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spent his life savings on Lyndley’s, encouraging words and how they a beautiful BBQ truck. He designed made him feel. It felt good that it himself, with an enormous slow others recognized when love and smoker on the back end and T.V’s passion were put into the dishes Lynn Marks told me as a young on one side. He had a company in that were made. boy he would watch his mother Georgia specially make it just for Like most of us, Lynn didn’t and grandmother jump on his calling right away. He him. There are no other food trucks cook, for big that are anything like it. Once groups of people. got a job as an inspector in the oil completed, he drove to Georgia, and gas industry. He worked for He remembers paid cash and hooked it up to his the accolades they someone else to pay the bills and to feed his family, although he did truck and drove it back to the great would receive still dabble in the culinary arts. He state of Texas. Lynn had a dream of and the words of remembers fondly working at Blue- making great BBQ and he rode that encouragement we all love to hear. bonnet Café in Old Town Spring in dream all the way through. He started doing catering and the 1980’s. An eatery that has been Matt Vernon His inspirations took his new truck to events, like long gone and forgotten by most, were like magiexcept him and the memories and Bareback. Eventually, he wound cians of cuisine. He would hear; up as my friend and neighbor at the food that he created there. “how did you do this?” Bernie’s. There was already a BBQ Lynn became more mature and “What’s your secret?” truck at Bernie’s, so Lynn had to “How did you get this to come his kids grew up. but his love for come up with a back-up plan. He food, however, never abated. out so good?” started serving Cajun food that was A little over 2 years ago, Lynn As a child, he remembers the 24 MARCH 29 - APRIL 18, 2017 PUBLIC NEWS Lynn Marks own’s Lyndley’s food truck.

truly legit! I remember having the best Mountain Oysters of my life there. I wish he still served them! After a few months, he left Bernie’s and reemerged at Cash County Line. I knew how good his food was and wanted to check how good his BBQ was. I ordered some to take home and I was hooked. Lynn is a master smoker, yet if you ask him he says he’s just an old man who likes to cook. Lynn Marks believes in his dream of serving great BBQ and his food is what dreams are made of. He can be found often at Deacon Baldy’s 5447 FM 1488. Follow him on Facebook for his schedule and delicious specials he’ll be featuring. Tell him Matt sent you!

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Houston's Arts & Entertainment Digital Press March 29 - April 18, 2017

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