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MAY 14 - 27, 2015


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John Smith • Expert on autism • Loving father and husband

John Smith • SEC Investigation • Angry Customers

• Award winning philanthropist

• Poor Ratings

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MAY 14 - 27, 2015




PLUS, IS IT TIME TO OUTLAW STUPIDITY? May is an exciting time of year. For those of us in school, it is the time to wind down all those studies and put our knowledge down on Scantrons. Thus proving to our instructors (and somewhat to ourselves) that all that partying and the general tendencies to goof off all year did not deter us from learning. For those of us who work, May represents the beginning of holiday creating vacation days off. In fact, some of the largest “legal, but not religious” holidays occur in the summer. For starters there’s Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. Scattered among those big three and a few smaller special days; Flag Day, Father’s Day, Obama’s birthday Ken Petty (yeah I know that it’s not a holiday... yet!) May is also the mid-point of Spring. Spring, the time that romance blooms and friendships are forged. Spring, when cleaning becomes an essential since no one in their right mind will clean while the heat index hits triple digits. Spring is the last part of the year that you can step outdoors and not immediately break into a sweat. Soon, summer will hit with those tell-tale signs of longer days and smaller clothing. It’s Houston for goodness sake. The fourth largest city in the United States and still growing. So, whatever you got planned, unless you are doomed to summer school to which you should be pitied, get your day planner out and schedule your

summer for everything you can’t do in the winter. WHAT THE FRELL IS A FORTNIGHTLY? You may have read on our Facebook page or was on the receiving end of an email where I announced that the Public News was ceasing its weekly publication schedule and moving to a fortnightly publication schedule. I wonder how many folks ‘googled” that word, fortnightly. I had to look it up myself since our publication frequency will match that of another fortnightly, Rolling Stone. I never knew that publishing a newspaper every other week was called fortnightly, but there it is and now you know. Your welcome. TEXTING, DRIVING AND THE LAW Fifteen years ago, I doubt that the issue of texting while driving was as pandemic as it has become, but, I guess I was wrong. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in the freedom to do what you want to do as long as what you do doesn’t effect someone else. Just like everyone else. Enter the texting craze. How many people need to get maimed before it becomes apparent that anything that takes your eyes off the road while you are moving is the stupidest thing you could do? This goes the same for lighting a e-cig, doing your makeup, changing the CD in the player, or changing the song on your digital music device... heck, even reading the Public News while driving is wholly frowned upon. Just DON’T do it. Please be smart. The current slate in the Texas legislature has yet to outlaw stupidity, but I smell it coming. Austin is brimming with folks who’d love to make outlaws of us all.



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Public News is an arts & entertainment fortnightly published on Thursday and distributed to metro Houston subscribers via email and to anyone else via our website. We welcome community news, press releases, and article ideas; sent by mail or email. Deadline for calendar items and advertising is the Friday prior to our Thursday publication date. Letters to the Editor are always encouraged. Subscriptions to the Public News are free and can be obtained by going to the subscribe link on our website: www.publicnewsonline.com/subscribe [you should be able to click on that line] Subscriber benefits include special perks and voting in the Readers Choice Awards this summer. Contents of Public News are the sole property of Public News Co. and are protected under copyright. No portion may be reproduced in whole or in part without the written permission of the publisher... although a donut or two might work as a bribe. You are encouraged to share as many copies of the Public News to as many friends as you’d like! Feel free to share on any and all social media outlets. #PublicNews DUE DATE FOR ALL SUBMISSIONS AND ADVERTISING IS 5pm FRIDAY PRIOR TO PUBLICATION DATE

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MAY 14 - 27, 2015





IT’S GOING TO GET REAL CHILI IN TOMBALL ON MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND It’s going to get real chili in Tomball on Saturday, May 23rd as the City stages its 4th annual Memorial Day Weekend Chili Challenge at the historic downtown Depot. The Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) sanctioned cook-off will involve teams from across Texas, as well as local businesses and organizations, and a junior division for kids ages 7-17. There will also be a margarita pour-off competition for teams registered in the CASI and Business cook-off divisions. Community Bank of Texas has won the business division chili cook-off for two of the past three years, with Cisco’s Salsa Company taking top honors in the margarita pour-off in 2014 with its signature mango margarita. Performing throughout the afternoon will be country favorites, Tracy Park and the String Benders at the Depot Stage. The cooking starts up around 9 a.m. with the music, vendors, kids zone and other public activities opening at noon.

To register your chili cook-team and vie for the title of “Best Chili in Tomball”, please email kdkone@aol.com, call 281-351-5484, or register on the morning of the event. CASI rules apply to all entrants. Visit casichili.net/ casi-cookoff-forms.html for complete instructions. Registration fees are: Margarita Pour-off - CASI and business categories $10 Chili Cook-off - CASI and business categories $20 Junior Chili Cook-off $10 Proceeds from the event will go to Tomball Christmas Charities. The downtown Depot is at 201 South Elm Street, one block south of Main at the railroad tracks. For information, please visit tomballtx.gov or call 281-351-5484. “Like” Tomball on Facebook at “Tomball Texan for Fun”. Tomball is just 28 miles northwest of downtown Houston on FM 2920 at SH 249.


MAY 14 - 27, 2015




Mercer Hosts Summer Color Conference and Plant Sale Discover plants that thrive in Houston’s summer heat during Mercer Botanic Gardens’ Summer Color Conference and Plant Sale Saturday, June 13 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Presented by Mercer Botanic Gardens and The Mercer Society (TMS), the one-day workshop includes expert horticulturists and designers who will highlight plant varieties that offer outstanding summer color as temperatures soar. Mercer Director Darrin Duling also will lead a tour of the rock garden to showcase landscaping ideas for droughttolerant plants. Featured speakers and topics include the following: “Woody Lilies and Hardy Bromeliads for Humid Zones:” Wade Roitsch of Yucca Do Nursery will showcase a wide range of arid and semi-arid zone plants known for their hardiness and heat tolerance. “Amazing Drought Tolerant Plants for Texas:” Janet Rademacher of Mountain States Wholesale Nursery will introduce sun-loving structural plants. “Return of the Natives: The Rewilding

of MD Anderson Cancer Center:” David Renninger of The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center will share landscaping ideas that help conserve water, reduce maintenance, and provide critical habitats for native plants and wildlife. Registration is required to attend the conference. The plant sale is open to the public and includes hard-to-find plant species featured during the conference. Conference attendees receive private early entrance to the sale at 8 a.m. and the plant sale opens to the public at 10:15 a.m. The conference fee is $55 for TMS members and $65 for nonmembers, which includes informative handouts, lunch, and exclusive early plant sale entrance. For more information and to register, please call 281-443-8731 or email msociety@hcp4.net. With leadership from Commissioner R. Jack Cagle, Mercer Botanic Gardens is a Harris County Precinct 4 Parks facility located one mile north of FM 1960 at 22306 Aldine Westfield Road in Humble, 77338.

Darlene Conley. “This year a clear winner emerged. We hope to see more of Corbin’s photos and can’t wait to see how his talent will grow in the coming years.” Corbin first developed an interest in photography three years ago after his sister placed in the Jones Park contest. Since then, Corbin has entered the contest every year, CORBIN ADKIN WAS NAMED JONES PARK’S 2015 PHOTO CONTEST WINNER placing third in Jr. WildFOR HIS PHOTO OF TWO MATING GULF FRITILLARY BUTTERFLIES life last year and second in Jr. Scenic in 2013, his first year to enter the contest. The Jones Park Photo Contest started in 1986, and has been held annually in May since 1991. Winning photos will be on display at the Nature Center until Wednesday, July 1. The top photo will also be displayed on Precinct 4’s website and Ten-year-old Corbin Adkins is gaining recognition in the photography world after his in the biannual publication Update. To learn more about the photo contest, visit www.hcp4. photo of two mating Gulf fritillary butterflies net/community/parks/jones/contest. won the grand prize in Jones Park’s 2015 “There are thousands of photo opportunities Photo Contest. at Jones Park from bald eagles to the Redbud A regular at Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Hill Homestead,” said Commissioner R. Jack Center in Humble, Corbin came across the butterflies one day while visiting the park with Cagle. “I invite everyone to help us showcase the natural habitats that make Jones Park his family. After grabbing his Sony Cyberunique, so this annual tradition will continue Shot from the car, Corbin snapped the photo to grow.” that would win him the contest. With leadership from Commissioner R. Jack Photos are ranked on technical quality, composition/aesthetics, as well as subject mat- Cagle, Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center is a Harris County Precinct 4 facility located ter and overall appeal in the adult and junior at 20634 Kenswick Drive in Humble. All procategories including wildlife, scenic, plants, grams are free of charge and open to the puband people in the park. A panel of judges selected Corbin’s Jr. Wildlife entry as the overall lic. Harris County Precinct 4 programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic winner out of all categories and age groups because of its powerful yet simple subject and level, race, sex, religion, national origin, or physical ability. Jesse Jones Park Volunteers fine detail achieved through a sharp fore(JJPV) welcomes applications from interested ground and soft background. participants. For more information about the “The beauty of Jones Park often brings out park or any of the activities and programs ofthe photographer in people. Every year, we receive so many amazing shots, it’s often hard fered, please call 281-446-8588 or visit www. hcp4.net/community/parks/jones. to choose a winner,” said Jones Park Director

Jones Park Recognizes Photo Contest Winner

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Spring Creek Greenway Trail Progresses The Spring Creek Greenway is a step closer to connectivity with a major greenbelt in northeast Harris County as construction on a two-mile section of the trail begins. Projected to take six to nine months to complete, Phase IV of the Spring Creek Greenway will run from Jesse H. Jones Park & Nature Center to Highway 59 at the San Jacinto River. When Phase IV is complete, the Spring Creek Greenway trail will be 13.6 miles long. The new trail will connect with the Bevil Jarrell


MAY 14 - 27, 2015

Memorial Bridge in Humble, which gives hikers, bikers, and riders access to more than 100 miles of greenbelts and bike paths throughout Kingwood. Since 1979, the Spring Creek Greenway project has grown to connect five Precinct 4 parks from Dennis Johnston to Jones Park. The proposed 40-mile-long linear trail system is an ongoing project intended to protect the pristine habitat along Spring Creek. For more information, visit http://www.hcp4.net/ community/parks/scgw.


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HOUSTON MOM AND MEDITATION EXPERT ALI BRAZARRE HOUSTON COMES TO G GALLERY ON MAY 30 KATZ TO RELEASE EBOOK “HOT MESS TO MINDFUL MOM: 40 WAYS TO FIND BALANCE, JOY AND HAPPINESS IN YOUR EVERY DAY” ON MAY 19 COMPLIMENTARY PRE-RELEASE EBOOK DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW UNTIL MAY 21 Self-care and Self-love Houston - Just in time to make your adult Creating Rituals summer reading list, meditation teacher, mindForgiving yourself and others fulness coach, and Bellaire mother of two, Cultivating gratitude Ali Katz, will be releasing her debut eBook Mindful eating Hot Mess to Mindful Mom ($9.99, www. One-minute meditations amazon.com) on May 19, 2015 via her web Expanding time site for free and then it will go live on Amazon on May 21. This release is in advance of the Katz breaks her planned, national fall tips down into three paperback release of “I’m not usually a fan of traditional the same title. As a self-help books, but “Hot Mess to Mind- categories: non-nepre-release offer, for a ful Mom” had me laughing and sympa- gotiables (things done limited time until May thizing with the author from chapter daily); add-ons (done as needed); and atti19, the eBook release one. This is one of the first books I’ve tude adjustments. The is free to download at read on mindfulness and gratitude www.atozenmeditathat’s willing to admit just how hard it “bite size” chapters tion.com. can be to be thankful and happy when make it easy to grab ideas and put them Katz is passionate surrounded by chaos. Katz is funny, about sharing her love real, and relatable, providing practical to work immediately. These tips aren’t about of meditation and (and actually achievable) advice on short-term fixes, but mindfulness with her how to let go and enjoy life, even on are offering ways to students in a downthe days it doesn’t seem very enjoybring positive change to-earth and authentic able.”- Dawn D. into moms lives for way. After Katz emthe long run. barked on her spiritual About The Author: Ali Katz is an author, journey in 2012, she noticed she had lower certified meditation teacher and mindfulness stress levels, less anxiety, more patience, and coach, and founder owner of A To Zen Mediwas more present in all areas of her life. Katz tation in Houston, Texas. Her mission is to gives all her tips in her eBook, which aims to help mothers who feel like their lives are “hot teach the principles and benefits of meditation and mindfulness to adults and teens and show messes” by teaching them ways to live lives them how to fully implement the practices into full of gratitude, calm, and joy. their daily lives. For more information please “Until a few years ago, I had days where log on to www.atozenmeditation.com for more I felt that I was having a hard time making it information and to enter your email for your through the day until bedtime. I realized that free download of the book, available from there was another way- one where I felt that now until May 19 only. I was savoring every moment of raising my In-person and online instruction is available kids. I wanted to find a way to not only be at www.atozenmeditation.com and filling out a better mom, but also a better person. This the contact page. Katz also offers accountabilbook is for moms that want to live a more ity coaching, private and corporate coaching balanced and mindful life, allowing them to sessions. stress less and enjoy more of everything. I have personally implemented every one of Hot Mess To Mindful Mom these strategies and techniques into my own Ali Katz life. From the bottom of my heart, these tips Ali Katz Publishing changed my life and helped me transform $9.99 On-Sale May 21, 2015 eBook from a Hot Mess to a Mindful Mom,” said Paperback Release coming in Fall 2015 Katz. www.atozenmeditation.com Some of the topics readers will learn more facebook.com/atozenmeditation about from the 40 Tips featured include (but Instagram #atozenmeditation are not limited to):

Brazarre Houston is an annual “artful bras” event now in its 5th year – benefiting the American Cancer Society (ACS). Since 2011, Brazarre Houston founder Vicki Eaker and a team of volunteers have raised money for ACS through silent and live auctions of artful brassieres, “The Brazarre Bazaar,” and generous in-kind sponsors and donors of the event. Brazarre Houston 2015 will be held from 6 to 9 pm, Saturday, May 30 at G Gallery in the Houston Heights. “The Brazarre is a festive way to celebrate and honor those who have battled cancer and raise money for the cause. Houston artists have been so generous in supporting The Brazarre. Their artful bras are inventive, beautiful, fun, funny, and make you think about a woman’s most supportive sartorial asset,” Vicki Eaker, Brazarre Houston founder and chairwoman.

BRAZARRE HOUSTON 2015 DETAILS Saturday, May 30 6pm to 9pm at G Gallery located at 301 E 11th St., Houston, TX (713) 8694770 http://www.ggalleryhouston.com. The events website is http://brazarrehouston.com Tickets: $15 at the door; $10 online (http://brazarrehouston.com/tickets) Includes admission to the event, and light food and drinks ARTFUL BRA SUBMISSIONS Submissions are now being accepted for the 5th annual Brazarre Houston. Artists are asked to donate an original artful bra. Each submission should incorporate all or part of an actual brassiere, and each piece should be three-dimensional (3-D preferred but not required) and at least vaguely or abstractly represent a bra. The piece need not be wearable or functional. The art will be sold in both silent and blind auction formats. All proceeds from the sale of the artful bras will go directly to the American Cancer Society. In addition to general “artful bras” group, they have added a “Training Bras” division for artists 18 and younger, and a “Senior Support” division for artists 65 and older. We’re encouraging art classes and senior groups to participate! The following information MUST ACCOMPANY THE SUBMISSION or it will not be accepted: • artist’s first and last name • artist’s email address • artist’s website (optional) • title of work • art medium used • a brief description of your work and/or its inspiration • the mailing address of the artist (will not be dis-


tributed to anyone) Please email all submission information and photos of your bra to Brazarre Houston Chairwoman Vicki Eaker at veaker@gmail.com. Please include in the subject line: “Brazarre 2015 Submission/(DIVISION NAME, IF TRAINING BRA OR SENIOR SUPPORT)/*Artist’s Name*”. All links to Artful Bra Submission Forms can be found at http://brazarrehouston.com/artists. LIVE ENTERTAINMENT One thing that really sets the Brazarre Houston apart from other gallery nights or fundraisers is incredible live entertainment from local musicians. This year the artists that perform will be: 6 to 7:30 pm - Lois Albez 7:30 to 9 pm - Grifters & Shills ABOUT GRIFTERS & SHILLS Grifters & Shills writes and performs timeless music with deep ties to the past and a very assertive outlook on the present. They pay homage to the paths long taken, but continue forging the trail using their own voice and style. Featuring tight vocal harmonies, guitar, banjo, percussion, harmonica, and bass, Grifters & Shills epitomizes the modern take on classic roots music. At the heart of it all lies a deep appreciation for where all of this music comes from. And, by extension, where all of us have come from as well. In 2014, Grifters & Shills released their debut fulllength album, “Watershed.” Produced by Brad Sayles (Houston Symphony) and featuring Max Dyer (cello) and Kevin Hardin (fiddle), “Watershed” guides listeners through a unique and thorough journey of roots music set in the modern day. This new album is the much-anticipated follow-up to their EP, “Trainwreck Junkyard” (2013).

