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9. A Workshop for IRB Chairs and Members in Japan

Masumi Ai, MD, PhD; Miwa Suzuki, RN, PhD; Naoko Nii, BN; Yuka Ozasa RN, PhD; Yasuko Abe, MD; Eiichiro Kanda, MD, PhD; Masayuki Yoshida, MD, PhD Tokyo Medical and Dental University

10. An Innovative Approach to Engage Committee Members in Educational Topics Donna Hoagland, LPN, BS, CIP, CCRC, CHRC; Swapnali Chaudhari, CIP; Paula Bistak, DMH, RN, MS, CIP, CHRC University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey

11. An IRB Model for Quality Improvement Projects

June Walker, CIP, MS, MSCR; Phyllis Kennel; John Falletta, MD Duke University

12. Assessing Voluntariness Among Incarcerated Substance Abusers Participating in Research

13. Awareness and Attitude of Behavioural Scientists to Research Ethics Committee in Nigerian Universities Olufunke Arojo, BSc, MSW, MSc; Ayodele Jegede, BSc, MSc, MHSc, PhD University of Ibadan

14. Barriers Impacting the Future Use of Biospecimens in Human Research and the Value of Developing Global Patient Consent Coding Standards

Amelia Wall Warner, PharmD; Lori A. Ball, MBA BioStorage Technologies, Inc.

William Pomat, PhD; Charles H. King, MD; Joseph Gibbons, MD; Peter M. Siba, PhD; Nancy C. Erdey, PhD; Sana Loue, JD, PhD, MPH, MSSA; Deborah Marko Koeberer, MA; Suzanne Rivera, PhD, MSW; Philip A. Cola, MA; Isabel Sánchez-Cummings Case Western Reserve University

16. Case Studies for Assessing and Mitigating Risk in Social, Behavioral, and Educational Research: Creation of Educational Resources for IRB Members and Researchers

Matthew Stafford; Cynthia Monahan, MBA, CIP; Hila Bernstein, MS; Christina Booth, MS, HPM, CIPP; Ken Carson, JD; John Ennever, MD, PhD; Joanna Greene; Sara Harnish, JD; Alyssa Speier, MS, CIP; Elizabeth Witte; Barbara Bierer, MD; Sabune Winkler, JD Boston Children’s Hospital

17. Changes in Study Staff

Michael Centola, MHS, CIP; Jeffrey A. Cooper, MD, MMM University of Massachusetts Medical School

18. Collaborative Ethical and Regulatory Review of Joint Institute Research

Michael Geisser, PhD; Raymond Hutchinson, MS, MD; Yali Cong, PhD University of Michigan

19. Conduct and Oversight of Research After a Natural/ Man-Made Disaster

Holly A. Taylor, PhD, MPH Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

selected for “Innovations In...” series

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Karen Leggett Dugosh, PhD Treatment Research Institute

15. Bioethics and Cultural Competence Education for IRBs for Jointly Reviewed Protocols at International Study Sites

2013 AER Conference Guide  

Digital version fo the Conference Guide for the 2013 Advancing Ethical Research Conference

2013 AER Conference Guide  

Digital version fo the Conference Guide for the 2013 Advancing Ethical Research Conference