponsorship package matrix | pages 10 – 11 the sponsorship components | pages 12- 18 the event sponsorship packages | page 19 the nurturing nomads | page 20 the Public Sector Nomads FAQs | page 21 - 24

So, here is the Public Sector Nomads prospectus for 2010.

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The 2020


Public Sector Nomads will inspire a more effective, efficient and environmentally responsible public sector through innovation, thought leadership and collaboration



To become the foremost community for technology enabled change across the public sector

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the Public Sector Nomads Objectives: To champion the promotion and development of programmes and initiatives across the UK in respect of new ways of working and technology enabled change, providing leadership and motivation

To become a nationally recognised source of information, advice and guidance on all aspects of new ways of working and technology enabled change

To build and maintain a national network of expertise in mobile, flexible and new ways of working enabled by technology with access to associated resources and support mechanisms

To provide an open forum for the exchange of ideas and learning between members via an accessible and interactive online platform

To lobby national government and seek endorsement on behalf of the public sector on new ways of working, encouraging freedoms and flexibilities in order to overcome barriers and constraints

To maintain a global perspective on the major international new ways of working associations and initiatives, actively engaging where appropriate

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the Public Sector Nomads community:

engage | serve | change | learn | inform | innovate | transform | lead | explore | talk

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the tools to grow the community‌ nomadMEMBERS










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• • • •

      • • • • •

nomadMEMBERS membership based community – engaged primarily through online space with free membership registration engagement with differing audiences from local government, expanded to encompass the wider public sector e.g. NHS, Police, Fire & Rescue, Education membership data managed with intelligent CRM / analytics tools future option to subscribe to premium membership content.

      • • • • • •

nomadLIBRARY online documentation – case studies, toolkits, HR policies (viewable under categories – searchable via filters/ tags) executive summaries leading to download of full documents content graded as either free/premium content or limited according to audience category houses nomad ‘legacy’ content (archive case studies etc) members able to contribute to library content.

      • •

nomadEVENTS dedicated online space to promote and market nomad / nomad supported events data collection for delegate bookings online payment solution email marketing tools (evaluating views and click throughs) live streaming / on demand functionality for event content (subscription basis) links to other social media (i.e. twitter, facebook).

nomadBUZZ online news bites / debate subjects / media clips (posted for comment) utilising web 2.0 functionality the membership can join and manage / subscribe to / add / engage with: • groups / forums • hot seats / blogs / wikis • social media (twitter steams) / RSS feeds • email news alerts (by item / daily / weekly updates).

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• • • • • •

      • • • •

nomadTECH online space dedicated to technology and devices toolkit to aid device type selection a searchable database using defined criteria and free word search function to review and compare devices with user ratings and impartial recommendations supplier database / sponsor forums links to nomad bazaar.

nomadPROJECTS online overview of current completed / work in progress public sector projects ‘mini case studies’ area to be populated / updated by the members searchable via defined key areas of interest – i.e. size of authority, service area, devices used, cost, location/region implementer contact details visible (with restrictions applied).

      • • • • •

      • • •

nomadBAZAAR dedicated to enabling procurement efficiencies, exploration of future frameworks for procurement (aggregated purchasing) online promotion of brokered agreements with suppliers on behalf of the public sector user base links to nomad associates links to nomad tech nomad merchandise.

nomadLEARNING promotion of mobile / flexible /new ways of working eLearning modules future creation and promotion of specific nomad eLearning tools to support areas of emerging need e.g. managing a mobile work force / becoming a mobile worker subscription based.


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• • • • •

searchable database of ‘places to work’ – listings of Wi-Fi, power / charge availability, location details user reviews and scores venue self registration (fee paying) promotional materials for the zones – signs, posters, stickers, logos creation of an mobile APP.

      • • • •

nomadSUPPORT offering a bespoke ‘support service’ (fee paying) to the public sector specific commissions covering areas of expertise such as business case production, policy review / writing specialised workshops / events utilisation of supplier expertise / support and nomad associates as and when required.