ABOUT LOIS ALBEZ From her homeland of Brazil, to Hollywood, and now to Houston, singer and musician Lois Albez thrills audiences wherever and whenever she appears. Lois grew up in the coastal city of Recife, literally surrounded by music. Her father, a seasoned performer himself, stressed its importance to all 11 of his children, and by the age of nine Lois was singing and playing the guitar at Sunday church services. After relocating to Los Angeles in 1995, she quickly found success in such venues as the Hollywood Bowl, House of Blues, Spago, and famed jazz venue The Baked Potato. She also established a presence on the corporate scene, performing for such major clients as Xerox, the Burger King Corp., Fred Sands, United Way, Guess Jeans, People magazine, Time Warner and the Los Angeles Opera.

MAY 14 - 27, 2015



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HOURS: OPENM-TH MON-THURS SAT 10-8, SUN 11-7 9-9, Fri9-9, 9-8,FRISat9-8,10-8, Sun 11-7


NEW LOCATION 18403 KUYKENDAHL SPRING, TX 77379 (next door to Chicago Joes)



MAY 14 - 27, 2015



Memorial Day Weekend Chili Challenge Saturday, May 23, 2015 Tomball Depot Plaza Presented by CASI (Chili Appreciation Society International) this event features CASI cook teams, local business teams, a kids cook off, a Margarita pour off, live music, a kids zone plus food vendors. Free admissiom with free parking also available. The proceeds for this event benefit Tomball Christmas Charities.

FUN & FITNESS Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce’s Tastefest Thursday, May 14, 2015 5pm-8pm Lone Star Convention Center 9055 Airport Road, Conroe, TX Bring your appetite and sample some local culinary delights from local restaurants, wineries, breweries, caterers and more at the Conroe/ Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce’s Tastefest presented by H-E-B. Guests can sample mouthwatering appetizers, entrees, desserts, pastries and beverages. Tickets are $15 for adults, $25 for two adults and $5 children ages 12 and under. Tickets are available to purchase at the Chamber, H-E-B and Gold’s Gym or visit conroe.org. 12th Annual Huntsville Beautification Golf Tournament Friday, June 19, 2015 1pm Raven Nest Golf Course It’s time to hit the greens at the 12th Annual Huntsville Beautification Golf Tournament! It’s a shotgun start at 1 pm on Friday, June 19th at the Raven Nest Golf Course.


Teams of 4 players are signing up now. Individual players are also welcome and sponsorships are available. The golf package includes green fees, cart, range balls, dinner, and awards! The money raised helps buy wildflower seeds, drought recovery initiatives, and new trees! Join the efforts to help keep Huntsville beautiful. For more information call Penny Joiner at 936294-5708.

STAGES The Magic Flute [Mozart] Friday, May 15, 2015 8pm Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion Houston Grand Opera Brings Mozart’s “The Magic Flute”to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion May 15 Beautifully written music, exceptional vocals and dancing bears come to life as the Houston Grand Opera returns to The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion for “The Magic Flute” May 15 at 8 p.m. Tickets are $20 for orchestra seating and free mezzanine and lawn seating courtesy of The Wortham Foundation. Tickets are not required for free seating. Gates open at 7 p.m. The opera tells a story of a dapper prince, Tamino, who is rescued from a serpent by three mystical ladies working for the Queen of Night. In return for his rescue, the Queen of Night offers Tamino a deal. If he can save the Queen’s daughter Pamina from the evil Sarastro, she will allow the two to wed. Accompanied by a magic flute, Tamino sets off to save the beautiful princess. Although faced with hardship during Tamino’s journey, courage, virtue, and wisdom prevail. Pre-performance activities begin at 7 p.m. in the North Plaza. Children and parents can visit The Pavilion Partners Arts & Crafts Booth and Instrument Petting Zoo as well as activities by Woodforest National Bank, Renewal by Andersen, Century 21 Realty Partners and Audi of America, official automobile of The Pavilion.

Guests also can register-to-win Tommy Bahama’s “Best Seats in the House” and participate in Fidelity’s Seat Exchange. At the opera get insight into the evening’s program with Pavilion Talk, a free pre-concert discussion led by noted music scholar and former college professor Ira J. Black from 7:15- 7:45 p.m. in the North Plaza. Gum Ball 2015 May 15th 8pm-midnight Fresh Arts 115 Hyde Park Blvd. Envision gumdrop mountains, peppermint forests, and an ice cream sea. No, this is not a sugar-induced hallucination, but the return of one of the art scene’s favorite shindigs-the Fresh Arts Annual Gala! This year’s theme is candy coated and dipped in chocolate! That’s right, ladies and gentleman: We are throwing The Gum Ball and partying in the outlandish fashions of the original Candy Man himself! On friday, May 15th from 8pm - 12am, 115 Hyde Park Blvd will transform into the legendary Willy Wonka chocolate factory to celebrate Fresh Arts’ impact on Houston’s art community. So are you ready for your tour? Featuring: Sweet sounds from Houston’s hottest DJs A Fistful of Soul A tantalizing burlesque performance by Tifa Tittlywinks and Emma D’Lemma of Dem Damn Dames A synesthetic interactive carnival experience with avant garde opera singer and performance artist Amanda Gregory Please join event chairs Christine Noel Goins + Josh Pazda, Lea McKinney + Haig Tcholakian, Jeff Shell, Claudia Solis + Matthew Wettergreen in honoring acclaimed artist and gallerist Sharon Gus Kopriva and artist/community champion Chris Silkwood at our fizz-filled fete. In true Fresh Arts’ fashion, it will be an all-out blow-out complete with live entertainment,

EVENT CALENDAR continued Continued from page 8 an art auction, off-the-wall costumes, drinks, dancing, delights, chocolate rivers, and (of course) Oompa-Loompas! Come as you favorite treat, celebrities you’re sweet on, psychedelic 60’s/70’s icons or any of the long list of zany, Wonka-inspired misfits. You can’t go wrong for a night of shimmying on a sugar and bubblefilled dance floor! Save May 15th for The Gum Ball and support Fresh Arts: an organization dedicated to strengthening the sustainability and vibrancy of Houston’s arts sector by bolstering the capacity and professional practice of artists and arts organizations and enhancing the public’s engagement with the arts. First Date (TUTS Production) Running June 11 - 21, 2015 Zilka Hall 800 Bagby St. Houston, TX 77002 The final production in TUTS Underground’s 14/15 season is the lighthearted musical comedy First Date, playing at the Hobby Center June 11 - 21. Fresh off Broadway, this hilarious and hopeful musical chronicles a blind date between Aaron (who has never gone out with a stranger) and serial romancer Casey. As the night unfolds, various patrons in the busy New York restaurant transform into supportive best friends, manipulative exes and protective parents who sing and dance them through ice-breakers, appetizers and potential conversational land mines. Participate In TUTS “Worst” First Date Contest! In conjunction with TUTS Underground’s new musical comedy, First Date, send us your WORST first date stories for a chance to see your experience come to life in a hilarious animation. The TUTS Underground staff will choose the top three worst stories and have their animations set up for voting by your peers. The video with the most votes wins a pair (2) of tickets to the opening night of First Date and a show poster. BJ Thomas Sat., June 20, 2015 7pm Crighton Theatre Sharity Productions in Association with John Wiesner Automotive is pleased to announce that they will be producing and presenting the Stars Over Texas Concerts with Grammy Award Winner and Recording Superstar BJ Thomas in concert with eighteen members of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra at 7:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 20, 3015 at the Historic Crighton Theatre in Downtown Conroe, Texas. It will be a very special Symphonic Production of great BJ Thomas Award Winning Songs and Music. A fun-filled night of great entertainment. BJ Thomas is a true American Institution whose iconic pop, country and gospel hits defined their respective generations. He has found a unique way to celebrate an incredible half century in music and some 47 years since his first gold selling hit on Sceptor Records. The singer is a five time Grammy and two time Dove Award winner who has sold over 70 million records and is ranked in Billboard’s Top 50 Most Played Artist of the past 50 years. The legendary entertainer will be live on stage to perform, with members of the Conroe Symphony Orchestra, some of his greatest hits like, “Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head”, “Whatever Happened to Old Fashion Love”, “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry”, “Hooked on a Feeling”, “New Looks From An Old Lover”, “Somebody Done Somebody

Wrong Song”, and more, which made this legendary artist a recording superstar. For Show Tickets Call (936) 441-SHOW (7469) or go online to www.crightontheatre. org or email: sharityproductions@earthlink. net. This should be a sold out performance, and we encourage everyone to get their show tickets as early as possible.

DISCOVERY Lineage Society Workshop Thursday, June 11, 2015 10:30am - 3pm Huntsville Public Library Have you ever wondered if your ancestors fought alongside George Washington in the American Revolutionary War, or maybe even sold provisions to the Continental Army? Perhaps they were passengers on the Mayflower. Want to prove it? Then a lineage society is for you. And while a lineage society is a way to take pride in an ancestor’s accomplishments, it’s also a great way to test your research skills and learn more about certain lines in your family history. The Mary Martin Elmore Scott Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and the Huntsville Public Library are hosting their annual Lineage Society Work-shop Thursday, June 11, 2015, from 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Community Room at the Huntsville Public Library, located at 1219 13th Street. The workshop will offer assistance in preparation of lineage applications to any patriotic or lineage society (for women and/or men). Be sure to put it on your calendar! “Anyone interested in joining a lineage society is invited to participate,” said Mary Kokot, Huntsville Public Library Adult Services Coordinator. “Bring any genealogical & family materials you have, such as birth, death, and marriage certificates, bible records, land records, etc. If in doubt, bring it along. Help will be available to assist in preparing your lineage papers, and worksheets and handouts will be furnished.” The workshop is taught by Johnnie Jo Sowell Dickenson, a local professional genealogist who has helped many with history and lineage society applications.

ARTS Hazy Yet Vivid On View: May 22, 2015 - July 3, 2015 Opening Reception: Friday, May 22, 2015, 6pm-8pm Fresh Arts 2101 Winter Street, Studio B11, Houston Fresh Arts presents “Hazy Yet Vivid”, an exhibition of new works from artist team Shane Allbritton and Peter Bernick-Allbritton that features freestanding wooden zoetrope sculptures, assemblages and collages. Using photographic techniques such as slit scanning and strip photography, which compress a sequence of images over time into a collection of strips composing a singular gesture, the artists reinterpret their immediate environment into elaborate visual distortions of memory retrieval. The public is invited to an opening reception beginning at 6 p.m. on May 22 at Fresh Arts, 2101 Winter Street, Studio B11, Houston, TX, 77007. Free parking is available.

ONGOING EVENTS ARTS Conroe Art League Every Monday 9:30am-12:30pm Every Wednesday 6pm-9pm The Wonders of Watercolor Classes with Carrie Allbritton! Carrie discounts that old saying that watercolor is the hardest media and unforgiving, believing instead that when you understand the paints and what they do on paper, you will find it fun, rewarding and very forgiving. Ongoing watercolor classes every Monday from 9:30am - 12:30pm AND every Wednesday from 6:00pm - 9:00pm at the Conroe Art League Gallery. Contact Carrie directly at: carrieallbritton@ gmail.com or 936-444-7303 Cost: $25.00 per class (payable a month in advance) Conroe Art League Every Tuesday 1pm-3:30pm Oil Painting Classes w/Gary Hernandez Each student works at his/her own pace in a creative and pleasant atmosphere. The students will learn the tools and materials of oil painting. New students will be painting a new painting at the first session. You will copy master paintings as a pathway to creating your own style of painting. You will learn.... -How to use a grid to quickly layout the painting. -How to select the right palette. -How to select and mix colors. -How to select the right paint brushes -How to apply color theory and use the color wheel. -How to pick the right canvas and how to coat a canvas. -How to varnish a painting. -How to paint in Grisaille These are only a few of the tips I will teach you to create successful paintings and more importantly have an enjoyable painting experience. Ongoing classes every Tuesday from 1:00pm - 3:30pm at the Conroe Art League Gallery127 Simonton St. - Conroe, TX 77301 Contact Gary Hernandez directly to sign up: 713-569-9209 or garyhernandezstudio@ yahoo.com Cost: $35.00/per class paid in advance monthly. Conroe Art League Second Tuesday of the month 2:30pm-6pm Photography Learning Center w/Ed Gorman The Photography Learning Center is back at the Conroe Art Gallery!! If you have questions about photography or how to use your camera, whether it’s a DSLR, SLR, film, cell phone, iPad, etc., then come to the Conroe Art Gallery on the second Tuesday of each month from 2:30pm - 6:00pm. The Conroe Art Gallery is at 127 Simonton St., Conroe, TX 77301. Ed will show you how to work your camera and take better photographs. Contact Ed Gorman: edgorman1973@ gmail.com or call 936-443-3487 for more information.


Conroe Art League First and Third Thursday 1pm3:30pm Figure Drawing Group Classes are at the Conroe Art League Gallery 127 Simonton St. Conroe, TX 77301 Live Model, All Skill Levels Welcome! For more information contact: Darby Kachmar darbykachmar@me.com 936-2285126 or Marilyn Lowry mlowry3@comcast. net or 936-447-1579 Fee is $10 per session, no reservation necessary Conroe Art League Every Thursday 2pm-4:30pm Painting with Pastels This is an ongoing weekly course, beginning February 5, 2015. The class meets every Thursday from 2:00pm - 4:30pm in the upstairs classroom at the Conroe Art League Gallery - 127 Simonton St. - Conroe, TX 77301. Painting in pastels is quick, easy, colorful, beautiful, very portable - and FUN! Handled correctly, pastels will last many lifetimes and their pure colors never fade, crack, or peel. No stress and no pressure here to paint a masterpiece. You’ll learn how to turn “happy accidents” into a part of your painting, or erase it - pastels are very forgiving. Everyone will hjave a chance to experiment with different techniques and materials, and you’ll develop your own unique style over time. For those who are new to art, you’ll learn the basics of drawing and painting. For more experienced artists who are new to pastels, you’ll learn the characteristics and techniques that are unique to pastels. At the end of each class, you’ll have a finished or nearly-finished painting to take home, ready for framing. Each student is encouraged to learn at their own pace. You are welcomed to do a class-based painting from reference photos provided by the instructor, or bring in your own reference materials to use. We may also paint from life, or go outdoors to paint as the weather permits. During this ongoing course, you will: -Improve your drawing skills, including proportions and perspective. -Learn how to see and paint values, types of underpaintings, both wet and dry. -Create different effects using hard vs. soft pastels. -Layer and blend pastels to get exactly the color you want. -Develop and use a portable pastel kit for outdoor painting and travel. -Know how to paint trees, clouds and water. -Learn how to paint and draw from life and en plein air (outdoors). There’s no pressure to develop a masterpiece or “do it right”. This class is all about having fun and discovering the artist in you. You’ll have lots of individual attention from the instructor with helpful feedback so your paintings keep getting better. Your supply list has options to fit a budget, and everyone is welcomed to register and join us any time. Please contact the instructor, Kathy Fediw, at Kathy@jfaconsultingbiz.com or call her business number at 281-687-6966, if you have any questions and for a list of materials. Cost: $30.00 per class, payable at the first of each month or at the beginning of each session.

MAY 14 - 27, 2015


EVENT CALENDAR continued continued from page 9 Instructor: Kathy Fediw, LEED AP ID+C, CLP, CLT

EDUCATION Barbara Bush Branch Library Ongoing [call for class dates & times] Ongoing Computer Classes Dave Smith, computer instructor, will be teaching seven different computer classes at the Barbara Bush Branch Library in March 2015. The classes are Computer Basics, Introduction to the Internet, Email, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Publisher. He also teaches additional classes which are offered at various times throughout the year, including Digital Photography and Smartphone Tips. Please call for the dates and times of the classes and to register. Each class meets for a single 2-hour session. As class size is limited to 12 people, pre-registration is required for each class. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration opens 30 days prior to the class. Please visit the website (www.hcpl.net) or call the library at 281-376-4610 for more information and to register for these classes. The classes are held in the Barbara Bush Library Friends Computer Lab at 6817 Cypresswood Drive in Spring.

tour and tasting of our products. Make your reservation online at BigThicketDistilling.com Big Thicket Distillery’s telephone number is 936-666-1341

GAMING Beginner HeroClix Sundays at 4:30pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 HeroClix is a fun game that allows players to pit their favorite Heroes and Villains against each other in combat! Battle characters from multiple series, from Lord of the Rings to the Justice League! Who will reign victorious on the fields of battle? For beginners or casual players HeroClix Tournament Night Mondays at 7pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 292-8444 HeroClix is a fun game that allows players to pit their favorite Heroes and Villains against each other in combat! Battle characters from multiple series, from Lord of the Rings to the Justice League! Who will reign victorious on the fields of battle? For more experienced players, and competitive players

Baldwin Boettcher Library Ongoing English As A Second Language The Baldwin Boettcher Library Staff provides ESL classes for folks who want to learn to speak English or improve their English speaking skills. Our beginning classes are scheduled on Mondays, 6-7:30 pm; Fridays 1-3 pm; Our intermediate ESL classes are on Wednesdays, 6-7:30 pm and Thursdays, 1-3 pm; Our conversational English class is on Tuesdays 10-12 pm; Our advanced English class is on Tuesdays 4-5 pm. Call the library at 281-821-1320 for more information about the ESL classes.

