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Peyton Stilling is the kind of teen that will make you forget she is one. At 17, this witty young woman already has the confidence and maturity, as well as an impressive professionalism on stage that teenagers often lack during those awkward high school years.

Peyton dreams big but keeps herself grounded. For someone who is still attending high school and decided to make music her career only few years ago, she is surprisingly pragmatic about the reality of a business that can be as shallow as it is greedy.

“I just want to do music,” she says. “Being in the music industry it can be very overwhelming and I know At 15, Peyton was perform- from experience that it’s easy to ing shows at local establishstart comparing yourself to other ments and since then she has artists. What I have learned is that honed a clear, powerful voice the music industry is so diverse and that seamlessly and effortless- music is so subjective and that the ly projects a soulful contem- only way to succeed is through hard work and a believing in yourself porary Jazz feel. From singing and the music you are creating.”

to playing the guitar, Peyton is a Singer-Songwriter with a mission.

Influenced by singer-songwriters like John Mayor but also “people who really paved the way of music” like Norah Jones and Carole King, Peyton says” she thinks of Tori Kelly because she is such a huge inspiration to my music. She wrote and produced her own music and never gave up on herself. She shows me what its like to believe in my music and myself. Peyton shines most as a singersongwriter, where simple instrumental arrangements leave room for heartfelt lyrics and a warm voice that gets under your skin. She believes there has to be an in between to really come out with a great song. A good song she believes should have a good message. “Music has been such a blessing in my life in ways I cant even describe,” she says. “It’s given me an outlet to express my emotions, be myself, and have confidence. Also music gives me the opportunity to write and perform original music that truly connects with others. Through music I have also been able to raise money for a non-profit organization that helps give relief to families with special needs kids. She continues.

Inspired by her high school friends, Peyton loves to write songs either about her life or her friend’s life. I like to write songs that lots of people can relate too. Peyton belongs to a new generation of Anti-Miley Cyrus singers that are young, brainy and independent. PN: How important is image? Peyton: Image is so important in the music industry. I have really made a brand for myself that is unique to me and stays true to who I am and what I represent as an artist. PN: What is a typical day/week like for you? Peyton: A typical day is me going to school and then coming home doing homework, practicing my music, and then normally I have music lessons of some kind or I have a show. PN: How would you describe your perfect day? Peyton: My perfect day would include going to eat breakfast at my favorite restaurant, Coffee House Cafe, and going shopping with my friends. Then at night playing a show would be the perfect end to continued on page 19 PUBLIC NEWS

MARCH 29 - APRIL 18, 2017


Public News #43  

Houston's Arts & Entertainment Digital Press March 29 - April 18, 2017

Public News #43  

Houston's Arts & Entertainment Digital Press March 29 - April 18, 2017