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the sponsorship package matrix





Unique & exclusive association with nomad Brand presence on outgoing nomad comms Quarterly community insight focus groups Survey question input


Premium exhibition space at nomad events Opportunity for keynotes at nomad events Webinar hosting & product showcase activity Home page & news feed branding continued‌ email | | page 10

the sponsorship package matrix





Delegate places @ nomad events


Monthly newsletter inclusion


Opportunity to run supplier forum






X 12

X 12



£tbc + vat

£15k + vat

£5k + vat

£1k + vat

Opportunity to run hot seat activity Home page feed for content updates Exhibition sponsorship @ nomad events Dedicated content area on nomad website

Supplier database annual cost

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Brand presence on outgoing nomad communications All formal outgoing communications from Public Sector Nomads will identify the platinum sponsor as the key supporter of the public sector nomads community and will have ‘supported by......’ in text where communications are plain text and will be supported with the corporate logo where the communications are sent in html.

This component of sponsorship will provide consistent and continuous visibility of company brand. this branding will demonstrate the unique and exclusive association with Public Sector Nomads and will demonstrate its prominence as lead sponsor. platinum

Quarterly community insight focus groups Every three / four months Public Sector Nomads will run a regional focus group to which nomad members in the area will be invited to attend to discuss ideas / issues around new ways of working. The output of each forum will be used to direct nomad content / events etc. The platinum sponsor will be invited to attend these events and contribute to the discussion.

This component of sponsorship will provide the platinum sponsor with extremely valuable current insight and influence on the issues faced by the public sector and direct access to the Public Sector Nomads membership. platinum

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Survey question input Public Sector Nomads will produce three membership surveys per year looking at trends and opinions regarding key issues in public sector new ways of working. The platinum sponsor will have the opportunity to be lead sponsor of the surveys and have input into the focus and questions. Results from each survey can be displayed on the sponsors own corporate website.

Surveys can be used to position questions regarding sales, marketing & technical situations to gauge the opinions of the nomad community en masse. The surveys will also be available for download and an additional button will be added so that nomad members can request a contact from the lead sponsor.


Premium exhibition space & keynotes at nomad events This sponsorship will include:

• keynote presentation opportunity (30 minutes) • 4 x roundtables to facilitate • 5m x 3m exhibition space (prime stand location) plus exhibitor table / chairs / internet access • 4 x company delegates • lead sponsor status on all offline / online exhibition material • opportunity to market 1-1 meetings during exhibition breaks to delegates pre event • delegate list post event.

Premium sponsorship at nomad events will provide the platinum sponsor with maximum exposure to the delegates and visibly demonstrate sponsorship prominence. platinum

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Webinar hosting & product showcase activity The sponsor will be able to host webinars which will be marketed pre-event to the Public Sector Nomads community and then content posted onto public sector nomads website and marketed post event. The platinum sponsor will also able to post video case studies with scheduled Q & A sessions with pre/post event marketing support.

These activities provide additional opportunities for the sponsor to promote their capabilities in the public sector in additional interactive formats. platinum

Home page & news feed branding The Public Sector Nomads website home page will be branded with the sponsors corporate identity, and it will be made clear that public sector nomads is ‘supported by‌’. There will also be a specific branded news widget or RSS feed that the sponsor can feed content into.

This exclusive component of the Public Sector Nomads website will be one of the first things that nomad network members see and will carry content exclusive to the platinum sponsor. platinum

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Opportunity to run supplier forums Every six months, Public Sector Nomads will run a supplier forum that will provide Public Sector Nomads members with the opportunity to meet and engage with suppliers to discuss technology requirements and product developments etc.

These activities provide the sponsor with the opportunity to understand Public Sector Nomads members’ attitudes to their solutions & products, and their work with public sector clients. It provides an opportunity to influence their sales, marketing and R&D strategies. platinum

Opportunity to run hot seats There will be opportunities to run one hot seat per quarter. A company representative will be on hand for a certain period of time to answer questions posed from Public Sector Nomads members in a web 2.0 environment. We will market the activity pre-event to identify interest and also market activity to non-participants via social media tools.


gold X1

These activities provide the sponsor with the opportunity to understand Public Sector Nomads members’ attitudes to their solutions & products, and their work with public sector clients. It provides an opportunity to influence their sales, marketing and R&D strategies. platinum


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Home page feed for content updates The website will have a tickertape feed that will run across top / bottom of Public Sector Nomads home page and this will carry the content updates from the dedicated content areas.