Netrunner Meetup Night Mondays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 Netrunner is an amazing living card game, with an amazing story and amazing game mechanics. Players compete using one of two decks they construct, either the Corporation or the Runner. In a Matrix style world, Runners jack into the computer system in order to hack into the Corporation’s systems in order to discover their secret agendas. Casual meetup night for players of all experience levels

Barbara Bush Branch Library Every Thursday noon-1pm Yoga For Stress Relief Certified yoga instructor, Linda Popinksi, offers this free class every Thursday from 12:00-1:00 in the Earl Elliott Room at the Barbara Bush Branch Library, 6817 Cypresswood Drive in Spring. Both men and women are welcome. Bring your own yoga mat and a beach towel.

X-Wing Meetup Night Tuesdays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 292-8444 Star Wars X-Wing is a fun and innovative dogfighting game, in which you must defeat your opponents in space combat! Use ships from the Star Wars universe as you construct your custom squadrons, and fight for either the Empire or the Rebel Alliance! Casual meetup night for players of all experience levels

Barbara Bush Branch Library Every Friday noon-2pm French Classes with Marie Come and learn French with Marie on Fridays from 12:00-2:00. The class is intermediate level and so some knowledge of French is required. No registration is necessary. The class will meet in the Robin Bush Room at the Barbara Bush Branch Library, 6817 Cypresswood Drive in Spring.

AREA TOURS Big Thicket Distilling Every Saturday noon, 2pm, 4pm Big Thicket Distilling Tours We offer tours at 12, 2 and 4pm on Saturdays. $10 per person. Includes a distillery


MAY 14 - 27, 2015

Pokemon League Wednesdays 5pm - 8pm Space Cadets Collection Collection 27326 Robinson Road #117 Oak Ridge North, Free and open to all. Learn to play, trade cards, have fun with friends and make new friends. Earn free League only Pokemon foil cards by playing 7 games (DS or card). On any given week we have 25-40 players aged from 6-40+ (yes we have moms and dads that play also :) World War Wednesday Wednesdays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444


This is a meet up for all our Historical themed miniatures games. Bolt Action, Flames of War, and Saga players rejoice! We have tables as well as beautiful terrain for players to use. It’s a great event for both beginners and veterans alike, and a great way to spend a Wednesday! Casual meetup night for players of all experience levels Magic Commander Night Wednesdays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 Test your mettle in one of Magic the Gathering’s most popular multiplayer format! As one of the most fun and casual formats for Magic, Commander night is a blast! Players Construct a 100 card deck with no duplicates allowed, and play in a multi-man game leading to some crazy shenanigans. See you on the battlefield! Casual meetup night for players of all experience levels Warmachine and Hordes Meetup Night Thursdays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 292-8444 Warmachine and Hordes (commonly known as Warma/Hordes) is an awesome Miniatures game where players assume the role of a general leading their warriors into combat. Control amazing machines called Jacks or harness the wild power of powerful beasts and monsters to destroy your adversaries. Casual meetup night for players of all experience levels My Little Pony Collectable Card Game Thursdays All Day Space Cadets Collection Collection 27326 Robinson Road #117 Oak Ridge North Come learn how to play the My Little Pony collectible card game. Free event each week. Magic Draft Night Thursdays at 7pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 292-8444 Players purchase 3 booster packs from standard (depending on what the group votes to draft), and an additional 2 booster packs of any available expansion to add to the prize pool! Players then construct a 40 card deck from the contents of their draft to compete with, battling for prizes and glory! Fun event for players of all experience levels, and perfect for players to expand their collection For more Details go to: https://www.facebook.com/ events/340064569532538/ Friday Night Magic Fridays at 7pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 Experience one of the most intense and fun Standard Magic tournaments in the area every Friday at Fat Ogre! Players bring a 60 card Standard legal deck to compete in a massive tournament! A fun night for players of all ages and experience levels, Friday Night Magic is your premier Magic event. Fun event for players of all experience levels For more Details go to: https://www.facebook.com/ events/510118335795397/ Warhammer Meetup Night

Fridays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 A fun meetup night for both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40k players, Fat Ogre has an amazing community for Warhammer. A great night for players of all experience levels, new players can feel free to stop by and learn! Fun event for players of all experience levels Hero Clix Saturdays 3pm – 5pm Space Cadets Collection Collection 27326 Robinson Road #117 Oak Ridge North, TX 77385 Come on out and learn how to play Hero Clix. We are an official HeroClix tournament site , so come and enjoy the fun. We have added a full line of Hero Clix items. Marval Dice Masters League Saturdays 5pm – 8pm Space Cadets Collection Collection 27326 Robinson Road #117 Oak Ridge North, TX 77385 Learn how to play this exciting new game, which sold out all over the nation as soon as it was released. It is an inexpensive game to start , at around $15 for a starter and $1.00 for boosters. If you have ever played the dace game Quarriors, this will seem familiar to you, as it is created by the same company. Join us! Board Game Night Saturdays 5pm – 8pm Space Cadets Collection Collection 27326 Robinson Road #117 Oak Ridge North, TX 77385 Bring your favorite board or card game. Meet up with friends or make new ones while you are here! Please only bring all ages appropriate games. Monopoly anyone? We want everybody to be able to participate. Magic Modern Tournament Saturdays at 6pm Fat Ogre Games & Comics 525 Sawdust Rd, Spring TX, P: (281) 2928444 A fun tournament for Magic the Gathering players to test their competitive skill with access to older and more powerful cards. Players bring a Modern legal deck comprised of 60 cards, and compete for prizes and glory! Players may use any Magic the Gathering card printed after 8th edition, with a few specific exceptions. Fun event for players of all experience levels For more Details go to: https://www.facebook.com/ events/1376049572715159/

SUPPORT GROUPS Free 2B Support Group Tuesdays, 6:45-8:30pm Faith Bible Church, The Woodlands FREE 2B is a faith-based codependency support group, where those facing relational difficulties can share their struggles and begin the process of restoring healthy balance in their lives. Free 2B is open to the public for individuals and couples 18 and older and is free to attend. For an information packet, email Scott at free2b@consolidated.net.





Lydia Pense & Cold Blood: A Retrospective


by Mark Crampton

If you are a fan of the San Francisco rock-souljazz music of the 1960’s, then I am sure you are also a fan of Lydia Pense and her band, Cold Blood. If you aren’t their fan, you should be! Cold Blood was one of the first and perhaps the epitome of that music genre, and I consider Lydia one of the greatest R&B singers of all time! And if you aren’t a ‘60’s aficionado, but just enjoy R&B, you should also give them a listen. Cold Blood was formed by guitarist Larry Field in 1968, and Lydia joined soon after. Lydia has a very strong and soulful voice, and was originally a ‘Torch’ singer (a la Peggy Lee), beginning her professional music career in 1961 (at the age of 14) with The Dimensions, a Northern California R&B band. The guys in the band encouraged her to change to the R&B singing style of Aretha Franklin and Etta James. Once she joined Cold Blood and they began playing the San Francisco music circuit, Lydia was often strongly compared to Janis Joplin. In fact, Joplin heard and liked her, and got the band an audition with Bill Graham, owner of the Fillmore West in San Francisco (one of the greatest music venues EVER!) in 1969. Cold Blood became one of the Fillmore’s featured house bands, and is prominent in the documentary movie Fillmore, which details the last year of the venue’s existence. The band lineup fluctuated, as in the beginning Cold Blood shared members concurrently with other original north California rock-soul-jazz bands The Tower of Power and The Sons of Champlin. Over the years, other Cold Blood musicians have come from Journey, Rubicon, Starship, and The Elvin Bishop and The Boz Scaggs bands. Cold Blood music features heavily on a driving drum and bass beat and horns, keyboard and organ. Cold Blood disbanded in the late 1970’s. Lydia herself left the music business in 1985 to concentrate on her family. The original Cold Blood released four albums, all early in their career: Cold Blood (1969); Sisyphus (1970); First Taste of Sin (1972); and Thriller (1973). They only released three singles for radio play,

also all early in their career: You Got Me Hummin’; Too Many People; and Lydia’s signature hit I’m a Good Woman. After Cold blood disbanded, Lydia herself released her first solo (and self-titled) album Lydia (1974), and their record company released three compellation albums The Best of Cold Blood (1975), Lydia Pense And Cold Blood (1976) and Vintage Blood: Live! 1973 (2001). Lydia returned to the music business and reformed Cold Blood in 2000. They are currently recording and have released two albums: Transfusion (2005) and Lydia Pense & Cold Blood:Live Blood (2008), along with touring, primarily on the northern West Coast. Lydia’s signature hit I’m a Good Woman was a 1963 hit for Peggy Lee (Lydia’s original singing style model) and had also been recorded since by: Maria Muldaur, Bette Midler, a duet with Raquel Welch and Miss Piggy on The Muppet Show (OK, I had to look that up on YouTube. Actually, not bad), Irene Ryan in her Granny Clampett persona (I looked that one up on YouTube too - awful!), Wynona Judd, Reba McIntire, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. Another Cold Blood hit, You Got Me Hummin’, was originally recorded by Sam & Dave in 1966 and Billy Joel in 1968, but was not a hit for either. It has since been more successfully recorded by Freddy Fender, Delbert McClinton, and The Pointer Sisters. My personal favorite Cold Blood song was never released as a single, and never a radio hit for the group, but I Just Want to Make Love to You was a 1961 hit for Etta James, another of Lydia’s song stylists. I think everyone in the world has recorded this song, but Cold Blood’s is my favorite, followed by Etta James original US release (she changed the words for her UK release) and Foghat (another favorite group. I’ll do an article about them later). Lydia’s vocals on this song just cannot be compared to anyone! I just checked Amazon – all of Cold Blood and Lydia Pense’s Cds are available there – so do you ears a favor, and check out this music!


MAY 14 - 27, 2015



THE SPIRIT OF ART by Rosanne Friedman



MAY 14 - 27, 2015



meaning to gritty urban life. If there is not a Henri painting in every museum in the USA there should be. Of brushwork he said things: “Strokes which look like brush stokes and bring us back to paint. There are other strokes which inspire a sense of vigor, direction, speed, fullness and all the varying sensations an artist may wish to express. The mere brush stroke itself must speak. It counts whether you will or not. It is meaningful or it is empty. It is on the canvas and it tells its tale. It is showy, shallow, mean, meager, selfish, has the skimp of a miser; is rich full generous, alive and knows what is going on.


The problem of representational art work is an attachment to rendering of the image, that is embracing the craft, at the sacrifice of personal vision and gesture or spirit. Representational painting is not easy but there is comfort in taking on the challenge of painting things that are of reality with control over subject matter, lighting, placement, color translation and interpretation for illusionistic power and challenging oneself for ones personal best. All art at the end must answer the question, what is inventive here? what have I added to creative endeavor by my work? Have I just repeated what has gone before, have I found something here besides copying reality in doing this work? In its vision what makes this necessary and therefore valuable? Is there something invisible hidden with the visible here, the spirit of this, of me, of art?

a window than a two way mirror- facing both outward and inward. Even in choosing what to draw, those choices come from both outside ourselves and inside ourselves. Personal meaning, responding to the spirit in the figure or object, whether it be green onions that keep growing right in front of our very eyes, or the light that swallows up all things and then spits out reflections and blinds us with sparkle leaving a pattern of itself in shadow across the form.

The mere brush stroke itself must speak. It counts whether you will or not. It is meaningful or it is empty. It is on the canvas and it tells its tale.

Art is not just observing and copying nature. Art is less

The bible of artists is The Art Spirit written by America’s best art teacher, Robert Henri pronounced Hen-rye the American pronunciation—that is important because his interest was to find art in America as much as in Europe. He lived from 1865 to 1929. Serious art happened in Europe and it was his mission to find art everywhere he went—across the United States. Considered part of the Ashcan school of American Realism he wanted to bring

When the brush stroke is visible on the canvas it has a size, covers a certain area, has its own texture. Its tiny but very expressive ridges catch light in their own way. It has its speed and direction. There is a lot it has of itself, and the strokes tell their harmony with or in opposition to the motive of the picture. “ Susan Hotard is an artist that came to The Woodlands from New Orleans, finding a refuge home here from Katrina. She participates in many art groups --The Woodlands Art League, Oil Painters of America, has painted so many sensitive paintings, has won so many art prizes, is in so many collections that a monograph of her work is not a far dream. The relationship between brush strokes and realism in her work leaves room for articulation of the spirit in art. The sparkle of light becomes her fluid light brush. The depth of shadow speaks to the depth of person at her hand. Words of description that Henri embraced describe Susan’s brush -- rich full and generous. Subjects come alive in harmony with the celebration of paint. Susan Hotard has a deep structure and clarity of realism within her work and process-- she knows it so well, has breathed it in and out, that it is forgotten and transformed both at once. One can view her paintings and then view through her paintings to see more than brush strokes, more than realism, more of the invisible that becomes tangible—the spirit of art.


MAY 14 - 27, 2015


PUBLIC NEWS GIG GUIDE CONROE Backwoods Saloon 230 Lexington Ct., Conroe 936-273-0203 no website Sat May 23 9pm Earl T and the Tattered Hearts Bernhardt Winery 9043 County Road 204, Plantersville www.bernhardtwinery.com All Shows start one hour prior to sunset Shows are $10 - ages 18 and up Sun May 17 The Fab 5 Sun May 24 Ezra Charles & the Texas Bluz Review Sun May 31 The .07 Blues Band The Corner Pub 302 N. Main St., Conroe 936-788-2390 www.thecornerpubinconroe.com Tuesday Open Mic with Jeremy Bankhead Wednesday Hippie Night with The Lankfords Brothers Thurday FarLand jams with Adam McFarland Sat May 30 9pm Texas Johnny Boy Dosey Doe Music Cafe 463 FM 1488, Conroe 936-321-2171 www.doseydoe.com Thurs May 14 8:30pm Devil’s Hollow [$10] Fri May 15 8:30pm Howie Day – Band with Olivia Millershcin Mark Jones Opens [$24] Sat May 16 8:30pm The Killdares, Julie Belle Opens [$18] Tues May 19 8pm Grace Askew RLRM [$15] May 20 7:30pm Wed Annalise Emerick “Singer/Songwriter Humpday” [Free] Thurs May 21 8:30pm Dirty River Boys [$18] Fri May 22 8:30pm Bottom Dollar String Band [$12] Sat May 23 8:30pm Micky & the Motorcars [$18] Sun May 24 7pm Sun The World In Lights, CD Release [$10] Wed May 27 8pm Jason Cassidy, CD Release RLRM [$15] Thurs May 28 8:30pm The Circle Slide 25th Anv. Tour The Choir & Kevin Max w/Michael Roe of the 77s [$15] Fri May 29 8:30pm Thom Shepherd Solo [$15] Sat May 30 8:30pm Gary Kyle – Band [$15] Sun May 31 7pm Sibling Rivalry – EP Release [$10] Tues June 2 8pm Scott Brown & Friends w/Rich O’Toole [$12] Thurs June 4 8:30pm Tommy Castro & the Painkillers [$24] Fri June 5 8:30pm The Chubby Knuckle Choir [$15] Sat June 6 8:30pm Paula Nelson & Tony Ramey “In The Round”[$20] Game On Sports Bar 1717 N. Fraiser Conroe 936-788-6209 www.gameonsportsandmusic.com Open Mic Every Wednesday at 8pm Fri May 22 9pm Groove Bone Sat May 23 9pm Charlie Parker Band Sat May 30 9pm Cadillac Blues Band Kat Daddy Bar 463 FM 1488, Conroe 936-273-9342 www.katdaddysbar.com No Live Music in May Papa’s On The Lake 9400 Hwy 105 W., Lake Conroe 936-447-2500 www.papasonthelake.com Sat May 9 Dunville Sun May 10 Larry Tillery & the Vagabond Dreamers Sat May 16 ZZ Rocks Sun May 17 Gary Boehm & The Texas Bluz Cats Sat May 23 Dunville Sun May 24 Cadillac Blues Band Red Brick Tavern 119 Simonton, Conroe 936-539-2000 www.theredbricktavern.com Every Sunday Gospel Sunday Brunch

