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The average Twitter user has


The average Twitter user follows

102 feeds.


of users follow tweets using Twitter clients, not the actual website.

Timing is everything.

I generally tweet between 15:00-23:00 GMT+1 here in Poland, which makes it 9:00-17:00 EST in the States – where most of my audience is.

The first rule I gave myself with Drunk Hulk was this: Never tweet more than 126 characters.

I did this for three reasons : 1) to make the writing more challenging; 2) to help keep the tweets short; 3) to make it easier for those who RT.

This tweet is 125 characters long.

For the cut-and-pasters out there, they’re going to take a 125 character tweet like the one on the left and add “RT @DRUNKHULK” which automatically adds 14 characters. 140 characters RT @DRUNKHULK MONDAY! YOU FALL APART! TUESDAY WEDNESDAY! BREAK DRUNK HULK HEART! OH THURSDAY! NO EVEN START! IT FRIDAY! DRUNK HULK IN LOVE!

If the tweet is longer than 126 characters, they might be inclined to abbreviate or edit the tweet. 140 characters I love Drunk Hulk! RT @DRUNKHULK MON! YOU FALL APART! TUES! WEDS! BREAK DRUNK HULK HART! OH THURS! NO EVEN START! FRIDAY! DRUNK HULK IN LOVE!

But more than likely – seeing that there’s work involved – they’ll simply not RT and move on to other things.

“Why am I learning about breaking news from Drunk Hulk?”

If you react to something that’s happening in real time, especially with a dose of humor, your followers will do the rest of the work for you.

People love to be the first in their social circle to announce news, especially when it’s bad news.

People are adding and dropping feeds all of the time, and if they’ve had a connection with you – no matter how brief – they’re more than likely willing to keep following you.

Don’t complain.

Try to inspire.

Above all else, make people laugh.

Photo Credit: i_yudai (CC 3.0)

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