This component will provide extra visibility for the new content updates as links to endorsed supplier entry can be included. platinum


Exhibition sponsorship @ Public Sector Nomads events This sponsorship would include: • 3m x 2m exhibition space • 2 x delegate places • A4 or smaller marketing inserts in delegate packs • company profile & logo on event page on public sector nomads website • company profile & logo in event brochure • delegate list post event.

This sponsorship provides the opportunity to engage with and exhibit to public sector delegates interested in new ways of working. Company delegates can learn from the speaker presentations and then engage with delegates on their exhibition stands. platinum


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Dedicated content area on website The dedicated content area is attached to the endorsed supplier entry and gives the sponsor with the ability to provide / upload their own content which then can be fed out in RSS feeds and can be highlighted by using newsletter inclusions. Content that can be uploaded would include case studies, press releases, surveys, whitepapers etc.

This provides the sponsor to keep the Public Sector Nomads community up-todate in real-time new products & solutions, case studies, press releases and other items of interest. platinum



Delegate places @ Public Sector Nomads events Public Sector Nomads will be running a number of events throughout the year. Delegate places to attend an event will be attributed to the sponsor organisation. Additional delegate places and exhibition sponsorship will be made available for purchase. Delegates will receive access post event to event presentations.

This provides the sponsor company the opportunity to attend nomad events, understand the current issues facing the public sector new ways of working market by listening to the presentations and then engage with the delegates in the exhibition / refreshment breaks. platinum X4







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Inclusion in monthly supplier newsletter A monthly Public Sector Nomads newsletter will be created and sent out to all nomad members regarding news, views, tech reviews. The inclusion would be a 50 / 100 word message that would be linked to endorsed supplier entry and/or page on corporate website.

The inclusion in the newsletter gives the sponsor opportunity to promote brand, solutions and services on a regular basis and can give additional visibility to the endorsed supplier section or might be used to link through to an event or promotion on the sponsors website. platinum




Entry into supplier database This will include: • company profile • corporate logo • contact details • link through to corporate website • listing of products/description • listing of clients • area for case study upload.

This component of sponsorship will provide visibility of company brand, solutions and services and examples of work with clients in the public sector. Public Sector Nomads will be able to provide an audit of traffic to a specific endorsed supplier entry. platinum




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Event only sponsorship packages Premium event sponsor (speaker) £4, 500 + VAT • speaker session in main agenda to conference delegation • dedicated delegate table to facilitate during discussion sessions • entry for up to 3 company representatives

Event sponsor (speaker) £3, 500 + VAT • public sector client speaker session in main agenda with acknowledgement to sponsor featured in agenda • dedicated delegate table to facilitate during discussion sessions • entry for up to 3 company representatives

• dedicated delegate table to facilitate during discussion sessions • entry for up to 2 company representatives

• entry for up to 2 company representatives

• registered delegate list (post event) • exhibition space (3m x2m) + exhibitor table / chairs / internet access (where available) • 100 word company profile, URL and contact details online • logo on holding slide between speakers • logo and 100 word company overview in event brochure

Premium exhibitor £2, 500 + VAT

Entry level exhibitor £2, 000 + VAT

Included in all event sponsorship packages:

• optional inclusion of your A4 size marketing inserts in delegate packs • event sponsorship promotion in public sector nomads newsletter circulated to 3,000+ mobile & flexible, new ways of working practitioners.

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the nurturing nomads Public Sector Nomads National Lead, Ken Eastwood: ‘I am genuinely excited at the prospect of taking Public Sector Nomads forward and building further on the excellent work that has gone before. In my view the future of the public sector depends upon identifying new innovative ways of working and technology enabled change. We need Public Sector Nomads now more than ever before. ‘The many expressions of support received have demonstrated the ongoing interest and we are developing the strategy to build on the thriving Public Sector Nomads community. We will welcome comments and suggestions on future direction from potential partners and sponsors after having read the detail in this prospectus. ‘Working closely with colleagues in Scotland, we will take Public Sector Nomads forward in a sustainable way, maintain and rejuvenate the national identity and sustain recognition for the excellent innovation and practice in the public sector.’

Public Sector Nomads - Scotland Chair, Mark Baker: ‘Public Sector Nomads - Scotland has grown into a self sustained group that can now readily support its own activity. As the Worksmart Manager for Scotland’s sixth largest council – I can see that Public Sector Nomads is an invaluable asset to the wider public sector, not just in Scotland but the whole of the UK in moving forward with new ways of working.’