CYPRESS CREEK Acadia 3939 FM 1960 W., Houston 281-893-2860


MAY 14 - 27, 2015


www.acadiabarandgrill.com Fri May 15 9pm Insert Name Here,Trashy And The Kid, Soy,The Response Sat May 16 9pm Free Show With Ticket Victim, Southbound 45, Overload Houston Fri May 22 9pm Agony Within, Southern Front, Carrion Sun, Old Skull Sat May 23 9pm Endgame, Vagrant Sons, Kollective Mindz, Carranza Fri May 29 9pm Apothica,Everything Shatters, DML Cartel, Chaotic Justice Sat May 30 9pm Disciple Of Doom, Oceans Of Slumber, The Choosen, Tracing Over Evil Fri June 5 9pm Sounding Angels, Ases Of Eagles, Chester Rushing, Sixl6 Sat June 6 9pm Reachdown Radio Showcase (Free Show With Ticket) Fri June 12 9pm Winters End, Cortez, Carranza, Never Quite The King Sat June 13 9pm Ozz, No Remorse, Ratchet Dolls Fri June 19 9pm Sugarball Exp,Hacksaw Man,The Cory Michael Band Sat June 20 9pm The Van Hagar Project, Judas X Fri June 26 9pm Wellwell, When All Is Lost, The Rest Of The Guys, Polly Suede The Concert Pub North 2470 Cypress Creek Pkwy., Houston 281-583-8111 www.theconcertpub.com No Music Reported For This Week Swanny’s Bar & Grill 6224 Theall Rd., Houston 281-440-1308 No Music Reported For This Week

MAGNOLIA Genuwine Tasting Room 6503 FM 1488 #401 Magnolia 832-934-2675 www.mygenuwine.com [no cover unless stated *] Thurs. May 14 7:30pm Blake Anderson Fri. May 15 7:30pm Jenn Harris * Sat. May 16 7:30pm Ryan Wilcox Thurs. May 21 7:30pm Michael Player Fri. May 22 7:30pm Keeton Coffman * Sat. May 23 7:30pm Alva Sim Thurs. May 24 7:30pm Jay McCann Fri. May 29 7:30pm The Silvertones Sat. May 30 7:30pm Sean Harrold Thurs. June 4 7:30pm Duane Dulane Fri. June 5 7:30pm Chase Gassaway Sat. June 6 7:30pm Scott Haskins

MONTROSE Rudyards 2010 Waugh Dr Houston 713-521-0521 www.rudyardspub.com Weekday shows & Sunday, doors open at 8pm Friday and Saturday, doors open at 9pm [unless otherwise mentioned] First band listed is headliner/or plays last. Music starts at 10. Thu. May 14 Sun Thieves, 72Names, Slang(Atlanta), Metanoia Fri. May 15 Double CD Release Party w/Fiddle Witch and the Demons of Doom*Morgue City Sat. May 16 Only Beast, Lick Lick, Toxic Waste Sun. May 17 Altercation Comedy Show Tue.May 19 Bootown presents: Grown Up Story Time 8pm Show and 10pm show -- [$5] Wed. May 20 Western Swing Wednesdays/7-8pm Free! 8pm-11pm [$5] Thur May 21 Bootown presents: I Don’t Wanna, You Can’t Make Me(Benshi show)Doors at 730 show at 8pm Fri. May 22 Giant Kitty, Poon, The Bad Drugs, Fat Mannequin Sat. May 23 Ugly Americans, Bald Eagle Burger, Lords of the Universe Sun. May 24 Bootown presents: I Don’t Wanna, You Can’t Make Me (Benshi show) Doors at 730 show at 8pm Wed. May 27 Western Swing Wednesdays/7-8pm Free! 8pm-11pm [$5]

Thur. May 28 Rudyard’s Beer Tasting @7pm Fri. May 29 Slow Future, Hired Goons, Spare Bones (Doors at 8:30pm) [$8] Sat. May 30 Vanity Crimes-CD Release w/ Carry the Storm, Switchblade Lover

NORTH SPRING 19th Hole Grill & Bar 202 Sawdust Rd #118, Spring 281-363-2574 www.19th.cc [$10 cover on all shows] Sat May 16 8pm Twelve Years Driven, Torrid Complex, Rise Laveau, RedHawk, MurderCase Sat May 23 8pm Serpant Sun Thu May 28 8pm Tribe Hill Fri May 29 8pm Bury the Burden, Rockett Queen, Another Pearl Harbor Sat May 30 8pm Bow Before Horus Fri Jun 05 8pm Hitting Subset, Calamity Jane, The Victory At Maple Sat Jun 20 8pm Killa Maul, Snake Skin Prison Fri Jul 17 8pm Vagrant Sons, Vanilla Whale, The Dirty Seeds, Stone Machine Electric Fri Jul 24 8pm Big Bald Brian Cocktails & Rumors 314 Sawdust, The Woodlands 832-663-9669 www.cocktailsandrumors.com Crabby Daddy 25186 I-45, The Woodlands 281-296-2722 www.crabbydaddy.com Fri May 15 7pm Dan Golvach Sat May 16 7pm TBA Fri May 22 7pm Sonny Boy Terry Sat May 23 7pm Bristol Fashion Fri May 29 7pm Yelba Sat May 30 7pm Reveron Johnny & The Band Of Gizmos Crescent Moon Wine Bar 440 Rayford Rd., #115, Spring 281-364-WINE (9463) www.crescentmoonwinebar.com Thur May 14 8:30pm Salsa Night Fri May 15 8:30pm Yelba’s Band Sat May 16 8:30pm Johnnie and the Spinsations Thur May 21 8:30pm Salsa Night Fri May 22 8:30pm Grateful Geezers Band Sat May 23 8:30pm Vince King Thur May 28 8:30pm Salsa Night Fri May 29 8:30pm Breakfast At Tiffany’s Sat May 30 8:30pm Luther and the Healers Thur June 4 8:30pm Salsa Night Fri June 5 8:30pm Buck Yeager Band Sat June 6 8:30pm Next Level Band Thur June 11 8:30pm Salsa Night Fri June 12 8:30pm Johnny & the Spinsters Sat June 13 8:30pm The Goods Band Dosey Doe Big Barn 25911 I-45 N., The Woodlands 281-367-3774 www.doseydoe.com Thurs May 14 8:30pm Subdudes $108 Fri May 15 8:30pm Leon Russell Sat May 16 8:30pm Cody Bryan Band Sun May 17 7:30pm Peter Yarrow (of Peter, Paul and Mary) Fri May 22 8:30pm Keb Mo Sat May 23 8:30pm Nellie McKay Fri May 29 8:30pm Walt Wilkins and the Mystiqueros Sat May 30 8:30pm Shawn Colvin Thur June 4 8:30pm Bucky Covington Fri June 5 8:30pm Lari White and Chuck Cannon Sat June 6 8:30pm Willis Alan Ramsey with Special Guest Alison Rogers Sun June 7 7:30pm Acoustic Alchemy Thur June 11 8:30pm Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes Fri June 12 8:30pm Ginger Baker’s Jazz Confusion Papa’s Ice House 314 Pruitt Rd, Spring 713-364-8140 www.papasicehousetx.com No music announced


Houston Symphony

Cross Track Ice House http://www.cross-track-tx.com 200 Magnolia St., Old Town Spring 281-907-0711


Puffabellys 100 Main St, Spring 281-350-3376 www.puffabellys.com Wednesdays 8pm Davin James’ Songwriter Showcase Thursdays 6pm Open Mic Wunsche Brothers Cafe 103 Midway, Spring 281-350-1902 http://www.wunschebroscafe.com Public News sends good thoughts to Wunsche Brothers Cafe and their employees and families as they rebuild from the March 29th fire.

SPRING Bombshells 21005 I-45 North, Spring 281-288-2769 www.4bombshells.com Fri May 15 9pm Not The Rachels Sat May 16 9pm The Arcades Sun May 17 9pm JB Barnett Fri May 22 9pm Not The Rachels Sat May 23 9pm DJ Atmos Sun May 24 9pm Lou Adams Fri May 29 9pm The Playboys Sat May 30 9pm Revamp Sun May 31 9pm JB Barnett Fri June 5 9pm Spider Monkey Sat June 6 9pm JB Barnett Sun June 7 9pm Sick Dick Fri June 12 9pm 3peace Sat June 13 9pm UFC Sun June 14 9pm Lou Adams Fri June 19 9pm Obsolete August Sat June 20 9pm Level One Sun June 21 9pm RJ Tamburello Fri June 26 9pm Not The Rachels Sat June 27 9pm Fal Skye Chicago Joe’s 18433 Kuykendahl Rd Spring 281-533-3000 www.chicagojoesspring.com Thurs, Fri & Sat Dueling Pianos Mak’s Place Sports Bar & Grill 5200 Louetta Rd., Houston 832-698-1611 www.maksplacesportsbar.com Fri May 15 9pm Turn Mics Sat May 16 9pm Space Monkey Fri May 22 9pm J. B. Barnett Fri May 29 9pm Bon Ton Mickey Sat May 30 9pm Dunville That One Bar 4660 Louetta #100, Spring 832-562-3942 www.thatonebar.com Fri May 15 9pm Jesse Roach Fri May 22 9pm Guanoloco Cowboys Fri May 29 9pm Treynwrek Fri Jun 5 9pm Space Monkey Two Mules Tavern http://www.twomulestavern.com 100 Cypresswood Dr., Spring 281-528-0600 Sat May 23 9pm Texas TNT Fri May 29 9pm VCR

THE WOODLANDS Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion 2005 Lake Robbins Dr, The Woodlands, 281-210-1105 www.woodlandscenter.org Fri, May 15 8pm “The Magic Flute” with Houston Grand Opera Sat, May 16 8pm Dave Matthews Band Thu, May 28 8pm Jimmy Buffett & the Coral Reefer Band Fri, May 29 8pm The Music of Led Zeppelin with the

Brautigams Bar & Grill 106 Market St, Tomball 832-698-4461 www.brautigamsbarngrill.com Thurs May 14 9pm Jason Hickman Fri May 15 9pm TBA Sat May 16 9pm TBA Fri May 22 9pm Morgan McKay Sat May 23 9pm TBA Fri May 29 9pm TBA Sat May 30 9pm TBA Cheers 916 West Main St., Tomball 281-351-2599 no website Sat May 16 Buck Yeager [$5] Sat May 30 Corey Michael Band Main Street Crossing 111 West Main St., Tomball 281-290-0431 www.mainstreetcrossing.com Thurs May 14 8pm Fred Eaglesmith Fri May 15 8pm Jason Eady and Adam Carroll Sat May 16 8pm Jarrod Birmingham Mon May 18 8pm Pam Tillis Weds May 20 8pm Charlie Robison Thurs May 21 8pm Songtelling with Special Guest Shane Walker Fri May 22 8pm Zane Williams Sat May 23 8pm Dub Miller and Doug Moreland Weds May 27 8pm Bri Bagwell and the Banned Thurs May 28 8pm Jerrett Zoch and the OSR Band Fri May 29 8pm 2 Bit Palomino CD Release with Special Guest Derek Arambrau Sat May 30 8pm Steve Krase with Special Guest Trudy Lynn The Empty Glass 104 Market Street, Tomball 832-698-4722 www.theemptyglass.com Fri May 15 8pm Mike Gallo Sat May 16 8pm Marissa Rohn Fri May 22 8pm Silver Shoes Sat May 23 8pm TBA Fri May 29 8pm Micky Hobbs Sat May 30 8pm TBA

WEST HOUSTON Shakespeare Pub 14129 Memorial Dr, Houston 281-497-4625 http://www.shakespearepub.net Thurs May 14 9pm Special Guest Jeff Jenson with Annika Chambers Fri May 15 9:30pm Tommy Dardar Sat May 16 9:30pm The Peacemakers Sun May 17 9pm Sparetime Murray & The Honeymakers Blues Jam Weds May 20 9pm John McVey & The Stumble Thurs May 21 9:30pm Great Scott & The Almighties Fri May 22 9:30pm Snit’s Dog & Pony Show Sun May 24 9pm Sparetime Murray & The Honeymakers Blues Jam Weds May 27 9pm John McVey & The Stumble Thur May 28 9:30pm Sonny Boy Terry Fri May 29 9:30pm Erin Jaimes Band Sat May 30 9:30pm No Refund Band Sun May 31 9pm Sparetime Murray & The Honeymakers Blues Jam

HIGH ON FIRE ANNOUNCES NORTH AMERICAN HEADLINING TOUR Legendary Metal Band To Release New Album, Luminiferous, June 16 World-renowned power trio HIGH ON FIRE will release its highly-anticipated new album, Luminiferous, on June 16 via eOne Music. Recorded at Salem, Massachusetts’ GodCity Studios with producer Kurt Ballou, the record is the follow-up to the group’s 2012 release, De Vermis Mysteriis, an album hailed as “not for the faint of heart “ by The New Yorker and “a fantastically constructed bloodbath” by Entertainment Weekly. Rolling Stone premieres the first new music from Luminiferous, rolling out the new HIGH ON FIRE song, ‘The Black Plot’. The band is also announcing an official North American Luminiferous tour w/ special guests Pallbearer, Lucifer and Venomous Maximus. Universally recognized as one of the most potent acts in music today, HIGH ON FIRE creates molten heavy metal that merges primal fury and aggression, blackened bombast and hall of fame heaviness. The group’s seventh studio album, Luminiferous, is a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume, delivering calculated catharsis as a volcano of revolving riffs and hailstorm of thundering drums combine to beam a blaz-

ing spotlight towards the future of modern metal music. “We’re doing our part to expose The Elite and the fingers they have in religion, media, governments and financial world downfall and their relationship to all of our extraterrestrial connections in the race to control this world,” comments vocalist / guitarist Matt Pike. “Wake up, it’s happening. All while we stare at a socially engineered lie we think of as normalcy. Unless we wake from the dream, there will come true doom.” After nearly two decades of trailblazing new passageways to heaviness, HIGH ON FIRE’s strong, stunning archetype continues to both sharpen and evolve; the trio’s vision has never been clearer. The Riff, as always, is King. 1. The Black Plot 2. Carcosa 3. The Sunless Years 4. Slave the Hive 5. The Falconist 6. The Dark Side of the Compass 7. The Cave 8. Luminiferous 9. The Lethal Chamber



Professional Courteous Service LOCATIONS:

(281) 528-2020

2040 Louetta Suite G, Spring,TX 77388 100 Hwy 332 West, Lake Jackson,TX 77566 (Brazos Mall) 732 East Henderson, Angleton,TX 77515 PUBLIC NEWS

MAY 14 - 27, 2015






story and photos by Nick Rama additional photos by Matt Vernon



MAY 14 - 27, 2015



In the past 6 months on some of the social media “Foodie” pages, I have seen a lot of good buzz on Lasagna House III. My wife and I used to go there all the time when we lived closer to 45/1960 area. We just forgot about them due to service and food becoming just average. I went back and discovered that Lasagna House III’s new owner, Matt Vernon, has completely turned it around for the better and I am now kicking myself for not going back sooner. Pastas cooked to a perfect al dente, sauces made from scratch and of course some excellent lasagna! Matt has even added some new dishes to the menu, along with one of my favorite Italian dishes, gnocchi (more on that later). I was so impressed that our group “Spring/ Woodlands Foodie Tasting and Deals” decided Nick Rama to do a tasting there and all 50 people that were lucky enough to come had rave reviews on all the dishes that they got to sample. I noticed Matt is very hands on in his everyday operation and really cares about his restaurant and crew He goes above and beyond to make sure everything is taken care of meticulously, and once you taste the food this really comes through in flavor. So, If you haven’t been to Lasagna House lately or are visiting for the first time and looking for some great Italian food, definitely make it a priority to go check them out. I sat down with Matt and picked his brain

a little and this is what I found out: How long have you been in the restaurant industry and why did you decide to buy Lasagna House? I started at a chain restaurant in 1990. I wanted to learn as much as I could and found I truly had a passion for food and cooking. I went from server to cook to baker and back to a corporate trainer for another restaurant that sent me to Waco and Tulsa and all around to teach other servers at new store openings how to do what I had learned to do in a classroom environment. My wife lived in Italy for 20 years. She brings her Italian heritage to the kitchen and tables of Lasagna House III and has had an impact on our food and service. In Italy, food is more than sustenance. It is a celebration! Food is enjoyed and appreciated, as it should be. I started here as a customer, and was hired as a server in 2001. After six months I was promoted to manager. After a few years I became general manager. This has been my favorite Italian restaurant for as long as I can remember. The food is always fresh and the service has always been great. In April 2013, my wife and I became owners of a storied restaurant that had its roots in 1942 Chicago. We were humbled and honored to be a part of its history. What can someone expect the first time at Lasagna House? We truly appreciate our guests and try to get to know most of them. We greet you with a smile and show you a table where you will be served by one of our friendly, knowledgeable servers.

