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by Bart Pearston

In light of last weeks’ brutal rape of a 14 year old girl in a Rockville Maryland High School bathroom by two illegal immigrant gang members with past criminal arrests aged 17 and 18, you may be wondering what that has to do with a North Houston online newspaper article. Did you know they were originally arrested in 2016 for crossing the border into Texas and came through Houston with identifying MS-13 tattoos? I’m betting outside of this paper you never had heard that anywhere. Closer to home, a 16 year old Jersey Village girl was murdered for tearing down the Satanic altar of two Illegal Immigrants just earlier this month? They were both previously arrested for crimes but never turned over to ICE for deportation because of our unofficial “Sanctuary” city status.


Social Media Advice Many of you see that my articles about shutting down public schools, ending welfare, or pulling out of NATO get plenty of negative comments. You may think, “Hell, if Arvin’s getting that kind of blowback, there is no way I’m going to speak the truth. I’ll just focus on ending the drug war, or eminent domain, or the other easy areas. Or maybe I’ll focus on policy ideas so obscure that no one has an opinion on them.”

ferred to as “Unaccompanied Minors’. Under Obama’s DACA and DAPA Executive orders, these minors are no longer deported. If anything, millions are spent to accommodate them here now.

A department created in 1980 under the Department of Health and Human Services called the Office of Refugee Resettlement was given the responsibility of providing round the clock youth care workers, teachers, clinicians, case managers, cooks, maintenance, administrators, and management. Unaccompanied Minors are currently provided care by Southwest Key. This is a private 501(c) nonprofit which is almost completely funded by federal and state grants (98.2%). In 2014, 20,000 U.A.’s were housed at a SWK center alone. They I’m sure you are thinking this is either have become a publicized destination a trick question and there isn’t any dif- for those coming from our southern ference or a really tough question and border illegally. It is also a transitional you have no idea. The answer is legally, center for refugee minors. As I had previously reported, Gov. Abbott’s since 2002, a huge difference; A little background first. INS was responsible “refusal” to accept “Syrian Refugees” in for ALL Illegal aliens and by law they 2016 was actually just a denial of state funding for the centers for adults and were to be deported to their country children from Syria. Although Texas of origin. In 1997, the Flores Settlehas received more refugees than any ment decision set new standards for detention, release, and treatment of all other state, it has no power to refuse to accept them, only to refuse to help pay Illegal alien juveniles. With the creation of the Department of Homeland for them. Security after 9-11, EVERYTHING The reason for this lengthy introducchanged. No longer were they legally tion and background is that of the 27 under INS care and now legally re-

But here’s what you don’t see. First, those posts that get 20 negative comments get 40 friend requests. Many people agree with the real Libertarian Arvin Vohra positions. Right now, my friend request list is hundreds of people past Facebook’s max limit. The negative comments mostly come from the same few people, and I could block them. However, their comments drive up the visibility of the post. The more comments a post gets, even negative ones, the more the post is seen. And the negative comments show the post to the friends of the commenter, which allows the ideas to spread into groups of people not normally exposed to them. When I see a negative comment, I just think, “Thanks for the share”, since negative commenting has basically the same effect as sharing or liking. My advice: don’t look for common ground with loud statists. They aren’t your allies. Southwest Key facilities in Arizona, Texas, and California, one of its largest facilities is the almost unknown existence of a 37 acre Southwest Kety Center at 10393 LEAGUE LINE RD on the far northern edge of Conroe. Why is a government funded center so hidden and lacking transparency? I believe it is part of the desire to escape the deserved scrutiny of budget reduction. It is hard to justify the spending of tax dollars on facilities for those who legally shouldn’t be here while cutting funding for numerous programs for the citizens of this country. Its Annual report for 2015 showed it PUBLIC NEWS

Those people are in a culture where they feel totally fine mouthing off oppressive nonsense. Instead, strike at the heart of statism. Find messages that do not fit inside the cult of the omnipotent state. Look for uncommon ground. Your real allies are the silent Libertarians, the ones who do not feel comfortable speaking out yet. Remember: the single largest voting block is nonvoters. Many nonvoters (including myself in the past) don’t vote because they don’t like anything the government does, and see no difference between Democrats and Republicans. Show them something different. Show them there are people who are willing to say what they already think. When Democrats are #LiterallyCrying at you or old Republicans tell you your views aren’t #RespectableEnough, ignore them. You don’t need to play along in the fantasy world in which teachers’ unions are “heroic”, signing up to fight an idiotic war is considered clever, taxation isn’t theft, speeding tickets are legitimate, or vice is an actual crime. Break out of that mental prison. Reject the cult of statism. Speak out against public schools, NATO, policing the world, victimless crimes, needless military budgets, the FDA. You’ll have a lot more allies than you’d expect. In Liberty, Respectfully, Arvin Vohra

took in $159 Million and spent $150. Nevermind that is tax dollars spent on those here illegally, this “Non Profit” private charity made $9 million in 2015 on the taxpayers! It is bad enough that we cut programs which benefit the public, but to save grant programs which jeopardize our safety is indefensible. Maybe that is why centers like Southwest Key is so under the radar. In the next issue I will reveal even more unreported facts about them and what they are doing right here in Montgomery County. MARCH 29 - APRIL 18, 2017


Public News #43  

Houston's Arts & Entertainment Digital Press March 29 - April 18, 2017

Public News #43  

Houston's Arts & Entertainment Digital Press March 29 - April 18, 2017