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Saturday, November 9 3:15-3:30 PM


Pre-Function Auditorium

Join us for coffee.


Room 310

People and Perspectives (P&P): Bring Your Story!


Affinity Group (AG) Wrap-Up Meetings

You’ve spent three days getting to know your colleagues. So where do you go from here? Come to this wrapup session to connect with your fellow AG members. Participate in a facilitated brainstorming session with your group leaders to determine how you would like to stay in touch after the conference, what topics you would like to see at the next AER conference, and what other activities your AG might want to undertake. Each AG will have its own wrap-up meeting.

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Ballroom A

Human Subjects Protections Jeopardy!

Faculty: Elyse Summers You’ve learned so much at the conference, let’s put it to use! Take part in this fun and interactive Jeopardy! game to test what you’ve learned, show off for your friends, and enjoy your last hours at the PRIM&R conference! Answer: Human Subject Protections Jeopardy. Question: What is a guaranteed good time for all!?


The Uncomfortable Conversation: Talking about Diversity

Room 302

Faculty: Dorotha Love Hall The issue of diversity is not directly addressed in the federal regulations governing human subjects research, although it is referenced in The Belmont Report. Nevertheless, IRB professionals have opportunities to consider issues of diversity during the protocol review process, development of policies and procedures, investigator training, and the like. In this session, a member of PRIM&R’s Diversity Advisory Group will pose and address questions such as: How can you, as IRB professionals, ensure the issue of diversity is adequately addressed during protocol review? How can you develop policies and procedures that support diversity when there are no clearly defined federal regulations? How do you encourage investigators to recruit diverse subject populations when resources are short? What arguments should you use, and how are those arguments based in ethics, regulations, science, and research history? Come be part of this important conversation.


Room 312

Ask the Experts! Everything You Wanted to Know, But Were Afraid to Ask

Faculty: Janet Donnelly, Yvonne Higgins, Patrick McNeilly, Irene Stith-Coleman Are you new to the field of research ethics? Do you still have a nagging question regarding HRPPs and IRBs? Join us for this session where experienced veterans of the field will be available to answer all the questions you’ve been afraid to ask! Come with ideas,

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Faculty: Gigi McMillan, Joan Rachlin In honor of its 40th anniversary in 2014, PRIM&R has launched a new online initiative, P&P, a multimedia library that captures and catalogues stories from members of our community. We welcome contributions from anyone working in or around the field of research ethics and research protections. If you’d like to know more about P&P, please join us at this session where the site will be unveiled. Attendees will learn about the tradition of oral history and will receive tips on how to create compelling content and submit it to P&P. The last half of the session will be “open mic,” during which audience members can share a real time snapshot of their work in the research field. We thus ask those of you who would like to “go live” during the session to come with a three to five-minute story about some aspect of your professional life. This casual, fun, and friendly session will be videotaped for inclusion in P&P. Be one of the first to contribute to this archive of our community’s stories and become an early member of PRIM&R’s multimedia, digital, story-telling collection. Content may also be submitted in a variety of formats through the website after the session. See page 9 for more information about P&P.

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2013 AER Conference Guide  

Digital version fo the Conference Guide for the 2013 Advancing Ethical Research Conference

2013 AER Conference Guide  

Digital version fo the Conference Guide for the 2013 Advancing Ethical Research Conference