Lasagna continued from page 16 Every day we feature different specials, and sometimes we have a featured appetizer like arancini, Caprese salad or polenta. We have a different entrée special, lasagna special and featured soup every day and our pastry chef is always working on something different in the kitchen. Even though we are always playing around with different recipes our core items, such as sauce, lasagna, Gorgonzola dressing, etc., are the same as they have been since our concept started in 1942. The food is freshly prepared with love and fresh ingredients and we take time to make sure you enjoy your experience with us. Obviously your specialty is your lasagna, so please tell me more about your signature dish and your daily special lasagnas? My wife Mary told us that in Italy, there is not one kind of lasagna, but hundreds. Each region has it’s own variations. Our traditional lasagna is Sicilian based and is by far our top seller. It has layers of beef, broccoli, pasta, sauce and 3 cheeses. We sell it by the individual portion or by the pan to feed up to 200 of your best friends and family. Lately, we have been experimenting with different kinds of lasagna and sauce toppings. We have baked vegetable, cheese, sausage, bacon, chicken and spinach lasagnas. We have changed cheeses and sauces regularly. One of our top sellers is the Pasticcio al la Bolognese. It is my wife’s recipe from Northern Italy. It has ground beef slowly simmered with celery, onions and carrots with layers of béchamel, lasagna pasta and cheese. You have so much more than lasagna. I am so glad you added homemade gnocchi to your menu. What menu items are your customers’ favorites? Our Alfredo sauce is the best I have ever had! It is rich, creamy and made fresh. Anything with Alfredo sauce (in my opinion) is going to be an incredible taste sensation. We have been truly blessed that local celebrity Ms. Barbara from Capri has been spending time in our kitchen consulting with our head chef who has been here over 20 years and originally worked for the founder, Mr. Pete. Together, they have been working on improving one dish at a time. I’ve noticed that all of our guests have their own favorites. We sell a lot of escargot. We buy whole fresh eggplant for our parmigiana

and we peel, slice and batter it ourselves. Then we fry it to order. It is not out of a box in the freezer. Our chicken parmigiana, puttanesca, linguine with clams and marsala are all big hits. We hand roll our own manicotti and cannelloni and use our homemade beef or cheese fillings. Our new soups and entrée features have also been very popular What is your personal perfect meal here, start to finish? That’s a tough question. I am a huge fan of Texas Craft beer, so we have a great selection of Southern Star and St. Arnold’s. I would start with a cold, delicious local beer. For an appetizer I go back and forth between the New Zealand Green shell mussels, which are the biggest and most amazing mussels I have ever had anywhere, or our crawfish stuffed mushroom caps with melted mozzarella that come out of the kitchen still bubbling in butter. That is if we don’t have any of our creative featured appetizers of the day, which are always awesome and packed with flavor. Our garlic bread is hand buttered using a century old recipe. It is freshly baked and is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside and full of buttery garlic goodness. Our Gorgonzola Vinaigrette dressing has the perfect blend of oils and spices and makes our salads sing! I have yet to find a better dressing. For an entrée, it depends, but I am partial to the sausage peppers and onions sandwich, pizza, tortellini Alfredo or Ms. Barbara’s gnocchi. We also just started making our meatballs and whipping our own cream. Those are also incredible. We carry Lavazza espresso, which is one of Italy’s finest and the world’s best. I will have a cappuccino and finish off with one of Mr. Timothy’s banana Hummingbird cakes or our hand made cannoli. Why should someone come here and order a pizza? A few years back I went to Italy with my wife to meet her family before we got married. She took me to a pizzeria. My taste buds had no clue what they were in for. It was an explosion of divine proportions, a party of tastes in my mouth. The pizza was thin, slightly saucy and topped with fresh ingredients. It was the best pizza I had ever had! It was that moment that inspired our new pizza menu. 7 specialty pizzas that are as close that we could get to that magical moment in Italy. Mary does not like to eat most American


pizzas, but she does ask me to bring them home often. Our 2 year old son asks for one almost daily. Why should someone come here and order a pizza? Because they are awesome! I heard you have a fantastic pastry chef here. Tell me more about him and the desserts Mr. Timothy is a trained accountant who watches a lot of Food Network. Like me, he has a passion for food. He told me lately that is it by divine intervention that he found himself here. He was hired as a server, but once we tasted his cakes, we knew he had an incredible talent that had to be harnessed. He has been baking our carrot cake, Italian cream cake and cheesecake for about 2 years. In addition, he always has a different idea floating around in that brilliant, creative mind of his. He still waits tables, but often comes back up here at one in the morning and fires up the ovens when inspiration hits him. Tell me about your lunch menu and pricing Most of our lunch items are ten dollars or less. We offer our full menu at lunch in addition to reduced size portions and prices. We really don’t know how to do small portions here! We also have a lunch express menu. These items do not come with the free starter salad like most of our entrees because they are rushed out of the kitchen so fast our guests wouldn’t have time to enjoy the salad. The food comes out hot and fresh and is priced right.

We have two rooms for functions. One holds 32 and is completely private. It has its own a/c and doors that seal it off. It is a very comfortable atmosphere for meetings or parties. The other room is open and will seat about 45. We have seen couples come in to have their rehearsal dinner, come back for their baby shower and again for the baptism. The private room has a mural of the Italian countryside and is very intimate. Our banquet room fills up fast especially during graduation season and the holidays. We sell hot delicious lasagna and pasta by the pan for pick up or delivery. During the holidays we have a lot of regulars who pick up cold lasagna and cook it themselves. It’s really easy. We provide delivery to many local businesses and residences for meetings or parties. Our small minimums are posted on our website with our catering menu or you can feel free to call me. I’m always happy to answer questions and I could talk all day about our food. We also provide full service catering where we do all the work and our clients can relax and enjoy the benefits of a professional catering team. Also, in a few weeks we will start delivering individual meals. We are currently in the process of hiring some drivers. I have seen some pretty cool wine and/or beer pairing dinners recently and even a pop up dinner with another chef. Are you planning to do more special events like these?

We have a wine dinner with an Italian wine distributor, Barone Fini, scheduled on Tuesday, June 30th and also a St. Arnold beer dinner on Do you have a Happy Hour? Tuesday, September 8th. Our friend, Ms. Teresa has prepared over a Yes. We have happy hour from 3-7 pm, Mondozen wine dinners with our friends at Hasta day through Friday. We have been serving up some cool cocktails. La Pasta. She is currently working on new exciting dishes for our upcoming wine dinner. We serve traditional happy hour favorites like We have been talking to a couple of local homemade sangria and peach Bellini. We also chefs we met about coming in and sharing their have Spritz. We are the only place I know that carries it. It is a traditional Italian cocktail from time and talents with us. the Veneto region made with Aperol, Prosecco and club soda. It is light, refreshing and unique. To what do you attribute your long time success? Because really, you all have been here Our guests and family from Italy love it. a very long time. We also have reduced prices and portions on some of our appetizers and feature new Our success is completely thanks to our appetizers that are not on our regular menu, customers. Without customers we would not such as spinach artichoke dip and an eggplant be here. We understand this. We have some parmigiana sandwich. remarkable friends who stop by to visit once a month, every week or every day. They tell their I see you have a private banquet room and friends about us. They support us and pray for you also do catering and party tray pick up orders. Tell me more about that.

Lasagna continued on page 19



MAY 14 - 27, 2015



The CultureMap Tastemaker Awards story and photos by Jamie Alvear The CultureMap Tastemaker Awards were held on May 13th at Silver Street Studios. This annual event spotlights the many talented members of Houston’s food and beverage community. Nine awards were given throughout the night to the best restaurants, chefs, and bartenders in Houston. It was a fabulous night of mixing, mingling, noshing, and drinking. Bites were provided by Bernie’s Burger Bus, Common Bond, Dosi, Kuu, Mascalzone, Paulie’s, Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, Radio Milano, Table 57, Tout Suite, Uchi, Weights + Measures, and Whole Foods. My favorite bites of the evening were the Cured Duck Breast from Kuu and the Tiramisu from Tout Suite. The event was sponsored by Herradura Tequila and included cocktails specially crafted by the bartender of the year nominees: Alex Gregg – Moving Sidewalks, Brandon Ricks – Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar & Spirit Lodge, Lainey Collum – Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, Laurie Sheddan Harvey – Sanctuari, Leslie Ross – Treadsack Group/Johnny’s Gold Brick, Mike Cross – The Nightingale Room, and Richard Middleton – Brennan’s. My favorite cocktail was the Mistress Mermelada made by Richard Middleton of Brennan’s. This was a tough category as all of these bartenders are extremely talented. The winner was Lainey Collum! Be sure to visit her at Prohibition.


MAY 14 - 27, 2015


In addition to tequila cocktails, guests were treated to Alaskan and Odell Beers or wines that included Emilio Moro 2010 and Finca Resalso 2013. Best local beer nominees included fine samples from Saint Arnold, 8th Wonder, Karbach, Lone Pint, and Buffalo Bayou Brewery. The winner was Yellow Rose from Lone Pint Brewery. It’s a single malt, single hop IPA available in bottles or on draft in bars throughout the city. Another tough category was bar of the year. The nominees included some of Houston’s hottest spots and some of my favorites as well. Up for the award were Camerata, El Big Bad, Julep, Lei Low, Mongoose VS Cobra, Moving Sidewalk, and Neil’s Bar. The winner was Alba Huerta’s beautiful bar, Julep. Its elegant Southern charm is hard to resist and so are the mint juleps. Best new restaurant of the year was decided by an online voting tournament that started April 28th. Four rounds of voting narrowed the 16 nominees down to just two – Prohibition Supperclub & Bar and Tout Suite. The winner was Prohibition! Restaurant of the year went to Oxheart. Chefs of the year were Seth Siegel-Gardener and Terrence Gallivan from The Pass & Provisions. Rising Star Chef of the Year was Patrick Feges from Southern Goods. Neighborhood Restaurant of the year was Coltivare. Best Restaurant Service went to The Pass & Provisions. The evening not only celebrated the best in the food industry, but the beneficiary of the event was the Washington Avenue Arts District. It is a state recognized cultural art district and home to more than 250 art studios. Overall, it was a fantastic evening and a big congratulation goes out to all the nominees and winners. I can’t wait until next year’s awards!

Lasagna continued from page 17 us. Our staff is highly faithful and loyal. They want us to succeed and do everything they can to make sure every guest leaves happy and full. They take it upon themselves to deep clean, come up with neat, creative ideas and take care of our small Italian restaurant in any way that they can. When Lasagna House first opened they bought from local family-owned vendors who made everything from scratch. They got to know their patrons and depended on word of mouth. We’re still a little old fashioned and I think our customers appreciate that. Lasagna House has always supported local charities, why do you feel this is important to do? I feel I have been very blessed in my life. It is natural, I think, for most of us to want to give back and help those in need. There are many people in this city that don’t have basic amenities. My wife and I feel it’s important to us to have a tradition of serving and sharing that we can pass on to others. We support the Montgomery County Food Bank, Special Olympics and various schools and churches in our area. We also support our military and civil servants like the police and firefighters who keep us safe. We offer 20% off every day to current or retired military or police in uniform with proof of service. Lasagna House has other locations. Are they all affiliated? There are three Lasagna Houses in Houston; this one on 1960, one on Westheimer and Eldridge and one in Town Center in Sugarland. We are all good friends. The other two locations are owned by Jeff and Alan Smith, who also own the Hasta La Pastas. They owned this store for 18 years until they decided to sell it to my wife and me. I still call them for advice almost weekly, because I have never owned a restaurant before and there are many small details that still catch me off guard. We all share a website and have made sure that the gift cards you buy can be used at any location. I find it very cool that a mom and pop restaurant now has an app for your phone. What made you decide to create an app and how does one sign up for it? The mobile app is available through Google Play. Just type in Lasagna House. You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter. The app was something we decided to roll out for all the stores. Mr. Jeff and I talked about it and thought it was a cool way to communicate new specials we are creating or special events we are planning. It also has a guest rewards program built in, so if you card is virtually stamped every time you visit us, your fifth meal is on the house. We were looking for a way to thank our regulars for coming in and supporting us. Five words to describe Lasagna House? Old fashioned, familiar, hospitable, friendly and delicious, not necessarily in that order. The Lasagna House III is located at 217 FM 1960 (Cypress Creek Parkway) just off I-45 in Houston, Texas. Their telephone number is (281) 580-7797 and they are open seven days a week from 11am to 9pm (opening at 11:30am on Sundays)

PUBLIC NEWS DINING GUIDE Public News is going through this directory to make sure our readers have the most accurate and up-to-date information on locally owned and operated restaurants. The strength of our local economy depends on supporting local merchants such as these.

CONROE 105 Cafe 3010 W Davis St (936) 539-3447 Alfonso’s Mexican Restaurant 1208 S Frazier St (936) 441-9110 Asian Bbq & Grill 604 N Loop 336 W (936) 539-3995 Asian Fusion Noodle Bowl 3301 W Davis St (936) 828-3469 Baytown Seafood Restauranta 1400 N Frazier St (936) 494-2246 Burger Boy 217 E Davis St (936) 756-3440 Burger Fresh 804 Gladstell Rd # 110 (936) 756-4414 Carmelita’s Restaurant 109 W Davis St (936) 539-3323 Chelsea’s Tea Room 202 N Main St (936) 539-2993 Chiller Bee Frozen Yogurt 2820 Interstate 45 N (936) 756-2337 China Buffet 226 S Loop 336 W (936) 788-2888 China Delight 1108 N Loop 336 W (936) 756-8686 Clint’s Kuntry Katfish Catering 5855 W Davis St (936) 760-2737 Corner Pub Delia 302 N Main St (936) 788-2390 Culver’s 1426 N Loop 336 W (936) 788-5959 East Buffet 2104 N Frazier St (936) 760-1007 El Bosque 1420 N Loop 336 W (936) 539-3823 El Kiosko Taqueira 116 S Frazier St (936) 539-6794 El Oro 225 S Main St (936) 756-4315 El Rincon 705 Everett St (936) 756-5522 El Tucan Refresqueria 516 Mill Ave (936) 539-6492 Frutilandia 525 S Frazier St (936) 441-3045 Gallery Off The Square 202 N Main St (936) 539-2993 Garden Cafe 1406 N Loop 336 W (936) 539-9663 George’s Bar & Grill 2031 Plantation Dr (936) 788-8222 Hibacha Grill & Super Buffet 2020 Interstate 45 N (936) 788-9999 Honey Bee Ham & Deli 1418 N Loop 336 W # I (936) 760-3354 Hunan Village Restaurant 1402 N Loop 336 W (936) 539-6811 I Love Sweets 1 Devonshire Dr (936) 539-4742 Jalisco Mexican Restaurant 201 N Frazier St (936) 756-2344 Joe’s Pizza & Pasta 1604 N Frazier St (936) 760-9002 LA Mariposa 1111 W Dallas St (936) 756-1222 LA Mexicana Restaurant 221 Mill Ave (936) 539-6791 LA Palapa 402 E Davis St (936) 756-8408 LA Palma Taco 309 W Avenue G (936) 539-6792 Los Altos De Jalisco 1108 N Loop 336 W (936) 756-2233 Los Carnales Taqueria 1121 N 1st St (936) 718-0874 Main Street Cafe a 330 N Main St (936) 756-8885 Mama Juanita’s Mexican 1118 League Line Rd (936) 856-9012

Margarita & Peppers 2259 N Loop 336 W (936) 788-1408 Margarita’s Mexican 1027 N Loop 336 W (936) 647-3880 Maverick Saloon 2017 N Frazier St # E2 (936) 539-9300 Mckenzie’s Bbq & Burgers 1501 N Frazier St (936) 756-3131 Meztizos Restaurant & Bar 721 W Davis St (936) 760-3220 Mollys Pub Conroe 901 N Loop 336 W (936) 441-6167 New Conroe Japanese House 2107 W Davis St (936) 756-6866 Ostioneria Caminos 400 S Frazier St (936) 760-3803 Pie In The Sky Pie Co 3600 N Loop 336 W (936) 760-3301 Pincho Rico Grill 2017 N Frazier St (936) 756-3077 Pit Stop 4203 Old Highway 105 (936) 539-9274 Red Brick Tavern 119 Simonton St (936) 539-2000 River Plantation Grille 550 Country Club Dr (936) 271-1083 Shogun Japanese Grill & Sushi 2107 W Davis St # A (936) 756-6886 Smokey Mo’s 2960 Interstate 45 N (936) 441-2323 Star Cinema Grill 2000 Interstate 45 N (936) 539-6088 Taqueria & Panaderia San Luis 402 E Davis St (936) 788-1199 Taqueria Guerrero 129 S Frazier St (936) 242-8176 Taqueria Jalisco 1108 N Loop 336 W # L (936) 756-2233 Taqueria Mexicana 2017 N Frazier St (936) 756-3150 Taqueria Sol De Mexico 820 N Loop 336 W (936) 756-9316 Tejas Mexican Restaurant 105 N 6th St (936) 756-6559 Thirsty’s 192 Fm 3083 Rd (936) 441-1050 Toasted Yolk Cafe 2129 W Davis St (936) 828-3944 Tortilleria LA Buena Bida 1103 W Dallas St (936) 756-2133 Tortilleria LA Unica 808 N 1st St (936) 441-4477 Tri Mexican Restaurant 129 S Frazier St (936) 756-0626 Van Thong Chinese/Vietnamese 2114 W Davis St (936) 756-8762 Vernon’s Kuntry Bar-B-Que 5000 W Davis St (936) 539-3000 Vernon’s Kuntry Katfish 5901 Highway 105 W (936) 760-3386 Vero Italian Kitchen 1301 W Davis St (936) 441-0411 Villa Italia 603 N Thompson St (936) 539-5599 Weng’s Wok 1140 N Fm 3083 Rd W (936) 756-8888 Whistle Stop Cafe 11133 Interstate 45 S (936) 828-4652 Wild Ginger 3061 Interstate 45 N (936) 788-9988