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Public Sector Nomads FAQs: How did Public Sector Nomads form?

Public Sector Nomads is the successor organisation to Project Nomad / Nomad (see below) and formally commenced activity in early 2010. Public Sector Nomads is being taken forward by National Lead, Ken Eastwood (Assistant Director – Regulatory Services, Barnsley MBC) with support from, Chair of Public Sector Nomads – Scotland, Mark Baker (Worksmart Manager, Aberdeenshire Council). Project Nomad– the Legacy Project Nomad was originally created in November 2003 as one of 22 national e-Government projects with £4m funding from the then, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, Project Nomad’s remit was to promote early pilot project work to prove the benefits and efficiency savings that mobile working can bring. Other deliverables included providing free guidance materials and business & technology toolkits to local government in England. Nine original local authorities contributed their time and extensive findings to champion new and emerging technologies and help other local authorities to understand aspects of cultural and people change associated with implementing new ways of working. Extensive promotion, fast moving innovative technology and support from supplier sponsorship enabled Nomad to continue past the conclusion of the national e-Government programme. Efforts were then focussed on helping local government share their experience and expertise through the production of case studies, organisation of events and utilisation of the free website.

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What does Public Sector Nomads offer?

Public Sector Nomads is the number one place to go for instant access to a wealth of shared learning, peer-topeer support, supplier expertise and products to help the public sector to avoid duplication of effort and reinvention of the wheel. Public Sector Nomads aim is to produce and facilitate a multifunctional web platform that will introduce immediately interactive features enabling instant community activity. Groups and forums will be built giving access to live expertise and experience. E-learning and guidance materials will be shared. And the online space will host accessible webinar and live hot seat events to stimulate debate and awareness of areas of current interest. Public Sector Nomads will help local government and the public sector openly share their progress in creating new ways of working, offer help and encourage others to start a dialogue where overlap in work occurs. Online Public Sector Nomads is operating a current news site: where items of interest are posted and available for comment and dialogue. Public Sector Nomads currently has a wealth of free information, case studies and toolkits available on its original website: (This will remain until the new web platform is developed). Public Sector Nomads – Scotland currently utilises the interactive Communities of Practice website (I&DeA) with a dedicated group under ‘Mobile & Flexible Working in Scotland’.

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Who is Public Sectors Nomads run by?

Public Sector Nomads is run by the public sector for the public sector. Day to day facilitation, support and resources are provided via Barnsley MBC, who are actively supporting the work of Public Sector Nomads. The established, Public Sector Nomads – Scotland is administrated through a core group of like-minded individuals focussing on promotion and collaboration between the 32 local councils in Scotland. Many more local authorities, public sector organisations and market suppliers regularly contribute their time, experience and knowledge over and above their own core commitments. Sustainable funding streams are sought through mutual partnerships and commercial sponsorship and revenues are generated through events.

Who can use Public Sectors Nomads? Public Sector Nomads materials and documentation are currently freely accessible for members of the public sector via, whether the need is for business, organisational or technical information. Members of the Public Sector Nomads community include representation from all local authorities across the UK, plus NHS, fire, police and education authorities. Information is available for all, from chief executives, elected members and senior managers to the frontline workers and administrators, from specific service areas to HR to IT.

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How can I share my information / get involved with Public Sector Nomads? Public Sector Nomads would be very interested in hearing from public sector organisations and representatives who are willing to share their findings, case studies, policies with colleagues. Peer to peer support is fundamental to ensuring best practice, innovation and experience is shared. Public Sector Nomads is interested in creating links and partnerships with like-minded associations and suppliers in the mobile, flexible and new ways of working market.

How can I contact Public Sector Nomads? For Public Sector Nomads general enquiries you can contact us via: Email: Telephone: 01226 775015

National Lead:

Ken Eastwood Assistant Director – Regulatory Services, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Scotland Lead:

Mark Baker Worksmart Manager, Aberdeenshire Council

Community & Events:

Melanie Reed Community & Events Facilitator, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council

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Public Sector Nomads Prospectus 2010  

Public Sector Nomads promotes mobile, flexible and new ways of working enabled by technology. Nationally lead by Ken Eastwood, Assistant Di...

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