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Model ReleaseForm and UsageLicense ---------------------------------------------------------Type of shoot: Promotional/Test Shoot In Promotional/Test Shoots with Elect Model Management Model’s it is understood that only carefully selected edited imageswill be released to the model and Elect Model Management. Expectations should range from 10 to 15 edited images and 3 to 5 of those images un-watermarked and released within one month to the model and Model Management. with additional usage license(s). This is done to preserve the strict quality of Elect Model Management. By signing this document you agree to being contacted as a reference and/or for further record keeping requirements. MODELRELEASE In exchange for images produced, the photographer hereby gives permission to _______________________ & Elect Model Management to use the photographs produced in media for portfolio and promotional display only. The copyright to all images remains with the photographer, with usage licensesgranted to the model and Elect Model Management.

USAGELICENSE As the model or Elect Model Management, I will be able to use photos in my portfolio for promotional display with and without the photographer’s watermarks and insignia. Watermarked images released to the model may not be displayed in any altered form without the consent of the photographer. Un watermarked images may have the Elect Model Management logo inserted. Proof images may also not be altered in any form without the consent of the photographer. I agree not to sell, or otherwise make any profit from any of these images. By signing this document it certifies that all conditions and type of shoot are understood.

Printed Name If under the age of 18, parent/guardian co-signature necessary:

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Elect Model Management Model Release Form & Usage License  

Model ReleaseForm and UsageLicense _____________________________________________ ___________ MODELRELEASE In exchange for images produced, t...