HUMBLE Baytown Seafood & Bar 7855 N Sam Houston (281) 441-5187 Beijing Wok Restaurant 21131 Aldine Westfield (281) 821-0367 Cactus Moon 1702 Wilson Rd (281) 446-2202 Cafe East Humble 260 1st St W (281) 548-0082 Catfish Cafe 7042 Fm 1960 Rd (281) 812-8055 Chez Nous French Restaurant 217 S Avenue G (281) 446-6717 Culver’s 5420 Atascocita Rd (281) 812-8600 El Jalapeno Mexican Cafe 5324 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 548-2230 El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant 24551 Loop 494 # 111 (281) 358-5660 Fiesta Azteca Restaurant 20669 W Lake Houston (281) 812-3002 Fish Place 5324 Atascocita Rd (281) 318-7096 Ginger Cafe 7548 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 812-8853

Goings Barbeque 20669 W Lake Houston (832) 644-9721 Got Wings 10920 Will Clayton Pwy (281) 441-9464 Grand Garden 5324 Atascocita (281) 812-5858 Granny’s Tamales Three 802 1st St E # 802 (281) 446-0363 Grimes Bakery 14618 Lee Rd (281) 441-9213 Happy Buddha Japanese Steak 9556 W Fm 1960 Rd (281) 446-3373 Hector’s Mexican Restaurants 3333 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 446-1803 Hin’s Garden 4582 Kingwood (281) 360-3388 Honey Bee Ham & Deli 9638 Fm 1960 Bypass (281) 446-1222 Humble City Cafe 200 E Main St (281) 319-0200 Humble Ice 6902 Bender Rd (281) 441-3318 Italiano’s Restaurant 217 Fm 1960 Bypass (281) 446-6111 Javaman Coffee 19131 Sprinters (281) 812-5726 Jitters Coffee 18445 W Lake Houston (281) 360-9589 Johnny’s Pizza House 20669 W Lake Houston (281) 570-4652 Kay’s Sandwich Shop 204 Charles St (281) 446-2662 LA Cabana Mexican Restaurant 3390 Fm 1960 Rd W (281) 209-1585 Las Ramadas Mexican Grill 18455 W Lk Houst Pkwy (281) 812-4900 Lavilla Mexican Restaurant 7920 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 441-7222 Lexey’s 7015 Manor Way (281) 548-7774 Lia’s Drive Inn 14010 Homestead (281) 441-2051 Lloyd’s Bar 111 N Avenue A (281) 446-5565 Los Vega Mexican Restaurant 3824 Atascocita Rd (281) 812-4567 Manuel’s Mexican Restaurant 5856 Fm 1960 (281) 852-6322 Mencius Gourmet Hunan 1379 Kingwood Dr (281) 359-8489 Mimi’s Tea Room LLC 8042 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 360-6464 Mo’s B-B-Q 8321 Fm 1960 Bypass (281) 548-3777 N Zone 1005 1st St E (281) 348-9063 Nara Thai Dining 18455 W Lk Houst Pkwy (281) 812-0291 Noyola’s Mexican Restaurant 242 1st St W # B (281) 319-4912 Pizziola’s 8790 Fm 1960 Bypass (281) 446-3260 Queso Bonito 1123 S Houston Ave (281) 446-0095 Rico’s Mexican Restaurant 1377 Kingwood Dr (281) 358-2637 Sarap Pinoy 19333 Highway 59 N (281) 446-5080 Sarpino’s Pizzeria 5326 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 548-7492 Savvas Greek Cuisine & Grill 6730 Atascocita Rd (281) 312-6358 Smoothies Ice Cream 20131 Highway 59 N (281) 446-2191 Taco Flores 4806 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 852-8338 Tai Li Chinese Restaurant 7948 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 852-9507 Tamales Atascocita 5105 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 812-0444 Texas Long Branch Saloon 314 Moonshine Hill Lp (281) 319-5400 Tin Roof BBQ 18918 Town Center (281) 852-5577 Titas Taco House 320 Wilson Rd (281) 446-4175 Top Hat Catering Co 1702 Wilson Rd (281) 446-8434 Trigg’s Catering 1414 1st St E (281) 540-2700 Trigg’s Humble Inn 1410 E Bus F M 1960 (281) 446-9484 Twin Oaks Tavern 211 E Main St # 4 (281) 359-8687 Wazabi Sushi Bar 8130 Fm 1960 Rd E (281) 359-2555 Westco Breakfast House 5371 Atascocita Rd (281) 852-9065

AUTHENTIC MEXICAN STREET TACOS 5200 FM 2920 #120, Spring, TX 77388

(281) 288-0940



OPEN DAILY 6am-10pm

19790 Interstate 45 Spring, TX 77379 (713) 389-5627 15% OFF ENTIRE MEAL

466 Rayford Rd # 107 (281) 419-3553 FAMILY FRIENDLY NEW EXPANDED MENU ITEMS SPORTS BAR SMOKE FREE Open 11am daily, 12 noon Sundays


MAY 14 - 27, 2015



Brody, Sallah, Indy’s college, the Nazis, a JudeoChristian artifact, an independent female character and Middle East locations. At first glance, it’s easy to see how a Temple of Doom fan could become disappointed and set Last Crusade aside, despite the performances of Harrison Ford and Sean Connery. However, it’s important to remember that Last Crusade contains elements its predecessors are without. The film possesses much stronger character development and acting, and delivers a more emotional conclusion due to the fatherson relationship and John Williams’ score. The father-son story alone gives the film more depth than its predecessors, making it resonate on a more personal level. Last Crusade also features treacherous Austrian archeologist Elsa Schneider (Alison Doody), the trilogy’s first femme fatale. Could Spielberg have given us a third film that stood apart from its predecessors to the extreme that Temple of Doom stood apart from Raiders? Yes, but as Spielberg stated in the making-of documentary for Last Crusade, he simply wanted to “bring back the spirit of the original Raiders.” Spielberg definitely accomplished that objective, and regardless whether he could have done so with a “different” movie, the end result was still nothing short of superb entertainment. Crystal Skull

by Glen Ryan Tadysh In light of last week’s Vanity Fair article on Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy’s confirmation of a new Indiana Jones film in the distant future, my brain’s been under a bit of an Indy spell. The Original Trilogy Unlike Star Wars, I wasn’t introduced to Indiana Jones at a young age. I don’t recall my parents ever talking about the films and we certainly didn’t own any of them. It’s difficult for me to place the exact moment I learned of the series’ and titular character’s existence, but I do remember seeing a syndicated episode of Full House (1987–1995) in the late 1990s where the Tanner family visits Disney World (“The House Meets the Mouse”), and D.J. imagines her boyfriend as Indy in the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular! And even I finally learned Glen Ryan Tadych when who Indy was, I never understood the significance of that particular Disney attraction. At one point in the fifth grade, a friend loaned me a copy of Young Indiana Jones and the Tomb of Terror (1990)—an incredibly short, young-


MAY 14 - 27, 2015

adult adventure novel. While I read the book, my curiosity regarding the titular character still wasn’t aroused, and other than seeing my grandfather watch Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989) at one point in my pre-teen years, I had no real exposure to the film series until I was 17. In my final semester of high school, I went on a spring trip to Disney World with my school’s band, where I experienced the Epic Stunt Spectacular! for the first time. A week after the trip I saw a trailer for Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), realizing I had yet to see a single Indiana Jones film. Of course, there was no way in hell I would watch the fourth film without seeing the original trilogy. My initial reaction to the original films (viewing them in release order) was what anyone might expect. I loved Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and Last Crusade, and found myself disappointed with Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984). The obvious explanation for such a reaction stems from the sharp contrast in tone separating the first and third films from the second. Temple of Doom could be considered the ugly duckling in many ways, at least prior to Crystal Skull’s release. My actual love for this series didn’t truly come about until I finally acquired a set of the films—yes, all four—just three years ago. At this time I was becoming a huge admirer of Spielberg’s films, and paying closer attention to his style of storytelling. I found myself frequently watching films I’ve always known and loved, such as Jaws (1975) and Jurassic Park (1993), and experiencing others like Close Encounters


of the Third Kind (1977) and The Sugarland Express (1973) for the first time. As my Spielberg obsession grew, I paid closer attention to how the Indiana Jones films differed from one another. Seeing how they were made and the mode of thinking that went into each film’s conception not only broadened my perception of the series, but also helped me understand Crystal Skull’s negative reception. That being said, I have to admit I didn’t watch Temple of Doom too often at first—hardly at all in fact. I still had the bad taste in my mouth from my first viewing. Curiosity eventually got the better of me though, and it wasn’t long before I experienced Temple of Doom again. Before I knew it, I found myself enjoying the film just as much as Raiders and Last Crusade. My attitude toward Temple of Doom changed as I began to understand why it was darker, and overall different, than the others. If anything, I actually applaud Spielberg and George Lucas for straying away from formula and making a completely different film than Raiders. I feel a sequel should never be a rehash of its predecessor because you want to keep the series fresh and not cheat your audience by delivering the same end result. Of course, none of this is to say Last Crusade was a rehash of Raiders, because it wasn’t. Some viewers feel it was too similar to the original film, and dislike Last Crusade for that reason. I wouldn’t make that argument, although it certainly shared more of a kinship with Raiders than Temple of Doom in terms of tone and story. In Last Crusade, we see the return of Marcus

My brother and I took the opportunity to watch the fourth Indiana Jones film in theaters, and our reaction to that film was completely contrary to general fan reaction. We loved it. We found ourselves laughing throughout the movie, and overall enjoyed Crystal Skull’s story. As a matter of fact, I didn’t learn of the intense hatred toward the film until nearly three years later when a friend of mine became distraught at the sound of me saying Crystal Skull wasn’t that bad a movie. I was shocked to say the least in discovering so many people hated the film, saying Spielberg and Lucas destroyed their childhood by “raping” their beloved franchise; in a similar manner as with Lucas and the Star Wars prequels. I generally don’t respond well to this type of criticism, as I find it to be fueled by nothing more than narrow-minded ignorance instead of constructive thoughts. And while I know I’m part of a minute group which enjoys Crystal Skull, that doesn’t mean I blindly enjoy the film. By itself, Crystal Skull isn’t a bad movie. It’s certainly a better film compared to any of the Star Wars prequels, and yes, even Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005). Sorry, but parts of that film are so tastelessly hokey, cringing isn’t even enough to compensate. Crystal Skull’s hokey elements are at least added with intent, given that type of old-fashioned campiness is part of what Indiana Jones is about. People can say what they want about Shia LaBeouf, but his character in Crystal Skull was certainly better than Sam Witwicky in the Transformers series. Was he the best choice to play the son of Indy? No, but he can at least still bring humor into the movie, and anyone who grew up watching Even Stevens (1999–2003) on Disney more than likely laughed a few times. I think we should consider ourselves lucky that LaBeouf performed most of his own stunts in the film, and legitimately crossed swords with Kate Blanchett. It could have all been done with CGI, but we were fortunate enough to still get practical, inyour-face stunt work in the digital age we live in. Anyone who’s watched the behind-the-scenes material for Crystal Skull would know that the majority of the film contained real locations, practical effects and elaborate physical sets. Again, we were lucky to get any of that. Continuing on, here’s a simple list for the other pros and cons of Crystal Skull. Pros • A fantastic and energetic John Williams

score • Return of Ford as Indy, and Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood • A fresh antagonistic force • Attention to detail and effort in recreating the 1950s • Continuing to incorporate real legends/ mythology: Area 51, crystal skulls, Francisco de Orellana, Nazca Lines and El Dorado • Most of Indy’s one-liners Cons • Failure to duplicate Douglas Slocombe’s lighting and cinematography styles • No reprisal of Marcus Brody due to the passing of Denholm Elliott • David Koepp writing the script rather than Lawrence Kasdan • CG elements: prairie dogs, monkeys, the alien and flying saucer • LaBeouf swinging on vines in the jungle Now, I want to elaborate on the point regarding Koepp. I don’t have any problem with Koepp as a screenwriter, or a director for that matter. I enjoy the majority of his films, and his adaptation of Stephen King’s Secret Window, Secret Garden —Secret Window (2004)—is not only one of my favorite thrillers, but it’s definitely his best work in my eyes. I simply feel that when looking at the majority of Koepp’s scripts, I don’t think he was the best choice for writing and finalizing the first Indiana Jones film after a 20-year hiatus. I’m not sure whether Kasdan was approached to pen Crystal Skull, and if not, I feel Spielberg and Lucas should have brought the original screenwriter back to help resurrect the series. Given Crystal Skull’s major transition in setting and genre, Kasdan’s input in my opinion, was greatly needed. I feel most of the elements that comprise an Indiana Jones film were present in Crystal Skull though. And I say “most of” because I won’t deny the presence of an incomplete soul as far as the film is concerned. Elements encompassing the spirit of Indiana Jones, which were present in the first three films, are most certainly absent from Crystal Skull. I’d like to point out though that I don’t contest the filmmakers’ decision to move the period from pre-WWII 1930s to Cold War-era 1950s, and establish a science-fiction genre. Without those two elements, there isn’t even a film to discuss. What I find to be an intriguing idea, is taking a genre-based series like Indiana Jones and experimenting by shifting the foundation. Obviously, it didn’t work out, but had some different decisions been made in the creative process, Crystal Skull would definitely have been received in a more favorable light. I’m not going to bash the “Nuke the Fridge” scene either because honestly, I found that entire sequence hilarious. And what I find even more hilarious is that the ridiculousness of the original three films can be digested without issue, but Indy surviving a nuclear blast in a lead-lined fridge is crossing the line. These films aren’t to be taken seriously to the point that one judges them based on reality. That’s not what they’re about. Indiana Jones films are about fun-filled entertainment based in the style of classic actionadventure, and I feel a lot of that was forgotten due to nostalgia when folks watched Crystal Skull. And if one wants to blame my rationalization on not having grown up with the series, so be it. But at the end of the day, Crystal Skull can still be a fun film to watch. The Future So what does the future hold for the Indiana Jones franchise? An endless stream of ideas and concerns accompany this question, the greatest

of them being who will take up the hat and whip. Despite what anyone’s saying so far, it’s fair to assume Ford won’t be returning to the series due to his age. Ford proved he could handle the role at 65 in Crystal Skull, and the story’s timeline being pushed forward 19 years—the same time gap between the films’ releases—only helped sell Ford’s reprisal. However, as much as some only want to see the role in Ford’s hands, two facts make recasting Indy inevitable. 1) Ford will be beyond his current age of 72 by the time a new film even gets off the ground, meaning not only will it be harder to accept him as the character, but depending on his health and strength at the time, Ford may be physically unable to handle the demands of Indy. 2) The series needs to return to the pre-WWII 1930s setting, like in the original trilogy. Quite frankly, this is the only way resurrecting the franchise will work given Crystal Skull’s reception. Moving Indy to the 1950s era of Cold War paranoia and sci-fi B-movies, while interesting and a bold move, simply didn’t work. The spirit of Indiana Jones belongs in the 1930s, and shifting back two decades from Crystal Skull only renders Ford’s return all the more illogical. I wouldn’t be surprised if fans’ negative reactions to the thought of another actor portraying Indy were similar to those of James Bond fans when Connery officially retired from the role after Diamonds are Forever (1971). But as many including myself consider Indy to be America’s Bond, this franchise like its British counterpart should get to live on through generations with a variety of actors in the character’s shoes. And on another note regarding the Bond

franchise, one thing Disney and Lucasfilm can take away from it is the fact that series hasn’t been without its blunders. So it’s important the filmmakers not cheat fans by aiming for quantity rather than quality when returning Indy to the big screen. So with all this in mind, who is a viable candidate for Indy? If I were to throw a name into the hat, it would most definitely be Chris Pratt. I honestly feel Pratt is the only real choice right now, and my reasoning for this is his role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014). Pratt essentially played Han Solo in that film—a sarcastic, cocky and (initially) selfish space pirate who is both witty and charming—and he did so perfectly, which to me, makes him ideal for the role of Indy. But even if we get the right actor, what artifact will our hero go after this time, and whom shall he go up against? In the making-of documentary for Raiders, Lucas said the story concept of Indiana Jones was “an archeologist who goes around finding ancient artifacts that have a supernatural flavor to them.” This statement gives us endless possibilities as to what Indy could search for. In discussing this subject with other fans, one proposal I found interesting was the Shroud of Turin, a 14-foot piece of linen cloth which bears the image a man believed by many to be Jesus Christ. The cloth itself is believed to be the burial shroud of Christ due to the figure’s wounds being consistent with those of crucifixion. Having never before heard of this artifact, I found the idea of an Indiana Jones story based

on it rather interesting. However, given the series has already dealt with two Judeo-Christian artifacts, I feel our hero should go after something different, much like the approach Temple of Doom took. Something involving the mythologies of Ancient Egypt or Greece could make for a fresh chapter in the franchise, my favorite of the possibilities being Pandora’s Box. And while I know one could argue that artifact’s similarity to the Ark of the Covenant, there are still many fascinating creative directions a writer could go with it. Other options include Atlantis, the Fountain of Youth, Excalibur, the Ring of Gyges, Camelot, the Philosopher’s Stone and countless others. As far as antagonists are concerned, the only thing I’d prefer to not see is Indy going up against Nazis, as we already received this treatment twice. Given Indy’s line of work, he’s certainly without a shortage of enemies. So as long it’s not Nazis hunting our hero, I’m game. I know the Monkey King—known in Chinese literature as Sun Wukong—was a character Lucas and various screenwriters played around with during development of both Temple of Doom and Last Crusade, so perhaps that character could finally make it into the series. In the end, I feel it doesn’t matter what Lucasfilm decides to go with as long as the rules established by the original trilogy are followed, and the mistakes of Crystal Skull are learned from. I say it’s time for these types of old-fashioned action-adventure films to make a comeback in American cinema, and there’s no better way to kick it off than with the return of the man in the hat.


MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Mad Max: Fury Road R 120 min Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller In a stark desert landscape where humanity is broken, two rebels just might be able to restore order: Max, a man of action and of few words, and Furiosa, a woman of action who is looking to make it back to her childhood homeland. Director: George Miller Stars: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Zoë Kravitz Pitch Perfect 2 (2015) PG-13 115 min Comedy | Music After a humiliating command performance at Lincoln Center, the Barden Bellas enter an international competition that no American group has ever won in order to regain their status and right to perform. Director: Elizabeth Banks Stars: Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, Hailee Steinfeld, Brittany Snow May 22 Tomorrowland (2015)


PG 130 min - Action Bound by a shared destiny, a teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor embark on a mission to unearth the secrets of a place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory. Director: Brad Bird Stars: George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy Poltergeist PG-13 93 min Horror | Thriller A family whose suburban home is haunted by evil forces must come together to rescue their youngest daughter after the apparitions take her captive. Director: Gil Kenan Stars: Sam Rockwell, Rosemarie DeWitt, Kennedi Clements, Saxon Sharbino Aloft R 112 min Drama Aloft tells of a struggling mother who encounters the son she abandoned 20 years earlier.


Director: Claudia Llosa Stars: Jennifer Connelly, Cillian Murphy, Mélanie Laurent, Oona Chaplin May 29 San Andreas PG-13 114 min Action | Drama | Thriller In the aftermath of a massive earthquake in California, a rescue-chopper pilot makes a dangerous journey across the state in order to rescue his estranged daughter. Director: Brad Peyton Stars: Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, Carla Gugino, Colton Haynes Aloha PG-13 Comedy | Drama | Romance A celebrated military contractor returns to the site of his greatest career triumphs and re-connects with a long-ago love while unexpectedly falling for the hard-charging Air Force watchdog assigned to him. Director: Cameron Crowe Stars: Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Bradley Cooper, John Krasinski

MAY 14 - 27, 2015



ASK JODY Once upon a time there was a teenager named Jody whose friends would flock to her for advice. She was a great listener and empathized with the plight of the human race. She earned a Masters in Clinical Psychology and went on to become a Licensed Professional Counselor and also a Special Education teacher. These two roles helped prepare her for the biggest role of her life (drum roll please)...the one role that combines countless fields of expertise, such as counseling, teaching, nursing, cooking, chauffeuring, ad nauseam. The fairy tale doesn’t end with her becoming a princess, but she has landed the all-encompassing role of Mom! So now that she has many years of life experience, she would like to reach out to a broader audience and help anyone who would like some advice, no matter what stage of life they are in. So, let’s go! Dear Jody, My boyfriend has been acting kind of weird lately. He makes plans with me and then cancels at the last minute. He has a different excuse each time. One time he said that his friend just had a bad breakup and needed to talk. Last time it was that his mom’s car broke down and he had to drive her to an appointment. I really like him, but I am beginning to think that maybe he wants to end our relationship. I’ve been afraid to bring it up to him, but I feel like I am being slowly pushed out of his life. What should I do? Sincerely, Feeling Neglected

Jody Reed

Dear Feeling Neglected, I feel the pain through your words, and I wish I could give you a big hug. Either one of two things is likely going on. Either your boyfriend is a really nice guy and doesn’t say no to a person in need, or he is a coward and just phasing you out in hopes that you will be the one to break up with him. If he is really helping people in need, then I would recommend communicating your needs to him and share with him how you feel when he doesn’t follow through with the plans he makes with you. If he is hoping you will break up with him, my advice is the same communicate with him how you are feeling and don’t drag it out any longer. It is better to know sooner rather than later so you can move on with your life. Either way, communication is key.

5 to 7 R 95 min Comedy | Drama | Romance An aspiring novelist enters into a relationship with a woman, though there’s just one catch: She’s married, and the couple can only meet between the hours of 5 and 7 each evening. Director: Victor Levin Stars: Anton Yelchin, Bérénice Marlohe, Olivia Thirlby, Lambert Wilson Adult Beginners R 90 min Comedy | Drama A young, narcissistic entrepreneur crashes and burns on the eve of his company’s big launch. With his entire life in total disarray, he leaves Manhattan to move in with his estranged pregnant sister, brother-in-law and 3-year-old nephew in the suburbs - only to become their nanny. Director: Ross Katz Stars: Nick Kroll, Rose Byrne, Bobby Cannavale, Joel McHale Avengers: Age of Ultron PG-13 141 min Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller When Tony Stark tries to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and it is up to the Avengers to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans. Director: Joss Whedon Stars: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth Black Sea R 115 min Adventure | Thriller Soon after losing his salvage job, former naval officer Robinson (Jude Law) assembles a misfit crew of unemployed sailors for a risky mission: Find a sunken Nazi U-boat, rumored to contain a fortune in gold. Promising each man an equal share, Robinson leads the mixed British and Russian crew to comb the depths of the Black Sea. Before long, greed takes hold of a crew already divided along language and cultural lines -- and the fewer men that make it back alive, the more gold to go around. Director: Kevin Macdonald Stars: Jude Law, Jodie Whittaker, Ben Mendelsohn, Tobias Menzies Cinderella PG 112 min Adventure | Drama | Family | Fantasy | Romance When her father unexpectedly passes away, young Ella finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother and her daughters. Never one to give up hope, Ella’s fortunes begin to change after meeting a dashing stranger in the woods. Director: Kenneth Branagh Stars: Lily James, Cate Blanchett, Richard Madden, Helena Bonham Carter Danny Collins R 106 min Comedy | Drama Inspired by a true story, Al Pacino stars as aging 1970s rocker Danny Collins, who can’t give up his hard-living ways. But when his manager (Christopher Plummer) uncovers a 40 year-old undelivered letter written to him by John Lennon, he

decides to change course and embarks on a heartfelt journey to rediscover his family, find true love and begin a second act. Director: Dan Fogelman Stars: Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Jennifer Garner, Bobby Cannavale Effie Gray PG-13 108 min Drama Based on the real-life scandal that shocked Victorian-era England, the film tells the story of Euphemia “Effie” Gray. At 19, she married the prominent art historian and critic John Ruskin, but Ruskin refused to consummate their marriage. Lonely and frustrated Effie is drawn to pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais, and finds a friend and champion in Lady Elizabeth Eastlake. After five years trapped in a loveless marriage, Effie will defy the rules of Victorian society. Director: Richard Laxton Stars: Dakota Fanning, Greg Wise, Tom Sturridge, Emma Thompson Ex Machina R 108 min Drama | Sci-Fi Caleb, a 26 year old coder at the world’s largest internet company, wins a competition to spend a week at a private mountain retreat belonging to Nathan, the reclusive CEO of the company. But when Caleb arrives at the remote location he finds that he will have to participate in a strange and fascinating experiment in which he must interact with the world’s first true artificial intelligence, housed in the body of a beautiful robot girl. Director: Alex Garland Stars: Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac, Sonoya Mizuno Furious 7 PG-13 137 min Action | Crime | Thriller Dominic Torretto and his crew thought they left the criminal mercenary life behind. They defeated an international terrorist named Owen Shaw and went their seperate ways. But now, Shaw’s brother, Deckard Shaw is out killing the crew one by one for revenge. Worse, a Somalian terrorist called Jakarde, and a shady government official called “Mr. Nobody” are both competing to steal a computer terrorism program called God’s Eye, that can turn any technological device into a weapon. Torretto must reconvene with his team to stop Shaw and retrieve the God’s Eye program while caught in a power struggle between terrorist and the United States government. Director: James Wan Stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham Get Hard R 100 min Comedy When millionaire hedge fund manager James (Will Ferrell) is nailed for fraud and bound for a stretch in San Quentin, the judge gives him 30 days to get his affairs in order. Desperate, he turns to Darnell (Kevin Hart) to prep him for a life behind bars. But despite James’ one-percenter assumptions, Darnell is a hard-working small business owner who has never

received a parking ticket, let alone been to prison. Together, the two men do whatever it takes for James to “get hard” and, in the process, discover how wrong they were about a lot of things – including each other. Director: Etan Cohen Stars: Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie, T.I. Home PG 94 min Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family | Fantasy | Sci-Fi When Oh, a loveable misfit from another planet, lands on Earth and finds himself on the run from his own people, he forms an unlikely friendship with an adventurous girl named Tip who is on a quest of her own. Through a series of comic adventures with Tip, Oh comes to understand that being different and making mistakes is all part of being human. And while he changes her planet and she changes his world, they discover the true meaning of the word home. Director: Tim Johnson Stars: Jim Parsons, Rihanna, Steve Martin, Jennifer Lopez Hot Pursuit PG-13 87 min Action | Comedy An uptight and by-the-book cop tries to protect the outgoing widow of a drug boss as they race through Texas pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen. Director: Anne Fletcher Stars: Reese Witherspoon, Sofía Vergara, Matthew Del Negro, Michael Mosley Insurgent PG-13 119 min Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller Now on the run from Jeanine (Kate Winslet) and the rest of the power-hungry Erudites, Tris (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Theo James) search for allies and answers in the ruins of Chicago. They must find out what Tris’ family sacrificed their lives to protect and why the Erudites will do anything to stop them. Side by side, Tris and Four face one seemingly insurmountable challenge after another, as they unravel the secrets of the past and -- ultimately -- the future of their world. Director: Robert Schwentke Stars: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort, Theo James, Kate Winslet Little Boy PG-13 100 min Comedy | Drama | War An eight-year-old boy is willing to do whatever it takes to end World War II so he can bring his father home. The story reveals the indescribable love a father has for his little boy and the love a son has for his father. Director: Alejandro Monteverde Stars: Jakob Salvati, Emily Watson, David Henrie, Michael Rapaport Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 PG 94 min Action | Comedy After six years of keeping our malls safe, Paul Blart has earned a well-deserved vacation. He heads to Vegas with his teenage daughter before she heads off to college. But safety

PUBLIC NEWS DINING GUIDE Windy City Pizza 5377 Atascocita Rd (281) 812-2446

NORTH SPRING 3 B’s-Bill’s Burgers & Beera 466 Rayford Rd # 107 (281) 419-3553 Alfonso’s Mexican Restaurant 3126 Sawdust Rd (281) 298-8032 Amerigo’s Grill 25250 Grogans Park Dr (281) 362-0808 Asia Buffet 355 Sawdust Rd (832) 585-0688 Beijing Chinese Restaurant 409 Sawdust Rd (281) 363-2308 Bombay Mahal a 202 Sawdust Rd (281) 465-8383 Cactus Jacks 343 Sawdust Rd (281) 419-3644 Casa Imperial Mexican a 387 Sawdust Rd # C (281) 298-8195 Crescent Moon Wine Bar a 440 Rayford Rd #115A (281) 364-9463 Cru Wine Bar 9595 Six Pines Dr (281) 465-9463 Greek Tony’s Pizza & Sub Shop a 432 Sawdust Rd (281) 292-4313 Hello Taco 25114 Grogans Mill (832) 819-4639 Hyderabad House 407 Sawdust Rd (281) 203-5020 KOBE Japanese Grill & Sushi 433 Sawdust Rd (281) 298-2000 Mario’s Mexican Restaurant 610 Rayford Rd # 650 (281) 367-9336 Mooyah Burgers Fries & Shakes 2115 Rayford Rd (832) 585-0300 Pallotta’s Mexican Grill 2211 Rayford Rd # 119 (281) 362-1114 Pit Master BBQ 842 Rayford Rd (281) 362-1111 Sitar Cuisine Of India a 25701 Interstate 45 (281) 364-0200 Spring Asian Cuisine 2907 Rayford Rd # 106 (281) 298-7798


Alicia’s Mexican Grille 20920 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 350-8383 Alma Latina Taqueria 25222 Aldine Westfield (281) 288-1767 Antojitos Quiche 25190 Interstate 45 (281) 651-5391 Arturo’s Taqueria 1402 1/2 Spring Cypress (281) 350-6808 Barracudas a 2616 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 288-5376 Bombshells 21005 I-45 N. (281) 288-2769 Brother’s Pizza Express 163 Cypresswood Dr (281) 288-1300 Budegon Del Sur 26506 Oak Ridge Dr (832) 813-8334 C J’s Hot Dogs 4660 Louetta Rd (832) 299-6079 Chef Chan’s Restaurant 17833 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 370-3884 Chicago Joe’s 18433 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 533-3000 Corkscrew Bbq 24930 Budde Rd (832) 592-1184 Country Time BBQ & Fixins 25330 Richards Rd (281) 298-7455 Datpho Vietnamese Noodle House 523 Louetta Rd (281) 528-8989 El Palenque Mexican 1485 Spring Cypress Rd (281) 353-4055 Fiesta Acapulco 25770 Interstate 45 (281) 419-8666 Fukuda Sushi & Robata 25701 Interstate 45 (281) 419-8980 Golden China 25024 Interstate 45 (281) 363-2412 Golden Jade Chinese 1419 Spring Cypress (281) 350-5363 Gozzetti’s Pizzeria 8000 Mcbeth Way (832) 592-7750 Gratzi Italian Restaurant 6334 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 376-4800 Guadalajara Mexican Grille 27885 Interstate 45 (281) 362-0774 Hoi Yin Chinese Restaurant 200 Cypresswood Dr (281) 355-6800 Hong Kong Chinese 4334 Fm 2920 Rd # 10 (281) 528-9288 Hunan Garden Z 3930 Louetta Rd # I (281) 288-6288 I-45 Diner

MAY 14 - 27, 2015

19790 Interstate 45 (713) 389-5627 Italian Cafe 19620 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 528-2919 Jack Pot Pizza 6450 Louetta Rd (281) 257-0762 Juanita’s Mexican Grill 18525 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 379-3199 Kim Leng Chinese Restaurant 18430 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 355-0434 LA Cabana Mexican 4702 Louetta Rd (281) 907-7007 La Chef 5200 FM 2920 Ste 180 (832) 585-1840 Las Cascadas Mexican 250 Cypresswood Dr (281) 528-9921 Las Delicias Taqueria 5010 Louetta Rd (281) 374-0303 Le Pam’s House of Creole 1644 FM 1960 West (281) 444-1464 Los Generales Mexican 5407 Louetta Rd # F (281) 251-9390 Los Tres Ranchitos Restaurant 19620 Kuykendahl (281) 288-4304 Luly’s Mexican Kitchen 3307 Spring Stuebner (281) 907-0012 Main Moon Asian Bistro 2129 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 288-8868 Mama Juanita’s Mexican 3930 Louetta Rd (281) 288-3800 Mama Mia Italianas 30420 Fm 2978 (281) 419-7662 Mikey’s Pizza 6114 Root Rd (281) 251-5551 Ming Cafe 6052 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 257-4886 Nadia’s Mediterranean Grill 5921 Fm 2920 Rd # B (281) 907-7070 Nielsen’s Deli & Bakery 26830 Interstate 45 (281) 363-3354 Orient Express 4660 Louetta Rd # 180 (281) 288-5290 Pavarotti Italian Restaurant 4660 Louetta Rd # 130 (281) 350-9749 Pizza Tonight 27190 Glen Loch Dr (281) 465-4774 Pizza Zone 17711 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 257-3100 Pollos Asados El Regio 25602 Interstate 45 (281) 292-4377 Shogun


5941 Fm 2920 Rd # H (281) 288-0996 Sicily Pizza & Pasta 4890 Louetta Rd (281) 288-8004 Sreenath Murph’s Deli 20400 Interstate 45 N (281) 296-5303 Tabasco’s Mexican Grill 4334 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 288-0125 Taco Crave a 5200 FM 2920 #120 (281) 288-0940 Taipei China Bistro 25807 Interstate 45 (281) 363-9188 Taqueria Arandas 36 Inc 25598 Interstate 45 # A (281) 419-3582 Taqueria Los Petates 25602 Interstate 45 (281) 362-9333 Taqueria Rodeo De Jalisco 19411 Kuykendahl (281) 251-3186 Taquma Japanese Grill 5200 Louetta Rd (281) 251-6338 Thomas Bar B-Q 25312 Interstate 45 (281) 364-1177 Tommy Wok 18363 Kuykendahl (281) 251-9190 Wacky Mongolian Grill 21212 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 288-3232 Zum Barrel 13101 Kuykendahl (832) 446-3390

TOMBALL B J’s Pizza 24419 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 516-1770 Casa Amas Mexican 30522 State Hiway 249 (281) 255-8684 CC’s Cafe 1231 Alma St (281) 357-8025 Chang Gourmet Chinese 28575 State Hiway 249 (281) 255-9818 Chick N Fish House Of Tenders 32350 State Hiway 249 (281) 789-4193 Chinese Wok 1017 Louetta Rd (832) 717-7400 Ciscos Salsa Co 209 Commerce St (281) 351-7572 Ciudad Latina Grill & Market 32360 State Hiway249 (832) 521-3898 Cobi Ice Cream 11246 Timber Tech Ave (281) 516-1311 Cornerstone TX 990 Village Square (832) 422-1370

Country Bumpkins 18929 Telge Rd (281) 290-6512 Country Gardens 36102 Fm 149 Rd (281) 252-4443 Da Vinci’s Gallery & Expresso 315 W Main St (281) 516-9595 Deshazer Ranch 19600 Stone Lake Dr (281) 290-9585 Dragon Inn Restaurant 30006 State Hiway 249 (281) 351-9178 Dumas’s Taco Co 25435 Fm 2978 Rd (281) 255-9444 Egg & I 14051 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 516-9100 El Charro Grill 24914 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 516-2134 El Taco Madres 16918 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 351-8226 Ella’s Garden 1415 Ulrich Rd (281) 290-0998 Fang’s Cafe 24914 Kuykendahl (281) 516-0850 Fina’s Taco Factory 22526 Hufsmith Kohrville (832) 698-2395 Frey’s Backyard Cafe 14441 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 255-8282 Gianna Italian Kitchen 28301 State Hiway 249 (281) 290-6676 Golden Pagoda Chinese Rstrnt 908 W Main St (281) 351-8130 Goodson’s Cafe 27931 State Hiway 249 (281) 351-1749 Gumbeaux’s 9111 Hufsmith Kuykendahl (281) 323-8494 Harris County Smokehouse 14239 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 351-4060 Hugo’s Italian Grill & Pzzr 23110 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 257-9720 Hunan Inn Asian Bistro 11407 Spring Cypress (281) 251-8388 Israel Tinda Y Panaderla 17719 Kuykendahl (832) 559-3696 Jax B F S Tomball 32350 State Hiway 249 (281) 259-6569 Julio’s 19235 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 255-8818 LA Tranquila Ranch 9418 Fm 2920 Rd (281) 576-8882 LNT Family Dining Cafe

18535 Fm 1488 (281) 252-8357 Longhorn Builders 21931 Kobs Rd (281) 357-1465 Los Arcos Mexican Restaurant 28048 State Hiway 249 (281) 351-9677 Los Pinos Mexican Restaurant 1231 Alma St # A (281) 255-2636 Los Toros Mexican Grill 701 E Main St # 140 (281) 255-2526 Los Tres Ranchitos Mexican 16143 N Eldridge Pkwy (281) 826-0333 Luie’s Smokehouse 17323 Pikes Peek Ct (832) 868-3643 Macayo’s Mexican Restaurant 24814 Kuykendahl (281) 516-3015 Marco’s Pizza 16949 N Eldridge (281) 251-3334 Mel’s Country Cafe 24814 Stanolind Rd (281) 255-6357 Mexican Kitchen 16949 N Eldridge Pkwy (281) 251-5115 My Pizza 32360 State Hiway 249 (281) 259-2458 Nate’s Place 22526 Hufsmith Kohrville (832) 843-7977 Nona’s Italian Grill 1025 Alma St # E (281) 255-6088 Nonnie’s Soda Fountain 102 Market St (281) 516-1942 Nook Restaurant 1218 W Main St (281) 255-8406 Original Rib Tickler 28930 State Hiway 249 (281) 255-8119 Patsy’s 425 W Main St (281) 290-9664 Submarina 11022 Spring Cypress (281) 257-4432 Susie’s Tearoom 309 Market St # A (281) 516-4521 Tail Gate Grill 22008 Main Blvd (281) 255-9353 Taqeria Acapulco 32015 State Hiway 249 (281) 356-5885 Taste Of Asia 27910 State Hiway 249 (281) 516-0838 Tomball Bar-B-Q Co 30042 State Hiway 249 (281) 351-0929 Tomball Taqueria Restaurant 27941 State Hiway 249 (281) 516-7366

FILM IN THEATERS never takes a holiday and when duty calls, Blart answers. Director: Andy Fickman Stars: Kevin James, Raini Rodriguez, Eduardo Verástegui, Daniella Alonso The Age of Adaline PG-13 110 min Drama | Romance A young woman, born at the turn of 20th century, is rendered ageless after an accident. After years of a solitary life, she meets a man who might be worth losing her immortality for. Director: Lee Toland Krieger Stars: Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford, Kathy Baker The Gunman R 115 min Action | Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller A sniper on a mercenary assassination team, kills the minister of mines of the Congo. Terrier’s successful kill shot forces him into hiding. Returning to the Congo years later, he becomes the target of a hit squad himself. A former Special Forces soldier (Sean Penn) who has PTSD tries to reconnect with his longtime lover, but must first go on the run across Europe to clear his name. Director: Pierre Morel Stars: Sean Penn, Idris Elba, Jasmine Trinca, Javier Bardem The Last Five Years 94 min Comedy | Drama | Musical | RomanceThe Last 5 Years by Tony award winning composer and lyricist Jason Robert Brown is a musical deconstruction of a love affair and a marriage taking place over a five year period. Jamie Wellerstein is a young, talented up and coming Jewish novelist who falls in love with Cathy Hiatt, a Shiksa Goddess struggling actress. Their story is told almost entirely through songs using an intercutting time line device; all of Cathy’s songs begin at the end of their marriage and move backwards in time to the beginning of their love affair while Jamie’s songs start at the beginning of their affair and move forward to the end of their marriage. They meet in the center when Jamie proposes Director: Richard LaGravenese Stars: Anna Kendrick, Jeremy Jordan, Natalie Knepp, Meg Hudson The Longest Ride PG-13 139 min Drama | Romance Former bull-riding champion Luke (Scott Eastwood) and college student Sophia (Britt Robertson) are in love, but conflicting paths and ideals threaten to tear them apart: Luke hopes to make a comeback on the rodeo circuit, and Sophia is about to embark on her dream job in New York’s art world. As the couple ponder their romantic future, they find inspiration in Ira (Alan Alda), an elderly man whose decades-long romance with his beloved wife withstood the test of time. Director: George Tillman Jr. Stars: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Alan Alda, Jack Huston The Water Diviner R 111 min Drama | War

An Australian man travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons. Director: Russell Crowe Stars: Russell Crowe, Olga Kurylenko, Jai Courtney, Isabel Lucas True Story R 100 min Drama | Mystery | Thriller Jonah Hill plays Michael Finkel, a recently terminated New York Times journalist who’s struggling for work after a story gone wrong. One day, he receives a phone call from a man regarding an FBI Most Wanted individual named Christian Longo, who’s been captured and claimed to be living as Finkel. Longo and Finkel meet and form a potentially marriage shattering bond while Longo is in prison awaiting his trial. Finkel exchanges journalism tips for the real events behind Longo’s alleged heinous acts of murdering his family. Through the twists and turns in the movie, only at the end will Finkel uncover the True Story. Director: Rupert Goold Stars: James Franco, Jonah Hill, Felicity Jones, Ethan Suplee Unfinished Business R 91 min Comedy A hard-working small business owner (Vince Vaughn) and his two associates (Tom Wilkinson, Dave Franco) travel to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. But what began as a routine business trip goes off the rails in every imaginable - and unimaginable - way, including unplanned stops at a massive sex fetish event and a global economic summit. Director: Ken Scott Stars: Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco, Tom Wilkinson, James Marsden What We Do in the Shadows 86 min Comedy | Horror Follow the lives of Viago (Taika Waititi), Deacon (Jonathan Brugh), and Vladislav (Jemaine Clement) - three flatmates who are just trying to get by and overcome life’s obstacles-like being immortal vampires who must feast on human blood. Hundreds of years old, the vampires are finding that beyond sunlight catastrophes, hitting the main artery, and not being able to get a sense of their wardrobe without a reflectionmodern society has them struggling with the mundane like paying rent, keeping up with the chore wheel, trying to get into nightclubs, and overcoming flatmate conflicts Directors: Jemaine Clement | Taika Waititi Stars: Jemaine Clement, Taika Waititi, Jonathan Brugh, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer Woman in Gold PG-13 109 min Drama Maria Altmann, an octogenarian Jewish refugee, takes on the government to recover artwork she believes rightfully belongs to her family. Director: Simon Curtis Stars: Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds, Daniel Brühl, Katie Holmes

PUBLIC NEWS DINING GUIDE Whistle Stop 107 Commerce St (281) 255-2455 Whistle Stop Tea Room 104 N Elm St (832) 843-7437

WATERWAY Burger Fi 1501 Lake Robbins Dr (713) 389-5823 Goose’s Acrea 21 Waterway Ave (281) 466-1502 Grimaldi’s Pizzeriaa 20 Waterway Ct (281) 465-3500 Hubbell & Hudson 24 Waterway Ave # 125 (281) 203-5641 LA Lupita Mexican Cuisine 29 Waterway Ave (832) 510-2111 Luca & Leonardoa 20 Waterway Ave (832) 510-2110 Refuge Bar & Bistro 24 Waterway Ave (713) 389-5674 Towncenter Burger 20 Waterway Ave (281) 292-6385 Yucatan Taco Stand & Tequila 24 Water Way (281) 419-6300/1144

WILLIS El Buen Taco 606 S Danville St (936) 856-3597 El Tapatio 509 Highway 75 N (936) 856-6202 Leroy’s Bar-B-Q & Burgers 707 W Montgomery (936) 856-5232 Los Molcajetes Tex Mex 106 N Danville St (936) 856-9977 Olde Towne Willis Cafe 509 Highway 75 N (936) 890-0609 Original Super Burger 201 N Danville St (936) 856-8098 Pizza Shack 115 W Montgomery (936) 856-9780 Rico’s Mexican Grill 12501 Canyon Falls Blvd (936) 856-6200 Smokey Mo’s 507 S Danville St (936) 856-5581 Sweatpeas Cooking

506 Highway 75 N (936) 333-3439 Taqueria Las Moras 106 W Montgomery (936) 890-4148 Yummy Yummy Mongolian Grill 12709 Interstate 45 N (936) 890-8855 Zach’s Bbq 200 E Powell St (936) 890-6969

THE WOODLANDS Alameda Juice 9595 Six Pines Dr (281) 681-1167 Benihana 1720 Lake Woodlands (281) 292-0061 Berryhill Baja Grill 9595 Six Pines Dr # 250 (281) 298-8226 Black Walnut Cafe 2520 Research Forest (281) 362-1678 BRIO Tuscan Grille 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 465-8993 Brothers Pizza 2260 Buckthorne Pl (281) 298-9299 Brothers Pizza Express 6700 Woodlands Pkwy (281) 419-8550 Cajun Grilla 1201 Lake Woodlands (832) 585-0883 Charley’s Grilled Subs 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 465-4333 Chef Chan’s Restaurant 7 Switchbud Pl (281) 363-0037 China Bridge 7901 Research Forest (281) 419-9888 China Springs 6777 Woodlands Pkwy (281) 419-9961 Crust Pizza Co 4775 W Panther Creek (281) 298-8844 Crust Pizza Co 8000 Research Forest (832) 585-0999 Dimassi’s Mediterranean Buffet 1640 Lake Woodlands (281) 363-0200 Double Dave’s Pizza 6777 Woodlands Pkwy (281) 419-3282 Frullati Cafe 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 296-6657 Great Wraps 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 298-0223 Green’s International 8000 Research Forest (281) 419-7787 Grotto Ristorante

9595 Six Pines Dr # 100 (281) 419-4252 Honey-B-Ham & Deli 4747 Research Forest (281) 364-9200 Jasper’s Woodlands 9595 Six Pines (281) 298-6600 LA Trattoria Tuscano 4223 Research Forest (281) 419-2252 Los Cucos Mexican Cafe 4775 W Panther Creek (281) 296-2303 Mama J’s BBQ & Grill 26710 Oak Ridge Dr I-45 (936) 273-9444 Mariachi’s Mexican Bar & Grill 6777 Woodlands Pkwy (281) 292-2222 Masa’s Sushi & Robata Bar 4775 W Panther Creek (281) 298-5688 Mi Cocina 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 298-6426 Pizza By Marco 9595 Six Pines Dr (281) 298-8794 Potbelly Sandwich Works 9595 Six Pines Dr (281) 292-6652 Ristorante Tuscany 1601 Lake Robbins (281) 367-9797 Rico’s Grill 4747 Research Forest (281) 367-7382 Rico’s Mexican Restaurant 8000 Research Forest (281) 465-4820 Romano’s Macaroni Grill 1155 Lake Woodlands (281) 367-3773 Sakekawa Japanese Restaurant 6777 Woodlands Pkwy (281) 419-5988 Sakekawa Japanese Sushi-Steak 4221 Research Forest (281) 298-9188 Santaplus 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 292-0868 Shanghai Bistro 38 Highland Cir (281) 298-9998 Skeeter’s Mesquite Grill 4747 Research Forest (281) 364-1094 Taco USA 7 Switchbud Pl (281) 292-8226 Tsukiji Sushi 24 Waterway Ave # 100 (281) 298-1888 UNI Sushi 9595 Six Pines # 860 (281) 298-7177 Via Emilia Italian Restaurant 10700 Kuykendahl Rd (281) 465-9555 Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen 1201 Lake Woodlands (281) 419-5060


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DRUMMER WANTED Houston Doom band “Well Of Souls” Auditioning for a permanent drummer to perform live in concert as well as write and create new music for future releases. Must be a solid professional drummer who plays for the love of music. Contact John Calvin at wos_1997@yahoo.com or Tim Wayne at twp1313@gmail.com ____________________ LOOKING FOR A DRUMMER Must own your own kit, have one year experience, have your own vehicle, live in North Houston and we prefer that you are 19 to 24 years old. Contact Bernardo at 832-655-5270 or Scott at 832-524-2206 ____________________ ROCKING ALONE AT HOME? SO AM I. New to Houston, looking for other musicians to jam with. Love heavy metal, especially power metal, progressive metal and classic stuff from the 70’s and 80’s. I play guitar and keyboards and play a little bass and drums. If interested contact Jacob Butcher at jabutcher128@gmail.com or call 410-562-4978 ____________________ I TRANSCRIBE I write down on sheet music, your own songs! Call Luis 713-392-5354 ____________________ DEDICATED DRUMMER WANTED Rock project starting up. I am a singer/guitarist and I have a dedicated bass player and singer. We have a lot of stage experience and are interested in gigging, recording, etc. No egos, no bullshit. Call Rob at 832-717-4129 ____________________ VOCALIST BASS PLAYER NEEDED Rock n’ Roll trio playing Elvis to Creedence. Spring area rehearsals. Pro Level only please. Call Paul 832-654-0860 ___________________


MAY 14 - 27, 2015

KEYBOARD PLAYER Looking for Jazz or Blues oriented group. Call me 713-305-6876 ____________________ NOW HIRING MUSIC TEACHERS Lessons taught in student’s home in The Woodlands & Spring, Texas. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Violin, Viola, Cella plus Voice. Call 281-401-9580 or apply at Lessonsonthego.com ___________________ SUGARHILL America’s Most Historic Recording Studio Est. 1941 Analog/Digital recordings and transfers contact Jeremy jeremy@sugarhillstudios.com 832-444-2766 ___________________ DRUMMER NEEDED! Variety Band Current country and pop, top 40, classic rock Experienced musicians ready to book gigs. Looking for versatile drummer. Back up vocals would be a bonus but not mandatory. 832-610-7394 SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY PLEASE We are not looking to be your first band, but would like to be your only. ____________________ SEEKING A GUITARIST New “rock-out” band Room 7, is looking for a guitarist. Seven string guitarist preferred but not required. Backing vocalist a plus! We practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Contact Heather at 281-216-5914 or Scott at 713-384-2053 ____________________ DRUMMER SEEKING A BAND Drummer looking for a working band. Has 7 years experience and owns own P.A. Contact Mark at 832-756-3638 ____________________ GUITARIST, DRUMMER NEEDED Industrial Rock, Goth, Punk, Metal Guitarist must be able to solo well Drummer must be proficient on tom solos. Minimum age is 16 Call or text us at 936-648-4361


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Public News #24  

May 14 - 27, 2015 Houston's Arts & Entertainment Newspaper

Public News #24  

May 14 - 27, 2015 Houston's Arts & Entertainment Newspaper